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Owning a business in the Boston area has the potential to be amazing with over six hundred and eighty thousand different people that is over six hundred and eighty thousand possible customers.

The issue comes in when there are many potential new customers there will be lots of competition.


Being a Boston business owner isn’t an easy thing

  • You need to always make sure your product and the services you provide is very high quality
  • Your going to need to always make sure to obey every state, local or federal law.  
  • You will always need to get new customers, that is if you want your business to grow.

There is both good and some bad news in getting new customers.

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The Good Factors – The good news come from the fact that in this world of internet access and smartphones it has never been easier for your potential customers to find you.

The bad factors – The bad type new? In this world of internet access and smartphones, it has never been easier for your potential customers to find your competition!

In today’s business world having a great website is not optional. People who consider hiring you expect that you have a full website they can look at. It’s the modern store sign.

Having the great website is not enough, not if you are wanting to build your business. You will have to also make sure when your would be customers are searching for the product or service your offering, it is your business they find first. It is critical that you are on page one of local search engines like.  

How critical?

According to the most recent data, over 73% of all people start their search by looking at search engines like Google and Bing, that’s 73%! Even more important is that more than half of these searches never get past the first page of Google and Bing!

So it’s simple if you’re not on top of Google your business will suffer.

How will you get to the number one spot in Search Engines?

The answer to that question is simple it’s SEO

When growing your Boston based business SEO is the key.

If you’re like a lot of business owners when you heard SEO, you rolled your eyes. Most likely from the minute, your doors opened SEO companies have been pitching their services to you.

You might have hired SEO companies before, maybe you are working with an SEO company now. All too often they promise you whatever you want to hear and they charge high fees only to ultimately disappoint you.

You might be happy with your SEO company you just want to get to know all about the process. Whatever your reasons you were still searching for solutions to your SEO problem. You still want to get to rank on top of Google and Bing.

We can help!

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When dealing with SEO companies you have to remember one of the biggest factors is how they push their services it’s a

SEO “Push Sell”

A lot of SEO companies are working to earn your SEO business. It’s the process that they use to do, that cause issues. It breaks down with two major sections.

The first section is when they try selling you on their services they will make promises, they will try to make you think you need them and you have all kinds of problems with your current website.

We’ve heard hundreds of SEO pitches, but they break down something like this first…

  • You have to sign a 12-month long locked in contract
  • You will have a monthly fee to pay no matter what
  • Of course they can’t guarantee your rankings will increase, but our team will do the best they can.

They need the 12-month contract, they know the process they use, which is the process they use for every single one of their clients Will take time to get results.

Remember they have many clients and they don’t have time to design an individual plan for every client what as SEO companies do is they have a general strategy that usually works, and they apply to everybody.

What you must realize is

Successful, Big SEO companies I’m not really in the website ranking business they’re really in the always getting new clients business!

And for bigger SEO teams you’re not an important client your were simply client # 387.

You must be feeling like you were stuck in between the rock and the hard place. On the one hand, if you ignore SEO your business will suffer.

However, you don’t want to be handcuffed to the large fees of another SEO company.

So what is the solution? It’s simple.

Handle your own SEO!

Want your Boston Business to grow? By getting ranked in the very top of websites like Google and Bing, you were going to have to take over your SEO.

reading this, you must be thinking about all the things that prevent you from doing your own SEO, reasons like.

  1. I don’t actually know about SEO
  2. I just don’t have the time
  3. I am already working with a good SEO company

There reasons can all seem valid to prevent you from taking over your SEO, but once you look at all the advantages, you will understand that it is worth the effort. Let’s look at every reason.

I don’t actually know about SEO

This is a reason we hear a lot, and we understand it, but just because you don’t know  about SEO now doesn’t mean you can’t learn SEO is just a skill and like any skill it can be learned.

How we so sure that you can learn SEO?

Because we had successfully trained over 3000 people, who didn’t know anything about SEO when they started, since 2014 these 3000 people many that didn’t know how the basics of SEO when they started and yet they became successful at SEO as well. If all of them can pick up this valuable skill than so will you.

I do not have the time to pick up SEO

This is understandable owning a business in Boston isn’t a 9 to 5 job it is 24/7

While it may seem to you like a totally reasonable choice not to learn SEO but ask yourself how much time would you sacrifice to gain permanent freedom?

The Freedom from things like

  • Paying the ongoing large monthly SEO costs
  • Stressing why the website doesn’t rank
  • Missing the opportunitny to build up your company

Isn’t the long-term total freedom like that worth the short-term use of time now?

I am already working with a good SEO company

That’s great if the SEO company you are working with is doing it right and getting you results that don’t mean you can’t benefit from this training. You can get benefits like

  • You and the SEO team can now speak the same language, you’ll finally understand what your SEO company is doing
  • You’ll get to keep an trained eye on the SEO team’s work – We’re not saying that they aren’t doing the work they claim they are. We just know that it’s better to verify that they’re doing the job right.
  • You can speed the process up – working together your SEO team and you can make sure your website ranks faster.

While all of these objections make sense on the surface, once you take and look at all the benefits you can get you will see that SEO training is it worth investing in.

This is why this training is better than any SEO company you could hire.

Using all the skills we offer you could scale up your company fast.

The city here of Boston population is over six hundred and eighty-five thousand people. While true it’s the largest city in the immediate area it’s more likely that Boston isn’t the only community in your service radius. 

Like most company owners we train you don’t limit yourself to Boston you offer services to all the community in the surrounding area.

This is good business. But Google thinks you are only a Boston-business. Which means you will have a hard time getting your website to rank in other cities in the area.

With our skills, which we will show you there’s nothing stopping you from having websites in each one of these smaller communities.

Consider them “Digital billboards” they will send you leads all the time!

You can scale your business much faster with the skills we will teach you.

What kind of results will I get?

We can’t answer that for you. What we can honestly say is if you do the work they will work for you too.

You’ll be able to get results that you’ll be amazed by

Results just like this…


You will be able to create all the lead generation sites you want. You could cover your area with all these “digital Billboards” and then take over the market!

Think about this, you could build unlimited websites! Digital Billboards that you control. you could scale your company as fast as you would like.

don’t just limit yourself, don’t stop at your business!

Our training program was created to show people how to set up “rank and rent” sites for monthly income. method. You could do the same.

You build build all the lead generation sites you want in any niche or city, then find a company to partner with, while charging them monthly fees How am I so sure it will work?

I’ ve done it!


I built this site in 2014. working on the limo site part time. Once it was ranked, I got it rented out to another business. They loved the new business. They are paying me $750  a month.  Ever since!

Imagine just a couple of these web properties earning you some income!

Using SEO is a lot more valuable skill set. After all it’s the chance to

  • Grow your business.
  • Grow passive income
  • Save on SEO costs.

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