Reviewing the Local Marketing Vault

I’m very careful about buying information online. I’ve been scammed before and I’m constantly paranoid and looking for the next scam. Any time I’m asked to give my credit information I cringe a little.

Things were no different for me when it came to Local Marketing Vault. I had to talk myself into the fact that it would be okay.

Who Is This Program For?

Local Marketing Vault is a really unique program in the sense that it isn’t geared toward any one online business model. Any online marketing professional can take some value from this program.

You could be running an SEO agency, advertising agency or even be a seller on Amazon. It doesn’t matter.

Pretty much anything that includes sales, lead gen, cold calling etc. You’ll find a use for this.

Take me for example, I went from writing print ad copy for a company, then SEO with digital marketing and eventually I turned my focus to brand awareness.

I thought I had all the bases covered but I was shocked by how much I learned with Local Marketing Vault. I still use things today that I learned in that course.

How Much Did I Learn From The Course?

The biggest thing that I learned was the fact that SEO isn’t as effective as it once was. It’s not because us SEO experts have lost our skills but it’s the fact that Google is always changing things up on us.

Google wants to get paid too. So when we come in and master their game, obviously that doesn’t sit well with them.

When we look at paid traffic options, does the best possible ROI come from Google Ads?

Well, Local Marketing Vault actually opened up my eyes to other paid traffic methods early in my digital marketing career. I started experiment with Twitter, IG and Facebook.

Marketing and advertising campaigns are the lifeblood of online marketing. That’s no real surprise. But you need to understand exactly how to set them up while knowing how to tackle any issues that arise while maintaining them.

But what does the Local Marketing Vault give you for the price…

Pre-developed campaigns built for multiple fields/industries.

Keywords + targeting along with samples.

The keys to creating a landing page that will drive results.

How to get traffic and what you do with it.

How to analyze and correct website stats.

How to automate your business with profit margins in mind.

And the most important thing, how to grow clientele.

I would say that the Local Marketing Vault is for people looking to improve their SEO skills. To better understand why your website isn’t converting.

If you’ve got a ton of business already and you’re swamped, then maybe this program isn’t for you.

The best part is, Local Marketing Vault offers a free trial. So maybe you’re on the fence wondering if this is for you or not. Check it out for free.

Maybe love it. Maybe you don’t.

But if you see as much value in this program as I did then you could very well take your business to the next level. It’s packed with valuable resources.

What’s The Best Six Figure Business in 19′

I recommend using Local Marketing Vault to launch a business. Great for beginners. And honestly, targeting the local market is the least competition you’ll face.

IMO the best business for this is local lead generation. I own my own lead gen biz actually. It allows me to leverage free traffic, generate leads and send them to local business owners who pay me month after month.

I now have a multiple six figures online business that I can basically put on auto-pilot. Check out the pool site below that’s been generating $650/mo since I quit my 9 to 5.

This business has completely changed my life. I quit my 9 to 5. I’m my own boss. I take vacations when I want, where I want.

New car. New house.

That’s all cool but the best part is, we’re teaching other people how to do the exact same thing. We want to help other people achieve the same things that we have.

If you want to learn more about the local lead gen model, feel free to click here. We’ll be in touch!

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