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For a business, the Memphis area is an amazing place to be

It’s a big city it’s Over 652,000 people living in it, that is over 650,000 potential customers for your business. That’s lots of possible profit. Problem is where there is a lot of opportunities there’s a lot of competition.

When you have a business in Memphis, you have many challenges, like…

  • Your product or service being judged harshly
  • You have to keep track of state and local laws
  • But the biggest issue you are facing is you always need to beat out your competition.

In business there’s both good news plus there’s bad news with getting new customers.

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First the good – your customers have never ever had an easier Time connecting to and finding your business.

Now the bad – your potential customers I never had an easier time connecting in finding your competitors business!

When it comes to who will get these customers In business it’s a game, winner take everything, and if you plan in winning, we could help!

everyone is online all the time and you need more than just a website you need all your customers being able to locate you quickly and easily and most importantly first!

To be sure that this happens is a have your website ranked in search engines like Bing and Google. As most people know the key to getting ranked in Google and of course Bing, is search engine optimization or SEO.

A study recently showed 73% of all people start on search engines.  The study also noted that most searchers, never go past page one.  

The simple reality is if you’re not on page 1 you’re not in business.

Maybe you’re realizing how important gaining the advantage over the competition by using SEO.

many business owners have a bad view of the SEO. At Best it’s a necessary cost. if not a total rip off.

It’s natural like many business owners from the very minute you opened your doors you have been having to deal with marketing from many SEO companies, these can be annoying.

In the past, you might have even hired one of these SEO companies. If you’re still reading this page, because you think your missing something.

Over the years we have listened to many SEO companies pitch their services. We know what most SEO teams will pitch you.

It’s a two-step process

  1. A hard push phase
  2. Now your customer number 123

The Hard Push Phase

During the push phase, an SEO team will make all sorts of promises to get you to sign a contract. You’ll notice a couple of common factors

  • Required 12 months in the contract.
  • Monthly payments
  • No promises!

They pretty the pitch up with sales language true, but that’s usually how it goes.

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Now your customer number 123

If they manage to sign into a contract suddenly, you’ll notice they’re not that interested in your business anymore. The simple reality is SEO companies aren’t doing SEO work mostly they are busy getting customers.

They use a method to get your website ranked that they use for every one of their clients the hope it works but there is little to no personalization.

Right now you must feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  • If you try to ignore SEO the business absolutely will suffer
  • But going with an SEO company you’re handcuffed to the “cookie cutter style.” SEO

What do you do? It’s simple…

Do the SEO work yourself.

Right now you’re most likely thinking that there are dozens of reasons why you can’t handle your own SEO,

But here is the thing.

At some point every person we’ve ever taught SEO had the exact same objections as you. And we have successfully trained over 3000 students, and we can do the same for you.

Here a few of those objections.

  1. I do not know about SEO
  2. No time to study SEO
  3.  I’m already working with an SEO team.

Let’s look at these excuses one at a time.

I do not Know about SEO

That’s okay we’ll teach you, we know that we can, like we we’ve taught over 3000 students we’ve taught them SEO and every one of them at one point or another knew nothing about SEO. We start with the very basics and teach you step-by-step, and before you know it, you’ll be an SEO expert just like us.

Not time to study SEO

It’s understandable to feel that you just don’t have the time, however once you learn SEO it’s easy to stay current especially with over 3000experts to help. When joining the training you get access to our Facebook group where people just like you share secrets and questions every day.

I’m already working with an SEO team.

That’s great, but it doesn’t mean that their isn’t big advantages to learning SEO just because your happy with the SEO company you working with.

  • You will understand your SEO team when they tell you what they are doing
  • You will be able to keep an eye on their work
  • Two SEO Experts are better than one! Together you will get your site ranked faster.

The Skill of SEO is worth learning.

by learning a Seo you’ll have the ability to…

  • Take over your SEO and your business’s future
  • You will be able to scale the business like you never thought possible.
  • You will be able to build the passive income stream that’ll last for many years.

There’re two areas that even if you have an SEO company, you like this training will do a lot more for you.

Point Number one – you don’t have to be limited by one website just located in Memphis. Memphis is more than likely your main business location but you most likely serve many areas around Memphis smaller cities and towns the make up a percentage of your business.

But Google views you as a Memphis business only so a potential customer nearby in another town searches for the type of business you provide Google will not show you first.

This will limit your business reach, but you can prevent it! Using this training, you could build “feeder websites” in every town or city in your desired service area.

Look at these sites as” Digital billboards” as you build them your company will grow faster.

Your potential is limitless!

This could be your service area

Can you guarantee that I can get sites highly ranked?

Nope, No one can. What we can offer you is these techniques work, they’ve worked for more than three thousand students and they will also work with you.

put in real work, you’ll be thrilled with the results.

Results just like…


But you’ll have the talent to build out as many websites as you can handle. You could blanket your area with all these websites and take over your market!

You could scale up your business just as fast or as big as possible.

Why just stop with your company?

This training program was created to show people just like you how to easy building residual  income is by using the effective “rank and then rent” method. Nothing’s preventing you from doing exactly the same.

You can build lead gen web properties in any “phone call” niche then just find a business in the local area to partner up with. You could get a monthly rental fee for many years in the future How can I be sure of that?

I’ve done it!


I spent a month working on this limo site. Once it was ranked, I rented out the website out to some local Limo company. They pay me over 750 dollars each month. I’ve not done anything to this site since building it, and I’m still getting paid for it.

Imagine having just a few sites like this earning you income!

SEO is not just a valuable skill it’s the chance to

  • Push a business up to it’s max
  • Have a dependable passive income
  • Never again get robbed on SEO costs.

Take control of your future. Start today.

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