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If you own a business in the Phoenix area, you know it can be a daily struggle to make your business successful. You are in a competitive market, and you are most likely facing constant challenges to find new clients and increase your market share.

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The truth is to be in business today you need a high-quality website to bring in new customers, but even more important than that you need your website to be seen by the people in Phoenix that are searching for your service.

That means you need SEO (also known as search engine optimization) Now if you have had the same experience that most business owners to the world over have had you might have gotten a slightly sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when I mentioned SEO.

That is natural, more than likely since you opened your doors you have been dealing with SEO companies trying to pitch you expensive packages that will help “grow” your business (whatever that means)

If this has happened to you, there is a good reason why you don’t like the idea of SEO. More than likely their pitch went something like this.

  • You are required to sign a 12-month contract
  • They expect you to pay a very high monthly fee (because they told you it is the only way they can achieve results)
  • They can’t promise results but take a look at their website and see all their satisfied customers!

Now if you are wondering how I knew that it’s because I have heard the pitch a hundred times myself.

Here is what they are not telling you!

  • The reason they require a 12-month contract is they want to make as much profit off you as possible.
  • No SEO company can legally promise results because they don’t control search engines like Google and Bing so they can’t make these companies give you the results you want.
  • They can’t offer guaranteed results, but they expect guaranteed money from you no matter what!
  • The truly successful SEO companies are not focused on doing the SEO work they outsource that, they are focused on getting new clients for their business, not yours!
  • They will never put as much effort into your business, or achieve the results you would achieve if you took control of your own SEO process.

There is a better way.

You might feel trapped between a rock and a hard place, you have to either pay the SEO companies huge monthly fees and hope they can deliver what they promise or risk no one finding your website when they are searching for your service in Phoenix.

There is a third option. You could take control of your businesses future and learn to handle your SEO yourself!

Right now you might be thinking “I don’t even know where to start” Don’t worry just like you at one point or another every single person who learned SEO didn’t know where to start.

In 2014 Several local SEO experts saw this problem and decided to come up with a way to teach local SEO skills to their students.

Over the coming years over 3000 students have learned the skills needed to build and rank local websites in almost any niche.

Our students have grown into a community of local SEO experts. These experts help businesses just like yours every day.

They have helped businesses get ranked in markets big and small all over the US Canada and Europe just to name a few. Some of these markets are even more competitive than Phoenix!

At a certain point, the team that created this training realized a simple fact.

No matter how busy our students were, they would never be able to help all the local business owners in every market. There are just too many!

That is why they made a very exciting decision recently.

The training’s creators knew that there was a huge need for business owners who were tired of being trapped between not having their site ranked and paying SEO companies to try to rank their site.

That is why we are opening the doors to our local lead generation and SEO training program to local business owners like you.

If you are still hesitating when it comes to taking control of your business’s future by learning SEO, I understand. You have a lot on your plate right now, and this will only add to it.

After all, as a business owner, your average day is more likely 12 to 14 hours, the last thing you want to do is add more work! But take a moment to think about what you would be gaining.

What Learning SEO can do for your business and your future!

Before you decide you don’t have time to take control of your business’s future, let’s think about what you would be gaining if you were to take this training.

  • You would never again have to pay an overpriced SEO company.
  • You would know exactly the steps you need to take to get your website (or any website) ranked.
  • You would never again have to worry about your website and why it isn’t ranking.
  • You can guarantee your site will get seen by the people in your area that are looking for your service and who are willing to pay for that service!
  • With a little extra effort, you can drastically increase the number of people who will find your business (I will explain how in a few moments)
  • If you take over the SEO of your business, you have the potential to save thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars that you won’t have to pay out to SEO companies!

I barely know how to turn my computer on!

Don’t worry, we have taught people that were not only not tech savvy, but a few of them were also actually afraid of their computers! We will train you to step by easy step, and before you know it you will be an SEO and local lead generation expert!

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I already have an SEO company I love.

Even if you are one hundred percent satisfied with the results, your current SEO company is getting you. You most likely still have concerns. After all, there is a good chance you found this page when you Googled Phoenix SEO.

There are still a lot of benefits that you will get if you know the “ins and outs” of local SEO

  1. You and your SEO company can speak the same “language” when they do work for you they can quickly explain what they did in ways you will understand.
  2. You can “spot check” their work, and I am not saying they are untrustworthy it’s just good if you know how to confirm they are doing what they told you they are doing.
  3. You can drastically speed up the process of you getting your site ranked. If you like the SEO work your SEO company is doing, you can add to it or augment it on your schedule. This is basically like having two SEO companies working on getting your site ranked instead of one. 

But why limit yourself to one website?

Having your website ranked is good, but even better is if you have multiple websites that are ranked and all of them sending leads to your business.

How do you do that? Simple really, if you are like most businesses in the Phoenix area you don’t just provide services to the city of Phoenix, you also cover the surrounding cities and towns.

In our training course, we will teach you how quickly and effetely build sites and get ranked in each one of those cities and towns.

You could have an SEO company do that for you, but the costs would be astronomical.

Using the techniques and strategies that we have taught local business owners like you. They have managed to increase their business by adding addition websites in surrounding areas.

Some of our business owner students have doubled even tripled their business in a short amount of time with minimal costs!

What kind of results can I expect to see?

The answer to that question is simple if you are willing to learn and put in the work the sky is the limit!

We can’t guarantee your results but we can show you the results some of our other students who are local business owners have gotten and we can tell you they don’t know anything that we won’t teach you by the end of this course.

After learning what we have to teach you, you will be in a position to get results like this.

Not only should you expect to get #1 ranking in Google and Bing like this


But you can use the skills we will teach you to build other lead generation sites in other local areas and use those sites to drive even more leads to your business! Just think of these other sites as Digital Billboards, the more you have out there, the more leads they will be generating for your business every month.

The skills we will teach you will allow you to scale your business up faster than you ever imagined!

Why stop at just your business?

Here is a secret that no SEO company will ever tell you, local SEO is a lot less competitive than national SEO. The websites that get ranked are usually not great they are just the only option Google has. When someone requests info about a business in a local area Google has to tell them something even if the sites are terrible.

This puts you in a very powerful position. With this training, we will teach you not only how to get your website ranked locally, but we will teach you our “rank and rent” method we use to build monthly passive income.

Once Google ranks a local website to the top of the search engine, it tends to stay there for a long time.

My Limo site

How long? To give you an idea. This is a website I built in 2014. It is a site for a limo company, Now the critical thing to know is that I don’t own a limo company, I just found a company in the area, and I sent them leads. They were happy to receive the leads and paid for them.

How happy were they? They have paid me 750 dollars a month every month since 2014, and I haven’t touched the site since 2014!


Imagine what you could do with just a few of these sites earning passive income for you!

This is more than just a skill set you can use to grow your business it is a chance to be free of all the financial concerns you face.

  • Growing your business
  • Having regular income
  • Not getting robbed on your marketing.
  • Building passive income for the future.

You can take care of all of those issues by just taking control of your business. You can start today.

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