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A business located in the Milwaukee area is a potential huge Goldmine. The city of Milwaukee has over 590,000 people who call the city home. This is over 590,000 potential customers.


An Issue comes in from the fact that there’s also many potential business for other businesses!

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Being a Milwaukee based company owner isn’t a simple thing.

  • You always will be sure that your service is the highest quality.
  • You have to make absolute sure that your business complies with all State local and or course federal laws
  • The most important of all you’ll always are required to get new customers to grow your business.

There’s good news but there’s bad news too with getting customers.

good news – in a world of high speed Internet access, Home computers, smartphones it’s never been this easy for customers find you.

bad news – in a world of high speed Internet access, Home computers, smartphones it’s never been this easy for customers finding the competition!

Having a good website isn’t optional for businesses. In fact, it’s not even enough anymore. People considering hiring you demand you have the website.

That’s the bare minimum required be in business. But if you are wanting to grow a business. You not only need a website you must make sure, if people are searching for you, they find your business website first.

It’s critical to get to page 1 of the search engines Google or Bing for example.

How critical?

the most recent data says, 73% or more of your customers start their searches with search engines. That’s 73% of customers! More importantly more than 50% of searches never go further than page one.

If you’re not in page 1, your business will take a hit!

How do reach the top?

Simple. Even though search engines are always changing and advancing. SEO is still your best solution to rank.  

If you’re like many of the business owners we’ve talked to, you’re not thrilled with that answer. After all it’s likely when opening your business SEO teams have pitched you their services.

Maybe even you hired a SEO team before, or your working with one right now, they make big promises and fail to deliver.

Maybe you’re thrilled with the SEO corporation, but you hope to learn more about their process — you’re still looking for the final solution to your website ranking issue. You have to rank on the very top of search engines, and you have to get there now!

Working with a SEO group the largest factors is the way they pitch their services it’s called a

“hard sell.”

Most SEO teams that are working to “earn” your business use a process that breaks down to two sections

Part one is they will try sellingl your company on their SEO services. There make many different promises, they’ll tell you , you need their company and you will have many issues with your existing website.

Over the many years we’ve heard lots of these SEO hard sells. This is how it works.  

  • You sign their long term contract
  • You’ll pay the monthly fee.  
  • They won’t promise your website will rank but they’ll try their best.

If that’s not a pitch you heard in the past that simply because we removed all the sales from the sales process.

The reason they require a contract is because they understand that the process they will use, which is the same process they always use will take time to achieve results. And they don’t want to feel pushed to get fast results.

What you need to realize is

That truly powerful SEO companies work mostly at getting the new client, that’s their focus.

And for bigger SEO corporations you’re hardly an important client you’re simply client number 123!

Now you very likely feel like you’re in the ultimate no win situation.

  • ignoring your SEO will lead your business to suffer losses
  • However, you don’t want to be stuck with the large fees of SEO companies.

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Take care of the SEO yourself!

 You do want your Milwaukee based business to increase it’s time for you to take over control of the SEO process.

As reading this page, you might likely be thinking about many of the reasons why this won’t work reasons like

  1. I never learned SEO
  2. I have no time
  3. I work with a talented SEO company

These can seem as valid reasons. However, once you see the advantages of learning SEO, you’ll understand it’s worth all the effort.

So let’s look at those excuses.

I never learned about SEO

It’s a reason we hear often, and we get that, SEO can seem scary at first, however just because you’re unsure about SEO now doesn’t mean you can’t learn. It’s a skill, and you will be able to learn it.

How are we so positive that SEO can be learned?

Because we’ve trained more than 3000 people, many who didn’t know about SEO at first either. since 2014 these 3000 people, many that didn’t know the basics of SEO have become very successful at SEO as well. If they learned a valuable skill like SEO you can too.

I have no time.

That’s understandable owning a company in Milwaukee isn’t a 40 hour job it’s 24 hours every single day process. You have 1 million things on your mind, and you just don’t have the time to add this to.

would you sacrifice time temporarily to get freedom?

The freedom from

  • Huge SEO fees
  • Asking why the website isn’t  able to rank
  • Missing the opportunities for growing your business

I work with a talented SEO Company

That’s great if your SEO team is getting results that don’t mean you couldn’t benefit still from our training. You could get benefits, for example.

  • You can drastically speed up the process – working together you and an SEO group can get your website ranked faster.
  • You and the SEO company will now understand each other- you will understand everything the SEO team is doing.
  • You’ll have the ability to keep a watch on the work – We aren’t saying they are slacking. We just know that it’s better to verify.

While each of these reasons make a lot of sense once you have taken a real look at each of the bonuses you would get you’ll see that SEO is it worth the investment

This is how our training is way better than any SEO team that you can hire.

Using our skills that we will teach you, will allow you to scale a business much faster than you ever thought possible.

Milwaukee,  while it’s the most populated city around it is more than likely not only one city in your radius of service.  

If you’re like many business owners we’ve helped work you’re not limited around Milwaukee you probably give services to many different areas as well.

This is a good business move. Problem is Google considers you a Milwaukee-based business. Meaning you’ll have a real hard time making your website rank for other cities in your area.

Most business owners would view this as a problem however our students view this as a tremendous opportunity!

With our skills, we’ll show you there’s not any reason you won’t have websites in every one of these Communities.

Just consider them like “Digital billboards” All the more you’ve have, all the more calls you’ll get!

Your no longer limited to only your business!

Our training program was built for people to build income using the “rank then rent” method. You can do it too.

You can build these digital properties in just about any niche then team up with a local partner. You can charge them a ongoing rental fee. How can I be sure?

I’ve done it before!


That’s a site for limo rental I built around 2014. I worked on it for a month. All Part-time work, once built then I ranked it. I rented out this site to this local Limo person.

They were super excited for new business. I was payed 700 plus dollars every month. I’ve not touched that site since.  I’m still getting paid for that site. That’s four years worth of payments!

Imagine a few sites making you income!

SEO is much more than just a skill it’s an opportunity to

  • Scale up a business
  • Have passive income
  • Prevent you from getting overcharged on SEO prices.

You can cover all these issues by just controlling your business SEO. start today.

Can you guarantee my success?

The fast answer is, no if anyone tries to say, they can promise they can get your site rank on Google or Bing one of two things about them is true.

  1. They are in the owner of either Google or Bing
  2. They’re lying about it!

The simple truth is we will teach you all the techniques and then strategies you need for success. techniques and strategies that have worked for over 3000 of our other students.

But you still have to produce the work!

If you put in the work, you will be amazed by the results!


You can dominate your area and build passive income.

Think about what this means, you having the ability to build unlimited Digital Billboards you could scale your business as fast and as big as you would like!

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