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Owning a service company in the Las Vegas area, you are presented with many challenges. After all with a population of 640,000 people, you’re in a very competitive market. 

Las Vegas

However, the upside is if you can reach this market you have over 600,000 potential customers!

The reality is it doesn’t matter the kind of company you run you’re facing a very big challenge.

Your customers are trying to find the service or product you provide, you must beat all your competitors.

Looking for the attention of your customers in our modern-day world of technology there’s a ton good news, but, there is bad news.

good news – it’s easy for you to connect with your customers  

 bad news – It’s easy for your competitors to connect with your customers.

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That’s why in today’s business world it’s not optional for you to have a great website you need one and that’s not all.

having a great website, It’s a good starting place, it’s no longer good enough. Because now you need your website ranked at the top of local search engines for example Google and then Bing.

How critical is it for your website to be ranked on first pages of both Google and then Bing?

According to a comprehensive study, over 70% of people looking for a type of company start their searches using search engines. That’s over 73% of your customer base! That same study also showed that over 50% of any search never goes beyond the first page!

If you aren’t on Google’s page 1 your service company would suffer!

The reality, if you do want your business to grow you need your site to be located on first page.

So the question now becomes how do I make sure that I am on the very first page? Even though Google and/or Bing have advanced greatly and changed over the years the answer is still the same. I’m sure you realize that we are talking about SEO also known as search engine optimization.

SEO truly is main factor when it is about getting a website at the very top of local rankings.

When a Las Vegas-based company has been around for a length of sustained time, I’m sure you heard about SEO, most likely you’ve been bothered by SEO companies trying to pitch you services.

What most business owners think of SEO

If your like a lot of Las Vegas business owners, It’s very likely you think about SEO in a couple different ways, either you view it as a…

  1. A scam, a scam that almost never produces real results
  2. In necessary evil that you have to pay to get.

It’s a very natural reaction more than likely when SEO companies pitched their services to you it sounded like this.

  • You’ll have to agree to a long term contract.
  • The “contract” will only cover the basics, The SEO team will try “upselling” you on many other things
  • They can’t guarantee results of course but they still need to get paid by you every month.

When it comes to simple reality most SEO companies will work to lock up you with a sustained long-term retainer contract after all they understand two things.

  1. Their process – A large percentage of SEO teams use a “cookie cutter” process. That process takes a ton of time with getting ranked, and they want to lock your business into a long term contract, so they’re not forced to produce fast results
  • They’re not an SEO company – truly successful SEO teams aren’t SEO companies at all, they’re focused on finding new clients that’s where a large amount of their energy is focused.

That’s why most SEO teams don’t produce fast results.

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Feeling like you’re caught in the rock and hard place.

If you’re like most business owners who read this, you might feel discouraged right now, you might feel like you just can’t win.

  • When you ignore your SEO your service company will suffer
  • But if you hire an SEO company, you’ll be stuck paying large monthly fees and hoping they can deliver good results.

Neither seems like a great solution. The question now becomes how do I find the right solution, like so many things we care about in life…

When you want important things done correct, you’ve got to take care of them on your own.

You just can’t depend on other people to handle your companies SEO needs, so you have to do the work so you can get all the results that you want.

You must be thinking there’re millions of different reasons you just can’t handle your website’s SEO yourself.

These reasons may seem downright, well reasonable. However let us explain to you why you can take over your own SEO.

Let’s take a look at some of the common objections and why none of them should stop you. I’m taking control of your business’s future.

  1. I don’t know anything about SEO
  2. I already hired an SEO company
  3. I just don’t have time

I don’t know anything about SEO

Don’t worry at one time or another, just about every expert on planet earth didn’t know about the subject matter they became experts in. it took study and your can learn about SEO too. It’s not some mystery or magic trick it’s a skill set, and you can be taught it.

How do we know? Because we’ve successfully taught over 3000 students like you, many of them didn’t understand anything regarding SEO at first and they’ve gone on to become SEO experts.

I hired a talented SEO company.

That’s good, If you hired an SEO company and they are getting you the results you deserve, that’s great! That doesn’t have to mean you shouldn’t learn SEO for yourself. Here are a few of the many benefits you will gain with us.

  1. You and your SEO team now are speaking the same vocabulary – when the SEO team is telling you what they’re working on and what they’re doing on your site getting it ranked you’ll understand what they’re talking about, this makes for a much better relationship.
  • You’ll have the ability to do ongoing spot checks of your SEO work – don’t you think you would feel better if you were able to keep a watchful eye on the process? After all it’s your business!
  • Working together will make things go a lot faster – An SEO team doing work on a website is good two SEO trained experts working a website it better!

I don’t have time to learn SEO.

That’s a common answer and it makes a lot of sense if you own a Las Vegas-based business there’s not a lot of free time involved, so many other things require attention and you’re always worrying about the business.

The last thing you need is more work.

We understand, however have you considered the benefits that you’ll receive when you do your own SEO? Just how much overall freedom you’ll gain?

Like Freedom from

  • paying these overinflated SEO fees ever again.
  • Fear of wondering why your website isn’t ranking the way you think it should rank.
  • Worrying about your business not growing quick enough.

Do you think the possibility of gaining all these freedoms is worth these temporary sacrifices needed to take this training?

We’re this training blows away hiring A SEO Company.

the best thing about our course is the reality that you won’t have limits of just one website.

Las Vegas is a large city, but there are several other smaller cities and towns in Las Vegas area, and if you’re like a lot of successful business owners your company supply those other areas too.

However, Google thinks of you only as a Las Vegas-based business so you might not show up when your potential customers in these other cities and towns search for your type of business.

While other company owners see this is a major issue our successful students see it as a chance to prosper!

Using your skills you learned from us there’s nothing to stop you from building and ranking an individual website in each and every town that you serve.

Think of them as Digital billboards,  that means the more your company has the quicker you will grow up.

Using this technique by itself you can scale up your business faster than you ever thought possible!

You’re not limited to just one business!

This program was built to teach successful people to build income using the “rank up and then rent out” method. you can do that too! .

First you could rank “lead gen” properties in any vertical you like and find a business to team up with. You can charge that business a monthly fee for many years. How can I be so sure?

I’ve done it myself!


This is a site I built in 2014. I was able to get this site built then ranked.

Once it ranked, then I rented it out to a local company They were happy to pay me over 750 per month! That’s over 4 years of income and still counting!

Learning SEO is more than a valuable skill it is the opportunity you can

  • Scale up your business.
  • Have regular passive income
  • Not get robbed on your SEO costs.

You can take care of all of these issues and more by just taking control of your business.

Are you offering to guarantee that I will in fact have the exact same success?

No, but if anyone tries to “guarantee” getting a site ranked on either Google and/or Bing.  Either…

  1. They own Google and also Bing
  2. They’re lying!

we can train you in the techniques you will need for success. you still have to work at it.

If you put in the work, you will be amazed by what happens.

Results just like this…


You will be able to rank a website and you can create as many lead generation websites as you could want!

You could take over the service area.

You can grow your business as fast and as big as you would like!

You can start today.

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