Real Estate Agent Academy with Graham Stephan – Unbiased Review

From top to bottom, the real estate industry is – to many – an elusive unicorn that carries tons of experts in coaching programs. 

But with countless coaches, who is the go-to expert? 

Further, which program can someone actually go to and truly become an entrepreneurial success story with? 

I’ll seek to answer these questions and more as I share my insights on the Real Estate Agent Academy coaching program by Graham Stephan. 

I’ve often wondered, though, that if knowledge is power and there are tons of resources available to learn about this industry, then why do so many authentically struggle to progress in this field and land the dream lifestyle that is envisioned upon investing in this type of entrepreneurial endeavor?

Real Estate Training Lacks Passive Income Flow

The Real Estate Agent coaching program of Graham Stephan differs greatly from the lead gen coaching program I’ve learned from – and this is the program that has led me to do what I do now: generate a passive $50,000.00 in profits through virtual real estate every single month, and predictably! 

When you reach the end of reading this blog post, you’ll gain a stronger understanding of how financial freedom and a lucrative, secure future really are possible to have.  In fact, you can begin making that a reality today – and I can show you how.  Read on to learn more…

Who is Graham Stephan

Not necessarily a rags to riches story, but definitely a hustler in the making, Graham Stephan started from the table scraps of what others simply decided to step over and disregard as “playing small ball.” 

Starting as a Real Estate Agent by the age of 16, he truly had zero connections to reach out to and announce that he had finally launched his new gig; imagine having zero people to announce that you’ve started a business or amass of fiscally responsible friends so you couldn’t send a mass email, mass text, or social media post to say “Hey, is anyone that I know looking to buy /sell your home?”

However, those small jobs turned out to be an excellent starting point for this young buck that was hungry for his first few wins in the entrepreneurship game.  Launching his game from such a young age, he treated each person – and each deal – like it was going to bring a return that would make him rich. 

Technically he was right because those so-called “table scraps” turned out to be connection points and a database of contacts that Mr. Stephan was able to build relationships with.  He’s living proof that hustle beats any other form of business work ethic because those connection points turned into people looking to this “kid” to handle their selling of an old property and purchasing a new home in place of it. 

It’s been said that landing large deals is something that newly beginning business owners should be weary of. After all – those only come once in a lifetime, right?  For Graham, this was a sign that the commission-based lifestyle of a real estate agent is exactly where he wanted –nay, need – to be. 

Landing a multi-million, commission-based deal on a home for a wealthy couple at the ripe age of only 18, this lucky buck confirmed for himself that college wasn’t for him; he was less interested in a degree and more interested in the exciting world of entrepreneurship and turning a profit from hard work. 

Nearly eight years later, Graham Stephan decided to put together a course that documented his successful efforts – from A to Z!  After landing millions in commission from the world of real estate, he demonstrates the tricks up his sleeves for achieving the level of success that he has. 

That’s something not many tend to do these days; many entrepreneurs have a tendency to keep their “trade secrets” to themselves instead of both documenting and sharing how they’ve achieved their unique level of success.  Graham continues to grow – and with that, he also updates his Real Estate Agent Academy coaching program. 

Some of the things that he brings to the masses in his Real Estate Agency coaching program are:

  • Relationship Building Strategies
  • How to negotiate to win big
  • Acquiring the close of a deal
  • Prospecting
  • And countless more of his many tips and tricks…

Acquiring a subscriber base of more than 160,000 people on YouTube, you could credit some of his success toward delivering outstanding content that can be shared to, and by, his audience. 

Having been in the real estate game for (now) the better part of a decade – or longer – he’s essentially diversified his individual portfolio of revenue, from his humble beginnings in landing multiple real estate deals every month to monetizing his loyal following on YouTube “and” selling a coaching program that stems from his personal real estate journey. 

Proof that success is earned – and you could do the same!

In the real estate space, commissions are generated only when a home is bought or sold; that’s how money is exchanged and someone who is helping buyers and sellers can stand to gain a piece of the action that is taking place…hence, a commission for a real estate agent’s time and effort. 

For Graham, however, he’s drifting toward exploring more passive streams of profits so he doesn’t have to work as hard as he did in the first decade of his professional life.  The reality of it beast (being the real estate agent career, that is) is that the profession demands trading time to earn cold hard cash.  I mean… that’s how someone lands those fat commissions that everyone hears stories about.

It’s still a game of entrepreneurship in the sense that you are working for yourself by serving buyers and sellers directly.  However…

Even the hardest working, commission-only careerists are smart enough to acknowledge that they’d rather be building a side hustle that delivers money into their bank account while they’re working, and continues to do this even when they aren’t on the clock. 

In fact, wouldn’t it be nice to have a web property doing the hard work for you while you’re on a boat, enjoying a warm vacation, or even racking out in bed for the night, and still turning a profit without your attention?

That’s why local lead generation is so powerful, and in my eyes, the preferred method of operating a business. Sure, real estate can give you a fat commission once in a great while, but why step over dollars to pick up hundred dollar bills when those smaller singles can still add up to a big profit?

The sweet thing about local lead generation is that the web properties function like a rental home.  You can rent them to business owners, which requires little to no maintenance on a monthly basis, and you can set these websites up quickly to generate profits from FREE Organic Web Traffic – which means sending buyers to business owners while you still own the web property and turn a profit while you sleep. 

Pretty cool, huh?

Overview of the Real Estate Agent Academy Coaching Course

I’ve personally bought a ton of courses that involved some pre-recorded, online training modules.  I know for a fact that one of the most exhausting things involves watching hours –upon hours – of information until I’m overloaded to where I have no idea which way is up. 

And by that point, I still haven’t found anything practical in the training that I can turn around and utilize to reach into the marketplace and start grabbing some profits right away. 

The great thing about these parts of Graham’s training ensures that bombardment or overload of information is nothing to worry about.  The videos are – on average – less than 10minutes each.

Take a quick peek here…

Part 1: Why Become a Real Estate Agent?

  • Reasons to Choose Real Estate (5:28)
  • Reasons that Real Estate Sales might not be for you (6:41)
  • A Day in the Life of a Real Estate Agent (5:05)
  • How you might qualify to work as a Real EstateAgent? (5:27)
  • Challenges and Risks of laboring as a Real Estate Agent (4:47)
  • Is it necessary to relocate to become successful in Real Estate? (2:15)
  • The benefits of a sound Mindset in landing success with Real Estate (5:44)

Part 2: Acquiring Your Real Estate License

  • Requirements for your licensure (2:03)
  • In-Person Training vs. Online Training (1:47)
  • Picking the right real estate agent academy (or school) (1:57)
  • Prepping for the real estate exam (and what it takes to actually pass) (3:14)
  • Can I do Real Estate as a side hustle (the part-time approach to success) (6:24)
  • Do Real Estate Agents need a college degree? (2:44)
  • Advantages to having no experience, and being young, in the Real Estate Agent Profession (3:42)
  • Reasons many might attempt to persuade you to avoid a profession in Real Estate (4:43)

Part 3: The Approach to Partnering with a Real Estate Brokerage

  • Tip: Finding a Mentor (4:17)
  • Reasons for a Real Estate Brokerage (1:38)
  • What’s the difference between a Real EstateBroker vs a Real Estate Agent? (1:02)
  • Selecting a Real Estate Brokerage that may be a good fit for you (and them) (3:05)
  • The Interview with the Real Estate Brokerage(7:13)
  • Costs Associated with Partnering with the RealEstate Brokerage (3:17)
  • Finding a Fair Commission Split for your efforts(3:06)

Part 4: Starting Your Real Estate Career Right

  • Should You Start as an Assistant? (And How to land this Gig) (2:52)
  • Options: Working Solo vs. Teaming Up (5:06)
  • Preparing for the launch of your Commission-Based Career (1:49)
  • Essentials to Begin your Real Estate AgentCareer (5:53)
  • Whether the type of car you’re driving actually matters (3:01)
  • The type of dress that’s appropriate for a real estate agent (2:52)
  • Reaching into the Luxury Real Estate Market(2:25)
  • Whether Expensive Homes are Easier to Sell(6:27)
  • Arranging Finances to Enter the Career Field(1:54)

Part 5: Acquiring Leads (People to Talk To / Market To) and Landing Business

  • Intro. To Getting Your Leads and Making BusinessTransactions Happen (2:51)
  • Whether working with buyers and/or sellers can be good or bad (1:07)
  • 90-Day Strategy Guide to Jumpstarting Your RealEstate Career (4:48)
  • Think there’s nothing you could be doing?  Watch this video weekly (3:16)
  • Checklist for Newbies (2:33)
  • Getting Leads in the Real Estate Market (9:33)
  • Setting up an Open House (4:14)
  • Prepping the Open House You’re Hosting (3:14)
  • Your Ultimate Guide to Holding Your Open House(9:16)
  • Words to the Wise: What to Say During Your OpenHouse (8:34)
  • Cold Calling 101: What to Say (2:37)
  • Door Knocking 101: How to do it Right (5:02)
  • Floor Calls 101: Working the Leads (2:59)

Part 6: Working with the Seller Leads (People who want to sell their home)

  • Your Introduction to what Home Listings Are(2:51)
  • Starting the Listing Appointment (6:40)
  • How to Price Your Listing (7:47)
  • Seller upgrades made prior to listing the home (3:30)
  • How to Market for Sellers (6:33)
  • Objections from Sellers: The Top 7 Things (and what to say) (9:48)
  • Getting a Listing Launched (11:29)
  • The Top Ways to Show your Listing (8:06)
  • Fielding the Offers to Acquire the Highest Price(4:15)
  • Tactics to Negotiations (The One’s GrahamPersonally Uses) (6:00)
  • No Offers? No Actions on the Listing?  Here’s what you can do (5:52)
  • A dual agency: the Pitfalls to handling both types of business (Buyer & Seller) (2:10)
  • What to do about Home Inspections (5:08)
  • Pocket Listings 101: What they are and how to use them (3:07)
  • Zestimates and Automated Values: What are they?  Why use them? (1:14)

Part 7: Working with the Home Buyers (People who want to buy a home)

  • Working with Buyers 101: What and Who they are(7:21)
  • Selecting homes to show and how to schedule appointments effectively (3:16)
  • Negotiation Tactics for Buyer Leads – Part 1(11:06)
  • Negotiation Tactics for Buyer Leads – Part 2(5:51)
  • The Negotiation Approaches Graham personally uses to Win Multiple Counter Offers for/on behalf of The Buyer (6:00)
  • What are Contingencies, Titles, and Escrow? (8:16)
  • The Loan Process for Home Buyers (7:39)
  • Red Flags and Buyer Objections – Part 1 (7:56)
  • Red Flats and Buyer Objections – Part 2 (5:58)
  • Identifying a “Fake” Buyer (and how to not waste your time) (5:54)

Part 8: Lease Clients and How to Work with Them

  • Tenants and Leases: Why Work with Them? (2:51)
  • How to Acquire Lease Clients (2:08)
  • Negotiating Your Commission and Who You Should Work With (3:43)
  • The Fortune is in the Follow Up – Especially in the Leases Game (1:21)
  • Options for when your client is running late(5:13)
  • Negotiation Tactics for Leasing when you’re representing a Tenant (7:18)
  • Negotiation Tactics for Leasing when you’re representing a Landlord (6:43)

Part 9: Planning for Taxes and Final Thoughts

  • A few thoughts on Tax Planning (3:05)
  • Can you take a vacation as a Real Estate Agent? (2:09)
  • Forecasting the Future of the Real Estate Agent’sCareer (2:16)
  • Fundamental Reasons a Real Estate Agent needs to start saving some cash (1:45)
  • Final Thoughts (3:25)
  • Thanks for Being a Member of this Coaching Program (1:28)

My Thoughts on Being a Real Estate Agent

There are definitely some sweet pros to being a Real Estate Agent!

  • Decide your own schedule and when you “need to go to work”…
  • Earn more when you grind your work ethic against the grain more…
  • The Prospect of earning WAY MORE than most jobs…

…if you do this Real Estate Agent Academy thing right!

There are tons of books available on becoming a real estate agent – and even more for when someone is actually a real estate agent or broker… and I’ve read tons of them long before entering into the online space of local lead generation

Unfortunately, some of the bigger challenges that you’ll run into with the Real Estate Agent profession could be:

  • The market fluctuations in price can help (or hurt) your margin of profit
  • The level of competition can be ridiculous depending on where you’re working – this could be due to the number of agents /brokerages nearby, or simply the market trend (all things you have no control over)
  • The only way you get paid is when you go out there, prospect, and move a home – whether buying or selling – and you’re always chasing the next deal

The leader and founder of this coaching program, Real Estate Agent Academy, himself confidently mentions how cold calling your way to success and going out to knock on strangers’ doors are how you’re going to get your money coming in with the real estate game…

After all, you’ve got to acquire attention and let people know you’rein business so they can know to come to you if or when they “might” want to buy or sell a piece of vacant property or a home. So, according to the expert, Graham Stephan, you’ve got to get uncomfortable in telling others what you do – especially people who’ve never heard of you. 

So, naturally, since I’ve gotten this course, I tried his recommended strategies of getting out there with some hustle and bustle, and telling people that I’m ready to do business if they know anyone that’s looking to make a deal in either buying something or selling what they have in real estate. 

…And I got pretty burnt out in very short order!!!

So there I was, after trying this for quite some time, back on the internet and scrounging the cyberspace for a better way to make money.  I just knew there had to be a better way than not having people answer the door in the cold, winter months that I’m trying to get out there and “gain some attention” so I could buy groceries that week. 

Then, one night, I was surfing the web and came across the concept of local lead generation.  You get to use free traffic through being able to learn the skill necessary to rank websites online and get buyers coming to you instead of you’re needing to knock on doors, turn over stones, and find those hiding, money-giving customers. 

So what’s the major difference between laboring 60 to 80 hours weekly versus local lead generation?

Attraction Marketing as compared to Interruption Marketing… THAT’S WHAT!

With an incredible mentor who taught me business principles that I never knew existed, I was able to gain – and quickly perfect – the skill of lead gen through our coaching program (this is my #1 online business recommendation), and that’s when my success took off!

I was able to start building a successful, profitable business model very, VERY, QUICKLY, and essentially begin writing my own checks on a side hustle, even while I was working my full-time job… to start, anyway.


If you hire mentors like Mr. Graham Stephan, someone who pours all his big deal landing strategies, and personally acquired tips and tricks in the real estate space, you’re no doubt setting yourself up for a worthwhile career and positioning yourself for an unprecedented opportunity to have some success in your Real Estate Agent career.

At the same time, it’s still a job…

It’s still a commissioned based lifestyle, where you’re trading your time for dollars…

And in the first 3 years, you can only be an agent before you can step into the luxurious world of owning your own Real Estate Brokerage and truly going at it on your own.

Of course there’s plenty of opportunities for profiting big deals, but just like Graham, you have to start with building relationships with people that are around the marketplace… which is a great thing to do, but wealth comes from passive income streams instead of trying to save your way to wealth.

I’m talking about setting yourself up to make money while you sleep! 

Think about it… what will happen to your income if you, the new real estate agent…

  • Ends up sick?
  • Family Emergency?
  • Wanna take an extended vacation?
  • Natural disaster occurs in your market?

Look, your income is limited to what you do for work, and in real estate, it’s about how hard you work; again, the market conditions can also play a role in your ability to succeed in the game as well.

Think you have to invest in apartment buildings that house multiple families at any given time in order to generate a sizeable, passive income stream?  That’s a daunting task to think about, especially since those kinds of investments can set you back nearly$200,000 just to own the property and apartment development.

Thanks to the internet, this game is completely revolutionized and your opportunity to generate wealth just got a whole lot cheaper! 

Why I Like the Lead Generation Business Model Best in 2019

Here’s how easy it is to profit with the internet… this is exactly what I have done for the last few years…

  1. Build lead gen websites (and it doesn’t take long to build multiple ones either)
  2. Turn these into Valuable Digital Real Estate by ranking them in the Top Results of search engines (like Google) so they produce sales leads FOR FREE, using Free Traffic, on AutoPilot
  3. Rent it out to a small business owner for a nice chunk of change
  4. REPEAT!!! 

I guess you could same in an alternative style of real estate…


Seriously, it doesn’t cost me much to set these web properties into position to turn a profit…

And the Return on Investment (ROI) is RIDICULOUSLY PROFITABLE!!!

Depending on the industry, any of my multiple properties can give a return of $750 per month to as much as $3,000 Every Month…

Predictable, Reliable Income that can pay me for days, weeks, months, even years, after hooking a business owner up one time and having them pay me LIKE CLOCK WORK!

That’s not all…

Check out what this could mean for you when you get started in the local lead gen business…

  • The Competition is Basically Non-Existent
  • Tons of cities to work with, and countless industries just filled with business owners I could help
  • Resistant to Natural Disasters; this is all done online
  • Market Fluctations Are a Joke to Me; It doesn’t matter how much a house costs for me, because customers will still be searching the internet for a service provider, and my Virtual Real Estate will get found by those hungry buyers who are ready to throw money into someone’s pocket
  • Set the web property up one time and get paid for the LIFETIME of that web property

So where am I now?

After starting this line of work only a few short years ago, I’ve been able to walk away from my full-time career after starting this only as a side hustle. 

I’m making about $50,000 in Passive, Residual Income every single month with all the websites that I’ve put out there, helping me in generating leads for small business owners. 

This is the business model I’ve been dreaming of, as it gives me the ability to generate more income with so little work, leaving me with tons of time and financial freedom!  Check this coaching program out here

Oh yeah, and even Mr. Graham Stephan himself gets what it means to set up passive income streams – the same guy who is teaching Real Estate “experts” how to work this business to their advantage. 

However, you’ve got to remember that Graham has been working in the real estate agent profession for about a decade, amassing a whopping $6,475 in monthly passive income…

In my honest opinion, success needs to start from the very first day! 

To me, that amount of passive income should be higher if someone has been in an entrepreneurial endeavor for about 10 years! 

I think that’s one of the many reasons that he has opened up a YouTube channel and established his Real Estate Agent Academy coaching program, is because he wants more revenue coming in from passive streams of income. 

In other words, Graham Stephan just proved my point as he turned to the internet to find another stream of income that he could achieve with a little bit of effort.  See…

It’s the internet and one’s digital marketing skills that can deliver the keys toward unlocking the secrets toward passive income.  If you agree, check out this lead generation for small business coaching program – if I had to start all over, this would be where I would want to begin!