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When it comes to owning a business in the city of Houston, you face a lot of challenges. With such a large population the city of Houston has a lot of opportunities, but that also means you have a lot of competition. In that situation, you need an edge.

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The City of Houston.

The most significant advantage you can have is being ranked at the top of search engines of Google and Bing. The organic traffic you will get from these search engines is some of the most stable, organic traffic you can hope for!

While using tools like Ad words and Facebook ads can get you fast results organic traffic is sustainable at no cost. 

When it comes to getting to the top of search engines the best tool you have available to you is SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the best method to get your site ranked. 

So why do a lot of business owners hate talking about SEO?

Why Most Business Owners in the Houston area hate SEO companies. 

Most business owners know that they need SEO, but that doesn’t mean they like it! The truth is when it comes to SEO business owners often feel stuck. 

  1. They know that ignoring SEO is a losing bet, their sites won’t rank, and they will lose business
  2. That leaves hiring an SEO company.  

If you are like most business owners, the thought of hiring an SEO company feels like a necessary evil.

Why do most business owners have such a negative view of SEO companies? 

It comes down to how they do business.

SEO companies way of doing business. 

SEO companies business methods can be broken down like this. 

  1. They try to “close” you
  2. They use their “proven process’ to try to get your website ranked. 
  3. You are left feeling underwhelmed by their results. 

So let’s take a look at their methods. 

SEO companies try to close you.

Chances are if you have been in business any length to time you have received marketing material from SEO companies. They will make big promises and tell you your website is all wrong, That you will never get ranked without them. 

For them, the most critical factor is getting you to sign a contract.

Usually, these contracts look like this.

  1. Your locked in for 12 months
  2. You have to pay every month no matter what
  3. They will do their best, but they can’t promise results.

If this seems like a bad contract, now you know why a lot of business owners don’t like SEO companies! 

Once they get you to sign, they will apply their “proven process” to rank. 

SEO companies and their Proven Process

SEO companies love to brag about how they have a proven process, what they are really saying is they will treat you like every other customer they have and hope they get results. 

Why do SEO companies love to use proven processes? 

  1. They can get results, eventually. 
  2. Saves them time – this way they don’t have to look at your site to find out what your issues really are, they do what they have always done and hope for the best.
  3. They can show “results” – After a few months and the client (you is asking questions) they can point to all the work they have done. 

If this doesn’t seem like a good deal to you, that’s because it’s not. When it comes to SEO, you need to take control of your business future.

Learning SEO for yourself

Right now you must realize that hiring an SEO company is not the answer. You need to do it yourself! You most likely have thought about this before. 

More than likely you have given excuses why you can’t. 

  1. You don’t have time to learn SEO
  2. Can’t learn SEO, you don’t know computers
  3. You hired an SEO company already! 

While all of these excuses may seem logical you’re not thinking about all the advantages you will gain by learning SEO

You don’t have time to learn SEO.

This is a big factor people use. All too often they feel that they can’t add another thing to their already busy schedule. We understand.

But ask yourself this, what would you be willing to give up if you could. 

  1. Never pay another SEO company fee
  2. Always know what you need to do to get your site ranked. 
  3. Grow your business, practically at will! 

Wouldn’t these benefits be worth the effort it would take, short term to learn SEO? 

There is one more thing about SEO you should know. 

What your SEO company will never tell you! 

Most business owners think that SEO is a full-time ongoing process. They think that getting your website to rank takes a lot of time and effort, and they are right…At first. 

The truth is SEO can be time-consuming at first. It will take a few months of part-time work to get your site to rank, but once it gets to the top of Google and Bing, it usually stays there. What does that mean?

It means that check you write to your SEO company every month is for work they did months ago! It’s time to put that money where it belongs, back in your pocket! 

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I can’t learn SEO I don’t know computers.

That’s ok if you can use the internet you can learn SEO. How do I know? Because using this training, we have taught over 3000 students how to do SEO, and many of them didn’t know computers when they started either! And they were able to learn beautiful if we can teach them we can trach you too. 

I am working with a good SEO company.

If you have an SEO company and you like them that is great! No one is saying you can’t keep them. However, this training will still give you several advantages when it comes to your business goals.

  1. You can get your website to rank even faster – working together you, and your SEO company can get your website to the top of the rankings a lot more quickly
  2. You can check your SEO companies work – we are not saying that they are not doing their job. But with our training, you can confirm that they are doing what they are billing you for.
  3. You will understand the language of SEO – When you talk to your SEO company you will be able to get what they are saying. 

When you consider the advantages that this program will provide you it is a no brainer. But there are two other advantages our program offers that hiring an SEO company will never touch! 

Your SEO is not limited to Houston.

With a business located in Houston, you most likely get most of your customers from the city of Houston. But if you are like a lot of the business owners we work with you serve a much wider area! 

There are most likely a lot of other cities and towns you serve. This makes sense. But as far as Google is concerned, you are a Houston business! 

This means you will have trouble getting your site to rank outside of Houston, that means you will lose a lot of potential business! 

But you don’t have to! With the skills we will teach you, you could quickly build a website in each of these cities and towns you serve. 

Think of them as “digital billboards” they will drive a lot more customers to your business! 

Using this technique, you can grow your business faster than you ever thought possible!

With our skills your service area would look like this

Use your new SEO skills to build passive income.

When this program first started we trained people how to build “rental” websites that business owners would rent and pay for every month. 

Nothing is stopping you from doing the same! 

How do I know this will work? 

I have used this exact method to make a passive income for the last four years!


This is a website I built in 2014 for people looking for limo services. I got it ranked, and I got the phone ringing. I found a local limo company, and they were happy to pay me for the phone calls!

They have been paying me over seven hundred dollars a month, every month for four years!

You could do the same! 

If you are ready to take control of your SEO and grow your business click here to learn more.

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