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owning a business in Portland area congrats, you’ve made a smart decision. You chose to take over control of the future by opening a business in Portland.


There are many reasons for opening a business in the Portland area.

  • Great city and state infrastructure
  • A lot of people who prefer to buy local.
  • Most important, over six hundred and forty thousand potential customers!

Over the six hundred thousand people is an important factor. very important because it means that if you know what you are doing as far as marketing goes you have over six hundred and forty thousand people as potential customers!

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That is the Good news, the bad news is the fact that your competition can reach those customers as well.

It’s the game of the winner will take all to reach out to those customers. As a business owner, you’ve never been very afraid of challenges!

As a business owner you’ll always have things putting a lot of pressure on your time.

For a business to have success, you need to handle a lot of different factors, factors like…

  • whatever product and of course service you offer must be very high quality, you will lose customers otherwise
  • You need to make sure your business and its employees obey all local laws including state, federal and local! 
  • The very biggest challenge and your biggest concern will always be how do you grow the business? This means you always need to be working on getting new customers

Both Good news and Bad News

There’s both some good news and some bad news for you a business in Portland.

First some Good news – in this world of the internet and smartphones never before in life has it  so been easy for the potential customer looking for you to find you.

Now some Bad News – in the world of the internet and smartphones never in life has it so been easy for the potential customer looking for you to find your competition!

In modern business, you need more than just a website, you also need a great website site But that is only half the battle.

If your potential customer goes looking for your business type they find you!

to make that happen you need to make sure your website ranks on Google page one.

If you’re not on top of page Google your not on Google!

According to the most recent studies over 72% of people looking for something on the internet start the search with search engines!

How will you make sure a site is ranking on the very top of the Google ranking? Search engines like Google have grown and changed this is true but the answer to this question is always the same…

Using SEO is always the answer!

You must be shaking your head, it’s natural. like many business owners, you could have a annoyed/ tolerate relationship with SEO.

It’s is understandable. Depending on the experience you have had with SEO companies or SEO itself you could view it as either one a major headache sucking up time and money with no results.

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Or two it is a necessary evil you have no choice but to pay for every month.

After reading this blog post, we know you will look at SEO in an entirely new way.  You will look at SEO as

  • A way to dominate the market
  • How you will scale your business higher than you ever thought!

If you are like most Portland Business owners, from the minute, you opened your doors you have had dozens of SEO teams selling you on their services.

Maybe you have even hired an SEO company before. If you’re reading this blog post, you are still looking to improve your SEO results. That means you think there’s still a more effective way to get things done and you’re right!

The Problem Portland Business owners deal with

Very often Portland business owners just like you have just felt they were stuck between the proverbial rock and the hard place

  • If you use an SEO team, you are being forced to pay those high SEO costs every month
  • If you don’t do anything to improve your website’s ranking your business will suffer.

It can feel like a never-win situation.

Everything changed in 2014.

In 2014 a group of SEO experts noticed SEO was just done wrong and they knew if they taught SEO right everyone would come out better.

  • Businesses like yours would earn more money
  • SEO experts would be viewed as the valuable experts they are.
  • Businesses wouldn’t have a negative opinion of SEO

These experts wrote a training program that taught people to use SEO right from the start, from step one how to get local businesses ranked at the top of Google.

Since this program was created in 2014 over 3000 students, have taken this course and gone on to dominate local google searches.

Things are about to change again.

Recently the same experts realized something, no matter that no matter how many people they train there can never be enough SEO experts for local business…There are just too many of them!

That’s why we’re excited to be announcing. We’ll be offering this program and training local business owners just like you how to dominate your local market.

It’s now time to control your business and your future with learning SEO

You could be thinking you don’t think you can learn SEO. You could have many reasons why you can’t. But believe us, you can! Let’s take a look at your reasons why you might think you can’t learn SEO.

  1. I don’t know tech!
  2. I really have no time to figure out SEO
  3. I’m working with a good SEO company.

I Don’t Know Tech

We know but don’t worry you can learn! Since first opening this training, we have trained more than three thousand people just like you, and many of them were not “tech savvy” either.

I really have no time to figure out SEO

That’s a natural response. As a Portland company owner you already have a full plate and adding more is not something you want to add in more work.

But when you consider everything you could gain by learning SEO, you’ll agree it’s totally worth it.

You can make things just a lot easier for you all by taking time now learning SEO The good thing is once you learn these SEO skills, you’ll never lose it!

I’m working with a good SEO company

Congrats on hiring an SEO company that does a great job. That means you’ve got a good one! But that doesn’t mean you won’t get great benefits all by learning the skills of SEO for yourself.

  1. You and the SEO company now speak the SEO language. This means that when they tell you what they are doing, you will understand what they are saying!
  2. You will be able to keep up their work, we’re not saying they’re not doing their job but you will be able to confirm it.
  3. You can quickly increase the speed of your results. If you’re working on SEO along with the SEO team, you’ll rank faster.

You’re not just limited to Portland!

This is what makes our course so powerful. 

You have your business in Portland.  That’s smart but if you’re like a lot of business owners, your company doesn’t just service Portland. You also likely provide services in many surrounding areas. But Google considers you strictly a Portland company, and that will limit your reach.

But Our training will change that. Using these methods, we’ll show you, you’ll have the skills needed to quickly build up and rank up websites in surrounding area.

Think of them as “Digital Bill Boards” the more you add, the faster a business can grow!

The techniques you’ll learn here will give you the ability to grow your company faster than you could ever think possible before!

Can you be sure I’ll get the exact same results?

we can’t guarantee you results and no one else can either! But if you use the skills, we’ll teach you, that plus putting in real work you’ll be just amazed at all the results you’ll get.

You could get results just like this


Don’t just rank in one location you’ll have the skills to rank your business in all the markets you serve!

don’t limit yourself just to your businesses!

This course was originally built to teach anyone how to create residual income using the “rank and then rent out” method. You could do the same.

You can build many lead generation digital properties in just about every niche you want and then you could find a local company to team up with.  you can then charge then thoe monthly fees for many years into the future. How can I be sure of that?

I’ve done it!


Here is a rental website I built during 2014. I spent just over a  month and a half or so creating to get this site built and then ranked. Once it was ranked up and generating calls, I rented it out to one of the local Limo businesses. They were very thrilled for some new business. They happily paid me around 750 dollars every month. I’ve not touched that site since and I’m still getting paid for that site. That’s four years passive income!

Imagine having a few of those types of sites earning you a passive income!

You can take care of all of these issues and more by just taking control of your business. You can start today.

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