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If you’re a company owner in Louisville, you know being a company owner is 50% Golden opportunity plus 100% high stress!

If you reach the ideal potential customer and deliver a great service to them, you can not only build a business you can secure your future and make some huge profits.

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However in this modern-day era of Internet marketing, home computers, and smartphones You need to be amazing at what you provide, you have to also be great at getting in front of potential customers.


This means that the days of not having a interactive website are long gone if you want to grow your business you need a great website. More importantly you must get that website in front of your potential customers how important is this?

The city of Louisville has over 600,000 people living that is over 600,000 potential customers for your business! It’s a Goldmine! The problem is it is also a goldmine for your competitors, and they want your customers!

It is a game of winner takes all with the highest possible stakes. 

So how do you make sure that when your customer is looking for your business or service, they find you and not one of your competitors?

The simple answer you’ve got to be ranked at the top of search engines, how about Google How very critical is it to be ranked in the search engines? According to recent data over 72% of all searches start on either Google! That’s 72% of your customer base looking for you on Google!

 The same study also noted that a majority of these people never go beyond the first page, why? Simple they found the thing that they are looking for! That is what Google is all about. 

Your customers never finding you.

The simple reality is your customers have never had an easier time finding what they’re looking for. You want to make sure that when they’re looking for the product or service your business provides they find you not your competition.

So how can you make sure that you are ranked on the top of Google?

By using SEO, search engines keep improving the results and changing the way their system runs but search engine optimization will always be the gold standard when it comes to ranking a website.

Good SEO is the future of your business.

You probably weren’t thrilled hearing that. If you are like many company owners you see SEO as either

  1. A rip off you just don’t understand
  2. Or it’s a necessary expensive evil, just cost of business.

Many Louisville Business owners would share your opinion, but before finishing this article, you will have changed your view on SEO.

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Now you will view it as

  1. The method to take control of your market and grow your business
  2. A large advantage over the competition.

Bad SEO poisoning your view

The reason so many business people view SEO in a poor light is simple since they first opened their doors SEO companies have been trying to sell them services every day.

I’m sure if you have been in business for a while you have had dozens of SEO companies pitch you there “can’t miss SEO service.”

Usually, an SEO pitch is something like this.

  • You must to sign the dreaded 12-month ongoing contract
  • They can’t guarantee results, however you must pay every 30 days!
  • Most of their work is “technical” so you usually won’t notice,

After you sign, that’s when all the upsell process starts.

  1. You’ll need a brand new website
  2. You will need their latest update package
  3. You need this that and the other thing.

Sometimes with SEO, you could feel stuck

  • You can’t ignore your SEO because it’ll cost your business.
  • And you are sick and tired of having to pay for SEO and not getting the results you want.

There’s a simple solution for your SEO worries.

If you’re still reading this article, it means you want a true solution to your SEO problem. We can help

It is time for you to take control of your business’s future by taking control of your website’s SEO.

Even now your thinking about all the objections you have why this won’t work.

While many of these objections seem reasonable, they’re nothing when compared to all the freedom and benefits you’ll achieve once you learn SEO. Benefits like

  1. Never paying SEO fees again!
  2. Dominating not just the Louisville market but surrounding markets as well.
  3. The ability to build a passive income that you’ll own for many years!

However let’s look at the objections that you might have, these are objections that we have heard from other business owners just like you.

Peoples three most often offered objections are…

  1. I don’t really know about SEO!
  2. I never really have time
  3. I have a successful SEO team

But I don’t really know about SEO

The simple answer this statement is you will learn!

SEO isn’t a magic trick, it’s an ordinary skill set, like every other skill set, you could learn.

You can learn SEO, How do we know that? Because our training has been studied and used by more 3000 students many just the same as. Many of those students didn’t know anything about SEO either.

I never really have time

We understand, having a Louisville business isn’t a part-time thing, it is 24 hours daily situation. When you’re not working you’re thinking about working, it requires a huge amount of your time and you don’t want to add anything more to your plate.

Just think about the things you will gain by learning  SEO, you can have the power to push your business to page one of the search engines on your own. That means you would have freedom from.

  • high SEO fees
  • No worry from not knowing whether the website will go down in ranking.
  • why your business phone isn’t always ringing.

I have a successful SEO team.

That’s wonderful If they’re delivering great results for you and your business that is wonderful.

That doesn’t mean you won’t gain from learning about SEO.

A Couple of benefits you’ll experience when dealing with your SEO company.

  • You will be able to speed the process up, – working as a team you and the SEO company can get results.
  • You can check out their work – we’re not saying they’re not doing the work they claim to be doing it’s just a lot better to have individual confirmation
  • You can now officially “speak SEO” it’ll be easy if you’d understand what they’re doing to your site.

With the skill sets, we will teach you. You can expand your service area.

Why have just one website getting you leads if you can build multiple sites?

If you’re like most Louisville companies the service area you serve isn’t now limited to Louisville, you most likely provide services in the surrounding communities.

If you wanted, you can now build a site in each of these communities.  You can get them ranked and sending you leads.

Just call them website digital billboards with them all sending lots of new customers to you. With this one technique alone you can scale up your company faster than ever before!

The very best part? Now you aren’t limited to your company

Using our training program, you will be able to help many other businesses get a lot more leads and then earn yourself a lot of passive income.

How? Our training program was designed for students to build “rank up and rent out” websites in many different industries and different niches. Students would create sites, get them ranking then find local businesses to sell them too. It works!

Want proof?


I built this website. I spent a month on it. I then found a local company I sold them all the leads for an ongoing monthly fee. The company have been paying me 750 dollars a month the last four years!

SEO is a lot more than some valuable skill it’s the chance to

  • Scale your business.
  • Grow your passive income
  • avoid SEO costs.

You can avoid these types of problems plus more just by taking control over your SEO. start today.

All this sounds great but what kind of results will I get?

As in so many things in life, this comes down to you. If you put in the work, you can expect results like this.

Not just #1 Rankings like these…


But you will be able to dominate your market and scale your business to its max and if you want you can build passive income with rental sites as well!

All you have to do is take control.

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