Detroit SEO – Lead Generation Coaching, Learn To Do It Yourself

A small business owner looking for SEO service in Detroit, MI?

Instead of trying to hire some SEO company that’s going to lock you down on some long-term 1 year contract with no guarantees of results, why not take the time to master the single most important aspect of any business today in 2019?

And that’s mastering the skill of SEO and online lead generation.

You see in 2014, we created a program of lead generation that allows everyday people to quit their jobs and work from home by learning how to generate leads for small businesses. Now we have over 3000 students inside our program and our students continually overtake the top spots in the local search engines, generate leads on autopilot, and make money from home.

We have come to realize that there’s so many business owners out there that need help that even with our students we can’t possibly come to close helping all the small business owners out there that needs help with lead generation.

This is why, we are beginning to coach business owners directly, how they can do this for themselves. Find out more info here.

Read on to find out why learning how to do SEO lead generation for your own business can lead you to your ultimate success in your market.

You can also use this skill to create additional income streams for yourself. BTW the income we generate is passive & residual.

Fallacy of Hiring a SEO Company, instead of doing SEO & Lead Generation On Your Own

  • You don’t really know who you end up working with, many SEO companies ultimately fail to produce results
  • SEO companies have overhead, staff, building, etc & so they have to take big profit margins from what you’re paying them monthly, therefore they only part of your investment actually gets utilized for their SEO efforts
  • Many SEO companies fall behind on the latest tactics because they’re not connected to a network of other high-level SEO (in our program you’re going to be connected to over 3000 other SEO students ranking sites daily on Google)
  • You end up saving so much more money longterm, if you do your own SEO & Lead Generation
  • You’re able to get better results because you’re going to put 100% effort into it

I’m not tech savvy, Can anyone learn to do this?

Yes we have students in their 60’s and up that never had any internet background going through our program and getting killer results. How you get results with SEO is not very technical, you are not going to be messing with coding or anything like that. It’s more strategic. Its knowing what to do and when to do it.
Also the fact that we made it into an easy to follow process allows anyone to get results. Its just a matter of repeating a simple proven process.

What if I don’t have any time?

Look we get it, small business owners are busy with the day to day operation of the business.

But you have to realize in 2019, to run any successful business you need a strong web presence.

Because that’s what your customer is using to search for local businesses now. Not the phone book. As more and more people get smart phones, the trend is that its becoming even more digital as time goes on.

Now lead generation is the lifeline of every business.

You might have the best product or service in the market but if customers don’t know about you, there is no success.

The question you have to ask yourself is this, are you willing to just continue to let someone else be responsible for the #1 most important aspect of your business?

Or would you rather take full control over this one area (marketing) that can solve all other areas of your business?

No business has ever gone out of business when it has more customers than they can handle.

That’s the kind of problem you want. Not the other way around (no customers).

Our students are producing double, triple, quadruple & beyond percentage increase for their own business or client’s business that they/ decide to do lead generation for.

So when you realize just how important this skill of online lead generation really is, I promise you, you’ll figure out a way to MAKE the time. Or have one of your staff go through our training and do the online marketing for you.

The key is to finally figure out how SEO & digital marketing works so that you’re not giving away control over the most important aspect of your business.

In our program, we also have a lot of outsourcing capabilities, meaning once you go through the training (4-5 weeks) and learn these skills, then we have trained a team that you can utilize. They can do 90% of the entire work for you. This is exclusive to just our students only.

For those that say they don’t have time to do markting, what they’re saying is they have a time allocation problem and/or failure to understand that lead generation needs to be near the top of the list of priorities to be handled for any business asap.

What if I already have a SEO company?

How long have you been with them? And are you getting the results you’re seeking?

I assume no, otherwise you wouldn’t have been searching “SEO” in Google.

Even if you have a SEO company that you believe is doing a fine job, it’s never too late to learn these skills yourself because you’ll better understand if your SEO guy/gal is doing a good job and if they’re worth what you’re paying them every month.

Besides, we teach an incredible model of lead generation where you own the sites and place them in other locations (multi-location) so even if you are doing SEO on your own site already, you can go through our program and begin creating more digital lead generation properties out there in other location (surrounding cities near you) to go get even more customers.

We show you how exactly you can do this.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Not just #1 Rankings like you see below.

But the ability to create multiple lead generation sites in other cities that you can service. Think of these sites as virtual billboards, the more you have out there the more leads you’ll get each month.

Having this kind of dominant online presence means ability to scale your business to the next level. We’re not talking about marginal increase in revenues.

More like doubling your business or beyond that.

Can I use this program to make extra side residual, passive income?

Absolutely, in fact this program is originally intended for just everyday folks working a 9 to 5 job prison that they want to get out of.

Our model allows students to create lead generation properties on a part-time basis that generate passive income around the clock.

Since once these sites are ranked high in Google, they generally stay ranked for a very long time to come. So all we’re doing is setting up these lead-gen assets in various areas and different niches, that generate leads, connecting customer to a local service provider and we simply earn commission on the leads or customers we deliver.

This is an example of what one of my lead gen site looks like. This sites been making me $2000 per month since 2014 and I haven’t touched this site since then.

Imagine having bunch of these lead gen sites out there for your own business generating new customers to you on a daily basis.

Or you can create these sites for other businesses across US and start making money just as a lead generator.

Click here to get more info on this lead generation coaching program.