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If you own a business in the San Antonio area we don’t need to tell you owning a business is a huge challenge. You need to be great at what you do, you need to know all the laws and regulations that apply to your business and you need to make sure you always have new customers coming to make sure your business keeps growing.

San Antonio City

With a market like San Antonio the competition is fierce, after all the city has a population of over 1.5 million people! That is over a million and a half people that are potential customers for your business. The problem is they are also potential customers for your competitors business.

It is a high stakes game, winner take all! The key to your businesses future is to make sure those people when they need the service you offer they call you.

In today’s business environment the best chance you have to get your customers to call you is to have a killer website. It is the modern version of a yellow pages ad.

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Just as important as having a great website is having a website that is ranked at the top of the local search engine results. According to a study conducted by Google over 73% of people’s first step when looking for a business is to search for company type and location. You want to make sure when your customer does a search you are the name they find at the top of the list.

Your best chance to get your website ranked at the top of search engines like Google and Bing is through SEO (Short for Search Engine Optimization) A lot of people out in the business world believe that needed SEO means hiring an SEO company.

There is a good chance that when you read SEO company some part of you wanted to close this page because you hate the idea talking about a SEO company.

We understand there are a lot of search Engine Optimization companies that have given SEO companies a bad name!

In fact if you are like most San Antonio Business owners from the day you opened your doors you have been flooded with marketing materials and cold calls from SEO companies.

You might even have hired an SEO company in the past and have had some bad experiences with them.

The simple fact is contrary to what every SEO “expert” you have ever heard from you don’t need to hire an SEO company, there is a much better way to do it, why not do the work yourself and save yourself the headache and cost?

But I don’t Know anything about SEO

We have heard that over 3000 times and it has never been a problem! Let me explain. In 2014 some experts in local SEO came together and decided they needed to teach people how to do local SEO the right way. Why were they so concerned about teaching people?

  1. They knew they could never help all the local business in the world. There were too many of them.
  2. They were tired of potential customers having bad feelings about SEO because other SEO Companies had taken their money without producing results.

So they decided they needed to do something. They put their heads together and they created a training program to teach people who knew nothing about Local SEO how to get local websites ranked the right way.

These 3000 students have gone on to ranks business sites in some of the toughest markets in the US, Markets like New York City, Los Angeles and right in your home city of San Antonio, just to name a few!

They have helped their clients drastically increase their businesses, all starting from knowing nothing about SEO.

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However recently the team behind this training realized something significant. They realized that even with over 3000 active students applying the skills they taught them there were too many businesses that were failing because of poor SEO and Marketing. They realized that there were just too many businesses that needed help.

So they decided to open this training program to local business owners just like you.

Why you should take control of your own SEO and with that your business future.

If you have read this far than you most likely agree with two facts.

  1. You need a website that your potential client will see when they search for the service you offer. That means SEO
  2. It is time for you to take control of your SEO and take control of your future.

There are several reasons you would be in a much better place if you took care of your SEO on your own.

  • By doing the work yourself you avoid signing the long term contract SEO companies require you to sign
  • You will save on the large SEO fees that most SEO companies charge.
  • You will put 100% effort into getting you website ranked, An SEO company has many clients they focus on.

I don’t have time to learn SEO

We understand, being a San Antonio business owner is not a forty hour a week job, it is a twenty four, seven job and the last thing you need right now is to add more things to your already over full schedule.

The reality is if you take the time now to learn the skills you need to get your website ranked and grow your business you will not be adding things to your plate you will be getting freedom.

Freedom from

  • SEO Companies and their empty promises
  • Their huge monthly fees
  • The stress of not knowing why your website isn’t ranking
  • Wondering if your business could grow faster.

With the skills you will learn in this training not only will you be able to make sure you website is ranked. But with a little extra effort you can really scale up your business.

How you might ask?

By creating other sites in the towns and areas surrounding

 San Antonio that you also provide services to.

If you are like 99% of the businesses we have worked with over the years you have a service area that is not limited to the San Antonio area. You more than likely have a range and other cites and towns fall into that range The problem is as far as Google is concerned you are only set up for San Antonio SEO so that limits your opportunities. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In our training we will show you how to get websites ranked in every city and town you provide services to. Imagine how many more leads you would have coming into your business.

You could double maybe even triple your leads. You have the potential to scale your business at a very fast rate. All by learning local lead generation and local SEO.

I already hired an SEO company and they are doing a good job.

That’s great! No one is saying you should fire your SEO company. There are several advantages that come with learning SEO and local lead generation even when you are working with an SEO company.

  • If you know SEO when you talk to your SEO company you will be speaking the same language. This will make your meetings with your SEO company more fruitful and better.
  • You will be able to “spot check” your SEO companies work, I am not saying they are not doing their job but now you can keep an eye on them.
  • Two heads are better than one, the only thing better than an SEO expert working on getting your website ranked is two SEO experts working on your site, you and your SEO company working together will get much faster results!
  • “feeder sites” built at a cost effective price. If you tried to hire an SEO Company to build you 10 to 12 sites to get more calls coming in from all over your service area. They would charge you tens of thousands of dollars a month! You can do it at a fraction of the cost!

Sounds good, but what kind of results can I expect?

This comes down to what kind of person are you? If you are willing to put in the work and learn and put in some consistent effort you will be Amazed what kind of results you will achieve!

What kind of results?

Here is a typical result our methods have achieved.

Not just #1 Rankings like these…


But you will have the ability to create as many lead generation websites as you want. You can blanket your service area with these “digital Billboards” and dominate your market! The more of these sites you have the more leads and calls your business will receive every month.

This about what this means you having the ability to build unlimited Digital Billboards you have the ability to scale your business as fast and as big as you would like.

Why stop with your business?

This program was originally created designed for people you use to build a residual, passive income, and build it fast, you could do the same!

Our Model allows our students to create lead generation sites on a part time basis with still working full time. When these sites get ranked they can produce passive income for years to come.

Want proof?


This is a limo site I built in 2014. I spent a month or so working on it part time to get it built and ranked. Once the site was ranked I rented the site out to a local Limo business. They were happy to take the calls, how happy? They started paying me 750 dollars a month. I haven’t touched this site since 2014 and I am still getting that $750 dollars a month from that site. That is 4 years of passive income.

Imagine what you could so with just a few of these sites earning you passive income!

Learning SEO is more than a valuable skill it is the opportunity to

  • Scaling up your business to the max
  • Having regular passive income
  • Not getting robbed on your SEO costs.

You can take care of all of these issues and more by just taking control of your business. You can start today.

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