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If you own a business in Columbus Ohio, you have access to over eight hundred and fifty possible customers!

Your problem comes from the fact that this many possible customers around there is also a ton of competition trying to win those customers.

When you decided to open a business in Columbus, you knew you were going to face a lot of different challenges.

Columbus, Ohio seen during the winter evening
  • You will need to guarantee the product and/or the service you offer is of the highest quality, so your customers are happy
  • You always need to follow all laws, federal, state an local.
  • Most importantly you need to be constantly finding and bring in new customers!

In the modern day world of everyone on their computer and smartphone, there is both good things and bad things that come out of it.

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 The good thing is all of your possible customers can find your business with the click of a few buttons.

The problem is they can find your competition just as easily!

This means that the competition of getting in front of those customers is a fierce game of winner take all!

Having a killer website isn’t optional if you are ready to keep growing your business. Having an amazing website is only half the challenge. You also need your website to end up being the one your customers see first.

This means that your website has to get to the top of the search engines like Bing and Google.  How important is it to rank at the very top of search engines? 

According to a study Google conducted more than 73% of people searching for a business starts on search engines like Google and Bing, and of those 73% of people, over half of them never go beyond the first page!

So the simple truth is 

If your site isn’t on the top of page one you’re not on Google!

So the question you have to ask is simple, what is the best method to use to get on the first page of Google.

While search engines keep changing and getting better, the simple truth is the best way to get a website ranked is using SEO  also known as (Search. Engine. Optimization)

Most likely you were expecting that answer because there is a good chance you found our site by searching SEO Columbus business or some variation of that.  But we wanted to start by covering the basics.

Most businesses have a hate/annoyed relationship with SEO this is normal. If we had to guess since you opened your doors your inbox has been filled with offers from professional SEO firms. 

Usually, these “sales pitches” for their amazing SEO services offer you the moon, but the pitch is very light on details. They throw a lot of technical jargon at you and pressure you to sign up for a twelve-month contract.

You might have even hired one of these SEO companies, most likely they left you disappointed and left you with a bad taste in your mouth.

Maybe you got lucky, and they are doing a good job, but you still feel like something is missing — whatever the reason you’re in search of a solution to the challenge of SEO in the Columbus area.  You want your sites to rank on page one of Google and Bing.

We are going to show you how to do it!

All too often when SEO companies pitch you, they come at you in two phases

  1. Phase one the “hard selling.”
  2. Phase two “your customer number 345.”

The Hard Selling!

When your SEO company is trying to earn your business they will throw a lot of technical jargon at you, they will tell you everything wrong with your website and why you will need their help, and they will push you to sign a twelve-month contract. 

You will notice that these promises have a whole bunch of “sizzle but no steak!”

This is what the SEO sales pitch looks like when you break it down.

  • You have to agree to a one year contract
  • You will pay them every month, no excuses.  
  • They can’t guarantee results, they will try their best.

When you really look at the SEO services they offer it’s not that great. But if you were to sign up this is what it will look like.

Your customer number 354

You will notice once you sign up you are not special anymore, there are several reasons for that.

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  • SEO companies don’t work in the SEO service business, they are in the finding new clients industry. That is how they grow their business.
  • They don’t create induvial plans for every client, that is too much work!
  • They have methods that does usually help sites get ranked and they apply it to every customer’s website across the board.

They do want your website to go up in rank but only because that will mean you will keep paying them. They don’t care about your business the way you do.

That’s not how you get the success!

If you are feeling discouraged right now, it’s understandable. All too often business owners feel like you can’t win. If they ignore SEO their business won’t grow, if they hire one of the SEO companies their business might grow, but they are a prisoner to a “Cookie cutter SEO plan.” 

The question you might be asking your self right now, what is the right answer? Just like many things going on in life the answer is simple.

Want something done right? Do it on your own!

The simple reality is no one will ever care about your business as much as you do!

If you need your business ranked on page one, search engines like Google and Bing the surest, fastest way to accomplish this is by doing it yourself.

Right now you could be thinking about a million reasons you can’t handle your SEO on your own. Here are a few of the reasons you might be thinking about.

  1. I don’t understand SEO
  2. No time for SEO
  3. I’m working with a SEO company

These might all be valid reasons not to take on your SEO services.

But the reality is taking on your website’s SEO is the smartest decision you can make. This is why…

I don’t understand SEO

The reality is when it comes to SEO no one ever starts off knowing anything about SEO. It’s a simple skill, a skill that you can learn. How can we be sure? Because we have taught more than three thousand diffrent people the SEO skill sets, they need to be successful.

During 2014 a team of experts in SEO got together, they and decided to create a program that could teach SEO to anyone even beginners. And for the last four years people just like you, students who didn’t know anything about SEO have been learning SEO and getting businesses just like you’re to the top of Google and Bing.

No time for SEO

It’s understandable to think this the reality is owning a business in the Columbus area is not a small thing. But the reality is you don’t the time to waste by not learning SEO.

What do we mean by that?

How much of your time will you waste worrying about your website not generating the leads it should generate?

How much time could you willing give up (temporality) in order to gain the skills you need to build a business the will rank in the top of Google and Bing for years to come?

I’m working with an SEO team

If the SEO company you are working with is still doing a functional job that’s great, you can get benefits from this course. 

  • you will speak the SEO “language” you will “get” what they’re showing you, and you can show them that you understand SEO
  • You can keep monitoring the work – We aren’t claiming they’re not doing their job. We just know it’s better to keep an eye everything.
  • You can greatly increase the ranking process – working side by side, you and the SEO team can make sure your website ranks faster.

Now, here is where our course beats out hiring any SEO corperation!

Using these skills you could scale any business faster.

Columbus is the largest city around the nearby area, but it’s not the single big community in the area.

If you’re like most successful business people we service, you aren’t limited to the area of Columbus, you provide your services to many cities or towns in the large radius in the Columbus area.

This is a good idea, the issue is in Google’s eyes is you are only a Columbus business and Google would rather send all potential customers living in other cities or communities to a true “local business.”

With the SEO skills we are going to train you in, there’s no legit reason you won’t be able to any websites you control rank in these smaller towns and cities, and then transfer those calls to your growing business. Call them “Digital Billboards.” The greater the reach, you will have so many more leads! 

Think about the giant advantage you and your business can have!

You can grow your great business out as high as possible!

How can I be sure I will be able to get them ranked?

What we can promise you is, the techniques we will teach you work, they have helped more than three thousand other students.

If you do the work, you will be shocked at the results.

Results like…


No only can you get ranked you will have the skills to create as many websites as you need. You can transform your service area with all of these with these “digital Billboards” and dominate your market!

You can scale up your business as fast and as big as you would like.

You won’t have to stop one business!

This training started out as a way to teach people how to build passive income using a “ranking and renting” method. You can do the same.

You can build lead generation sites in any niche while finding a local partner to work with, you can charge that partner a ongoing rental fee that will be yours for many years. How can I be sure?

I’ve done it!


This limo site,  I built it in 2014. Worked on it for a month all part time I built it and ranked it. I rented it out to a local limousine business. They loved the new business and have been paying me over 700 dollars ever since! I haven’t touched it since I built it, and I am still earning that payment from that site. That is over four years all passive income.

What do you think you could do with a couple of these sites? All of them earning you monthly passive income!

SEO is not just a very valuable skill it is chance to

  • Scale your company to it’s max
  • Have monthly passive income
  • Not get charged monthly SEO costs.

You could end all of these issues,  and even more by taking over your SEO, start today.

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