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As a company owner in Baltimore you know there is a great chance for you to capitalize on the potential to grow your business.

If you are able to reach the ideal potential customer, you could build a future then earn profits.


The problem isn’t only you having to be totally great at what you provide you will need your customers to hear from your company when they go searching for your particular service.

Baltimore has over 600,000 people living that is over 600,000 potential customers for your business. That’s not only potential profits that’s a potential Goldmine!

The problem is your competitors know this as well. They will do everything in their power to make your potential customers their own.

Who gets there first?

The good stuff – with the Internet, Smartphones and or course search engines it’s never been this easy for customers to get hold of your business.

The bad stuff – with the growth of Internet Smartphones and the search engines it’s never easier for your customers to find the competition!

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The reality is getting your searchers business is winner takes all. When they call your company first, they’ll very likely use your company, but if they were to call your competition first, they may never call you.

Ranking  with search engines is your key to the future!

When getting hold of your customers, it’s crucial to reach the very top of Google.

How critical is search engine traffic to a business?

According to a study over 72% of internet searches start on a search engines. Google’s study then noted that more than half of those searches don’t go beyond the first page!

This means if you aren’t on page one, you’re not on Google!

SEO is the golden ticket to ranking with search engines.

Right now if you’re similar to most business owners you most likely have a hate/ annoyed relationship with SEO, it’s a natural most likely from your first day you were in business you’ve been bothered by SEO companies, they hammer you with a two-step process.

  1. Step one the hard sell

SEO companies will try to sell you on their services by telling you everything that is wrong with your website and then telling you they will fix it.

Their sales process has a lot of hype to it but once you break it down it looks something like this.

  • They require you to sign a year contract.
  • They don’t actually promise results, (their not owners of Google) though they never promise results
  • They demand payment every month!

After you sign the contract they will try to upsell you, new websites, new state-of-the-art package in any of the other bells And whistles they can think of.

  • Step two is the cookie cutter process

One of the reasons SEO companies wants you locked into a 12-months contract is the fact that most SEO companies use the same technique on every single site, this techniques usually do work… eventually. That is what keeps them in business.

The important thing to remember is SEO companies are not in the getting websites ranked business they are in the getting new clients business.

That is why it’s too easy for business owners like you to think about SEO in one of two ways.

  1. It is a total rip off that you don’t understand
  2. It’s just the cost of business, we don’t want it, your still stuck having to pay each month.

Your view on SEO is going to change.

Being naturally wary about SEO is logical very often company owners like yourself feel like they’re stuck

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choosing to ignore SEO the business will be hurt

But they don’t want to pay an SEO company every month.

After reading this post, you’ll think about SEO very differently. You’ll view it for what it really is.

  1. The way to crush the Baltimore Business market
  2. A way to get a major advantage over the competition

So what is this magic solution?

Do your SEO for yourself!

I am sure you could be thinking of clicking away from this website, believe us we understand there’re a lot of real reasons for why you do not think you can do your own SEO.

  1. Not knowing about SEO
  2. I don’t really have time
  3. I’ve already hired an SEO team that works for them

These are all natural responses, but they shouldn’t be deal breakers let us show you how each one of these should not stop you from handling your own SEO.

Not Knowing about SEO

You could learn! SEO isn’t a magic trick or some mystery, it’s simply a skill that just about anyone can develop.

You can pick up SEO even though you’re not very “technical” how can we make this promise? Ultimately because We’ve had over 3000 students take our SEO training and many didn’t know anything.

They’ve gone to grow SEO competent just like you will.

I don’t really have time

That’s understandable after all you’re the owner of a company in Baltimore that’s not just a nine to five job and I’m sure there’re many days when you just don’t feel like you can get everything done.

But take this moment to think what you’ll be gaining from learning a critical skill

You’ll gain freedom from

  • Worrying about your phone not ringing when your site isn’t on page 1 of Google even worse you don’t know how to fix it
  • Worrying about not knowing, will your website go down and rank
  • The high monthly SEO fees, that most SEO companies demand.

With SEO skills you’ll learn during this training you will never face these issues again. Isn’t it worth investing time to understand SEO?

I’ve already hired an SEO team that works for me.

That’s great! They’re producing the results that they promised it doesn’t mean that you have to fire the team there’re many advantages you can gain by learning SEO and working with your SEO company.

  • You could speed up the SEO the only situation better than one SEO person working on a site is having to SEO experts doing the work on your website! Together your SEO team and you can drive the website up the rankings faster.
  • And you can keep an eye on their SEO – We’re not saying that the SEO team isn’t doing their job however with the training, you can be confident that they will do the job right.
  • You now will be able to “speak SEO” – if you don’t know anything about a Seo the dialogue can be confusing, this course will train you I Understand what your SEO company is doing to your website.

You will no longer be limited to just one single service area!

This is a big benefit of taking our SEO course. Google is truly a powerful system when they review your website they say “okay this business is located in Baltimore, so that’s where he ranks.”

However if you I like most companies you provide services for areas outside Baltimore. Very often these smaller communities in the surrounding area will contribute a large percentage of your business.

However, Google doesn’t want you to rank for those areas because they view you as a Baltimore business.

With this training, you could easily build many Digital Billboard properties any surrounding communities that will drive leads to your business.

We call them Digital billboards after all the larger amount of these you have, then the more your company will grow!

The very best part? You will no longer be limited to just your business!

With our training program, you then can help many other businesses to get more leads and during the process you can earn a passive, monthly ongoing income.

Our program was meant for the people building “ranking to renting” websites in many different local niches or industries. Our students would build sites, and then get them ranked and find the local businesses to partner up with and rent them those leads.

Want proof?


This limo website (it’s the first website I ever made) I spent a month working part-time on it. I found this local limo business and sold them these calls for a monthly fee. How happy were they? They’ve been sending me $750 a month every single month for the last four years!

Imagine how you could enjoy having a few sites getting you this passive income!

Learning SEO is a very valuable talent it’s the opportunity for

  • Scale a business.
  • Build income
  • And avoid getting robbed for your SEO.

You can start today.

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Can you guarantee my results?

No, and if any training promises you that they promise to deliver results they are lying to you! The main factor that will affect if you succeed or not is the simple factor of whether or not you are willing to put in the work. But if you are willing to do the work you can expect results like this.

#1 Rankings like these…


Using the methods we will teach you, you will be able to dominate your market and scale your business to its max.  As well as earn a passive income.

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