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If you are a business owner in the Denver area, you know that being a business owner is equal parts golden opportunity and high stress.

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If you can get to your ideal potential client and deliver great service you can make huge profits. You need always to be getting brand new customers.

Owning a business in Denver provides you the opportunity to reach over seven hundred thousand potential customers!

having these customers choose your business begins with them finding out about you when they are looking for services. That means your website. In this modern world, of smartphones and internet access having a website is not optional, you have to have a stupendous website to attract your customers.

Even more important is the fact that your website needs to get in front of potential customers when your customers are looking for the product or service you provide.

To do that you need to rank in search engines for example Google or Bing. How critical is ranking when it comes to getting in front of your potential customers?

According to the most recent data. More than 73% of searches on the internet start on search engines just like Google or Bing, 73%! And the reality is over ½ of all search engine searches never go past page 1, why because the searcher has found what they were looking for!

This means that if you not on the page one of Google or Bing, your potential customers will most likely never find you.

So how do you guarantee that your business is on the first page of Google?

SEO pure and simple! Google and Bing keep improving and changing, but the easiest way to get on the first page of search engines is still SEO. This means

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SEO is not optional anymore.

reading that I’m sure you were not thrilled if you’re like a lot of business owners you view SEO as one of two things.

  1. It is a total rip off that you don’t understand
  2. It is a necessary evil, just the cost of doing business.

A lot of Denver business owners think of SEO the same way. But before you finish this article, I think we can change your mind. I think you will end up viewing SEO as

  1. A way to take over your local market and build your business
  2. A huge advantage over your competitors!

Why SEO gets a bad rap

All too often with SEO, business owners like you get jaded on the topic because of all the SEO companies that have pitched them how they can fix their business problem once and for all.

If you’ve had a business for any length of real time, I am sure you’ve had many SEO teams selling you on their “SEO packages.”

We have listened to lots of SEO teams pitches over the years, and after a bit, they all seem to sound about the same.

  • You are required to sign up for a 12-month  locked in contract
  • They can’t promise anything like results, but you will still have to pay them every month no matter what!
  • Most of what they are doing is “backstage” so you won’t notice,

Once they get you to sign on the dotted line that is when the Upsells start.

  • You will need a new website
  • And You should get their “ultra” package

And so on, and so on.

When it comes to SEO, you can feel like you’re caught in between a the famous rock and a the equally famous hard place. You can’t ignore SEO because, it will cost you business but you are tired of paying huge SEO fees without getting huge results.

It is very likely you came across this blog post because you were looking for the answer to a SEO problem, you likely Googled something like “Denver Business SEO” because you know there should be a better way of doing things.

I have some good news for you, there is!

There is an easy solution to all your SEO worries.

It’s time you took over your business future and deal with your SEO problem once and for all.

The answer is simple you need to handle your own SEO needs and learn to do it yourself!

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You’re likely coming up with all kinds of objections why this won’t work. While these objections may seem legit, your objections are nothing compared to the benefits you could achieve. 

Benefits like

  1. Never having to pay SEO fees ever again!
  2. Dominating not only the Denver market but the surrounding market as well.
  3. Building a passive source of income that you will own for years to come!

All of these benefits are yours if you are willing to take them! However, let’s take a look at your objections, and we will explain to you why they are not “deal breakers” for you.

The three most common objections we here are…

  1. I’ve never done SEO before
  2. I can’t add extra work to my schedule
  3. The SEO team I hired is doing it.

I’ve never done SEO before

You can learn! At one point in your life you didn’t know about reading and writing, and yet you can understand this blog post. The reality is SEO is not a mystery it is a skill set. And just like any other skill SEO can be learned!

You can in fact learn SEO even if you know nothing about it. How can I be sure? because this training program has been used by over three thousand other students just like you? Many of them didn’t know SEO either but they went on to become SEO experts in their own right, If they can learn it you can as well!  

I can’t add extra work to my schedule.

We understand, owning a business in Denver is not a regular work week situation, it is twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week!

If you’re not at work your thinking about work! It requires lots of time and energy. You just don’t have the time!

But think for a second what could be gained if you sent time learning SEO and learning what you needed to do to get your business ranked at the top of Google and Bing.

You would gain freedom from

  • The high monthly SEO fees from SEO companies, they are in no hurry to produce results.
  • You would be freeing yourself from the worry of not knowing if your website will decrease in rank.
  • Not knowing if customers are going to call.

With the SEO skills you will learn from us you won’t have to worry about that anymore.

The SEO team I hired is doing it.  

That’s great! If they are delivering on the promises, they made congratulations you found a high quality company.

This doesn’t mean you won’t gain anything from learning SEO. Here are just a few of the benefits you will experience when it comes to dealing with an SEO team

  • You can speed up the process. The only thing better than having a high-quality SEO company working on your sites SEO is working on them together!
  • You can Spot check their work – no one is saying they aren’t doing the job they claim they would do It’s just good to confirm that they are.
  • You now “Speak SEO” it will be easier to understand what they are doing to get your website on page one

With this site, you can drastically expand your business area.

Why limit yourself to one website giving you leads to your business when you could have as many as you want?

Like most Denver business owners your service area most likely isn’t limited to Denver, you probably provide services to surrounding towns and cities.

You could build a website in each one of these surrounding cities and towns. Consider them “Digital Billboards” all sending new customers your way!

With this training, you can build as many websites as you want the sky’s the limit!

this sounds perfect but what results will I get?

This is all about you. If your going to do the real work, you could get results just like this.

Not only ranking positions like this…


But you could  dominate the local market and build your business up to the max.

The real best part? Your not limited to just your business!

Using our program, you could help other companies get leads and earn yourself an ongoing monthly income.

The program was created originally for people to build out “rent and rank” websites in all different local industries and all different local niches. Our students could build sites, rank them and then find a local partner to join up with, then they would sell them the leads. our system has done this since before 2015.

Want proof?


This limo site, was my first site I worked on the website part-time for a month. I located a limo company and then sold them leads for a commission. They were so thrilled for these leads too! How happy? I’ve been paid more than 700 dollars every month since then! I’ve not touched the site since! That’s more than 700 dollars every month for effort I put in four plus years ago!

Imagine having just a couple “rental sites” sending you monthly  passive income along plus having your sites driving leads to your business!

Local SEO is not just a skill it’s an opportunity to

  • build your business.
  • Create a passive income
  • End your SEO expenses.

You can control all these issues plus a whole lot more by taking over SEO for your business. Start today.

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