15 Business Ideas For The Future – 2020-2030

Let’s be honest, nobody can actually predict the future. However, some people anticipate trends and culture changes very well and there’s a TON of money to be made there. Most entrepreneurs are always trying to figure out how to stay out in front of the crowd by predicting what will be “hot” over the next […]

Ho’oponopono – Atrracting Wealth, Business Success w/ Prayer

First brought to the forefront by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ho’oponopono is a prayer method of Hawaiian origin designed to remove limiting beliefs. I was first introduced to it by Dr. Joe Vitale when read his book Zero Limits. Joe was able to take Dr. Len’s methods and introduce them to a significantly larger audience. […]

Six Figure FB Ads Agency – Billy Willson – Review

5-8 years ago was thought of as a fun platform that allowed you to connect with friends and family allowing you to follow each other through life. It has transformed it’s platform and risen in popularity as a massive presence in the business world. Plenty of companies today that are earning a bunch of money […]

Cardone University – Is This Sales Training Worth the Price?

Cardone University has been Grant’s most well-known product/course for some time now. It’s intended to take anyone, regardless of experience level, to the level of a rock star salesperson. It is Grant’s most expensive product but is it worth it? I love Grant and I’ve been following him for about 7 years now, around the […]

My Life After Law of Attraction Addiction – Abraham Hicks

When I got involved with network marketing back in late 2012 I was introduced to the Secret by Bob Proctor and the idea of the law of attraction. Eventually I came across Abraham Hicks’ videos which has to do with Esther Hicks who channels a nonphysical being with her husband, Jerry Hicks, by her side. […]

Millionaire Mastery & Mind Hacks Review w/ Wesley Virgin

I always respect when a person acts like themselves when in the public eye, and that’s Wesley Virgin. He’s an Instagram phenom and from all his accounts he pulls in at least $100k daily. I love motivators and that’s exactly what Wesley is. I really enjoy listening to people speak and getting the feeling that […]

My Top 5 Shopify eCom Drop Shipping Courses in 19′

I’ve decided to formulate a top five training’s list for Shopify courses. I’ve been fortunate enough to have the chance to dig into these courses and review them. First of all, the fact that Grant “Uncle G” Cardone and Tai Lopez have personally endorsed a few of these just goes to show you the quality […]