7 Figure Skills – The Drop Shipping Academy by AJ Jomah – Unbiased Review

From promoting passing fad products online to running web traffic to t-shirts for sale, AJ Jomah has been attempting to market products through the internet for years.

The intent, when he started anyway, was to turn a profit online and never have to work a full-time job again. 

I can appreciate his mentality, too.

It was only a few years ago that I was searching for a way to make money from home without adding a second set of working hours to my already demanding schedule of trading time for money. 

I feel lucky to have found my first win in online entrepreneurship with local lead generation from free traffic, so I could have the means to invest in the 7 Figure Skills coaching course by AJ Jomah and provide a review for you on this blog. It’s nice to know what you’re getting involved in first.

What AJ discovered through his efforts of attempting various methods and business ventures online – like eCommerce coaching programs, including Amazon FBA, Shopify and others – was that the profits per sale weren’t as ideal as he had hoped. 

With low commission structures and payouts, products of an affiliate nature weren’t paying him what he thought his hours and talent for getting buyers through web traffic were really worth. 

An additional headache that Jomah found was the lack of consistency in the volume of products sold, the time gap in which sales rolled in, and that he needed to publish and post new products online (which can take tons of time and effort to be done well) daily, weekly, and monthly. 

As all of his spare time was taken up by this notionally convenient “work from home” lifestyle, Mr. Jomah was fed up and no longer interested in having to work more for so little profit margins (if any, depending on market trends, the economy, and the waves of interest that pass by physical products which are bought and sold online). 

It wasn’t until he was exposed to the idea of selling products, programs, information, and other things online for a higher price than the physical products he’d be so accustomed to over the years that his excitement and dedication to entrepreneurship took a sharp turn for the better.

Now, Mr. AJ Jomah has taken his experience in digital marketing of products and services online and packaged that wisdom into a Shopify store-focused, eCommerce and with drop-shipping coaching program called 7 Figure Skills. 

In the coaching course, AJ invites the exclusive, premium student base to consider the value and benefits of utilizing the Facebook Advertising platform (meaning, Facebook Ads) to garner buyers and more attention to an item that is of a much higher cost than most products he’s so accustomed to having sold in the past (which equates to higher commissions when a prospective client decides to buy). 

In essence, his program teaches the students to think more around the higher level of pricing for products, information, or services that they intend to market. 

Since it generally takes around the same amount of effort (and depending on the target market and product, some could be more and some could be less), it is the hope of the program to have students that are turning higher profits from the steps and lessons provided when a newbie signs up and gets trained. 

Although, buying into the training doesn’t necessarily mean profits will start rolling in; this is an information-based training course. 

The action still has to come from the student implementing the lessons taught and doing something more than just listening to the information. 

As the famous Network Marketer of our day, Mr. Brian Carruthers has been coined with suggesting, knowledge on ice is a lot less effective than setting ablaze the ignorance of oneself through the immense excitement for what they’re bringing to the marketplace. 

When it finally clicked in my mind exactly what AJ was attempting to promote here with his 7 Figure Skills coaching program, I began wondering a little something…

Wouldn’t the paid advertising of Facebook Ads cut into one’s profits?

How would someone be able to market something with a higher than common price point for only a couple of bucks and turn profits online?

Would the interruption marketing strategy of Facebook Ads result in people –

Who might not be on a social media platform with the intent to find a product or service to purchase at the time they’re just browsing and socializing –

Still engaging with marketing tactics and exhibit a willingness to buy something that could cost over $2,000.00 in one, upfront, initial and required payment? 

Can these targeted audiences still open their wallets and pull out credit cards – going all the way through the buying process – with general brands or unrecognized third-party store built on Shopify?

I paused for quite some time and believed that it just wouldn’t be possible. 

In my line of thinking, anyone that is hungry for an item that is worth so much would not only know about the product or service but would in-turn do some diligent research and shop around for the best brands and competitive pricing. 

Not only that, my instinct suggests that such active buyers would most likely embark on the adventure of their own shopping habits that could take them extremely far from your online listings. 

By that point, you’ve lost the buyer to the world wide web and your reputable competition. 

This is my guess in buyer habits and psychology because I’ve never come close to being able to sell something at such a high price point through my experiences with marketing efforts with Facebook Ads. 

If anything, the masses and more volume in sales could come from having items in your product listings that are of a medium-level price point (at most). 

In my experience, that seems to be the way to go with marketing products through paid digital advertising strategies. 

At least, that’s what’s worked well for me when I was kicking this business model for my own benefit. 

I’m happy to share with you, in this blog – yes, the exact entry you’re reading (here) – more about:

  • The epic and “not-so-epic” aspects of the 7 Figure Skills course
  • What I gathered from the unique approach that AJ Jomah had in the online store and dropshipping business model with high ticket pricing
  • If I’d recommend this program to entrepreneurs or startups wanting to generate their own form of revenue with online marketing
  • How the 7 Figure Skills business model lines up with some other businesses – especially the local lead generation business where free traffic is leveraged from search results to generate profits and recurring, passive income online (all without buying web traffic to hopefully make a sale)

I hope you enjoy this read – and be sure to read to the end so you can see what else is in store for ya…

Lessons Learned from Experiencing 7 Figure Skills Course by AJ Jomah

What was fantastic about the 7 Figure Skills coaching course that AJ Jomah put together included:

  • Learning to focus your marketing toward the ideal customers. 

What I mean is that you need to get audiences in engaged who can find value in what you have to offer, and those same people have to be your ideal customer by being a qualified buyer –

Meaning, they can afford what you have to offer and can be willing to buy with very little (if any) coaxing, sales, negotiation, or a requirement for you to get on the phone with them to close the deal. 

This is digital marketing and we’re trying to make this process as hands-off as possible. 

Therefore, especially with this business model, the buyers that come from the higher end of middle class – and as you target upwards in those with higher income and net worth – the products sold can also:

-reduce the turnover in sales (like returns and refund requests)

-consumer service complaints

-potentially negative reviews

-bring in higher a return on investment (ROI) as fewer buyers can still mean high revenue

-beat the model of attempting to convince more people to buy a lower-priced item (which can sometimes be more difficult than selling the higher price point to higher classes of citizens)

  • The suppliers you’re going to be working with can often have a Minimum Advertising Price Point or M.A.P.

Well, what is that and how can it be a good thing for you?

Ultimately, this is good because this requires a cap to be placed on the product. 

In the realm of supply and demand, there are more economic principles and fundamentals that go into this; let’s skip the complexities and keep it simple here, shall we?

While a cap has been known to refer to higher levels of things – such as putting a cap on top of something so things won’t spill (like the top on a jug of milk from the grocery store, for example) – the same can be said for the lower end of things, such as the lower extreme of a product’s pricing.

The Minimum Advertising Price Point (as I like to call it, anyway) requires those that sell a product in the open, capitalistic market to agree to not destroy the marketplace and the competition by undercutting everyone and lowering the product’s public listing (anywhere) to this bottom threshold. 

If someone were to undercut the competition, the margin of profits would be so low that the effort put into marketing the product simply wouldn’t be worth the squeeze to those seeking to earn a commission from promotions and dropship business agreements. 

Something like this is good because it helps keep the competition fair in the others that also provide the same product. 

This means you can enter the marketplace as a newbie and still have a shot (at least, to some level) of competing with those that have been in the game a long time now –

This is because you are all playing on an even keel with the same pricing range and the same potential profit margin. 

  • Components to Discovering an Industry You Can Work In that Exudes Profitability

The following items are standards taught within the 7 Figure Skills mentoring course as you assess the viability of what you’re looking to market online and turn a profit from (in what can, hopefully, be a long-term process with long-term rewards): 

-Range in Price Requirement: $800.00 to $2,500.00

-The 5 to 10 suppliers that you have established to be premium, credible suppliers should carry a Minimum Advertising Price Point (MAP)

-Too much competition can be harmful to your potential to succeed with this business model, so it’s bed to research the marketplace well and identify whether more than 25 competitors are attempting to do what you’re hoping to do here

-Lack of Brand Loyalty

If you can check off the above requirements in finding a reliable niche to market within, then you can stand a chance to profit with the 7 Figure Skills training course and work from home (or wherever you’d like). 

  • Gain some understanding on establishing your personal brand – which can enable you to sell your own products and/or gain an advantage when another company wants to buy out your successful (and maybe one day) household brand name in what the business industry calls an exit strategy.
  • Attempt to tap into more than just the paid strategies of advertising and paying for certain objectives (like web traffic, clicks on the ads, etc.), while also trying to break into the product listing ads that are available in Google’s marketing platform for products sold online. 

While the above bullet points just seem to make a whole bunch of sense in the approach to online marketing of high ticket products – much like AJ Jomah teaches – there are some things that most coaches simply try to keep out of the limelight.

I’m not saying anything bad about 7 Figure Skills or AJ for that matter, but there are always two sides to the coin and sometimes the grass just isn’t the greenest of pastures on the other side of the hill. 

What the 7 Figure Skills coaching program has yet to be publically identified with could be: 

  • For those of you that are considering this coaching program and business model, the rumor that you are required to have money in the world of business to make money is extremely true in this case. 

Since the typical target audience for this type of business model as a higher net worth, you’re not the only one who is trying to pitch to these people. 

As the Facebook Advertising method involves a way to auction off the audiences that Facebook has compiled to people that desire to market to them, you are now competing for the attention of highly-valuable audiences, especially with their supposedly disposable income being so high. 

That means that you can get the attention of your ideal buyers for the price that Facebook tells you that you can get their attention for –

And since the pricing is out of your control, it really can be anything that the market trends and Facebook Advertising deems worthy to charge you.

Thus, you’ll need a ready and wealthy advertising budget on-hand just to throw into your ad spend.

That’s really what it takes to try and get your message in front of your ideal customers in this game.

Low on start-up costs? 

I hate to break it to you but a coaching program like this typically doesn’t have a low barrier or entry point – meaning you’ll probably shell out a good and hefty high-ticket price to learn what AJ teaches. 

It’s not his fault, it’s just the trend in the coaching industry of people who tend to value their money-making strategies and want to keep their knowledge exclusive to people who also value that information…

Plus, when you pay for something, you have a higher chance of exhibiting an immense appreciation for it. 

On that assumption, this can also mean that you’ll take better care of something that you pay more money for rather than something you’ve just casually dropped pocket change to acquire. 

Once you have the coaching and mentoring program in your hands and go through the training to acquire this new, high-income skill, you’re still at the mercy of your situation because your success (or lack thereof) is entirely on your shoulders with the actions that you choose to take (or don’t take). 

This also means that your advertising costs are going to have to come out of your own pocket – even after you’ve shelled out a good helping to acquire this coaching program. 

What this teaches you is a model that you can build a business for yourself around!

This means that it’s educating you on a way to start up your own work from home business that you can operate anywhere, at any time. 

However, the costs for advertising and getting your message seen are not covered by the coaching program that you’ve bought into. 

You’re not the only one subjected to this condition either; every other student who has heard of the course and bought into the “business opportunity” are in the same boat as you. 

If you’re not ready to commit more of your hard-earned cash to invest in your future with this business model, then maybe this course isn’t for you to begin with. 

I’m not saying anything bad about who might read this, but it’s a fact in the business world; one of the better ways to position yourself to profit is to invest in yourself and/or better your position to obtain some of the cash flow that the marketplace has going on at the present time. 

In the whole time that I’ve been exploring coaching programs online and blogging about them, there are very few times (if any that I might remember) that coaches advertise that the business process takes additional money – above and beyond the amount invested in training.

After trying them myself – and yes, I invest in myself and learn more as an entrepreneur each and every day – even after breaking into the local lead generation space and raking in a successful $50,000 in monthly, passive revenue on AutoPilot that I still generate to this day, there are very few times (if any that I might remember) that coaches advertise how the business process takes money and additional investment after you start. 

I’m disclosing the thing that not many people talk about: you will need additional funds to make this business opportunity work for you quickly after you’ve bought into the 7 Figure Skills course by AJ Jomah. 

If you have extra cash that you can use – then maybe this could be an okay option for you to undertake. 

  • Unless you’re okay with exhausting several – yes, not even a few hundred, but several – hundred dollars in expended Facebook Advertising costs just to get some attention to your product listing(s), produce cash flow, “try” the program, see if the 7 Figure Skills course is for you, and land the belief that it works, then maybe you should stick to medium-priced products. 

How do I know?

The several hundred dollars came out of my pocket when I first learned this program. 

With Facebook Ads, you need to test the marketplace with your product listing by several different experiments with actual ads that you make (from scratch) on Facebook for your target audiences to engage with. 

If they don’t engage with your ad, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the product isn’t any good or that you suck at the Facebook Ads and 7 Figure Skills method of business online. 

It does, however, suggest that you would need to spend more time – and more money – testing other approaches to find something that actually works and generates sales for you. 

Although, when you generate sales, the idea is that you produce enough in net profits (from sales commissions) that you can replace the costs of advertising and be in the green with whatever is left over. 

Unfortunately, some people who get into a program of this nature don’t always realize profits until long after multiple ads have been run and multiple tests have finally started to turn a profit.

Even then, there’s no guarantee that you’ll recoup your investment – even if sales are produced from your paid advertising strategies. 

As I have said, the advertising could dip into your profits more than they can help you to turn sales into profits from digital marketing and advertising online. 

If you’re okay with spending several bones to generate 1 sale – even if the sale is for a couple grand – the hope is that you’ll turn a profit; I’m here to tell you that this method of advertising isn’t the most reliable so the predictability of generating sales often is low, making profits inconsistent. 

  • Ads can stop producing revenue but still spend your advertising bucks.

Multiple things can occur if you start basing your entire business model on the belief that Facebook Ads should be returning numerous profits to you often. 

-What if your Facebook Ad simply pauses or gets banned by Facebook? 

-While your Facebook Advertising efforts can produce tons of desired results, it can also provide more expensive than profitable by producing zero results – meaning zero sales for your great business venture that you’ve launched from the advice of the coaching program

-Say that your ad does return a result of a sale in a single day, and then several sales the next day. 

Due to the various factors that go into Facebook advertising methodologies, and the intricacies of the platform itself, there’s really no way of identifying how or why your ad is working or what’s causing the sales to pour in one day then stop the next.  The consistently just doesn’t exist with Facebook Ads like we all would hope it would. 

-Profit Margin seems good initially since the price point for each customer is so high.  The cost to acquire that client also includes the cost of advertising, however. 

So, if you spent a good $1,500 to get that 1 new customer to spend $2,000 on your product listing…

Even if you received a total value of 100% in commission (meaning, you get every dollar paid to you in net profits – something that is almost never the case in business, as you have costs in doing business), you’d still only take home $500 from that sale – then you can pay your additional costs to be in business before you can pay yourself… provided you remember to take out a little something for Uncle Sam’s tax requirements now that you’re in business for yourself. 

The point here is that you just have so much in the way of paying for advertising that it’s worth asking yourself the question of whether the cost of advertising is worth the reputation of getting sales online. 

While you’re working for yourself, you won’t know if you’re going to be profitable – or if you’ll find yourself ending up in a position to be paying a bigger price for “trying” the business model until long after you have invested tons of time and resources into experiments with product advertising online. 

What’s awesome about the industry of drop shipping products sold online?

Since I’ve been working in the local lead generation business for only a handful of years, I’ve realized that some profits from free traffic are much more enjoyable for the reasons that…

  • The income is passive: I don’t have to keep selling things in order to turn a monthly profit
  • Free Traffic from organic search results – this means Google search does the heavy lifting for me
  • No advertising fees – I’m not buying my web traffic
  • Higher buyer-intent than social media web traffic – people organically search for the product or service that they want to be; my lead gen site isn’t interrupting anyone in their social behavior there
  • Most likely, the person looking for my product may have the capacity to afford the product or service, especially since they’re finding my lead gen site on their own

That said, I have done my fair share of eCommerce and drop shipping. 

The finer points of drop shipping in E-commerce that anyone can appreciate…

  • No purchase necessary on your part – with the physical product, that is. 

In the Amazon FBA business program, the FBA stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon.” 

What this means is when someone buys a product, you don’t have to do anything beyond a few steps total – to include the product listing and collecting the fees for them to get the product itself. 

I’d say that’s a huge plus; you don’t have to lose space in your house while items wait and hope to find a home with a satisfied customer that buys from you. 

This also eliminates the need to buy in-bulk and in-advance, so you can reduce your initial costs of starting your business. 

I think it’s fair to call an act like that – buying products in advance – a form of business overhead; which, with the drop shipping model, you can eliminate from your expenses altogether.

  • You can expand your E-commerce home business model quickly, mostly because you can wait to purchase the products that require shipping and handling on your part until after the sales transaction occurs with the buyer’s free choice and intent to acquire said product
  • In drop shipping, you can set up digital systems to constantly collect email addresses of prospective buyers and past buyers from your store, which you can then leverage for your business and constantly market to. 

This is a unique aspect of the business model intrinsically. 

If you were to list your product(s) on the Amazon FBA program, you’d be subject to Amazon’s product listings in their marketplace – including their advertising limitations and participation rules – resulting in your prospective clients checking out both yours and your competitor’s products side-by-side. 

If you were to participate in the drop shipping industry exclusively, there’s a higher chance that other products the possible buyer observes online could still stand to make you a commission if they get distracted by another offer they see on your online store or in your email. 

By the way – email can have a unique form of marketing all its own. 

It would benefit you well to explore how that works – including rules and laws now governing the email marketing practice in our modern age of technology. 

  1. Worry less about negative reviews and stay positive about your opportunity to sell products for profitable commission(s).

When it comes to the Amazon FBA Business, your limitations are so strict that you have to undercut your commissions as much as possible just so buyers will see value in your listing over others and come to yours. 

It’s about as cut throat as I’ve ever seen it in this day and age. 

With drop shipping of products, however, negative reviews wouldn’t affect you as much because you’re not listed in the Amazon marketplace and don’t have to worry about their advertising rules. 

Further, discounting your product’s costs or falsely advertising the claim of “free shipping” (when – and let’s be real – we all know it’s going to be a part of the price anyway – or required in addition to the cost of the good sold) is not only ethical, but it can be challenging to keep things both honest and consistent with what you’re doing. 

Sometimes a prospective buyer could try to reach out and ask for free shipping on one item if you forgot to list it and they see free shipping on all of your other listed products in your own store. 

Bottom line: keep it appropriate, honest, and enjoy the benefits that come from the unique business model that most others don’t get to have in selling products online. 

Unfortunately, there seems to be opposition in all things in life, and drop shipping has its drawbacks, too. 

Learn more about the drawbacks of drop shipping in E-commerce

  • When paid advertising strategies are all you’ve got going for you in the way of getting attention to what you’re trying to push into the marketplace, the maintenance requirement for your business to be steady can be upwards of 2 to 4 hours daily. 

This means that you have to be checking your Facebook Ads’ performance metrics every single day – and sometimes more than three times every single day. 

You didn’t get into this business to have a second job – so what is this business model really worth to you?

  • Physical products profit margins are less than digital products (especially if they don’t require postage to be shipped to the buyer)

If you’ve got a coaching program or a way run a strategy through free traffic to generate leads and send to business owners for a profit, then your profit margins can be much, much higher for the work that you put into marketing your product. 

Take a wild guess as to why there are tons of coaches in the marketplace that are trying to teach people like you and me how to navigate the selling of physical products online…

My guess is that the profit margins are nearly 100%. 

This is only a guess, I could be wrong — and we’ll see later how wrong I might be but this is how I envision the drop shipping gig to go…

The only costs they really have include…

-a little bit of marketing strategy online to get your attention

-some web domain addresses and hosting for videos and a website that is password protected

-your opportunity to simply have a password made, registered, and sent to you to customize

BAM!  Your product is delivered and the coach is out maybe $15.00 a month – if not, in a year’s time. 

The process is ridiculously low-cost to maintain and the revenue margin is just outstanding! 

Add to it the possibility of charging students a monthly, recurring fee to be privileged with access to the training materials…

While that business model can backfire as a student pays for a couple of months and then quits, refusing to pay the balance of what they originally agreed to…

It could also stand to profit the coach tremendously with people who stick with the program and pay an honest, recurring fee to have access to information that could turn them numerous opportunities to acquire profits for years to come. 

Add to this your new found need (developed with your investment in the training program) to buy traffic through Facebook Ads above and beyond your costs to acquire the coaching program membership. 

All that work for 1 sale online… which might not even guarantee you shifting from a startup phase to being profitable in your business venture online. 

Here’s a question for you – do you know if the coach that you’re looking to follow and learn from in this industry is actually doing what they say they’re trying to teach you how to do?

It’s just a thought for you to sit and marinade on; why are they teaching a course about this?

Are they not successful in the marketplace but still want to monetize their knowledge?

Are they credible, successful with the methods they’re wanting to sell you on, and worthy of being modeled and followed since they can advise you on your journey of how to solve problems you might face between your starting phase and your financial freedom dream coming true?

Yeah, how’s that for brutal honestly? 

As a successful entrepreneur who hit $10,000.00 in revenue within a year of starting with a coaching program that taught local lead generation for small business, I am in a unique vantage point to be asking the tough questions and criticizing what people really know when they proclaim themselves as a business coach and mentor. 

If they haven’t earned their stripes and made 6 or 7 figures with what they’re attempting to pitch me on buying into, then why would I spend money with them and ask for their help? 

I’d like a little more street credibility than what they’re giving me if they have no proof of walking their talk. 

  • Overseas agreements can drive prices down, but they skyrocket shipping time! 

There’s no doubt that we live in a society that seems to be drifting quickly to the instant gratification sector. 

That means that waiting 5 to 7 weeks for something to get across the sea and into the hands of the customer may be less than ideal. 

In fact, the consumer might even be seeking a refund before the product makes it to the country that they’re living in – let alone, arrive at their front door through whatever postal service or package carrier is leveraged for the logistical side of the business you’re running with an overseas supplier. 

Although you don’t necessarily need to stock up on products ready to be shipped from your own, local area, there really is a positive and negative aspect to most things in business and the extensive wait time for a customer in Europe or America can wreak havoc on your store’s reputation – which can hinder future purchases or repeat purchases from past “paying” customers. 

  • In the physical products industry, especially with the higher ticket items, you’re going up against heavy hitters. 

When your online store is brand new and hardly anyone has heard of you, instant credibility and trust can be hard to come by. 

It further complicates the buying process because consumers aren’t certain that you’re not just out to get their credit card information and scam them after they “buy” something from your “store.” 

It’s the age the we live in and it’s not saying anything bad about you. 

A former Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc. and Subsidiaries (now known as LegalShield) would habitually train a group of independent marketing associates on three things that any given product or service goes through when it hits the marketplace… 

  1. Ridicule
  2. Opposition
  3. Serve as Self-evident with massive demand

The aim was to mention these struggles for expansion and survivability of a product or service in the eyes of the marketplace. 

It was further stated that not many people are going to be interested in making a choice to purchase the product or service within the first two stages of this list. 

The same thing can be said for businesses that are still facing obscurity due to simply being new in the marketplace. 

The business, itself, could also not be bought from until it hits the third stage and becomes self-evident as a credible marketplace that people can safely buy from. 

While no marketplace is perfect nor immune to challenges in a variety of technological and logistical glitches in the buying and acquiring process of goods or services, there are still reputable brands (like Amazon) that people will buy from continually –

Even if they aren’t always perfect in their ability to host transactions between customers and providers/sellers. 

To add insult to injury, the established brands can often undercut your pricing – even if you’re dealing with an overseas manufacturer and/or supplier of goods. 

By the way… tariffs and border-crossing customs issues arise routinely in this kind of a business model. 

It’s best that you learn the limitations and trends of various products that you’re moving internationally if you have buyers from around the world that need to have something physical shipped to them. 

Again, it’s just a part of doing business online.

However, I’ve yet to see someone talk about things like this long before a person chooses to find a high-income skill that can be taught in a training program and pay the coach tons of money in hopes they’ll own up to the supposed promises of the program and stick with the student through thick and thin as they progress and “try it out” and see if they, too, can make money online. 

I’m glad that I’m making passive income to the tune of $50,000.00 and I don’t say that to brag…

Well, okay, maybe…

I’m just kidding. 

The truth is that I’ve been wanting to start a blog like this for a while. 

I’ve always been fascinated with the abilities that people have to leverage the internet and make massive profits online while still having time freedom on their side. 

It wasn’t until I got started in 2014 with a mentor who taught me through a local lead generation coaching program how to set up assets that use free traffic (not paid traffic like Facebook Ads) to spit off recurring, passive income whether I work or not. 

A year after I scoped out the business model for the first time, I was able to walk away from my 9 to 5 corporate gig that – I’m not going to softball this in like I’ve seen other review blogs do – I hated going to work for $35,000 in annual salary. 

When I hit $10k in my first year – yes, in monthly, passive income – I chose to leave my job and I haven’t looked back since. 

As a result, I’m now living the laptop lifestyle and telling others about the coaching program that has given me so much. 

Even if I weren’t rich, I’d still refer other people to lead generation for small business because of the ability to not have to manage Facebook Ads for several hours a day and worry about them at all hours. 

How do I know someone might do that?

I know someone else would do that because that’s exactly what I did when I tried drop shipping online. 

The competition is stiff! 

The Facebook Ads – especially for high ticket offers – can be so unpredictable that you can lose a lot of money. 

If it wasn’t for my time freedom and financial, predictable income coming in from my lead generation side-hustle – which I started part-time and still do part-time – I don’t know if I would have been able to afford to give 7 Figure Skills a fair shake to give it an honest, unbiased review here. 

I really hope this is helping you to give a fair, honest understanding of 7 Figure Skills by AJ Jomah so you can make an intelligent, well thought-out decision of whether his coaching program – and/or this business model – is (or isn’t) a good fit for you. 

You’re not going to hurt my feelings whichever way you decide, but it’s important to me that you get the full story. 

I’m happy that I can lend a helping hand in the education department here, at webmarketing123.com

What is Better: Building a Business on Paid Web Traffic or Free Traffic?

Whether it’s using Google’s listing ads for physical products or leveraging Facebook Ads with the hope of landing some quick, upfront money…

Tons of coaching programs have hit the marketplace very recently to try and suggest that – if you pay them tons of money, and then work at it and spend some more money – you, too, will be able to make tons of money all by your lonesome self. 

How easy is it?

Well, instead of calling it easy – because I don’t think any kind of business is easy to run and operate successfully, especially in the long-term –

Let’s say that there’s a simple way to start advertising online. 

Here’s how to get setup to pitch a product or service online:

  • Open a Facebook Account (if you don’t have one already)
  • Open your Facebook Ads Manager account
  • Put in Credit Card Information (to cover ad spend costs)
  • Put together an actual ad that you intend to market with
  • Fun Tip: Remember to include your privacy policy on your website or landing page (Facebook really seems to be cracking down on this a lot lately)
  • Launch your Ad
  • Start getting web traffic to your offer INSTANTLY!

Seriously, anyone can do it.

Is it still hard to believe that anyone can rock this out?

Maybe there’s a catch. 

Well, let’s explore this further then…

Why We Shouldn’t Rely Entirely on Paid Traffic in 2019 to Get More Customers

Okay, so you’ve launched your Facebook Ad, you’ve put in your credit card, and you’re ready to start getting paid traffic to whatever you’re trying to promote online. 

Things seem to be registering well for a little while and you’re getting some attention – maybe. 

Nothing is perfect or predictable about this business model for newbies so the best way to learn is just to get out there and try your hand at this. 

Seriously, experiencing business marketing through Facebook Advertising is a huge plus if you want to get started in digital marketing; period! 

As time goes on, however…

It doesn’t matter if you’re running something on Google Ads or with your Facebook Advertising account…

They will spend your money for as long as your ad is turned on and it doesn’t matter to anyone else if you’re not getting customers.

I’m not sorry to be harsh here with the truth – Facebook and Google will keep spending your money, until you turn off your ad, despite how many sales you are making…

Or, as the situation might be, how many sales you aren’t making with your efforts and ad spend on these paid platforms. 

Since everything is your fault – including making digital sales or not – it’s up to you to spend the time regularly in this business model to monitor your ad performance and evaluate your sales numbers multiple times in every waking day of your career with the drop shipping business model. 

Let’s say you’ve designed a well-performing Facebook ad that’s bringing in sales today.

That sounds like a success.

That must be a victory and a time to celebrate, right? 

Not so fast.

My mentor in the lead generation for local small business coaching program – his name is Dan (he’s a nice guy; I like Dan) – always advises members of the mentorship to avoid taking profits in your business and regarding them as net profit right away. 

This is a huge mistake that newcomers to online entrepreneurship make. 

In addition to taxes and business expenditures that are necessary to operate a business daily, including the costs associated with your efforts in customer acquisition (like marketing, for example), your business could have a bad day –

Especially if you’re putting all your eggs into the Facebook Ads basket for web traffic and seeking out buyers –

And you don’t want to have zero dollars on reserve to help your business survive bad days. 

What to do when your Facebook Ad (or Google Ad, if you’re running them – or both) refuses to continue delivering customers the way it was doing for one day, or several days in a row for a hefty, profitable run?

First off, congratulations on all of your success! 

Generating income online – for yourself – is HUGE! 

It’s something to be excited about because you don’t have to give that to an employer or share it with a business partner or employees –

It’s all yours to distribute and disburse how you see fit (within reason, of course; you want to be in business for a long, long time so business compliance should be at the top of your expenses list). 

Next, however, I highly recommend that your non-performing ads be recreated in a brand new fashion – meaning a new campaign and from scratch. 

Just like highly-authoritative, unique, high-quality content is key to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process of pushing a website to the top of Google Search Results for your ideal search term…

Starting a brand new ad on one of these paid advertising platforms will give you the chance to experiment with minor tweaks or a large overhaul of the previous campaign – so you can track what works from one marketing test to another. 

Remember: on these paid platforms, all we’re trying to do – at first, anyway – it test the marketplace and see if we can find a winning ad to keep running with.

Once it dies off and stops performing, it’s recommended to start a new one. 

By the way, comparing that new paid Facebook ad — when the old one is copied and adjusted or created to resemble the last campaign and its respective ad — to the old one could help you keep better track of the minor changes so that you know what’s improving (or not helping) your online marketing to grow in terms of getting your customers and sales. 

When it comes to any platform of paid advertising, your biggest challenge is to maintain a high return on investment (ROI); this translates to simply getting more customers with as low expenditure as is necessary. 

As we’ve been talking about minor changes and starting new campaigns over, then revisiting the idea of monitoring your campaigns at several points throughout the day…

This is a rather taxing activity – in terms of time, financing, and emotion. 

It’s always good to look at things objectively in business and attempt to keep emotion out of it, but we’re humans and things don’t always work the way we want them to – including our ability to observe things strictly from a business mindset and nothing more. 

As someone who has spent tons of money and time on paid platforms to turn a profit for my own business endeavors – especially as a student of multiple coaching programs like 7 Figure Skills by AJ Jomah – Facebook Ads aren’t things you can set and forget, and expect them to make you millions. 

Likewise, it’s also not a strong business practice to set up a Facebook Ad, and then return to the scene of the Facebook Ads Manager and check up on it because you felt like it. 

That’s an exaggerated and snarky statement for a blog, but I’m hoping it’s getting the point across that close monitoring is required – especially in 7 Figure Skills –

Where you’re dealing with high ticket sales and pricing, which can translate into losing a lot of your investment in advertising costs if you’re not carefully paying attention to what is going on with your marketing campaigns often and regularly. 

Now, if you’re attempting to build your income through free traffic methods, like in Google search results, then there’s less for you to worry about.


Once you get the free traffic coming to a website – and that results in profits coming to you – it’s a little difficult to try and turn off the flow of buyers. 

That means you stand a really good chance of profiting from prospective buyers seeing your offer. 

When you throw up a website that’s ranked at the top of search results, and it’s turning a profit, as long as it stays there, you can continue getting paid. 

Does it require a lot of maintenance? 

Not really. 

For example, I had a limo site that was pasted to the top of Google search in the year 2014.  

Check out where I super glued it to on the internet (see below)

Now, see how much I’m getting from it every month – and it’s been paying me since 2014:

$750 every month – and all it does is bring more limo service requests to a local business (see below):

That’s what I call REAL, passive income. 

I guess this local lead generation business works if it’s been raking in $50k monthly – not annually – for me after only a handful of years in doing this business model. 

What else is awesome is when you decide that you want to expand your empire – like I did – and post more content online daily.

All you need to do is…

  1. find a local city and service industry that can take the calls
  2. put up your own lead gen site to capture some calls
  3. redirect them to a local business
  4. let that business pay you tons of money to keep bring buyers to their phones and front doors 

Why Would Businesses Pay You to Bring Them Customers?

When you bring someone customers, you have a high-income skill that you can duplicate to keep getting more passive income directed your way each and every month. 

It’s a skill that helps you to attract customers for the sake of passing them off — with the fair exchange, of course, of getting a cut of the action from that business owner for the customers that are spending money with them. 

See, when you can bring more customers to a business, that’s a skill you can get paid very well for. 

Some of the bigger, more successful names in the digital marketing industry are well-known for their ability to generate resources and assets (which the industry labels as “content”) that feeds web traffic – and, ultimately, more buyers – to their company at all hours of the day. 

We’re referring to multi-millionaires and tycoons that have published books and mentored others in business…

These are the reputable entrepreneurs that most have heard about, like Grant Cardone, Dan Lok, Gary Vaynerchuk – all savvy businesspeople that engage in paid advertising strategies when they have a message or product launch that they’re serious about getting a massive response with. 

They know how to utilize paid ads online when the time is right and necessary. 

This means they also know that the sustainable, long-term option is not to build your entire business model exclusively on paid advertising methods. 

Even when these aforementioned, tech-savvy and motivated individuals in business launch a paid campaign social media (meaning Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.), they know that it’s a temporary push and they’re not staking their entire business model on the success or failure of that paid strategy. 

Instead, their free, internet-accessible content is the lifeblood of their business and allows them to be discovered with a reputable, researchable, and sustainable online presence. 

These guys know that free traffic is the preferred method – it’s something you don’t have to pay for, and that means that your profit margin isn’t dipped into. 

In the paid advertising strategy, you must spend time daily – we’re talking hours, at a minimum – to evaluate your campaign and ensure that you’re producing the volume at the same price and in the same capacity (with the same audience) as you were in previous months. 

The awesome thing about delivering free traffic anywhere on the world wide web – to include local businesses, who don’t mind paying someone that can refer customers “in bulk” to their company – is that it can produce more website visitors hourly, weekly, monthly, and even annually. 

The cool thing is that more time invested in your lead gen site or other web property that organically ranks online can bring exponential increases in web traffic if you do this right – and well! 

Does it make sense now why YouTubers and E-Commerce experts step up their game and make at least one post daily to places like Social Media, YouTube, etc.? 

Since I’m running a highly successful lead gen business, meaning that I don’t have to work a 9 to 5 and still, I have income flowing in predictably, passively, and recurring in each month that comes and goes…

I have time to design my day how I please, so here’s what I’m doing now with a website like the one you’re reading here – yes, this blog: 

  • Write at least 1 post online to keep up my pattern of daily habits and improve my skills
  • Ensure the hired help for my business is expanding through the continuous building of local lead gen sites

The two things I do every day, now, build my online presence and help me to continue reaching or of the web traffic that comes through search engines with targeted keyword searches. 

These are the things that bring me the most income online – so, of course, I’m going to work on improving my skill at getting them up and running or outsource them to people that are proficient at this skill. 

The 80/20 statement is popular among business owners, solo-preneurs, and digital marketing entrepreneurs – ironically, I’m all of those. 

If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s basic premise is that you can see 80 percent of the results you desire trace back to what 20 percent of activity you commit to building that desired result. 

High-quality, unique, and authoritative content has the capacity to bring me more attention online – and more customers – provided I keep putting digital properties online to capture that kind of web traffic. 

Since consistency is key – not only for Google search indexing to keep coming back to my website and seeing what new updates I’m giving to it – but to ensure that I’m making progress toward my goals of improving my skills at content writing and improving my presence on the internet. 

Can it be as simple as turning on a Facebook Ad and getting attention to my offer quickly?

Well, there is a lag time because your web property has to gain trust, authority, and relevancy for the search term you’re trying to be found first for…

However, the long-term effects outperform a Facebook Ad all the time. 

With a Facebook Ad, you can win attention quickly – and you can even try to target people that are close to the profile of your ideal customer. 

In the end, you’re still spending money on paid traffic for the lifetime of that ad campaign; whereas with search engine properties, all you’re paying for is low-cost maintenance so those web properties can stay online, continue to be found by your ideal customers, and Google can continue to make you the best option for those search terms – meaning you get found first for every keyword you rank to the top for! 

The difference is in attraction- (pull-through) marketing versus interruption- (push-through) marketing. 

If someone finds your online presence – then it could be industry awareness or brand awareness that helps prospective buyers find you. 

They know that something related to what you have is out there, so they search for that specific thing on a search engine; and if you play your cards right, you can be the first thing that prospective buyer sees online – and that’s what I do with my lead gen sites and this blog. 

I make it so I’m the first choice online for the people that find my digital real estate (that’s what I like to call my lead gen sites often; I rent them out to people who want to take the leads from me; it’s a pretty sweet gig). 

That’s attraction marketing; you’re pulling the attention out of the marketplace. 

In the world of push-through marketing, like the interruption patterns found with Facebook Advertising, you’re either not familiar to the marketplace or they just don’t know you have a product, service, or promotion that you might want. 

For example, everyone knows that a massage parlor could be close to their home or in a town nearby. 

What prospective customers for that massage place might not know is that a mobile massage service provider has a coupon offer that they’re running as a promotion, allowing customers to not have to leave their home and still save a few bucks on their in-home massage service. 

This would be a perfect time to push an advertisement into the marketplace where their prospective client and/or ideal customers might be so they can learn about the promotion and consider hiring that company or service provider instead of going to any parlor in town for their body massage

Can this be a bad form of advertising? 

Well, let’s say that there are good and bad things to all forms of advertising – not that one is better or more perfect than another. 

Of course, if a form of advertising weren’t bringing in more business for a company, then they wouldn’t be advertising on that medium first. 

So, I’m sure that all forms of advertising may work to some extent. 

The next question, though, is to what capacity are you inconveniencing the ideal customer? 

Think about it…

If I had a promotional going on, I wouldn’t walk into a nightclub where people are dressed to impress and ready to party and start talking to them about how I can bring them more customers using free traffic online. 

It’s out of place and they may be my ideal customer, but they’re focused on socializing and not buying something. 

That’s kind of the same thing that’s going on when it comes to social media’s paid traffic ads strategies. 

What you’re doing is attempting to interrupt people mindlessly scrolling on their newsfeeds for entertainment and interaction with people that they’re familiar with. 

I’m not saying that this doesn’t work – or that it can’t work – but you’re trying to distract these people, in a way that you’re disrupting their social patterns to:

  • capture their attention long enough to read more about your offer
  • take your desired action and click on the ad to be taken to the next step in your funnel

By the way…

You have to orchestrate your Facebook Ads funnel to ensure that you deliver the maximum amount of information to your target audience, so they know what they’re getting and the value that they are receiving when they take your desired action. 

This funnel requires optimal designing and crafting. 

If it’s not primed and carefully designed, your attempt to acquire customers can be a huge struggle! 

Take it from me… someone who has run tons of Facebook Ads with the guidance of mentors that I’ve paid tens of thousands for 1-on-1 time with… this method of advertising takes work!)

  • be clear about the benefits and value so much that they buy or sign-up for what you’re offering

At the end of the day, free traffic is more affordable than the expensive, rigorous, attention-hogging method of interruption marketing through paid traffic advertising online. 

With free traffic, you can expand your empire – like with local lead generation – where you can have your virtual real estate rented out by small businesses to take the free traffic that it’s getting 24/7/365. 

There’s a tree service website that was set up in Grand Rapids, Michigan that’s still paying me $2,000 every single month – and I’m not doing anything to maintain it.  (see below)

In fact, I don’t remember the last time I spoke with that business owner. 

It’s okay, he’s far too busy to take my call, what with all free traffic and paying customers I’m sending his way…

I don’t mind – he’s been paying for nearly 5 years, and I won’t get mad at my passive income. 


AJ Jomah has some good ideas in his coaching program, 7 Figure Skills.

He’s got a strong point to make; avoid the E-Commerce mistake of marketing low-cost products. 

It might be okay for you to work in tandem with a partner that is completely okay with watching over the Facebook Ad 24/7 so you can have a life…

However, my concern is that your partner may quickly grow to despite the fact that they have to keep an eye on the paid campaign – checking in on it at multiple times in any given day. 

This adds to the stress of running a business because it might also be put on that partner of yours to adjust things accordingly – especially for those high ticket offers that require constant tweaking and adjusting. 

Why would your partner want to do all the work and split everything with you right down the middle? 

I can appreciate that entrepreneurship online can start as a solo gig.

Whether you partner with someone or not, especially in the E-commerce space, I would highly recommend shifting your business model to higher-priced items so you can have a better chance at raking in higher profits when you land a sale. 

There’s a catch to this, however. 

If this is your plan, then be prepared to market with a higher ad spend budget than with lower-cost products. 

Since there is a premium – and vast – interest on the members of society that have a higher annual income than most, they’re probably bombarded with offers that can seem like a drop in the bucket to these people…

Naturally, more people want to get in front of them and invite them to spend money on this or that and the other. 

With the coaching model of the 7 Figure Skills, the higher priced products can require higher Facebook Ad spending… and there are no 2 ways about that. 

If you’re brand new to the Facebook Ads platform, I’m not going to tell you what to do – but I have no problem recommending not starting with higher ticket products because the learning curve that you will experience can most likely be a path that is littered with mistakes –

And the higher the cost of pricing and ad spend requirements, the costliest of your mistakes might be felt most in your pockets. 

I can appreciate the whole more risk can land more reward cliché, but what I’m not a fan of is going broke because someone wanted to “try” internet marketing in their spare time and didn’t know which mentoring or coaching program would have been a good fit…

Most people only hear that higher-priced products lead to high commission. 

By reading a blog post like this and getting the full story of what all can entail the entrepreneurial endeavor, you can better equip yourself to make smart business decisions about what you want to try as you move forward in your unique situation and business choices. 

Thinking back to the discussion (see above) about the people who are on social media and are constantly getting interrupted by marketers and other businesses pushing paid traffic Facebook Ads into their faces, people just don’t seem ready to drop a couple grand (or more) on something that they weren’t actively searching for already. 

Just because they see your ad – as compelling as everything about it might be – doesn’t mean that they’re going to instantly become a buyer. 

It’s nothing more than another marketing channel, and it can be an expense or revenue-generating resource. 

All marketing can, and we all know that.

Unfortunately, the rumors of simply turning on a Facebook Ad and making tons of money is a perception that is often sold by coaches who just want you to buy a course – and I fear that some coaches or mentors that proclaim proficiency probably haven’t had the kind of success that they’re claiming they want to, or can, help you achieve. 

If your Facebook Ad design, content, and targeting aren’t rock-solid, then there’s always the question of whether or not the ad will bring any value into your business.

Even if everything is on point, you can still run the risk of not interrupting people in a soft-ball, safe, welcoming, or appropriate way to where they not only minded the interruption but took your desired action and went all the way to making a buying decision with your product or service. 

That means, you can do everything “right” or “well” according to the “gurus” that are trying to teach you to market online, and still, you could face the possibility of not turning a profit. 

Could this work, though?


In fact, anything can work if you work on it long enough. 

What would a Facebook Ad take to perfect it and make it begin turning a profit for you? 

  • Spend daily – and use your money wisely so you can get enough ad spend to produce useful datasets that can work to your advantage as you progress in your entrepreneurial journey
  • Exhibit patience – this is a business, and business often requires a long-term vision
  • Construct multiple ads for each ad set, and test multiple ad sets to find the most responsive ad and target audience that your offer can resonate the most with. 
  • Launching multiple ads and product campaigns can also lead to productive results – but you’ve gotta stay consistent and check it often enough to limit your losses and maximize your profits

At the time that I began exploring the drop shipping and E-commerce world of business, I had a handsome cushion of funds that I was able to expel in experimenting with 7 Figure Skills by AJ Jomah. 

I’m actually generating a multiple 6 figures through my online business venture of local lead generation

It’s actually thanks to this that I’m working part-time on my business and have both the time and resources to invest in other business opportunity coaching programs (like the 7 Figure Skills coaching course) so I can deliver an honest review here for you.  

That includes being able to drop a hefty amount on Facebook Ads and give this business the quality try that it deserves. 

Why would you shake the tree to see what falls if I’ve already done it for you? 

After that analogy, I’m glad that you’re here and reading this so you didn’t have to toss your funds in a highly expensive, high-risk coaching program that is harder to return a profit with if you’re brand new to entrepreneurship. 

Even the veterans from others business models have a hard time with this. 

We know what it’s like to toss money away by the thousands just in “trying something.” 

It’s not fun, but it’s business; you have try something for yourself and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Was this a strong fit for me?

While I’ve earned my few sales on some eCommerce products, I really returned back to my local lead gen business quickly – especially since it, and this blog, were generating free traffic on search results.

If it’s true that it’s not how much money you can generate, but instead, how much you can retain as you progress through business and life, then I’m glad that I’ve found a business model that actually doesn’t require that I spend any money on Facebook Ads or Google Ads (Pay Per Click, or “PPC”). 

If you’re comfortable with running Facebook Ads to the degree necessary to make a business model like this work for your benefit, then AJ Jomah’s 7 Figure Skills could be for you if you’re open to:

  • Working with your Facebook Ads Account Management like it’s your full-time job daily
  • Appreciating 10 percent to 15 percent return on your investment with low-profit margins (regardless of if the product you decide to market online is high priced or on the lower end)
  • Inconsistency with results – meaning inconsistent sales, inconsistent Facebook Ads performances, inconsistent market response to the products you push out and advertise with/for

Wow; no wonder people that claim to have gotten their big start in the E-commerce and drop shipping space decide to open up a coaching program and sell a recorded video educational course for this kind of digital marketing – like for Amazon FBA, Shopify, eCom, etc. 

Although the big venues for E-Commerce are with Amazon FBA Business and Shopify stores, I can attest to there being massive amounts of competition in both business types. 

What this means is:

  • Online shoppers have more choices in retailers and stores to choose from
  • As they compare prices, they could or could not stay on your store long enough to buy from you
  • The volume of competition can drive prices for your products (and similar products) lower and lower
  • Your profit margins can be reduced as time progresses – maybe even to an uncomfortable amount that has you changing your mind about whether this was a good investment to make
  • The volume of work required to turn a profit with this business model fluctuates daily (and sometimes, even within the same business day – and when your business operates online, every day is a business day; 7 days a week) despite the profit margins available with the lowering prices in the marketplace overall
  • I’ve known others who’ve tried this business model – meaning E-commerce – and they just got exhausted and burnt out super quick!

Why I Love the 2019 Online Business of Local Lead Generation

To prove that I’m successful, I’m including my company website so you can see evidence of my successes – and yes, I post some results, from time to time, on my website: Ippei Leads

The Local Lead Generation Business has allowed me to part ways with my 9 to 5 gig in downtown Detroit, Michigan after only a year of kickin’ it with this mentoring program

I learned everything I needed to in that course and it’s allowed me to expand my business in the simplest way, whenever I feel like it:

  1. Toss together a lead gen site
  2. Grab some rubber cement and stick that puppy to the top of search results
  3. Rake in the dough like it’s my birthday – every month

How does this business model really work?

Free traffic comes to my lead gen sites.

They’re inexpensive to maintain, and I hardly do anything to them after they’re ranking and banking for me. 

How’s the profit margins?

Near 100%. 

I’d say that’s a lot better than working my tail off and buying the attention of “maybe buyers” on social media when I could get in front of the ideal customers with free traffic to keep them coming day-in, day-out.

This is how I’ve been able to achieve stable and reliable, passive income over the last several years. 

When these lead gen sites bringing referrals, I send them over to a local small business who pays me ridiculously well. 

How would you feel if a business owner gave you anywhere from $750 to $3,000 to retain your services and keep the lead flow coming their way –

I wouldn’t say no to $750 every month for 6 hours of work like what I did with this limo site that still pays me monthly to this day…

Especially if it’s from a virtual real estate property you’re renting out them that you’ve only worked on for 6 hours (or less, even)…

And I’ve hardly done anything to fix or maintain these websites. 

I haven’t needed to touch them because the business owners are happy to be getting more business from me every single month. 

Things are good. 

Here’s the other things that are also working well for my lifestyle now that I’ve got sick, passive income that I never imagined possible when I started this gig in 2014…

  • Ever thought of owning your own international business?  We have some people in our coaching program that actually service clients all over the globe
  • Expand your reach and scale your business to include more and more small businesses that will continue to pay you month after month, year after year
  • Build a passive income that rivals that of most specialists in the medical field or well-compensated attorneys in the nation
  • When you’re ready, feel free to tell your boss to take a hike and leave your job just as I had after reaching $10k per month

We’re not saying you’re going to land this kind of success in a year like I did, as there are never any guarantees in business. 

That said…

We’ve had multiple members in our local lead generation coaching program quit their job to do this kind of business model full-time…

And a lot of them still only work this in a part-time capacity because they love having more control of their time to spend the passive income they make in the side-hustle they started in what feels like only months ago!

  • Work this business from home, rent an office, or travel and keep doing what you do from a laptop and a reliable source of an internet connection on the go
  • Forget about attending to a punch clock – you decide when you go to sleep and wake up, it’s your business now
  • NEVER feel obligated to use paid traffic strategies – I don’t, and I’m doing just fine
  • Leverage the same business model that Lyft, Uber, Airbnb, and others like them have established themselves on – perform local lead generation with free traffic and send them to service providers who pay you ridiculously well
  • Help business owners who are great with their craft, or even great with managing a business, but could use a hand in expanding their bottom line by your helping them to get customers from the internet
  • Secure your financial future and self-confidence of what you’re doing by learning a new, high-income skill that you can implement to turn profits for yourself in as early as the first week of being in our coaching program if you really want to
  • MASSIVE PROFIT MARGINS – you’re not selling products, you don’t have to handle obnoxious fees for permission to market on a third parties’ platform, and you definitely don’t have let the cost of goods sold dip into your profits here
  • Enjoy what you do when you know that you’re helping a small business serve their communities, grow their business, and make a living that can give back to their families who sacrifice so much while the business owner slaves away at their business
  • With the profits you can bring to a company, you could even help that business owner to hire managerial help so they can start buying back some of their time and live the American dream of being a business owner the way it was always intended to be – where they can afford to take the time out of their business and take their family on a well-deserved vacation out of country

Even though I’ve built my online lead generation business to a specific height of achievement, all it has done is really solidified my resolve in exploring more opportunities to find business owners that are a right fit for what I do. 

That means that there is very low competition for what we do; there are tons of small businesses serving their local neighbors, friends and/or families, and we can run this business model for any industry in any city. 

My 45 lead generation sites span all across North America, and in the last week alone, 4 businesses have reached out requesting a quote for the things that they’ve heard I can do – who are also scattered throughout the country. 

My blog is getting noticed.

The business owners I’m helping are bragging about the ways in which I explode their bottom line monthly. Remember this Tree Service lead gen site?

I’m to the point in my entrepreneurial career that I’m now extremely picky on who gets to work with me. 

By all means, I’m still expanding my business, but I’m the one who brings the buyers – I’m the small business’ bill to help pay their other bills – and that makes me the important person in the dialogue.

That’s not arrogance, but it’s a fact; when I can bring that kind of value, and the business owner knows it, they’re willing to have a serious conversation about a long-term business relationship. 

Are you ready to earn that kind of reputation online without spending money on Facebook Ads or getting a second job?

If another person were to explore the field of what we do, like come into our coaching program (for example) –

It’s the same one that was started by a gentleman, named Dan, who worked this business model long before he even considered throwing together a coaching program for it.

It’s here that you can learn from the guy who taught me how to build my business to where it is today…

I’d like to hear from you in the next few minutes so we can connect and help you get your questions answered about my #1 pick among the best online businesses available for you to invest in this year, in 2019. 

If you haven’t clicked it already, then remember – you’ve read all the way to the bottom of this page! 

Click here to learn more about local lead generation and how it can change your life!