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Owning a Charlotte-based business is tough. There are several things you will need to do great to do your job the right way.

  1. You have to deliver a great product or service.
  2. You will have to know and obey all local, state and federal laws and regulations
  3. Most importantly if you want your business to grow, you need to always be getting more customers!

You are fighting with your competition and you must deal with most people never seeing your business in the first place.


The simple reality is the days of websites being optional are long gone. If you are in business, you will need a great website. But that is only half of what you need to grow your business.

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You will need an amazing website your potential customers will find. The best way for your potential customers to find your website is through ranking on the first page in search engines  that people use like Google.  

How much does it matter that you rank in these search engines? According to the most recent data more than 73% of all people when looking for a business product or service start on a search engine like Google or Bing, Also more than half of these searches never go past the first page!

If your not on the first page of Google your not in Business!

When it comes to your marketing, your website has to be on the first page. If you are not on the first page, you are giving a massive advantage to your competition, and you will never grow your business the way you will want to.

When your “would be”customer Googles “Charlotte and your type business” your website has to be the first thing they see.

It a high stakes game of winner take all. How valuable is the first page of Google to your business? Charlotte has a total population of over eight hundred and fifty thousand people that is over eight hundred and fifty thousand potential customers for your business!

Having good SEO isn’t a choice

When check out the headline you might have gotten a little annoyed, this is natural. Usually when someone mentions SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the first thing people think of is with SEO teams, and if you’re like the typical business owners, you have received dozens if not hundreds of pitches for SEO services. They usually have a lot of hype and are very light in details. An SEO company pitch usually looks something like this.

  • They demand a whole year contract
  • They will never promise the results, but they will demand you still need to write a check every month.
  • Most of the work they will be doing is more behind the Curtin that means you will have trouble seeing the results of their work.

once they get you to sign a contract they will then try to stick you with upsells

  • You are going to need website
  • You have to buy the most expensive package

And on and on.

For many business owners being in this situation feels like being stuck in between the famous rock and the famous hard place! You know that you can find the “better way” why you just don’t know where to start.

That is why more than likely why you found this website, you were searching for Charlotte SEO. You wanted help for your SEO problem.

Your problem is easy to solve.

Take control of your SEO stuff yourself!

I hear what you are thinking, you are thinking there are so many reasons that won’t work. While some of these reasons seem like valid excuses, we can put your mind at ease.

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When it comes to learning SEO here are some of the most common Objections other business owners have raised.

  1. But I don’t understand SEO!
  2. I just haven’t got time.
  3. I am using an SEO team I like.

these are good reasons to be nervous taking control of your SEO so let’s look at them one at a time.  

But I don’t understand SEO

That’s ok neither did I when I first got started! In fact, every expert who ever lived at one point or another didn’t understand about the thing they now are now a master in.

Just about every time, they learned by the trial and failure method, which could take years! Or they had someone else show them.

We will show you how to do SEO, what makes me so confident that we can teach you? Because the course you will be taking has successfully trained over three thousand other students and many of them didn’t understand SEO either, if they can learn local SEO you can to.

I just haven’t got time

I get it, you’re a Charlotte business owner that doesn’t leave a lot of space in your schedule.

But consider this everything you will be gaining by taking some time right now to learn SEO

  1. You won’t have to worry about SEO companies not delivering on their “big promises.”
  2. You won’t ever have to think about your business website not ranking. You will always be able to fix it.
  3. You won’t be worried about why people aren’t calling.  

The SEO techniques we can teach you, will give you the ability to build up your business like never before!

I am using a SEO team I trust

That’s wonderful! If the SEO team you chose is doing their job and they are doing it right, you are better off than 90% of other business owners we know. That doesn’t in fact mean this training can’t provide you value.

With this training, you will learn

  1. How you and SEO company can now speak the small language and how that will help you.
  2. How you can “spot check” your SEO companies work. We aren’t saying your SEO company isn’t doing what they said they would now you will be able to verify it.
  3. The process can go so much faster now. If you and the SEO team are working on your website at the same time, it will increase in ranking that much faster.

This training will also let you do something no other SEO company could ever do.

You can build your business up using “digital billboard sites.”

One thing Google and Bing are really good at it showing it’s users what they are looking for, If a Google user is looking for a local business of a certain type.

And Google will always start with businesses closest to its user’s location. 

So how does that help you grow your business?

As a business owner we know you are based in the Charlotte area that’s smart it’s the biggest city in the area, but it is not the only city in the area! 

But Google thinks you are only based in Charlotte.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Using our training we will show you how to cheaply and effectively blanket your entire service area with these “digital billboard sites” We call them that because the more of them you own, leads to more calls your business getting more calls!

This seems awesome but what results can I expect?

That is a question only you can answer If you are willing to do the work the results will shock you.

Results like these…


But you’ll have the skills to create “digital billboards” you’ll have the ability to dominate the market and you can build up your business as much as you want.  

The most amazing part? Your now no longer limited just your business

With this training program, you will have the ability to help many other companies get more business and earn yourself a passive, income.

How? Our training was originally built for people to create “rank out and rent out” websites in many different industries and niches.  All part time. Students would build websites, get them on page one and find a local company to team up with and then sell them all the leads. This system really works and has worked since 2014.

Want conclusive proof?


This is a limousine site (it’s the first website ever built) I worked on it for a couple months. I then found a local limousine company and sent them the leads for an ongoing monthly fee. They loved getting the leads too! How excited were the limo company? They have been paying me over seven hundred dollars a month for over 4 years! I haven’t even touched the website in those 4 years! That’s over seven hundred dollars a month for the work I did more than four years in the past!

Imagine having a few of these “rental sites” earning you an ongoing passive income, not to mention having all your websites sending traffic to you

SEO is not just a valuable talent it’s the chance to

  • Build up your company
  • Create passive ongoing income
  • Not get robbed with your ongoing SEO expenses.

You can deal with all of these issues and so many more by taking over your business SEO needs. start today.

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