Consulting Accelerator by Sam Ovens – Unbiased Review

I appreciate your swinging by to catch a little bit of insight from my perspective on this business opportunity online. 

With Sam Ovens, it’s more of a training program that seems more destined for people to either…

  • Done For You (DFY) option for a client to request that you provide a valuable service
  • Consulting – which is a business model for you to go in and, for a high-value price, you can inspire someone with information to enable them to get along in an endeavor that you could have done for them, but instead, provide them with the knowledge and resources to take on the challenge of their own accord after you’re consulting session(s)
  • Online Coach or Mentor – where you get to be someone that records information, posts it in a membership website and allows people to have access to your training videos for either a monthly fee or a large, upfront, one-time cost that seems to be targeted at higher ticket levels

I’m happy to share with you what I have found to be included in the cost of Mr. Ovens Consulting Accelerator program and, further, help you to find out who this course would be for (and maybe we’ll touch on who this might not be for – I haven’t quite decided on that just yet). 

Like all blogs on this website, I make every effort to deliver an unbiased review of the mentoring program, but I am human here and not above making a mistake unintentionally –

Feel free to take it with a grain of salt but, please, also understand that I have achieved some success in business online…

A few years ago — and not that long ago — I open ed my own internet based business under the local lead generation business model.

As a result, I now rake in close to $50k month in and month out.

I’d like to call that success, especially since I’m living the laptop luxury lifestyle now — something that I honestly thought was a myth until my income online helped me to quit my 9 to 5 only a year after getting started.

So I do have a unique perspective on what the program could offer you when compared to someone that hasn’t quite achieved a level of success in generating income by way of technology and the internet. 

That’s not to brag, but that is to say that I may look at things a little differently than the average Joe – and there’s always a benefit in seeing something from another person’s point-of-view. 

I’m interested in providing you with the pros and cons, which will hopefully also entail the nature of Sam’s approach and what might be beneficial for you – and what maybe could have been included to round out the package and deliver something you can profit massively from (if there are any items that could be beneficially tacked onto the training course). 

With a consulting business model, like with anything, you can always look something with a good, better, or best aspect, but the bottom line is that there are opportunities everywhere – so we to look at what each coach or mentor that’s being evaluated are doing well on this blog. 

If they weren’t doing something beneficial, then they wouldn’t have success stories of their students to share; and they do.

Who am I?

I’m the guy writing the review that has amassed a handsome $50,000.00 in passive monthly income from a butt-kicking business model called local lead generation

In addition to the awesome income, it’s allowed me to buy back a lot of my time that I’ve originally spent building my online business – so I have hired a team that works for me and gives me more time freedom to write reviews here for you. 

That gives me more time to establish revenue streams like this tree service lead gen site which pays me a high-income on a recurring basis for the work I’ve done one-time. Check it out below here…

The hopeful purpose of this blog, however, is to provide some insight and help you make smarter decisions about where to spend your time and hard-earned money when exploring business ventures from home on the internet. 

If you’ve never started one, then welcome to the one place on the world wide web.

I’m hoping your review here will deliver you with the most information around.

I’d like to contribute to your due diligence research and help reduce the time it could take you to figure out just what would be a great fit to launch your first side-hustle if you were to invest in some guidance by way of a coaching program.

You know, the kind of gig that can provide you with the peace of mind that stems from confidently generating part-time income without adding a second job to your daily regimen.

On the other hand, someone else who might be reading this could be someone who already enjoys success in business ventures of their own – whether online or not – and are simply considering expanding their already successful portfolio of business ventures. 

Welcome one and welcome all; I’m glad we can engage in some friendly, mutually-edifying dialogue here. 

The method of approach that Mr. Sam Ovens seems to give includes being the person in the middle that relays resources and allocates business like a hustler of sorts.  That’s not to say that this business model is in any bad way… it’s just uncommon. 

We’re used to engaging in work where we trade time for dollars – imagine if I hired someone to write this blog post for me; I would pay them x amount of dollars to delivery amount of results. 

This isn’t math class so I won’t go much further than that, but I want to help bring some awareness to what we are all accustomed to when it comes to the traditional methods of earning a living – we’re employees.

In the business world, what we get to do is create our own patterns by which we live and operate, which includes methods of approach to fulfilling a similar task that other competitors might have figured out. 

Just like the good old John David Rockefeller of Standard Oil accomplished so many years ago, he figured out how to undercut the prices of the competition and earn the business of his competitor’s clients. 

I’ll leave that for you to decide if that’s considered unethical or just aggressive, capitalistic business acumen. 

What I’m here to discuss, however, is the method in which Sam Ovens prefers to recommend doing business for the students that purchase his premium training program called Consulting Accelerator. 

In a nutshell, here’s what I can gather about Mr. Ovens recommended business model for his students:

  • Establish a list of pre-arranged sales appointments
  • Connect with the prospective buyer
  • Close the deal and collect payment (thus, the simple art of sales)
  • Outsource the labor to a third-party and pay them a portion of the proceeds
  • Pocket the rest (after costs of doing business of course; we have to remain ethical in our operations here)

Like his recommendations, I have hired some team members to perform some of the other mundane operations of business – like accounting, etc. 

Some of the work I enjoy doing and would prefer to stay engaged with. 

I’d echo that same advice to anyone else looking to get started with an internet-based business venture:

Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.  If there’s an aspect of the business you enjoy, outsource the parts that you don’t enjoy and look forward to going to work for yourself every day of the week. 

Now, on to what more about Mr. Ovens: the man behind Consulting Accelerator…

How Sam Ovens Evolved into His Understanding of Consulting

Hailing all the way from his founding roots in Australia, Mr. Sam Ovens got his great start in facilitating the needs of local small businesses via expanding their online presence thru designing websites and mapping out plans to deliver results in internet marketing. 

What may not be so common knowledge is that Mr. Ovens hardly performed any of the actual labor of delivering the products or results of those business agreements made with high-paying business owners. 

In order to move such a business model forward, Sam had to first know what he was talking about by…

  • Studying up on the industry he was laboring in
  • Understanding the language, terminology, what was possible with digital marketing and an online web presence, common pricing points, objection circumvention, and more
  • Build a network of experts that would assist him in his efforts
  • Agree to compensation plans for his teams and acquire buy-in from his prospective clients

As any growing business can hope for, Sam’s reputation preceded him as his company and reputation in Australia grew and grew. 

Thanks to the close internetworking of the world wide web, word got around about the results that Mr. Ovens was achieving for small businesses. 

People would seek him out and offer a consulting fee for this ever-learning, ever-business growing young lad to come in and instruct the marketing team or the business owner on what he knew with how to deliver results – the ideal result being to utilize a web presence to acquire more business for the company’s bottom line. 

How can someone that no one had ever heard about all of a sudden be the person that people are paying tens of thousands of dollars for a little bit of his time?

It’s a straightforward answer, really…

Sam developed his knowledge and skill of business management, being the middleman of his industry, and what all aspects of growing a business with the help of the internet were required in order to achieve the desired result. 

After multiple successes, people sought him out to see if he could assist them in accomplishing for their business what he had helped so many other businesses to do before being found by these new perspective, hungry business owners that sought one thing: results! 

And Sam had a track record of getting results for others, so maybe he could do the same for them. 

In other words, Mr. Ovens turned himself into someone with a high-income skill that could deliver a result, thus making himself extremely valuable in the marketplace because of the value he could bring to the negotiation table. 

Beyond the consulting phase of his business model – meaning he could instruct companies or individuals (1-on-1 consulting) – Sam then shifted his focus to grouping clients together in a coaching style of mentorship. 

His master-class style of training would edify audiences – both large and small.  People would actively seek him out and pay a handsome penny to hear about what he had to say. 

Ultimately, the Consulting Accelerator was the next logical progression in his opportunities with business.

By design, Sam Ovens was positioned (better than ever) to help more people without exhausting his time since countless people were trying to throw money at the guy and ask them for exclusive help. 

Let’s see if we can get a series of photos here to try and reconstruct the progression of Sam Ovens’ career in a pictograph form… This should be fun…

Sam talks about a severe misfortune in the online coaching and mentoring world that exists, and he probably illustrates it this way due to the great disservice brought about by unknowledgeable, self-proclaimed experts.

It is rather bothersome how some of those people — who can afford to pitch training programs but don’t really know what they’re talking about — try to pass themselves off as the go-to experts in their respective field(s) simply for the sake of hoping to swindle you into giving them some would-be profits.

I’m not gonna lie here; I really appreciate his mentioning something to that effect, and add that I couldn’t agree more! 

If someone doesn’t actually learn a skill, let alone master it then compose an online coaching program to mentor others in that skill, then I believe it’s safe to identify such behavior as premature and inappropriate. 

To your misfortune, now, there are tons of people online that are trying to pitch their own rendition of “Join this program and make tons of money”.

In the grander scheme of it all, you can end up receiving (more often times than not) falsities from people who are:

  • none-the-wiser than yourself about the same topic they’re presenting
  • probably aren’t competent in their field, and
  • would rather take your money than help you succeed. 

We see it everywhere now, especially in the physical products marketing spectrum of Amazon FBA Business, dropshipping, Shopify, and other e-Commerce approaches to turning a profit online; it’s a borderline pandemic – well, that might be an extreme illustration, but not far off from being true. 

I can appreciate the allure that comes from someone hoping to begin their own coaching program.

  • You can scale it out quickly because of the low start-up cost requirements (there really isn’t much)
  • The time investment can be a pain because it can take hours to record, then record, and then record for multiple takes all these videos that you would hope to get just right for your customers
  • Modeling others can be its own form of flattery, but to compete with experts could probably make you look like an expert too
  • You only have to make the course one-time, post the videos, and then design the membership website
  • Charge admission for a high-ticket price and all you have to do is process payment, and follow that up with a password registration
  • BOOM!  You’re done and you’re officially a self-proclaimed expert with an online coaching platform to market to the masses

However, one has to question why some other people are jumping into the business model when they probably haven’t had as much success – let alone enough proof for success – to be regarded as achieving a mastery level of experience in their respective discipline… especially with what they’re trying to coach others in being proficient with. 

My claim against this trend is as follows…

I identify a trend like this as somewhat of the blind leading the blind – especially in a metaphorical sea full of frauds. 

There’s absolutely no logical sense behind entering the “wonderful world of coaching” simply because you can’t generate an income with the business model you’ve attempted and personally failed at. 

If I could give a #1 piece of advice to anyone that is exploring the wonderful plethora of coaching courses out there – and hoping to find one that is credible and worth investing in so you, too, can turn your side-hustle in an entrepreneurial dream come true of a successful business venture (without adding an extra job to your time)…

I would suggest that you evaluate the people who are pitching you a coaching program that claims you can invest and learn how to turn a profit with them online and see if they actually have their own side-hustle that produces a handsome income for that self-proclaimed coach above and beyond the coaching program itself. 

We can only hope that those coaches in the world wide web have developed enough of an education base where they know how to tweak objectives and methodologies to work to our advantage and help us produce our first few dollars online because they had successfully done it for themselves first. 

In addition, we also hope that these methodologies have worked for other students that they have coached and/or mentored in building their very own side-hustles to be able to testify to the tactics, techniques and high-income skills educated on in the coaching course – so that you, too, could invest and build your own profitable business, too. 

In a last-ditch effort, it might be rude to ask this to someone and I haven’t met a coach that would actually do it, but I would like to stake the claim that if you want to take the advice of someone who claims to be an expert – and they sound so incredibly shady that it’s hard to believe a word they’re saying or they have so little proof about them that you can’t make out heads from tails…

Challenge the self-proclaimed coach and ask to see proof of their having generated the level of profits that they advertise to have produced for themselves with the strategies they are trying to ask you to buy into. 

Even then, you may not get an honest answer, and with digital technology and screenshot/photoshopping software, it’s still hard to believe some people sometimes. 

That’s really unfortunate though. 

The bad apples in the mix give credible people like my mentor a poor reputation that they never wanted to have in the first place. 

When I found my local lead generation coach, he was down-to-earth, I could relate to the guy, his story made a lot of sense of how he got started, and he had actually walked what he was talking about for years before I had ever heard of him. 

I’m really glad I resonated with his message and chose to get started because it wasn’t long after that I was producing more on my side-hustle in local lead generation for small businesses than in my full-time job of a measly $35k annual salary. 

By the end of my first year, I was making $10,000 every month in passive income – meaning the money was coming to me whether I wanted it or not, regardless of if I continued to work on my side-hustle or not. 

The success stories were of real people, not paid actors. 

The Private Facebook group was filled with people who spoke the language, communicated landing success, and you could just tell that everything was right as it should be to acknowledge that I had made a wise decision. 

I’m not saying don’t give something a try, but I am inviting you to do your homework and make sure that who you’re taking advice from has achieved the type of success that you want to reach after. 

I really appreciate the phrase that success leaves clues, and if the people I was getting acquainted with were living in a better situation than I was –

If they owned or rented something with better conditions than a run-down apartment in downtown Detroit that let the cold seep in through the wall cracks and window seals on a breezy, bone-chilling 0-degree wintery day, then I knew there was some value to what was being presented…

I knew that there were opportunities ahead if I just kept my head down and grind every evening. 

Fast-forward to today, I’m now raking in well over $50k every month, I have full control over the lead gen sites that leverage free traffic for me to profit off of without having to do anything with them (in terms of maintenance), and I get to spend my time investing in courses like this so you can get the 4-1-1.

Bottom line here is to perform your due diligence and ensure that these people have done the work to achieve the level of success that you want before you invest in the knowledge to develop the high-income skill that you believe you can duplicate to have equal or greater results with. 

It’s a bold move and takes courage and confidence to step into the world of entrepreneurship – whether it’s online or not.  However, if I never did this, I would still be working at that dead-end, $35k salary dead-end job and shivering on those cold winter nights, just to wake up and walk to work in deep snow.

I’m glad I don’t have to walk in snow anymore if I really don’t want to! 

You too can make a chance if you want to explore our coaching program where we teach you exactly what we did to amass our success and you can duplicate what we’ve done to create success for yourself.

Do I Have to Consult for Businesses?

This could sound a little ambiguous, but roll with me here for a moment. 

With my lead generation business model, I really don’t do any of the highly technical, manual labor anymore. 

Essentially, here’s what I started doing only a few years ago to get my feet wet in my high-income skill of generating leads through free organic traffic from search results to local small businesses:

  1. Quickly piece together a lead gen website
  2. Rank it with to the top of search results like superglue
  3. Send leads to a local business
  4. Profit massively!!!

Now, I have people in my organization that do things like this for me; I ask them to do it and they hook me up (for a fair price, of course).

In fact, I’ve got 4 real people on my payroll, 2 of which are virtual assistants (VAs) at a distance (the Philippines) but they all are under my company name and work directly for me. 

That means I’m not exactly outsourcing in much like what Sam Ovens teaches – or preaches, as it were. 

That’s not to say that Mr. Ovens business model is “wrong” or “right,” it’s simply a different way of doing business than what I am accustomed to.  They both do the trick – which is to turn a profit in an ethical, long-term way – so it’s really up to you to do decide what is a better fit for you. 

I will include the fact that my profit margins are significantly higher than most that trend more toward the outsourcing type of business operations. 

How, you might ask? 

Since I’m not referring the business out to a different company, I can provide better quality control over what gets done when my good name and reputation are on the line to my clientele. 

In terms of scalability, I can still expand my business out as much as I’d prefer. 

Anytime you shift from a person-dependent program to a system-dependent business model (thank you, Mr. Henry Ford, for the assembly line, system-operation business model), you can free up your time to build your business as large as you’d like. 

I’ve hired people who I know are very competent and skilled at their respective trade – so that allows me to focus more on the things that I know will generate more revenue and expand what I want to have done in my operation. 

  • Build more lead gen sites
  • Build this blog:
  • Bring value to everyone I meet and interact with (either through this blog or in prospective client meetings to help them build their businesses, too)

I’m not going to knock it, though; outsource if you’re into…

  • Not having the work done in-house
  • Comfortable with shelling out larger portions of your profits (thereby reducing your profit margins, but we don’t have to get mad at our money if we don’t want to)
  • You encounter someone who can deliver on time and at the level of quality that appreciate (meaning delivering a product you can feel confident providing to your client and best feel that it reflects positively on what you would have done yourself if you hadn’t outsourced the work)

For me, I’m rather pleased to have built and designed my business to be in my position and having learned the high-income skills that I have no hired out for.

I’m still the middleman, of sorts, but I simply have a more thorough, working knowledge than what Sam Ovens identifies with having the competency for when he got his start in serving local businesses.

Why am I happy to know the inner workings of what I’m now hiring out for?

If I know what I’m hiring others to do, I feel a greater sense of confidence in what I’m looking for in the people that I’m hiring out.  We can discuss in greater depth later, though.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, then – in my opinion – you’re better off honing your skillset. 

Yes, I will gladly promote the lead generation coaching program that has given me so much and helped me get my great start in generating a solid income online. 

It’s also the coaching program where we provide students with the raw, unadulterated skills that I learned only a few short years ago of lead generation for small businesses. 

However, I do this in my spare time, and in addition to expanding my own local lead generation service for the same target market that I’m teaching others to reach out and help. 

Am I generating more competition for myself?

Not necessarily. 

I mean, sure there are vantage points where students may end up randomly building their lead gen sites in the same industry where I’m currently helping business owners and generating my own profits. 

Although, there are tons of cities and industries to select from – there’s more than enough businesses to help and profits to go around; I wouldn’t be worried.  

Besides, the internet and the world of small businesses and local service providers really aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so I’m confident that my side-hustle is secure and my entrepreneurship has a long, bright future ahead of itself. 

I can attest that the primary coach of this lead gen coaching program performed some 1-on-1 coaching prior to collecting his thoughts and skills into a video training which we now know as our online course; he’s also contributing to other businesses in a consulting fashion. 

The ultimate proof of strong performance comes from that first stage of the evolutionary chart (see above) and that what my coach did in the very beginning (long before the coaching program was a thought in his mind):

He provided Done For You Lead Generation Service for small businesses – just like what he taught me and exactly what I’m referring to now with you.   

See, when you hone your high-income skills and live in the trenches of delivering results for your customers, you’re building your reputation and trust in the world of entrepreneurship. 

You’re walking the talk and practicing what you preach, which I think establishes the foundation of what can turn someone into an epic consultant or coach – perhaps even the best in the industry.

I’m a firm believer in rolling deep with what you offer – meaning that you know what each phase of your coaching program requires in order to put it into action and have it help you (or even a newbie) to deliver an intended result. 

Without that experience, there just seems to be a lack of confidence, substance, and sincerity when advertising your coaching or consulting program that was decidedly put together. 

Prospective buyers have a tendency to pick up on that and see right through what you think you have to offer if you’re a fraud. 

If, however, you come from a standpoint of genuine experience and have developed the high-income skill that you advocate having the capability to instruct on, then it makes sense to have the next step in your career be that of a consultant or coach. 

Even if you don’t become one, you can still use your high-income skill to make the types of revenue that you can live your life in a fulfilling manner with.

You can become a philanthropist, give to charities, take vacations and build memories that last a lifetime with your spouse and children, have pictures from exotic places hanging up in the office of where you choose to continue working (if you want). 

For those that decide to become a coach, they can clear up the murky waters of the coaching industry and give a breath of fresh air to those that are actively seeking for an opportunity to start a side-hustle online and change their life with a side-income…

That can make the difference between eating ramen noodles and being cold for the winter versus paying the gas bill and enjoying a meal cooked on the stove. 

Brief Overview of the Consulting Accelerator Course

First Week: Identifying Your Niche and Mastering Your Offer

  • Finding the most profitable services to market and identifying a highly profitable aspect of your ideal market
  • How to price, package, and position your services so you can charge the best price and provide your value-driven offer to your ideal, prospective clientele with ease
  • Figuring out how to package what you know into a minimum of $2,000 per month product or service that you can confidently deliver on with your current knowledge
  • Ensuring you correctly identify your consulting foundation and why it can prove fatal if you don’t do this one part well  ***Most newbies struggle for several years trying to get this right, and they still miss the boat BIG TIME; watch this segment of the training so you can focus on getting it right before continuing forward***
  • Dial this part of the training is within the first week

Second Week: Getting the Consultation Strategy Rock Solid

  • How to conduct yourself so you can acquire 25% of your calls into customers from the beginning; learn to perform the ideal consultation with this section of the training
  • Get my script that has been tested, tried, and proven with over 1,500 phone-call based client consultations.  You’ll get the refined, re-mastered version of both the script and the reasoning/methodology behind why it’s helpful for you to use as-is
  • Get a database of recorded telephone calls so you can listen in to how this master script was used and how can refine your skills to match the level of professionalism before you get on the phone with prospective buyers yourself
  • Learning the insider methods to collecting payment information from your new buyer during the phone call (and the many options you can have for this – whether it’s over the phone or through an internet connection).  You’ll also be directed on how to get yourself situated with your own merchant account so you can be ready to take payments right away
  • You get to this point within 14 days of the training – if you follow the training to the letter and don’t deviate.  Follow the training as it was designed because it’s what you paid for and it’s been designed for your optimal success.  Failure to do so can leave you with generating tons of appointments where you have the opportunity to close deals but end up without paying clientele, thereby leaving you with potentially tens of thousands of dollars on the negotiating table instead of in your possession as profitable, discretionary business income

Third Week: 3 Methods to Acquiring Clients Naturally – and Fast

  • Three “PROVEN” strategies for acquiring those ideal, high-paying clients FAST, and without spending any cash on any sort of advertising
  • Since we anticipate your commitment to this program, we’re eager to see you acquire your first few paying clients within 30 days of beginning the Consulting Accelerator – and long before you even consider implementing Facebook Ads – and this section is intended to demonstrate exactly how to do just that
  • First Method: We give you exactly what to duplicate to send in Direct Mail outreach
  • Second Method: We, again, deliver what you need to use in your Direct Email Outreach
  • Third Method: How you can leverage a casual Facebook Postings to acquire high-paying clients
  • Within the first 3 weeks of beginning this program, we get you in position to start getting paid – all without spending cash on paid, digital advertising strategies.  If you don’t follow our recommendations, you could find yourself becoming a statistic with the masses who wanted to do it on their own and ended taking half-a-year to an entire calendar year (if that) to achieve their first client that converted into gross revenue for the consulting business that you’ve just launched and worked so hard to build

Fourth Week: Orchestrating and Refining your Client-Consulting Appointment Generation Machine

  • Our Step-By-Step, complete recommendations of what we’ve done (and what will happily train you to do) in order to simply engineer your very own system that generates appointments for you
  • We give you the landing page templates so you can simply click a few buttons (quite literally) and be up and running
  • You get to model from exactly what I have done – and done successfully, time and time again – by being given my exact slides and script to make your very own “value video”; all you need to do in order to customize it is exchange your information with what I had put down for my specific niche
  • I’ll orient you toward all the moving parts of the machine; you will get the exact list of what I had implemented for generating appointments – each software I recommend (and have personally used) and how to implement it within the system so it works as if I did it and it might be used as my own system
  • I’ll hand this system strategy and blueprint to implement so you can be up and running with generating appointments on your own call-scheduling platform within your first 28 days of joining the Consulting Accelerator coaching and mentoring program.  If you were try and figure this out on your own, you’d be looking at well over $50k in financial costs and testing and tweaking that can set you back over 300 hours just in getting this process refined

Fifth Week: Establishing Facebook Campaigns That Succeed

  • Now that you have your appointment setting process tuned up and ready to receive attention, you’ve officially positioned yourself to get some ideal prospective buyers checking out what you’ve got and helping your consulting business from start to officially launched!!!
  • Ready to get wildly successful with your Facebook Advertising campaigns?  Learn how we had managed to set prospective client appointments for around $30 USD per call and close to $120 USD to land fully-paid new clients (that’s 1 in 4 conversion rate for the conversations held from a pre-scheduling method of attention-getting through Facebook Ads).  You get our step-by-step approach what to do, how we launched our ads, and what you can do to get specifically refined with what can work for you in the testing phase and as you improve your methods and scale up
  • You get access to the templates for the ads that worked like a charm, advice on how to select your audience targeting, costly mistakes that we’ve taken which you can watch out for, and strategic wisdom on how to assess, adjust, and otherwise manage your ad campaign (and ad spend) from day-to-day
  • I, your Consulting Accelerator coach (Sam Ovens), have invested nearly a quarter of a million USD (that’s $230,000.00+) to learn how to use – and adjust – Facebook Ads from the best of paid strategy digital marketers; it’s here that I reduce the complexities of Facebook Ads into a step-by-step education and deliver it to you on a silver platter.  You get everything that I know and have done, including how I’ve chosen to spend over three-quarters of a million dollars (yes, $750,000+ USD) on Facebook Ads in order to acquire new business – it was obviously not an expense, but an investment
  • Ready to get your client acquisition strategy organized, working for you, and dialed in within 47 days of beginning your Consulting Accelerator journey?  Where other people misstep, attempt to spend their own tens of thousands of dollars and nearly 6 months attempting to figure this crucial step out for themselves, prior to giving up on their dreams of entrepreneurship and finding themselves in a heap of frustration, feelings of failure, and lonely, hopeless debt, we are happy to help you get positioned for maximum profits and orient you toward your achieving your goals by week 5; just stick with us, follow our recommendations, and keep up the great hustle!

Sixth Week: Taking Your Business Toward 6 Figures in Profits and More

  • By week 6, you should already be rocking, rolling, and raking in the dough.  From here, we advise on how to expand your business model to greater, new heights of achievement! 
  • You get to be counseled by those with success on your must-haves for your business to operate ethically, legally, and appropriately (we’re not lawyers and don’t pretend to give legal advice but we’re happy to make recommendations on things that you should think about and may want to consider approaching an attorney about if you have any follow-up questions about your specific matter and in your specific neck of the woods).  This can include things like establishing your company’s terms and conditions – especially if you operate on a website or deal with certain levels of agreements between yourself and your clientele, any sort of proposal templates that bind you and your client to certain activities that are required of each of you in the client and service provider relationship, contracts (of course), and more.  Just knowing what to ask about, what to think about, and what to go after having in-place for your business model can rescue you from spending darn close to $5,000.00 just in consultation and retainer fees from law firms! 
  • Methods to being able to position yourself as the industry expert, thereby calling for raising your prices or outright demanding higher prices from the get!
  • Interested in spending less to acquire and expand your business with more clientele?  Follow our three-point referral system to inspire all of your satisfied customers to connect you with 2-3 of your ideal buyers for you
  • Outsourcing/hiring people to take your pre-arranged sales appointments to allow you to increase your volume of sales opportunities and begin looking toward the multiple 6-figure or even 7-figure salaries in a year… maybe even in a month your efforts progress! 

My Opinion: The Pros and Cons to Consulting Accelerator

One of the many exciting things about Sam Ovens teachings is that you can get an introduction to the world of business from the ground floor. 

He admonishes that he can take people who’ve never been involved in business before and bring them to launching a consulting business that caters to their individual strengths and knowledge. 

Then, it brings these same newbies, after some education and hand-holding training (let’s be honest, they’ve never done anything like this before – well, most of the anticipated students, anyway), to leverage Facebook Ads and other free methods of advertising to acquire sales appointments, then leverage done-for-you (DFY) scripts to get the deals closed out and cash flowing…

That way, the newbie can be in profit mode within a matter of weeks and allow the newly formed business to expand even faster with some additional guidance in the coming weeks of the Consulting Accelerator.

From my vantage-point, Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator is better suited for those that have already established a well-defined, proficient-level of confidence in their own high-income skill prior to investing in this coaching course. 

How come? 

Well, it’s a fair question – especially considering that this program appears (from initial inspection) to have covered every base necessary to help a newbie grow to a new height of success they might have never realized if it hadn’t before for Sam Ovens.

When a coach steps up their game and delivers, it shows their willingness to compose an online version of his or her knowledge, wisdom, and resources for other people to duplicate and cater to their preferences and style. 

What I don’t see Mr. Ovens teaching is a specific trade or skill that can allow a person to become an expert at their field, thereby becoming worthy of being modeled and getting to teach others something of significant value. 

What I see missing from the Consulting Accelerator includes the required level of proficiency – and/or the steps one must take in order to develop – in a high-income skill that can allow someone the necessary clout to be trusted in the marketplace as the go-to authority in their industry or niche. 

I can appreciate several aspects of the program that gives the student darn close to every chance to succeed –

However, they’re positioned to be successful with every other aspect of this program except for the one component that the individual needs to bring to the table prior to investing in the Consulting Accelerator and taking Mr. Sam Ovens on as their coach and mentor: the steps required to gain the expertise to become the type of consultant they wish to be. 

For that reason, I claim that it is left up to the student to determine what type of consultant they not only want to be but whether that individual can merit the necessary qualifications in order to achieve such status as being identified in the target audience’s minds as an expert. 

There are some awesome points to the Consulting Accelerator. 

Think back to the variations and molding of each step; they’re flexible enough to be applicable to many industries, yet specific enough to engage in flexible applications while maintaining their authenticity, strength, and effectiveness to help each new consultant that successfully completes this program to be set for maximum success. 

Having checked out the content, I can appreciate the solid advice involved in expanding a business through the right approach, clear focus on whatever goal the individual has in mind, and it’s even more exciting to see how each tidbit of expert advice can help just about any business model or consulting expert on the market today. 

It’s probably a better approach here to focus your business venture not around what you’re passionate about, but instead, the kind of value you can deliver for others.

There’s a big difference between selecting the industry you want to consult for when the niche aligns with what you enjoy versus becoming successful with an industry (or industries) that you help you to develop into the type of person you wish to become. 

When I participated in the Facebook group and interacted with what students were in there, I found very specific phrases and very refined names for the nature of consultants that have come out of the Consulting Accelerator training ready to do business in their respective markets.  Take a look:

  • Business Growth Consultant for Real Estate Agents and Brokers
  • The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert for Plastic Surgeons
  • Diet Consultant and Expert Personal Trainer

There’s clearly more than one type of consultant that can come from this training program. 

It’s no wonder, then, why specific skills and directions weren’t implemented in this coaching course; Mr. Sam Ovens really didn’t want to fabricate cookie-cutter consultants out of the training program that all served the same industry. 

Instead, he must have been hoping that the students would come in, explore their strengths, and mold their competencies into a field that had a demand for a consultant – and it’s self-evident that there are multitudes of industries that can be served, and even sub-niches within those that a person can get extremely specific toward (if they want to). 

How Local Lead Generation Compares to Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator

Prior to exploring the Consulting Accelerator, I had personally engaged in this local lead generation coaching program which helped me to learn very specific, high-income skills (as I’d like to call them) to deliver enormous value to small businesses. 

So naturally, I had the opportunity to make my proficiencies applicable to the coaching found in Consulting Accelerator with more ease than most, I might imagine. 

For those of you reading this that have absolutely no experience in being an entrepreneur, it may be fair to assume that Sam Ovens may be inviting you to join a coaching program that might give you a bit more than what you can chew at first. 

I’m not saying anything bad about you, but I really want you to know that it took a lot out of me to explore this mentoring program.  I mean…

I needed to find ways to have my skillsets apply to some of the lessons he was training, and then move to other lessons while keeping in mind what was taught to me in the first few lessons; I kind of got dizzy to start with. 

What was cool about how I started in the world of online business was that I was able to get my first coach through this local lead generation coaching program – where the mastermind behind it all was a simple, humble man that established successful service-based businesses multiple times over; and he basically told me everything he knows. 

After we talked, he gave me the opportunity to apply what I had learned, build my own clientele and give value to those paying me for my time and high-income skill repeatedly. 

See, with a coaching program designed like what I first went through (long before the Consulting Accelerator had come by my path), I was building more than just success; I was brand new, starting out, landing small wins and turning profits, and above all…

I was building confidence and belief not only in the process, or the fact that generating an income online was a true option and became a reality for me, but I was proving to myself that I was worth something to the marketplace and I could deliver something meaningful! 

In fact, take a look at inside our coaching program Facebook group, where I quickly found someone sharing proof of what they’re doing today…

When you get to see what value you truly bring to the marketplace through the results you produce for your clientele, and through your own personal actions (not someone else’s), this can inspire you to appreciate the authentic growth you experience – which can help you improve your confidence and business acumen.

For those of you reading this that are all about the numbers, here’s a quick thought…

Confidence probably can’t be measured through science or other tangible methods, but these are definitely positive consequences (and noticeable results) of how an entrepreneur develops from what they are able to see their efforts in their business venture achieving. 

When you refine your skills…

When you choose to deliver insurmountable value to the marketplace…

Your personal growth and confidence can be noticed and continue to develop through every sale’s call you engage with. 

You can begin to see a positive change in your certainty of how you can help change the lives of business owners…

Your portrayal of the value you know that you can deliver can be heard in your tone and overall language.

This is when you establish the reputation of an expert…

It begins with your actions that seem to make no difference in the simple act of doing them. 

Then, after time and time of again of doing them and yielding successful results, you authentically became the expert in your marketplace for that very specific result that you can achieve repeatedly.

Look, the resources in Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator are awesome! 

You’ve got sales scripts and carbon copies of things to mail out that can make anyone new to business come across like an expert. 

There’s a theory that one has to fake it in business until they’ve officially made it in business. 

Unfortunately, that’s where you’ll continue to be if dishonesty is how you want to start your business venture off. 

Until you establish confidence through your own actions, you’ll never get that

  • Underlying tone that stems from
  • Your unshakeable belief in what you do
  • In knowing the value of what you can offer, and
  • The recurring results you can confidently discuss having personally seen come about through previous clients making the free choice to become your newest client. 

Without the aforementioned points here, you can anticipate a serious struggle in acquiring your knack for sales – probably make it even 10-fold more difficult to get good at that high-income skill!

Now, if you have some proficiency in sales, or at least some exposure to landing deals prior to investing in the Consulting Accelerator, then you could have an awesome shot at making Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator work wonders for your business goals.

In order to get good at anything – and especially at sales – you’ve got to work at it; there’s really no two ways around arriving at such an end goal. 

You could always snatch up those carbon copies that came with your Consulting Accelerator membership and attempt to be the best car salesperson this side of the mighty Mississippi. 

You might struggle if you don’t have…

  • Car dealership sales experience
  • An engineering background
  • An auto-mechanic credential
  • Prior knowledge of how to build a car
  • Previous awareness on what specifications can make a car preferable or ideal over another to a consumer.

Still, take those scripts, study and practice like your future successes depend on them, and you might just be able to turn out an okay profit – even if you’ll be contracting or outsourcing the sales service that you studied hard to know a little bit about and hire someone for. 

If it was me, and I established a high-income skill to market online – such as local lead generation

This type of thing could raise me up over my competition and allow me to provide greater value than someone who barely knows what they’re trying to discuss but has every intention of outsourcing the labor once they close the deal with a new client.

There’s a very clear difference the quality of work between someone who simply has an idea of what’s possible –

When specifically compared to an expert that took time in their days to perfect and master their art — their trade — their craft — before sitting down to engage in a serious conversation with consumer on how the services can better improve the position the prospective buyer is in when they invest with you and the value you bring to the table.

It’s really a difference of night and day.

Which type of presentation would you like to impress prospective paying customers with?


Think back to any amount of exposure you might have had to athletics – whether you’ve performed in games or matches, spectated or tried out for a sport’s team, or just had (or overheard) conversations about it. 

To be successful in your specific craft – even if it’s sports – you really need to develop an individual skill in order to be a significant, contributing factor for a team. 

The same can be said for business; developing your high-income skill can make you more effective for: 

  • your personal/professional bottom line
  • it can work wonders for your confidence
  • your prospective clientele will feel you radiate certainty in what you’re talking with them about.

Think about your present amount of income. 

Then, think about the value that you are bringing to someone who is giving you the money that you’re raking in. 

It may be fair to assume that your volume of profits correlate to the level of value you’re delivering to those you serve. 

A great case in point is how I was able to take up several spots in Google search results for limo service that now pays me like clock work every month — and I made this back in 2014, and haven’t touched it since.

See the picture below — then look it up on line, if you really want to.

When you’re capable of delivering high-value based on the skill set you’ve developed, you can increase your rate of compensation due to your demand and bringing what many people seek – which can be the value that you’re offering. 

Since your knowledge, skills, even your competencies are yours – they are a very individual thing – I admonish that no one can take those things away from you.  However, you could be at risk for those skills perishing or diminishing if you don’t polish them regularly. 

When you have high-income skills that deliver high-value results, you can rest assured that you will never be without a steady income if you put your skills to work and allow them to bring you a profitable return. 

If the rumor is true, and knowledge without works is equal to death, then I hope that you take this conversation to heart and improve on your high-income skill daily or somehow invest in yourself regularly. 

Observe as the video below hosts one of my mentors – whom I appreciate and look up to sincerely – addresses the vital importance in your life on being attentive to what value you can provide for others and refining your high-income skill constantly. 

It’s great to see Sam Ovens providing wisdom on expanding your business model quickly and massively with the implementation of Facebook Ads and automation funnels. 

In order to keep up with this and make the method work for you, however, you should be prepared, comfortable, and even confident with handling a great volume of sales meetings.

Likewise, if you’re already a confident, proficient expert in the respective field that you seek to become a consultant or coach within, but you lack experience or skill, then wouldn’t it make more sense to build your service-based business model first? 

After all, you need to demonstrate proof of your capabilities and establish a laundry list of testimonials from third-parties that sing praises for you from the roof-tops. 

This can also provide you with the opportunity to refine your individual skills while delivering high-quality service in the betterment of those who seek what you have to offer. 

The Preferred High-Income Skill of 2019 is Local Lead Generation

My recommendation for where you should begin to build your entrepreneurial competencies is local lead generation for small businesses

Here’s why!

  • Your time is no longer traded for dollars.
  • The digital real estate you establish from scratch can generate results for years.
  • It’s simple; allow what you build to do the heavy lifting for you.

What can you do with the lead generation business model?

For starters, you can rake in $750 per month on multiple projects, just like what was able to do with this lead gen website posted up getting more buyers in limo rentals and party buses in Lansing, Michigan.

Check it out for yourself here…

  • Never question whether you can deliver a result
  • You do the work one time and leave the virtual real estate alone
  • Once it’s generating leads, you can rent it out and profit monthly
  • The technology helps you make a passive income, predictably
  • You can duplicate this type of success over and over, for very little investment

See, the lead gen industry inherently carries a high-income skill that you can apply to just about any city and any industry (provided the demand is there). 

Combine this knowledge with the fact that the majority of business owners simply don’t have the time, know-how, or desire to figure out how to make the internet work for them in producing recurring clientele from the local markets, and suddenly…

There is a high demand in the local region for what you have to offer in 2019! 

Still not sold on the idea? 

I don’t blame ya! 

Local lead generation was a surprise to me when I was first exposed to it only a few years ago. 

In addition to helping me to walk away from my 9 to 5 with a lousy $35k annual gross compensation (according to my paystubs, anyway), check out what else it’s now doing for me…

  • I can choose where I want to open my laptop and go to work
  • No one is keeping track of my owners – so I can sleep late in the day if I feel like it
  • The passive income from the lead gen sites I’ve ranked one-time provides me with financial security and freedom to know that I can do this on my own
  • BIGGEST PROFIT MARGINS: I don’t want to sell physical products online to get measly commissions after the cost of goods sold, tariffs, and who knows what else is dipping into my supposed “cost of doing business” – give me a break!
  • There’s hardly any competition in this space; select from multiple industries and various cities to help a prospective client gather more business using Free Traffic from search results on the internet, and you can make yourself a new, recurring client that will pay you handsomely for life! 
  • You get to make money in the same model that Airbnb and Lyft have been doing for quite some time now; you generate leads, send them to a small business owner and snatch up your sliver to deliver (and yes, it really works like that)!
  • Business Longevity: I really don’t think small businesses are going to abruptly stop and close down their endeavors to provide meaningful services to their local communities.  I also have a really good hunch that the internet isn’t going anywhere for quite some time.  It may be safe to say that the lead gen business model is here to stay! 
  • Want more pay for your monthly revenue and annual bottom line?  Open a laptop, throw together a website, super glue it to the top of Google and get a business owner to take the referrals – once again, get a cut of the action, then rinse and repeat! 

This same business model is what I’ve been using for less than a handful of years, and it’s helped me to generate $50,000.00 in monthly revenue (as I’ve said before). 

If you’re ready to get a cut of the action for yourself, click here for our coaching program that turned me into the lead gen king and progressed from seeing my annual, full-time salary turn into a monthly income from a part-time, side-hustle even to this day.