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When it comes our business and the city of Tampa we are sure you know how important it is to take every advantage you can, the city of Tampa has over three hundred and eighty-five thousand people living in it. That is a huge opportunity to grow your business. The problem is that it will attract competition. 

Downtown Tampa, Florida along the Hillsborough River.

You need to gain every advantage possible when it comes to growing your business. When it comes to getting new customers, you will never have a more significant advantage than ranking at the top of Google and Bing!

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There are other tools you can use to find new customers, like running Facebook ads and Google ads but the simple reality is while these tricks are fast they are not nearly as effective and sustainable long term as the organic traffic you will get from SEO. 

Why do business owners dislike SEO?  

If you ask a business owner about SEO most of them are not happy with the idea of SEO. There is a good reason for this. The simple truth is most SEO companies feel like a major headache

More than likely from the minute you opened your doors you have been dealing with SEO companies trying to reach out to you trying to get your business. 

Most SEO companies hit you with a “one-two punch” and it goes something like this. 

First, they try to get you to sign a contract. This usually happens when they are “trying to close you”

Once they get you to sign the contract, they will use their “proven process” to try and get your website ranked.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at this process.

The SEO Company trying to get you to sign on the dotted line

During this phase the SEO company will tell you anything you want to hear, they will tell you they can get your site ranked, and they will brag all about their “proven process” once you finally sign the contract that’s when they start the second part of the SEO relationship. 

An SEO company wants you to sign a contract like this. 

  1. You are locked in for 12 months 
  2. no matter what payment is due every month. 
  3. They can’t guarantee results, with their “proven process.”

After you sign the contract, you will notice a drop off of the “personal” interaction. That’s because they have moved on to phase two they are using their “proven Process.”  

The same SEO tactics over and over. 

The most common complaint we get from business owners that work with an SEO company is that the company treated them like “just another number” That’s because that is what you are to them. 

SEO companies will brag about their “proven process” what they are really saying is they are using the same SEO tactics every time and hoping for the best. 

Why do they do this? 

  1. These techniques will usually work pretty well. They can help your site rise up the ranks, eventually. 
  2. It saves them time! The truth is each website has different issues but taking time to figure out what is wrong with your website is time-consuming. It’s easier to say you have a proven process and do the same thing over and over.  
  3. So they can focus on their primary job, remember their main job isn’t getting websites ranked it’ finding new clients! 

If you are like most business owners, you are looking for a solution to your SEO issues. Now you must know your SEO issues are easy to solve once and for all. Learn to do it yourself!

You have most likely thought about doing your SEO yourself before. 

Most likely you know that no one will ever care for your business like you will. However, you came up with several reasons why you can’t do your own SEO.

We have trained over three thousand students just like you in how to do SEO the right way. Many of them had the same excuses you had, and they were still able to learn SEO.

Let’s take a look at some of the excuses that are most common. 

  1. I don’t know about SEO, and I don’t know computers
  2. I’m too busy too learn SEO
  3. I am already working with and SEO team

While each one of these excuses may seem valid when you see the advantages you will get you will realize it’s worth it. 

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Let’s take a look at each reason step by step. 

I Don’t know about SEO, and I’m not tech Savvy Enough.

You don’t have to know anything about SEO we will teach you! Just like we have trained over three thousand other students! All too often when people use this excuse what they are really talking about is they don’t want to learn to code, who would!  

The way we teach SEO, you don’t have to worry about learning Coding. If you can use the internet, we can teach you SEO.

I’m too busy to learn SEO.

This answer is the one most people give, and it makes a lot of sense, As the boss, everything is your responsibility! You have a lot of things you need to deal with, and you don’t really feel like adding another issue.  

However, when you look at the benefits you would get with learning SEO you will start to realize that the time is well spent! 

Here are just a few of the time advantages you will get from learning SEO for your business. 

  1. You won’t have to pay for SEO anymore
  2. You will be able to grow your business as quickly as you want! 
  3. You can rank your site faster than you thought possible. 

There is also something about SEO that SEO companies won’t tell you. 

The insider secret your SEO company is keeping from you.

SEO doesn’t take nearly as much time as you think! 

Most business owners think that getting a website to rank is a full-time job. 

This is not true. Usually getting a website to get ranked does take some time, in the beginning, this is true. However, once it is at the top of Google, it usually stays there.

That is one of the reasons your SEO company wants you to sign a contract. They will spend the first couple of months getting the site ranked, but after that, they are just collecting checks!

Don’t you think that money belongs in your bank account, not their pocket?

I am already working with an SEO team to get my site ranked.  

No one is telling you that you have to fire your SEO company if they are doing a good job that is fine.

However, there are still significant advantages you can gain from taking this training. 

  1. Together you can get your website to rank a lot faster – if both you and the SEO company are working on your website you can move it up the ranking a whole lot more quickly.
  2. You can confirm their work – we are not saying the SEO company you hired isn’t doing the work. We are simply saying now you will know they are doing the work. 
  3. You now will speak SEO – when you are talking to the SEO team members things will go easier it if you understand what they are trying to explain to you.

While SEO companies do have their uses, they are limited when it compares to our training. Here are two areas SEO companies fall short. 

  1. You’re not limited to Tampa
  2. You can build passive income helping other businesses. 

You’re no longer limited to SEO in just Tampa

Even though your business is based in the Tampa area, most likely your service area is a lot wider than that. Most likely there are a lot of other cities and neighborhoods you provide services to. 

But as far as Google is concerned you are only a Tampa based business, and this means your website will have a tough time getting ranked outside the city of Tampa!

Many business owners view this as a major issue, after you take our training, you will view it as a significant opportunity!  

With the skills we will teach you, you will have the opportunity to build and rank multiple sites in every city or town in the area you serve. 

Use them as “digital billboards” The more of them you create, the faster you can grow your business. 

With our training in a few short months, your service area will look like this!

Use your SEO skills to build passive income.

This training was originally built around the idea or building websites and renting them out to local businesses for a monthly payment. 

You could do the same thing and grow your passive income.

With some effort on your part, you could build a 100% passive income that could last you for years.

How can I be sure? 

I have done it myself! 


This Limo site is the first site I ever built. I built it, spent a few months working on getting it ranked, part-time and once is was generating leads I found a limo company to team up with.

They were thrilled to take the leads and pay me for them. They started paying me more than 700 dollars a month, and they have been paying me ever since that was four years ago!

How much could you change your financial situation with two or three of these rental sites producing passive income for you every month? 

If you are ready to learn SEO and take control of your business, we are here to help.

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