Course from Scratch by Danielle Leslie – Unbiased Review

danielle leslie

Do you ever remember loathing the order that it’s bedtime when you were growing up? 

I remember way back to the time I was growing up…

Thinking that the night was going to belong to me when I was older! 

I was beyond sick of the mom and dad figures trying to tell me what I was supposed to do…

Who told them that they had to tell me when the right time to go to bed really was, anyway?

I’d be in charge someday!

And when that day comes, no one would tell me what to do!

It’ll be my rules from that point forward!

I’ll have made it in this world, and I’ll be all set!

I can play anytime of the day that I want to.

I’m not gonna lie to ya…

I’m older now and I always look forward to retiring early to bed. 

Do you get enough sleep at night? I know that I sure don’t see the back of my eyelids often enough.

I mean…

I wake up nearly every morning now, stretch out and think of how good it felt…

And how I simply can’t wait to do something like that again! 

Sounds ridiculous, no doubt, but it’s a true story. 

I don’t mind putting some of my beans out there.

Let’s just say that these personal experiences are going to make for a great story someday.

Try comparing all of this to the idea of what it might be like to be your own boss. 

The majority of this blog is centered around an ideal audience of people who are looking to start their own business from home. 

This is especially for those people who are sick and tired of some raggedy old person that still runs their business operations like it’s 1927 and everyone wishes they would just chill. 

If you’re looking to be a soloist and go at it in the entrepreneur world, then you’ve come to the right place to have this discussion. 

Developing into someone that can manage yourself, while operating in the marketplace to a degree where you can begin raking in profits by the bushel and make THAT your full-time gig…

But a lot of us want to get started without having a second job to add to what we’ve already got going on. 

That is to say, we don’t want a second full-time job. 

After all, we don’t want to double up on what we don’t want when we’re reaching for something that we’re wishing to come true.

When I launched my local lead generation business with the help of a mentor who started our coaching program, I never thought that I’d be raking in $50,000 on a recurring, passive, monthly basis. 

With the help of that coaching program, I was able to build an online presence for my business that could bring me results after only 6 hours of work — and the lead gen sites look a little something like this (see below):


At the time, all I knew was that I wasn’t happy with where I was and that I wanted more than I was getting dished out with the corporate 9 to 5 and a crummy $35k salary (before taxes, mind you). 

If I wanted to be my own boss, I had to wise up and learn to take more control of the things that I wanted freedom within. 

If I wanted to have a full day to myself, then I needed to put myself to bed at a reasonable time so I had the energy – and the capacity – to hustle at a side gig that would ultimately lead to my becoming a full-time entrepreneur and making a full-time income on a part-time basis. 

Take a brief self-assessment with some honest, personal insight right now:  Do you have what it takes to make smart, personal decisions, and business decisions, in 2019? 

If you’ve never heard of the founder of Course from Scratch, Danielle Leslie, then you’re in for a treat.

I learned about her not too long ago and noticed that she had some tricks up her sleeve when it came to empowering someone to make their choices work for them (not against them), with the ultimate goal of shifting their lifestyle into establishing a business model they can embrace and look forward to daily. 

Learning More About Danielle Leslie

This amazing woman, Danielle, has some outstanding qualities and accomplishments:

  • Founder
  • Reputation with Being Successful at Startups
  • Marketing Expert
  • Business Instructor
  • Social Media Activist
  • Industry Influencer

I wish that were all the titles that she could carry – she’s really done something with her career in entrepreneurship. 

At her core, Ms. Leslie has been a well-understood advisor and entrepreneur; her initial start was on a course platform that retails classes people can post online for others to learn from at affordable rates.  You might have heard of it: Udemy. 

In her wheelhouse is the goal of helping the average person – just like you or myself – to shift what we look forward to doing regularly from just a hobby into a business that delivers profitable returns to us when we engage with it. 

A pioneer of sorts, Danielle’s innovative prowess has proven to deliver outstanding ideas and techniques that work. 

Further, she has a passion in reminding others to believe in themselves and that nothing is impossible. 

Such positivity is difficult to find these days; she’s truly a one of a kind in her own right within the capitalistic style of our American business industry. 

The accelerator program that she’s composed for every person to establish their business and entrepreneurial path (especially for those people that are brand new to the business endeavor) brings with it her unparalleled motivation and talent for instructing in plain terms. 

Like her, she really wishes that others can open their hearts up to the possibility of making the best vision for the ideal life a genuine reality. 

More about Course from Scratch

course from scratch

Kicking an 8-week set of learning modules, the course that she makes available for a premium is quite accelerated! 

It’s no joke – she holds nothing back and expects anyone stepping up to the challenge to grind with her as she moves quicker than lightning. 

For some, 8 weeks might be too long; other students, maybe not long enough. 

There’s nothing wrong with catering to what you have going on and fitting this course into your lifestyle – instead of allowing it to take over. 

While the idea is that you could be full-time in your passion and receive massive compensation for doing that – exclusively – for a career, everyone starts somewhere and has their own demons to work through before they achieve that ideal situation. 

However, these 8 weeks seem to really move a person from…

  • Only considering doing the unthinkable…
  • To move such a thought into the palatable with considerable planning…
  • Then launching the effort by acting on the plan and making the once unthinkable now possible! 

A remarkable program in hindsight, it took me longer than most because I simply wasn’t prepared to make the commitment to my investment. 

I was ready a little while later, but it took me a little bit of time to prepare myself for the training that was coming and the adventure I was about to embark upon with Danielle Leslie’s Course from Scratch.

Remember, this course is mobile, available, and here for you! 

I would advise taking it seriously the first time around and garnering all you can from her wisdom and experience. 

If you delay, at any point, all you’re really doing is procrastinating the ideal – which could someday be an inevitably good outcome if you take this coaching seriously and work at what you want. 

Since it’s easily accessible, that also means that the course is easy to invest in and simply not take it seriously. 

The low-cost means a low barrier of entry so more and more people can access the program. 

That, unfortunately, also means that there’s little in the public perception of value in the 8-week boot camp. 

If it’s easy to do – then it can also be said that it’s simple to not do it, or start but not finish. 

Ask yourself the following questions to ensure that you’re prepared to successfully navigate her course:

-Do you have an online resource, like a website that hosts a blog which is overwhelmingly full of content?

-Do you have any sort of online asset that pushes money your way?  If not, how come?

-Producing regular videos for a following on YouTube but just aren’t seeing that much of a return in profits?

-Would you like to be taken seriously and influence the masses, but just believe that it won’t happen for you?

-Do you have bragging rights with all of your education and life experience in a respectable discipline, yet aren’t clear on how to develop that into a profitable revenue stream? 

If any of the above points should describe you, then you’re going to be in good hands with Danielle Leslie’s coaching program.

Maybe you could consider tapping into her “Course from Scratch” training.

Danielle is a pro when it comes to…

  • listing what you’re knowledgeable and skilled at, which often means you have a passion for your niche
  • outlining commonalities and patterns
  • facilitating your mind to see what’s possible with such things that are now brought to the forefront of your mind

After that, it’s just a matter of time before those course helps you to –

  • Prepare your course, product, or service for attention and distribution
  • Marketing your newly found idea through appropriate advertising methods
  • Launch your startup for your ideal audience
  • Expand your revenue streams with paying customers and potentially recurring clientele

In total honesty, I was rather skeptical about this when I explored this. 

I mean, I was already successful in an online business, that does local lead generation, which rakes in financial wealth passively — meaning the money comes in whether I’m working in the business or not that day.

What was this self-proclaimed, successful businessperson going to teach me about generating a lifestyle based on my passion that can return a handsome profit? 

I can attest to the reality that not everyone that gets started with this course will be an absolute success story which Danielle Leslie can use as an advertising testimonial for her program. 

I’m not saying that it’s not for everyone, but statistics have shown that – in most things – there are almost always attrition rates to a program if enough people go through it. 

However, I became a success and wasn’t really expecting this to work for me. 

How I Love Local Lead Generation in 2019 for My Ideal Business Model

So it’s no secret that I have a business…

And it pays me well…

And I’m happy to be living the lifestyle that I never thought would have been possible for me only a handful of years ago. 

Course from Scratch by Danielle is pretty good, I like how it shows you how to really hit the ground running and improve quickly; however, I still prefer my lead generation business…

And here’s why…

The amount of value I wish to give to others when I work a business model needs to be insurmountable. 

I mean… BIG!!!

Also, I would prefer to have a target audience that I am confident always has money set aside to pay me – as if I could be one of their recurring fees in their monthly expense reports. 

When I found a business model that could achieve that, my income shot up to exactly half of 6 figures in cold, hard cash every 30 days! 

What kind of business can give you such passive income? 

It’s called Local Lead Generation for Small Businesses using Free Organic Traffic.

Why do I love putting lead gen properties at the top of Google search results to work it’s magic through free traffic? Just see where they are… (image below):


When it comes to free traffic, nothing can beat it and nothing can stop it. 

While I’ve explored other business models in my days that could turn a couple bucks profit from the high investments, I wanted as little expenses as possible in operation costs dipping into my profits. 

I’m not greedy; I’m savvy with my business decisions and know what I want! 

When I learned about this gig, my whole life changed. 

Here’s all I do now when I want to make more money…

  1. Mock up a quick lead gen site
  2. Smear glue on the back and slap that bad boy to the top of Google search
  3. Rake in the cash like it’s my job…

In reality, that’s what I do for income now.  In the picture below, you can see what I’ve been able to do to generate more leads for limo and party bus rental services.

It’s was my side hustle when I was working a crummy corporate job in downtown Detroit, Michigan. 

Let me tell you, those wintery cold commutes on-foot were miserable… especially on the windy days. 

Instead of dealing with that, I now get to…

  • Work from home… or, ya know, wherever I feel like that day
  • I don’t have to concern myself with a dress code anymore, or a boss telling me that I don’t look professional with my hair cut a certain way
  • I now have the opportunity to – and do – make more in a year than most attorneys and medical physicians
  • I get to do exactly what Uber is doing for business, and their competitor (Lyft): generate referrals, send them to businesses, and get paid loads of money to keep doing it
  • I’ve definitely got financial security working for me – I don’t think the internet or the small, local businesses I’m serving are going to dry up and disappear anytime soon
  • I can sleep in and never have to worry about quarterly reviews telling me how many times I was late to work – I walked away from my 9 to 5 only a year after starting this business model

Too good to be true? 

Yeah, I’ve heard that before. 

Here’s proof of what I’m doing…

This lead gen site was worked on for a grand total of less than 6 hours. 

The result? 

It now pays me, to this day, for the entire last four years, a monthly income of $750 – and the business owner never misses the payment. 

Check it out here…


Why doesn’t he miss a payment? 

With local lead generation, I’m delivering buyers from the marketplace to his company. 

They want to keep making money and being the top dog in the marketplace, so they keep hooking me up to keep them busy. 

It’s really the most ideal, passive arrangement for a win-win in a part-time business through the internet! 

It’s a stable, reliable, and profitable business that I can expand anytime I want. 

We’re currently taking students for our coaching program to teach others how to do it too. 

We’re not concerned about newbies coming in and being our competition because there are too many small businesses in the world – yes, the world – to help in various cities and working in multiple industries that we could be helping. 

Learn to leverage free traffic, generate leads, and make profits with a real business model you can work while still working at your full-time job.  When you’ve got enough coming in, then you can think about whether your time is better spent at the job or not, but we’ll let you make that call. 

Eventually, you’ll be positioned to rake in a multiple 6 figures like I’m currently doing in a given calendar year.  I started just like you only a few short years ago, so what are you waiting for? 

An invitation?  Here it is… click here so we can talk

Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr – MentorBox – Unbiased Review


It’s been rumored that some of the most well-compensated and/or famous Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) in business claim that they consume more and more knowledge on a weekly basis – through reading multiple books every single week. 

Assuming that this is not only true but valid, then it makes sense to have a product like what Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez have brought to the marketplace. 

MentorBox is a program by which you can have the similar effect to a concierge service and allow these two entrepreneurial gentlemen to bring you resources so that you can attempt to duplicate this CEO mentality of increasing your personal knowledge through this monthly service. 

It’s no surprise that some of the people that rise up in society happen to do so because they took action on the knowledge that they’ve already garnered. 

For example, long before I had ever heard of the MentorBox I was already productive in my local lead generation business and had been successfully leveraging free traffic to generate a passive income by sending referrals to small businesses.

Even though I was doing well financially — after all, I had already left my 9 to 5 by the time the word of MentorBox came my way — I still grew intrigued and wanted to know more about why someone would automatically ship books in the mail to members in a digital era.

By this point, I had also hear of Tai Lopez, but Alex Mehr with the MentorBox subscription program was a new person (and product) altogether for me.

I know that I have heard how one of the best ways to acquire more knowledge – and, hopefully, retain it – was through reading books. 

While we’ve learned in elementary school that reading can be key to unlocking the vivid depths of the imagination, this could also be applicable to the world of business and overall entrepreneurial goals for sure. 

To that end, Mr. Mehr and Mr. Lopez – both serial entrepreneurs in their own respective rites – stand convinced that time is of the essence and it’s important to take the most important lessons from published authors and attempt to digest them exclusive versus attempting to read 50 full books annually (page after page). 

For those that enjoy the experience of cracking a good book that is intended to help develop their mind and keen senses for business, maybe this isn’t for you. 

Or, maybe it is…

If you’re anything like Tai, perhaps you’re a skimmer and speed reader of textbooks. 

Among the few across the globe (which, arguably, that number could be growing) who can speed read, maybe you are also able to pull out only the most vital content and big picture takeaways from good books that you can find applicable to your daily life and/or professional endeavors. 

It’s no doubt that improvements will inevitably be achieved if you continue to habitually put the effort in to invest in yourself through your own actions – like reading stellar books that were intended to help develop yourself (if appropriately, or even effectively, consumed). 

If you’re anything like me, on the other hand, I’m so lazy that I could fall asleep reading a book – and I often have. 

Why limit yourself to 12 to 20 books per year (ranging from 1 to 2 books actually read each month) when you could invest in a program like MentorBox which is intended to deliver digital resources like:

  • Audiovisual content – in the form of videos
  • Worksheets so you can progress through the book’s content and follow along
  • Reduce the time it takes you to consume book content to approximately 60 or 90 minutes (depending on what the topics and books are at the time)

In this method of delivery (from the MentorBox), you should theoretically be able to…

  • Reduce your time spent reading or learning from book-bound paper with words
  • Expand your retention with interactive content about the themes of the books included
  • Increase your annual reach of book consumption from the rumored average of 20 books and 20 lessons to a yearly personal achievement of 50 books (sometimes as much as 60, time permitting)

In reality, while personal development is widely advocated in the field of business – how many wannabes and initially beginning entrepreneurs actually get past the range of three to six books in a calendar year? 

Since it’s not always regarded as a money-making activity (as in, you’re not pitching people and asking for money at the end of the conversation when you sit and read a book), this is one activity that often competes for our time and falls to the wayside. 

So, it sounds like the MentorBox is a very fitting idea for entrepreneurs to invest in themselves and their development through a paid subscription to resources that are habitually sent for the betterment of those with the monthly membership. 

One can’t help but wonder – and ask – if increasing the rate of book knowledge consumption to the level that Tai Lopez has been able to achieve will legendarily lead a person (like you and me) toward increasing our financial well-being. 

In case that thought got you to pause or hesitate, I’ve gotta say that you’re not alone. 

This point seems to be a severe struggle for people in the space of business – or those who want to begin a business venture – because it just doesn’t seem to be a required or productive activity (like making money might be, in contrast). 

To be successful, however, the following features of successful entrepreneurs end up being only one aspect of the equation for hitting it big in your side hustle (which is where a lot of us begin, anyway):

  • Read Personal / Self-Help / Development Textbooks
  • Gain (and hopefully, retain) the knowledge within
  • Improve one’s mindset and outlook in their business endeavors

One of my favorite mentors (who happens to counsel tons of millionaires, by the way) and business tycoon, Mr. Dan Lok, had this to say on how come developing one’s mind and building character just isn’t sufficient to achieve your desired level of success from within…

What he was pointing acknowledged a truth that I have seen over and over with people who confidently step up to the plate of entrepreneurship and believe that the first step is to spend money and buy the fixings of a business. 

In reality, what you need is a high-level, high-income skill that you can leverage to turn profits in the marketplace. 

If you’re already in a business venture, as well as for those considering one, please consider this question in your own mind for a hot minute:

What can you bring to the marketplace with the skills that you currently possess?

Let’s take it a step further:

What are you currently able to deliver, or what do you think you can deliver, to the marketplace that can solve a recurring problem that you can then ask for payment in exchange for?

If you can deliver a result, nay, promise a result, then you can find yourself in a lucrative opportunity. 

There was a time in life where I found myself hopelessly addicted to the notion of consuming more and more stuff that fell along the lines of personal development. 

Somehow, somewhere along the line, I was thoroughly convinced that if I was able to digest more information through these self-help books than my notional competition and counterparts in the marketplace that I was going to be successful beyond my wildest imagination! 

Guess who had 2 thumbs and his priorities mixed up. 

Fast forward from those old days to 2015…

I was given the opportunity to invest – and actually had invested – in a coaching program that provided training on a unique skill set which ultimately allowed for the side hustle profit generation of amassing nearly $10,000.00 in passive monthly revenue. 

It’s not the kind of riches that allow me to go and buy a house with one big cash payment to the desk of a realtor, but it was able to let me give some serious thought to why I was spending so much time slaving away at a 9 to 5 that only gave me $35,000 every year but always turned me down for an annual raise. 

What did this experience do for me? 

It essentially jumpstarted everything that I had packed into my mind regarding all of those self-help books. 

What I was missing was high-income skill and massive action to grab the money that I felt I deserved to be making from the marketplace. 

I now live an awesome laptop lifestyle, where I…

  • work from home – or anywhere I can take my laptop
  • run a local marketing agency whenever and wherever I want
  • and I look forward to waking up every day to continue this lifestyle

Look, if you’ve already established yourself with a business model that’s kickin’ back to ya the recurring income to the tune of at least $10,000 in monthly pocket change, then something like this monthly subscription package from Lopez and Mehr can really set your business ablaze in the best way. 

Let’s dig deeper on the personal development investment of the MentorBox and discover if this is something that you can see true value within…

How Much is MentorBox and What Do You Get with Your Monthly Membership?

As we’ve discussed, this is a service that costs you money in the upfront tune of investing in your future, your business, and so much more. 

If you’re not familiar with the various methods of retaining information, then I highly advise first doing a Google search on each of these learning styles – and maybe even take a quick, free, online quiz to find out what your best method(s) for learning is/are. 

Meanwhile, the MentorBox membership subscription brings you 2 options to acquire the regularly delivered educational materials which encompass your ability to retain the book content in the each of the following modalities:

  • Kinesthetic (Action/Touch)
  • Visual (Perception/Observation)
  • Audio (Where you can listen to the information)
  • Reading (Just as good as if it were the book itself)

Pricing for the program’s membership levels entail:

  1. This option is $7.00 for the monthly content (charged every month) and you receive all digital aspects of the information
  2. Choosing this level will be an upgrade, which requires an additional fee, bringing the total monthly subscription costs to $89.00 (every month) – and this is regarded as the ever-popular “upgraded physical version”

With your membership, you’ll be able to receive the following:

  • Uninhibited access to the membership site where you have complete access to your delivered content.  You get access to the books within the program along with the core content pulled out by the people running the subscription service itself
  • Video lessons which are accessible to the tune of over 500 Hours of recorded content
  • Book summaries are provided in an audio format
  • Workbooks (for the digital version of the subscription, which is the more popular and lower priced option) which you can download and print if you so wish
  • Cheat sheets to better facilitate and train your ability to augment memory retention of book content and personal reading speed
  • Additional, relevant, and (intended to be) helpful materials for your personal investment of time studying
  • Complete access to the mastermind group that is exclusive, and private, to MentorBox members only
  • You always have the option to expand your order to include the physical shipment of the monthly provisions

If you choose to – and pay the upgrade fee – you can receive:

MentorBox Review
  • Physical copies of the 2 to 3 books covered for that month’s MentorBox
  • 1 USB Key/thumb drive, loaded with book summary content
  • Physical workbooks for the self-help books that were shipped out
  • Your cheat sheet for the month (delivered at no additional charge) to expand your memory retention and reading speed
  • MentorBox bookmark(s)
  • A magnet (that is also branded with MentorBox)

If you were ever seeking to establish yourself as a reputable individual and draw closer to achieving the level of results that is talked about regarding Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and other C-Suite officials, this could be a starting point for you with help on improving –

  • The speed that you can read books (if you work at it)
  • Memory retention through photographic memorization methods
  • Consistent, monthly reminders (that you’ve invested in) to work at these both regularly and often

I don’t know if I’m the only one who has heard about this, but it’s also been rumored that CEOs and reputable businesspersons have been known to hire individuals for the very purpose of reading a book for that individual. 


The individual doing the hiring appreciates the value of the book’s content and also their time. 

In a push-pull situation between two things that are of great value, but you still want to get them both done, then this could be a great business principle to learn because what they’re doing is outsourcing the work of reading the entire book to someone else that they’ll gladly pay a premium to. 

The goal, then, is for the hired help to digest the book into note-form so the businessperson can absorb more content in less time – at least, that’s the goal here. 

Everyone is different.  

What works for some may not work for others, so it’s not going to hurt anything to give the MentorBox a try, but I’d also encourage people who explore this option to really take a pause and evaluate whether this method of consuming information is really for them. 

If you’re the type of person that can see a project through, stick with a regimented program, and garner a lot out of your commitments and the things you say you’ll do, then the MentorBox could – in fact – be something of value for the individual that grinds things out with good work ethic and sweat equity. 

The added benefits of this monthly membership are that you can…

  • Save time
  • Gain more knowledge through having access to various modalities of learning with the same content
  • (if you’re diligent with your labors) reduce the amount of time-consuming the books’ highlighted points which the founds of MentorBox have taken the time to identify for, and on your, behalf

The Goods and Not-So-Goods to the Monthly MentorBox Program

Positive aspects of the MentorBox presented to people who buy into the membership can include:

  • Acquisition of pivotal lessons that correlate to the investment of time that would have been originally spent reading the same books
  • Discover books from the market that you might not have otherwise discovered or heard of if it weren’t for the MentorBox’s recommendations
  • Highlights of key lessons from commentators and contributing experts that may not be within the actual books themselves (which means you get some bonus content and helpful tidbits)
  • The selected books for the MentorBox subscription can end up being handpicked famous authors found on the favorited lists of other people
  • The MentorBox is a very mobile application that you can take with you and learn on the go – no more needing to have to sit in a classroom or at a home office desk and wait until you get home; when you’re waiting in line or sitting and waiting your turn at some professional or corporate setting, you can be learning and absorbing valuable content to improve yourself
  • Dig deep into the subject matter and lessons provided with the cheatsheets, worksheets, and other bonuses included (at no extra charge)
  • The key points delivered in this package could inspire you to further explore the book itself
  • You could develop the beneficial habit of gaining an unquenchable thirst for wisdom and the constant seeking of knowledge

Things that I think could have been missing or a drawback to a program like MentorBox may include:

  • If you’re more of a do-it-yourself type of person, or if you see greater value in selecting different applications of the information for cheaper options of access on your own (like the convenience of an audiobook, for example), then maybe this could be something you can pass on
  • The subscription does continue to pitch other offers while they’re supposedly “helping” you to learn more things (and I personally would rather not be constantly pitched and asked to buy more stuff)
  • The advertising and sales pitching online could have overstepped their bounds in the sense of honestly delivering the benefits to this MentorBox program
  • You’re subjected to whatever books they select for the month; you don’t get to pick what books you want to learn important points from each month

What It Takes to Develop Good Learning Habits and Maintain the Value of the Material in your MentorBox Subscription so it’s Not Collecting Dust

Just under a decade ago, I found myself digging through more and more information in the self-help and personal development section of bookstores – and this phase also included anything I could virtually get my hands on to expedite the volume I absorbed in this niche of information. 

Call it a phase of obsession, or even deep passion, for more and more personal development. 

I dug in deep and tried to retain many business-applicable principles regarding…

  • Thinking positively
  • Feeding the subconscious mind
  • Self-talk and positive psychology
  • Aspects of good things in spirituality
  • Hypnosis (for business and goal achievements)
  • Affirming oneself for the future
  • The (ever-famous) Law of Attraction

I was rolling big in the personal development – like no one I had ever met or heard of, actually. 

In fact, I found myself jumping down the rabbit hole of devotion toward practicing self-help and personal development concepts and principles for many, many years.

It’s often nice to look back at the journal I had kept and the notes I had taken with what I had just learned and how it shaped my daily habits, outlooks, and actions for that time in my life. 

However, it just wasn’t enough.

My life, income, and lifestyle weren’t revolutionized by any ground-breaking idea in personal development. 

The big changes, for me, came when I met a mentor by the name of Dan in 2014 who had introduced business principles and high-income skills to me that, only a year later, after massive activity and testing these skills was I able to see the product of personal development when combined with talent and hard work. 

In fact, I became the testimonial and success story of such combined, aggregated efforts. 

See, by 2015 (less than a year later), I was able to shift my lifestyle from a daily, exhaustive 9 to 5 corporate office gig in a downtown building in Detroit (with a commute and low compensation, just like everyone else) – all of which I hated, by the way…

Never having done a side hustle in business online before, never having made a single dollar online on my own…

To generating a passive income of around $10,000 in monthly, recurring income from the online business venture that didn’t exist until I met Dan – my mentor, the guy who introduced me to local lead generation for small business

In retrospect, I often ask myself what was the actual shift that made a difference for me to be able to live a better quality of life and have more options than to work in the corporate life for 30 years. 

The change was that I was able to find, obtain, develop, establish a presence of, and habitually use a high-income skill every single day to have a better quality of life. 

Dan Lok, the guy who talked in the video above about having your head screwed on right, has been a mentor that I appreciate and actively seek to learn from rather often. 

In this next video, he emphasizes the critical importance of obtaining your high-income skill long before ever setting foot into launching a business with financial commitments and problems. 

It was 2015 when I managed to entirely understand the magnitude and power of the high-income skill I was learning through this coaching program – which gave me the ability to quickly use free organic web traffic to execute the business model of local lead generation for small businesses

This changed my entire life – for the better, too. 

Here’s all I did for the business model of the high-income skill:

  • Piece together a website
  • Superglue it to Google’s top search results position
  • Sends leads to business
  • Business pays me to keep sending them more customers

It’s awesome! 

How awesome is it? 

About $2,000 per month awesome for the lead gen site I made to help out a tree service company.

Check it out…

tree service

From multiple instances of situations like this, I’ve been able to amass a successful business that now pays me to the tune of $50,000 in passive income, every month, predictably, and I still only work part-time right now (if that). 

That’s how awesome it’s been to experience the change that occurred for me.

See, I already had the big mindset from masterminding with all the great minds over the years – thanks to their willingness to publish books that discussed their important takeaways in business. 

I was able to finally begin applying my knowledge, tips or tricks from self-help and personal development books to something that was authentically mine and of value you…

Those guys were always talking about applying their wisdom and concepts to business…

I now had a business…

A lucrative business! 

The thing that was missing for me to finally turn a profit was the possession of a high-income skill that I could then figure out how to leverage to solves problems for others and bring enormous value to the business arena locally. 

When you have the skills that deliver results to pay the bills, there’s a ton within that skill set with you can deliver to others in exchange for a fairly sizeable chunk of change. 

It’s your skill that allows value to be brought to those who can benefit from what you have to offer…

And when you can help to deliver on – or move someone closer to – your desired result, you can be given compensation for your services and efforts on their behalf. 

The drawback to the self-help books that are currently on the market – at least the bigger names and titles – are that they are about as liberally applicable as telling someone to go to college and leaving that solution to that generic of a detail. 

Where should one go to college? 

What classes should they take?

What degree should they earn? 

Instead of answering those questions – at that level of thinking and problem-solving – the personal development books I know and have reviewed (along with the titles I see on the shelves of the business section of popular bookstores) simply attempt to solve specific problems with generic, grandiose ideas. 

I can appreciate that people suggest masterminding with great minds thr reading the books that have been published with those people’s names on them. 

One question I have is whether those books were actually ghost-written versus by the hand of the author who is receiving credit for the title. 

After all, these people are accredited with being very successful in complex business models that often consume large amounts of their time and attention. 

Between the business, family time, hobbies, food, sleep, there isn’t much time left in the day for anything else…

And then they wrote a book with what little time they don’t have? 

Just some food for thought here. 

When it comes to the MentorBox subscription program with Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr, the contents of these boxes are simply that – contents within a box. 

I didn’t learn my high-income skill or how to produce recurring revenue – passive income of high-value – from a book or a box. 

Digging your head into pages – while intelligent in the grander sense of obtaining knowledge – is not the same activity as sitting with a mentor and analyzing what you’re doing that’s good (and not so good) to adjust and calibrate your skills so you can hit home runs of landing deals that deliver profits into your bank account(s). 

Instead of the criticism and advice of a mentor telling you things that you should and should not do in order to yield a desired, and extremely specific result, the MentorBox just gives you books to read – at the core of it all. 

A real, live mentor finds out what your goals and ambitions are, then…

  • Encourages you to continue your progress,
  • Pushes you out of your comfort zone in healthy ways, and…
  • Challenges you to the very core of your beliefs to make healthy changes to become the person who deserves great things through your actions took and unshakeable beliefs that what you desire is possible and worth earning though constant, unwavering, diligent efforts!

Much like a Master’s degree student finds a mentor who is in possession of a doctorate-level education credential, a student of business hires a mentor that holds the kind of skills and abilities that the mentee is hoping to acquire – with similar end-goals and accomplishments that the mentee hopes to also achieve. 

Instead of picking a random skill to go after, Mr. Dan Lok has further advised students and mentees to achieve something of greater value so you can increase your personal value…

And the way to do that, he continues, is with the ascertaining of a high-income skill. 

This kind of high-level skill is something that you can seriously consider making 6 figures annually with. 

That means, for all intents and purposes, being capable of generating upwards of $120,000 every 12 months, or – for a smaller, more digestible number for some people that could be reading this — $10,000.00 in a given month. 

This kind of skill also needs to be translatable into a business model that can be expanded (or scaled out) so you can have more resources working for you while you’re still doing the same amount of work – if not, less work. 

Yes, you can position yourself to make more income while doing less work. 

How do I know? 

There’s a lead gen site that brings in calls for the renting of limos and party busses. 

I had built this and launched it back when I first got started in local lead generation – less than only a handful of years prior to now. 

To the amazement of some, that virtual real estate is rented out to a tenant who is consistently paying me $750 every single month to continue bringing him value – this time, in the form of more customers each and every month. 

Take a look for yourself here…


Is it really that hard to believe? 

These are where the web properties are listed online and consistently bringing value from the marketplace (meaning more buyers) to the company’s ringing phone each and every day – whether I go to work on my business or not. 

How is this possible? 

This local marketing skill allows me to generate leads using free traffic from search engines. 

This means I can duplicate this business model time and again, by putting more lead gen sites out in the marketplace and producing more phone calls for a small business – and for other industries that service call requests for assistance from the local marketplace. 

Unlike paid marketing strategies like Facebook Ads or Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), when you leverage free organic traffic online, there’s really no way to turn off the flow of calls. 

That means you can repeatedly grow and expand your ability to generate income and continue to do so in a passive manner. 

That means – even if you’re a beginner –

As I was several years ago, you, too, can get started and achieve progress (even on a part-time, basis, if you need to). 

The passive income is rather swell, too. 

You can do any of the following activities and still have money rolling in steadily, thanks to the privilege and power of passive income:

  • Sleep
  • Eat
  • Take a vacation
  • Chill on the Xbox or Turn on a Playstation Game
  • Take a dump and read something

I’m not kidding – this works! 

Welcome the world of local lead generation, and our coaching program where we teach others to build up their own business in this kind of work from home, side hustle business model. 

With the passive income assets that you can set up online to consistently bring you profits while you’re not actively working on your projects…

This means that you now have the groundwork by which to actually expand your empire and start earning your way toward a passive 1 million dollars in annual salary – yes, ANNUAL SALARY! 

Can the MentorBox program actually set you up for financial gain?

Well, it could condition you to be ready to take action in a very steady manner once you have that high-income skill and know how to apply it to the marketplace. 

However, and this is a BIG however…

At its best in delivering value, it’s nothing more than a glorified situation of asking people to pay money to learn information from bound stacks of paper that we popularly refer to as books. 

Why the Local Lead Generation is my Top Business Pick in 2019

What I appreciate from the stories and research accomplished about C-suite executives, namely profitable and popular Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) includes the opportunity to try and reverse engineer how they become so successful and apply it to the assumption that doing what they do can yield profitable returns. 

There is no doubt that knowledge is key when it comes to figuring out solutions to problems – especially if that problem is how to have someone reading this from the comfort of their home on a laptop or desktop – or maybe even a smartphone or tablet/iPad and still asking themselves how they’re going to find a reliable, credible way to make more money without getting a second job (part-time or full-time, the point is it’s a second job and no one wants to spend more time working than is absolutely necessary)! 

The other thing I appreciate about this analysis of C-suite executives includes the famous business owners and CEOs adding this little gem…

They often mention that there were key points in their careers when they were able to notice that larger strides in profits were achieved in the positive direction – progressing toward their goals if you will – when they, themselves, hired a mentor. 

What was it? 

It wasn’t in the time that they had spent reading soft-cover, famous, overly-worded essays that are now packaged into smaller pages with binding on them. 

Yes, learning things are important – especially when it comes to learning the high-income skill that you (no doubt) will have every intention of putting to good use when you actually acquire one (assuming you, the one who is reading this, doesn’t quite have one figured out yet) that you will put it to massive use. 

However, the hiring of a mentor means that you’re asking someone to whoop your tail to the degree that you get into action mode and adhere to the commitments that you had made when you signed up to study under them. 

That means you are willing to –

  1. Follow their leadership and guidance
  2. Pay close attention to the precedents and examples that they display through their advice and actions (that you’ve paid them to be privileged to)
  3. Conversely, they are privileged to open access to provide well-meaning advice on necessary changes as they see fit

You asked for the mentorship; what’s amazing is how some people don’t like the results when they had paid good money to be coached accordingly. 

When you hire a coach, you are asking to be moved out of the learning phase and into the action phase. 

That means you are off the bench, and put into the game of business. 

This also means if you ever sit out of the game for a second, your coach has full permission from the get-go of your business relationship to ensure that you are aware of the need to get back up – and then get you to get back up and keep playing ball. 

Securing a mentor for yourself is not a classroom session type of activity; it’s an activity that requires action on both persons involved. 

That means it’s up to you to get moving on the goals that you said you were going to go after and take it upon yourself to make sure that you’ve done everything you could to learn – and comprehend – the high-income school you are acquiring and then getting that skill into the marketplace as fast and abundant as possible! 

I can’t find the exact quote, but Mr. Dan Lok – millionaire mentor and high ticket closing expert in business transactions and sales coaching – said something to the effect of acknowledging how all things that you can do to improve are good. 


He said that reading books and listening to audio recordings, training videos, seminars, and improving your skill through habitual training is not only good but necessary for your craft. 

Even he, as highly successful and positioned as he is to be an educator, supporter, mentor, and business coach, knows that his biggest strides toward success came from the times that he had hired mentors to help move him along. 

It wasn’t in their act of reading books, end of discussion! 

There were actions required in order for C-Suite executives to improve their current situation. 

That high-income skill could be local lead generation

Of course I’m promoting what has helped me to become so successful. 

Even if I weren’t successful with this business model, it makes so much sense that there’s no reason not to tell a newly interested person in the world of turning a profit online through their laptop that this business model can make you a fortune in passive income. 

While money isn’t everything, we can all agree that money can help solve a lot of problems that we seem to be experiencing every now and then. 

In addition to passive income, local lead generation can also provide you with…

  • The opportunity to make more cash than a doctor or an attorney (remember, it didn’t take me any further than a handful of years to reach $50k in monthly income)
  • I get to work where I want, and you could take your laptop to your favorite destination to run your business from there, too
  • Leverage the simple business model of generating referrals from free traffic in search results and send them to a business so they can pay you incredibly well to keep doing what you’re doing
  • Get financially secure with your future and never have to worry about someone telling you that you’re not good enough at your job – worse, that you might not have a job to come back to one day.  You can get free of that worry by generating a side hustle income
  • Maintain that financial security with the comfort that you can do this gig in any industry and within any city
  • Take confidence in your financial future with the belief that small businesses and the internet are here to stay in society – so you could have a very long and prosperous future in the field of local lead generation.
  • Decide if waking up early for your job is still something you wish to keep doing in the long-term or if you’d rather wake up some day and know that you could fire your boss instead of having your boss fire you. 

Don’t get me wrong, we have people in our coaching program that absolutely enjoy what they do and wouldn’t want to leave their job for any amount of money, time freedom or other privileges that come from this business model. 

However, it’s always a great relief to know that …

  • If the company ever goes out of business
  • If they are ever laid off from work
  • If a costly family emergency comes around
  • If a natural disaster were to hit their neck of the woods
  • If the economy were to collapse or drastically shift and influence their compensation
  • If they were depending on the next raise due to inflation but the company told them no at the annual review
  • If you’ve never received a raise in the last few years (which is what happened to me before I left my 9 to 5)

You can position yourself with your lead gen sites to never have to worry about the above concerns wiping you out and putting you in a position to fear change ever again.

Make the choice to get started with this coaching program and learn how you can ensure…

  • Food will always be on the table
  • Heat will always be on in the winter time
  • Gas will always be in the tank of a reliable vehicle that you own
  • The electricity will always be paid so your lights can stay on
  • You can always have the option of going on a vacation and not worry about checking your bank account to see if it’s really an option for you and/or your loved ones
  • Update your wardrobe so clothes that you own don’t have holes in them anymore (from being at least 10 years old)

Bottom line: You could be making $10,000 every month for yourself.  If you’re not, grab yourself a mentor to show you how a special, high-income skill can change your life for the better – just as it has theirs and mine. 


Make sure that the skill you seek is something that can make a positive impact in your local marketplace so others can instantly see – and appreciate – what you’re trying to do for them (like bring them more customers).

I’ll never change my opinion that leveraging free traffic through local lead generation is the top business model and #1 skill that you can develop to make more money online in 2019! 

  • It’s better than Social Media Marketing
  • It’s better than eCommerce with Amazon
  • It’s better than drop-shipping products with Shopify
  • It’s better than affiliate marketing

Click here to learn about our coaching program right now

Wealthy Affiliate – Unbiased Review

I know what it’s like trying to do some independent research on a business opportunity or coaching program online

You land on a blog like this, and then either right from the beginning or shortly thereafter, they decide to try and pitch you.

It’s the most biased review of any internet discussion because the truth is that they’re pitching the program that they’re reviewing – and they probably have some financial tie to the action you could take if you decide to get started from what you’ve read on that article. 

Don’t you wish that, for once, in your online business venture investigation and effort to find something that you’re looking to get started with – and to find a reliable, credible coach that can further help streamline your effort to land some side hustle income – could just be an honest review about someone’s experience without any hype or extreme pitch to get you to buy…

I know how you feel since I was once in your shoes only a few short years ago and trying to find the trend or wave that I could ride in order to achieve my competency in generating a real, serious income online. 

Let’s take a quick look at the Wealthy Affiliate program, initially. 

I’ve been trying to find a good source of reviews all over the internet before I decided to write my own on this blog site (yes, the same one that you’re on). 

See, if you were to do a quick search for Wealthy Affiliate and maybe an additional term like “review,” you’ll almost always land somewhere that the author is hoping you’ll buy after reading their notional “review” that somehow turns into a pitch to buy Wealthy Affiliate. 

The bigger concern I had from reviewing other coaching programs online is whether or not the person who was doing the pitching (which should have been a simple review of the course) actually has had success with the coaching program that they’re trying to encourage you to make a purchase with. 

All good questions, but not always clear-cut answers. 

I understand; and I know how that feels. 

We just want more information so we can make an educated decision for ourselves. 

While I’m not here to pitch, I want to keep you informed that the Wealthy Affiliate permits members to profit on as much as 50 percent in commission if you were to buy through one of those “reviews.” 

Can you honestly take what those people are saying to heart? 

So, I’m changing the game and delivering something unusual here. 

That’s right; an authentically unbiased review about Wealthy Affiliate. 

That means I’m not promoting the program. 

Then why am I writing about it? 

Well, I really have become rather successful over the last few years with my local lead generation for small business – which is a side hustle I started only a few years ago and have developed it into a handsome $50k in monthly, passive income. 

This gives me the change to have wealth, financial security, and an abundance of spare time –

Since I’m no longer working a 9 to 5 – that allows me to indulge in my curiosity and excitement of seeing what other methods can make a profit online are being pitched on the market. 

Hence the founding of this blog. 

If you take a moment to look around, you’ll notice that I’m reviewing a vast number of other coaching programs – not just the Wealthy Affiliate. 

Each of the blog posts are not to pitch those coaching programs, either. 

This way, future entrepreneurial-hearted folks that want to start a business online but aren’t sure where to turn can get all the information their heart desires in one place. 

For those that might be reading this that are also successful already and have some spare change to kick, this can still be a great asset for you –

I may have done well for myself online, but I’m smart enough to know that it’s more about how much you retain from your profits and any edge you can acquire in expanding your portfolio of income streams can be a smart move. 

So, to save everyone some time, confusion, and potential heartache from making a poor investment that can only be realized down the road, I’ve gone ahead and invested in this – and other programs like – Wealthy Affiliate and am delivering my experience from it here for all to read and enjoy. 

What are you going to get in this blog?

Keep in mind that I have a unique perspective when it comes to evaluating businesses because I’m already on the other side and not struggling to turn a profit in order to try and make ends meet for my household. 

I don’t have a wife and kids that could go hungry if I make the wrong investment – my electricity isn’t going to get turned off – and I’m not going to suffer through a long winter of a cold apartment if I choose to invest my money in a for-profit coaching program with the hope of a quick return on investment (ROI). 

I was there once, and only a few short years ago, too. 

I still decided to invest in a coaching program with a proven system despite:

  • a dead-end 9 to 5 that…
  • only hooked me up with $35k in annual income, yet…
  • worked me to the bone, and…
  • didn’t care that I was in a low-rent apartment, with…
  • a landlord that wouldn’t turn on the heat, in…
  • zero-degree weather in the downtown Detroit, Michigan region, for…
  • 4 of the 6 months of winter. 

I didn’t want to be there for the rest of my days and knew there had to be a better way to enjoy life. 

So I did something about it and learned the high-income skill of local lead generation, got started and was able to leverage the wisdom of the lead gen business model to tell my boss to take a hike within a year of launching my internet-based business venture. 

Now, is gaining traction and having requests from all across North America for assistance by business owners that are catching on with the trend that customers really can be acquired through leveraging free organic traffic from search results online. 

I choose to wake up early every day, not because of an alarm that tells me I have to be at work “or else,” but because I get to do what I love – like review companies and business venture options for your benefit. 

What’s the joy in hearing about Wealthy Affiliate from someone like me (who you don’t even know)?

Long before the lead gen business online found me and helped me get started in local marketing, I was always hungry to find a way to generate profits online.

Not just any sort of profits though –

I wanted a way to generate commissions for marketing other peoples on a massive scale; an entrepreneurial approach all its own, that would leverage the internet to reach tons of people and literally pour cash into a bank account of my choosing both regularly and often. 

That’s really what I wanted; I was young and unclear about how the internet industry worked, but I knew that I wanted more than what I had.

Now that I could afford to take the time to explore and review a program like Wealthy Affiliate, I indulged in more than just this. 

Several programs are on the market today that attempt to claim that they are the elite coaches and mentoring programs about affiliate marketing. 

In addition, 2 people that I’ve met along the way have made tons of revenue from marketing other people’s products through the internet – and I thought they knew what they were talking about, so I hired each of them. 

I’m proof that mentorship works from the lead gen coaching program that guided me to a fantastic, monthly 5-figure income, so I believe in buying the time and attention of someone who has accomplished what I am seeking to achieve as well. 

Perhaps $10k for a 6-to-12 month connection directly to these busy individuals and the opportunity to mastermind with them 1-on-1 for around half a year to an entire year (whatever time they wanted, and were willing, to spare to help me figure out the affiliate marketing thing here). 

The results were a few successful months of profits, producing affiliate commissions numbering in the $30,000.00 range.

So yes, affiliate marketing is possible and a very real business model online in which to turn sales from (or with). 

I can testify that I am confident in knowing the insider strategies, primary steps (from A to Z), and the 2019 requirements of how to…

  • Beat out the competition
  • Rise above the noise
  • Achieve more attention than the next person
  • Collect sales through the internet

…all with affiliate products that I’m associated with. 

Guess what?  It’s not all rainbows and sunshine! 

Seriously; it’s not as easy as I had anticipated from the very beginning. 

Bottom line: 

In an effort to train people who come into the affiliate marketing space on how to generate sales online with other people’s products, the Wealthy Affiliate program was founded. 

I’ll share with you…

  • What is affiliate marketing
  • Things you can get if you join the Wealthy Affiliate training program
  • Whether the sacrifices made for the sake of starting a business in this way is worth your investment(s) of cash, resources, time, etc. 
  • Pros and Cons regarding the actual coaching course, Wealthy Affiliate
  • My opinion and whether joining WA is in your best interests

You’ll get the full story in this blog – so read on! 

Affiliate Marketing – The Real Story

When you get a referring link that you can share with others to learn more about a product and/or simply click to make a purchase, directly from the owner of the product, you stand to turn a profit based on what the web traffic or individual visitor decides to do – especially if that action is to buy what is offered.

That’s the simple art of Affiliate Marketing; you promote someone else’s product and rake in cash when people that see the offer find enough value in what is going on to make a purchase through your link – because that’s really the only way that affiliate offers have to track and give credit to someone like you and me. 

Remember – these offers are giving referral links out in mass quantities; as far as the owner of the product is concerned, most times, you’re just another number to them in the affiliate world where people could care less about the product they’re pedaling and just want to make a commission. 

That’s not to say that you would or wouldn’t have personally used the product that you’re trying to promote; if you have a burning testimony and success story of having used a product and find such tremendous value that you feel a passionate need to share the story with others, then go ahead. 

If anything, it could help improve your marketing strategies because now you’ve personally connected with the owner’s product and can help others to do the same – even vicariously through your story – to see what’s possible and help the prospective customer to buy the product too. 

Since we’re in the affiliate world, however, maybe they could make that buying decision while visiting the website through your referral link so you can get a sliver of the action that’s happening in the transaction?

How Does Affiliate Marketing Actually Work?

Someone (like you or I) finds out about the opportunity to turn a profit from marketing other people’s products, seeks out the owner of the product and asks to promote it for a chunk of change in return. 

At this point, it’s not exactly affiliate marketing but asking to become a marketing associate for someone else. 

The way to establish yourself as an affiliate marketer is to…

  • Get your own, unique referral link for the product so people can buy from you
  • Get the referral link (and offer for the product) in front of enough people so that buying decisions can be made and you can – hopefully – turn a profit online

What are Affiliate Marketers actually promoting? 

The typical items that someone in this industry would try and push in front of an ideal, potentially buying audience are things that the audience could relate to or find value in.  Things like:

  • Physical products
  • Informational products
  • Example: reading material on a very specific topic of interest
  • Another Example: content that someone can use right away to achieve a goal, such as weight loss

If you’re looking to get started in this industry and actually want to find a product that you can start promoting right away, there’s an entire resource that automates the process so you can get a referral link without having to wait for the owner of the product to get back to you when you attempt to reach out. 

Call it a digital form of a warehouse, I guess; it’s called ClickBank and can be found at

You could be up and running with your referral link after registering for ClickBank in moments, provided you know exactly what you’re looking for and are able to navigate the site quickly. 

For me, it took a few moments and patience to grow educated about what all the product metrics and fancy numbers meant, but you’ll get the hang of it – just stick with it. 

You can find any combination of products to promote and you don’t even necessarily have to limit yourself to one product’s referral link; promote as many or as few as you’d like. 

So how does this work? 

  1. Get your referral link
  2. People visit your referral link and make a purchase
  3. You rake in a portion of the sale
  4. Amount of Revenue Generated: Amazon products = 5 to 7 percent in commissions and within Clickbank the opportunity to profit varies drastically from product to product and the various offers that they may have available

Don’t want to wait to find out? 

Interested in doing more research to find these numbers and the possibilities that could come from marketing other products and turning a commission from it? 

When you reach ClickBank’s website, go ahead and visit the Affiliate Marketplace (it’s easy to find, it’s right at the top)

Then you can start exploring through one of two ways. 

  1. Browse the various categories by clicking on the red boxes (with white letters and words) on the left-hand side of the page; it’ll look like an interactive menu that you can click on
  2. Use the “Find Products” search box at the top

Things that are common in the affiliate marketing space to pedal: 

  • Yoga
  • Spiritually (purposed products)
  • Games
  • Weight Loss
  • Yoga
  • Cooking
  • Oh yes, there are tons more to choose from!

The whole reason for listing these was just to further illustrate that you can find an affiliate program for just about any industry you can think of; most likely, someone has made a product on the topic and suited it for an ideal audience – and if you have the attention of such an audience, then you can pitch the product to them and hope they choose to buy from ya. 

Stuck finding something on ClickBank?

Can’t find an offer that you’re happy with or that works for you on Amazon?

A simple Google search could help…

Just type in a product type and follow it up with the words affiliate program.

For example:

“Indoor Grill” + “Affiliate Program”

Maybe your search query will surprise you with what turns up.

The Positive Aspects of Affiliate Marketing

Things aren’t all bad and scary about employing tactics with the internet to make a buck (or several). 

  • No Hassle: Forget about needing to deal with customers after they’ve placed an order through your referral link; the company has that covered.  All they ask is that you continue to promote their offer and they’ll continue to give you a cut of the sales that you bring in.  Some might claim that hassles still exist in this industry, but there are some things you just don’t have to worry about – and that’s kind of special in its own way.
  • Automated Compensation and Receiving Credit for Sales You’ve Generated: Technology is awesome these days.  How so?  With your referral link, everything is tracked for you through the company.  They use cookies to ensure that they’re very aware of who bought from your link. 
  • Big Pay Day Potential: Know how to bring tons of targeted, ideal, prospective customers through the internet to an affiliate link you’ve got?  Worry less about fulfilling orders – just keep getting more and more people to see what you have to share and you can get more opportunities to college more commissions – plain and simple.
  • Tons of Offers and Opportunities: If you have an interest, there’s bound to be something around that you can market which captivates not only you, but the product you find may also be of interest to the people that you’re normally around and could find value in your offer as well. 

The Adverse Affiliate Marketing Aspects

Remember what I said earlier?  Rainbows and sunshine aren’t everywhere, and things can get bad and scary when it comes to trying to pedal an affiliate link around the world wide web. 

Side note: For anyone who is confused about why I just said it’s not all bad and scary, then followed that statement up in the next section of this blog post with things can get bad and scary – please understand that there are simply pros and cons to everything.  Think of this in terms of a good, better, best blog post, instead of whether this is good or whether this is bad. 

  • Enormous Competition

Without web traffic visitors seeing your offer, you don’t get paid. 

This is where most affiliate marketers struggle – no doubt about it. 

Every affiliate marketer wants the same thing; targeted buyers. 

That means everyone who markets a product in this manner might also aim for the same attention that you’re trying to harness through the world wide web as well. 

It makes sense that this type of marketing can be epic and appealing for anyone looking to launch a side hustle from home. 

I mean, there’s hardly any investment to be in a position to profit — no inventory to buy, no postage concerns or a brick and mortar location to rent out, and tons of other great aspects about the low barrier in which to enter the field and get started. 

Even signing up for your affiliate referral link and acquiring an offer that you can now be financially tied to is usually (if not, almost always) free to get. 

However, your choice to be here now means that you have one of the hardest tasks in marketing staring you down; you need people to see what you’ve got. 

Tons of competitors in the affiliate marketing industry will most likely be thinking about the same traffic generating tactics and make the attempt to do either what you’re thinking of doing or what you have yet to think about in getting your offer in front of potential buyers. 

Without paid traffic options, your alternative will be to find high buyer-intent search terms on search engines that people might use to buy a product like what you’re trying to promote. 

Then, it’s just a matter of establishing a web presence and getting your web property superglued to the top of Google search results. 

This is the preferred method taught in Wealthy Affiliate – however, you have your referral link and review website competing with the globe (filled with other affiliates) for the same free organic web traffic and potential buyers from Google search results…

The competition is brutal; no 2 ways about saying that. 

To make matters more interesting, there are only 10 organic ranking spots on the first page of Google, and the majority of buyers usually stay at the top of the page. 

If you want more sales, you’ll simply have to get your tail to the top of the marketplace for each of those search terms. 

  • Potentially low volume of buyers, or low pricing which could mean low commission rates

The simple truth is that some offers compensate at a higher percentage, and some affiliate programs bring a better return because the pricing is higher. 

In contrast, the higher the price of a product, the lower volume there might be of potential buyers. 

For example, not many people are going to buy a Ferrari because of the high price tag. 

However, chocolate candy at the grocery store could very well be seriously considered by a larger volume of potential buyers simply because the pricing is significantly lower. 

To dial this down a bit, there are simple reasons that you aren’t making money in an affiliate program and often times it has nothing to do with you –

  • Market conditions may not be right
  • The offer might not be enticing enough
  • Price variation
  • Follow-on upsells could be an irritant and inspire a refund instead of an additional purchase

If you’re looking for a great offer to leverage, keep these things in mind:

  • Look at what’s popular in the industry. and organic search results are both listing what people are most likely buying in the marketplace at the very top of their results if you take a moment to explore this. 
  • Figure out what your competition may be promoting
  • Assess the numbers that are posted in the ClickBank offer, like price point for buyers, your commission, whether it’s a monthly membership or a one-time purchase, etc.
  • Whether there are high volumes of customers who stick with the program and/or make repeat purchases through the same company or the same referral link

Typically, you can find an ideal offer that you can feel confident promoting in an industry that you are comfortable with. 

  • When Affiliate Marketing Receives Too Much Hype

Affiliate marketing is not immune to prospective coaches or mentors pushing a sale on you to join their course with flashy signals, buyer psychology, juicy carrot-dangling (where they show you what they think you want out of a business venture in the background – like fancy and expensive cars, or a large home – then insinuate that you can have all of that if you just pay them a lot of money ever-so-suddenly) or other tactics.

The hard sell it real, and just because the computer is put between you and the salesperson doesn’t necessarily make the selling process any less easy to endure with they try to put the pressure on. 

They attempt to pitch you with powerful, moving, emotionally captivating testimonials and other forms of success stories where only one or two people actually generated massive results in affiliate marketing. 

Maybe they’ve introduced an uncommon story of someone landing almost 6 figures in commissions within their first 30 days of getting started with Wealth Affiliate (I’m not saying someone has pitched this exact story, but this was made up to illustrate a point). 

What I don’t like is how these types of stories are used to try and build the façade in your mind that this could be a get-rich-quick business opportunity and the myth that one exists might actually be true. 

I’m here to say that these type of over-hype videos marketing efforts are simply frustrating to me. 

They just don’t tell the full story of the struggles and learning curves that some individual had to go through. 

For those notional overnight success stories, what we don’t know is whether someone was an affiliate marketer and landed success already and long-term before joining another coaching program where they could turn a profit instantly because they only needed to make one or two adjustments to what they were already doing to “try the coaching program.” 

I appreciate coaching and mentoring programs that resonate with buyers in catering to the honest side of the business model; there will be challenges and growing pains, but it will be worth the effort when you’re on the other side of the hump and enjoying passive income like I am. 

The difference is that I’ve earned my stripes to enjoy my reward – and it wasn’t an overnight success story either. 

If someone brand new to a program really had these kinds of results, it had to have come from spending money on a paid advertising strategy (like Facebook Ads, for example). 

Various factors influencing a marketing campaign can facilitate your efforts taking root and just outperforming anything that anyone in the industry might have ever seen in the past.

I get it; you don’t get money if you don’t play the game and compete. 

However, Facebook isn’t exactly a fan of promoting affiliate offers in general, so you’re welcome to give the Facebook Ad the old college try but don’t be surprised if you find your…

  • Facebook Ad account gets banned without notice
  • Burn through your audience quickly and not land a sale
  • The ad keeps spending your advertising dollars but still doesn’t get seen (for any reason, or no good explanation at all)

How do I know these things? 

I’ve done it and experienced them first-hand. 

It can be awesome to finally land a massive pay day online. 

The next question is, can you repeat those massive paydays routinely, with consistently, and keep the high income consistently high?

I’ve been playing the game for a while – and I’ve invested in some of the best mentoring around, and I can testify that I really don’t believe there are ways to keep this kind of paid traffic approach sustainable.

  • You’re building someone else’s brand – not your own

As an affiliate, you’re hooking someone up with their product and brand awareness.

In other words, you’re taking all the risk of marketing their product for them while they exclusively compensate you only for results. 

That compensation, by the way, may not always leave you in the green; you could be in debt just trying to get to making a sale and never have that volume of sales actually cover what you’ve invested in your project to acquire them in the first place. 

Let’s add some salt to that would while we’re here; you get zero shares in the business that you’ve just helped to push into the marketplace. 

So, if the brand becomes a household name and people start buying the product through actively seeking it out – they may not see your referral link, and the company isn’t going to send you a commission check for all the hard work you did in getting them known in the first place. 

  • Dishonest Marketing

Have you tried the product that you’re looking to promote? 

Chances are that most affiliate marketers haven’t even handled the product, let alone tried it or could speak confidently to how effective it really is in solving the problem in the marketplace that it was designed for. 

Still, these self-proclaimed mentors or coaches think that they can push any product into the marketplace, turn a profit, and consistently teach others how to do the same. 

The truth is that this is hard work. 

Downright sweat equity and expensive marketing strategies are involved in affiliate marketing.  

That’s the truth! 

Not many people are going to tell you that when they’re trying to convince you to purchase their coaching and mentoring program for a whopping several thousand dollars because they are trying to imply that they have the valuable golden nuggets of wisdom that you can leverage to turn a profit online. 

I hate to break it to you, but…

In local lead generation, I use similar strategies of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to turn a profit in less competitive industries, and I get paid high commissions for very little work. 

After having invested in Wealthy Affiliate, I know what they’re teaching, and I know that it’s not going to work when it comes to trying to ask a brand new person – who has invested several thousand dollars in a coaching program (if it is that much – it’s been so long since I had bought in that I really don’t remember the price) – to continue to spend more to get their own business started.

I can appreciate that people are putting value on information – and it’s a long-standing principle that people pay a lot of money to collect valuable information. 

If that information doesn’t get you to where you want to go, however, then how valuable was it really? 

In all fairness, there are people that decide to buy into mentoring programs and learn the ropes all day, but they simply don’t take any action in order to realize the potential of the return on investment (ROI). 

I’m not one of those people – remember, I hired 2 super affiliates with a lot of money out of my personal pockets just to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing. 

Trust me; I’ve given this a try! 

The Cost of Getting Started with Wealthy Affiliate

Convinced that Wealthy Affiliate is the coaching program for you?

Okay, let’s go and have a look at what it’ll take to get started as a brand new student in 2019.

So far, I notice only 2 options available for a newbie to enter into:

  1. Free Membership Level: it’s here that you’re able to get some basic training in establishing an affiliate type of website then some fundamental principles on pushing web traffic to it.  Additionally, you can rake in 15 percent of Wealthy Affiliate commissions when you promote the mentoring course and help others to decide to get started with the program as well.  In addition, the Wealthy Affiliate program will see what they can do to hook you up with 2 WordPress website themes so you can build your first two affiliate sites right away. 
  2. Premium Membership Level: Your price tags that you have to meet start with $49 for monthly access, or you can pay up to a year in advance for $359.  This enables your account to have access to all of the Wealthy Affiliate training course content.  Your Wealthy Affiliate commission percentage (when a new person comes on-board) also elevates from 15% to 50%. 

If you’re looking at considering the free membership level, then I guess you can gain some insight on what all is involved in the affiliate marketing industry – however, my personal and professional opinions on a newbie becoming a success story with only the free membership’s training modules is highly doubtful. 

If you’re seriously wanting to jump in feet-first on the Wealthy Affiliate coaching course, and if you’re serious about attempting to land some sales online with their training modules, they’ll most likely incentivize you to get started with the $359 Premium Annual Membership. 

Fun Fact: It’s a marketing tactic to tell you that you can save so many dollars when you buy something at a discount rate.  The truth is that you didn’t save x amount of dollars for purchasing a membership like this at a certain level; you still paid some money out of pocket. 

The psychology behind telling someone that, if they act now then they can save x dollars, goes back to the comfortable notion that society has been telling us where if we save our money then we’ll be rich. 

The key to wealth is not to save your way to a million dollars; you need to establish and expand a method (or multiple methods) of income that can help you get to where you want to be in a reasonable amount of time. 

In other words, you can’t save your way to wealth and enjoy the lifestyle that comes with it before retirement age; if you want it earlier than that, your wealth should come from the idea of expansion – expanding your opportunities for income generating streams – and that has to start today!

Ways to Generate Revenue in Wealthy Affiliate

The fun part – we get to talk about money and profit generation. 

I personally see 2 ways to get that cash flow happening in Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. Follow the training, build your affiliate websites online, and hope to compete well enough to bring traffic from the marketplace to your offer that are ideal buyers, ready to pay you for whatever it is you’re trying to push toward them. 
  2. As a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, promote the mentoring course and rake in 50% of the membership fee if someone decides to get started (just like you did – if you join, that is).

I guess the irony of the situation is that you can be brand new in the program, never having used it before, and still promote the program as if you were successful with it so you can turn a hefty profit. 

Here’s my thoughts on that…

Time to Complain About Wealthy Affiliate

Let’s say you were in charge of Wealthy Affiliate, or your own coaching and mentoring program. 

You’re hoping to charge lots and lots of people a hefty fee so they can learn what you know. 

Especially if that knowledge includes training these potentially new digital marketing and home-based entrepreneurs – people that have never invested in a business or tried anything like this before – but want to trust what you have to say and get started to see a return on their investment (ROI) as soon as possible. 

If you want to have the best reputation around and be the #1 option for your industry – in this case, it’s affiliate marketing – who would you rather have singing praises from the rooftops about your program? 

  1. Either the most experienced, seasoned success stories around, or…
  2. The newbie who really just bought the course and hasn’t seen an ounce of training, nor implemented the program to build their own belief about whether the training works or not

Who really thought it was a great idea to bring people into something like this, then invite everyone – from the top down – to promote Wealthy Affiliate…

What does that really accomplish?

I’ll tell ya what I think it means…

I think it means that people with…

  • Zero belief in what you’re offering
  • Have no experience whatsoever in the industry you’re attempting to train people in
  • And they’re basically lying to the marketplace because they have no basis by which to testify that this business model is the best or most intelligent fit for their audience –

It clearly wasn’t a good fit for them if they’re not doing anything with the product; it’s done them a disservice if they’re now lying about your company to the masses simply so they can get some cash. 

Can we find someone with some street cred? 

Seriously, c’mon, brah! 

By this point, you’ll be lucky if your program isn’t overhyped by people who have no proof to show their audience about the claims they’re making with what they’re pitching. 

Would you rather have people flock to you because they know you can help them revolutionize their livelihood by teaching them a new skill that essentially teaches them to fish so they can eat for the rest of their life? 

Having anyone come in and start pitching the mentorship appears to be more of a network marketing style of multi-level marketing (MLM).

Let them publicly claim that Wealthy Affiliate is otherwise. 

I see right through it. 

When I get on a blog like this and promote something involving local lead generation – also referred to as local marketing – I’m sure to remind my audience that I have used this training to personally build a multiple 6 figures in my own side hustle. 

In fact, I’ve got multiple employees working for my digital marketing agency as I’m typing this. 

Who am I to this coaching group to get the privilege to be one of less than a handful of personally selected representatives by the founding mentor (his name is Dan – he’s a nice guy) to promote this program in this privileged way? 

I’ll tell ya. 

  • I’m one of the original, founding members that got started when this coaching program opened up a short few years ago.
  • I’m a successful student and proven that this stuff works – it took me over 4 years to get where I am today, but nearly a year to walk away from my 9 to 5 after starting this coaching course.  
  • A full-time entrepreneur now, I rake in about $50k every month on AutoPilot using only the methods taught in this program.
  • Yes, I use this blog to pitch the coaching program sometimes, but if I never wrote blogs like this again and got a chunk of change from the people that I introduce to the mentorship, I would still be just fine with the rest of my life – I will continue to feed small businesses referrals and get a sliver for what I’m delivering for as long as they’re in business, as long as I keep giving them customers, and as long as the internet is around so that my lead gen sites can stay rubber cemented to the top of Google search results! 

I hate to say it, but in my research on this program – long before buying into the coaching course so I could learn about it, try it, and review it here for you – I’ve actually found numerous review sites that were of a scuzzy and super-low quality; they all said this was the best thing to invest in. 

Why is it so difficult to find negative press and adverse opinions about the Wealthy Affiliate then? 

People have now started using phrases like wealthy affiliate negative reviews in their marketing strategies to get more attention and try and turn prospective buyers into fellow course members. 

In other words, they’re trying to make money off of a very biased, profit-driven perspective with their program review content. 

What’s different here is that most credible sources of online coaching and mentoring programs really don’t allow each and every student that comes in to pitch their program for as much as 50 percent of the sale price. 

First and foremost, however, why can’t the program just be spoken of as the best affiliate training on the planet – with tons of success stories to prove that it’s as awesome as such claims make it out to be? 

I sincerely question the tactic of asking students that are brand new to pitch the program to friends, families, neighbors, and now (thanks to the internet) strangers as well. 

Where is the integrity, man?

Take a look at this from a contrast standpoint. 

Here’s how I’m viewing this…

  1. You offer to train people to promote information products, physical products or other forms of affiliate offers – that aren’t your own – for a measly 5 percent to 25 percent in commission, regardless of the costs associated with the effort required to get sales happening.  Then…
  2. Your new students are also offered a much higher level of commission – as much as 50 PERCENT – to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Which is the better deal to try and go out to promote? 

Would anyone seriously go through the training at that point and try for smaller profits when they can have the opportunity to land big scores all day long with some casual efforts in digital marketing as they promote Wealthy Affiliate in a brand-awareness fashion in 2019? 

I find some ethical dissonance internally when it comes to a situation like this – especially for those that haven’t had experience in the affiliate marketing arena. 

It’s not what I do, it’s not why I’m in business, and I’m not looking to build an empire in a method like that, ya feel me? 

Is the Investment Worth the Training in Wealthy Affiliate?

I’m not going to lie to you – this is a very subjective thing to be asking. 

I know, I asked it; but it’s a question that tends to always arise when someone is researching a high-cost training program. 

Aren’t the real questions when considering a program like this going to be more direct? 

Here’s what I was wondering when I got started in local lead generation for small business:

  1. How much?
  2. How fast?
  3. Can I do this?
  4. Will you help me?

Let’s see how Wealthy Affiliate measures up from a brief overview of what you’re getting as a new student that goes premium in their membership. 

Your Certification Courses are as follows:

  • Level 1 – Getting Started: Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • Level 2 – Building Your Own Website to Produce Buyer Traffic
  • Level 3 – Rake-In That Money: Your First Certification in Entrepreneurship Online
  • Level 4 – Figuring Out How Social Engagement Can Work for You: Your Second Entrepreneurship Certification Online
  • Level 5 – Maximizing Your Success with Content Creation Strategies: How Content Can Lead to More Business

Let’s take a deeper look at the various levels of training and what kind of lessons are provided in each of them…

Level 1 – Getting Started in Wealthy Affiliate

  • First Lesson: Get Rolling!
  • Second Lesson: How Money is Made Online
  • Third Lesson: Selecting Your Industry That You Can Feel Confident to be Doing Business In
  • Fourth Lesson: Establishing Your Own Website for Your Affiliate Offer
  • Fifth Lesson: Getting Your Website Set Up
  • Sixth Lesson: Prepping Your Website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Seventh Lesson: Keywords that Drive Content Ideas
  • Eighth Lesson: Understanding Website Pages and Building the Rest of Your Site
  • Ninth Lesson: Fabricating Awesome Content for Your Website that Can Work
  • Tenth Lesson: Congrats!  You’ve Done It!  Here Are Your Next Steps

Level 2 – Traffic Production: How to Build

  • First Lesson: Your Branding, Including Your Web Domain Name and Web Address
  • Second Lesson: Building a Theme for Your Website’s Content
  • Third Lesson: Identifying an Email Account that Caters with Your Web Domain Name
  • Fourth Lesson: Breaking Down What’s Up with Web Traffic
  • Fifth Lesson: Visual Content – How to Use It Effectively
  • Sixth Lesson: WordPress Editor Tutorial – and How to Get Good at Using It Wisely
  • Seventh Lesson: Finding Low Hanging Fruit – and Tapping into that Low Hanging Fruit for Maximum Profits
  • Eighth Lesson: Establishing Your Brand Online, Earning, Keeping, and Saving Face
  • Ninth Lesson: Using Google to Help Your Google Search Results (and Profits)
  • Tenth Lesson: Rank Boosting with Wealthy Affiliate

Level 3 – Money Making Strategies: Your First Certification with Digital Entrepreneurship Online

  • First Lesson: Making Sense of Online Business and How Money Works in the Industry
  • Second Lesson: Affiliate Networks and Affiliate Program Comprehension
  • Third Lesson: How to Find a Relevant Affiliate Marketing Opportunity Anywhere
  • Fourth Lesson: Connecting Your Website Pages to Your Free Affiliate Links
  • Fifth Lesson: Not Sure Which Product is for You?  Select from a MILLION Affiliate Promotable Programs with This Lesson!
  • Sixth Lesson: Acquiring – and Using – Product Reviews to Your Advantage
  • Seventh Lesson: Another Revenue Stream Just for You: Placing Ads on your Website – and Getting Paid for Them
  • Eighth Lesson: Which is better in the affiliate marketing world: Profiting from Pennies or Looking Exclusively at Dollars
  • Ninth Lesson: The Ways We Track and Understand the Metrics of Our Marketing – Figure Out What’s Working, What You’re Doing Well, and What You Should Improve
  • Tenth Lesson: Financial Success Doesn’t Mean Going Alone in Business – When to ask for help, and what kind of help is appropriate to ask for (and how to get the help you’re asking for)

Who Started Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate was an entrepreneurial endeavor opened by two gentlemen that were having success in Affiliate Marketing strategies back in 2005: Mr. Carson Lim and Mr. Kyle Loudon.

Considering the Value of Wealthy Affiliate

It’s rather cool that these gentlemen are keeping up with the training that they’re inviting members to constantly remain active within.  They add new things regularly, make themselves available for their members, and provide other things in the premium platform of their coaching program

In all fairness, the content they provide seems to be outdated for the 2019 marketplace of digital advertising and search engine rankings. 

Here’s the overview of Affiliate Marketing, very plainly stated:

  1. Pick an Industry that you like
  2. Find obscure, uncommon, low-hanging fruit of what you want to go after to make a profit with
  3. Make your presence known online with awesome content on a website that talks about those “low-hanging fruit” search terms that might have low competition but are definitely being used by ideal customers and can bring you a few sales from the free traffic that it’s generating in search results

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it over and over if I need to…

You can be successful in affiliate marketing if and only if you have the uncanny ability to bring targeted buyers in swarms of web traffic to your affiliate website, where they’ll find your offer.

Ready for the major issue associated with this business model?

Back in 2012…

  • the competition was low-balled so much that you could post anything anywhere on the world wide web. 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts weren’t flooding the marketplace like they are today and beating out non-competitive, not as trustworthy web properties for the targeted traffic and buyers in 2019

These are the reasons why I chose the #1 online business pick to be bringing referrals in for local businesses by ranking your own website in local service provider industries and in local markets of reasonably-sized cities. 

Everyone in this industry – at one point or another – started. 

When I got my start – and even to this day – it’s still ridiculously simple for a beginner…

And I don’t mean a seasoned pro that’s now trying a new coaching program (but this could work for them, too)…

The beginner in internet marketing can come into the lead generation coaching program, outperform the local plumbers in Troy, OH, and see a profit come shortly thereafter – as opposed to trying to beat the global heavy hitters for affiliate offers on the Google search engine. 

Don’t get it twisted here; the principles are the same no matter where you try to place a website or get it climbing the search results…

You can still do this and you can rank any website anywhere online with enough time, love, and resources. 

That’s a fact! 

What’s also a fact is that in order to compete in the marketplace in the way that the Wealthy Affiliate training program has advised, with the strategies that they’re introducing to newbies, the digital marketing landscape of the 2019 industry is pretty much requiring you to be a Mike Tyson of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)…

I hate to say it, but that requires more training beyond what Wealthy Affiliate is giving you for that annual price that they pretend is going to save you some dough. 

That, my friend, is NOT biased opinion when I’ve ranked websites online for over several years now and thoroughly comprehend the nature of the competition in search results. 

I’ve lived it, and I’ve competed against the people who don’t play small-ball when it comes to this game. 

I’ve won against some of them, too. 

I have over 45 local service providers that are clients of mine who rely on my knowing how to not only get their website climbing to the top of Google search results but to place it strategically so it gets their phone ringing with more service and customer requests so they can make a profit. 

The discussion here is coming from me; someone who has walked what is being talked about and gets how the Google search results work these days. 

If you’re still convinced that you want to go after the Wealthy Affiliate program, then I’ll happily share with you what all it’s going to take in order for you to win at the game that they’re introducing to you when you seek their advice for starting a business online. 

I’ve been through their program, I know what they’re offering, and I also know what they’re either not telling you or not giving you. 

If you want to start up against the major league affiliate marketers on search results, you’ll need something called a network of blogs. 

What they are composed of encompasses powerful, industry-relevant blogs that are hosted independently and under their own domain names which carry tons of authority, credibility, and trust, and all of that power can then be passed over to the affiliate site you’re trying to rank…

And it’s not very cheap to build your own. 

Once you have those, however, you can send backlinks to your referral link site and help it to begin climbing the ranks of Google search so that you can be found by the people who are actively seeking to buy something related to your offer – and they might even pick yours if you’re the first result; chances are good. 

How do I know this? 

These are the tricks of the trade which I use to push my websites up the search results for local clients, and it’s exactly what I’ve used for my affiliate offer websites, too. 

The people I network with on a regular basis are at the top of their game in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and even at a high-level, this is what they leverage to be the best at what they do. 

If you want an easier time ranking in Google search results, you’ll have a much more affordable and enjoyable experience trying your hand (and winning fairly quickly) in the local search terms and industries than globally for affiliate websites that you’ll spend tons of time building. 

FYI, among the top factors required to be the #1 search result in Google, they require – in fact, expect – you to have authoritative, high-quality, reputable, relevant backlinks pointing to what you want to rank from actual, real, authentic websites online. 

That means you can’t just throw a website up and point a backlink from it; it has to have some juice that can be squeezed out of it or won’t do any good for what you’re trying to do. 

What won’t work in this day and age includes…

  • Backlinks of low-quality
  • Forum acquisition
  • Commenting on blogs (like this one – sorry, SEO guy reading this!)
  • Signals coming from social media posts or comments
  • Poor content quality on a website

So how does one actually get to the top of Google search results? 

It’s not really that difficult, but the investment of effort and resources is often what deters most away from trying at all. 

When you get a powerful, credible website on the world wide web sending a link over to your web property, what happens is Google recognizes that as – very simply – a vote. 

The website with the most votes wins the search results game. 

If only it were that simple now; the rules have changed slightly here…

You have to get a certain kind of backlink, in large quantities, over a gradual amount of time, consistently, from topically relevant and high-quality websites in order for you to improve your Google ranking result. 

Adding to that, you’ll also need what I like to refer to as “quality content.” 

Content, for a website, is nothing more than words on a page that talk about a specific topic. 

Typically, anyone building a website is going to have a topic to it and keep everything focused on that topic in the website – if they know what it takes to rank in Google and they’re good at what they do. 

This quality content also has to be added, passively, over time, while being kept in the range of high-quality…

And each of these factors, combined, helps a website to rank over time. 

In the old school days and methodologies of ranking websites on Google, quality content written for the website was sufficient. 

The website with the most content, pre-2012, was considered a heavy hitter and authority in the marketplace. 

That ancient, prior to 2012 SEO strategy is not going to fly in this day and age, darlin!’ 

It’s 2019 – times have changed and we’re getting more and more digitally calibrated – shifting from the analog era – rapidly! 

In order to get on-board with your ranking game, you’ll need both the high-quality content (which isn’t always easy to write for most people) and the network of powerful backlinks to get you to a position of profitability in the affiliate marketing game. 

It’s been said that a person can further assess the nature of someone’s net worth based on their network. 

It may be a stretch for SEO purposes – at least initially – but that backlinking network we’ve been talking about is of such high-value that it can position your web properties to help you turn a profit online. 

All of this can be done from a laptop in the affiliate marketing world – but it’s a lot of work, and takes an enormous amount of time, energy, and funds out of your pocket just to get in a position to do something like this. 

If you’re a beginner, there’s no question that you will struggle in the affiliate marketing game. 

The competition is seriously abundant! 

If you haven’t read the rest of this blog yet, then let me save you the trouble and acknowledge that I’ve essentially tried (and reviewed) just about all the coaching, mentoring, online business opportunities that are available on the market. 

Let me see if I can rearrange this into a better perspective. 

When the Wealthy Affiliate program casually urges you to find what they like to refer to as low hanging fruit in the marketplace, then they know darn well that it’s not possible for a newbie to step into this game and go after what is a medium-sized search term – because the competition is overwhelming, even if you were to start there. 

The Wealthy Affiliate training approach to posting what you want to in the affiliate marketing competitive arena of digital marketing dates back to 2012 and earlier, further facilitating students back then to generate approximately $50 dollars on the low and as high as $100.00 for newbies that built and aimed websites topically at these niches that were deemed to be some low hanging fruit options. 

That’s just not an option in the 2019 market. 

There are reasons why the fruit is so low-hanging and easily identifiable in their training program. 

When the search volume for that keyword is beyond obnoxiously low in the search engine results – and tools that assess this online also prove it (depending on what you’re using, since not all tools are reliable to find this type of information), then mentors of the Wealthy Affiliate know what’s going on here. 

They’re attempting to steer you in the space of tackling what no one else has a desire to do.  There might still be some search volume and you might still be able to achieve some resemblance of “success,” but for the work that you’re going to put in, it’s not going to pay out to the level or volume that you or I would have hoped it to deliver for you. 

It’s as if you really are fighting for the table scraps from those who’ve actually been playing this game for a lot longer. 

Further, you also have the competition coming from the other students of the Wealthy Affiliate program – who just might be going after the same things you are. 

This can be especially true if the coaches pointed you to something and said give this a try. 

People hired experts to listen to what they had to say; and if they so go after this, then popular notions suggest that you’d be a fool not to listen to the people that you’ve paid to train you… right?

The point is that those low-hanging fruit industries are so low that no one in their right mind in the affiliate game would go through the trouble of trying to compete for those search terms and put the low-profit-margin affiliate products on the world wide web with so much work involved just to get a laughable couple of bucks (if that) in return. 

It would actually cost more to keep the website up than what profits you would be receiving for your efforts. 

When you work more and earn less, would you refer to that as a profitable skill? 

Have you considered looking elsewhere for a better, more profitable, or dare I say – a high-income skill instead? 

Imagine having the skill that brings you more money from less work –

I can attest to such a thing actually existing, by the way, in the local lead generation business model. 

Since the 2016 Google Panda option for updating the search algorithm online, meaning redefining who gets regarded as the top option in their marketplace, low power, low authority websites can no longer send a backlink to a website to help improve its ranking position. 

Pre-2016, the person with the most backlinks and high-quality content won the game – it was lights out on the competition. 

We now live in an era where authority breeds trust; and Google appreciates the authority figures in the digital world telling others who they think are credible – in the form of backlinks, of course. 

They’re only about the authoritative resemblance in websites online – much like the blog you’re reading. 

Let’s keep things in perspective, though.

If you want an easier gig – you don’t have to make a website like mine here.

This blog is not for the local marketing focus – and you don’t have to write a thorough review regarding something in order to turn a profit with our coaching program. 

With the volume of wannabe’s and hungry entrepreneurial-minded, committed individuals searching for an opportunity to bring in the cash quickly online, that emotion can often-times cloud the ability to discern – in a logical fashion – what the best fit in a business model on the internet might be for them. 

This mistake occurs more often than we might be willing to believe, unfortunately. 

As a result, there are tons of our friends, family, and neighbors who decide to try a business venture online and end up spitting back at the training company they had invested in and blaming others for their lack of success.

When you’re in business, everything is your fault and it’s important to take responsibility for your actions and where you’ve found yourself – not just financially, but everywhere and in every case. 

As such, people who “try” a business venture out and it doesn’t work for them, then they end up spitting back the company and blaming the training program or the platform instead of owning up to their mistake…

Maybe that whole scenario could have been avoided if the future and hopeful entrepreneur reading blogs similar to this actually landed on THIS informational platform and got the full story on an option that really could deliver results. 

Nothing can be guaranteed for results online, but good things come to those who put the work in.

The work begins long before paying a mentor to be a part of their coaching program and have that mentor in their corner. 

It begins with making the decision to have something better.

Then that choice continues with action put into researching where the best place to get information which can help that person turn a profit online could be. 

For me, I’d rather not make the tiny commissions that come from being an affiliate online. 

My indulging in the local lead generation for local businesses is because…

  • Local businesses have a marketing budget – which is a budget I can tap into
  • Higher-priced services mean higher commissions and profit margins for me
  • If I can bring service providers like that even a smidgen more of market share, I can do very well for myself financially while also helping their business to grow

What kind of local businesses and service providers am I referring to? 

Think about the expensive things in your marketplace that people roll their eyes at when thinking about how much it will cost to ask for their specialized help around the house, for their health, or for a unique problem that might have rapidly sprung upon them…

  • Roofers
  • Dentists
  • General Home Remodeling and Contractors
  • Masonry Specialists
  • Personal Injury or Divorce Attorneys
  • Plastic Surgeons

The list could go on and on with all the people in various cities, across multiple industries, that need help with local marketing of their business. 

When the jobs that are asked of those service providers can rake in a direct revenue (either before, or including, upsells) of $1,000s or even tens of thousands – a few can reward the business with upwards of $100,000.00 or more…

Do you think you would enjoy taking a sliver of that kind of action? 

Would those kinds of profits make more sense to compete with 10 to 20 local businesses online than to challenge an enormous amount of competitors globally for – hopefully – a couple hundred dollars a month in affiliate commissions?

Additional Resources within the Wealthy Affiliate Members Area

When you get started with the Wealthy Affiliate program, getting signed up, registered with the website, obtain your login credentials, and are prepared to take some good notes from the training you’ve just chosen to invest in…

Here are a few other gems and features you get as a member and affiliate:

  • Templates for your website; an enormous amount, actually – upwards of 3,000 (give or take)
  • Access to Siterubix (which is a website builder, intended to help you get started faster)
  • Hosting for upwards of 25 websites (something that could get expensive if you were to purchase each platform for each website separately)
  • Have the leadership and members critique your affiliate website and provide pointers for improvement (if necessary)
  • Website health assessment; remember, we live in the digital era – you need to make sure things are safe and in proper working order both regularly and often
  • Website commenting – they are under the impression that an audience interacting with your web content can deliver better credit and results in the search engine rankings
  • Wealthy Affiliate claims to offer easy access and/or discounts to domain name registrars who are advertised to students to be cheaper than one of the most affordable companies – (this is not a true claim – I’ve researched this extensively)
  • A software (intended to compete with Cloudflare) can increase your WordPress website speed with something as simple as a plugin (if you’re not clear on what a plugin for a website is, it’s not hard to research it with one of your free, unlimited Google searches; it’s a WordPress website thing) 

Nearly each and every one of these mentioned features can be easily accessed through web hosting at a famous place like GoDaddy, NameCheap, or any one of several other companies that also deliver meaningful, reliable hosting for websites. 

Each of those other brands of hosting also provide equal – and in some cases, better – website hosting security and outstanding support should any technical issues arise. 

Unfortunately, the confusion can come when Wealthy Affiliate attempts to make things seem exclusive to their premium members when all they’ve really done is rename some of the very simple things that you can access at other hosting platforms for the same or – in some cases – a cheaper price.

My guess is that the founders of Wealthy Affiliate get a cut from anything that you buy that they advertise in the member’s area. 

I’m under the impression that such is another way to monetize their following. 

As for their critique and feedback on the website, as this is an advertised point for support with the Wealthy Affiliate coaching program, it appears to be limited to what the founders “believe” matters in 2019 with helping a website to rank on the world wide web:

  • Engagement of Content through Social Media
  • Page and website loading speed(s)
  • The quality, and intrigue, behind your written content (remember, words on a page) on your site

Since the game has pretty much completely changed from what these gentlemen “believe” they are doing to meaningfully serve their premium members at Wealthy Affiliate, I can attest that following this advice in 2019 will cause you to waste copious amounts of time and fail to see any improvement in your website’s rankings on Google. 

As a result, you may not be a fan of the program if you actually follow what they’re training and don’t see a return on your investment (ROI). 

Some people tend to claim that you just haven’t given the project enough time; well, if they offer a return and/or refund policy with their program, perhaps the encouragement to give your project enough time could be just to allow a notion like that to lapse. 

I haven’t read their fine print and I don’t know if they do (or don’t) offer such a thing, but with the way I’ve seen things orchestrated in Wealthy Affiliate, I don’t wanna ask and I wouldn’t put the recommendation past these guys. 

Conclusion and My Opinion on Wealthy Affiliate

The content, strategies, and ideas proposed in Wealthy Affiliate are outdated – and I think the whole idea of affiliate marketing is past its prime. 

Even when the search terms have low volume and incredibly low search competition, we just don’t live in the days where you can toss a website together with some menial content and expect profits to roll in. 

Let’s evaluate the industry to the gap of time from when Wealthy Affiliate had actually started their movement and impact in the world…

They started in 2005 with a company launch.

They garnered more competition by 2012 as the internet grew and more “experts” flocked toward making money on the internet – thereby, attempting to tackle affiliate promotions to position themselves for tons of money with free traffic on search. 

As the years progressed, affiliate marketing became more complex as the volume of people that flocked to it grew exponentially, the expertise of the people in the marketplace expanded, and the changes to Google algorithm (via Google updates, like Panda) mandated more careful strategies to make money. 

Today, the name of the game is to be the person that collects enough relevant, high-quality, industry-specific backlinks – then you can be considered for ranking in the top spot and turn a profit online with your affiliate offering website that you’ve spent so much time carefully crafting. 

It would be a challenge for me to believe that I could find a Wealthy Affiliate member, even a new one, this year, making a reasonable income when they’re not a founding member of the coaching and mentoring team but actually a student. 

Let’s also address why tons of people online are found advertising good things and singing praises to the Wealthy Affiliate coaching program and the business opportunity that they present to the marketplace. 

Earlier, we had mentioned that 50 percent in affiliate commissions are given to the people who join Wealthy Affiliate; and even if they’re brand new, they are able to be an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate (funny how that works) and rake in for helping various people to become premium members of the program –

Their commission percentage to promote Wealthy Affiliate is much higher than the affiliate industry average for other people’s products; and with such a handsome profit margin, why would anyone want to explore the training and try their hand at affiliate products marketing other than the coaching program anyway?

This began to foster an online climate where non-successful, premium members of Wealthy Affiliate – who have no business bragging about the program and have never seen it work for themselves – advocating that it is powerful and can work for you “too.” 

If you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, it’s easy to spot the phonies that pitch things like this. 

If you’re promoting Wealthy Affiliate, then my guess you’re probably among the select few who actually turn a profit from being associated with this training –

I really don’t see the training helping any students to market products in an effective way with free organic search results if they can’t even train on how to properly get a website moving up the ranks of Google search in simple directions of what the marketplace currently requires. 

Let’s dig a little further for clarity and exactness.

I’ve explored a handful of Wealthy Affiliate student sites which promote the coaching and mentoring platform for their coveted 50 percent profits (when someone buys through their referral link). 

I’ve noticed that there are approximately 8,100 Google searches for the phrase “Wealthy Affiliate Review”, on average, in a monthly cycle. 

You get to see review sites like in the top search results, or – both of which are Wealthy Affiliate students promoting the program to turn a commission from the advertising of the course: would you say these are really their “top” premium members? 

They might be, but the thought makes reason stare. 

Let’s consider using a tool to assess this further.

There’s a company called Moz that is polite enough to make available an authority checker tool for any domain that you would like to assess. 

With this resource – the domain authority checker from Moz – you can figure out just how “authoritative” this website really is. 

Take a look for yourself what I had found. hasn’t impressed me with an authority rating on the domain of only 18 (out of 100). 

Let’s compare this to one of my other coach, mentor, and product review websites called  It has a value of 30 for the Domain Authority. 

With a DA of only 23 for, I’m seriously not impressed with the power that these so-called top students have been able to capture for their website. 

With a little elbow grease, intelligent SEO practices, and a little bit of a time investment, each of those websites can be beaten by an authoritative website like my blog. 

I have one of my lead gen sites in Grand Rapids, MI that matches what these guys are doing with a domain authority of only 23 as well.  (If you’re following along with your own Moz authority checker tool access, you can check it out for yourself at 

FYI, this tree care website generates for me an extra $2,000.00 every single month. 

Let’s assess the search results of the first page when we Google the phrase “Wealthy Affiliate Reviews.” 

A quick overview helps to find out that these are weak sauce and extremely low competition to beat out. 

If I really wanted to make a review site and outperform each of these assets, I very well could. 

Let’s go into actual search terms that an affiliate marketer might use to promote a product. 

For starters, let’s explore: “best indoor heaters”

This is where the game begins to heat up as the Domain Authority for each of these websites skyrockets to 40 and 80 – some might even go higher. 

Is it beginning to make sense why local lead generation and ranking websites in the local markets first are a more intelligent newbie approach in online entrepreneurship? 

To get something up to that kind of power, you’ll need some highly influential authority. 

In the search engine game, that kind of authority is only going to come from the powerful backlinks of powerful websites. 

Let’s peek at the number of referring domains (which is another term for backlinks) that carries:

With this alone, we can easily assess how little — if anything – of search engine optimization (SEO) could be taught in the Wealthy Affiliate program. 

I tell ya what, this could be a fluke, so let’s explore the quality of some of the backlinks coming to that website.

Let’s give this a fair shake, okay!? 

Remember, tons of backlinks that are of low-quality will do more to hinder your website from getting to where you want it to go. 

Let’s see what we find together here. 

Have a look for yourself (see below):

Have you ever heard of Tony Omary? 

I haven’t. 

What I have heard of is that blog comments and other low-quality backlinks won’t do much to help your website get to where it needs to go – which, in a perfect world of affiliate marketing, that’s to the top of Google search for the search term you’re trying to rank for so you can get more buyers and more money from the company you’re marketing on behalf of for the measly commissions you are requesting…

What you see above are what, in the industry, we identify as no-follow backlinks. 

When you have a no-follow backlink, you get zero authority passed over to your website. 

That means the backlink might as well have never occurred. 

It’s a waste of time in some cases. 

I’m willing to go so far as to say that the 30 do-follow links – which are what actually give him some credit to rank up the search engines – are keeping this web property at the top of the search results; that, and, this amount of quality, good backlinks are more than I’ve seen on most of the Wealthy Affiliate review websites that I’ve come across. 

They might not be the most powerful or the most high-quality of referring domains, but I can attest to the fact that whoever owns this website has worked sufficiently to do more than the competition and be found at the top of page 1 (for now). 

A brief analysis around each of these Wealthy Affiliate review sites gives me a lot of answers about what skills they’ve acquired through the coaching program’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training – and what they haven’t received. 

Here’s a not-so-cheap shot to those that have bought into the Wealthy Affiliate – but it’s honesty and someone has to say it –

The nature of these backlinks prove to me that most premium members that have ever been exclusively trained through Wealthy Affiliate mentoring just might never generate a dime of profit online or in the affiliate marketing industry. 

When I know what I’m doing and it takes me a long time to work my magic just to turn a couple hundred dollars a month in profit when competing on search results with an affiliate product review website, there’s no doubt that these students are at a disadvantage as their affiliate search terms will be extremely difficult for them to compete in and hopefully be found at the top for Wealthy Affiliate program-relevant keywords. 

Hey, you can’t change facts. 

The Good Things Wealthy Affiliate Contributes

If you’re reading this and you had already joined Wealthy Affiliate long before ever coming across this review, it is my hope that your time within their mentoring has allowed you to open your eyes to the vast array of business opportunities online, and what options you have to generate a side income through the internet. 

To be able to think like an entrepreneur isn’t always something that can be acquired through sheer training – but there are, no doubt, exceptions. 

While we discuss there being plenty of opportunities to make money from home with the use of the internet, let’s get real about what actually makes money…

Skills that you have and use to solve problems. 

There’s no 2 ways about this…

If you don’t have the skills to pay the bills, then you don’t have a business model because you can’t make a sale when you have nothing to offer someone. 

It took me several tries to get this right. 

What do I mean?

I mean that I had invested – and wasted – tons of…

  • time,
  • resources, and
  • money…

…trying to find a good internet-based business opportunity that I could work at in my spare time which also had a mentor who could show me a legit-ass skill to make some money online. 

By the way, thanks to those who’ve been reading this blog already – you know this very well already…

That high-level skill I’ve developed is called Local Marketing – and I use free organic web traffic from search results to make my magic income happen. 

There’s really no magic to it, but to the business owners that I help, it’s amazing to them because they get to stay busy with all the business I flood their phone lines with. 

I have to give props to the Wealthy Affiliate for at least pointing their premium students into this direction –

They know that free traffic is what it’s all about. 

Even in the affiliate marketing realm, I’d still recommend that beginners tap into free traffic generating options to try and find buyers instead of paying for your web traffic through platforms like Facebook Ads. 

How come? 

When it comes to free web traffic, it’s organically found and carries high buyer-intent. 

In other words, there’s very little chance that an everyday citizen like you are I would be searching into Google a keyword similar to what our product is showing up for if they didn’t want to make a purchase. 

That means you don’t have to try and buy your buyers through paid traffic strategies.

That also means you don’t have to pay ad spend – which can dip into your already marginalized profits should anyone from the traffic that you purchase actually make a decision to buy the product you’re affiliated with. 

It’s through this method that you also know that you can begin putting more web properties out on the world wide web that generate similar buyer intent web traffic to your website, thereby allowing you to

  • expand your empire
  • generate more income without having a second job
  • move your future towards one of freedom from financial woes and time constraints

You can start making money on AutoPilot, every month, with the more websites that you…

  • Build on the fly
  • Superglue to the first position on Google search results for search terms buyers are looking for
  • Send to small businesses and reap the rewards

Think about the things that you can do and the life that you could have if you worked hard to fabricate multiple streams of income for yourself in this manner online…

Could you retire early? 

Would your bills be taken care off with the passive income you’ve got flowing your way online?

I walked away from my 9 to 5 by the age of 25, all because of the local lead generation sites that I posted up online over the course of my first year in business. 

Thanks to no longer having to spend my day slaving over a desk job that paid me a whopping $35,000 a year…

I can evaluate other business ventures and coaching programs online and keep you better informed about what’s on the market these days. 

I can indulge in multiple streams of income…

I can travel if I want…

And I can enjoy exploring more about what is in the online entrepreneurial world through a blog like the one you’re reading right now. 

This website –

This Authority website – is credible because it is now being found in multiple first position search results on Google for various key terms. 

This take a lot of work, tons of resources, and you really have to have something to talk about. 

I’m not saying new entrepreneurs don’t have important thoughts to share with the world. 

However, I am willing to say that doing what I’m doing requires more of your time and money to make happen. 

It’s just not something that I’d recommend for someone to start online and make their first $10,000 per month in passive income with. 

By all means, you can do this. 

I didn’t know anything about search engine optimization (SEO) or how to move a web property in Google until a short few years prior when I stumbled upon this local lead generation coaching program only a short few years ago. 

Thanks are in order for their helping me to get…

  • my big start
  • awesome testimonial
  • control of my life
  • real freedom

I can do what I want with my time and money now that all of my bills are paid for and I’m comfortable with where I’m at…

The passive income of $50,000 on a monthly basis doesn’t hurt, either. 

 When you’re new to the internet and just making your first decisions on where to invest and get started making a quick few dollars online, you’ll want some training to guide you on how to not only make the cash upfront…

You want something that you can make a sustainable, long-term cash flow out of while also getting that upfront money. 

Why Local Lead Generation Can Position You for Massive Profits in 2019

When you’re looking for a business opportunity online, especially if you’re browsing for one while the laptop is on your lap in the living room of a cold, low-rent apartment in the dead of winter in Detroit –

At zero below and you’re wishing you were warm, fed, comfortable, and rich…

It’s really hard to separate that emotional sting of wanting something better away from your ability to assess a business opportunity. 

I can tell you all of the successful things that I’ve achieved with local lead generation for small businesses

Until you’re ready to learn more about the tactics and techniques of what can deliver you incredible results as it has for me and tons of others in our coaching program, no amount of mentorship or recommendations can help you get out of your slump – you’ve gotta take some initiative and do that on your own.

When you’re ready to make a change, though, that’s what we’re here for. 

Dan – the founder of our lead generation mentoring course – worked the local lead generation industry on his own for several years before he even considered putting together a coaching program.

What else is cool is that he’s still working this business model while coaching and actively putting into place more cash flow assets for himself. 

That’s exactly what this business model is about. 

Take a look at my limo lead gen site that produces enough results for a business owner to pay me a recurring, passive income of $750 every single month –

I haven’t touched that site for more than 4 years (at the time of this blog post being written) and it continues to pay me year after year…


It’s producing results for the business owner that is taking more of the market share from his competition with it. 

I’m making them money – they’re making me money – and all I have to do is keep my lead gen site at the top of the marketplace, just like this…

I’m not the only success story, but I’m happy to share my story with anyone who wants to know about it. 

Local lead generation has been good to me, so naturally, I’ll brag to others about the course and how good it could be for them if they’re actively willing to take action on the lessons taught within.

However, I have…

  • engaged in tons of coaching programs
  • bought into a lot of mentoring courses
  • tried several different business models which others have claimed would work (and a lot of them, well, yeah)

I’ve done this for your betterment – so I can speak from experience when reviewing programs that you might be considering looking into and/or investing with. 

When it comes to local lead generation, here’s what else you’ll get if you stick with the process…

  • A mentor who gives a darn about your success
  • A team of people in a private Facebook group is rather active and interested in getting your questions answered so there are no hang-ups between your getting started and receiving your first paying client
  • Top of the line training
  • Current updates about how the market changes and shifts, and how that might influence your business model (Hint: Google likes to shake things up, but we’ve been doing the same things through several years of updates, and our plan is solid with what Google likes)
  • Recurring coaching sessions
  • Assets and options to outsource your work if you ever want to step away from the daily operation of your business model and be more of a manager of sorts

By the way, I never had the option to outsource when I first got started; it’s easier today for you to get a check in your hands with this business model now than it was when I got started in 2014. 

While you always have the option of…

  • Hiring virtual assistants (on places like UpWork or Fiverr)
  • Establish your business, getting an EIN and hiring employees (which can come with a lot of headache and overhead that I personally am not a fan of but it keeps the costs of doing business rather low)
  • Outsourcing the work to a third-party agency that handles a lot of what we do in the coaching program anyway

You can also keep it in the coaching program group if you’d like. 

Who better to handle the work that you either don’t have the time to do, or simply don’t want to do, that you don’t have to train because they already know what it takes to have a successful business like what you’re building.

Mind you, all of that is completely optional and there are no hard-selling pressures in the coaching program. 

We want to keep things welcoming and duplicable so you can have the highest chances for success in your online entrepreneurial endeavors.

When the marketplace is more ready for you to profit several years after the coaching program was launched, that’s when you know you’re in a good place! 

I like the lead generation business overall because…

  • You can expand your business any time you want by throwing up more lead gen sites
  • There’s close to no competition, so you can tap into any industry in any city and get to work on building your fortune for your future
  • If you’re hungry to find an opportunity that will let you quit your job, or at least be more comfortable while you work at the job that you enjoy, both can be a great privilege to have, and you can make either of them possible with this business model
  • Big Profit Margins: no more answering to companies you affiliate with who expect you to take all the risk and pay you a laughable, tiny profit any time you make a sale for them (without reimbursement for any expenses you’ve incurred to land that sale for them, by the way)
  • Acquire your next client in your city, in a city near you, or reach out and acquire a local service provider in a city across the world – make your business officially operate internationally, if you’d like
  • Pick your own hours and places to work: no dress code requirements, no grooming standards; you get to make the rules because it’s your business
  • Secure your future and financial freedom with the reassurance that you have a skill that can make you more money any time you please
  • Use the same business model as Lyft or Airbnb: send leads, get paid, repeat!

This has to be done right, ethically, effectively, and efficiently for it to work in the way that I remember I wanted it to less than a handful of years ago. 

We’re here to present a coaching program that can get you to where you want to go – which could be the very reasons you were motivated to scroll all the way through this article and get to here.

The small or quick wins of profitable income, upfront, in this business can keep you positive and excited to keep grinding on this process…

Which can keep your passion and fire alive with this business model all the way to the land of success which you are looking to reach! 

The marketplace holds a massive opportunity for someone in this business model. 

Unlike affiliate marketing, you can dominate your marketplace with ranking local lead generation websites. 

Click Here to see about our coaching program so you can get started building your own lead generation business as I have. 

Click thru so we can talk already! 

Affiliate Marketing Champ by ODi – Unbiased Review

When I was indulging in the whacky and unusual world of affiliate marketing, I stumbled across some videos from ODi on his YouTube Channel, popularly known around the water cooler as “ODi Productions”. 

Modeling himself and his brand after some of the best which came from the top coaches in selling courses and making digital products available for entrepreneurs to find the best version of themselves in their endeavors, his diligence in delivering high-quality content through his channel is rivaled by none.

Why did I choose to invest in Affiliate Marketing Champ by ODi Productions and explore what is available through this mentoring program? 

Less than a handful of years ago, I was just getting started with my local lead generation business.  I was working a 9 to 5 at the time so I didn’t have the means to try anything else. 

All I did was throw together a lead gen site, paste it to the top of Google, and let the rankings do the heavy lifting for me as I profit more than I ever have before with affiliate marketing.

Take a look that the little work I did and how generating calls for limo and party bus in Lansing, MI returns back to me a whopping $750 monthly in passive income; that’s the power of lead gen for local business.

Slowly, however, the side hustle turned into annual revenue that greatly surpassed what I was collecting on my full-time gig; so, I chose to walk away and spend my days exploring all that the fascinating world of digital entrepreneurship has to offer. 

In fact, that’s kind of how this blog came about in the first place. 

Fast forward to a not too long ago, I’m raking in 6 figures several times over in annual, and passive, income, and I’ve decided that it’s time to begin diversifying my income streams. 

That’s when I specifically began exploring the opportunity of connecting with products or services that others owned and trying my hand at marketing them on the world wide web for others to buy. 

That’s the simple industry of affiliate marketing.  Nothing to it, right? 

Yeah, that’s what I thought. 

I knew from investing in a coaching program previously – the same one that helped me to get started with what is now a wildly successful lead gen business online – that success can be modeled after someone else who also has displayed success with their approach to a way to work online. 

I mean, to reinvent the wheel when someone like ODi seems credible and has his stuff together in affiliate marketing; they could know what they’re talking about so there’s no need to start something new if there’s a way to accelerate your success by following another successful person did.

ODi might have a couple of tricks up his sleeve that I haven’t heard of yet…

Things that could turn into a strange, yet excellently profitable new revenue stream for my bottom line. 

In addition, the previous courses I had invested in, which attempted to teach me the best marketing strategies in selling affiliate offers, I chose to give Affiliate Marketing Champ a shot. 

It was time to go big or go home, and I wasn’t going home so it was all about going big here. 

This isn’t my first time writing reviews on products and coaching programs.  I’ve given something like this a good, fair shake for a number of tries. 

For those of you that haven’t launched your first business venture, thank you for checking things out here; you’re in for a real treat. 

Since I became a successful entrepreneur long before exploring affiliate marketing, I guess you could say that I have a unique perspective on what it takes to make money online; I could afford to invest in this program and not have to worry about it not turning out well. 

Profits would still be coming in on a monthly basis – especially to the tune of $50k, passively (thank you, lead gen business model) – so even if this risk didn’t pan out, then no harm and no foul. 

Food would still be on my table and in the fridge so I really have nothing to worry about except giving this affiliate coaching program a try. 

Today, I’m happy to report you what all I’ve found in my experiment with this – whether it’s something that I would recommend newbies or seasoned entrepreneurs have a go at. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for my considerations regarding the other online business opportunities in comparison to the affiliate business model. 

The landscape has changed over the years, and new challenges face affiliate marketers in 2019; I hope to touch on that here as well. 

Lastly, we get to consider what being a successful affiliate marketer looks like, and what it takes today to earn a title like that, and whether it can compete with the local lead generation business in 2019.

Affiliate Marketing Champ Overview: What You Get Upon Joining

Think you know everything there is to know about affiliate marketing? 

When I got started, I thought I did. 

Guess what? 

I was dead wrong! 

There are tons of aspects to this business model – so much that I’m not sure if I’ll ever comprehend this industry entirely. 

Check how what all you have to do (and this is from an extremely high, bird’s-eye view):

  1. Select an Industry that You Intend to Market Within.  If you can look forward to reading about it, writing articles about it, and don’t mind thinking about it often, then that might be a good industry to start with. 
  2. Get a web domain.  For those not familiar with computer talk, that’s the website address, like 
  3. Set up website hosting.  This is where you would actually have your domain set-up at.  You can build it here, design it however you’d like, and then the address (like would be what people would type in the address bar of a web browser in order to visit the location of your website (meaning, where it’s hosted). 
  4. Install a type of website builder on your hosting platform; the most popular type that I’ve seen, and used, is called WordPress – you may have heard of it.  Once that step is done, and it doesn’t take long to actually do, then it’s time to actually go to work building it out.  To get an idea of what a sample product might look like, take a quick browse around this blog.  It’s a whole website designed from a WordPress that was installed within the platform of a hosting company.  It costs a few bucks, generally speaking, but it could be worth the effort. 
  5. Register as an affiliate for a product’s program or a network that hosts multiple offers you can get connected with and begin promoting.  FYI, ODI is very accomplished in having worked with a vast number of associates. 
  6. If you’re not that strong of a writer, you could get some Dragon software (at least, I think that’s what it’s called) where your voice can be recognized by your software and it will actually type what it is you’re speaking into the microphone.  If you don’t want to put some of your own content on your website, or you’re not a fan of drafting and proofreading your own work, I’d like to recommend something called outsourcing.  This is where you can either ask someone to write the content for your website on your behalf (for a price), or an affiliate offer might have some information that they expect all affiliates to have and you can simply copy and paste what they’ve provided for you.  It could be as little as a few emblems or pictures, or it could be as vast as words, phrases, paragraphs describing the product that you want to promote and you could fill entire pages on a website with it.  The choice is yours – there are pros and cons to each option. 
  7. Engage in effective SEO (search engine optimization) strategies.  At this point, you’re starting to fine-tune your work and get it ready to compete for positions in search engines.  Why is this important?  If you get free buyers from search traffic, often times they are high intent buyers because they’re searching for what you are offering, then you could get a lot of sales from the work you’re doing right now.  It could be worth its weight in gold someday.  There are places to learn about Search Engine Optimization best practices for a WordPress website.  My top recommendation would be to start by installing a plugin called Yoast SEO.  It’s a great way to at least get you off on the right foot.  (Hint: once it’s installed, please remember to turn it on; plugins aren’t helpful if they aren’t flipped to the on position.)
  8. Promoting Your Affiliate Offer Through Social Media.  This is where you engage buyer traffic quickly by spending your own money to get attention for your offer.  There are pros and cons to this step as well.  However, the important thing to remember is that no attention means no sales.  The loudest person in the marketplace that gets the most attention might just have the most sales.  Although, the internet is a finicky place, so choose wisely how you wish to proceed.

Yeah, that’s about it.  Just 8 aspects to affiliate marketing. 

Does it sound overwhelming? 

Does it sound like a piece of cake?

In evaluating what ODi teaches in his training program…

  1. Building affiliate marketing websites in this nature, especially with ranking in Google search engines, you may be able to generate as much as a few hundred dollars in commissions to upwards of nearly 2 grand in profits… and if you do this right, that could be entirely from free traffic acquired from being found at the top of search results. 
  2. With the way the marketplace is right now, you’d be lucky to get that top position of ranking your website within the approximate time of 1 year.  2019 has brought a lot of changes, some of which are now making it increasingly difficult to compete with people who’ve been giving search engine optimization love to their website for years now. 

If you’re looking to escalate your website to new heights – we’re talking upwards of $10,000 in profitable revenue, it’d be best to consider finding a coaching program elsewhere that gives you the high-level skills in search engine optimization… it’s safe to assume that you’re gonna need them in order to achieve a farfetched goal like this. 

There’s just something you know about being able to see through the glossy shine, smoke and mirrors, dog and pony show charades that pitch artists and hype people might give if there isn’t much substance to what they have to train with. 

There could be some merit to the content inside of Affiliate Marketing Champ coaching program.  

For now, all I see are marketing and promotional materials for his mentoring course that reflect the idea of being rich and successful through material possessions, shiny and flashy cars, and other awe-striking content packed into his YouTube videos. 

This guy, however, goes above and beyond what most are willing to do; he exercises skills that competitors in the affiliate coaching game either don’t have or aren’t willing to make the effort to achieve when it comes to pitching his program. 

On that note, I’d have to give this guy props and say well done for putting up a good show to inspire others to buy into what you’re attempting to deliver. 

With consistent YouTube video generation and posting habits, ODi has been known for being the type that is…

  • Entertaining
  • Informative
  • Charismatic

…and he’s fully aware of how to tap into the psychological triggers required to sell a dream that you have for your future self in real life. 

He doesn’t stop there, though. 

His videos are packed with nice cars, epic homes, and he crafts all of his content with the effort to influence buying decisions within viewers; oh yes, the value is delivered in high quantities on YouTube to build his affiliate coaching program. 

How well is the YouTube Channel, ODi Productions, really doing these days?

From initial inspection, some videos are achieving views upwards of 1 million when they’ve been published and viewable for under 6 months. 

Can ODi attempt to turn this high volume of traffic into profits? 


  • Pitch the affiliate mentoring and coaching platform that he’s built
  • Collect emails so he can market products that can turn profits for ODi specifically – although, it helps if what he’s marketing is directly correlated to the industry and audience he’s targeting
  • Depending on how much YouTube values his channel, he could very well be receiving compensation for the volume of views and the ads that are seen when people visit his videos under the Free YouTube Platform. 

(FYI – for those that don’t know, YouTube is attempting to market their commercial-free, premium YouTube program; I haven’t personally looked into it but a way to get rid of the commercials you’re seeing is to consider investing some cash into that.)

There’s a common saying in the field of entrepreneurship, and that is that you get to consider the nature of your sizeable income based almost entirely on the level of value which you choose to deliver to your marketplace. 

When you’re able to generate massive volumes of web traffic (like this guy), since he knows how to generate content that drives people to respond, that’s also a high-level skill that can pay someone well. 

What you happen to see in this program, however, involves slapping up some cheap content from a $5 gig for your review of a product – that you’re hoping will turn you tens of thousands in profits. 

That’s not exactly the way to go with this. 

How do I know? 

I’ve tried it! 

I’ve followed the training as it was designed and attempted to acquire the results that I was told I should be able to reasonably anticipate. 

Less than a handful succeeded and the majority of these types of marketing efforts ended up failing miserably. 

Even the ones that were managing to rank high enough to acquire search traffic (meaning, getting close to the coveted ideal of getting free buyers to come through my web page to take action) still didn’t deliver the type of return on investment (ROI) that I was hoping for – especially considering how much work I had invested in this type of a project. 

I’m sorry to say – I just might not be the only one with this kind of experience after investing in Affiliate Marketing Champ. 

Sniper websites were the name of the game back in 2016, where less than appealing quality websites could abundantly target one keyword search phrase in an ugly manner and still achieve ideal results; Google’s update with something called the Panda algorithm put a stop to that rather quickly.  

Now, your posted review site is expected to develop trust and carry authority in its reputation – or it doesn’t get seen. 

Knowing all of this – and having experienced a lot of it in very recent months – the tactics and training provided in this coaching program either aren’t up-to-date or simply won’t work well for a newbie (sorry, Charlie). 

If you’re proficient in search engine optimization (SEO) to an unusually high degree, and know how to borderline instantly acquire gobs of targeted traffic due to consistent high value that your following appreciates through YouTube videos or blog posts, then you might have a shot at capturing the attention of your viewers long enough to pitch a product you affiliate with. 

This volume of traffic, along with the trust of your web page, just might be enough to get you to the top of the search results – but then you still have to work at this for a lengthy period of time. 

And time in search engine optimization (SEO) is something you simply cannot fake. 

If you’re new to the game or unclear about how challenging or what kind of a fight you might be in for attempting affiliate marketing in 2019, the investment in this course will probably only give you a rude awakening to your business endeavor – I would hope you get to turn a profit, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. 

My Personal Take on Affiliate Marketing

At this point in the game, and with this approach (meaning, not through paid advertising strategies), your ability to succeed in this game is all about your ability to rank web pages quickly and in great abundance for the appropriate keywords. 

Especially for affiliate marketing purposes, ranking on the top of any page 1 search result is brutal in Google. 

If we were to rewind back to the era of 2012, strange terms for product names attached to the word “review” could have been all that was required to get in front of some buyer traffic, provided you had the capacity to write a well-versed review article on the product in question. 

Fast forward to today, the 2019 rigmarole mandates tons of votes back to your web page (what I call “backlinks”) just to reach the bottom of page 1 (which only has 10 organic search results anyway). 

From there, you can anticipate another year’s worth of labor just to compete for the ideal volume of traffic for any search term’s results.  

In my #1 top pick for online business models to start in 2019, I chose local lead generation due to the extremely low volume of competition and the opportunity to superglue a lead gen site to the top of search results in very little time, and with low costs and effort required. 

You’re still capitalizing on the free traffic available from the high-intent, buyer-rich traffic that some from those ideal search terms you’re capitalizing on, while the local markets allow you to have an advantage with as few as 10 to 20 companies competing for the internet audience’s attention – and the vast majority of those businesses really don’t have a clue of what it takes to acquire all of those clients online. 

That’s not to make fun of the entrepreneurs that are slaving away for 80 hours in a week, trying to find the key to make their business flourish; I’m simply identifying that there’s an opportunity for you to learn a high-income skill like lead generation and step in to profit while helping those small businesses to become better contributors to their community by helping more customers and expanding their bottom line in the process. 

This is in severe contrast to affiliate marketing, where the competition is so steep that you’re virtually competing with people who know what they’re really doing well and comparing your knowledge with that of people who’ve been doing this for years, and from across the globe. 

As a newbie, affiliate marketing and attempting to garner free traffic from Google search results could be more daunting than the potential profits it is worth.

Take the SEO-informative downloadable toolbar for your web browser from a company called Moz, and see if you can figure out what the Domain Authority (DA) numerical value is for that individual website. 

Here’s a hint to evaluate what it means for you: if the value is above the number 25, you might as well stay away from it as a newbie – it’s gonna quite some time, with lots of extra effort, and not to mention your learning curve in order to figure out what you can do to beat that person out of the top spot. 

I can appreciate ODi’s insights on SEO – he seems to know what he’s talking about. 

However, I’ve gotta stick with my conscience and be in full disclosure with you; the algorithm that Google has adapted to meet the changing needs of the market (and their profit goals) for 2019 suggests that Affiliate Marketing Champ could be teaching tactics that simply won’t be effective for you to implement and confidently look forward to turning a profit with these days. 

Face it: using SEO to generate profits with affiliate marketing might as well be an ancient strategy that is far too costly to pursue these days. 

The free traffic for a product is ideally, and ultimately, found at the top of page 1 search results; beat that website out and you might have a shot… that is to say that if the demand for that product (by the time you get into that position) is still hot enough for consumers to still carry enough desire to buy it from your review site. 

Remember the Moz toolbar that we had mentioned only moments ago? 

Feel free to explore with that asset for a bit to see that I’m not pulling your leg. 

You can figure out for yourself rather quickly that product-relevant search terms will most like find a heavy hitter of a powerful, authoritative website duct taped to the top of search results. 

To compete with a monster like that would require something that takes more seasoned, professional knowledge and experience to attempt to compete with. 

That’s not an insult to newbies; we all start somewhere and there’s no reason to say that you can’t get in the ring with Mike Tyson to try and survive 10 rounds to hold your own. 

I’m not interested in battling it out with such an authoritative site when I can find easier, faster, and higher profit-margin wins in local lead generation for small businesses

When affiliate marketing really hits and turns a profit for you, it’s one of the most exciting feelings for a newbie. 

You’ve put in the work to rank a web property to the top of Google search results and you can be confident that the work has paid off. 

To add to that excitement, unlike the Amazon FBA Business model or the dropshipping model of physical products selling in places like a personal Shopify store, you really don’t have to handle any customer service conversations, complaints, or do anything to move the products or provide services to the consumer. 

The consumer makes a purchase, and it’s only a matter of time before your commission is deposited directly to your checking account. 

Long after the 2012 to 2014 year-group – which preceded the Google updates for search results – search terms related to common products in affiliate marketing are just exponentially greater in difficulty and competition now. 

That’s why I’m saying this isn’t a wheelhouse for an entrepreneur that’s just starting out.  The expenses required to get into a fight with someone for that top spot is going to be through the roof…

Even then, you’d still be learning the ropes and practicing your art long before you ever got your web property to the top of Google search results to begin winning profits (which, I’m sorry to say, real buyers don’t always buy overnight the very instant you reach the top of page 1). 

As coaches and mentors in the affiliate products marketing arena started coming out of the woodwork (and I can only imagine that they’ve started becoming coaches because of the increased difficulty of seriously turning a profit in the affiliate marketing skill set now), Google has focused on making it more difficult for web properties to be found for long phrases of keyword search terms. 

Namely, the name of the game back in the day was just to have the most backlinks and you won the top spot.  That’s just not the case anymore! 

Now, you need to connect not only a solid and authoritative backlink to any web property you are trying to help climb the search results of Google, but that website that’s linking back to it must have high relevance to the topic being discussed as well. 

When you attempt to get buyers from free organic traffic in search for digital camera products, what you’re getting referring credit (in the form of backlinks) from really ought to be topically relevant for digital camera products or the industry of digital cameras in subject matter and in nature. 

You could go it the long route and attempt to ask, beg, borrow, and buy those backlinks from people who’ve spent years talking about the topic at-hand – with whatever kind of affiliate product you’re attempting to prove authoritative about on your website you’ve just started up as a new product affiliate…


You could build your own group of high-quality, highly relevant backlinks, much to like what I have done lately, and it’s working awesome for winning over the competition – and the customers – in 2019 digital marketing concepts. 

Want to know more about something like this? 

Check out our local marketing coaching program which goes into greater detail about this kind of advantage that you, too, can have when you get started with your own local lead gen business online. 

Affiliate Marketing or Local Lead Generation: Time to Compare

As a brand new entrepreneur that wants to launch a side hustle, I’m confident you’re getting started for the same reason that I have – at least in the beginning…

You want more money with having a second job. 

I get it; the idea of a side hustle that allows for both passive income, with profitable margins of revenue to make it worth your time and energy, and the ability to work this business in your spare time. 

That’s exactly what I was looking for! 

Of all the business opportunities to work from home that I had found, and of all the programs I have reviewed on this website thus far (yes, the very one you’re reading from right now)…

Local marketing is able to deliver on those very things – and oh so much more. 

When you rank an affiliate website that you’ve started from scratch, it’s a baby; it’s brand new and has zero trust, credit, or authority in the marketplace. 

You’ve gotta start it off slow or it’s not going to turn profits for you in volume or longevity if you’re not careful. 

Moving an affiliate site up the rankings – take it from someone who ranks websites for a living now – will require more than just time; for the affiliate model you’re considering competing in, the costs will simply be thru the roof. 

Let me give you a side-by-side comparison here between an affiliate product and a lead gen site. 

One of my affiliate websites I was able to put at the top and begin competing for attention over an indoor grill cooker netted me a monthly return of nearly $400.00. 

The catch: it took at least a year – and plenty of additional costs – to compete for top rankings, but the free traffic is kind of nice. 

Now, my Grand Rapids, Michigan tree service lead gen site was pasted to the top of Google probably within days or weeks (maybe even less, but I don’t remember because it’s been so long since I’ve touched the thing), requiring a lot less resources and costs to get the website producing results. 

The catch: there really isn’t one, as I’m raking in a passive income of $2,000.00 every single month, all for that little investment of time in the lead gen site. 

If you were to find as many SEO-specific web tools as possible to throw at the indoor grill website and evaluate, you’d find that searches for indoor grills occur much more frequently – and in greater numbers – than searches for help with trees in the large city on the west side of the state here. 

In fact, from what I’ve found, there aren’t any searches according to the standard SEO tools’ metrics. 

Not many SEO agencies either know this or are willing to admit it, but those industry tools are just that; machines with computer-generated assessments.  

Those tools were made by human beings, which also means that they, too, are imperfect. 

Since no SEO tool is perfect, then, we can agree that no search results volume for tree service in a city surrounded by densely wooded suburbs doesn’t necessarily mean that businesses offering tree care are dying. 

I have a call-tracking phone number that counts how many calls come through that lead gen site, and I have empirical data to prove that the SEO tools say “0” for the actual search volume, but if that were the case then I wouldn’t be able to forward sales leads to a tree service company that now pays me a couple grand every month – and has been doing so for years (like clockwork)! 

At the end of the day, just about everyone that happens to be laboring in a local service industry probably doesn’t have the foggiest idea of how to monetize internet/web properties nor how to gain 100% of potential control over lead tracking. 

Inside of the coaching program where we teach how to generate leads for local service providers and small businesses, you’ll get the exact method I’ve used for the last several years to generate a whopping $50k per month while working on this part-time. 

The reason we keep it in our coaching program is due to its valuable knowledge and wisdom; we don’t let just anyone into our coaching program either. 

Further, the strategies we simply aren’t so obvious as getting a referral link to post online when you sign up to be an affiliate with a product and acquire a measly little commission when an ideal customer actually buys through your referral link. 

Most internet marketers simply can’t hang with the hustlers in our coaching program – and that’s okay because we’re only looking for those that have a willingness to do whatever it takes to win in business. 

We don’t want to bring into our coaching program someone that is just a toe dipper. 

You can look at several other coaching programs that I may have (or may not have) reviewed and toss your hard-earned money away elsewhere, or you can invest it and get your tail in gear with the top internet business model around in 2019: local lead generation

Let’s not get things confused here, now…

While I promote this coaching program openly and shamelessly, I do so because I can back up my claims with the lead gen business I have personally built part-time since 2014. 

If you’re concerned about our students having too much competition as we continue to look for hungry people that are sick and tired of their situations and ready to launch their own online business, rest assured that you can work this business model in just about any city and there are multitudes of business industries you can personally choose to work with. 

The possibility of competing with another person from the coaching program for leads exists, but it’s slim, at best. 

After having put my best foot forward to give the affiliate marketing the old college try, I’ve come to a decision:

Local lead generation is – without a doubt – the fastest way to generate an annual 6 figure passive income online. 

If it were up to me, I’d place business opportunities online in 2019 as follows:

  1. Local Lead Generation for Small Businesses using free organic search traffic
  2. Amazon FBA or Shopify (the selling of physical products online through a personal product listing)
  3. Affiliate Marketing

If you’re reading this and you’re considering getting started with your very first business venture from home, you have just seen what my rankings are for quality entrepreneurial endeavors — all provided by someone who has tried them all…

And the only one who has continued to prove itself time and again for passive income from part-time work and high-profit margins is the lead gen business model. 

In fact, I’m still in a number of these programs right now – and seeing a positive return with each of the revenue streams. 

So not only have I dabbled in training programs that teach these principles and business models, but I’m using them actively! 

With my first-person know-how in each business model, I don’t think anyone will be able to convince me otherwise. 

Here’s a brief, visual breakdown of where the majority of my online business profits are generated…

The reason the majority of my income is Lead Generation is that the only thing which provided me with the recurring, stable, and predictable income – along with the time freedom – to explore these training programs, review them, and leave information about them on this blog site so you can be informed.

Of course, I began my online business venture with local lead gen. 

Some might accuse me of being bias, but when I’ve tried and continue to successfully perform other business models, I can attest that lead gen is the most profitable with the least amount of work. 

I know I’m simultaneously promoting a coaching program, but if I liked any of the other programs better then I’d refer you over to those because then they might make more sense. 

However, only a few students that were hand-selected by the founding mentor (his name is Dan – he’s cool, and he’s done lead gen for years before putting together this coaching program) are permitted to promote the coaching program. 

Of the few that have permission to do something like this, I’m also happy to say that I was one of his first students in the mentoring program and have achieved great success to testify of the validity of the program. 


As I’ve ranked the business models discussed in this article earlier, eCommerce is still challenging for a newbie because of all the research and follow-on steps necessary in order to actually get your online listing of a physical product into position for a buyer to actually buy from you –

It’s all preliminary work prior to actually getting some attention to your product and then hoping that the attention you’ve acquired in web traffic equates to targeted buyers seeing your offer and bringing them to a buying decision (or, at the very least, a percentage of them so you can gain the belief that there is an opportunity to make money – and profits – for yourself with the internet). 

If you’re still considering affiliate marketing after the above discussion points, let me remind you that the volume of marketers all trying to promote similar affiliate offers has saturated the industry to the point that the level of competition compares to that of getting enough positive, high-rating reviews to get your product listing to the top of the Amazon marketplace search results. 

By the way, that’s competitive across the globe. 

The same is true for wanting to get a review site ranked to the top of Google search results for an affiliate product that you’ve got your heart set on. 

Although, I would question why you have your heart set on affiliate marketing only because local lead generation can give you higher profit margins, with less work, and probably even help you find your first belief check (meaning your first paycheck) for your own business profits in a lot less time than affiliate marketing probably ever could (at least, without buying paid traffic with every other aspect of your marketing funnel being absolutely perfect and well thought-out). 

Take it from someone who has been in business for a few years and knows what it takes to generate a multiple 6 figures annually from a laptop. 

I’ve done it. 

I’ve started in a similar position to where you are, too. 

I’ve started with a $35,000 salaried 9 to 5 that I had to walk to in the outskirts of downtown Detroit, Michigan all year round – which included the cold-breezing winter’s windy days of zero-degrees and a wind chill factor added to it. 

I’m glad I don’t have to do that again, especially since I was able to walk away from my job after reaching nearly $10k per month in part-time income from this side hustle of local lead generation. 

I’m not the only success story from the coaching program, but I don’t mind sharing if it helps you to better see for yourself the difference between the headaches of affiliate marketing and the challenging, but forever rewarding passive income that you could be making in the lead gen business model. 

If you’re gonna play in the affiliate marketing program, you’ll have to be prepared to play your hardest in that game for the table scraps from the big dogs that have been playing the game long before you’ve ever heard of it. 

If you’re still hung up on getting started, I say do what you want. 

My recommendation would be:

Establish your business and get successful online in another endeavor first, please. 

You can go into eCommerce, or local lead generation for small businesses, you know, the local marketing thing we’ve been discussing here. 

Find your passive income and financial security of at least $10,000 per month so you won’t be struggling anymore…

THEN, when you’re feeling up to it, set your affiliate marketing budget into another account and allow your ability to wait out the time and patience factors as you passively work to rank your affiliate review website to the top of the search engines be padded by the passive income that’s helping you to enjoy life as you try affiliate marketing for yourself. 

Those of you looking for…

  • a quick win and a belief check
  • to start a side hustle that can deliver profits fast
  • a coaching program that has successfully driven into the process that you can trust
  • zero guesswork and just a proven system you can follow
  • a place you can invest low start-up capital to position yourself to have the opportunity to see profitable returns (nothing is guaranteed in business, but you’ll laugh when you realize just how simple this is to expand your business online with so little effort)
  • a business you can start right away

Affiliate marketing doesn’t give you any of those things, and it’s simply going to take way too long to build. 

If I had the resources to passively work my know-how and skills of ranking web properties online, with the assets necessary to put into the process, and it still took me at least a year to see a return on my investment (ROI), then I’d invite you to reconsider the affiliate marketing platform of an online business.  

I’m not saying to forget about it permanently; I’m only recommending that you get a good, solid base of success before delving into something else so that your financial health and future are secure. 

The last thing you’d want to do is wait for another economic bubble to pop (similar to what was experienced in the American economy in 2008), that ended up placing a lot of people in such bad shape that they couldn’t afford to invest in coaching like what we’re offering you now. 

No coaching program on the market (and I’ve experienced darn close to most of the credible ones) that focuses entirely on affiliate marketing is going to yield the very things that our coaching program can deliver on. 

Why I Adore the 2019 Business Model of Local Lead Generation

If you’ve made it this far in the blog – and since you’re reading this, I know you have – then I applaud you for investing the time and due diligence in researching the content in the marketplace that reviews various programs that you could be investing your sweat and blood of working for the man into. 

It’s really your life, and it’s ultimately your decision. 

One of the most freeing things I have had the distinct privilege of experiencing was when the local lead generation business I had built allowed me to wake up one day and decide that my time was better spent not going to a 9 to 5 that always threatened to fire me and take away my measly $35,000 a year income. 

When I could decide how I wanted to spend my day, and that I no longer needed to hold on to this security blanket of what is now chump change for me in a year of cash flow, I could really wake up the next morning and hit the snooze button 10 times just for the satisfaction of being able to. 

No need to get up and get dressed while half asleep and crust in your eyes as you drag your lifeless carcass around the apartment and into the shower that never has cold water in the morning. 

Instead, I can go to sleep and wake up whenever I want. 

The joys of freedom really are priceless, and it all came about because I made a decision one-time to launch a business online that revolved around local lead generation instead of any other business model that had too long of a cycle to position me to “maybe” see a return on investment (ROI). 

Convinced yet? 

Take a look at this limo site from Lansing, Michigan that continues to spit of a whopping $750 monthly.

Time invested in the project: Less than 6 hours

Time the lead gen site has been paying me for: over 4 years now. 

You can do the math – nor not – and just accept that it doesn’t take much to get yourself into a position to profit massively from this business model.

Here’s proof of that limo and party bus rental site I told ya about…

When you’re ready to enjoy the fruits of this business model, just take a few more moments and think of what else you get to gain in this line of business – and very few opportunities have these…

  • The opportunity to produce more income in an annual salary than lawyers and doctors (and I know some people who are making 6 figures in their monthly revenue – but that’s another conversation for another day)
  • Where whenever you’d like and as often as you want.  When I’m ready to bring in more revenue, all I do is throw up another lead gen site and send leads to a business owner so they can cut me a check as my sliver for delivery
  • Take your laptop wherever the internet access is good and work from wherever you wish.  Wanna get some work done really fast from a remote location that you’re enjoying an exotic vacation at?  No problem.  Feel like staying at home and making it a pajama day?  It’s your day to enjoy from home while you sip a cuppa’ joe and enjoy the home life of entrepreneurship
  • Like, no competition, bro: with countless cities and various industries to elect to work with, you can more than likely find a small business you can help out
  • Biggest Profit Margins: no need to pay fees or surrender a portion of your profits to someone who owns the affiliate offer or physical product you’re selling.  Also, no taxes or costs of goods sold because you’re not handling any of the products or dealing with the origination of the buyer’s funds
  • Ready to quit your job?  Kill it with local lead generation, if that’s really what you want to do and you’re ready to invest the time, resources, and energy necessary to get to $10k per month FAST

It’s safe to say, at this point, you’re better off with opportunities within the local marketing space, especially when it comes to considerations with search engine optimization (SEO) and local lead generation. 

I had killed my job in under a year… think you can beat my record timing for victory and freedom? 

Local lead gen is a quick turnaround opportunity to acquire 6 figures as you work from home and use the internet as your place of business.  With the best coaching program around, you’re in good hands and the opportunity is ready for you right here

Please, seriously applicants only. 

AWOL Academy Affiliate Marketing by Keala Kanae – Unbiased Review

Established by a gentleman who enjoys inspiring his students to begin an affiliate marketing business, Mr. Kaela Kanae launched a training program known as the AWOL Academy. 

Despite the interesting name, he preaches a variety of strategies to turn profits online:

  • Paid advertising methods to drive web traffic (loaded with potential buyers) through
  • Facebook Ads & PPC (Pay Per Click, also known as Google Ads)
  • Guiding those prospective buyers to landing pages to offer them something to buy
  • Collecting consumer email addresses as a way to keep in touch
  • Then, leveraging email marketing to stay in front of those people and offer them more opportunities to buy something from you

I am rather sure it was Grant Cardone – a master of sales and a real estate mogul – who I had first heard suggest that the best way to get sales is to stay in front of your prospective buyers and continuously follow-up more than anyone else ever has. 

If I remember correctly, Mr. Cardone went on to openly claim that most sales aren’t acquired because the individual attempting to land the sale refuses to do what is necessary to follow-up sufficiently in order to:

  • educate the prospective buyer,
  • put their mind at ease with any questions they might have,
  • and close the deal. 

Most accomplished salespeople, then, perhaps seem to know that the majority of deals actually happen between the 6th and 12th follow-up attempt where they can actually connect with the soon-to-be new customer and actually engage in such meaningful dialogue that a relationship is finally built…

From there, trust can be exchanged, and buying decisions can comfortably occur. 

If it happens in-person with business-to-business sales associates, then there’s no doubt that the same can be possible with buyers on the world wide web. 

Stay in front of someone long enough, and they just may get worn down to where they can comfortable discontinue resisting what you have to say and give in long enough for your message to finally get through to their thoughts – thereby allowing your product to get a fair shake of consideration for purchase.

Through all of these paid advertising methods and landing pages, then gather email addresses for email marketing, to promote to an audience with more offers – this all translates into staying in front of potential customers long enough to try and inspire more and more to make a buying decision. 

Now, I had heard of Grant long before I’d ever heard of Kaela Kanae and the AWOL Academy. 

It may, then, be fair to assume that either this guy has heard of Grant, or Grant has heard of Kaela. 

Either way, these people are both well-accomplished if they know enough about marketing to make the effort – and put systems in place – to stay in front of people that they want to buy from them. 

What else is cool about the AWOL Academy is that Kanae offers those in his program the ability to spread the word about the coaching program in the manner of being an affiliate marketer.  

In all honesty, this is something I get a little bothered emotionally by –

If I’m going to be interested in participating in a coaching program, I would much prefer to learn about it based on its own merits. 

Not that there’s anything wrong with someone getting referred into the program, but I seem to question the motives of the program overall if the current student body is promoting the business opportunity and receiving compensation for it; does that make this program more of a multi-level marketing compensation system (MLM) or matching that of a Network Marketing model? 

I can’t help but ask myself if the founder is open to taking the cash of these people that get referred over in a work from home type of advertisement because he’s cool with people selling the system in a business opportunity lens instead of getting branded as the best work from home course on the world wide web. 

With the cycle of having new students push the program to prospective students, then where is money really being produced by the students of the program? 

Can the training within AWOL Academy by Kaela Kanae stand on its own?

Is the training within this program so authentic that, point by point, members can generate profits exclusively from operating under the information contained in its training modules within the member’s area? 

Maybe the founder of this program is only making money by teaching others how to market affiliate offers with the AWOL Academy itself but may not know how to promote offers as an affiliate marketer for himself to turn a profit. 

I didn’t know the guy before getting involved in this course to write a blog post about the AWOL Academy, and I am not jumping to conclusions here or making accusations. 

If anything, I’m just proposing a question – kind of like an investigative journalist might inquire. 

I’m not above asking the hard questions, but I’m also big enough to know that there are always more than individual sides to any story. 

I can honestly say that the review you’re going to read through today does not contain any sort of promotion for the AWOL Academy. 

I am not an affiliate so I am not going to promote the program. 

Instead, I invested because I wanted to know things were like so I can deliver an unbiased review here. 

You could say that I’m fascinated with the work from home methods around the neighborhood here. 

I also intend to give you my general opinion about the nature of affiliate marketing overall, especially when compared with an online business opportunity.

Can affiliate marketing be compared to what I have found to be the #1 internet marketing based business choice for work from home folks:

Local Lead Generation

I’m more than happy to also provide you with insight into generating money online. 

Read on to find the golden nuggets I’ve acquired in my labors of online entrepreneurship. 

What kind of adventure could I have possibly been on, though? 

Since I’m telling the story here, I’ll share it with ya…

You’ll learn from my unique perspective what my views are about this business model above and how it might correlate (or not combine with) the lead gen model of getting leads through free organic search traffic and sending them to small business owners for a cut off the side in profits. 

It’s this business model here that has allowed me the awesome privilege of walking away from my 9 to 5 that I loathed passionately by the age of 25…

All from doing things like this with lead gen sites online:

That means I never had to deal with a $35,000 annual salary every again, especially since my side-hustle income in local lead generation here was yielding well over 6-figures. 

I can be willing to acknowledge that some people only seek the simple, easy, and quick path to what is afforded to them by someone else.  I didn’t accept the cards I was dealt in with though; I wanted more. 

Read on to learn more about the AWOL Academy, Local Lead Gen (the best business around, I think), and how others are allowing various factors to prevent them from achieving breakthroughs in life.

Brief Overview of the AWOL Academy & What You’ll See Inside

Let’s first talk about the various levels of the AWOL Academy membership entry levels.  You can find different aspects of the training and follow-on privileges accessible to you depending on the level you buy in to:

  • $99 for the Pro Academy (P.A.)
  • $49 for the Income on the Internet Explained Level (IIE)
  • $447 for the Inbox of the Academy (I.A.)
  • $1,797 for the Academy Conversion Training (C.A.)
  • $2,997 for the Academy Approach to Generating Traffic Training (T.A.)
  • $5,497 for the Academy Master Program (M.A.)

Next, let’s further identify what is going on behind the iron curtain of the paid, premium membership requirement before you get to access all the magic of the coaching program. 

AWOL Academy is fundamentally catered toward your learning to leverage paid methods of online, digital advertising to market products as an affiliate.

If that wasn’t straightforward enough, what in the world is affiliate marketing?

This is a type of promotional strategy that leads you toward generating profits online without owning a product or service that you sell; instead, you get to make money by affiliating yourself with another person’s product. 

That means that whenever you help someone else to make a sale, you get to receive a commission for being directly involved in the money exchange for whatever it is that the customer made a purchase for. 

How is this tracked?

Typically, you will have a hyperlink that you get in front of a lot of prospective buyers; the more people that visit the information page for that service or product, and take the specific, guided steps on the website (that should hopefully make it easy to buy), then you get paid.

This probably isn’t the bread and butter that everyone got into digital marketing for…

  • Commissions bring you only 10 percent on the low end and 40 percent on the high end when compared to the sale price
  • The rate of web traffic visitors who convert to making a sale (which leads to your getting paid a commission) is just ridiculously low
  • This means: To generate a reasonable income with affiliate marketing, your volume of web traffic (and hopefully, potential buyers and your ideal target audience are among those website visitors) needs to be super-duper high

The good news that AWOL Academy instructs you on the steps required to leverage the Facebook Advertising platform and buy traffic for your affiliate offer. 

Makes sense; so what’s the problem then?

Did you factor into your profit margin the actual cost of the traffic you’re purchasing through Facebook Ads? 

The profit margin you’re currently making is already low and the near $100 to $300 in daily ad spending – just to get a reasonable amount of attention online – will heartily dig into what you were hoping to pocket. 

Ever heard of ROI (a return on investment)? 

With the need to purchase more and more web traffic daily – and no guarantee of any percentage of that web traffic actually converting into a sale – this means that you can hope to get a return on investment (ROI) from affiliate marketing with this traffic source, but I’ve tried it and can recommend a way to react: don’t hold your breath. 

The Facebook Advertising platform is always open to spending your hard-earned marketing dollars despite if you generate results with your ad strategy or not. 

Still want to give Facebook Ads a shot with your business?  I assure you, they’ll have no problem stepping up to the plate of using your cash for ya. 

Let’s shift gears to the use of emails for a moment…

One of the appeals to the marketplace of AWOL Academy prospective students includes the acquisition of prospective buyer’s email addresses –

Why is that? 

You get to stay in constant contact with these people and pitch them upgrade offers, upsells, and new products – to the same people, especially if they were your customers before.

Does this ring some of the bells in your noggin?

I’m fairly confident we’ve all been through the cycle of a funnel at some point…

  • A Facebook Ad captures your attention
  • You take the desired action (meaning you click on the ad)
  • Upon arriving on a landing page, you feel compelled to give your email address
  • The next thing you know, you’re bombarded with emails and clicking of links inside of each of them

This is the core strategy of email marketing… and it works!

How do I know?

I’m doing this with the very blog you’re reading on. 

It’s effective, and I’m continuing to build my email list regularly. 

However, just like my local lead generation business model – where I’m profiting off the generation of free organic traffic in the search engine – AWOL requires the approach of paid traffic use. 

Therefore, if you don’t land enough buyers in a given day, you’re at a loss with your marketing budget and could stay in the red if you don’t make up your losses in profits on the following day. 

It’s the cat-and-mouse conundrum of using paid digital advertising options to attempt to turn a profit quickly online. 

If you want something to happen faster, then that comes at a premium cost – unfortunately, that higher cost doesn’t always change the margin of risk for the better.

I want to share some insider knowledge with you regarding the use of Facebook Ads.

The costs, performance metrics, and the overall platform fluctuates in its performance more often than I care to think about. 

There’s no real opportunity to set an ad up and simply forget about it; it’ll always be on your mind because you can flip-flop in profit and loss often in the same day, or in successive days, or even week to week. 

How do I know?

I’ve personally tested this strategy. 

In fact, I’ve done a lot with the Facebook Ads platform to attempt to turn a profit with affiliate marketing. 

Think about this in a worst case scenario – and this is just at the lower numbers to keep the example digestible.

  • Spend $35.00 USD just to acquire a sale from a buyer
  • Profits only reach $20.00 USD in any given sale made
  • You’ve paid for the advertising already, so you are already operating at a loss.

So, in the end, affiliate marketing could work in the sense that you’re generating sales. 

What’s the business opportunity really worth to you if you don’t turn a profit because you’re so focused on achieving a sale?

Why I’m Not Sticking with AWOL Academy

If you’re looking for a coaching program that gets really nitty-gritty with specific tactics and caters to the newbies – keep looking… 

The AWOL Academy might be good at what they do in terms of being a profit-making company inherently. 

When it comes to delivering training to students, however, my perception is that the delivery, overview, and subjects are far too broad on occasion. 

You get the mechanics of some of the major aspects of their skill set to take advantage of the profitable opportunities that the internet provides…

  • Brief Overview of Affiliate Marketing
  • Options for Paid Digital Advertising
  • Fundamentals of Email Marketing

Here’s what I don’t think that the new students are getting with the program they invest in at AWOL Academy…

  • Specificity
  • Identifying what industry to target or get oriented toward
  • Determining what’s actually turning a profit in specific niches with advertising strategy
  • How to ensure that you’re only getting seen by highly qualified buyers

If they especially included that last point, then I think there would be more success stories than what is currently presented because this seems to be where most people end up deciding to quit. 

When you’re not in front of the majority of highly qualified buyers, but still buying traffic, then the only remaining insinuation is that you are being seen by people who neither have the capacity nor desire to purchase what you are offering them. 

The broadness of the training course doesn’t end there, unfortunately. 

In my opinion, you’ll get an overview of what it takes to achieve success online by implementing their process with any affiliate offer or product you’d like.

For newbies that aren’t sure about the technicalities and experienced judgments that seasoned professionals make – which just comes with knowing the territory and putting the time in to learn the industry through spending money and making mistakes – I simply can’t advocate for this program. 

I’ll tell ya why I think this way, too. 

Each and every product or offer is catering to a specific industry, which means there are different audience profiles and details that you have to know very well in order to craft an offer that can later turn into profitable results from your digital marketing efforts. 

If you don’t get these details right – which, for a newbie, they often have no idea where to look for these details – you can risk wasting more money than was invested and still suffer by not making a sale. 

I’ll provide you with an example, too. 

It was about a year ago that I paid someone a whole bunch of money (in the range of a sum of 5 figures – on the left side of the decimal) to edify me on what all it took to generate profits like he did as a super affiliate marketer. 

This guy knew his stuff, all the way down to the very detail of how to tweak a Facebook Ad to make it more profitable; he was a pro! 

During this quality 1-on-1 experience of a highly-compensated mentorship, he told me…

  • Why the offer I wanted to make was good or bad
  • The type of ad objective to incorporate in Facebook Advertising
  • The appropriate ad layout that was ideal for that product or offer

This guy just went on and on for what felt like days, pouring all this knowledge and experience into me on what it really took to make something profitable with affiliate promotions. 

Best case scenario: this guy helped me to realize a net profit of $5,000.00. 

What did it take to achieve that?

  • Tons of hard work
  • Constant evaluation of my Facebook Ad performance
  • Building more Facebook Ads and Ad Sets
  • Dealing with account banning or getting shut down, and having to build new ones

It was a project requiring so much attention that I decided not to pursue it; it was more like a second job to me and I didn’t wanna hustle twice as hard in a day when I got done with a full-time job – so why would I suggest to someone that’s considering starting an online business venture to try this?

Take a quick look at a sample ad that resembles what we used for weight loss offer…

A number of details were required for this ad to turn profits for me. 

As an example, if you want to elevate your click through rate (CTR), then the ad has to have an ideal image that’s easy to understand, helps the audience to be distracted long enough to assess the worth of their time in clicking through your advertisement, and tons of other things. 

Consider these factors to escalate your click-through rate if you’re running Facebook Ads (and these are coming from the mouth of a professional that spends more time on this platform than anyone else I know in the internet marketing industry)…

  • If there’s humor or a sexual undertone with the image
  • Dissonance-causing images that carry a sense of ambiguity; if your audience sees your ad and can’t quite tell what’s taking place, that could increase their willingness to take the desired action with your ad
  • If you’re teaching something or the picture looks like it requires some smarts to get it, often times an audience will see value in learning something – and if you can teach them something, or seem like you can, then you could have some increase in your success here
  • If you’ve got a green background, that could be a win in the clickthrough increase
  • If your image shares a clear story arc, or only a portion of your story, curiosity can ensue and arouse an eager want to get some resolve by finding out the rest of the details to the story

The above factors are at work with my above image.  Proof positive; it yielded a 9 percent clickthrough rate on the low end to a good day of a high 12 percent.  In this industry, that’s considered a stellar performance. 

Then, consider that performance in a more specific niche like weight loss; that means the above ad was outstanding since it had this kind of turn out.

If you want to be successful with the AWOL Academy coaching program, I am of the school of thought that you’ll need greater proficiency in the understanding, and skill, to readily assess the performance of a Facebook Ad and know when to take what type of action to make the marketing campaign work in your favor (if there’s a chance of it working at all). 

You’ll need to know more than what this program gives to you in its training platform – at least, that’s how I view things. 

Who am I that thinks I have an opinion about this? 

I’ve operated with paid traffic strategies through having sold physical products and affiliate offers, and free organic methods have been my forte with local lead generation for small business.

I’ve seen how both can deliver great results, but I’ve never actually seen a bad day with free traffic from organic search.

In the end, I have made the decision to walk away from affiliate offers and pedaling those products that I’ve never personally used, mostly because I know I can turn a higher, more reliable profit through lead gen with completely free traffic than I could ever see in the affiliate region with paid traffic online. 

The AWOL Affiliate Option?

You’re going to get to a point in this coaching course where they not only advocate, but teach you, how to tell others about the AWOL Academy via promoting it as an affiliate marketer. 

Can anyone, then, make reasonable income with the training provided exclusively on affiliate marketing if the very company is taking time out of their coaching course to directly strategize – thereby, monetize – with each and every student that comes into their program what it takes to get affiliate commissions with the program? 

Are more students coming to the academy simply because more students promote it, or can it stand on its own as a highly valuable, heavy hitting content course that teaches people how to truly turn a profit online in the best way possible over the internet?

If you’re coaching program is explicitly doubling as an affiliate marketing option, I’d say you’ve just lost face in my eyes. 

Why foster an environment where students can’t tell if what you’re teaching them will work for other products, but you’ll still ask them to personally testify that it’s king above other coaching programs and recommend others to consider trying their hand at entrepreneurship by being your affiliate?

It seems to be a vicious, endless cycle of recruiting affiliates when no one is actually using the training to turn a profit on anything other than promoting the program. 

I’m not saying that’s what happens, but I’m asking the question – and I don’t mind asking the tough questions! 

In terms of finding credibility with a coaching program…

I’d recommend discovering someone that has actually build a business on the side of their efforts to promote a coaching program that you might evaluate getting involved in for yourself. 

I am upfront about promoting the local lead generation coaching program on the very blog you’re reading… and I clearly identify it as the #1 business to start online as a solopreneur. 

The difference, in my eyes, is that I’ve actually established myself as a credible testimonial for the coaching program because my company can be found by a quick Google search of

I have worked hard over the last few years to earn a reputable, respectable income of $50,000.00 in any given month – and this comes in on a passive income method.  That means whether I work on my business or not, I’m still raking in that level of income whether I want it to or not. 

When you get started with the lead gen coaching, you’re going to learn from the same guy that taught me – and he has also generated high figures in this same industry long before ever considering creating a coaching program for people like you and me to look into learning from. 

In it, you don’t exactly get the option to promote the coaching program; what you’re taught is…

  • How to build a lead gen site
  • How to Paste it to the Top of Google Search Results
  • How to Get Paid

Students come here to learn how to make money, and that’s what is taught in the same way that everyone else who comes into the program learns. 

One question I often get includes wondering if this coaching process creates more competition for me and the other students. 

If everyone were to enter the same industry and try to work with the same small business owner(s), then maybe. 

However, you can do this type of business model in any city and in countless industries, meaning an endless supply of local small business owners for you to work with. 

How come not just anyone can promote this program? 

The founder of the coaching program, Dan (that’s his name), this is the guy who you’ll get mentored by – and he’s been teaching the program from the very beginning. 

There are only 3 people that he has given permission to begin advertising about the opportunity. 

We were hand-selected by him since he’s familiar with us, we’re successful with the business model, and he knows our character, authenticity, and that we’re going to tell it like it is. 

We don’t want the integrity of the coaching program violated; this is valuable information and we’re not going to just let anyone pitch the program out there to the masses. 

If you didn’t achieve success with this training, there’s no reason to tell other people they can; we’re not open to having the blind lead the blind here. 

While more profits could be made if more people were permitted to introduce new prospective students to the coaching course, money isn’t everything and that’s not what we’re about here. 

If I were to have any long-standing issue with affiliate marketing, it would be this very concept. 

People who pedal products as affiliates may have (and more often than not) never tried – never considered trying – and probably never will try the product that they’re attempting to turn a profit with. 

As a result, their advertising probably isn’t up to the par that it could be, there’s no heart in their advertising, and it hardly convinces anyone to see the true value behind the product (especially if it’s something so valuable that the target market can’t be without it). 

The non-genuine conduct of other affiliate marketing efforts suggests low-quality in:

  • Video production
  • Content copywriting
  • Poor testimonials (if any of them are actually true)

All they want is a sale!  End of story. 

I hate to say it, but that seems to be the type of affiliate marketing that is taught in the AWOL Academy when it comes to promoting the coaching program intrinsically. 

Think there’s a reason, now, that a simple search for the AWOL Academy online can yield some poor experiences, not-so-handsome reviews, and not-so-inspiring videos through YouTube and other platform?

I’m willing to associate this type of business model more to the multi-level-marketing experience (MLM) or the network marketing model – especially if the newbies in the business haven’t even experienced the potential value that can come from the training. 

They’re still offered the opportunity to promote it – and that irks me to no end. 

I’m all for the hype man at sporting events, live television broadcasts, and so on.  Enthusiasm can be great when it’s in its proper place and implemented effectively. 

Sometimes, testimonials aren’t the most ideal situation for an extreme bombardment of excitement and hype.  If you don’t have anything of value to share, then why are you talking? 

Add to that, if there’s nothing of value that is being delivered to the marketplace, then I think it’s safe to assume that there isn’t anything of value in what you’re representing or trying to pitch either. 

Such is the reputation, in my eyes, with the AWOL Academy. 

They may have some awesome training in what they are delivering content-wise. 

To all the boys and girls of the world, children of all ages, I plead with you not to fall victim to the promises of quick riches. 

If there are zero simple explanations or clear answers to methods, approaches, facts, results, or other details to help you make an educated decision of whether or not to buy into the coaching program, just do your future self a favor and walk away. 

Ask Your Future Mentor This 1 Question

Another gentleman I look up to is a very successful, well-accomplished businessperson that specializes in educating others on developing personal skills and become valuable in the marketplace. 

Here’s his attempt to illustrate this question that you need to consider asking someone that you’re looking to invest in the guidance of. 

As a serial entrepreneur and multiple million-dollar income earner, I’d recommend following Dan Lok for some simple things that he can teach you. 

What was the takeaway from the video above? 

One simple question to ask: Hey potential future coach of mine, are you practicing what you preach to generate money for yourself that you’re claiming I can do too in order to change my current circumstances?

If transparency is key, then here’s my lead generation business website as proof I’m in business:

The vast majority of what I do is generate leads for small businesses.  All 5 of my teammates labor diligently to expand this company’s reach to help more and more business owners, while also delivering on the quality that is provided to current clients. 

While I’m comfortable where I am in this business model, I’m expanding my horizons and building this blog to explore a new avenue of business. 

I have perfect confidence in our coaching program on lead generation because I live this business model, and the results that come from massive success in it, each and every day. 

Can Mr. Kanae claim the same for his business model in AWOL Academy?

I just can’t know for certain if he’s actually producing results with affiliate marketing beyond what referrals he’s advocating his students to bring in for him. 

From engaging with the AWOL Academy content, I’m finding more and more evidence to support that the training program is extremely basic…

I have a hunch that the major income from the leader of this mentoring program could best be attributed to the marketing of this coaching program. 

You Can Have a Simple Way to Make Money Online

The laptop lifestyle can confuse a number of people that have either never heard of it or just have trouble grasping the concept. 

It’s not uncommon, don’t worry.  There’s nothing wrong, it’s just an unusual business model. 

We hear rumors of people making outlandish claims that they can travel the world, own expensive cars, live and vacation in some expensive places, but the reality is that riches aren’t all about money. 

There’s more to life than just money; for example, how about some time freedom to enjoy the profits you make from the work you’re doing…

Surgeons are some of the more gifted and well-compensated medical professionals in the healthcare industry; there’s no arguing that point. 

They’ve worked hard, earned their stripes, and carry lives in their hands every single day. 

They bring a high-income skill to the marketplace and delivers something that people are willing to pay top-dollar for. 

However, we can also agree that people in this profession are on-call so often that they really pay a much bigger price for the work that they do. 

Attached to an old-school kind of pager, people leave important meetings at church, leave sporting events or concerts that their children worked hard to prepare for, and even walk out on anniversaries with their significant other because they are caring for the lives of others. 

Unfortunately, that sacrifice comes at a cost that their family, friends, neighbors, and loved ones. 

There are large sums of compensation being provided in gratuity for the skilled trade that surgeons give. 

I think I’ve proved my point: money isn’t everything! 

Further, if money were easy, everyone would be having it by doing these high-income skills. 

To capitalize on the example above, everyone would be a surgeon.

However, there are…

  • tons of expensive schooling sessions
  • limited residency training openings
  • licensing requirements
  • pre-requisites for school admissions acceptance considerations
  • and tons of other things to consider. 

It’s simple to go to work every day and do what you’ve been trained to do; that’s simple and it’s another day at the office for a surgeon. 

Is their work ever easy?  I can assure you that it’s not. 

Shifting back to the world of online entrepreneurship, there are at least a few dozen newbies on the internet claiming that they’ve got: 

  • the next best thing that you can implement to turn yourself into an overnight success,
  • with a secret tip,
  • secret formula, or
  • the exclusive strategy that only you can get your hands on if you take this action right now for a limited time. 

Let’s get real; they’re sending that out to more people than you. 

There’s nothing secretive or exclusive about what they’re trying to pitch; they just want your money. 

You’re darn right I’m debunking this in a blog post – it pisses me off that people like to exploit the emotions of people for their financial gain. 

I don’t have the number, but I invite you to think to yourself just how many of these ads were received daily – almost in a volume to be regarded as bombardment?

The method to turning a profit online is simple, but it’s not easy; if it were, you wouldn’t be reading this blog post and further exploring what I mean by making money through the internet is simple. 

Check this out…

If you really want to turn a profit online, just consider the level of value you’re bringing to someone. 

How much value can you genuinely bring to the marketplace with the skills you currently have? 

I think it was Jeff Olson, the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Neurium International who, in a past position of employment, was noted for saying that you can determine the size of a person by the size of a problem that gets them down; further, you can determine of one’s compensation in direct correlation to the size of the challenge they’re able to provide a solution for. 

If people are reading self-help books, yet their bank account hasn’t seen a profitable deposit in months, could there be a reason? 

Getting your mind right to hustle in business is only a portion of the money-making game. 

Once your head is where it needs to be, the next step is landing a skill you can bring to the marketplace. 

Yet another reason AWOL Academy isn’t for me; anyone can:

  • fabricate landing pages from scratch
  • buy traffic (regardless of the nature or caliber of the type of audience you’re getting attention from)
  • tell other people about something they either have dabbled in or simply haven’t turned any sort of profitable success story with

In 2019, I wouldn’t call the above anything spectacular in the category of high-income skills. 

Maybe in years recent, you could have stepped up your game and looked like the hot tomalley of the marketplace but not in the current layout of the capitalistic society, Jack! 

There are systems and software that have oversimplified a number of the above tasks – so it’s not really a high-value item anymore if a business owner can pay a monthly fee to get a simple landing page program (ever hear of Clickfunnels) to do the work for them with nothing more than a few simple clicks. 

You wanna know the more challenging thing to do that not many know about or can do well? 

Here’s your tip: drive free traffic to businesses that want the attention from targeted, ideal customers! 

That’s it: you can land tons of success if you figured out how to do this one, unique skill. 

Sure, there are tons of people and companies in the marketplace that “claim” than achieve results with something like this, but I know their game and their business model. 

When an SEO (search engine optimization) firm lands a new client, they wanna build things as slow as possible to keep the cash flowing. 

It’s from a standpoint of fear; they’re afraid that once the business owner sees their business name reaching the top of the marketplace online, then they’ll think that the job is done and tell that company to take a hike. 

The reason that company was hired in the first place, however, was to get that company an expanded web presence.  So where’s the problem here? 

The problem is in the poor quality of workmanship and service delivered by those so-called expert firms that claim they can deliver the result for a couple hundred bucks a month. 

By the way, in this industry, you get what you pay for; and the quality might not be worth the squeeze, if you get what I’m saying. 

Local lead generation can be regarded as a definite, high-level, lucrative skill because you can bring clients in for a business owner to help, thereby giving them more profit share and market share over the competition. 

How is it so profitable over affiliate marketing? 

Simple answer: You’re no longer paying for traffic with paid ads; the free, organic, targeted traffic is all you need.

Prior to Starting your Online Business, Find Your High-Income Skill

Ever hear of people in the entrepreneurship space like:

  • Dan Lok?
  • Gary Vaynerchuk?
  • Grant Cardone?

Are any of these proficient experts, and well-compensated digital marketing and sales officionados pedaling someone else’s products that they’ve never tried before? 

Of course not!

They’ve taken the time to develop their own nature of services and products that deliver profit margins close to the tune 80 percent (or something else equally high). 

What have they done to get to where they are today?

They’ve put in the time, earned their lickings in the business world, and perfected their craft to where they can deliver high levels of value to their intended audiences. 

They’ve even gone through the process that they themselves preach:

  • Hustle and grind
  • Learn valuable skills that can pay you for life
  • Become valuable to those you wish to serve
  • Hire a mentor that can guide you in the way you need

This is how they’ve become so successful – but they weren’t a success overnight. 

I’m bringing up Mr. Lok in this blog post again because he does a great job explaining how one high-income skill can be the ultimate key to your defining success in your investment in which coaching program you decide to go with. 

I invite you to listen to what Dan Lok as to say on the matter of a high-income skill:

What I have done for the last few years – local lead generation – is my high-level skill. 

  • It’s predictable in the level of income you can generate
  • The results can be measured and repeated
  • Others are willing to pay a high price for you to do this kind of work

Most people in the affiliate marketing game can’t stomach $10,000 in a single month for a positive, net return of their investment (ROI) because a lot of them haven’t even landed a profit of $1,000 or $2,000 in a given month. 

If someone in the affiliate marketing space then transitions to implementing paid marketing strategies in hopes of accelerating their success rates, all I really see them doing (especially from personal experience –

Remember, I ran paid ads for affiliate promotions prior to exploring AWOL Academy and under exclusive guidance from a super affiliate marketer I hired for 1-on-1 direction) is digging into their profits instead of making some. 

When you include paid traffic strategies into the affiliate world of entrepreneurship, you’re just adding a layer of unpredictability between your hopeful profits online and your own bank account. 

Let’s say you actually land $10k in your first month of sales…

There’s nothing stopping the marketplace from only returning less than $1,000 the next month – even if you’ve worked just as hard as you did for the first month’s large return. 

There’s nothing to say that you can only make enough money to break even, or even operate at a loss that month. 

When it comes to affiliate marketing and leveraging Facebook Ads to help your promotions along:

  • Your business model is officially outside of your control
  • Facebook is in control of who it sends your ad to (regardless of if you turn a profit, or not)
  • Can you really rely on this business model and label this a high-income skill?


Since being in the affiliate promotions industry for as recent as a handful of months ago, I’m rather clear on what does – and doesn’t – work well in 2019 to turn a side-hustle type of profit online. 

What I mean is: for it to work for any of us, we’d want the profit to come in abundance without the added stress, costs, or expenditure of valuable resources (including time). 

With the AWOL Academy, I just couldn’t find anything in there that I could simply take a quick glance at, and say to myself “I can turn a profit with just that one detail right there.” 

I don’t remember what the cost of this program was when I actually paid for my entrance into the coaching course, but I can say that if you’re still interested in this program then it’s probably best for you to set aside some additional marketing dollars in your start-up budget. 

This mentoring program admonishes the use of paid traffic strategies in order to get attention for your affiliate offer. 

Even then, there’s no guarantee that your Facebook Ads are honestly going to return any amount of profit for your time and expenses. 

Without the refinement down to perfection, there’s a very good chance that you can easily kiss your advertising budget goodbye and never see a return; even then, experts still get it wrong sometimes – such is the nature of the affiliate marketing industry, I guess. 

If you want to take on this challenge, I highly recommend exploring another coaching program or training course that helps you know the intricacies of the Facebook Advertising platform long before you pick up the AWOL Academy. 

Even then, I still would have a struggle recommending this program to anyone. 

In the end, perhaps, using paid traffic to generate results online isn’t the best option for a newbie. 

Add to this distaste the fact that even the freshest face in the Academy gets to promote the program right away. 

There are no filter processes to enter into, no qualifications to achieve, and no demonstration of proficiency before pitching the program to another. 

It’s hard for me to bite on a program, that welcomes people who have no testimony of the capacity or depth of this program to produce results for a new member, that asks every member (from the top downward) to spread the news of the coaching program as fast as possible. 

This presents even more murky waters to try and look through for clear details and assessments on whether those people are speaking good things about the coaching program due to their own positive results or just to make a buck off ya. 

Such an incentive – affiliate marketing of a coaching course – moves students to try and earn a high commission off of something they personally haven’t achieved any sort of result with:

I’ve seen this, personally, in my friends, family, and neighbors attempting to pitch Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and Network Marketing products and business opportunities onto me. 

I’m having trouble finding the AWOL Academy to possess high integrity – and the coach. 

It’s clear that the head honcho of the program, Mr. Kaela Kanae, knows what he’s doing when it comes to trying to turn a profit through the promotion of a coaching course. 

When it comes to being an affiliate marketer, I’ve yet to see evidence that he’s confident in his abilities to deliver a result with a digital promotion of a product or service (save his own coaching course; let’s get down to brass tax here). 

If you’re a skilled marketer and have some tricks up your sleeve – like implementing psychological triggers in a video to move someone into a decision to buy – then I say use what you’ve got. 

You’ve gotta make a living too, and maybe selling coaching programs is how you get to eat. 

For a charismatic person with a portrayal of self-confidence in his promotional videos, it’s no wonder that people make purchases off of his marketing efforts. 

  • Ideal mansion of a home in the background
  • Introducing tripwires (what I call low-value products to get people in a buying mood and in the door)
  • Some smiles and good stories

Then, he’ll do everything he can to introduce you to some upsell opportunities. 

The above are all very well done, and refined, in the marketing industry as proven tactics to sell like the best. 

In seeing a lack of high-level strategies within the AWOL Academy, but still inviting students to promote it, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Mr. Kanae has greater strengths in selling –

This could especially mean his digital, high-ticket valued mentoring programs.

Does he do better at selling his coaching program more than what he’s attempting to claim he can teach; I’m specifically referring to affiliate marketing. 

The affiliate marketing scheme has changed over the years; the landscape is completely different now. 

In the digital era we live in, the marketplace can change rapidly – and continues to evolve. 

That means this guy (who founded AWOL Academy) could very well have been an outstanding promoter of affiliate products and services, at a time when the internet was allowing this game to be so easily taken into profit-mode. 

My guess is that, at some point, the landscape may have shifted so much that he chose to get out of it but wanted to bank on what knowledge he used way back when; this could be what led to him establishing the AWOL Academy in the first place. 

I will gladly urge anyone who is seriously considering starting an online business…

Consider the long-term option of the closest thing the marketplace has to set-and-forget, profitable strategies in digital marketing from free organic traffic results:

Local Lead Generation

The awesome thing about this business model is that it’ll quickly weed out those impatient folks in the industry; then again, they probably won’t stick with anything in their lifetime; long enough to turn a profit anyway. 

Yes, it can take some time to build up your base of successful income with your side-hustle. 

It took me around 1 year of daily grinding and solid work to step away from a $35,000, unforgiving 9 to 5 that had me freezing in the winter months at the depths of the downtown spaces in Detroit, Michigan. 

I wasn’t an overnight success; and I remember most of those days, the emotions of frustration, confusion, hesitation, wondering if I was going to make this work. 

The alternative was to quit and go back to a laughable salary at a job that didn’t like me much anyway; I wasn’t having that. 

I refused to let that be my only option – there had to be something better to this life, and worked at this business venture until I achieved what I was looking for! 

You can turn a quick sale in affiliate marketing with the launch of a Facebook ad, but that platform is going to dip into your profit margin and leave you working more but turning less of a profit. 

The business model isn’t worth the sacrifice… believe me! 

In addition to not having a clue about the product you’re being recommended to promote (if any) in the AWOL Academy, you still haven’t tried it for yourself (most of the time) and there’s not much to say other than talking about the facts of what it is and what you’ve been told the results could be for a buyer. 

Add to that – you haven’t made your own product or service, or even a high-income skill (as a brand new entrepreneur online) to bring to the marketplace and share with someone so you can be compensated for producing a desired result. 

When you don’t have your own high-level skill to generate free web traffic, most people choose to pay for some quick action and getting leads flowing right away. 

All that proves is that you’re also becoming just like the people that wanna turn a quick buck instead of adjusting based on a new high-level skill that you’d like to develop. 

At the end of the day, Affiliate Marketing makes Facebook and the people you’re promoting the products for tons of cash while you pony up to the risks involved – all without any form of a guarantee!

Maybe you’ll make some money, and there’s definitely no base salary provided; you get a 100% commission experience you can talk about when you’re old and in a rocking chair with elderly peers.

Here’s an alternative option to affiliate marketing…

Establish your own high-income skill, or join us in our lead gen coaching program to develop one that can make you a very valued member of your marketplace; then money can come to you. 

From this previous week alone, a handful of business owners from all over North America have asked me what my pricing model is for providing them with lead generation.

This is proof that there are people out there looking for you to help them – just as they’re flocking to me to get some assistance with that they’re looking for.

And what are they looking for? 

At the surface level, they’re hoping to acquire more customers. 

But why? 

Maybe they need more revenue to keep their doors open or catch up on some back rent for their office space. 

Maybe they need to fix a service truck or improve some processes within their operational practices, and some purchases with added revenue can make all of that magic happen for them. 

But why? 

Does the owner have something to prove to someone that they can hack it in the business world? 

Will they be seeking to be recognized as the top dog in the marketplace? 

Are they hoping that natural growth and helping more customers will increase word-of-mouth advertising? 

But why? 

Does the business owner wanna move the company into a larger space to help more people in their marketplace? 

Are they on a mission to make sure all customers in the area that have a specific need get heard form and helped with ease? 

Do they want to generate enough revenue to hire an office manager and step away from running the business day after day?

Are they looking to take their family on the vacation that they’ve always wanted but couldn’t for the last 10 years because they’ve been slaving away at their business and trying to make it a success with old marketing strategies in our digital era? 

Any number of reasons, or a combination of them, could be the reasons that these business owners have found me online and reached out to me for a price quote. 

They’re not reaching out to me because they want to throw money away casually. 

There are business owners that see the value in implementing digital marketing strategies online – and I’ve delivered proof, including how I walk, talk, act, and present things, that I know what I’m talking about. 

It’s that confidence that I can deliver on the value I am claiming I can deliver that might inspire these people to trust me enough to reach out to me and ask me to help them with their services. 

Maybe an old or current client referred these business owners over to me because I’ve done such a good job in the past. 

Maybe I’m the newest face they’ve seen in their neck of the woods and have no idea what this marketing business online is about, but they’re interested and must have discovered something good about it in order to reach out to me.

When you have the high-value skill of driving sales through free, high-quality traffic with the internet, you’re no longer some guy that a person hires. 

If you’re “that guy,” then remember that people fire “that guy.” 

You’re not “that guy,” you’re someone important because you’re the bill that helps businesses like theirs to pay all of their other bills. 

It’s easy and quick to launch a Facebook Ad. 

It’s easy to train, easy to explain, and easy to implement. 

Perhaps that’s the reason behind countless people seeking to launch their advertising agency; it’s easy to start. 

That could also be why there are more and more self-proclaimed experts coming out with Facebook advertising agency coaching programs. 

These people are even proclaiming that they are the expert in the industry that should be trusted and can teach you – yes you – how to develop massive profits knowing nothing more than how to turn on a Facebook Ad for a local business. 

As far as I’m considered, those overnight wannabes can stuff it. 

Anyone who is worth their weight in the world of business will own up and tell you that this industry is hard work. 

My mentor in the local lead generation coaching program once ran a marketing campaign that openly stated a deliberate call to action to tell people to go away. 

It’s true!  He told people in his marketing campaign all of the reasons why this program:

  • Is hard work!
  • Requires a high business investment!
  • Involves a lot of time dedicated to learning a new high-income skill!

The list went on and on of reasons why people shouldn’t get started in this business model. 

It was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard of; why would someone actually want to push prospective buyers away from a high-ticket coaching program that can yield a few grand on someone’s pocket for a telephone conversation that can last anywhere from 15 minutes to a half-hour? 

In the end, it doesn’t matter what you’re selling or trying to bring to the marketplace to help people with. 

If you haven’t tried the product or believe in it, then there’s no reason to be pedaling it. 

If you haven’t had success with affiliate marketing; there’s no reason to pretend to others that they can have success with a coaching program that you’ve conjured up just to make money off of them with. 

If you haven’t had success with Facebook Ads, why would you open up a mentoring course that advocates you can teach people how to achieve the level of success that you’ve never seen personally. 

That’s like leading soldiers into battle when you’ve never been in one fight in your life – not even on the school playground in elementary school. 

You don’t know what to do when stress hits you.

If a curveball that you didn’t see comes out of left field, do you know what steps to take to win over the sudden adversity that comes your way in business?  

As a coach, you also need to be available to direct people on how to solve the problems they may encounter in their business venture; and if you’ve never been in the trenches, then how can you direct them to overcome those challenges. 

Bottom line: Make sure you know who your coach is before you buy into their philosophies of how to turn a profit with a side hustle that you want to start online. 

Why I Love Local Lead Generation for Making Money Online in 2019

Down and dirty – here’s how awesome this local lead generation business really is. 

Yeah, I’m making $50k every single month on a passive income. 

Yeah, I don’t have a 9 to 5 anymore. 

Yeah, I don’t live in the bone-chilling cold of a low-rent apartment complex in Michigan that has the downtown smells and no heat, with window cracks letting the gusts through to make me rethink my life choices underneath a stack of blankets that aren’t doing anything for me at the moment. 

Yeah, I don’t have to wade my happy tail with low-cut dress shoes through 2 feet of snow for an entire mile in Detroit just to get to work – and have it snow more during the workday just to go back to a cold apartment with wet feet and hope the gas is working still so I can turn on the stove and get some heat in the living space. 

Now, if I wanna make more money, here’s how simple it really is:

  1. Make a lead gen site real quick
  2. Superglue it above all the non-competitors in the marketplace
  3. Get Leads
  4. Send to business owners
  5. Rake in the cash every month for years to come

In fact, this awesome $750 per month lead gen site has been paying me since 2014! 

Take a look at it right here (see below):

That was posted up in Lansing, Michigan and sends buyers to someone I rent that website out to. 

As long as they keep renting it, I keep profiting off of it. 

It’s bringing them more customers – do you honestly think they’re going to stop paying me? 

Not even slightly; they are okay with having more people calling them regularly and asking for limo and party bus rentals. 

This is what lead gen has been able to do for me. 

Additionally, here are some generic hot points that I get to wake up to every day and enjoy:

  • Hardly any competition: tons of niche industries and local cities across the country to choose from
  • Outside of the United States?  No problem!  Some of our students are hitting amazing levels of success in performing this same business model in countries all across the globe
  • Work where and when you want – you’re the boss of your own business; it’s all your call
  • Wanna quit your job?  Start this on a part-time basis, build up a side income and then enjoy having more options when you’re ready to decide how you wish to spend your time
  • Simple business model: send leads, get paid, repeat
  • Wanna make more income part-time than most doctors and lawyers get to see during their full-time job in annual income?  Do the work and you can make that a reality
  • Duplicate the business model of Airbnb and Uber: refer business and take a sliver for your delivery

At the end of the day, there are countless small business owners who really don’t know what to do with the internet, but they hear the stories almost daily of how the top person on Google is making all the money. 

They also know that the top guy on Google is their competitor and also making more money than them. 

They want more business, they just don’t know who to trust in this murky world of coaches, mentors, so-called experts, and other people that really can’t deliver the kinds of results that people in our coaching program are providing regularly to small business owners that really want our help. 

Not everyone is going to get what we’re offering.

Not everyone wants to leverage a web presence to bring in more business. 

That’s fine; we’re not looking to help everyone. 

However, there are some businesses that are hoping to find someone, just like you and I, in short order –  

Someone who knows how to deliver results like we do, with a call-tracking number so we can show our worth at the end of every month based on the number of calls we brought in through our lead gen sites. 

Instead of allowing a small business owner to close, give them a chance to keep their dream of owning a business alive! 

Flood a local business owner with tons of buyers so you can start raking in recurring, passive income like this, too!

Most people simply don’t know how to use free traffic to their advantage, and that lack of knowledge in the marketplace puts students in our lead generation coaching program at a strategic advantage. 

You’ll learn the skill that not many know but tons of people want in your marketplace. 

Specialize in what we’re teaching and you can be the go-to expert and competent specialist everyone appreciates and raves about.

Oh yeah, and get paid handsomely for what you bring to the table! 

Pretty awesome, huh?

I’m ready to hear from ya and get your questions answered! Let’s Go!

Consulting Accelerator by Sam Ovens – Unbiased Review

I appreciate your swinging by to catch a little bit of insight from my perspective on this business opportunity online. 

With Sam Ovens, it’s more of a training program that seems more destined for people to either…

  • Done For You (DFY) option for a client to request that you provide a valuable service
  • Consulting – which is a business model for you to go in and, for a high-value price, you can inspire someone with information to enable them to get along in an endeavor that you could have done for them, but instead, provide them with the knowledge and resources to take on the challenge of their own accord after you’re consulting session(s)
  • Online Coach or Mentor – where you get to be someone that records information, posts it in a membership website and allows people to have access to your training videos for either a monthly fee or a large, upfront, one-time cost that seems to be targeted at higher ticket levels

I’m happy to share with you what I have found to be included in the cost of Mr. Ovens Consulting Accelerator program and, further, help you to find out who this course would be for (and maybe we’ll touch on who this might not be for – I haven’t quite decided on that just yet). 

Like all blogs on this website, I make every effort to deliver an unbiased review of the mentoring program, but I am human here and not above making a mistake unintentionally –

Feel free to take it with a grain of salt but, please, also understand that I have achieved some success in business online…

A few years ago — and not that long ago — I open ed my own internet based business under the local lead generation business model.

As a result, I now rake in close to $50k month in and month out.

I’d like to call that success, especially since I’m living the laptop luxury lifestyle now — something that I honestly thought was a myth until my income online helped me to quit my 9 to 5 only a year after getting started.

So I do have a unique perspective on what the program could offer you when compared to someone that hasn’t quite achieved a level of success in generating income by way of technology and the internet. 

That’s not to brag, but that is to say that I may look at things a little differently than the average Joe – and there’s always a benefit in seeing something from another person’s point-of-view. 

I’m interested in providing you with the pros and cons, which will hopefully also entail the nature of Sam’s approach and what might be beneficial for you – and what maybe could have been included to round out the package and deliver something you can profit massively from (if there are any items that could be beneficially tacked onto the training course). 

With a consulting business model, like with anything, you can always look something with a good, better, or best aspect, but the bottom line is that there are opportunities everywhere – so we to look at what each coach or mentor that’s being evaluated are doing well on this blog. 

If they weren’t doing something beneficial, then they wouldn’t have success stories of their students to share; and they do.

Who am I?

I’m the guy writing the review that has amassed a handsome $50,000.00 in passive monthly income from a butt-kicking business model called local lead generation

In addition to the awesome income, it’s allowed me to buy back a lot of my time that I’ve originally spent building my online business – so I have hired a team that works for me and gives me more time freedom to write reviews here for you. 

That gives me more time to establish revenue streams like this tree service lead gen site which pays me a high-income on a recurring basis for the work I’ve done one-time. Check it out below here…

The hopeful purpose of this blog, however, is to provide some insight and help you make smarter decisions about where to spend your time and hard-earned money when exploring business ventures from home on the internet. 

If you’ve never started one, then welcome to the one place on the world wide web.

I’m hoping your review here will deliver you with the most information around.

I’d like to contribute to your due diligence research and help reduce the time it could take you to figure out just what would be a great fit to launch your first side-hustle if you were to invest in some guidance by way of a coaching program.

You know, the kind of gig that can provide you with the peace of mind that stems from confidently generating part-time income without adding a second job to your daily regimen.

On the other hand, someone else who might be reading this could be someone who already enjoys success in business ventures of their own – whether online or not – and are simply considering expanding their already successful portfolio of business ventures. 

Welcome one and welcome all; I’m glad we can engage in some friendly, mutually-edifying dialogue here. 

The method of approach that Mr. Sam Ovens seems to give includes being the person in the middle that relays resources and allocates business like a hustler of sorts.  That’s not to say that this business model is in any bad way… it’s just uncommon. 

We’re used to engaging in work where we trade time for dollars – imagine if I hired someone to write this blog post for me; I would pay them x amount of dollars to delivery amount of results. 

This isn’t math class so I won’t go much further than that, but I want to help bring some awareness to what we are all accustomed to when it comes to the traditional methods of earning a living – we’re employees.

In the business world, what we get to do is create our own patterns by which we live and operate, which includes methods of approach to fulfilling a similar task that other competitors might have figured out. 

Just like the good old John David Rockefeller of Standard Oil accomplished so many years ago, he figured out how to undercut the prices of the competition and earn the business of his competitor’s clients. 

I’ll leave that for you to decide if that’s considered unethical or just aggressive, capitalistic business acumen. 

What I’m here to discuss, however, is the method in which Sam Ovens prefers to recommend doing business for the students that purchase his premium training program called Consulting Accelerator. 

In a nutshell, here’s what I can gather about Mr. Ovens recommended business model for his students:

  • Establish a list of pre-arranged sales appointments
  • Connect with the prospective buyer
  • Close the deal and collect payment (thus, the simple art of sales)
  • Outsource the labor to a third-party and pay them a portion of the proceeds
  • Pocket the rest (after costs of doing business of course; we have to remain ethical in our operations here)

Like his recommendations, I have hired some team members to perform some of the other mundane operations of business – like accounting, etc. 

Some of the work I enjoy doing and would prefer to stay engaged with. 

I’d echo that same advice to anyone else looking to get started with an internet-based business venture:

Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.  If there’s an aspect of the business you enjoy, outsource the parts that you don’t enjoy and look forward to going to work for yourself every day of the week. 

Now, on to what more about Mr. Ovens: the man behind Consulting Accelerator…

How Sam Ovens Evolved into His Understanding of Consulting

Hailing all the way from his founding roots in Australia, Mr. Sam Ovens got his great start in facilitating the needs of local small businesses via expanding their online presence thru designing websites and mapping out plans to deliver results in internet marketing. 

What may not be so common knowledge is that Mr. Ovens hardly performed any of the actual labor of delivering the products or results of those business agreements made with high-paying business owners. 

In order to move such a business model forward, Sam had to first know what he was talking about by…

  • Studying up on the industry he was laboring in
  • Understanding the language, terminology, what was possible with digital marketing and an online web presence, common pricing points, objection circumvention, and more
  • Build a network of experts that would assist him in his efforts
  • Agree to compensation plans for his teams and acquire buy-in from his prospective clients

As any growing business can hope for, Sam’s reputation preceded him as his company and reputation in Australia grew and grew. 

Thanks to the close internetworking of the world wide web, word got around about the results that Mr. Ovens was achieving for small businesses. 

People would seek him out and offer a consulting fee for this ever-learning, ever-business growing young lad to come in and instruct the marketing team or the business owner on what he knew with how to deliver results – the ideal result being to utilize a web presence to acquire more business for the company’s bottom line. 

How can someone that no one had ever heard about all of a sudden be the person that people are paying tens of thousands of dollars for a little bit of his time?

It’s a straightforward answer, really…

Sam developed his knowledge and skill of business management, being the middleman of his industry, and what all aspects of growing a business with the help of the internet were required in order to achieve the desired result. 

After multiple successes, people sought him out to see if he could assist them in accomplishing for their business what he had helped so many other businesses to do before being found by these new perspective, hungry business owners that sought one thing: results! 

And Sam had a track record of getting results for others, so maybe he could do the same for them. 

In other words, Mr. Ovens turned himself into someone with a high-income skill that could deliver a result, thus making himself extremely valuable in the marketplace because of the value he could bring to the negotiation table. 

Beyond the consulting phase of his business model – meaning he could instruct companies or individuals (1-on-1 consulting) – Sam then shifted his focus to grouping clients together in a coaching style of mentorship. 

His master-class style of training would edify audiences – both large and small.  People would actively seek him out and pay a handsome penny to hear about what he had to say. 

Ultimately, the Consulting Accelerator was the next logical progression in his opportunities with business.

By design, Sam Ovens was positioned (better than ever) to help more people without exhausting his time since countless people were trying to throw money at the guy and ask them for exclusive help. 

Let’s see if we can get a series of photos here to try and reconstruct the progression of Sam Ovens’ career in a pictograph form… This should be fun…

Sam talks about a severe misfortune in the online coaching and mentoring world that exists, and he probably illustrates it this way due to the great disservice brought about by unknowledgeable, self-proclaimed experts.

It is rather bothersome how some of those people — who can afford to pitch training programs but don’t really know what they’re talking about — try to pass themselves off as the go-to experts in their respective field(s) simply for the sake of hoping to swindle you into giving them some would-be profits.

I’m not gonna lie here; I really appreciate his mentioning something to that effect, and add that I couldn’t agree more! 

If someone doesn’t actually learn a skill, let alone master it then compose an online coaching program to mentor others in that skill, then I believe it’s safe to identify such behavior as premature and inappropriate. 

To your misfortune, now, there are tons of people online that are trying to pitch their own rendition of “Join this program and make tons of money”.

In the grander scheme of it all, you can end up receiving (more often times than not) falsities from people who are:

  • none-the-wiser than yourself about the same topic they’re presenting
  • probably aren’t competent in their field, and
  • would rather take your money than help you succeed. 

We see it everywhere now, especially in the physical products marketing spectrum of Amazon FBA Business, dropshipping, Shopify, and other e-Commerce approaches to turning a profit online; it’s a borderline pandemic – well, that might be an extreme illustration, but not far off from being true. 

I can appreciate the allure that comes from someone hoping to begin their own coaching program.

  • You can scale it out quickly because of the low start-up cost requirements (there really isn’t much)
  • The time investment can be a pain because it can take hours to record, then record, and then record for multiple takes all these videos that you would hope to get just right for your customers
  • Modeling others can be its own form of flattery, but to compete with experts could probably make you look like an expert too
  • You only have to make the course one-time, post the videos, and then design the membership website
  • Charge admission for a high-ticket price and all you have to do is process payment, and follow that up with a password registration
  • BOOM!  You’re done and you’re officially a self-proclaimed expert with an online coaching platform to market to the masses

However, one has to question why some other people are jumping into the business model when they probably haven’t had as much success – let alone enough proof for success – to be regarded as achieving a mastery level of experience in their respective discipline… especially with what they’re trying to coach others in being proficient with. 

My claim against this trend is as follows…

I identify a trend like this as somewhat of the blind leading the blind – especially in a metaphorical sea full of frauds. 

There’s absolutely no logical sense behind entering the “wonderful world of coaching” simply because you can’t generate an income with the business model you’ve attempted and personally failed at. 

If I could give a #1 piece of advice to anyone that is exploring the wonderful plethora of coaching courses out there – and hoping to find one that is credible and worth investing in so you, too, can turn your side-hustle in an entrepreneurial dream come true of a successful business venture (without adding an extra job to your time)…

I would suggest that you evaluate the people who are pitching you a coaching program that claims you can invest and learn how to turn a profit with them online and see if they actually have their own side-hustle that produces a handsome income for that self-proclaimed coach above and beyond the coaching program itself. 

We can only hope that those coaches in the world wide web have developed enough of an education base where they know how to tweak objectives and methodologies to work to our advantage and help us produce our first few dollars online because they had successfully done it for themselves first. 

In addition, we also hope that these methodologies have worked for other students that they have coached and/or mentored in building their very own side-hustles to be able to testify to the tactics, techniques and high-income skills educated on in the coaching course – so that you, too, could invest and build your own profitable business, too. 

In a last-ditch effort, it might be rude to ask this to someone and I haven’t met a coach that would actually do it, but I would like to stake the claim that if you want to take the advice of someone who claims to be an expert – and they sound so incredibly shady that it’s hard to believe a word they’re saying or they have so little proof about them that you can’t make out heads from tails…

Challenge the self-proclaimed coach and ask to see proof of their having generated the level of profits that they advertise to have produced for themselves with the strategies they are trying to ask you to buy into. 

Even then, you may not get an honest answer, and with digital technology and screenshot/photoshopping software, it’s still hard to believe some people sometimes. 

That’s really unfortunate though. 

The bad apples in the mix give credible people like my mentor a poor reputation that they never wanted to have in the first place. 

When I found my local lead generation coach, he was down-to-earth, I could relate to the guy, his story made a lot of sense of how he got started, and he had actually walked what he was talking about for years before I had ever heard of him. 

I’m really glad I resonated with his message and chose to get started because it wasn’t long after that I was producing more on my side-hustle in local lead generation for small businesses than in my full-time job of a measly $35k annual salary. 

By the end of my first year, I was making $10,000 every month in passive income – meaning the money was coming to me whether I wanted it or not, regardless of if I continued to work on my side-hustle or not. 

The success stories were of real people, not paid actors. 

The Private Facebook group was filled with people who spoke the language, communicated landing success, and you could just tell that everything was right as it should be to acknowledge that I had made a wise decision. 

I’m not saying don’t give something a try, but I am inviting you to do your homework and make sure that who you’re taking advice from has achieved the type of success that you want to reach after. 

I really appreciate the phrase that success leaves clues, and if the people I was getting acquainted with were living in a better situation than I was –

If they owned or rented something with better conditions than a run-down apartment in downtown Detroit that let the cold seep in through the wall cracks and window seals on a breezy, bone-chilling 0-degree wintery day, then I knew there was some value to what was being presented…

I knew that there were opportunities ahead if I just kept my head down and grind every evening. 

Fast-forward to today, I’m now raking in well over $50k every month, I have full control over the lead gen sites that leverage free traffic for me to profit off of without having to do anything with them (in terms of maintenance), and I get to spend my time investing in courses like this so you can get the 4-1-1.

Bottom line here is to perform your due diligence and ensure that these people have done the work to achieve the level of success that you want before you invest in the knowledge to develop the high-income skill that you believe you can duplicate to have equal or greater results with. 

It’s a bold move and takes courage and confidence to step into the world of entrepreneurship – whether it’s online or not.  However, if I never did this, I would still be working at that dead-end, $35k salary dead-end job and shivering on those cold winter nights, just to wake up and walk to work in deep snow.

I’m glad I don’t have to walk in snow anymore if I really don’t want to! 

You too can make a chance if you want to explore our coaching program where we teach you exactly what we did to amass our success and you can duplicate what we’ve done to create success for yourself.

Do I Have to Consult for Businesses?

This could sound a little ambiguous, but roll with me here for a moment. 

With my lead generation business model, I really don’t do any of the highly technical, manual labor anymore. 

Essentially, here’s what I started doing only a few years ago to get my feet wet in my high-income skill of generating leads through free organic traffic from search results to local small businesses:

  1. Quickly piece together a lead gen website
  2. Rank it with to the top of search results like superglue
  3. Send leads to a local business
  4. Profit massively!!!

Now, I have people in my organization that do things like this for me; I ask them to do it and they hook me up (for a fair price, of course).

In fact, I’ve got 4 real people on my payroll, 2 of which are virtual assistants (VAs) at a distance (the Philippines) but they all are under my company name and work directly for me. 

That means I’m not exactly outsourcing in much like what Sam Ovens teaches – or preaches, as it were. 

That’s not to say that Mr. Ovens business model is “wrong” or “right,” it’s simply a different way of doing business than what I am accustomed to.  They both do the trick – which is to turn a profit in an ethical, long-term way – so it’s really up to you to do decide what is a better fit for you. 

I will include the fact that my profit margins are significantly higher than most that trend more toward the outsourcing type of business operations. 

How, you might ask? 

Since I’m not referring the business out to a different company, I can provide better quality control over what gets done when my good name and reputation are on the line to my clientele. 

In terms of scalability, I can still expand my business out as much as I’d prefer. 

Anytime you shift from a person-dependent program to a system-dependent business model (thank you, Mr. Henry Ford, for the assembly line, system-operation business model), you can free up your time to build your business as large as you’d like. 

I’ve hired people who I know are very competent and skilled at their respective trade – so that allows me to focus more on the things that I know will generate more revenue and expand what I want to have done in my operation. 

  • Build more lead gen sites
  • Build this blog:
  • Bring value to everyone I meet and interact with (either through this blog or in prospective client meetings to help them build their businesses, too)

I’m not going to knock it, though; outsource if you’re into…

  • Not having the work done in-house
  • Comfortable with shelling out larger portions of your profits (thereby reducing your profit margins, but we don’t have to get mad at our money if we don’t want to)
  • You encounter someone who can deliver on time and at the level of quality that appreciate (meaning delivering a product you can feel confident providing to your client and best feel that it reflects positively on what you would have done yourself if you hadn’t outsourced the work)

For me, I’m rather pleased to have built and designed my business to be in my position and having learned the high-income skills that I have no hired out for.

I’m still the middleman, of sorts, but I simply have a more thorough, working knowledge than what Sam Ovens identifies with having the competency for when he got his start in serving local businesses.

Why am I happy to know the inner workings of what I’m now hiring out for?

If I know what I’m hiring others to do, I feel a greater sense of confidence in what I’m looking for in the people that I’m hiring out.  We can discuss in greater depth later, though.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, then – in my opinion – you’re better off honing your skillset. 

Yes, I will gladly promote the lead generation coaching program that has given me so much and helped me get my great start in generating a solid income online. 

It’s also the coaching program where we provide students with the raw, unadulterated skills that I learned only a few short years ago of lead generation for small businesses. 

However, I do this in my spare time, and in addition to expanding my own local lead generation service for the same target market that I’m teaching others to reach out and help. 

Am I generating more competition for myself?

Not necessarily. 

I mean, sure there are vantage points where students may end up randomly building their lead gen sites in the same industry where I’m currently helping business owners and generating my own profits. 

Although, there are tons of cities and industries to select from – there’s more than enough businesses to help and profits to go around; I wouldn’t be worried.  

Besides, the internet and the world of small businesses and local service providers really aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so I’m confident that my side-hustle is secure and my entrepreneurship has a long, bright future ahead of itself. 

I can attest that the primary coach of this lead gen coaching program performed some 1-on-1 coaching prior to collecting his thoughts and skills into a video training which we now know as our online course; he’s also contributing to other businesses in a consulting fashion. 

The ultimate proof of strong performance comes from that first stage of the evolutionary chart (see above) and that what my coach did in the very beginning (long before the coaching program was a thought in his mind):

He provided Done For You Lead Generation Service for small businesses – just like what he taught me and exactly what I’m referring to now with you.   

See, when you hone your high-income skills and live in the trenches of delivering results for your customers, you’re building your reputation and trust in the world of entrepreneurship. 

You’re walking the talk and practicing what you preach, which I think establishes the foundation of what can turn someone into an epic consultant or coach – perhaps even the best in the industry.

I’m a firm believer in rolling deep with what you offer – meaning that you know what each phase of your coaching program requires in order to put it into action and have it help you (or even a newbie) to deliver an intended result. 

Without that experience, there just seems to be a lack of confidence, substance, and sincerity when advertising your coaching or consulting program that was decidedly put together. 

Prospective buyers have a tendency to pick up on that and see right through what you think you have to offer if you’re a fraud. 

If, however, you come from a standpoint of genuine experience and have developed the high-income skill that you advocate having the capability to instruct on, then it makes sense to have the next step in your career be that of a consultant or coach. 

Even if you don’t become one, you can still use your high-income skill to make the types of revenue that you can live your life in a fulfilling manner with.

You can become a philanthropist, give to charities, take vacations and build memories that last a lifetime with your spouse and children, have pictures from exotic places hanging up in the office of where you choose to continue working (if you want). 

For those that decide to become a coach, they can clear up the murky waters of the coaching industry and give a breath of fresh air to those that are actively seeking for an opportunity to start a side-hustle online and change their life with a side-income…

That can make the difference between eating ramen noodles and being cold for the winter versus paying the gas bill and enjoying a meal cooked on the stove. 

Brief Overview of the Consulting Accelerator Course

First Week: Identifying Your Niche and Mastering Your Offer

  • Finding the most profitable services to market and identifying a highly profitable aspect of your ideal market
  • How to price, package, and position your services so you can charge the best price and provide your value-driven offer to your ideal, prospective clientele with ease
  • Figuring out how to package what you know into a minimum of $2,000 per month product or service that you can confidently deliver on with your current knowledge
  • Ensuring you correctly identify your consulting foundation and why it can prove fatal if you don’t do this one part well  ***Most newbies struggle for several years trying to get this right, and they still miss the boat BIG TIME; watch this segment of the training so you can focus on getting it right before continuing forward***
  • Dial this part of the training is within the first week

Second Week: Getting the Consultation Strategy Rock Solid

  • How to conduct yourself so you can acquire 25% of your calls into customers from the beginning; learn to perform the ideal consultation with this section of the training
  • Get my script that has been tested, tried, and proven with over 1,500 phone-call based client consultations.  You’ll get the refined, re-mastered version of both the script and the reasoning/methodology behind why it’s helpful for you to use as-is
  • Get a database of recorded telephone calls so you can listen in to how this master script was used and how can refine your skills to match the level of professionalism before you get on the phone with prospective buyers yourself
  • Learning the insider methods to collecting payment information from your new buyer during the phone call (and the many options you can have for this – whether it’s over the phone or through an internet connection).  You’ll also be directed on how to get yourself situated with your own merchant account so you can be ready to take payments right away
  • You get to this point within 14 days of the training – if you follow the training to the letter and don’t deviate.  Follow the training as it was designed because it’s what you paid for and it’s been designed for your optimal success.  Failure to do so can leave you with generating tons of appointments where you have the opportunity to close deals but end up without paying clientele, thereby leaving you with potentially tens of thousands of dollars on the negotiating table instead of in your possession as profitable, discretionary business income

Third Week: 3 Methods to Acquiring Clients Naturally – and Fast

  • Three “PROVEN” strategies for acquiring those ideal, high-paying clients FAST, and without spending any cash on any sort of advertising
  • Since we anticipate your commitment to this program, we’re eager to see you acquire your first few paying clients within 30 days of beginning the Consulting Accelerator – and long before you even consider implementing Facebook Ads – and this section is intended to demonstrate exactly how to do just that
  • First Method: We give you exactly what to duplicate to send in Direct Mail outreach
  • Second Method: We, again, deliver what you need to use in your Direct Email Outreach
  • Third Method: How you can leverage a casual Facebook Postings to acquire high-paying clients
  • Within the first 3 weeks of beginning this program, we get you in position to start getting paid – all without spending cash on paid, digital advertising strategies.  If you don’t follow our recommendations, you could find yourself becoming a statistic with the masses who wanted to do it on their own and ended taking half-a-year to an entire calendar year (if that) to achieve their first client that converted into gross revenue for the consulting business that you’ve just launched and worked so hard to build

Fourth Week: Orchestrating and Refining your Client-Consulting Appointment Generation Machine

  • Our Step-By-Step, complete recommendations of what we’ve done (and what will happily train you to do) in order to simply engineer your very own system that generates appointments for you
  • We give you the landing page templates so you can simply click a few buttons (quite literally) and be up and running
  • You get to model from exactly what I have done – and done successfully, time and time again – by being given my exact slides and script to make your very own “value video”; all you need to do in order to customize it is exchange your information with what I had put down for my specific niche
  • I’ll orient you toward all the moving parts of the machine; you will get the exact list of what I had implemented for generating appointments – each software I recommend (and have personally used) and how to implement it within the system so it works as if I did it and it might be used as my own system
  • I’ll hand this system strategy and blueprint to implement so you can be up and running with generating appointments on your own call-scheduling platform within your first 28 days of joining the Consulting Accelerator coaching and mentoring program.  If you were try and figure this out on your own, you’d be looking at well over $50k in financial costs and testing and tweaking that can set you back over 300 hours just in getting this process refined

Fifth Week: Establishing Facebook Campaigns That Succeed

  • Now that you have your appointment setting process tuned up and ready to receive attention, you’ve officially positioned yourself to get some ideal prospective buyers checking out what you’ve got and helping your consulting business from start to officially launched!!!
  • Ready to get wildly successful with your Facebook Advertising campaigns?  Learn how we had managed to set prospective client appointments for around $30 USD per call and close to $120 USD to land fully-paid new clients (that’s 1 in 4 conversion rate for the conversations held from a pre-scheduling method of attention-getting through Facebook Ads).  You get our step-by-step approach what to do, how we launched our ads, and what you can do to get specifically refined with what can work for you in the testing phase and as you improve your methods and scale up
  • You get access to the templates for the ads that worked like a charm, advice on how to select your audience targeting, costly mistakes that we’ve taken which you can watch out for, and strategic wisdom on how to assess, adjust, and otherwise manage your ad campaign (and ad spend) from day-to-day
  • I, your Consulting Accelerator coach (Sam Ovens), have invested nearly a quarter of a million USD (that’s $230,000.00+) to learn how to use – and adjust – Facebook Ads from the best of paid strategy digital marketers; it’s here that I reduce the complexities of Facebook Ads into a step-by-step education and deliver it to you on a silver platter.  You get everything that I know and have done, including how I’ve chosen to spend over three-quarters of a million dollars (yes, $750,000+ USD) on Facebook Ads in order to acquire new business – it was obviously not an expense, but an investment
  • Ready to get your client acquisition strategy organized, working for you, and dialed in within 47 days of beginning your Consulting Accelerator journey?  Where other people misstep, attempt to spend their own tens of thousands of dollars and nearly 6 months attempting to figure this crucial step out for themselves, prior to giving up on their dreams of entrepreneurship and finding themselves in a heap of frustration, feelings of failure, and lonely, hopeless debt, we are happy to help you get positioned for maximum profits and orient you toward your achieving your goals by week 5; just stick with us, follow our recommendations, and keep up the great hustle!

Sixth Week: Taking Your Business Toward 6 Figures in Profits and More

  • By week 6, you should already be rocking, rolling, and raking in the dough.  From here, we advise on how to expand your business model to greater, new heights of achievement! 
  • You get to be counseled by those with success on your must-haves for your business to operate ethically, legally, and appropriately (we’re not lawyers and don’t pretend to give legal advice but we’re happy to make recommendations on things that you should think about and may want to consider approaching an attorney about if you have any follow-up questions about your specific matter and in your specific neck of the woods).  This can include things like establishing your company’s terms and conditions – especially if you operate on a website or deal with certain levels of agreements between yourself and your clientele, any sort of proposal templates that bind you and your client to certain activities that are required of each of you in the client and service provider relationship, contracts (of course), and more.  Just knowing what to ask about, what to think about, and what to go after having in-place for your business model can rescue you from spending darn close to $5,000.00 just in consultation and retainer fees from law firms! 
  • Methods to being able to position yourself as the industry expert, thereby calling for raising your prices or outright demanding higher prices from the get!
  • Interested in spending less to acquire and expand your business with more clientele?  Follow our three-point referral system to inspire all of your satisfied customers to connect you with 2-3 of your ideal buyers for you
  • Outsourcing/hiring people to take your pre-arranged sales appointments to allow you to increase your volume of sales opportunities and begin looking toward the multiple 6-figure or even 7-figure salaries in a year… maybe even in a month your efforts progress! 

My Opinion: The Pros and Cons to Consulting Accelerator

One of the many exciting things about Sam Ovens teachings is that you can get an introduction to the world of business from the ground floor. 

He admonishes that he can take people who’ve never been involved in business before and bring them to launching a consulting business that caters to their individual strengths and knowledge. 

Then, it brings these same newbies, after some education and hand-holding training (let’s be honest, they’ve never done anything like this before – well, most of the anticipated students, anyway), to leverage Facebook Ads and other free methods of advertising to acquire sales appointments, then leverage done-for-you (DFY) scripts to get the deals closed out and cash flowing…

That way, the newbie can be in profit mode within a matter of weeks and allow the newly formed business to expand even faster with some additional guidance in the coming weeks of the Consulting Accelerator.

From my vantage-point, Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator is better suited for those that have already established a well-defined, proficient-level of confidence in their own high-income skill prior to investing in this coaching course. 

How come? 

Well, it’s a fair question – especially considering that this program appears (from initial inspection) to have covered every base necessary to help a newbie grow to a new height of success they might have never realized if it hadn’t before for Sam Ovens.

When a coach steps up their game and delivers, it shows their willingness to compose an online version of his or her knowledge, wisdom, and resources for other people to duplicate and cater to their preferences and style. 

What I don’t see Mr. Ovens teaching is a specific trade or skill that can allow a person to become an expert at their field, thereby becoming worthy of being modeled and getting to teach others something of significant value. 

What I see missing from the Consulting Accelerator includes the required level of proficiency – and/or the steps one must take in order to develop – in a high-income skill that can allow someone the necessary clout to be trusted in the marketplace as the go-to authority in their industry or niche. 

I can appreciate several aspects of the program that gives the student darn close to every chance to succeed –

However, they’re positioned to be successful with every other aspect of this program except for the one component that the individual needs to bring to the table prior to investing in the Consulting Accelerator and taking Mr. Sam Ovens on as their coach and mentor: the steps required to gain the expertise to become the type of consultant they wish to be. 

For that reason, I claim that it is left up to the student to determine what type of consultant they not only want to be but whether that individual can merit the necessary qualifications in order to achieve such status as being identified in the target audience’s minds as an expert. 

There are some awesome points to the Consulting Accelerator. 

Think back to the variations and molding of each step; they’re flexible enough to be applicable to many industries, yet specific enough to engage in flexible applications while maintaining their authenticity, strength, and effectiveness to help each new consultant that successfully completes this program to be set for maximum success. 

Having checked out the content, I can appreciate the solid advice involved in expanding a business through the right approach, clear focus on whatever goal the individual has in mind, and it’s even more exciting to see how each tidbit of expert advice can help just about any business model or consulting expert on the market today. 

It’s probably a better approach here to focus your business venture not around what you’re passionate about, but instead, the kind of value you can deliver for others.

There’s a big difference between selecting the industry you want to consult for when the niche aligns with what you enjoy versus becoming successful with an industry (or industries) that you help you to develop into the type of person you wish to become. 

When I participated in the Facebook group and interacted with what students were in there, I found very specific phrases and very refined names for the nature of consultants that have come out of the Consulting Accelerator training ready to do business in their respective markets.  Take a look:

  • Business Growth Consultant for Real Estate Agents and Brokers
  • The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert for Plastic Surgeons
  • Diet Consultant and Expert Personal Trainer

There’s clearly more than one type of consultant that can come from this training program. 

It’s no wonder, then, why specific skills and directions weren’t implemented in this coaching course; Mr. Sam Ovens really didn’t want to fabricate cookie-cutter consultants out of the training program that all served the same industry. 

Instead, he must have been hoping that the students would come in, explore their strengths, and mold their competencies into a field that had a demand for a consultant – and it’s self-evident that there are multitudes of industries that can be served, and even sub-niches within those that a person can get extremely specific toward (if they want to). 

How Local Lead Generation Compares to Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator

Prior to exploring the Consulting Accelerator, I had personally engaged in this local lead generation coaching program which helped me to learn very specific, high-income skills (as I’d like to call them) to deliver enormous value to small businesses. 

So naturally, I had the opportunity to make my proficiencies applicable to the coaching found in Consulting Accelerator with more ease than most, I might imagine. 

For those of you reading this that have absolutely no experience in being an entrepreneur, it may be fair to assume that Sam Ovens may be inviting you to join a coaching program that might give you a bit more than what you can chew at first. 

I’m not saying anything bad about you, but I really want you to know that it took a lot out of me to explore this mentoring program.  I mean…

I needed to find ways to have my skillsets apply to some of the lessons he was training, and then move to other lessons while keeping in mind what was taught to me in the first few lessons; I kind of got dizzy to start with. 

What was cool about how I started in the world of online business was that I was able to get my first coach through this local lead generation coaching program – where the mastermind behind it all was a simple, humble man that established successful service-based businesses multiple times over; and he basically told me everything he knows. 

After we talked, he gave me the opportunity to apply what I had learned, build my own clientele and give value to those paying me for my time and high-income skill repeatedly. 

See, with a coaching program designed like what I first went through (long before the Consulting Accelerator had come by my path), I was building more than just success; I was brand new, starting out, landing small wins and turning profits, and above all…

I was building confidence and belief not only in the process, or the fact that generating an income online was a true option and became a reality for me, but I was proving to myself that I was worth something to the marketplace and I could deliver something meaningful! 

In fact, take a look at inside our coaching program Facebook group, where I quickly found someone sharing proof of what they’re doing today…

When you get to see what value you truly bring to the marketplace through the results you produce for your clientele, and through your own personal actions (not someone else’s), this can inspire you to appreciate the authentic growth you experience – which can help you improve your confidence and business acumen.

For those of you reading this that are all about the numbers, here’s a quick thought…

Confidence probably can’t be measured through science or other tangible methods, but these are definitely positive consequences (and noticeable results) of how an entrepreneur develops from what they are able to see their efforts in their business venture achieving. 

When you refine your skills…

When you choose to deliver insurmountable value to the marketplace…

Your personal growth and confidence can be noticed and continue to develop through every sale’s call you engage with. 

You can begin to see a positive change in your certainty of how you can help change the lives of business owners…

Your portrayal of the value you know that you can deliver can be heard in your tone and overall language.

This is when you establish the reputation of an expert…

It begins with your actions that seem to make no difference in the simple act of doing them. 

Then, after time and time of again of doing them and yielding successful results, you authentically became the expert in your marketplace for that very specific result that you can achieve repeatedly.

Look, the resources in Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator are awesome! 

You’ve got sales scripts and carbon copies of things to mail out that can make anyone new to business come across like an expert. 

There’s a theory that one has to fake it in business until they’ve officially made it in business. 

Unfortunately, that’s where you’ll continue to be if dishonesty is how you want to start your business venture off. 

Until you establish confidence through your own actions, you’ll never get that

  • Underlying tone that stems from
  • Your unshakeable belief in what you do
  • In knowing the value of what you can offer, and
  • The recurring results you can confidently discuss having personally seen come about through previous clients making the free choice to become your newest client. 

Without the aforementioned points here, you can anticipate a serious struggle in acquiring your knack for sales – probably make it even 10-fold more difficult to get good at that high-income skill!

Now, if you have some proficiency in sales, or at least some exposure to landing deals prior to investing in the Consulting Accelerator, then you could have an awesome shot at making Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator work wonders for your business goals.

In order to get good at anything – and especially at sales – you’ve got to work at it; there’s really no two ways around arriving at such an end goal. 

You could always snatch up those carbon copies that came with your Consulting Accelerator membership and attempt to be the best car salesperson this side of the mighty Mississippi. 

You might struggle if you don’t have…

  • Car dealership sales experience
  • An engineering background
  • An auto-mechanic credential
  • Prior knowledge of how to build a car
  • Previous awareness on what specifications can make a car preferable or ideal over another to a consumer.

Still, take those scripts, study and practice like your future successes depend on them, and you might just be able to turn out an okay profit – even if you’ll be contracting or outsourcing the sales service that you studied hard to know a little bit about and hire someone for. 

If it was me, and I established a high-income skill to market online – such as local lead generation

This type of thing could raise me up over my competition and allow me to provide greater value than someone who barely knows what they’re trying to discuss but has every intention of outsourcing the labor once they close the deal with a new client.

There’s a very clear difference the quality of work between someone who simply has an idea of what’s possible –

When specifically compared to an expert that took time in their days to perfect and master their art — their trade — their craft — before sitting down to engage in a serious conversation with consumer on how the services can better improve the position the prospective buyer is in when they invest with you and the value you bring to the table.

It’s really a difference of night and day.

Which type of presentation would you like to impress prospective paying customers with?


Think back to any amount of exposure you might have had to athletics – whether you’ve performed in games or matches, spectated or tried out for a sport’s team, or just had (or overheard) conversations about it. 

To be successful in your specific craft – even if it’s sports – you really need to develop an individual skill in order to be a significant, contributing factor for a team. 

The same can be said for business; developing your high-income skill can make you more effective for: 

  • your personal/professional bottom line
  • it can work wonders for your confidence
  • your prospective clientele will feel you radiate certainty in what you’re talking with them about.

Think about your present amount of income. 

Then, think about the value that you are bringing to someone who is giving you the money that you’re raking in. 

It may be fair to assume that your volume of profits correlate to the level of value you’re delivering to those you serve. 

A great case in point is how I was able to take up several spots in Google search results for limo service that now pays me like clock work every month — and I made this back in 2014, and haven’t touched it since.

See the picture below — then look it up on line, if you really want to.

When you’re capable of delivering high-value based on the skill set you’ve developed, you can increase your rate of compensation due to your demand and bringing what many people seek – which can be the value that you’re offering. 

Since your knowledge, skills, even your competencies are yours – they are a very individual thing – I admonish that no one can take those things away from you.  However, you could be at risk for those skills perishing or diminishing if you don’t polish them regularly. 

When you have high-income skills that deliver high-value results, you can rest assured that you will never be without a steady income if you put your skills to work and allow them to bring you a profitable return. 

If the rumor is true, and knowledge without works is equal to death, then I hope that you take this conversation to heart and improve on your high-income skill daily or somehow invest in yourself regularly. 

Observe as the video below hosts one of my mentors – whom I appreciate and look up to sincerely – addresses the vital importance in your life on being attentive to what value you can provide for others and refining your high-income skill constantly. 

It’s great to see Sam Ovens providing wisdom on expanding your business model quickly and massively with the implementation of Facebook Ads and automation funnels. 

In order to keep up with this and make the method work for you, however, you should be prepared, comfortable, and even confident with handling a great volume of sales meetings.

Likewise, if you’re already a confident, proficient expert in the respective field that you seek to become a consultant or coach within, but you lack experience or skill, then wouldn’t it make more sense to build your service-based business model first? 

After all, you need to demonstrate proof of your capabilities and establish a laundry list of testimonials from third-parties that sing praises for you from the roof-tops. 

This can also provide you with the opportunity to refine your individual skills while delivering high-quality service in the betterment of those who seek what you have to offer. 

The Preferred High-Income Skill of 2019 is Local Lead Generation

My recommendation for where you should begin to build your entrepreneurial competencies is local lead generation for small businesses

Here’s why!

  • Your time is no longer traded for dollars.
  • The digital real estate you establish from scratch can generate results for years.
  • It’s simple; allow what you build to do the heavy lifting for you.

What can you do with the lead generation business model?

For starters, you can rake in $750 per month on multiple projects, just like what was able to do with this lead gen website posted up getting more buyers in limo rentals and party buses in Lansing, Michigan.

Check it out for yourself here…

  • Never question whether you can deliver a result
  • You do the work one time and leave the virtual real estate alone
  • Once it’s generating leads, you can rent it out and profit monthly
  • The technology helps you make a passive income, predictably
  • You can duplicate this type of success over and over, for very little investment

See, the lead gen industry inherently carries a high-income skill that you can apply to just about any city and any industry (provided the demand is there). 

Combine this knowledge with the fact that the majority of business owners simply don’t have the time, know-how, or desire to figure out how to make the internet work for them in producing recurring clientele from the local markets, and suddenly…

There is a high demand in the local region for what you have to offer in 2019! 

Still not sold on the idea? 

I don’t blame ya! 

Local lead generation was a surprise to me when I was first exposed to it only a few years ago. 

In addition to helping me to walk away from my 9 to 5 with a lousy $35k annual gross compensation (according to my paystubs, anyway), check out what else it’s now doing for me…

  • I can choose where I want to open my laptop and go to work
  • No one is keeping track of my owners – so I can sleep late in the day if I feel like it
  • The passive income from the lead gen sites I’ve ranked one-time provides me with financial security and freedom to know that I can do this on my own
  • BIGGEST PROFIT MARGINS: I don’t want to sell physical products online to get measly commissions after the cost of goods sold, tariffs, and who knows what else is dipping into my supposed “cost of doing business” – give me a break!
  • There’s hardly any competition in this space; select from multiple industries and various cities to help a prospective client gather more business using Free Traffic from search results on the internet, and you can make yourself a new, recurring client that will pay you handsomely for life! 
  • You get to make money in the same model that Airbnb and Lyft have been doing for quite some time now; you generate leads, send them to a small business owner and snatch up your sliver to deliver (and yes, it really works like that)!
  • Business Longevity: I really don’t think small businesses are going to abruptly stop and close down their endeavors to provide meaningful services to their local communities.  I also have a really good hunch that the internet isn’t going anywhere for quite some time.  It may be safe to say that the lead gen business model is here to stay! 
  • Want more pay for your monthly revenue and annual bottom line?  Open a laptop, throw together a website, super glue it to the top of Google and get a business owner to take the referrals – once again, get a cut of the action, then rinse and repeat! 

This same business model is what I’ve been using for less than a handful of years, and it’s helped me to generate $50,000.00 in monthly revenue (as I’ve said before). 

If you’re ready to get a cut of the action for yourself, click here for our coaching program that turned me into the lead gen king and progressed from seeing my annual, full-time salary turn into a monthly income from a part-time, side-hustle even to this day.   

Agency Growth Secrets IA Software by Joshua Harris – Unbiased Review

Over 5 years ago (now), a software was founded which aggregated data for the automotive field to drive targeting with Facebook Advertising methods of digital marketing…

It collects consumer data for the purpose of catering one’s Facebook Ads into a position of optimal performance – so someone can generate the highest amount of results for the lowest cost in ad spend.

Now expanding into various industries and doing the same thing for those that leverage the software, if you were to capitalize on this then that means you’ll have the capacity to place your Facebook ad (and other social media platforms that you choose to market with) before your ideal consumer to give yourself the best chances of acquiring a new (or dare I say, a repeat) customer. 

It’s this ability, according to Mr. Joshua Harris – founder of the IA Software inside of Agency Growth Secrets – that drives the cost you incur for the acquisition of each customer by as much as a quarter to three-quarters of what you might normally have to pay. 

If you’ve been in business longer than a hot minute, then there’s no surprise that there is a cost to acquiring your clients – and that’s just factored into the cost of doing business. 

I understand this and a few other principles I’m going to share with you throughout this blog post that I’ve found in the Agency Growth Secrets course because prior to exploring this coaching program, I was already successful online with my local lead generation business.

If you’re not familiar with it, that’s okay — I didn’t really hear about it either until I read a blog post like this and seriously considered investing in the business model.

I’m glad that I did because all I do now is generate referrals from free traffic on search results, and I get paid ridiculously well without having to spend any Facebook Ads money to get some customers.

It still cost me a few bucks and some time to get the lead gen website up and pasted right where I want it to get all the customers in a marketplace for free, but that’s the upfront cost of getting to not have to pay for customers day after day, for months and years.

Look, whether you’re spending time, money, or other resources in order to have a new person paying you to provide a service or deliver a quality product, everything in business has a cost associated with it. 

What’s interesting about this approach to marketing on the Facebook Advertising platform is that even with the data being given to you – which should, ultimately and hopefully, make life easier for you in some respects of your business operations – you still need to incorporate best practices with advertising. 

In the digital marketing realm, if you’re not clear how to set up, orchestrate, and leverage Facebook Ads (to include targeting, varying ad sets, 3×3 split-testing, etc.), then one might question what the value of this software would really be worth to you – especially if you owned a business and hoped to generate new referrals with this asset.

I’m happy to report that Mr. Harris’ coaching program encompasses this type of training well – the use of Facebook Ads, that is. 

Further, Joshua guides you on how to utilize the information given through this IA Software so you can have the genuine Agency Growth Secrets at your fingertips and going to work for you.

Think the data that this software gives you isn’t of great value? 

Guess again!

Data is beyond key in this marketing game; the more you know about your ideal customer and the marketplace in general, the more you can cater your marketing to meet the needs of that specific person – to include writing ad copy (meaning, the words on the marketing advertisement) – that can interrupt the pattern of the person’s daily regimen long enough to question what they’re reviewing (which, if you’re playing your cards right, is your ad). 

It’s a battle of wits, aggregating information about what you need in order to design the most ideal battle strategy and win the capitalistic war against your competitors by gathering the most market share in your neck of the industry. 

While I’ve personally gathered data and sorted it by what I seemed to have needed the most, I can appreciate the investment available in a software that can help me tackle some of the more unusual bits of information which require a little more know-how and time to collect – especially when handling some of the more unusually guarded industries someone is trying to market to; like automotive, for example. 

With time being such a precious commodity, however, perhaps paying for the data to be collected by a third-party could free up your time to grind a little more on the money-making activities directly. 

Now, yes, background homework is important; spies, generals, and marketing departments all appreciate intelligence gathering and know that what wins in the field of operations are the people who have the most applicable knowledge about where the chess pieces on the board really are – and their capabilities. 

Such information isn’t limited to the complex-natured corners of the market.  Take a quick glance at what other industries students of Mr. Harris’ Agency Growth Secrets coaching course has been able to contribute to…

  • Fitness Centers and marketing agencies that support gyms
  • Dental practices
  • Doctor of Chiropractic offices
  • Offices specializing in a new type of treatment, known as coolsculpting
  • …and many more business-types!

While some might hesitate to invest in something that they’ve never tried on their own before, sometimes testimonials can really speak volumes for the validity of what value is available for a small investment – even if it’s a recurring membership fee in order to have access to such a resource!

What Joshua’s AI Software and machining resource is designed to leverage allows your proficiency in Facebook targeting to become much more focused. 

Specific audiences in regions, interests, work profiles, etc. can facilitate your efforts so you have the unusual edge over your competition in pushing Facebook Ads to the right buyers that you wish to get in front of from the very beginning.

Why is this so precious, though?

If you were digging into generating leads through free search traffic like in local lead generation for small businesses, you’d be gathering targeted traffic that could be hungry buyers.

They are real people, just like you and I, that are seeking the product or service that you are offering (or that your client is, if you’re an agency or affiliate marketer).

The point is that you could get your traffic of buyers through a few different ways here:

  1. High-intent buyer keywords that generate targeted traffic of ideal buyers through free organic traffic from search results
  2. Buy your traffic through a medium like Facebook Advertising

When you’re pushing out a Facebook Ad, you’re really borrowing from Facebook the aggregated information that the company has compiled into groups. 

It’s still people and the information that they’ve chosen to share with Facebook. 

However, you’re really subjecting yourself to the choices that Facebook Advertising has made, in their opinion, to appropriately identify their social media users via an organized, and assorted fashion. 

What does that mean for your targeting and your Facebook Ad, in general?

Honestly?  You might not like what I have to say next…

It means that you are asking Facebook to place your ad in front of people that it thinks your ad is appropriate for – and that might not always be the case. 

However, you’re paying for the Facebook Ads platform sorting so you can get in front of people that Facebook believes are a good fit – even if they aren’t the best candidates for you to ask to buy your product or service ultimately. 

With this AI Software, you get to cut through all the noise and ask Facebook to target very specific people so that you waste as little money as possible and hope for a higher return on investment (ROI) through this data aggregation. 

That’s what your competitive edge is, and that’s how the information gets utilized in your marketing strategy on the paid traffic platform of Facebook. 

Although the collection of this information is funneled through partnerships with larger industry companies, the information provided in the software can also be applicable to local markets and smaller industries – maybe even e-Commerce, if you really wanted to use it for that.

The value of Facebook Ads versus Local Lead Generation

It’s no surprise that you’re paying for any action to be taken on the Facebook Ads platform.  If you haven’t tried it yet, then you’ll notice really quickly how the place works when they expect you to put your credit card in or else it does nothing.

There is a serious contrast between this marketing concept and free organic traffic generated from the world wide web’s search engine results. 

With Facebook, you can reach a large audience immediately with just a few bucks in ad spend on a daily basis; and if you want to advertise to more people in a shorter amount of time, then all you have to do is increase your budget either by the cost per action (whether it’s per click, per impression, per conversion – meaning when someone is tracked to hav taken an action like land on a web page or buy a product, etc.), or just pushing more people to see a specific page. 

The point here is that the more attention one gathers in the marketplace, the higher chance s/he may have at winning in their respective industry.  

Of course, that traffic has to be composed of a ton of ideal buyers, or otherwise, the marketing strategy boils down to nothing more than wasted money. 

You have a higher risk of attracting those kinds of people with Facebook Ads than you do with targeted search term traffic on Google search.

Why would that be, though?

For one, Google search results are catered toward bringing the most relevant search results to the person performing the search query. 

If I asked for pizza places near me, I probably wouldn’t get a list of hardware shops because that’s not what I’m asking Google to help me find. 

Likewise, if I were asking Google to help me find the best prom dresses, then it would most likely populate samples of prom dresses, websites that talk about the best ones, and maybe even some local shops near the person performing the search. 

If you can position a web property that you own – talking about your product or service – at the top of those search results for a relevant search term, then you could be in luck because that could be very targeted traffic coming to see what you have to offer. 

As an example of local lead generation being an advantage in the marketplace, I was able to get this limo rental company a ton of referrals by putting up a lead gen site that ranked at the top of the map listing (what I like to call the “map pack”) and the organic search results underneath that map listing. 

Check it out…

As you can see, when you put something in the top search results, magical things can happen.

And the best part of it all…

The results were FREE!!! I didn’t have to pay per impression, per action the customer took, or even to have a swarm of traffic over to my offer. 

Sure, there were some resources spent on getting this setup, but no longer than 6 hours worth of labor to paste these to the top of Google search results. 

In the end, the money coming from that is ridiculous and pays me month after month.  Better yet, I don’t even have to touch the web property – and I haven’t for over 4 years to-date, and I still generate profits off of it. 

That, my friends, is real passive income.

Advancing your Competitive Edge in the Marketplace

As stated above, you can gather gobs and swarms of important information from various industries to help you identify who the prospective buyers are and what makes sense to target with your marketing approach in Facebook Ads. 

This can include…

  • Age
  • Personal interests
  • Demographics
  • Character features and hobbies

You really can be assisted by the AI software to find your most ideal customer for the Facebook Advertising platform to cater to your every need.

The Benefit: lower rates that your competition will have to pay since they don’t have the knowledge you do. 

Any business owner is happy to spare a few bucks on a software like this if it translates into a higher return on investment (ROI). 

It could be argued that free organic web traffic through search results can rival this, but if your exclusive marketing effort is Facebook Ads, then this could be a good stepping stone for your marketing budget.

Here’s a reality check for ya…

Look, I don’t mind being the bad guy and delivering bad news if it means helping you to make educated decisions on what you choose to invest your hard-earned money in as you start your entrepreneurial endeavors – and for those of you reading this that are already successful and have some spare change to try something new, you might wanna review this article and others on this blog before jumping into something without your business venture “floaties” on.

Everyone and their grandmother seem to be jumping into the adventure of launching their own digital marketing agency with Facebook Ads. 

That means that the industry of Facebook Advertising usage can really crank up the competition for you, and that also means higher costs for your Facebook Ads promotions –

There’s going to come certain points in time where all these so-called “gurus” of coaching Facebook ads for high-ticket paying students (who want to start their own digital marketing agency) are going to reach such a huge student population that the marketplace will bring a saturation of people trying to do the exact same things that you will attempt as a student of the Agency Growth Secrets program. 

Your knowledge and data points won’t mean much after that, because anything you try can still cost an arm and a leg in advertising costs. 

When people bid on the same nature of ads, it’s just a matter of time before Facebook charges more on their advertising platform to test who really wants it more – and who is willing to pay more to get the web traffic. 

Who ends up profiting most?  Facebook!

Who loses the most money? Everyone trying to advertise on Facebook!

See, with local lead generation and marketing with free traffic on search, I really don’t have to spend money daily in order to acquire more web traffic and serious, targeted buyers. Investing in the work one time can bring a lifetime of results.

For those that stick with Facebook Ads, this means that digital marketing agencies that specialize in local lead generation with paid traffic options will have to lower their prices.

Why, though?

Since tons of people are coming out of the woodwork to try and acquire the same local service provider as a client, they could end up bidding on Facebook for the same traffic — and since it’s an auction style of an advertising platform, there’s going to be a winner even though everyone doesn’t know who that is but are still paying for traffic.. 

Thanks to Joshua Harris’ AI Software – made available in the Agency Growth Secrets course – your ads can grow more efficient and effective, reducing costs catering your ad sets to compile the most specific type of audience from information collected across big data companies for industries that you seek to promote for and/or within. 

Regardless of how the market might change or how saturated the Facebook Ads platform might come to be if you want to save your marketing dollars and also drive down your personal costs for advertising to the lowest amount possible…

You can’t go wrong with Joshua Harris Agency Growth Secrets AI Software. 


This blog is intended to deliver quality information for anyone looking to start a business online, and especially to be a brief source of wisdom for anyone looking to test the waters with a specific coaching course that advocates they can help you start your own side-hustle of a profitable income online by starting your own business using the internet. 

I can testify that the laptop luxury lifestyle is quite epic – and I enjoy it very much. 

I didn’t always live this way though, and I only got here from picking the right course that as such a perfect fit for me that I was able to generate wealth quickly – with super-high profit margins and an opportunity to work in my spare-time with little start-up capital. 

How little? 

I won’t be obnoxious and throw out numbers because every person is different and that means their journey in entrepreneurship will be different in terms of…

  • how hard they work
  • how much they have to get started
  • how tenacious they are to get in, get started, and get their hands dirty to fail forward toward their goals and dreams. 

I will say that, for me, local lead generation for small businesses was how I was able to tell my boss to take a hike within a year of starting my side-hustle in local lead generation and be free of my 9 to 5. 

I was able to generate a side-income of $10,000.00 per month that allowed me to have some flexibility and options on how I wanted to spend my time – and that side-income really put some perspective on the $35k per year that unforgiving full-time job was giving me. 

I will attest to my digging into Mr. Harris’ software and exploring how it can actually provide an advantage over the competition. 

Not only is it legit, but for digital marketing agency owners that leverage Facebook Ads as their sole income source, this would be a very intelligent move to invest in. 

There is a similar software on the market for another pay-per-click (PPC) platform called Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) which has allowed me to significantly reduce my cost per buyer by as much as 33% (on average). 

That’s not to guarantee that you could see the same kind of results or advantages, but I will confess that Joshua is on to something with what he is making available for the masses here. 

What’s really cool about Mr. Harris’ team of experts is that they have offered tons of cash to acquire this information from large companies that mine big data – and they’ve packaged it into something that you can make good on for a small investment and jack up the power on your Facebook Advertising performance metrics. 

For me, I personally began reallocating my attention from the Facebook Ads platform in the Autumn season of 2017. 

Why would I say that after all the good things I’ve said about Joshua’s software and the power of Facebook Ads?

There’s no shame in claiming that it’s not for me.

I was looking for something a little more passive than what a Facebook Ads strategy can provide for me.

Add to that the fact that results and costs on Facebook vary way too much for me; the metrics bounce a lot and are simply far too inconsistent for me to handle. 

It’s not to say that it’s a bad way to go for people who fall in love with this kind of platform, but with what I’m looking for in a business model and lifestyle with my business –

This just doesn’t fit my wants, needs, comfort-level, or accommodate how I wish to spend my time…

I’d rather not be a slave to a computer that I nervously check every 5 seconds to see if my cost per action in Facebook Ads started going up so I can adjust immediately and save the amount that I’m spending on any given ad. 

Eventually, my excitement fell to the wayside and I was what I would call “burnt out.” 

The clients were too demanding and wanting to micromanage every detail that I was handling as their “hired expert” on a monthly basis – and that was just one company I was handling. 

Then tack onto that 2 handfuls worth of clients that want to step up and nitpick everything you’re doing to advertise as their agent online. 

I won’t deny that it’s manageable and can present a handsome return for you financially, and 10 clients may be too much to handle — regardless of whether you’re full-time and available to handle that in this type of a business model. 

If you want to expand beyond something like this, however, then it’s probably not going to end in a pretty picture for you. 

You can find yourself…

  • Overwhelmed
  • Undercompensated
  • Discovering more work constantly coming your way
  • And, now, you’ve become a slave to a new job

If you’re trying to work this as a side-hustle, you can probably count on this now being a distracting second job that you think about throughout the day while you’re at your place of employment for 8 to 12 hours. 

Think you can spare some time to take for vacationing? 

…you might be able to wing that, but you’ll have that little voice in the back of your head constantly nagging at you to worry about all the accounts you’re trying to balance.

I wouldn’t want to be scuba diving in Cozumel, Mexico, with friends, family and a date, just to be several feet under the surface and question whether my Facebook Advertising strategies are working, keeping advertising expenses low, and delivering high returns for my clientele as a colorful school of fish swim past us.

Let’s say you wanted to expand and take on double the maximum that I had just recommended –

Can you see yourself bringing on 20 clients and providing each of them the highest quality of service that you can provide? 

I’ve officially transitioned to only accepting a small handful of Facebook and Google Ads clientele at any given time – I don’t want a second job anymore. 

Currently, the vast majority of my client base is stemming from the local lead generation for small businesses model – which is nothing more than generating referrals from free traffic in search results. 

How Local Lead Generation Gives Me More than Most Business Models in 2019

There’s a serious reason that I’m drifting away from Facebook Ads…

And it’s not because I’m not good at it; quite contrary to popular belief, I’ve used Facebook Ads in a variety of capacities.

I’ve tried Facebook Ads with…

  • eCommerce and physical products selling
  • Amazon FBA Business
  • Dropshipping
  • Shopify stores
  • Affiliate promotions
  • Lead Generation
  • And more!

In fact, I met up with a guy who was really experienced in using Facebook Ads to cater to you audiences that are open to purchasing weight loss products and skincare essentials online. 

Once we met up, I offered to pay him about $10,000.00 just to show me what he knows and why what he does works so well. 

Even after that one sit-down, my profitability with Facebook Ads turned sky-high and it was amazing what the possibilities were with Facebook Ads.  You can…

  • Instantly purchase attention
  • Get more Facebook Page Likes
  • Boost a post that you want to hopefully go viral someday
  • Increase website traffic
  • Selling a product
  • Increase your social media following

Literally, the possibilities are virtually endless with what you can do with a social media ad. 

I’ve turned some profits from this too; my physical products endeavors granted me a near $4,000 in net profits… but, that’s after all of the labors and costs of goods sold, managing partnerships, and labels, postage, logos, packaging, and the list goes on.

Imagine not having to do all of that with physical products…

Imagine all your assets being digital and a lot less of a headache…

Best of all, you don’t have to pay some advertising costs like with Facebook Ads – it’s all done through free organic traffic. 

That’s the power of local lead generation! 

  • Life is easier,
  • Digital assets are simpler to manage and build,
  • You can expand your network in a rapid and affordable manner, and
  • Ultimately, you could rock out your business venture with nearly 100% profit margins! 

That’s just a few of the additional benefits that come from learning what I know and putting it into action to turn an idea of working online into a profitable side-hustle. Check out what I did to earn another $750 in income online with the limo rental lead gen site…

There’s nothing quite like having built up a side income that pays me whether I decide to work or not. I’m not bragging, I’m being honest — it’s something I never dreamed of until I met my mentor through this coaching program.

He also showed me some of the other profitable experiences and joys that come from local lead generation through free search strategies, beyond any other business model I’ve reviewed on this blog thus far…

  • Quit your job quickly: No joke, I used to work for $35k in a year, before taxes; now I rake in $50k every month whether I work or not!
  • Passive Income: post these lead gen sites up one time with a few hours of work and profit for the lifetime of their returns
  • Long-Term Success: Instead of a Facebook Ad dying off or having to be maintained, I’ve had web properties pay me for nearly 5 years now and they’ve never been touched or maintained since I put them up so many years ago
  • Very little competition: you can pick where you want to work, just name a city and an industry; if Google search results exist for it, then it’s up to you when you’d like to start raking in the leads to make small business owners rich – who will happily pay you to keep their phones ringing
  • Enjoy making money like Lyft and Airbnb: just send your sales leads to business owners and let them pay you handsomely year after year
  • Let your mood determine where you open your laptop and work your business, and when you feel like working your business – no more having to explain to the boss why you were late when you had to be at work before the sun even came up
  • Ready to quit your dead-end job like I was only a few short years ago?  With the financial freedom, security, and confidence that you can acquire from this high-income skill, you can choose to build up a side-income that can allow you to decide whether that 9 to 5 is really the best use of your limited time in life

Look, someone reading this might actually enjoy what they do for a full-time job. 

I’ve met doctors, chiropractors, lawyers, not-for-profit good-hearted service workers, and others who wake up every day and are excited to go to work and make a difference for the consumers that ask for their expertise. 

However, some of those service providers are also not getting compensated in the way that they feel they should be! 

There are some people like that who decide to still comb through the search results of the internet (which is exactly how I’m making my profits online – Hint, Hint) exploring credible resources for facts, figures, and success stories on how they, too, can leverage the internet to build a side-hustle of their own and turn a profit without having a second job. 

Once you do that, you can stop making impulsive decisions on what will turn a profit for you on the internet. 

Instead, you can calmly evaluate what the best use of your time is – and if your heart is still into what you’re doing full-time then that’s fine! 

However, NO ONE should have to know what it’s like to go through an entire lifetime with the stress of living paycheck to paycheck and never knowing the joys of traveling North America (or internationally) for vacations, friends, and family gatherings. 

It’s not fair to live in a low-rent apartment complex with the bitter cold of Detroit winds penetrating the walls because the landlord was too cheap to turn the heat on. 

There I sit in my hoodie and sweatpants, layered under blankets that still weren’t enough to keep me warm as my teeth chatter and I complain and curse the world about why I have it so bad. 

It wasn’t until I came across a coaching program through a blog post like the one you’re reading here that introduced me to the possibilities of having a tree service pay me $2,000 every single month for a project I only spent a few hours getting together and pasting to the top of Google search results.

Now, that same tree service web property pays me month after month to continue serving up buyers for that very service. 

Whether they need stump grinding, an entire tree removed or just some specialized services to trim the branches of large trees that people like you and I might find dangerous to try and reach on our own…

My life is forever changed because of what was made available by the mentor I had hired not more than a handful of years ago. 

He taught how I could establish some digital properties to perform for me like virtual real estate – I can rent the results that they bring out to local small businesses and have some income coming in for a very long time! 

Now, I understand this business model so well that I’m able to…

  • Quickly throw a lead gen site together and put it on Google search
  • Put in some brief amount of time and work to superglue it to the top
  • Essentially, this is a set-and-forget method of online entrepreneurship
  • I get paid a ton of cash for the little work I’ve put it – I’m not kidding!!!

If you’re ready to experience this kind of change for yourself, learn more about our local lead generation coaching program and how you can get these kinds of results that can last longer than the changing market conditions that adversely affect Facebook Ads.  Instead, you can let your lead gen websites pay you a high passive income for life. 

At least, it’s my go-to choice for generating a multiple 6 figures in annual income from free traffic.  

I’m excited to hear from you in the next couple of minutes!

eCom Elites & Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett – Unbiased Review

We can all agree that the internet brings great opportunities – especially when it comes to finding ways to make money online.

I wasn’t even thinking of eCommerce or affiliate marketing when I stumbled across this well-seasoned entrepreneur, Mr. Franklin Hatchett.

While exploring options online for methodologies and successful experiments on how Instagram posts might be taken to a viral level, videos of Mr. Hatchett came up…

It was a pretty cool collection of videos too, as this guy is leveraging his YouTube channel to communicate his unique approach to affiliate marketing and eCommerce. 

So far, I’ve only found about 2 of Franklin Hatchett’s training programs, but I knew I wanted to see what this guy had up his sleeve so I bought into both of the coaching programs.

As we can all agree – especially when it comes to building any worthwhile business, especially on the internet – nothing lasting and meaningful spits out profitable returns overnight. 

If that’s the case, then were my investments in his two programs actually worth it?

I have a unique lens to look at this through, to be forthright here. 

I have dabbled in eCommerce and affiliate marketing a little bit here and there – and I’ve even been able to turn a profit online. 

The reasons for my choosing to experiment with something like this was because I had a good chunk of disposable income that I had generated from local lead generation – which is a form of local marketing that allows me to siphon free organic traffic from search results and profit massively from that action. 

The majority of my income is still from the local marketing aspect of internet businesses, though I have invested tons into exploring the affiliate spectrum of e-commerce and can speak on this topic as well.

Bottom line: there are some business ventures and opportunities in the online start-up methodologies which are simply a better investment than others. 

I can give you my perspectives as an experienced, proficient, and even successful entrepreneur – raking in a monthly comfortable revenue of $50,000 and leaving my 9 to 5, moving into better living conditions than a low-rent apartment complex that never had heat in the heart of Detroit – yeah, below zero with no heat, and the apartment so tiny I couldn’t move around enough to stay warm longer than 5 minutes.

To having a wealth of income to where I can affordably experiment with other business opportunities online, out of my own pocket, and let you know what I find through this blog – pretty neat, huh?

To kick off the blog post, let’s further explore what benefits and needs for improvement exist with the affiliate business model and the e-commerce range of marketing products online.

The Bads and Goods to E-Commerce and eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett

What’s Awesome For You

  • eCom Elites are a straightforward compilation of training modules with practical direction and clear communication on the education side of the house.  What he has shared has mostly worked and he doesn’t take any time fluffing a newbies feathers – he goes straight for the strategies that you can implement.
  • Having a single year’s profits of nearly half a million (we’re talking almost $500,000.00 in a calendar year), Mr. Hatchett is a practitioner of his own preached tactics in business. 
  • Real experience in eCommerce and Affiliate commission production
  • This guy does more than show you the standard Facebook Ads strategies to turn profits… you’ll also get…
  • Google Search Results for marketing strategies
  • Leveraging options with Instagram to turn a profit
  • Styles and considerations of implementing Email for follow-ups and cold marketing to lists of potential buyers
  • The Facebook Ads strategy section, alone, has more than 30 training videos to educate even the newest of newbies in the internet marketing world
  • You can expand your eCommerce business with Franklin’s Scale-Out Tips and Strategies
  • You’ll acquire numerous high-income skills, including Search Engine Optimization (often simplified to the acronym SEO)
  • Franklin Hatchett’s eCom Elites is a rather comprehensive program, more so than most on the market in this day and age

What Could Use Some Improvement to be Valuable for You

  • When it comes to eCommerce, desire for success can be a huge driving force for anyone wanting to make a business model work.  However, your major success in this particular industry rests on selecting an ideal product properly – and Franklin excellently portrays this vital component by using 2 examples; I will say that I wish more examples were made available to better illustrate this point and drive home what it really takes to make this profitable.
  • Within the industry of E-commerce, tons of follow-on decisions are also required – something that those professional experts in this field often don’t share with you.  If you were to make an incorrect selection on which niche to delve into, along with product selection within that chosen niche/industry – which seems to be one of the more difficult things to get correct – then you could see minimal to no returns from the get.
  • You could start this process through organizing an entire online store, landing pages, and launching multiple Facebook Ads for a common cost of $5.00 per ad per day (and since you have multiple ones you’re testing in the marketplace, you can already see this beginning to add up right away).  This is a testing phase and is originally intended to be low-cost and low-key as you’re just seeing whether the marketplace has an actual demand for what you’re attempting to deliver.  However, this can also help you to get a feel for whether this will be something worthwhile to get involved with (or not) based on the results of this “small-scale test.”  (And if you’re anything like me, that was still a lot of money to me when I first started out online.)
  • There are tons of missteps that can be taken by yourself if you’re not careful – including what to do when you face various challenges along the process of marketing physical products online.  What to do when attempting to fulfill product orders daily?  Is there a reliable way to automate this so you aren’t tied to a computer all day long?  What can you do when your customers demand a return and/or a refund for the product that have (or have not) received in the mail?  What if the customer places the order but your overseas supplier and/or manufacturer is/are simply out of stock of the item that you now have an order – and money in-hand?  If the product needs to come from an overseas location, now what do you do regarding import taxes, tariffs, shipping options (land, air, sea, railcars), and your packages being assessed by customs?  Do you need to possess inventory and ship out of your own home or business location?  Does all of this have to be shipped to a pickup warehouse like what Amazon has in their marketplace network?
  • Tiny profit margins: in the physical selling of products through online modes and means, the ability to turn a huge profit per product item sold simply does not exist – especially when compared to other business models (taking into consideration the local lead generation business model, where you can sell buying customer requests to local service providers for a premium).
  • The majority of this industry leans toward acquiring attention and selling products through Facebook Ads.  This isn’t exactly the most reliable markets to attempt to tap into – and it’s for several good reasons that this concern actually exists.  When people tend to their social media applications (usually on their mobile devices), the last thing on their mind is buying products – it’s the digital equivalent to walking into a nightclub and offering to sell windows to homeowners; it’s a struggle for me to wrap my head around why people still insist on doing this.  Based on that example, you can see the nature of interruption marketing that this causes, which can also get quite costly since it’s Facebook’s collected audience (not yours) and Facebook decides who gets to see your ad – which means you could be paying for people to see your ad that may not even be real, qualified prospective clients for you.  Since more and more people are getting involved in eCommerce, the prices for ads can skyrocket for what you’re intending to do – unlike organic Google searches that feast off free traffic to bring a business the targeted buyers they’ve been hoping for all along.
  • Unless you have the interest and time to constantly check the performance of your Facebook Ads, I know that I have no desire or capacity to keep my Facebook Ads account open and ensure that I’m constantly adjusting, managing, assessing, and tweaking what is still costing me per objective occurrence no matter what I do to my account (aside from actually turning the ad off). 

Having said all of that…

What I took from Franklin’s coaching programs

You have one major, seriously important, absolutely vital (am I making my point clear) key step in starting your eCom business right – picking the industry you’re going to tap into marketing the products of – and doing this part extremely well. 

You could select something like Women’s Lingerie if you really wanted to.

Would that be the best option for you?  Probably not, because…

  • You’re too broad in your niche/industry selection
  • The market is driven heavily by brand recognition of the products bought and sold

It’s highly unlikely that women are going to step into the unknown and randomly purchase something that they’ve never heard of before in underwear choices. 

Franklin Hatchett doesn’t stop there; he adds a follow-on point to your eCommerce choice-making skills:

Try thinking more about what your audience will like and enjoy making a buying decision on, instead of what you personally would enjoy having.

There has to be less emotion and more objectivity when attempting to succeed in eCommerce; why keep trying to market something on the world wide web and hope it sells if you’re the only one who will like the product? 

There’s no doubt that someone else out there will like what you like (to some degree), but if it’s not ideal for the entire marketplace then your sales and profits can ultimately pay the price for your costly mistake of thinking about yourself instead of what your buyers will be looking for. 

When it comes to local lead generation — for the sake of contrast — what you’re doing is generating your own product in the form of buyer leads from free organic search engine web traffic, and these people are hungry to buy what you’re offering.

All you do with your product in lead gen for small businesses is pass the business over to the business owner and they can pay you for the lifetime of the funnel you’ve setup to pass leads over to that company.

It may not be eCommerce with physical products, but it’s what helped me to walk away from my 9 to 5 only a short few years ago with this side hustle that still has never turned into a full-time commitment — but it pays me like one.

If the audience you’re targeting seems to enjoy a specific kind of animal – in this case study, an owl – then one of the better ways to reach those owl lovers is by targeting those that like Facebook pages regarding owls. 

It may not be a perfect system, but it’s an excellent first-start.  It can be assumed that people going out of their way to like pages about owls could be rather passionate about their feathered, fluffy friends in the animal kingdom. 

Do you think you could make good money off of pitching some sort of owl pendant or owl necklace to an audience that appreciates owls more than the average person in America – or the world? 

When you select products that have a narrowed, rather specific audience, you could do very well – if even for the short-term pitch of this product – when you have an ideal audience in-mind that you can reach through your Facebook Ads strategies. 

Bottom line: be specific in both product selection and the audience that you are aiming to connect with.

The Ups and Downs to Affiliate Marketing and Mr. Hatchett’s Savage Affiliates Program

What’s Going Good in Savage Affiliates

  • From Start to Finish, the Savage Affiliates Course by Franklin Hatchett guides the greenest of beginners into greeting profits from the internet as an affiliate marketer
  • Why have guess work when you are involved in a coaching program?  Mr. Hatchet provides duplicable landing pages that you can turn into your own and market with right away
  • If you’re tight on funds or have a lot of business capital to invest, both types of starting entrepreneurs are catered to with the Savage Affiliates course; you’ll learn how to get started with both paid traffic strategies and free buyer traffic options
  • The process and information are simplified, and Franklin’s instructions are easy to follow

What Could Go Better in Savage Affiliates

  • It’s not that bad of a gig to have an expert suggesting to you which industries, and products within those niches, have a high potential to turn a significant profit for you.  However, you need to keep in mind that there are other students who have access to this same training – in fact, a multitude of them.  That means that you could see some more competition and spikes in pricing and/or ad spend costs for what you’re trying to do – since, I hate to break it to ya – you’re probably not the only one trying to do what you’re doing. 
  • It’s pretty awesome to have some Facebook Ads training so you can get somewhat oriented with what you’re trying to do.  However, for affiliate marketing, you could be doing better in terms of where you get your thorough information from; I just wish there were more information provided on this in Savage Affiliates.
  • Especially if you’re looking to pull your sources of products to market from Clickbank, the reality is that not many products from this affiliate platform can bring an audience to a buying decision as readily as any (or nearly all) of us might prefer.  (Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just relaying what experience as proven.)
  • While there are some key demonstrations proven to help expand your web presence in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) space of getting attention for your products and/or offers, the instructions in this course seem rather limited to exclusively link outreach requests and guest posting.  Even if you may not know what those are while reading this, just accept that there are better and more efficient ways to build a backlink network to raise your web presence online – things like a Professional Backlinking Network (PBN) which Savage Affiliates simply doesn’t address.  Why they don’t is beyond me, considering how there could be a smart tactic if implemented both effectively and wisely. 
  • If you’re looking at some search terms in Google (or another search engine) that just have such heavy competition that heavy hitters and long-term position holders have been known to be in, you may find it more and more of a challenge to beat out the competition and turn a profit through search engine rankings.  Everyone and their grandmothers these days seem to be aware of how well the first position on Google can perform for people marketing an idea, information, product, or service.  If you have a hard time, expensive experience or other struggles with competing for – or beating out – the top dogs, your experience in online marketing could get frustrating and some have even burnt out from the poor experience alone. 

It can be a good game – the affiliate marketing space – because anyone can join in.

Then why is it so competitive?  Easy; because anyone can join in. 

Of course, it’s awesome to promote things that you yourself don’t own.  That also gives you the added benefit of turning a profit when you don’t have to do any sort of fulfillment with customer orders, products, returns, etc.  As you can see, the barrier for entry is extremely low-cost, low-cut, and low-key. 

On the flipside…

Since it sounds ridiculously easy to get involved in, how come more people don’t indulge in this method of online revenue generation and just turn a profit all day with this method of doing business?

The answer is simple…

It’s not as easy as is perceived. 

When you’re marketing things as an affiliate, Facebook advertising can be challenging; your rate of converting potential buyers into actual consumers must be extremely high – to where you’re a top-level affiliate by perception – to where you can generate revenue quickly and pocket tons of cash.

To break this down further…

  • Facebook Ad images are key – there’s another good choice that needs to be made in this process after you’ve gotten started in this industry
  • Ad Copy should be tight – it’s the words on your ad that coaxes the people you’re interrupting in their day on social media that could inspire the people to take action on your ad and even make a buying decision someday soon. 
  • Landing Pages – If you’ve got your target customers going from your Facebook Ad to a well-designed, optimized for purchasing intent website, that could be a great start.
  • Your Offer Should Be Simple and Refined – If you’ve got something the ideal customer wants, needs, and is easy to understand why they can’t be without it, then there’s a good chance you could generate profits online with this business model
  • Who You Target – this is your audience that you’re sending your ad to online

Each of the aforementioned points (see above) should be well-thought out, catered to a specific type of person (or people, I should say), and proofread to such a high level that you could predictably turn a profit with the Facebook ads you’ve launched to bring people to your affiliate product purchasing page. 

If only it worked that well, though…

When the offer doesn’t convert well through Facebook promotions, sometimes that’s just the nature of the beast – and it doesn’t always have a good explanation and there’s really no way to look into it more than just to accept that it is what it is. 

That may not be what is taught in college marketing programs, but this is the real world and not academic theories on how to generate profits on a medium that is so brand new that colleges are just now beginning to take note of what’s taking off and only lightly touching on it in the classrooms (which is why digital marketing coaches are needed in this day and age). 

As an example of things that wouldn’t convert well (meaning won’t turn website visitors into buyers), weight loss offers I have tried in the past – as have some of my peers in this space also attempted to pedal – simply didn’t turn a single profit, but ones that I haven’t tried seem to hit the jackpot with people who I’ve known to have simply tried one more product than I have. 

It’s truly an anomaly that I have yet to understand. 

Therefore, even if there are recommendations made in coaching courses like the ones above, wouldn’t it make sense that those people who have major success stories actually end up keeping themselves out of the limelight and their secret wins of majorly profitable products marketed online to themselves as well?

You can explore this further by reaching out to the affiliate manager of a program, product, or offer, and inquire if whether Facebook promotions are helping that product to generate buyers. 

When I hired a professional affiliate marketer (who was really darn good at what he did – I paid him $10,000.00 for one sit-down session to teach me what he knows), it became very clear that this is not a game for the light-hearted – or the light-wallet type. 

There are incredibly expensive strategies at play here.

Now, if you know how to place an affiliate product’s offer at the top of search engine traffic and win buyers through free organic leads that are searching for something close to what you’re offering, then you could say that search engine optimization (SEO) is a winning strategy. 

However, this can be a rather lengthy route and involve so many expensive resources to beat out the top position competition that you’d spend more than what profits you could actually land from prospective buyers coming through the internet to see your product that you didn’t actually pay for.

The difficulty and learning curve factors in search engine competition are beyond steep, and you’d have to consistently contribute to your offer’s web page if you wanted to get that web property to be found at the top of search results for what you wanted to acquire buyers for. 

Need more proof?

I’ve been in performing search engine optimization on affiliate offers for nearly three (3) years now, and I’m really good at what I do –

I have built the necessary education and resources to know how to get something to the top of Google in the quickest and most affordable ways – and I’m still not turning a massive profit. 

That’s because my forte has always been Local Lead Generation – and I have incorporated Search Engine Optimization into ranking websites in the local markets because the competition is beyond laughably low, with profits higher than any physical product I could market online.

I have multiple lead generation websites online all across North America – and current profits rake in at a net monthly tune that’s soon to exceed $50,000.00 in income. 

How do you think I’ve been able to afford to pay someone $10,000.00 to teach me what they know about affiliate marketing so I can tell you more information about whether it’s a worthwhile business venture in a blog like this?

Although it could go without saying, I did acquire a mentor to guide me through local lead generation methods and his approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) stems from his making a handsome 7 figures every single month…

Whereas I’m only making an annual, multi-6 figure profit online as of the typing of this blog post. 

This mentor of mine informs students to begin at a low-level target; something simple and achievable like $10k every month through local marketing and SEO strategies. 

It’s important to work with actual clients in the online space prior to shifting toward any other kinds of programs like affiliate marketing and affiliate SEO. 

Why would some guru say that? 

Well, he started in this online marketing space just like I did – and just like you could too if you found value in it and wanted to join our coaching program where you can see the exact same road map I took to acquire such a massive monthly income in only a few short years. 

If you’re gonna go after the affiliate marketing game, especially in leveraging search engine traffic, it’s best that you recognize from us that you’ll require a large investment in upfront capital and tons of patience to build your online presence for 1 affiliate product over a lengthy period of time; that’s how competitive the affiliate game is in search results. 

I wish I were joking and could tell you that I’m turning a handsome profit and then try and sell you on the idea that you could do the same – but that’s not what this blog is about. 

I’ve tried some things and now I’m sharing some unbiased, truthful information about what I’ve experienced – with the hope that you can take this information and make an educated decision for yourself. 

I was once where you were – deciding whether a business venture online was for me; I only wish I had something like this to guide me instead of getting pitched left and right with videos of people claiming “this program is a scam” just to get you to watch their video –

Where they’re using a bait a switch method to really tell you that it’s not a scam and you should join the program. 

That’s really kind of scuzzy, if you ask me.

Mr. Franklin Hatchett’s coaching programs are clear and free of nonsense, especially with his competent abilities to educate even the newest of newbies on how to build linking networks to whatever you’re trying to get seen online. 

I simply disagree with the affiliate marketing game being the one-stop shop for all things quick-profit-turning online. 

If you really carry zero prior experience in digital marketing, low on start-up capital, or just wanting to dip your toes in the water of internet marketing, this could cost you dearly if you’re not careful. 

If SEO (search engine optimization) isn’t in your wheelhouse prior to getting some exposure to this coaching program, I’d honestly start somewhere else and come back to this when you have a wealthy stack of spare change to test with this online business model. 


If you’re serious about starting your business in the eCommerce space, then look no further.  I can attest to Franklin being the one coach to product some of the best instruction in eCom of anything else on the market today!

From practical know-how to insightful tricks and tips that can save you time figuring things out and rescue you from costly mistakes long before you could ever encounter the opportunity to make them, just follow this coach’s roadmap and you can be on your way in no time.

One of the major reasons for starting this blog is because I possess a deep interest in exploring what other, wildly successful digital entrepreneurs have labored so diligently in and turned into their own profit-generating empire (respectively). 

After reviewing a number of these programs, I will say that each of these people you’ll find in my program overview blog posts have a trending theme that they’ve all invested in at one point in time: 

Each successful person on this website invested in mentoring prior to taking their business to a completely new height of success!

I’m actually the same way – it wasn’t until I got connected with a digital marketing coach (which I hired by buying into this local lead generation coaching program) that I began to really see my life change and finally achieve the coveted level of 6 figures creeping into my accounting records in a year’s time. 

I could build results like this in local search results that dominate the marketplace…

When you’re building this kind of web presence and taking over the first page of search results for a local marketplace, the phone starts ringing off the hook and the business owner you’ve partnered with can be busy as a bee for many, many clients to come through and ask for help.

High-Income Skills Required For Success in Business

One of the motivational speakers and serial entrepreneurs that I look up, Mr. Dan Lok, has been known to mention that high-income skills are the top investment that any person needs to make prior to investing me in the launch of a business. 

Why would someone refer to getting a high-income skill first? 

Why can’t I just jump in feet-first and figure the rest of the things I need in order to be successful while I’m on my way down into the water of entrepreneurship?

If you have the skills to pay the bills, then a high-income skill can render you financially stable – provided you take that wisdom and put it into action so it can work for you and bring wealth your way. 

Then, you can take those profits and wealth-building strategies and invest THAT into a business model. 

If you’ve already taken your high-income skill and turned that into a business, then you can remain calm and confident in your know-how to build a business and scale your business model to an expansive empire that generates ridiculous volumes of wealth. 

While a business that isn’t expanding is contracting, one that you can grow from one simple, yet high-income skill (or skillset, as the case might be) can keep your business model from dying or going bankrupt. 

Several high-income skills are made available to those students investing in Fraklin Hatchett’s eCom course and Affiliate training programs. 

You’ll get to learn how to produce sales leads and prospective buyers (if they haven’t bought right off the bat) through…

  • Search Engine Rankings
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram options
  • Email Marketing strategies
  • …and many more!

This list of high-income skills can then turn around to be implemented in one of several options for business models that you can accelerate to turn a handsome profit in a brief amount of time:

  • eCommerce and owning a digital store online, filled with products visitors can order (much like the Amazon marketplace but you’ll own it instead of a third-party)
  • Affiliate marketing and affiliated websites for the products that you don’t own but can generate a profit from promoting
  • Implement these high-income skills to help local small businesses turn a profit in their respective industry and specialty skills

One of the most awesome things to making your high-income skills available for small business in your local area (and meriting a pretty penny in compensation for what you bring to the table) is because you can generate profits –

That is to say: in local lead generation, you can produce an income that is much, much higher than physical products being sold online – in a fraction of the start-up investment and a faster amount of time than any other business model I’ve seen. 

Or, you could try your hand at the e-Commerce online store and patiently wait for your marketing dollars to turn a profit that only yields a small percentage. 

If you stick with local marketing, though, one of the great things you’ll learn is that there are tons of local businesses out there begging to invest their marketing dollars with the right person that can yield a profitable return on their investment.

Those same business owners simply don’t know who to trust in the marketplace… and that’s where you come in because it could be you! 

When local lead generation and search engine optimization (SEO) are the most sought after internet marketing skills in your neighborhood – you can begin producing results like what I did for this limo rental company in Lansing, Michigan.

I know they are going to be grateful and pay me for a long, long time since I can turn a profit through free organic web traffic of ideal buyers searching for what is offered –

You, too, can learn to bring tremendous value to those that you provide services like this for.

Money follows value; and the more value you can give to your ideal customers, the more they’re going to want to keep paying you month after month, for years to come.

Local Lead Generation is the Best Business Model in 2019

A few more thoughts on Local Lead Generation, because after several reviews of other entrepreneurial opportunities and seeing what is possible on the internet – and feel free to check out my other blog posts if you’re not convinced yet –

This was the one business model that was able to help me no longer have to keep going to a dead-end, $35,000 per year job that I had to walk in the dangerous parts of the downtown Detroit streets just to get to –

And in the below 0-degree weather of a North American state, it was a miserable commute to endure twice a day. 

I was able to fire my boss, buy a better apartment with a roof that didn’t leak on my face and bed when I was trying to sleep while not always having heat (thanks to the ol slumlord) to keep me from the elements of the winter…

I was able to begin traveling to visit family and friends across state lines and own transportation that didn’t conk out on me a mile after I left my house. 

Here are tons of other benefits from lead generation for small businesses that myself and over 3,000 other students (worldwide) have been able to enjoy – and you could be the next one to enjoy them as well…

  • Passive Income without having to pay for costly web traffic through Facebook Ads or elsewhere
  • Help local small businesses who don’t have time to figure out the internet but want the results that come from being the top results in search (which is a ringing phone and more customers)
  • Easiest Business Model: send referrals and turn profits
  • Rake in more money in a year on a part-time side hustle than most full-time doctors and lawyers
  • Be free of the risk of losing your job because your boss was in a bad mood and felt you took too long of a lunch hour
  • Secure your future financially by figuring out how to turn profits for yourself on the internet with your new high-income skills
  • …and much, much more!

Money follows those with high-income skills that are put to use to solve problems for others in the marketplace. 

You really can determine the size of your paycheck by the size of the problems that you’re able to solve.  And if you’re ready to solve big problems, you can get big paychecks like what this company has been sending me for years…

When you’re generating referrals from free organic search traffic from the world wide web, you, too, can help companies to keep from closing and revolutionize a business’ bottom line for the better.

Learn more about what it takes to generate these kinds of massive results for success, and start a business that only requires a part-time, spare-time investment of your energy and resources through the high-income skill of local lead generation by clicking here to learn about our coaching program.

Looking forward to hearing from ya in the next few minutes!

Houston SEO Expert Coaching – Learn to Rank your Business

When it comes to owning a business in the city of Houston, you face a lot of challenges. With such a large population the city of Houston has a lot of opportunities, but that also means you have a lot of competition. In that situation, you need an edge.

We can give you that edge click here to learn more

The City of Houston.

The most significant advantage you can have is being ranked at the top of search engines of Google and Bing. The organic traffic you will get from these search engines is some of the most stable, organic traffic you can hope for!

While using tools like Ad words and Facebook ads can get you fast results organic traffic is sustainable at no cost. 

When it comes to getting to the top of search engines the best tool you have available to you is SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the best method to get your site ranked. 

So why do a lot of business owners hate talking about SEO?

Why Most Business Owners in the Houston area hate SEO companies. 

Most business owners know that they need SEO, but that doesn’t mean they like it! The truth is when it comes to SEO business owners often feel stuck. 

  1. They know that ignoring SEO is a losing bet, their sites won’t rank, and they will lose business
  2. That leaves hiring an SEO company.  

If you are like most business owners, the thought of hiring an SEO company feels like a necessary evil.

Why do most business owners have such a negative view of SEO companies? 

It comes down to how they do business.

SEO companies way of doing business. 

SEO companies business methods can be broken down like this. 

  1. They try to “close” you
  2. They use their “proven process’ to try to get your website ranked. 
  3. You are left feeling underwhelmed by their results. 

So let’s take a look at their methods. 

SEO companies try to close you.

Chances are if you have been in business any length to time you have received marketing material from SEO companies. They will make big promises and tell you your website is all wrong, That you will never get ranked without them. 

For them, the most critical factor is getting you to sign a contract.

Usually, these contracts look like this.

  1. Your locked in for 12 months
  2. You have to pay every month no matter what
  3. They will do their best, but they can’t promise results.

If this seems like a bad contract, now you know why a lot of business owners don’t like SEO companies! 

Once they get you to sign, they will apply their “proven process” to rank. 

SEO companies and their Proven Process

SEO companies love to brag about how they have a proven process, what they are really saying is they will treat you like every other customer they have and hope they get results. 

Why do SEO companies love to use proven processes? 

  1. They can get results, eventually. 
  2. Saves them time – this way they don’t have to look at your site to find out what your issues really are, they do what they have always done and hope for the best.
  3. They can show “results” – After a few months and the client (you is asking questions) they can point to all the work they have done. 

If this doesn’t seem like a good deal to you, that’s because it’s not. When it comes to SEO, you need to take control of your business future.

Learning SEO for yourself

Right now you must realize that hiring an SEO company is not the answer. You need to do it yourself! You most likely have thought about this before. 

More than likely you have given excuses why you can’t. 

  1. You don’t have time to learn SEO
  2. Can’t learn SEO, you don’t know computers
  3. You hired an SEO company already! 

While all of these excuses may seem logical you’re not thinking about all the advantages you will gain by learning SEO

You don’t have time to learn SEO.

This is a big factor people use. All too often they feel that they can’t add another thing to their already busy schedule. We understand.

But ask yourself this, what would you be willing to give up if you could. 

  1. Never pay another SEO company fee
  2. Always know what you need to do to get your site ranked. 
  3. Grow your business, practically at will! 

Wouldn’t these benefits be worth the effort it would take, short term to learn SEO? 

There is one more thing about SEO you should know. 

What your SEO company will never tell you! 

Most business owners think that SEO is a full-time ongoing process. They think that getting your website to rank takes a lot of time and effort, and they are right…At first. 

The truth is SEO can be time-consuming at first. It will take a few months of part-time work to get your site to rank, but once it gets to the top of Google and Bing, it usually stays there. What does that mean?

It means that check you write to your SEO company every month is for work they did months ago! It’s time to put that money where it belongs, back in your pocket! 

We can make that happen click here to learn more

I can’t learn SEO I don’t know computers.

That’s ok if you can use the internet you can learn SEO. How do I know? Because using this training, we have taught over 3000 students how to do SEO, and many of them didn’t know computers when they started either! And they were able to learn beautiful if we can teach them we can trach you too. 

I am working with a good SEO company.

If you have an SEO company and you like them that is great! No one is saying you can’t keep them. However, this training will still give you several advantages when it comes to your business goals.

  1. You can get your website to rank even faster – working together you, and your SEO company can get your website to the top of the rankings a lot more quickly
  2. You can check your SEO companies work – we are not saying that they are not doing their job. But with our training, you can confirm that they are doing what they are billing you for.
  3. You will understand the language of SEO – When you talk to your SEO company you will be able to get what they are saying. 

When you consider the advantages that this program will provide you it is a no brainer. But there are two other advantages our program offers that hiring an SEO company will never touch! 

Your SEO is not limited to Houston.

With a business located in Houston, you most likely get most of your customers from the city of Houston. But if you are like a lot of the business owners we work with you serve a much wider area! 

There are most likely a lot of other cities and towns you serve. This makes sense. But as far as Google is concerned, you are a Houston business! 

This means you will have trouble getting your site to rank outside of Houston, that means you will lose a lot of potential business! 

But you don’t have to! With the skills we will teach you, you could quickly build a website in each of these cities and towns you serve. 

Think of them as “digital billboards” they will drive a lot more customers to your business! 

Using this technique, you can grow your business faster than you ever thought possible!

With our skills your service area would look like this

Use your new SEO skills to build passive income.

When this program first started we trained people how to build “rental” websites that business owners would rent and pay for every month. 

Nothing is stopping you from doing the same! 

How do I know this will work? 

I have used this exact method to make a passive income for the last four years!


This is a website I built in 2014 for people looking for limo services. I got it ranked, and I got the phone ringing. I found a local limo company, and they were happy to pay me for the phone calls!

They have been paying me over seven hundred dollars a month, every month for four years!

You could do the same! 

If you are ready to take control of your SEO and grow your business click here to learn more.

Top Picks for Facebook Ads Marketing Coaching Programs from 2019

As an experienced digital marketer, it seems only fair to give an evaluation of the business model that rivals my own. 

From local lead generation which uses free traffic to the Facebook Ads strategy of buying web traffic in order to get your offer seen and considered for purchasing, there is one thing that every expert in any industry appreciates when it comes to marketing online…

There are different ways of making sales online, and it helps to get an unbiased overview of both of them so you can decide which one will be a strong fit for your business, and/or your industry.

If you haven’t started a business venture yet, and you’re looking to get started, then you’ve come to the right place because that’s all I blog about on here — different options for you to explore in launching your own side hustle online — and which coaching program might be a good fit for ya, too.

I get it; the hottest thing these days are to spend a little of cash in order to turn results on and get sales cranking faster and faster these days. 

How much and how fast seem to be the two major questions that small business owners ask marketers –

…and usually they’ll go for faster because, in their mind, it probably means they’ll make money faster and will be able to profit off the revenue so they’re never really out of pocket on their digital marketing budget with an expert marketer.

Thanks to this blog, I can openly claim to be an internet marketing program connoisseur of sorts. 

I am happy to review what I have found to be the top 5 options based on the marketplace ravings and my personal experience with the programs over the course of 2019. 

If you’re looking for detailed information about which program would be best for you, then you’ve come to the right place because we’re looking at the top 5! 

What are we looking at, though?

Great question – and here’s the answer to that question…

A number of these courses are going to introduce you to affiliate offer promotions (think eCommerce or the third-party marketing of physical products that are bought and sold online, then shipped to the customer) through Facebook Ads for either yourself or someone else that is looking to turn a profit online and wouldn’t mind paying you a premium to help them out as their go-to expert online.

Other coaching or mentoring programs may end up guiding you toward generating profits by helping you learn to run a digital marketing agency and leverage the internet on behalf of other businesses – hence, providing a well-desired service in the marketplace. 

Side Note:  Although social media strategies – and especially Facebook Ads, may or may not be the ideal method of generating attention online for some business models, there are some business owners out there that it won’t profit who still want to hire someone to help them. 

Perhaps this should be reserved for people with a high ethical level of personal responsibility to evaluate a business and give an honest review of whether or not this would be a good fit – and be willing to walk away if it’s not going to benefit them in the long run.

I’m just speaking truthfully here – and I hope, for your future client’s sake, that you’re the type like me to walk away from a deal if the business isn’t going to see a positive return on their bottom line. 

Side note rant over; I’ve actually generated profits online through both of the ways mentioned above.

As a result, I am happy to deliver to you the primed and ready to help you get your first profits online methods of starting an online business in 2019 that revolve around the Facebook Ads platform.

In the end, my honest opinion here, the most change-resistant, long-term success option in the world wide web is to harness the power of free search engine traffic in what I like to call the local lead generation business model. 

Take a look for yourself, read through this article, then let’s have a chat to see what’s the best fit for you.

In 5th place, Facebook Ads That Convert by Ms. Cat Howell

Ms. Howell knows what she’s talking about, seriously! 

From corroborating her founding work experience in major name brands like Coca-Cola and Fuji Film (yes, an analog photography film company in a digital era)…

This young but clever entrepreneur has figured out exactly what it takes to adjust any Facebook Ad, and what not to do to avoid costly mistakes while helping to turn a profit and facilitate the expansion of a company’s bottom line! 

After all, more sales is the name of the game… isn’t it?

Unfortunately, a vast number of coaches seem to want to overfill their coaching and mentoring content with theoretical information that is claimed to “help the student get educated about the platform.” 

In an interesting twist within the coaching and mentoring culture, those same “experts” really shy away from tactical options and how to really turn up the heat for a newbie that’s just getting started and wants to start making their first few bucks with the internet. 

With Cat, she attacks the learning curve from the beginning and eliminates the non-sense, “newbie doesn’t need to know” fluff in her nature of instruction. 

From start to finish, you’ll explore the ins and outs of Facebook Ads and how to launch them for nearly anyone you can come in touch with that has a product or service that another person around the globe could afford to invest in. 

Also, if you had your own version of products or services that you were interested in gaining a following and customer base for – say you had some physical products that you wanted to sell online, or maybe a store of your own that was published through Shopify online – you could even engage in dropshipping if you wanted. 

Want some done-for-you, ready to go, follow along Facebook Funnels that you could launch immediately and start testing the marketplace to see if it’s ripe and ready for generating profits with paid traffic? 

Here’s a quick glance at what new students are getting when they sign up for Cat Howell’s Facebook Ads That Convert coaching program…

  • eCommerce, dropshipping, selling of physical products online – you’ll get access to 3 of them just for signing up
  • High Ticket Product or Service?  Run a Webinar in the way that Cat introduces for maximum returns
  • Need to increase a Facebook Group following? There’s a funnel for that here, too
  • Dental industry and dental practice funnels to help bring more customers on the books
  • Know of a personal trainer?  Hook them up with customers with this unique twist on a Facebook Ad Strategy sure to see results

All this and more, with unparalleled training online, is what Cat Howell brings to the table for people just like you and me.

In 4th place, Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs by Mr. Dan Henry

Mentored by the founder and creator of a now-famous platform called Clickfunnels, Mr. Russell Brunson guided a gentleman by the name of Dan Henry to further explore the powerful options available to someone who really took the time to understand what was possible with Facebook Ads. 

He may look young (and actually is for the business community), but he is rather proficient in his business acumen and knowledge of what it takes to turn an internet marketing experiment into a profitable digital campaign strategy. 

Like most entrepreneurs – okay, let’s be honest, everyone struggles at first – Dan played the field and took his time in finding his way toward launching informational webinars and educating others on what it took to promote and generate profits thru webinars (just as Dan Henry was able to do numerous times over). 

It’s no surprise, as that’s one of the main things Mr. Brunson teaches – webinar training in order to turn profits with the internet. 

NOW… Dan is engaged, full-time, in teaching others how to establish and build their very own internet marketing company through the implementation of Facebook Ads for…

  • Local Clients
  • A coaching business
  • Funnels and video evidence to build credibility and authority in the marketplace
  • And ton more!

While some companies, brands, or coaches would rather say here’s just one Facebook Ad and take your audience you from one click to viewing your product in the hopes that they’ll purchase, Mr. Henry, takes things further with funnels that educate, edify, and inspire buyers to really take your desired action for them – which, let’s face it, is really to make a decision to buy a product or service from you.

In 3rd place Rise Academy by Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer

Things change rapidly in the world wide web, and the digital marketing training and coaching programs are really no different; they aren’t completely immune from changes, but their principles can endure the test of time. 

In the case of the Rise Academy, although they aren’t around for you to have the option of investing in anymore, I will say that they had some great content. 

I won’t even hesitate to say that I took away from awesome learning points from them!

These guys had their epic launch by guiding students in promoting one specific product – and they all promoted the same product from the very start; it was called Wesley Virgin’s “the Fat Diminsher.

An information product by trade, and catering specifically to the weight loss industry, Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones were notorious for getting results by connecting a Facebook Ad directly to the affiliate offer so when a visitor clicked on the Facebook Ad, they were taken either to a video information page or an opportunity to simply click and buy the product. 

If they were so good and things were working out so well, then what was really the problem that caused them to be out of business in coaching and mentoring a following?

Facebook is the elite power of Facebook Ads – duh, and/or hello, right?  I’m not saying that to state the obvious, but it’s important to realize that when someone engages in the use of Facebook Ads, they are subject to the rules of the Facebook Advertising platform – and Facebook has wised up over the years. 

Someone in the company caught on the idea that members of this coaching program were sharing the exact same successful templates with all of their students for this product. 

What do I mean by that?

I mean the exact same:

  • Ad Copy
  • Ad Images
  • Landing Pages
  • Video Content
  • Landing Page Instructions
  • The Same Privacy Policy

…everything that should be unique to every person on the advertising platform, Facebook had caught on to the company. 

And while every student that came in was able to see success right away, and even be introduced to some specific concepts that come from why this funnel worked so well to produce results for this successfully marketed product, Facebook wasn’t having it. 

Just like a referee, attempting to keep the game fair, Facebook shut down and banned any account that was caught implementing the exact same things like the mass amount of other students from the Rise Academy. 

Think about it –

Say that you got involved in this coaching program, not that there was anything I see personally wrong with the company or their business model; in fact, I would have loved to have seen my first few dollars online with the exact same things that my mentors used so I could believe that internet marketing really was possible for a side hustle with a real income. 

But then…

You wake up 1 day…

You get a notification from Facebook…


With that, there’s no doubt in my mind that they decided to close down their coaching program and walk away from the internet marketing mentoring space.

If students weren’t pleased anymore, and they probably weren’t having success with copy and paste methods (like the coaching was built on), then it was just time to fold the cards. 

It’s actually pretty difficult to get a local lead generation site banned from search results — which means in a method where you’re not paying for your web traffic and potential buyers…

There are higher chances of your hard work sticking around longer to obtain that passive income we all dreamed about when getting started online.

While they’re still in existence to this day, their only focus now seems to be revolving around classes where students can mastermind, figure out challenges in the advertising space, and move forward in their side hustle. 

So what was my strong takeaway from this organization?

It was that the most important factor to a Facebook Ad is having a strong…

  • Ad Image

In fact, a Vector Image can help in terms of clickthru rates (CTR) getting boosted, which can help a lot of factors in getting the Facebook Ad seen by a larger and larger audience. 

In a social environment where the intended audience really isn’t going there for the purpose of seeking to buy something, it takes a deliberate, well-calibrated, and strong effort to interrupt someone’s attention span long enough to have them read what story you’re telling them and inspire them to take action – like click thru the ad and land on another page where they’re educated and told to buy. 

In yielding a positive return on investment, take a closer look at this sample ad and the vector art involved – it basically communicates a story arc through the use of multiple images that are strategically placed on the ad. 

However, the images are rather ambiguous, which therefore causes you to pause, think, and get curious long enough to take the desired action on the button that suggests that you should click here to “learn more.” 

It’s a clever strategy in buyer psychology where you can open a look in a buyer’s mind and that pattern interrupt – that dissonance – is something that the buyer is hoping to resolve, so they’ll seek to resolve it by taking what available action exists on the ad, and that is to “learn more.” 

Pretty neat, I think…

In 2nd place, One on One Mentorship by Carlos Cruz

Pictured on the left here is a gentleman by the name of John Crestani – it’s not exactly the focus of this section of the blog post here, but he is very popular for his own coaching program in the field of affiliate marketing, and it’s called the Super Affiliate System. 

Mr. Carlos Cruz can be found on the right-hand side of this image (see above) and is part of that Super Affiliate Program.

In particular, he is the Facebook Ads guru for the mentorship duo and is thorough in his educating of his students. 

Why am I bringing up these 2 guys if I’m not even going to promote their coaching program? 

About a year ago, sometime in 2017, I asked Mr. Cruz to pull me aside for a left-seat/right-seat, sit-down meeting and go over what he knew about Facebook Ads. 

I was interested in specifically learning everything he understand about generating profits through Facebook Ads when it came to being an affiliate marketer. 

A key ingredient to this story is to understand where I was my internet marketing career at this point in time…

I really didn’t achieve the level of success I was hoping to accomplish while I was a student of the Rise Academy (see above), and I still wanted to find success with the affiliate offer so I knew that some tweaks and adjustments were necessary in order to land some profits with an information product that simply wasn’t mine. 

So, I invested in one-on-one mentorship instead of a large-scale coaching program. 

It set me back $10,000.00 but this guy didn’t mind being handed five figures for an hour or 2 of his time. 

Check out the winning ad that came about from this one-on-one meeting:

It was a satisfying mentorship, Carlos Cruz, provided.  He introduced me to new ideas I had never thought about regarding how to:

  • Find a strong offer
  • Select the type of Ad to run
  • Find out what a cloaker was
  • Build a team to handle all of the landing pages for customers to see

Then, he and I would go into business together and try out some of these strategies. 

I’d shell out from my personal wallet any ad spends required on Facebook Ads, and when combined with his mentorship and guidance in the methodology of the marketing process, we would ultimately split profits generated in half and half. 

We ended up generating original Facebook Ad designs similar to the one right above here and pitched a cost-per-action (CPA) skincare offer.  That means…

  • Potential buyers fill out a form
  • Buy the product
  • Purchase shipping and handling
  • Receive anti-aging, anti-wrinkle skin cream

What did Carlos provide for me?

  • What offer to provide
  • What landing page to connect to
  • When and why we use a cloaker
  • Ad options and objectives to implement

One new thing I learned that was a HUGE takeaway for me:

  • Banned Facebook Ad Accounts are a part of the affiliate marketing game with Facebook Ads

I had a great month once, and it generated a $4k net profit from marketing one simple product.  It was actually quite awesome; I couldn’t have been more excited!

Although, thinking back on it, I wouldn’t want to repeat the actions necessary to make that same $4,000 in Facebook Ads promotions profits from the affiliate offer. 

  • I had to design, run, and pay for, various designed ads to see if I could land a winning version of it
  • I had to keep creating these new ads over and over in different Facebook Ad accounts (ya know, since they kept getting permanently banned)
  • While getting new things organized and set up to run more campaigns and tests, I had some accounts and ads that were running well, and would continue to do so, until they – inevitably – ended up reaching the hammer of getting banned by Facebook Advertising as well

It was a headache keeping up with all of the things that were expected of me. 

In total, the daily time investment was about 3 hours, but it felt like all day since I had to constantly keep an eye on my ads, my accounts (and whether they got banned yet – which meant my ads weren’t showing anymore), the costs of the ads, and so much more. 

All that, for just $4k in profit per month, and if I wanted to repeat that level of success then I’d have to work just as hard the next month. 

I didn’t want that kind of time investment, stress, and concern over what was going to happen next.  I didn’t like that I was positioning myself to fall victim to Facebook’s Advertising rules and have to tip-toe around what would still end up getting me banned in the long run – it was just a frustrating game. 

I wasn’t entering the online business market to play games – I wanted to make some money! 

Ultimately, this wasn’t for me. 

Besides, I always had a massive amount of success available to me in the form of my local lead generation for small business online venture performing extremely well for me! 

What insider secret I learned about Carlos Cruz was that he actually hired a team of nearly 5 professionals in the Facebook Advertising platform that were laboring diligently for him on 5 to 10 accounts under Business Manager (each)! 

That’s a lot of accounts to orchestrate at one time – and no doubt that team was earning every penny they were compensated to deal with all those headaches and abrupt changes in their marketing that, again, they had absolutely no control over! 

So what’s my value lesson from hiring Carlos? 

Facebook Ads – in any form – requires constant manpower, time, attention, and funds to yield a consistent income of the highest potential, especially at an ongoing basis. 

Shouldn’t that be obvious though? 

Well, to some people maybe, but I didn’t go to school for marketing and this wasn’t what I signed up for.  I didn’t want to be a slave to an advertising platform that stiffed me whenever I colored outside of a line they didn’t approve of – even once, or even slightly. 

Most people who explore Facebook Ads would think that you’d only have about 1 or 2 ads, or ad sets, or campaigns, rolling at one time. 

Unfortunately, that’s not enough and that’ just not how to perform effectively with Facebook Ads platform options. 

In order to get an awesome feel for the marketplace, you’re going to need to run a massive test and really get a feel for what the marketplace responds to the best. 

But how massive is this test going to be? 

At a bare minimum, I’d recommend launching about 20 different, completely unique, ad sets (and then more would have some intermixed information, audience targets, ad copy, etc., thus doubling, tripling, or quadrupling the amount of effort required to see an ad perform well). 

The end result? 

Some might perform okay and some might tank completely – and you paid for all of that advertising out of pocket just to find out if one would work and one wouldn’t – multiplied, of course, by however many ads and/or ad sets you truly had running on your campaign(s). 

Picture this:

A good majority of those ad sets might be near duplicates of what you had already designed – and I’m referring to exact duplicates. 

Didn’t we just discuss that earlier in this blog – duplicates can get you banned?  Whelp, welcome to affiliate marketing, right?

Despite the near duplication of the ad sets and ads – as in borderline exact replicas – there’s some anomaly within Facebook’s Advertising platform that ends up giving the better prospective buyers to one type of ad set with the same ad than to another… whereas one ad may perform best and the rest get nothing for your bottom line…

It just ends up costing you more money from the “test” you had to run from the beginning!

Think you can pinpoint exactly what the problem might have been on your own?  Guess again, motivator!

There may be times that your performance of advertising choices on Facebook Ads will really have nothing to do with your options of images, ad copy written directly on the ad, or anything else you might have assumed. 

To counter this, you’ll simply have to engage upfront by firing off tons of ads, variations in ad copy, target audience, and more, in what the industry refers to as split-testing… and this will need to be done in an ongoing manner. 

Don’t shoot the messenger, as I’m just giving it to you straight. 

This is what I’ve experienced and have literally done several times long before ever thinking about writing this blog post. 

I think I’m qualified to let you know what you’re getting into if you’re seriously considering a coaching program that guides you into the magnificent world of Facebook Ads.

Nothing wrong with the people who grow so fascinated with Facebook Ads that they end up “geeking out” over it so much that they know the ins and outs of the platform and what best to change in a heartbeat if you ever encounter a problem with your campaign. 

It just wasn’t a good fit for me. 

See – that’s the insider’s scoop from someone who has authentically tried Facebook Ads, and I hate to tell ya but it’s not always going to be a set-and-forget strategy for any type of business model. 

For this, and several, countless, important reasons on top of this, that I am entirely focused on building an internet-based, side hustle style of an online business with free traffic from search engines instead in 2019

Top Pick: Local Marketing Vault by Jason McKim and James Bonadies


The best of the best that I have ever found in the internet marketing spectrum of online coaching and mentoring programs. 

These upstanding businessmen, James and Jason, have created the Local Marketing Vault (LMV) from scratch, based on their own business experiences, and ended up having a very successful, and rather lucrative, partnership. 

where they go out of their way to educate new students on what it takes to turn a profit online thru helping local businesses generate more referrals with Facebook Advertising. 

In essence, the business model is to refer consumers over to small businesses by targeting a region that the business owner services and launching Facebook Ads into that marketplace. 

What was really cool about these two guys is that I had met them long before they became a dynamic duo and launched the Local Marketing Vault. 

When I got my start in another coaching program that guided me on capitalizing on Free Organic Traffic to produce results with local lead generation for small businesses, James Bonadies was another fellow student in the same coaching program. 

I had no idea who he was, though, until we met up at an event that people from across the country (and some from across the entire globe) traveled and flew several hundred miles and paid large airfare to participate in. 

By the way, we’ll address the pros and cons here in a little bit when it comes to the comparison of Free Organic Traffic versus Facebook Ads methods of generating business for small businesses.

One of the awesome things about the Local Marketing Vault is that these gentlemen have explored several different industries within the small business spectrum – I’m talking a whole laundry list of niches that you could select from…

The last time I took a look, I believe these Mr. McKim and Mr. Bonadies had tested and successfully ran what they have now posted in the training – which are nearly 50 templates that you can simply review, assess, set up and run within your own marketing agency to try and turn some results into profitable income for someone that you’re hoping will be a client of yours for years to come.

And, if you knew someone in any (or all) of those that are looking for more business, they make available to you some copy and paste industry funnels that you can literally take, adjust, and post online so you can turn a profit for your local client and have a profitable business for years to come with as little guesswork than any other coaching program might leave you with.

Add to that, they have upped their volume of support so you have multiple ways to get assistance should you ever find yourself in a position that you would need to have a question answered in a timely manner…

  • Log into the training section of the website and click on the support bubble to ask a question
  • Post in the private Facebook Group – and even tag someone who you know is more proficient in one aspect of the business so they can get the notification and attempt to address your question – if one of the several thousand proficient and successful students hasn’t gotten to your question first and satisfied what you were you hoping to find out
  • Purchase some tech support for a very low, low cost – they aren’t here to turn a profit on supporting their students, they simply have paved the way for you to get help at any point in the week, or to schedule some time to get help on something that would require a little more one-on-one time, to include getting funnels or other technological inhibitions squared away so you can get back to grinding your tail off in seeking more profitable partnerships with local business owners

Since their platform operates on the simple to use the technology of a web hosting platform called Clickfunnels…

As long as you have an account there, then you can copy those done for you advertising funnels with less than 10 clicks. Then, you’ll be ready to start adjusting and fixing up for your prospective client’s industry and launching your campaign with a nearly complete funnel! 

Less guesswork and closer to the opportunity to land some massive success; outstanding opportunities for an online business venture, wouldn’t you say?

I have personally met – and shook hands with – a number of their successful students and can attest that they really know what they’re doing in the Local Marketing Vault. 

Still, the platform advises mostly paid traffic strategies where you still need to buy traffic from Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) or Facebook Advertising platforms – both of which can tell you they aren’t going to run your ad campaigns anymore and all you can do is accept it and move on. 

For these and many other reasons, I still appreciate building a business on the internet with free organic traffic since there are fewer requirements to maintain the traffic coming through (meaning buyers requesting services) and I can confidently leave the lead gen website at the top of search results and believe that it will continue to feed me some profits month after month, for years to come. 

Why Free Traffic is a Better Option than Facebook Ads

I can appreciate your noticing that I’ve been eluding to this topic for some time now throughout this blog post…

So, let’s get into it and explain further on the values of each strategy.

It’s no secret that you can turn on a Facebook ad and – assuming all goes well – you can have buyers flocking to you in moments.

Assuming everything is in place and will work effectively from day 1, there’s no reason that you can’t have customers buying from you tomorrow. 

Yeah, we get it.  Every coach and mentor that has been pitching Facebook Ads has been drilling this notion into us through webinars, video ads, suggesting they have the “secret” to what it really takes to make things work with paid advertising, blah, blah, blah…

What else have we been told can be done with Facebook Ads?  I mean, let’s try and get some details out here into the open for discussion…

  • Acquire traffic instantly
  • Drill down into one industry
  • Target ideal audiences for your message
  • Can scale out to reach more of an audience or a maximum reach faster through increasing the daily ad spend and/or the cost per click (or desired result or action) that you’re willing to pay for

Here’s something that self-proclaimed experts really don’t have a trend in advertising – and that’s the downside to engaging in Facebook Ads to generate referrals for a business venture online.

So let’s address them here.  Let’s look at the drawbacks to engaging in Facebook Ad spend…

  • Ad performance will fluctuate unpredictably
  • Daily monitoring of your Facebook Ads are required
  • The time investment required could be used elsewhere to increase your income
  • Your target audience may not appreciate being interrupted with socializing; it’s social media, and they’re not looking to buy.  As a result…
  • Your ideal audience may be interested in buying, but not at the time that they see your message on Facebook Ads, so the quality of buyers that could be seeing your ad is actually lower, and that means they’re not really buyers then, are they?
  • If you’re going to pay for the attention online, then that cost in advertising means you’re going to have lower profit margins at the end of the day when a sale is finally made (if ever)
  • Since social media is rather popular, everyone seems to be trying their hands on social media platforms and paid advertising strategies in general.  That means…
  • More competition for you, and…
  • The cost of advertising is inherently going to rise as people begin competing for attention with the same audience, in similar products, in nearby or overlapping regions, and the list goes on…
  • Since you’re borrowing traffic from the bigger entity, popularly known as Facebook, you really aren’t able to run your program on auto-pilot then; all you’re doing is asking someone to show your ad to the audience they’ve already pre-determined might be a potentially good candidate for your web traffic – and that doesn’t always mean only prospective customers could see your ad, but it definitely means you could pay for those non-ideal consumers getting shown your ad
  • As your audience – meaning, whoever gets to see your ad, whether they could be a candidate for purchasing or not (thanks, Facebook) – downvotes your Facebook ad, your ad accounts could inevitably get banned, suspended, or otherwise shut down from advertising practices because you wanted to try and add another metric to your ad set or some other change to increase your reach and scale out for a higher chance to turn a profit
  • At the end of the day, you’re interrupting your target audiences on Facebook; it’s popularly referred to as interruption marketing. 

What’s funny to me is that some people refer to this as disruption marketing and I don’t like either of those titles…

I wouldn’t want to have the reputation of being a nuisance in the lives of people whoever might be an otherwise qualified candidate to buy my product or service! 

I disagree with this type of advertising. 

It’s probably not the best move to be interrupting someone’s time with – well, I’m not going to pretend to know what people do with their time on social media, and sometimes I don’t need to know –

I do know that I wouldn’t want to be the nuisance that flashes some attention-grabbing advertisement when someone is heavily engaged in an activity that is so important to them that they may be disgruntled or displeased…

Even to the point that they would then commence discussion in the marketplace, talking negatively about my company long (or the company I‘m advertising on behalf of) before they have any idea what my company is about and how I might be able to help them with their needs or wants…

Now I’m not suggesting that interruption marketing is a bad thing – it happens all around us…

  • Television (TV) Advertisements / Commercials
  • Billboards along sidewalks and highways
  • Magazine Ad space
  • Newspaper Advertorials
  • Internet Ads posted on websites with frequently high numbers of web traffic

However, I think we can all appreciate there being an appropriate time and place for all methods of advertising, and Facebook Advertising probably has its own level of appropriateness for implementation. 

If you were to –

  • Possess an outstanding offer
  • Have a product that people couldn’t live without
  • Offer an amazing service

…which carries enough of a ridiculously high-profit margin that you could afford the advertising cost after a single sale is made… the maybe – just maybe – this could be an option for you to test.

Ya see, coaches in the Facebook Ads training, coaching, and mentoring space really just want to pitch you on buying a digital product that provides the seller with almost 100% commissions…

With very little overhead, it’s so convenient that their profit margins make their training program the hottest commodity they’ve ever marketed.

If you’re using Facebook Ads to generate leads for local small businesses, there’s really nothing wrong with your endeavor to do such a thing. 

By the way, we need to acknowledge that the cost of doing business includes the ad spend – something that you could be pocketing in profits if you were otherwise engaged in bringing that same local business tons of buyers with free traffic strategies — something our coaching program covers thoroughly.

Unfortunately, the local marketing folks who implement Facebook Ads trend on seeing only 20 to 30 percent in profit margins, versus the near 100% net profits of lead gen with search engine traffic.

As if all of that wasn’t sufficient math for you to see the downside of using Facebook Ads, think about this…

In one day’s advertising budget, if you were to subject the ad cost for each day, you’ll have significantly less money in profits than with 1 client.  It’s straight up math that leads toward it being very costly for you to generate leads with Facebook when there’s a more affordable, and more profitable alternative.

Facebook ads require more work than what I have found requires my attention in the epic world of lead generation with free traffic, meaning …

  • I rank a lead gen site to the top of search results
  • I forget about it because the work is done
  • I profit massively every single month, for every year that it’s still sending buyers my way

The leads generated for local clients are of significantly higher quality — meaning from local lead generation through Free Organic Search Traffic because I’m not really borrowing traffic from a compiled platform, per se. 

It is still search engine traffic from Google search – let’s be truthful about it and see it for what it is.  However, people are actively seeking out what I have to offer…

  • They type into the search bar what they want to find
  • Google retrieves the most relevant results (and I’ve made mine the most relevant so I’m found at the top)
  • The prospective customer clicks on my lead gen site
  • Profits come my way

If you’re attempting to launch Facebook Ads for small business as a service (such as for a digital marketing agency strategy), my recommendation is to stick with it only for the short-term.

Maybe you’re only going to bring them immediate results to impress them and prove that you’ve got the skills to help them pay all of their other bills.

However, even if you’re keeping them pleased in the short-term with the immediate results, it’s probably a smart move to go ahead and build them a lead generation website that builds its results from free organic traffic on search. 

Why even consider the burden of handling Facebook Ads and figuring out what “might” work for them when I can simply rank and bank on websites that work for me around the clock (and I don’t even have to keep any on them for years). 

What’s my favorite phrase for the profits produced from these lead gen sites?

…Leveraged income! 

This Party Buys and Limo Rental lead gen website has been …

  • Found in Lansing, Michigan for several years
  • Hasn’t been touched since 2014
  • Spent a grand total of less than 6 hours to both build and rank it
  • AND… it provides me with at least $750 every single month
  • I’m not doing any maintenance work on it whatsoever

If I’m bringing in $750 for a whole 12 months, that’s a convenient $9,000.00 I’m bringing in every year from this website – and over the last several years, that’s about $36,000.00 in total for the lifetime of that website going to work for me around the clock…

Remember, I’ve only worked with it for 6 hours – then I stopped tinkering with it. 

It was completed in 2014, and if you break it down by the hours’ worth of how much I should have gotten paid for this, then you can divide $36,000.00 (USD) by the 6 hours and easily see that my effort was worth $6,000.00 per hour. 

When was the last time you’ve made $6,000.00 per hour or heard of another job or profession that yielded the same amount…

I really can’t think of another line of work where you can spend just over a handful of hours on one side hustle of a project and get a return this handsome in terms of REAL, Passive Income through local lead generation.


Facebook Ads can turn out to be extremely costly for anyone in a competitive market and/or industry (or niche, if you will). 

The costs associated with buying Facebook Ads can often times be completely out of control!

I remember working tirelessly, and seeing others do the same, all to manage and balance several ad accounts for their clientele, but they really didn’t turn a high profit while being a slave to their laptop or desktop. 

I felt bad because this can really be a lucrative and awesome industry to start an entrepreneurial endeavor within; but burn out can also be a really taxing concern and that’s not fair to experience either.

I get it – Facebook Ads can be the drug of the business world…

Like cocaine, you take one hit and you land a huge score of clients –

Now, you feel empowered and like this is the best thing since sliced bread. 

Unfortunately, the costs will rise, the ad can exhaust, and you could find the results from your ad diminishing like the last moments of a candle’s wick at the end of the waxy shell – flickering and flickering until there’s not much left. 

I think I should count my lucky stars that nearly 100% of my entrepreneurship projects are exclusively operated on the internet and capitalize on free organic traffic in local lead generation

This business model generates passive income, whether I’m working or not, and allows me to enjoy:

  • Peace of mind
  • Confidence
  • And financial security…

…that since the internet will be around (and I honestly don’t think it’s going to go anywhere, anytime soon), and small businesses are going to be serving their local communities (and I’m confident that they’ll also be around for a long, long time)…

I’m rather confident that my business will be profitable for a very long time. 

When it comes to garnering free traffic, it’s hard to destroy that kind of pleasantry – especially since Google is happy to provide people searching for things with the most relevant results…

And thanks to this awesome coaching program I’ve embarked upon only a few short years ago, I now know how to make my lead gen properties the most relevant in the marketplace – so I’ll always show up first!

Look, you’re using a private company’s partitioned groupings of audiences with Facebook Ads, so there’s no doubt that the ads you run can be subjected to unique variables (some of which you may never learn or know about) that can influence your efforts for your business (or worse, your client’s business, of the one who is paying your agency bill) to no longer generate profits.

Don’t take it from me…

Take the lesson from the numerous Facebook Ads gurus that are really good people I’ve come to know, who’ve simply gone from hero to zero practically overnight because their offers and their time-demanding ads simply chilled to an ice cold stop of producing results from Facebook Ads.

It’s rough seeing people have to bail on their business venture when they’ve put so much into it. I may be a rival in the capitalistic sense of the economy, but we’re all human beings and it’s not cool to witness someone having to start all over when they’ve put so much into their business.

That’s part of the reason I advocate for local lead generation. It’s not just because it’s done so well for me, but because I have genuine peace of mind when it comes to my financial well-being and I know that it won’t take much to rebuild if things ever went south with my lead gen sites.

In a twist of what really shouldn’t surprise me, however, Facebook was still happy to keep spending their money at an expensive rate per click until the person’s campaign was finally shut off by the person managing it (reluctantly, to say the least). 

Local Lead Generation: The Best Online Business in 2019

I get that this is a lengthy blog post, but if you’ve read this far, then it proves that you’re serious about starting an entrepreneurial endeavor online and you might be a good fit for our local lead generation coaching program

Yes, good things come to those who see things through to the end. 

What you’ll get in our coaching program are the exact same tips, strategies, and techniques that have allowed me to walk away from my 9 to 5 only a few short years ago.

See, in the bitter cold downtown urban streets of Detroit, the winters really weren’t that pleasant and I couldn’t afford to own a car on a $35,000.00 annual salary, so I needed to walk everywhere if I wanted to have some extra cash on hand to go out on the weekends or simply not eat ramen noodles that week. 

Yeah, I was there once, too, and not that long ago either. 

Anyone who is successful in this space has started at one point in their career; you don’t get successful with something unless you start working at it. 

The same is true in starting an online business and hope that it’s not going to turn into a second job. 

While I was working a full-time job...

I would wade through the deep-footed snow with an orange ambiance that radiated into the cold Detroit sky – and travel on home to a crusty, run-down apartment to start working on my local lead generation business in what little time I had in the evenings.

In less than a year’s time, I was able to reach $10,000.00 in monthly revenue. 

Now I’m not saying that everyone will be able to match my efforts –

I was the odd-ball in this industry.

I really had nothing else going on except for the deep, lonely wishing that I had more money.

Knowing that if it was to be, then it would be up to me; I would grind my face off in every single evening after work just so that I would never be in a position to complain about money ever again. 

This was my ticket to freedom and I was going to make every opportunity out of it that I could!

Fast-forward several years now, I’m out of Detroit (though sometimes I go back to visit), and no longer tied to a 9 to 5.

I got to fire my boss instead of having a boss fire me – and it was the greatest feeling in the world! 

Being able to tell my boss I’m not coming into work today and their reaction of bafflement considering they had no idea what kind of side income I had built up without making a second job to fill most of my remaining hours in the day. 

I’ve now had the great fortune to see a lot of other students in this same coaching program achieve great things for themselves, and a lot of them did it while working crazy hours of full-time jobs from all walks of life. 

This is a business investment, and I’m not going to be around the bush about that.  If you’re not ready to spend some of your hard earned cash to change your life, then this isn’t for you. 

If, however, you’re ready to make a change, try something new, learn a high-income skill, and never look back, then maybe you’re the kind of person we’re looking to link arms with and make our next success story with the easiest business model I have ever seen in my life –

This is coming from a guy who reviews other online business models of coaching and mentoring programs.

This blog is a compilation of reports about…

those very entities, the people behind them, and why they may or may not be a good fit for someone just starting out or looking to expand their portfolio of income generating side hustles. 

  • those very entities,
  • the people behind them, and…
  • why they may or may not be a good fit for someone just starting out or looking to expand their portfolio of income generating side hustles. 

Still skeptical?  Just think of what this has done for me in my life…

  • This was the fastest way I had found to quit my job only a few short years ago
  • I’m making an income that now rivals – oh heck, it surpasses – doctors and lawyers
  • I have no one telling me when to be at work, when it’s acceptable to take lunch, and whether or not I can have more vacation time or sick days
  • I can literally work anywhere in the world – as long as I have internet and my trusty laptop
  • Sometimes I work from home and just keep it a chill day
  • The biggest profit margins come from lead gen because I don’t have to buy ads traffic
  • The competition is laughable – tons of cities and industries to select from
  • PASSIVE INCOME – the only real method of passive income that I could afford when starting out and actually turn what little I had into a massive business that allows me to kick back and write a blog like this for you to check out in your spare time

At the end of the day, if you’re seeking to experiment with Facebook Ads then at least do yourself a solid and have an additional $10,000.00 per month coming into your pockets from free organic traffic. 

By doing this, you’ll have some reliable income and stability in your days so you can spare some cash to try your hand at Facebook Ads – and if it doesn’t work out, you’ll still be okay and have food on the table.

Click here to scope out our coaching program that can give you step by step instructions on what it takes to revolutionize your life forever!