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If you have started a Jacksonville based business, you have most likely had many things on your mind.

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Jacksonville, Florida, USA city skyline on St. Johns River.

Being a Jacksonville business owner, you know what a huge opportunity you have. After all Jacksonville is a great place to start a business.

  • Strong local economy
  • Plenty of opportunity for growth
  • And over eight hundred and fifty thousand would be customers.

While all of these factors are a great recipe for success, there are also many challenges that make owning a business in Jacksonville difficult to achieve success.

There are several things you will need to master when it comes to owning a successful business.

  1. You must have a business that delivers an excellent service.
  2. You have to stay up on all the laws involved with your business.
  3. Most importantly if you want your business to survive and grow you always need to be constantly attracting new customers. 

As far as finding new customers there is some good news then some bad news

good news – having the internet & search engines it’s never been this easy to let your customers know that you offer the service they need.

Bad news – Every single one of your competitors wants to let your customers know about their business to.


Where there are potential customers, there is competition.

That means that if you want to attract new customers, it is optional having a good website. You must have a wonderful site if you want to grow your business. You need your website being first when a customer does a search.

That means have to have a website that is ranked on top page of Google and other local search engines. How important is it to get your website ranked?

A recent study by Google says that more than 73% of people looking for services they need start by clicking on search engines. It has been reported that half of all searches never click past the first page!

So that means if your website isn’t on the first page of Google you are at a huge disadvantage.

So now that we have gone through what we are sure you already know, which is if you’re not on the first page on Google you’re in real trouble, you are most likely asking yourself.

How do I get on page one of Google?

The answer to this question is simple. It has been the same since Google started.

SEO – also called Search Engine Optimization

Most likely you knew the answer to the question because this is an SEO page. But we wanted to start by covering the basics.

All too often business owners have a very negative view of SEO, there is a good reason for that, More than likely since you first started your business you have had to deal with calls, email marketing, and Ads from “Expert SEO companies.” 

You may have even had some experience with other SEO companies, At least enough experience to not be thrilled at the idea of going down that road again.

All too often when business owners work with SEO companies, they have a very similar experience.

The SEO company pitches their services.

During this phase, they tell you that your current website has all these issues and they will fix it. Then they tell you all these things they are going to do for you.

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They will make lots of vague promises, the one thing they won’t promise though? They won’t promise you results. Because they can’t. No one can (unless they owned Google)

During this Hard Sell phase, they try to get you to agree to a contract. You will be amazed at how much technical jargon they will throw at you, but they gloss over the results.

A SEO company pitch usually breaks down like this.

  • Your required to agree to a twelve-month contract.
  • They will never promise results, but you have to guarantee that you will pay every month.
  • Their fee is VERY high!

Now if you don’t remember this pitch it’s because we took all the smooth sales talk out of it. That is usually how it breaks down to.

The reason for the 12-month contract is simple. They don’t want you to stop paying after a couple months of nothing happening.

The thing to understand is if you know what you are doing you can get a website ranked in a couple of months. So why can’t they?

Because remember you are not their only client. And even more importantly they aren’t just doing SEO. The truly successful SEO teams focus on getting clients business.

Feeling like you can’t win

you might feel like you can not win no matter what you do., You can’t just ignore SEO – it will cost you business but you are now realizing hiring a professional SEO company isn’t the answer.

the question becomes what to do?

Simple, learn SEO yourself! Maybe your worried of all the reasons you can’ learn SEO, here are just a few possible reasons.

  1. I’m not very “tech-savvy.”
  2. We don’t have any time for this.
  3. I already hired a SEO team.

Let’s look at all the reasons why you think you can’t learn SEO.

I’m not “tech-savvy.”

You don’t need to be, we can train you everything you will need to learn. The skill set of SEO while you will need to learn some things involving computers and the internet (don’t worry we will teach you) Your not going to have to learn code, or programming (not the way we teach it)

In fact, we have taught over 3000 people how to do SEO, and very few of them know how to code.

This is a skill that you can learn just like everyone else.

I don’t have time for any of this.

This may seem like a legit argument after all most business owners in Jacksonville will tell you being in business in Jacksonville is a twenty-four hour a day 7 day a week proposition. You don’t feel you have time for anything else.  However, you might not have thought about all the freedom you’ll gain by getting up to speed on SEO.

Gaining Freedom

  • Paying large SEO monthly fees.
  • Fear that your site isn’t ranking fast enough
  • Being limited on how fast you can build your business

I think you would agree having these freedoms is worth it.

I already hired a SEO group.

If you’re happy with the SEO team you hired great, however, there also big advantages to getting up to speed on SEO.

  1. You and an SEO company will speak the same “language” now – when you SEO company talks to you about what they are doing to improve your ranking, you’ll understand the process. 
  2. You can confirm their work – We aren’t saying they are cheating you, but you can confirm things are moving ahead as they should.
  3. You can greatly increase your ranking process – the only situation better than having a good SEO expert working on a site is having two!

While all you’re your objections might make sense when you look at the benefits, you’ll see how it is worth the sacrifice!

Why stop at just getting your website ranked?

Jacksonville has a total population of just over eight hundred and fifty thousand people. That’s a huge pool of potential customers.

However, likely you, same as most business owners we work with you don’t just serve Jacksonville you also most likely serve the surrounding area. That is smart business. However, Google thinks you serve Jacksonville. Remember Google wants to show “local websites” to its users.

Don’t look at this as a problem think of it as an opportunity!

In this course, you’ll learn there is nothing stopping you from building and ranking websites in every area you serve.

They are “Digital Billboards” if you create more you have, faster your company grows.

Using this method you can scale your operation up!

Can you Guarantee I’ll have similar results?

No, if anyone tells you they will guarantee your success when it comes to SEO either…

  1. They own Google
  2. You are being lied to.

We can train you in the strategies you’ll need for success But you must work at it.

If you use these techniques you will get the results.

Results just like this…


Imagine you will be able to rank and you can create as many sites as you need. You can dominate the market!

Think about this, having the skills to create endless Digital Billboards to scale your business up huge.

You don’t have to stop at one business!

Why stop with your business? our training originally, was meant to teach people to create passive income using the “rank to rent” method. So why not join them?

You could create a website in any niche and find local businesses they could pay you a monthly rental fee for many years. How can I be sure?

I’ve done this!


Here is a limousine site I created in 2014. I worked a month or so on it. working part-time to get it built and on page 1. Once the site was ranking.  I rented this website to a local business. They were so happy with the results and new business. They started giving me 750 dollars a month. I haven’t done with the site since 2014.

I am still getting that payment every month from that website. That is over four years producing passive income.

Imagine what you could so with just a few of these sites giving you passive income!

Learning SEO will let you

  • Scale up your company faster
  • Creating passive income
  • Stop paying overpriced. SEO costs.

All you need to get these great benefits and more is just take control of your company. Start right now

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