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Owning a company in Nashville Tennessee, you will have over 650,000 potential customers.


The problem is with that many potential business you also have a lots of competition who are trying to earn those potential customers.

opening a business in Nashville Tennessee, you most likely knew you would be facing many challenges.

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Challenges like…

  • You need to make sure the service or product your offer is high quality, so the customers you have are very happy.
  • Your business needs to follow every law, state, local and federal.
  • And you have to constantly be finding and winning new customers.

good news – any of your potential customers could find you with just a click of a button.

bad news – all your potential customers can just as easily find the competition with the click of a button.

Having the killer website is no longer optional it is the bare minimum you need to be in business. However, if you’re going to grow  business a killer website is just the battle.

You need to be sure your businesses website ends up being the one a customer sees first.

That means your website must be at the very top of search engines, all the search engines. Just how crucial to rank the top of the search engines?

A study conducted by the team at Google conducted recently over 70% of people start on a search engine! And of that 73 % more than ½ of them never get beyond page 1!

This means that

If you’re not on the top of the all important Google your not growing your business!

So a question you ask yourself this simple what’s the single best method I can use to reach the first page on Google.

While search engines keep getting better and changing. The truth is the best way to make your website get ranked by using search engine optimization also called SEO.

You most likely were expecting SEO as an answer because you found this article by searching Nashville SEO.

Many company owners have a love/ annoyed relationship when it comes to SEO. It’s natural, most likely since you opened your doors you have been dealing with SEO teams trying to sell you services.

Most Seo companies we’ll promise you everything under the sun, but they are most likely light on important details, they will hit you with a lot of technical jargon while trying to sign you to a long term contract.

You might’ve have even worked with an SEO company before. More than likely they didn’t produce amazing results. And you were left feeling disappointed.

When SEO companies pitching their services, they hit you with what we call the one-two punch.

  1. Phase 1 is the hard sell
  2. Phase 2 is now you have customer number three hundred forty-seven

The hard sell!

When an SEO company Tries to win your business they’ll push you to sign a 12-month contract

This is usually what the sales pitch will look like when you really look at it.

  • a 12-month locked in contract
  • You’ll have to pay them each and every month
  • They’ll never guarantee results, they’ll just do their best.

Not so great is it? When you look at whether SEO company is offering it’s not great, but when you sign up for their services you would go to phase 2

Your just a number now. 

You’ll notice that once you’re a client sign the contract, your no longer special there’re reasons that is.

  • SEO companies are not in the SEO business. They’re in the getting new clients business. It’s how a SEO team grows their business.
  • An SEO team won’t create induvial plans for each client, it’s too much work!
  • They use a process that usually helps a site get ranked, and they use it for every customer’s website.

Right now you could feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place you can’t ignore SEO you will lose customers, but you really don’t want to sign with an SEO company.

So right now you’re looking for a solution to the problem of getting new business for your Nashville based company.

Do you want your website to rank at the top of Google and Bing, we’re going show you how to do it!

If you need SEO done right…

You got to do-it-yourself the reality is no company will ever be as concerned about your company as you would.

If you need your business to reach the top of Bing and Google the quickest way to reach that goal is by handling it yourself.

You could be thinking of the many reasons you don’t want to handle your SEO right now. Here some of the excuses you could be considering.

  1. I don’t know anything about SEO
  2. No time to learn about SEO
  3. I already have an SEO company.

These all may seem like real reasons not to do your own SEO.

But in reality taking over your SEO is one of the smartest choices you could make. Let’s take a look at each one of these objections one by one.

I don’t know about SEO

The simple reality is with SEO your not alone. No one ever knew anything to start. It’s not a magic trick SEO is the skill, and just like any other Skill, it can be learned.

How do we know? Because we’ve taught more than 3000 students how.

In 2014 a group of SEO experts created a program that could train anyone in SEO even the total beginner. After four years and 3000 students, we are confident and telling you anyone can be taught a Seo.

No time to learn about SEO

This is understandable The simple reality is a business is not a small thing especially the city like Nashville with all the competition and the stresses that come with. But learning a Seo we’ll not only teach you a valuable skill will give you freedom.

Freedom from

  • SEO monthly costs
  • Worrying about why your website isn’t ranking
  • Being limited in how fast your business can grow.

Don’t you think having freedom like this is worth sacrificing to understand SEO?

I have an SEO company

Well if your SEO team is doing a good job that’s great, they’re lot of benefits you can still get from this training

  • You and the SEO team speak the exact same “language” you will understand what they’re doing, and they will know you get SEO
  • keeping track of their work – it’s better to independently verify that they are doing the job the right way.
  • You can increase the speed of the process – working together, you and your SEO company can get your website ranked faster.

Now these things are valuable, but now we’re going to show you how this training will blow hiring SEO company away!

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Don’t stop with Nashville!  

The city of Nashville has over 650,000 people living in it and more than likely that is when most of your customers come from. But that doesn’t have to mean that all of your customers will come from Nashville.

If you would like most businesses you service and are usually there’re other smaller cities and towns in that area that’s a good business,  but Google views you as a Nashville business that means you would rather not show your business to searches done in other local cities and towns.

With the skills we’ll teach you there’s no reason you can’t have websites rank in all of these smaller areas, all of them sending calls your business.

Think of them as digital billboards that’s more leads you will get

You could scale up your business to new heights!

Can you promise my results

No, no one could  guarantee results. What I can tell you is that our techniques work, after all they have worked for our many students and they will work for you.

If you put in effort, you’ll be stunned by your results, what kind of results?

Results like…


But you’ll have the ability to write out as many lead generation websites as needed. You can blanket your market with these “digital Billboards”

You could build up your business up as fast as you can handle.

You won’t ever need to limit your efforts to one business!

Our program was created to show people how easy it is to grow residual income using our “rank and then rent” method. Nothing will stop you doing exactly the same.

Imagine building lead gen sites in many niches and then find a local company you can charge them an on going rental fees.

I have done exactly that.  


This is a site I first built in 2014 after completing the site and getting it ranked I rented it out for over seven hundred dollars monthly the business is still paying me today! You can do this too!

SEO is not just a valuable skill it’s the chance to

  • Grow a business
  • Grow passive income
  • Save on SEO costs.

start today.

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