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When owning a company in Seattle, you face a lot of challenges. With a living population of just over seven hundred and twenty thousand people, you are in a hyper-competitive market.

The simple reality is no matter what kind of business you own you have a big challenge. When your potential customers are looking for your service you will have to beat out all your competition to get your potential customers attention.

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When it comes to getting your customers attention in the world of smartphones and home computers, there is good news or bad news depending how you view it.


Good news  – it has never been easier for your customers to find you.

Bad news – it has never been easier for your potential customers to find your competition!

That is why in the new business world it is no longer optional having an amazing website.

While having an amazing website is a good start. But that is no longer enough. You need that website to be located on page one of search engines like Google.

How vital is it that your website is ranked on page one of Google?

A comprehensive study shows that 73% of all people who need a particular type of business or service they start their search using a search engine…73%! Another finding of this same study shows that over half of these searchers never get past the top page! This leads to a simple conclusion.

If you aren’t on page Number one you’re business will fail!

The simple reality is if you are wanting to grow your business your site needs to be on the first page of search engines like Google and Bing.

The best way to move your website to the very top of Google is using SEO. The fact is, SEO is the only game in town when it comes to getting your website to the top of the search engine rankings.

If your Seattle business has been open for any length of time, we’re sure you know about SEO. In fact, that is more than likely how you found this article. You most likely were searching for something like Seattle business SEO.

Businesses misunderstanding when it comes to SEO

Most likely, like many business owners, SEO means one of two things to you, either it is a…

  1. A total scam that never produces results
  2. A required evil you are forced to pay for.

This is a natural reaction. After all, if you’ve been in business for any length of time, you have most likely had dozens of SEO companies try to sell you their “SEO Packages.”

Because we have heard mnay SEO pitches, we know what they sound like, without all the “salesy dialog” When you break their pitches down they usually look something like this.

  • You have to sign some 12-month contract
  • Your “contract” only covers the basics, they are going to try and “upsell” you on all kinds of other items
  • They’ll never promise results, but of course, they have to be paid every month.

The reality is SEO companies are trying to lock you into a long-term contract because they know two things

  1. Their process – The process most SEO companies use is very “cookie cutter” and takes time to get a site ranked. They lock you into a 12-month contract, so they are not pressured to deliver fast results
  2. They’re not focused on SEO – Successful SEO companies are not focused on SEO they are focused on getting client business. That is what they are focused on.

This is why SEO companies produce less than amazing results.

Feeling stuck!

You might be feeling discouraged. You might be feeling like you can’t win.

If you try to ignore your SEO, then your business suffers.

But hiring a SEO company no longer feels like the right answer either.

So the question becomes what is the right answer?

Just like many things in life…

If you want things done right, you have to do them yourself.

You don’t have to depend on others to take care of your SEO needs, You can do it yourself.

you are most likely thinking of the millions of reasons you can’t deal with SEO on your own.

A lot of these reasons seem reasonable. But let us show you what you can handle SEO on your own. Let’s look at the most common objection and why they shouldn’t stop you from taking control over your business’s future. 

  1. I don’t understand SEO
  2. I already use a SEO company
  3. I do not have the time to study SEO

Let’s check out each reason one at a time.

I Don’t understand SEO

At one point or another, every expert in the world didn’t know about the skill they are an expert in. They learned, and you will learn SEO too. How do I know that because we the training we use has successfully taught more than three thousand students, a lot of them like you who didn’t know about SEO. We taught them the skills they had to have to gain expertise in SEO, and we can teach you too. 

But I already use a SEO company

If you are getting result s with the SEO company you are using that is great. But it doesn’t mean you can’t get benefits from taking this training and learning SEO on your own

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Here are just some of the benefits you can get with taking this course while keeping your SEO group.

  1. You and the SEO company understand the same verbage now – When your SEO tells you what they’re doing to get your website ranked you will understand it.
  2. You will be able to “spot check” the SEO group’s work – we are not saying your SEO company isn’t doing their job but won’t you feel better knowing you can keep an eye on things? This is your business after all!
  3. Working together things will go a whole lot faster – The only thing better than an SEO expert working on your website is two SEO experts working on your site!

I do not have the time to study SEO

This is a natural thought process. If you are a Seattle business owner, you are under an immense time crunch. You have so many things that require your attention, you are always thinking about your business. You don’t want to add to your workload.

We understand how you are feeling right now but have you thought about the benefits you will receive once you take over your SEO? How much freedom you will gain.

Freedom from

  • Being forced to pay huge SEO fees
  • Fear of not understanding why your company website does not rank the way it should
  • Worrying that your business isn’t growing fast enough.

Don’t you think gaining these types of freedom is worth the short-term sacrifice of taking this training?

The best part, you don’t have to stop at your website.

One of the best things about our training is the fact that you don’t have to limit yourself to one website.

The reality is Seattle is a huge city, and that is great, however, most likely you don’t just service the city of Seattle you likely service many of the surrounding communities.

The issue is to Google you are just a “Seattle” business so they will not show your business when your customers search in other cities. 

While a lot of other business owners see a problem, our students see an opportunity to prosper!

With the skills you learn from us there is no reason you couldn’t build and rank a website in every area you serve.

Imagine a website in every town you serve sending business to you!

Think of these sites as kind of Digital Billboards. The more you’ll have, the faster your business will grow!

Using this one technique alone you could build your business to the max.

Are you going to guarantee I will have the same success as your other students?

No, and if anyone ever tries to tell you, they can “guarantee” getting your site ranked on Google or Bing. One of two things about them is true.

  1. They are, in fact, the owner of Google and Bing
  2. They are lying to you!

The reality is we can teach you the techniques and strategies you will need to succeed. But you have to do the work.

What we will tell you, however is the techniques you will learn has been used successfully by over three thousand of our students.

If you do the work, you’ll be shocked by your results


Not only will you be able to get your website ranked, but even better you can create all the lead generation sites you need.

You could dominate your entire service area.

You possess the ability to scale up your business just as quickly, as large as you want!

You aren’t limited to one business!

But why be limited by your own business? This course was created to show people to build income with a “rank sites and then rent them out” technique. You could do the same.

You can build websites in any vertical and find a business to work with. You can them charge them to rent the site out. I know because…

I’ve done it!


I wrote this site when I first started 5 years ago. I worked on the site for a couple of months to get it built then ranked. The important thing to understand is that I don’t own a limo company. But I was able to get the site built and then ranked just the same.

After the property was up and ranked, I found a local Limousine person and started selling them the leads. They paid me more than seven hundred dollars every 30 days! I haven’t done any work on that site since I built it in 2014, yet I still get over seven hundred dollars every 30 days. That is more than four years all ongoing passive income!

Think what just a couple of sites like this could do for you!  

Learning SEO skills isn’t just a valuable ability it’s an opportunity to

  • Scale your business up
  • Have ongoing passive income
  • Avoid big SEO costs.

Don’t worry you can deal with all these issues by taking control over your SEO. start now.

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