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As an owner in Washington DC area, you understand that as a business owner it is both a golden opportunity while being sleepless nights!

You know that if you win the business of your ideal customer, you can build your future, and earn huge profits in the process.

Washington DC

The problem is not just do you have to be very great at your business. you need your potential customers to know about your business when they are looking for your product or service.

The great opportunity you have, owning your business in the Washington DC area gives you the potential to get to over six hundred and ninety thousand possible customers, That is not just potential profits you could be sitting on a gold mine!

Reaching those potential customers

The good news – With the invention of the internet and search engines it has never been easier for your customers to find your business when they go looking for it.

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The Bad News –  With the invention of the internet and search engines it has never been easier for them to find your competitions when they should be looking for you! 

The simple reality is earning your customers business is a winner take all game. If they call you first, they will most likely hire you, and if they call your competitors first they will most likely call you!

 Search Engines, the key to your future!

When it comes to getting to your customers the key is local search engines for example Google or Bing!

How important are these search engines to your business to the future of your business?

a recent study shows that over 70% of all searches start in search engines. The study also noted that over half of searchers don’t click past the first results!

if you aren’t on the first page, you aren’t on Google at all!

SEO the Key to Ranking on Search Engines

If you’re like many business decision makers you have a love/hate feelings towards SEO, this is natural, more than likely from the first day your doors opened to the public you’ve been hounded by SEO teams, they hit you with the “hard sell,” and they make all kinds of promises.

The funny thing is once you hear a few of these SEO salesman you start to notice a few things.

  • They require your signing a full year long contract.
  • And they don’t promise actual results, (they can’t they don’t own Google after all) but even though they don’t promise results
  • You need to pay each and every month.

Once they get you signed to a contract too many times, they tell you “oh well we can’t get you ranked without a new website, and that isn’t covered!”

It is easy to see why all too often business owners just like you think of SEO like this.

  1. It’s a rip off, one you don’t get
  2. It is just a cost for doing business, you don’t like it, but you pay every month.

Your opinion about SEO is about to change

It’s natural to be wary of SEO, vey often business owners feel like they are stuck between a very hard rock and a rock hard hard place. If they ignore SEO their business will suffer because their website won’t rank and if they do pay for SEO they are locked into a monthly payment that they don’t know what they’re getting.

After finishing this article, you will think of SEO differently. You will view it

  1. as a way to dominate the Washington DC business market
  2. and get a huge advantage over your completion!

So what’s the magic solution? It’s simple really.

Handle your SEO yourself.

You might be considering about clicking off this website, we understand, we know that there are lots of reasons why you think you can’t take over your SEO yourself.

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While all of these objections might seem reasonable, the simple reality is you won’t be forced to think about these issues.

Let’s look at some of your possible objections one by one.

  1. I do not actually know how SEO works!
  2. I never have free time!
  3. I’m already using an SEO compan

I do not actually know how SEO works

Don’t worry you can, in fact learn! The truth is SEO isn’t some big mystery it’s just simple skill set that anyone can learn.

You can learn about SEO even when your are not very “technical.” How is it possible to make that promise? Because when I learned SEO, I didn’t know much about it either. I was not very technical at the beginning, and I still learned.

We have trained over 3000 people on how to do SEO, and lots of them didn’t know how to do SEO when they started either.

Many of these 3000 students have become SEO experts in their own right. You can too!

I never have free time.

This one is understandable, you own a business here in Washington DC, that isn’t a part-time job! It takes total dedication and sometimes it can feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

But take a moment to consider what you will gain from learning this critical skill.

Freedom, freedom from things like

  • The high priced monthly ongoing SEO fees.
  • Worrying about not figuring out if your site will go down in rankings
  • Worrying about the phone suddenly not ringing because your site is not on page one of google anymore.

With all the SEO tricks you can learn in this training you’ll never need to be worried about these issues anymore, isn’t that worth investing some time now to learn SEO?

I’m already using an SEO company.

That is wonderful news, if your SEO company is delivering results and you are happy with them that doesn’t mean you need to fire them.

There are still many advantages to you learning SEO.

  • You can increase the speed of the Process. After all the only thing faster than having one high-quality expert in SEO working for your website is having two experts working for your site. Together you and your SEO company can drive your site up the ranks faster. 
  • You can confirm the work, we’re not saying that your SEO company isn’t doing the right job, but with our training, you will be confident they are.
  • Now you can “speak SEO” when your SEO company explains what exactly your team is doing you won’t be confused anymore.

With our training, you are no longer limited to one service area.

You don’t have to limit your efforts to a single website covering your service area when you could have dozens? Google is an amazing system, they look at your website, and they say “ok his business is in Washington DC so that is where he will rank.”

The thing is if you’re like lot business owners you don’t only provide services to Washington DC you cover the smaller cities around Washington DC.

Now you can easily and affordably build “digital billboard” websites in other surrounding towns and have them drive traffic to your company!

We call these digital billboards because the more of them you have, the faster your business will grow!

Can you guarantee my results?

No, and if any training promises you that they promise to deliver results they are lying to you! The main factor that will affect if you succeed or not is the simple factor of whether or not you are willing to do all the work. But if you are willing to do work you could expect the same results as these.


But you would have the resources to take over your local market and build out your company to its highest levels.

The real best part? You’re not limited to only your company!

this program, you could help other companies get a lot more phone calls and in doing so earn yourself a passive, income.

How? This training was first meant for entrepreneurs to write out “renting” websites in all different niches and different locations. Students could build up sites, get those sites ranked and then locate a hungry local business so they could partner with them. This system has been working since 2014.

Do you yant proof?


This is a limo site I launched in 2015 I spent around a month or so on it. Then I was able to find a limo person  I sold them all the leads for a fee. They were so thrilled to get these leads! How thrilled? They have paid me over 740 dollars every month every for four years! I haven’t had to work on this site in those 4 years! That’s over 740 dollars every month for work I did more than four years ago!

What could you be able to do with just a few “rental sites”  like this earning you a lot of passive income and on top of that having your own sites driving traffic to your business!

Learning all about SEO isn’t just a valuable skill it’s the chance  to

  • Totally scale your business up
  • Build passive income
  • Avoid all the SEO costs.

Take over all these different issues and more by just taking this course. start now, today.

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