iMarketsLive 2019 – The FOREX Trading System – Unbiased Review

A financial trading software company that was established back in 2013,iMarketsLive intended to be the go-to Foreign Exchange (FOREX) leading education platform that can help even the most unknowing person from an introductory student to expert status (as if they had over 20 years trading in the industry).  They take you by the hand and head inside the software so you can follow along with every move the trainers make! 

And… in addition to watching these experts make their professional trades and sale on FOREX, you also get to witness their software making the same caliber trades – except on autopilot! 

One of the things that caught my eye with this is that they have a network marketing model of a business opportunity connected to the software –the same software that they already advertise having a value in the thousands of dollars due to its ability to bring you significant profits.  That means…

In addition to using the software personally, you could also profit on any commissions landed by introducing the software product to friends, family, neighbors, and anyone else you may happen to meet along the way.  So I won’t cheap out on ya here…

If you’re exploring the world wide web late at night (yeah, I was there once, too) hoping to stumble upon the next best thing, then I must admit that you’ve found something special here.

However, I’m also very familiar with lots of people who’ve started with this software platform – and especially people who’ve been tinkering with it since its inception – that still haven’t arrived at the coveted crowning achievements that all of us have dreamt of at one point and the whole reason we got into business in the first place.

For me, I started my first business in 2015, and now I live free of a 9to 5 and pull in $50k monthly.  How could I do that and afford to sample this software to write a review on it?  Let me tell ya…

I leveraged the power of the internet and the algorithm of Google search results. I checked out this no-nonsense, straightforward, easy to follow coaching program that taught me the high-income skill of lead generation for small businesses that were local to me.

In short order, I was pasting websites to the top of Google; they became highly valuable, virtual real estate that brings in customers regularly and now pay me $50,000 every month, predictably and reliably. 

Thanks to my mentor that I’d like to introduce you to, honestly, his coaching program has allowed me to be free of a full-time job for over 3 years now and living life on my terms!  I haven’t seen a FOREX software confidently give those kinds of results for me or anyone else I’ve known who triediMarketsLive.

So, while – in theory – this software can supposedly deliver on the goods of time and financial freedom in great abundance, I can’t personally say whether this software can provide the lifestyle you anticipate it yielding after x amount of days, months or even years of being involved with it.

Further, let’s say you only wanted to pursue the network marketing side of the system and simply promote the product to people who might be into putting their money to work in the trading software with automated investments in FOREX…

As an experienced digital marketing entrepreneur that carefully evaluates what I might get involved with, I would also caution you to ask yourself if this type of product even has a sizeable audience to market the product toward… said another way, Are there enough buyers in the marketplace to profitably share this software with others and expect a reasonable return?

Supposedly there is, as advises.  The brand awareness of iMarketsLive seems to be steadily rising; one tends to wonder if the name could reach the threshold of becoming a household name even…

Take a look at this for yourself…

That’s quite a sharp rise in market awareness of the brand in such a short time frame!

…so, I have to admit, this company has got to be doing something right if third-party credibility is suggesting things like this!

What is the Software Product of iMarketsLive, Exactly?

First off, let’s make sure that we acknowledge whether the company is legitimate or not. 

For a number of years now, there’s been a perception (or a stigma) of network marketing type companies that contract independent marketing associates to pedal their product into the marketplace. They’ve been accused of being “pyramid schemes”, and that could largely be due to an initial inspection of their compensation plan for those that successfully sell their product to more and more of the target market. 

Therefore, we would need to make sure that the profits of those independent marketing associates aren’t coming exclusively from recruiting other marketing associates; I won’t go into specifics on the grand scheme of Ponzi, but I’ll leave that point at clearly suggesting that the company is legitimate if these salespeople profit from the sale of the product or service that’s getting “pedaled,” per se. 

Also, it would be nice to know if the marketplace is actually buying the product so you can know if there’s an opportunity for you to try and get in on the ground floor with. 

The iMarketsLive software product exists as stated above – it’s the financial software for trading funds on the FOREX market.  The desired goal is that the predictions in the market are so accurate that the user can make better trades under theiMarketsLive Trading Room assistance. 

That assistance is hosted 5 days a week, Monday thru Friday, by the way.

Here’s what you get when you purchase this product…

  • iMarketsLive actual traders showing you things they do in real time
  • Demonstrations on what they’re doing to capitalize on the market changes
  • What you should look for
  • Where the majority of the opportunities to profit really are
  • What’s making those good opportunities sound decisions (as compared to the not-so-good options)
  • All of the above “in real time” with actual traders

In fact, the Chris Terry, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company – famously nicknamed “the Master Trader” is present regularly and happy to share his wisdom with those that purchase the software product as well.

Additional benefits of iMarketsLive include…

  • Receiving FOREX buy and sell recommendation signals that the experts make daily
  • Automation selection options = “Set it and Forget it settings” so you can walk away from the software and still have it follow the same decisions as the experts who trade live make
  • iMarketsLive training platform = You Get pre-recorded and (sometimes) live webinars, educational articles about the software and the industry, and even coaching videos to learn more about what you’re doing in the FOREX world of trading

Does this cost a fortune to get involved?

That depends on your financial situation, but I can introduce you to the costs that are advertised by the company…

If you want to get involved as a client – paying for the software product exclusively – it’s a one time, investment cost of $195.00 to get started with their platinum level package, and an additional $145.00 in a monthly, recurring investment so you can have privileges of continued access and service in an ongoing manner.

They also have the independent business owner (IBO) option for those that want to capitalize on sharing the trading software product with others.  They also have an initial investment of $15.00 for entry purchase and an additional $15.00 every month for continued permissions to receive a commission any time you end up capturing a sale from sharing the product with others. 

The exciting news about these two types of investments is that once you’re an IBO and maintain your $145.00 monthly investment in the product, you can gain access to the multiple levels of possible earnings in their multi-level marketing (or “network marketing”) commission structure. 

Of course, your customers will need to maintain their access to the product in addition to your investment in order to ensure recurring profits.  So, if you’re looking at this software product in terms of a business opportunity, then it’s essential to grab the platinum package they offer to newbies.

How do you receive compensation for your efforts?

I’m glad you asked… this is my favorite subject to share about…

This can get a little hairy here, so I’ll break down in a way that’s easy to follow along with; hang with me here…

As someone who is just starting out with their IBO status and launching their work from home business opportunity, you can get paid up to four (4)levels deep in a differential (or “multi-level”) compensation plan.

  1. Level gives you 30% of profits from the monthly recurring fee that people you’ve personally marketed the product to makes an agreement to make recurring purchases of the software costs
  2. Level gives you 10% from the revenue generated from the customers that your direct customers share the service with.  If those same people (whom you’ve probably never met before, in some cases) decide to also get started with the IBO option, then they can market the product to people that can generate a 3rdlevel of IBO entrepreneurs in this business opportunity.
  3. Level gives YOU 5% profits from the monthly payments of people you most likely have never met before.  Further, you had no control over how many people were brought in from the mass amount of people you’ve sold and recruited who’ve shared the product and business opportunity with and helped them to get started with this new-found side-hustle. 
  4. Level also gives you 5% of profits from yet another collection of people who get started with this software as well.

Beyond those four levels, you’ll get renewal income on a monthly basis in what is advertised as a 3 by 8 matrix. What this means is:

  • At level 1, you have marketed the product to 3people AND brought them in on their IBO option.
  • Starting at level 2 and continuing all the way to level 8, each person in this “matrix” also has sold the product to 3 people(per IBO) and brought those customers into the fold of IBO entrepreneurs. 
  • Unfortunately, you don’t get all of these 8levels directly profiting you instantly… you also need to –
  • Recruit 12 people on your own who both enter into the monthly software purchase AND become IBO investors as well.  This can give you…
  • 9,840 positions in your multi-level matrix that people in your organization can help fill so you can afford the maximum profits available in this compensation plan.

In addition to the company giving YOU about 8% of profit share in commission payouts for every one of those 9,840 people that get started, there are also BONUSES!!!

  • $5.00 to $35.00 for all Platinum Packages that you successfully market on your own


  • $1,000 to $4,000 in what they call a Chairman Infinity Bonus. 

Unfortunately, to qualify for maximum payouts, you’ve gotta have a large organization structure and be “really high in those rankings” to even be considered eligible for the big money bonuses here.

This is a significant departure from an internet based, online marketing business called local lead generation.  In this, you don’t have to wait for the opportunity to be deemed worthy of maximum profits.  As an entrepreneur with our own digital properties, you get to dictate how much you make.

In the lead generation for small businesses model, you essentially build virtual real estate and put them at the top of search results so they get buyers coming to you through Free, Organic traffic strategies (no need to buy ads) then rent that virtual restate to business owners.

In fact, the cost to maintain these properties are so much less than the monthly cost of the iMarketsLive software that the profit margins are insanely HUGE! 

More importantly, there’s little guesswork in determining what you’re going to have for monthly income — it’s not based on a market’s trend… but on how many of your virtual real estate you have renters for — who are small business owners with a marketing budget — ready to pay you for customers.

If the internet FOREX method of income either isn’t totally your thing, or you want another high-income skill that you can leverage as an online business model you can do anywhere, check out this coaching program that helped me to quit my 9 to 5 and generate $50k in monthly income. 

But Isn’t This a Pyramid Scheme (Ponzi Scheme)

As stated before, the way a company is assessed as a “scheme” of sorts is whether or not the profits the company and/or the independent marketing associates – in this case, the people that got their start in the business opportunity, the IBO – came mostly, if not entirely, from recruiting instead of exchanging value for the profits gained.

See, in a multi-level marketing compensation structure, it’s really an opportunity to someone who is only getting started in a work from home type of business to get into a position to profit massively in a short time frame.  That is to say, as long as the profits are made legitimately; in this case, a product or service has to be marketed and sold, leading to the majority of products for the IBO.

Unfortunately, some companies might not be so fortunate to separate product sales from recruiting income. See, some people spend their hard earned money in exchange for the business opportunity attached to a product, then they get all excited and ready to turn a profit. 

When in the case of a Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme, if the new recruit wants to make a profit, they would have to sell others on the idea of making profits by recruiting other people and invite them to get started so the new recruit can turn a profit in the “scheme;” then the vicious cycle of recruiting for money continues. 

To demystify this further, the network marketing compensation structure can appear like a pyramid-shaped plan for compensating the IBO investors and the truth is that anyone can get started and see profits virtually overnight if they really wanted to. 

Additionally, the entire focus is on selling the software product and that’s the initial large push.  Therefore, if you want to “pedal” this product, you’ll have to be a paying customer of the product or service first – in this case, the FOREX software iMarketsLive – or else you won’t be in a position to profit from sharing the software product with others. 

Bluntly assessed here, Chris Terry is a CEO and FOREX master expert when it comes to trading cash in a profitable manner; he brought iMarketsLiveto the public as a FOREX education platform and education software – a proprietary item that can turn a profit when bought or sold as a stand-alone product.  Since it can exist on its own in the marketplace and could be bought and sold without the assistance of IBO investors…

iMarketsLive is NOT a scam, pyramid or ponzi scheme, but instead is a real product that serves as a desirable solution to a problem the marketplace has. 

As it were, their affiliate offering of commissions to people who purchase their product, approve if it, and are excited to talk about it with people they know, just happens to be designed in a multi-level, differential compensation structure so reasonable gratuity (in the form of money) can be provided to those in an organization that choose to continue sharing the good news of the product. 

It’s nothing more than a person-to-person type of infomercial that one might see on television late at night, while their laptop is in front of them as they surf the internet or read an article like this. 

It’s okay, I won’t tell anyone…  Pinky-promise! 

A lot of companies throughout the years have chosen to bring their product into the marketplace through this same type of strategy; allowing customers to try it first, then introduce it to their friends, family, and neighbors and receive a little piece of the action when those they introduce the software product to decide that it’s for them and want to get in on what’s taking off as well. 

It can be a smart play too. Prospective buyers that satisfied users of the product know, like, and trust, might causally speak into innocent conversations about how well this platform is treating them; next thing you know, more and more buyers are coming out of the woodwork with money in-hand, asking for a copy of whatever it is that’s treating their friend, family member or neighbor so well.  The distribution can spread virally – we’re talking aggressive and rapid distribution of a product into the marketplace.

Yeah… That Fast!  And even more exciting… the company is willing to pay out the faster the word spreads about their product and those people take action to get started just like the people they knew and heard about the product and/or opportunity from. 

My Thoughts on Multi-Level Marketing

If a product is something of quality and worth my hard earned cash, why can’t people just be interested in the product intrinsically and decide to purchase it?  I’m not necessarily going to talk bad about the marketing plan, per se, of network marketing, but it leaves me asking a question about the company and product when I otherwise wouldn’t…

If someone introduces a product to me, regardless of how close we are,I just can’t help but ask myself if this person is providing more and more details about the product because it’s truly that good of something and I could greatly benefit from it –


Am I being approached by someone about this product because they’re an affiliate of a company with a kick butt compensation plan and the person is ridiculously interested in helping me to make a buying decision so they can put some quick cash in their pocket?

It’s no surprise that multi-level marketing has been introduced as early as the beginning of the 1900s and provides a unique approach to rapid distribution and scale of a company profiting initially. 

If anything, I’d simply recommend that anyone looking at a product or service – again, in this case, a software product – that they commit enough personal research and thorough due diligence if the product can deliver on the benefits, promises, or even guarantees blatantly made by the marketing associate (or the company, in tandem). 


If you’re anything like me, you’re still reading and seeking that ideal business opportunity to work from home and collect some additional income without making more work for yourself in the form of a second job.  You may be looking for…

  • More Income
  • More Time Freedom and Less Hours Spent Working (without reducing your income amount)
  • Saving more money for birthdays or holidays
  • Vacation opportunities
  • Travel funds
  • More options to give you the opportunity to find a profession you can wake up and look forward to doing every day

Having experienced Network Marketing types of businesses personally, I can testify that business opportunities like iMarketsLive can be a challenging way to generate additional income. 

Ask yourself –

“Where am I going to find the people seriously interested in the foreign exchange (FOREX) market, lucrative enough to invest several hundred dollars in this profit generating software, yet hungry enough for a change that they’re willing to part with $145.00 in a monthly expense to TRY the software out – including enough spare time to actually give this a go?”

It may be self-evident that there are limitations for something like this in the marketplace.

Although I know some people that do it, I wouldn’t suggest day trading as the go-to home business method of getting started in entrepreneurship.  Besides, the people I personally know who are still “trying” this out, several years later, still don’t live the way that I personally want to achieve.

Local Lead Generation is the Ideal Business Model in 2019

Only a few short years ago, starting in 2015, I was able to establish my first stream of income that achieved over $100,000.00 in annual profits; AND, it was all from online efforts that allowed me the time and financial freedom to quit my full-time job and go all in with the business opportunity. 

To this day, I get to live how I want – answering to NO ONE – as a self-employed entrepreneur. 

The profitability that came from my first stream of income was designed by a mentor I was introduced to – who showed me just what local lead generation was. 

He showed me how I could …

  • Throw a simple website together
  • Paste it to the top of Google search results, like a digital billboard always advertising – even when I’m sleeping
  • Once it’s generating referrals, turn them into cold hard cash
  • REPEAT! 

Does it sound simple?  Good, because it is!!!

But how much opportunity is in this if I already made 6 figures a few years ago? 

Can you follow in my footsteps and still do something like what I did? 

Well, I’ll be honest, your work ethic is entirely your own and I don’t know if you can handle that level of rigorous time and energy investment in making the same results. 

However, here’s a list of reasons why lead gen for local small businesses is so ridiculously profitable these days…

  • Passive Income with FREE Traffic once we Rank our Lead Gen Websites
  • Rent this Virtual Real Estate for Monthly Revenue on something you did Briefly, One Time
  • The Opportunity to Rake in More Money than Doctors and Lawyers
  • Set your Own Hours
  • Work from home – even in your pajamas, if you really want…
  • BIGGEST PROFIT MARGINS – no need to pay for ads when you’ve got FREE Google Search visitors coming to your websites
  • Predictable, Passive Income – you make money just like Uber and AirBnB (take a sliver to deliver the customers to local small businesses)

Yeah… I just did a lot of it in a short amount of time and that’s how I was able to walk away from my 9 to 5 nearly 3 years ago… and I’ve met people who’ve done something very similar in varying amounts of time just like me.

It wasn’t until recently that this guy Dan Lok became my mentor.  I decided I wanted to follow him steadily when I first heard him talk about the high-income skill; developing one and getting more and more proficient so you can fish for profits as an entrepreneur instead of asking others to pay you for your time for 30+ years with barely enough to retire in your golden years. 

Check him out here…

This guy also talks about investing and generating passive income where and when you can.  However, you should only invest, according to him, when you’re so ridiculously wealthy that you are at a point where you don’t know what to do with the excess funds you are in possession of. 

Look, if you’re struggling right now, then I get it; I was there only a few short years ago as well.  However, one thing Dan and I seem to clearly agree on is the need to invest in yourself…from personal development videos, books, and training to refining your mindset on what success really translates into. 

However, failing to have a profitable skill is not going to help you along in the world of entrepreneurship. At this point, entrepreneurship can relate to being a professional athlete; the condition of your mind can only reach so far in your business endeavors…

You could very quickly find yourself in a position where you need to step up your game, get dirty, work hard to breaking a sweat and refining your high-income skill.

At the end of the day, your level of skill in solving a problem can determine how profitable you can be; this can bring stability to your income and help you to establish a reliable, steady income that you generate for yourself when you become a solopreneur (at least, to start). 

It’s this same skill – lead gen for small businesses – that I acquired back in 2015 to go from broker than a joke to raking in $50,000.00 every month…And sharing a blog like this with people like you so you can not only get the full story about other coaching programs, but to also promote what has been my saving grace, which is the coaching program that I believe so much in. 

Are you ready to get your high income skill developed? 

Then, stop tossing money away on “schemes” that people are pedaling your way. 

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