Nolan Johnson, High Ticket Cashflow Secrets Course Review

Everybody has a dream, right?

Maybe yours is a life of luxurious toys, penthouses in major cities or even purchasing a desirable piece of land and living in the middle of nowhere.

Almost everybody has dreams that they feel are unattainable. People just don’t know how to make it happen.

Through no fault of your own. You don’t know what you don’t know.

Enter… Mr. Nolan Johnson.

Nolan Johnson’s Background

To sum up Nolan Johnson as briefly as possible… he’s a master salesman.

He’s a Michigan native that’s always moving around the country and looking for the next opportunity to show itself so he can be one of the first to capitalize.

At this point, it’s safe to say he’s mastered selling utilizing platforms like Facebook.

We’ll dive deeper into what High Ticket Cashflow Secrets is all about, but it’s designed to help anyone achieve every financial dream they want.

High Ticket Cashflow Secrets – Can It Help Me?

The course that Nolan has built is absolutely designed for the newbie.

If you have no prior business experience, don’t worry Nolan has your back here.

You don’t even need to know how to log into a Facebook account. Not yet anyway.

No eCommerce knowledge needed or even how to do the smallest bit of web design.

You can honestly learn what it takes to run a business astonishingly fast.

As long as you’re prepared to learn some new skills and willing to try something different, you’ll have no problem here.

I mean this income is so damn simple.

All you need is an internet connection and a laptop or desktop.

If you decide to give this course a shot, you’ll be running a legitimate eCommerce biz from the confines of your own home in no time at all.

A couple things you’ll be learning about:

  • picking the right product
  • how to create a powerful sales funnel
  • dabble in affiliate marketing
  • how to put paid ads on auto-pilot
  • maintaining your products/services

Now listen, there are no guarantees for positive results from this course, but he he does do a good job of assisting you in your pursuit of success and accomplishing those financial dreams.

I’ve been through his course and I can say from experience that I did see some positive results, but there is something out there that’s better…

How I Make $50k+ In 2019

I really respect Nolan as a teacher and I know you can make money by taking this course, hell I’ve done it myself.

But I also know from experience that there’s a better option out there.

And it’s called local lead gen.

This model gave me the ability to leverage free attention through search results and has launched me to financial goals I never thought I could conquer.

I’ve now built my residual income to over $50k/mo after struggling for so long at my 9 to 5 to make $30k/year.

Check out the pool site that I made. I built this thing a couple years ago and it’s been generating me $650/mo on auto-pilot since then.

This business model is really easy to scale if you’re willing to learn a new skill and get to work. Click here if you’d like to learn more about the coaching program and put yourself on the road to smashing your own financial goals just like I have.

Jay Boyer, Publishing Profit Formula Course Review

Jay Boyer launched a course which he calls Publishing Profit Formula and I think it’s rather unique.

It’s designed to help aspiring authors in writing their own children’s books and how to get those books to best seller status.

To do so, he shows you how to utilize the Amazon selling platform to get your books to number one on their lists.

So can this be a scalable business? Yes, Jay shows you how to repeat this simple process over and over again to duplicate your results.

Jay Boyer’s Background

Jay’s got an extensive background an both an author and as a publisher.

He practices what he preaches. He’s has a proven track record with selling books on Amazon.

In addition to his work with children’s books, he’s an internet consultant and marketer.

His webinars are quite popular as well.

He’s even built a company that publishes all of his Amazon books.

Aside from this course, he teaches people on the Udemy platform to write and sell books.

I really respect how Jay goes about his business. He’s not a flashy guy posting ads all over the place like most of today’s online gurus.

He truly enjoys helping other people find success as authors and in online business in general.

He’s designed a proven process of getting authors to the best sellers list on Amazon.

Publishing Profit Formula Course Overview

Important notes about the course:

  • how to get started quickly – w/ checklists
  • ability to view Kindle’s top sellers list which gets updated monthly
  • group coaching for an 8 week period
  • building your publishing company
  • top software’s in the industry
  • titling your books
  • increase book review
  • establishing a following
  • proper market research
  • free picture acquisition
  • correct author bio’s

This course is packed with highly valuable information. It makes it difficult to not find success.

Jay is such a genuine guy and truly cares about the success of others. The only time he wants attention is for his books.

That’s why he likes having a small group of students so he can devote his attention to their success.

Yeah he will show you all the details. How to pick a narrative, title, building a publishing company, etc.

But IMO the best part about Jay is his understand of scaling a business that authors are passionate about!

Many people out there enjoy writing and have always dreamed of publishing a book. If that’s you then Jay will guide you.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to make a living as an author. Yep, Jay can help you there too.

He will walk you through the process of become a best selling children’s author. From A to Z nothing is left out in this course.

And this process can be duplicated over and over and over again.

He’s a joy to listen to so I think you’ll really enjoy the personality that he brings to his course.

How I Make Over $50k/mo In 2019

If you’re one of those people that’s always dreamed of writing your own children’s book then absolutely take Jay’s Publishing Profit Formula course.

You won’t find a better one.

But if you aren’t passionate about being an author, I really recommend learning how to leverage free traffic to generate leads.

It is a high-income skill after all, meaning it brings boat loads of value to the marketplace.

It’s allowed me to develop residual income using multiple streams of income.

Essentially, I build sites, rank them and send the leads that I collect to small business owners for compensation.

Check out the pool site below that I built more than 2 years ago. It’s been making me $650/mo since then on auto-pilot.

If you want to check out the same program that took me from struggling to make $30k/year to over $50k/mo then click here.

Inside you’ll find more information about our coaching program and exactly how you can start scaling your own residual income based online business.

Adam Wenig, Global Dream Builders Review

Adam Wenig launched Global Dream Builders a bit ago now. He’s a digital coach that’s still really young.

I’ll dive deep into his teachings. What model he teaches, pros and cons of the model, etc.

He’s in the business of utilizing FB advertising to drive traffic to sales funnels. He teaches the use of ClickFunnels.

Is this a model that’s really worth pursuing? Does it stack up with local lead gen, the business model that I’m always recommending.

Global Dream Builders Summary

In the course you’ll be taught how to design a FB ad campaign driving sales through a sales funnel (using ClickFunnels).

With a sales funnel the question always the product that you’re selling.

Adam’s a firm believer in using affiliate offers from somewhere like ClickBank or even his own affiliate offers through Global Dream Builders.

In marketing content you see from Adam he talks about showing students how to bring in $1-5k/mo in revenue by building sites.

To me, that sounded like he was teaching students SEO skills and showing them how to rank niche affiliate sites.

But that’s not the case.

He doesn’t actually teach students to build a website, he teaches how to design sales funnels.

I don’t think I consider that a real website.

The other difficulty I see with this is with FB ads. They’re kind of a pain to deal with over a long period of time.

But more on that later…

Goods & Bads of ClickFunnels

The Good’s

  • beginner friendly
  • build one-page funnels very very quickly which makes it very time-efficient
  • easily duplicate funnels you’ve already made and change up a few things. This can be useful whether you’re offering a brand new product or if you want to split-test offers for conversion
  • very simple opt-in’s

The Bad’s

  • Cost – $97/mo for the basic version
  • WordPress is way more flexible with design if you’re looking to build an actual site

This is a strategy that’s really useful if you’re trying to drive paid traffic (like FB ads) but it really isn’t necessary for me to use in my local lead gen biz because I leverage free traffic, not paid.

Goods & Bads of Facebook Advertising

The Good’s

  • flexible targeting
  • massive audience to target on the platform
  • instant traffic with paid ads
  • if your ad campaign is generating revenue you can grow it quickly
  • campaigns are user-friendly to set up

The Bad’s

  • you have the potential to chew through your profit margins quickly if your campaigns aren’t performing well
  • takes quite a bit of time to maintain and manage campaigns (should be done daily)
  • on FB you’re interrupting people’s routine so some offers simply don’t work well on the platform

There are a lot of moving parts with FB advertising. It can cost you money instead of making you money if you don’t optimize these areas: CTR and high conversion rate.

Facebook can take a lot of trial and error when you’re first offering a product there. Especially if you have minimal FB ad experience.

When I was doing this, I paid 5 figures to a well-known teacher so that he could help me out with what was working for him on the platform.

Yes there are a ton of affiliate offers out there, but very few will convert at a high enough level on FB.

The level of challenge you’ll find will depend on the effectiveness of your offer’s landing page. It can make or break you.

Since you’ll be trying to sell products that aren’t yours, it automatically affects your margins in a negative way.

The only thing you can do to make your margins go up is to convert at a higher clip with your FB advertising.

In many cases, the ROI just isn’t significant enough for you to put in the time that it takes. In my case I was getting coached by a real player in the industry and I was still only bringing in a few thousand dollars every month.

It just wasn’t worth it for the amount of time that I had to put in to the business.

The Facebook team isn’t a fan of affiliate marketers so as I increased the number of ad accounts I had, my account eventually got suspended.

On top of those headaches, I was spending several hours every day just managing my running campaigns making sure I was happy with the conversions.

Then I would spend additional time tweaking them and trying to increase that conversion rate.

The whole reason I stuck with it so long is because I thought it had the potential to grow once my skills improved with Facebook but it wasn’t the case.

The fact is that FB advertising is unpredictable.

You’ll see a lot of posts online about how successful people are with Facebook, and you can have success, but what I’d like to know is what their profits look like over a long period of time.

Are they consistent? Or do they have lots of peaks and valleys?

I eventually made the decision to spend the several hours a day that I was working on this, in a more efficient manor. So now I simply have my team building more lead gen assets for me so I can build my residual income over time.

Or I’ll spend some of the time writing more blog posts and reviewing more courses.

I think free online traffic is the secret to having long-term profitable businesses online. We teach all of this in the coaching program we offer.

Price of Global Dream Builders

This course is broken down into three different tiers of membership levels:

Silver Membership

  • GDB Online Academy
  • Facebook Inner Circle
  • Live Q&A – Weekly Webinars
  • $2,400 total – payment plan is $800 for 3 months

Gold Membership

  • GDB Online Academy
  • Live Q&A – Weekly Webinars
  • Facebook Inner Circle
  • One time fee of $5,000 – payment plan is $2,000 for 3 months, total would be $6,000

Platinum Membership

  • 12 months of 1 on 1 coaching via Voxer
  • 1 ticket to one live Global Dream Builders workshop
  • GBD Online Academy
  • Live Q&A – Weekly Webinars
  • Facebook Inner Circle
  • $8,000 one time fee – payment plan is $3,200 for 3 months, total would be $9,600

In Conclusion

So here’s my true feelings, I have a lot of admiration for Adam Wenig’s ability to create an online coaching course at such a young age.

But IMO it’s not in-depth enough and lacks a lot of detail that’s required for students to find a lot of value.

Finding affiliate offers that are effective on FB is very very challenging and it’s going to lead to a low success rate. I know that won’t be a popular statement among many but it’s the absolute truth.

I had a guy who’s a big player in affiliate marketing/fb ads show me exactly what I was doing wrong and I was still struggling to maximize my profit margins and scale this business model.

Even the success I was finding took so much time to achieve.

It didn’t take me too long to go back to building my lead gen properties utilizing that free attention.

Every single one of those properties that I build, I own. Which means that don’t go anywhere, they’re long-term assets.

I look at it like digital real estate because it operates much like physical real estate.

Facebook ad campaigns require so much maintenance. My assets require very very little upkeep, if any.

I think FB ads are a very good way to supplement income but I don’t build my online income around this. I don’t like the idea of relying on paid ads.

Online coaching is the most successful product/service I’ve seen convert on the platform.

And that’s exactly how a lot of the online coaches are becoming so successful nowadays. It’s very powerful.

But if you’re just getting into online business or maybe just haven’t seen much success. You can’t possibly create your own course because you have no case studies, personal success or no real skills to sell to people.

Establishing those skill sets are the first thing you should be focused on. That’s when my life started to turn around in online business.

I was finally able to bring a tremendous amount of skill and value to business owners.

IMO FB makes it very challenging to make money with affiliate marketing. Part of that is because FB hates affiliate offers on it’s platform.

I just don’t think it’s a very effective skill for the amount of time it takes to run these things.

The skill of building websites, ranking them and sending those exclusive leads to small business owners is way more powerful.

Free attention is king on the internet. It allows you to increase profit margins and effectively establish a source of residual income.

That’s exactly what this coaching program teaches it’s students.

Look at me, I’ve gone from struggling to make $30k/year a few years ago to now making $50k/mo.

Check out this site I built over 2 years ago. It’s been making me $650/mo on auto-pilot. And this is only one site of many more that I own and make money from.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then click here to find out more about the business model.

See you on the other side!

Alex Hormozi, Gym Launch Secrets Course Review

This program is built for the gym owner aspiring to launch their business into the atmosphere.

This course could absolutely assist in solving your problems whether you’re trying to increase profits or just get more people exercisin’ in your gym.

Alex Hormozi “launched” this program a little while back in hopes of helping fell gym owners to blow up their businesses.

Once you’ve read a handful of the testimonials on Alex and his course, you’ll quickly find plenty of very satisfied gym owners sharing their results since going through his program.

He’s got a proven track record so if you do decide to launch yourself into the program, you can rest assured that the results will be there if you follow the process that many have before you.

What’s Alex Hormozi’s Background?

Not only does Alex develop courses, he’s also very experiences fitness person himself.

With his direction, Gym Launch has soared to beyond $50 million in sales in not even 2 years.

He’s incredible with sales too. He’s a high-ticket sales coach and he’s been effective in the space for years.


That’s how many gym owners he’s helped over the years. Over that number actually.

Helping them to more than double their revenue prior to working with him.

He’s a big believer in the use of ClickFunnels as well as certain social media marketing concepts when it comes to exploding a gym’s popularity.

He does a ton of podcasting and running webinars on top of that.

Alex is an individual in high demand for those that are looking for help with marketing their business.

Like I said before, he has a lot of first hand experience when it comes to running a gym and what it takes on a daily basis.

He was in charge of six separate gyms in the southern part of California.

Gym Launch Secrets – The Basics

If you’re a gym owner that’s been looking for something that can explode your business to heights never seen, look no further than Alex’s course.

You don’t actually have anything to do with getting more gym members yourself.

If you simply listen to what Alex says, you will see the results.

The following are a few key things you’ll get with the course but there are others:

  • having Alex by your side to help grow your gym
  • sales funnel designed specifically for your business
  • how to increase business in your gym while remaining as profitable as possible
  • helps you know what your potential gym members are looking for from you

The fact that Alex has worked in the industry for so long and run multiple gyms at once makes him an ideal coach in my eyes.

He’s had many gym owners come through his program and he’s helped them find success. The results are out there and very attainable with his help.

He’s built a fantastic process. All you have to do is take his advice and apply it if you’d like to increase your sales.

You’d be hard pressed to find a better fit if that’s your goal making the cost of investment more than worth it.

How I’m Making Six Figures Using Local Lead Generation

Like I said, if you’re a gym owner and that’s your life passion then you won’t find a better person to work with than Alex.

I just prefer to run my local lead generation business. I’ve had some fantastic experiences with business owners over the last few years.

I’ve had them tell me multiple times that I changed their lives and their families lives.

There’s no better feeling than that IMO.

And on top of that the residual income I make every single month. It makes it an easy decision for me to scale this business model over any other out there.

Check out the pool site I built over two years ago. It’s been bringing in $650/mo on auto-pilot ever since.

I check in every few months to make sure the site is still performing well but I haven’t had to make any changes since I built the thing.

If it sounds like something you’d want to check out then feel free to check out our coaching program.

The same exact one that took me to over $50k/mo.

On top of the skill set required for local lead gen, you’ll be given the key to our FB group full of students. There’s success everywhere in there.

Honestly, it’s a family.

Kale & Taylor, Nine University Course Review

Taylor Hiott and Kale Abrahamson built an Amazon FBA course called Nine University, more commonly known as KT Nine.

As you could probably guess, in the course you’ll learn how to build a successful Amazon FBA business from the ground up.

The course itself runs 7 weeks in length which means you can go from just starting out, to a built business in a little less than 2 months.

The program is rather detailed and extensive.

There are over seven hundred students in the program so you can rest assured that everything you’re learning has been proven by Kale and Taylor along with the success stories that have gone through as a student.

According to some reports out there, students that have gone through the course have astoundingly made over $20 million.

That’s very impressive.

The number one thing to know is how much value is packed into this thing and how detailed it is throughout.

Kale & Taylor, What’s Their Background?

These guys are both business owners who have seen massive success with the Amazon model.

They came across each other in Pittsburgh, PA and jointly started four businesses in their twenties that all went on to be successful.

Nowadays their primary focus is consulting beginners in the Amazon FBA world to scale their businesses to the same level of success that Kale and Taylor have found.

It’s noteworthy that so many of their students have gone on to find riches as Amazon sellers. They’ve helped produce some of the highest income earners in the industry.

Nine University Course Overview

Like I said before this course is very extensive as there’s 7 weeks worth of material for you to absorb.

They’ve done a fantastic job with the overall amount of content as well as the bonuses they include to give you a better perspective on the Amazon FBA world.

All of the value that’s included along with guaranteed results (if you take the necessary amount of action) result in a pretty high cost for the program.

These are the key takeaways you’ll get:

  • how to build a brand for a long-term customer base
  • product research using top notch software
  • KT Nine calls them “hacks”; teaching you to make more with less time spent
  • how to automate your listings with optimization

There will be a ton of information inside that you’ll have to digest but with this comes an accelerated learning period and store growth.

One of the best things you can find in an online course is one on one mentoring, and this has it.

Along with Q & A calls, these two features have massive value by themselves.

With what you’ve learned about how much success their students have seen, could you image what you could do with the one on one mentorship?

I’m not sure if there’s anyone better that you could learn from than these guys.

How Do I Make Over $50k/mo In Local Lead Gen in 2019?

Becoming an Amazon seller has become so much more difficult in recent time. It takes much more time and a lot more money than it did just a few years ago.

All of that competition means less profit for you, the business owner.

In my business, local lead generation, I have the capability of taking over an entire market and squashing all competition relatively quickly.

I do this by utilizing free traffic. I drive people to my website and send the leads off to local business owners for compensation.

Check out this pool site that I built over 2 years ago that’s been bringing in $650/mo for me on auto-pilot ever since!

If this sounds like something you might be interested in learning more about, this is our coaching program.

Acquire the powerful skills to leverage free internet traffic and generate highly valuable leads for business owners.

In addition to being taught the skills to be successful, you’ll be given the key to our FB group filled with success stories and knowledge for you to soak up.

This business model works if you take the action that’s necessary. Take me for example!

Oklahoma City SEO Expert Digital Marketing Coaching – Learn to Rank

As a business owner, you know that having your business ranked at the top of search engines is the key to building your business.

In order to get your business to the top of Google, you need SEO on your website.

Skyline of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

There are short-term/fast solutions like Google ads and Facebook ad the problem is you always need to be spending money. The minute you stop spending money is the minute the leads stop coming in.

Using SEO to get your website ranked produces a lot more steady and stable traffic. Once you get your website ranked you don’t have to spend any more money! And you will get a steady flow of customers, potentially for years to come!

Click here to discover how

Having good SEO is not a choice.

Reading that you might’ve gotten a little annoyed, this is natural usually when somebody mentions SEO (search engine optimization) the first people think about will be  SEO companies If you’re like many company presidents in the Oklahoma City area you are tired of SEO people!

They usually put you a lot of hype, very light in the details, and they tell you everything that is wrong with your website and how they will fix it. The problem is they won’t go into more information until you become a customer. 

An SEO pitch usually looks something like this…

  • You will have to sign a contract for a year
  • They will never guarantee results, but you still must pay.
  • Most of what they’ll do is not noticeable, but they will be working!

Usually, when they get you to sign up, they upsell you.

  • Your website needs work (not covered)
  • You need a deluxe package (not covered)

For many business owners thinking about SEO can make you feel stuck, you can’t ignore your SEO needs because your business will suffer, but you don’t want to be stuck dealing with some SEO company that doesn’t make you their top priority.

Good news is your problem is easy to solve!

It is time for you to take control of your SEO

Right now you might be thinking there are so many reasons you can’t handle your SEO on your own. While some of these reasons may seem valid on their surface when you take a look at the benefits you will receive from this training you’ll see that is still worth the effort to learn SEO. 

Here are some of the most common issues people have with learning a Seo.

  1. I never studied SEO
  2.  I’m too busy! To learn about SEO
  3. I like the SEO team I have

None of these excuses should stop you from learning SEO let’s take a look at them.

 I never studied SEO

That’s okay neither did I when I first got started! In fact, every expert in SEO at one point or another didn’t know anything about it. SEO is a skill, just like any skill he can be taught and learned.

We will teach you all the skills you need to take control of your SEO once and for all. We know we can because we’ve trained over 3000 students just like you.

A lot of our students didn’t know anything about SEO when they started, by the time they were finished they understood SEO and were getting their own websites ranked.

I don’t have time to learn about SEO

We hear this one a lot, and it is understandable, you’re an Oklahoma City business owner, that was not a part-time job!

Your business is a full time and then some responsibility! And you often feel like you don’t have time for anything else, not even your family.

 Just think of everything you’ll be gaining but taking Control of your SEO right now.

  1. You won’t have to worry that SEO companies won’t deliver on their “big promise.”
  2. You’ll never have to worry, wondering why your website isn’t ranking, and you will always be able to fix it.
  3. You will be worried about your phone not ringing and feeling powerless to change that.

With your new SEO skills, you will have the ability to scale your business like never before!

Here is something SEO companies don’t want you to know.

SEO does take some time and work this is true…In the beginning! After you get a site ranked it will take very little work for it to stay ranked. Most SEO companies are charging business owners like you every month for work they did when they first signed the client.

This is a good deal for them, but I think you will agree; it’s not a very good deal for the business owners. Don’t let this happen to you!

I like the SEO team I have.

If they’re delivering on the promise, they made you that’s great! You’re better off than 90% of the other business owners we know. But that doesn’t mean this training can’t provide value.

With this SEO training, you will learn.

  1. How you and your SEO company can now understand each other and how important that is.
  2. How to “spot check” your SEO’s companies work, this isn’t to say they’re not doing their job, but it’s always best to verify.
  3. How to make the process go much faster now. If you and your SEO company are working on your website, as a team, you can get it out the rankings that much quicker!

Click here to discover more

There’re two benefits that this training will provide the no SEO company could ever do for you.

You can drastically grow any business using “digital billboard sites.”

One thing that Google, Bing, and other search engines are really good at is showing us exactly what they’re looking for. If a Google user is looking for a business that is local, that is the Google show them.

So how does this affect you? If you’re like business owners around the county even if you are an Oklahoma City-based business you have an area you serve that goes into other cities and towns in the area.

With our training, we will show you how to build what we call digital billboard websites and each one of these smaller cities and towns they can all be driving traffic and customers to your business. Now you could ask some SEO company to do this, but it would be incredibly expensive.

You will no longer be limited to your business!

This program isn’t just a way to get your business ranked in search engines; you could also use it to build yourself a nice passive income. How is this possible?

That is what this program was developed for! The concepts and techniques in this training was designed to help our students build a passive income through ranking websites and then renting those sites out to existing businesses.

Let’s look at this example.


This is the first website I made when I first took this training myself. It’s a limousine site,  but it could just as easily be a towing site or a roof repair site, the niche doesn’t matter.

So I built the site for my local area. Once I got the site ranked people started calling looking to rent a Limo. Now obviously I don’t own a Limo but I found a local company in the Limo business, and I started sending him the leads. The owner loved the new business! Remember this is business he would never have gotten if I didn’t give it to him! 

We worked out a deal where I would send him all the leads that come in from the site, and he would pay me for them monthly.

We agreed on 750 dollars a month, and he has been paying me that “rent” every month for the last four years! The best part? I haven’t touched that site in almost four years! Once I got the site ranked it is monthly income I get for work I did years ago!

Ask yourself this question, what could you do if you had even two or three of these sites that you rent out to local business owners! Think about what you could do with passive income like that.

How would that affect your life for the better?

This training is more than just an SEO course; this is an opportunity to change your entire situation.

  • You will know how to get any website ranked,
  • you will know how to build passive income
  • , and you will never have to worry about SEO fees.

If you are ready to take the next step click here to learn more.

Darren Hardy, Insane Productivity Course Review

I’m a lot like many people. Before I built financial freedom for myself, success always seemed like it was unattainable.

Whenever I came across someone that had a really nice car or a luxurious house, I would question if they had some kind of secret that I didn’t know about.

The Insane Productivity course from Darren Hardy helped me change that. I very quickly noticed my sales going up. It got to the point that they doubled in a pretty short amount of time.

So Who Is Darren Hardy?

He’s been in the spotlight of the Success field for more than 20 years now.

One of his most well known successes is being an editor for the popular Success magazine.

And the experience he obtained in doing so definitely shows.

You may have first come across Darren in hearing about his very popular book, “The Compound Effect.” He’s written numerous New York Times best sellers over the years.

The Compound Effect was written over 8 years ago and people still talk about it to this day.

But let’s not act like his success is bounded by the print industry.


He’s worked for two big-time tv networks as a higher up.

He owes his obsession for personal development in large part to his father, who spent a lot of time opening Darren’s eyes to the importance of it.

That’s without a doubt had a huge impact on the success that Darren’s seen in his life.

Jim Rohn also took him under his wing and he’s connected to almost every other major player in the success field.

He’s accumulated so much knowledge from working in the success industry as well as working alongside some of the most successful modern entrepreneurs.

If you’d like to read up on more personal information regarding Darren then head over to his website.

Insane Productivity Course Summary

Taking the Insane Productivity course completely revolutionized my view on how I spend my time doing tasks.

It opened my eyes to how wrong I was in the way I was spending my time which was absolutely holding me back from reaching higher goals.

He also changed the way I look at people in my life and managing those relationships that I consider obstacles.

I have and will continue to recommend Darren’s program to ANYBODY. I’ve seen so much personal growth since I originally went through this course.

The course layout itself contains 12 modules and 6 different videos showing you how Darren has built so much success.

I learned how to reevaluate who was holding me back in my relationships and how to move past it.

I always knew I had more potential than the results I was getting and after I went through the course I felt like it was all unleashed.

The workflow absolutely changed my results.

Many people that I recommend the course to won’t invest in it because they can’t spot a great investment when it smacks them in the face.

It’s not like investing money in the stock market. When you invest in improving yourself, you’ll get the return on your investment.

No question.

This course is one of those that should smack you in the face.

Buying this course is straight up robbery when you think about my returns being 3 times the investment in short order.

I’ll never forget the day that my boss asked me to come to the office and questioned how I doubled my sales output out of the blue.

My answer?

You guessed it.

Insane Productivity. Darren Hardy.

How Can You Earn $50k+ In 2019?

The top thing I took away from the course was how to maximize efficiency.

But I absolutely knew in order for me to cash in on it as much as possible I had to have a business to maximize earnings.

Online business is the most effective way to make a lot of money in our world. Bottom line.

What’s gotten me to earning multiple six figures is local lead generation. Basically I utilize free traffic, collect leads and send them to small business owners for compensation.

Below is a pool site I built that’s been making me $650/mo on auto-pilot since I left my 9 to 5 a couple years ago.

Keep in mind that this is only one site.

I have many of them.

If you want to combine your personal development with extremely valuable skills then check out this coaching program.

It’s the same one that I went through when I began this business. You’ll learn all the tools you need to be successful online including utilizing free traffic.

What’s The Best Tai Lopez Program/Course? Social Media Marketing & Others

Many of you may have heard of Tai Lopez already.

You can find him building his personal brand and selling his programs in almost every corner of the internet at this point.

That’s exactly what he’s selling when you see his advertisements on FB or YouTube.

This is a list of the products that this guru offers:

  • Credit Mentor
  • Social Media Marketing
  • How to Invest Money
  • How to Make Money Online
  • Bitcoin Crypto Academy
  • Millionaire Mentor Program

A little back back I wrote about the Bitcoin Crypto Academy, 67 Steps of Successful Habits and the Make Money Online courses, so we won’t be covering those again.

But we’ll dive into the rest of the courses and see what they’re all about.

As well as the positives I see what Tai’s courses and the few areas where I think they fall short.

There’s been a lot of noise recently about the power of Social Media Marketing but is it the best skill you can have to market for small businesses right now?

Is it better being able to rank a site on Google?

I’m a guy that has done a ton of ranking in the search engines as well as having run a successful social media marketing agency so we’ll go over which one’s best.

If you want to check out the online business that I recommend, click here.

Social Media Marketing Course Review

The SMM course is one of the first that Tai ever launched.

Within you’ll learn how to build your own marketing agency by primarily offering social media marketing to a business.

I think there’s some good information in here but IMO it feels like it’s a bit all over the place. I didn’t get a sense of direction.

He has other experts involved in the course but many of them talk about the same concepts and others were pretty useless to me in the sense that they discuss common sense stuff.

He displays the success he’s seen from using social media and it’s understandable but you have to take into account the huge amounts of money he’s spent on paid ad campaigns.

If you spend enough on FB and YouTube you’ll undoubtedly see traffic to your business and brand.

The question for someone without the capital that Tai has is how much money are you receiving in return for all that you spend on the ads?

In his opinion, social media is the absolute best way to grow a business these days because it’s everywhere.

Having done it myself, I think there are some difficulties and challenges with the theory:

  • how many people do you know go to social media to buy something vs. how many of them are there to hang out and see what others are up to? In SMM you have to interrupt their lives which makes a harder sell. Attraction marketing is a more effective tactic
  • it can be hard to get people to do SMM because many older business owners didn’t grow up with it and don’t value what it can do. This makes it difficult to prospect for it like Tai teaches

At the end of the day, almost any business owner will pay if you can represent to them how your service can positively impact their bottom line.

It’s more difficult to show these results in advance with social media than other models.

Posting regularly about your business on social media platforms isn’t going to do a whole lot for you. Not until you have a nice size following that will listen to what you say.

Even YouTube content won’t be built overnight. It takes time to build audiences on these platforms.

I think you’d see the quickest success on Instagram. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t quicker ways for growth.

I’d list understanding how to rank a site on page 1 of a search engine as an example.

That’s exactly what I do for businesses in my local lead gen biz that’s now generating over $50k/mo for me.

Way more business owners are depending on Google search results than they are social media. It’s just a fact.

If you’re in the business of establishing a brand, then yes, social media audiences are very important to your mission.

An overwhelming majority of business owners out there don’t care about their personal brands though. At the end of the day they’re worried about how many new customers and clients they’re getting.

How do most customers search for businesses to complete a service these days?

They’re probably heading over to Google and typing in something like “plumber near me.” Business owners want to be the first one that customer sees in the search results.

How do we make that happen?

Mastering your skills in search engine optimization.

I’ve run an agency that did social media marketing for companies, but that’s not the reason I’m where I’m at today. My income is because of my skills to rank websites which is extremely valuable in today’s world.

Click here to learn more about that.

Credit Mentor Course Review

This course isn’t long at all. Stephen Liao shows students how to research and get the max benefit out of travel credit cards as well as several bonuses you can earn like free trips.

He simply shows you how to do the research on different cards. There’s no showing you exactly which cards to apply for.

You need to prepare yourself in advance for a bunch of cards though. Stephen himself has over 600.

Personally I place all my business expenses on travel rewards cards so I earn multiple free trips every single year. I don’t do it at the same rate as Stephen does and quite honestly I don’t really have the time to be getting all of those cards.

That said, this course is very valuable and I do think it has good information.

How To Invest Your Money Review

This is where you get to see Tai break down investments and finances.

This one’s loaded with advice on those subjects and it comes with quite a few bonuses.

I really like what I’ve learned from one of my mentors, Dan Lok, and his wealth triangle.

The wealth triangle is designed to explain the who, where and what of money.

Essentially, how to get rich and then remain rich.

The first part of the process is mastering a high-income skill.

A high-income skill is defined as a single skill that can generate at least $10k/mo in income for you.

After that you have to know how to scale a business.

You should only start investing once you’ve scaled that business to the point that you don’t know what to do with the money you’re making.

This is the part that way too many people get wrong. The first investments you should ever make are in skills that can create a high level of income.

Investing any amount of money is very risky because in most cases you have no control over what happens to it.

When you’ve got next to nothing, the most important investment you could make is improving yourself and your skills.

Once you’ve got that skill that brings high value to the market, you’re able to count on your knowledge to make money whenever you want to.

If you’re stuck in a 9 to 5 at this point and not even cracking six figures, you shouldn’t be dabbling in money investments at all.

Instead you need to turn your attention to investing in high-income skills that will change your life.

You should only ever invest your money when you’re in a position to lose it and be okay.

The majority of people aren’t at that level.

Millionaire Mentor Program Review

The one where Tai and his wealthy friends present steps you can take to achieve financial success.

What’s included?

Tai does an excellent job of bringing in experts of other online business models to assist him in those that he doesn’t have much expertise in himself.

Models like being an Amazon seller or the drop shipping/eCommerce world.

According to Lopez, he has partnered in more than one eCommerce businesses. One of them is a store that sells glasses but it’s unclear how involved Tai is within the business.

I mean if I was in a position to give Tai a little slice of the pie in my company if it meant me having access to his incredible audience then yeah of course it would be a smart move.

I actually love these partnerships, it’s a really smart move IMO.

One of my friends in online business actually joined in on Tai’s exclusive mastermind group. It meant a meet up once every month at Tai’s place.

You wanna talk about expensive?

But according to my buddy he said it was more than worth it and honestly it’s not hard for me to believe it.

Just the fact that you get to be around people that are playing the entrepreneurial game at a much higher level than you are.

There was so much knowledge in that room and being able to consume all of it and apply it to whatever business model you believe in is invaluable.

There’s an old saying out there…

“If you associate with 5 millionaires, you’ll figure out a way to become the 6th.”

There’s a lot of truth to that saying and I’ve learned over the years that when you’re around people who have what you want, you get a burning desire inside you that you don’t get otherwise.

Or maybe it’s just me.

In Conclusion

I can say with confidence that having my mentors has meant so much to me changing my life.

I really like the way that Tai presents all of the online business opportunities by bringing in other experts in the respective models.

In some cases he has a few different people explain the business.

There are pros and cons to this though.

It’s nice hearing it in the words of several different people, but it also makes the course feel unorganized.

And when you do this, it’s hard to get a feel for a direction and streamlined process.

Especially when there are several experts explaining the same concepts in a single business model.

It can also make you question if Lopez actually has experience in all of these business models.

Has he tested them? Does he even know if he likes the business?

If not, is he only pushing the models to be able to make money off selling the course?

I think you need to look at the training’s as very broad content. You will be introduced to many different models but none of them go in-depth.

At least not deep enough IMO.

It almost reminds me of an introduction to online business. He’s going through and showing you all these different options in online business and it’s your job to pick one and then do even more homework to become an expert.

If there’s only one thing I learned from my early days in online business, it’s that you can’t get “shiny object syndrome.”

Meaning you can’t bounce from one model to another. You’ll never make any progress. You need to master the skill set of one of them.

IMO the best course that he offers is the Social Media Marketing course. It’s the most detailed.

Still ask yourself if Tai ever operated a successful marketing agency. Or has he just done it for his own personal brand?

Small business owners out there just want new business coming in the door, they don’t give two flips about fame.

So then what would actually be my recommendation for online business?

Well, I do run an internet marketing agency and blogging is a side hustle for me.

After a few years of doing this, it’s very apparent that ranking a site in search engines is far more effective and useful to more business owners than doing a little social media marketing for them.

I can send way more new business to an owner using website rankings than if I ran some social media advertisements for them.

Who do you know that goes to IG or FB to search for a roof repair?


They head over to Google and maybe they type in “roofing contractor near me.”

The skills I have in local lead generation and SEO enable me to capture that customer and send it to a local business owner for compensation.

I’ve done local lead gen and social media marketing and I’ll take local lead gen every single time.

I’ve been running my business for a few years now and there’s just so much opportunity out there.

We love showing people how to change their lives, just like it’s changed mine.

Click here to check out the same coaching program that I went through. I was able to claim my freedom and now I’m up to a multiple six figure income!

See you there.

Jesse Elder – 360 Mentor Academy, Wealth Frequency, Product Review

Jesse Elder has a huge following of people that are really into personal development along with spirituality and mindset.

Essentially it’s the idea that most people aren’t in a mental position to attract wealth so they continue to struggle with their finances.

Maybe you’ve heard about the law of attraction.

IMO there’s absolutely an element of truth that our mindset can in fact keep us from hitting our potential. You may see it happen with self-sabotaging or self-limiting beliefs.

It happens often with students that are new to our local lead gen program. Some come in and hit the ground running while others have to retool their minds.

However, there is another element in play other than simply having the right mindset.

You won’t fall into riches immediately after you acquire the necessary mindset.

You have to combine that mindset with the necessary skills to become rich and acquire wealth.

Jesse nails it with his mindset teachings and products IMO.

For me it wasn’t the mindset that changed my life at an early age. In my case is was due to desperation.

I left college because I knew it wasn’t for me. I was working a job for almost 4 years struggling to make $30k/year.

Anyone who does it understands the struggle of living your best life with that kind of income.

Fast forward to today and I’m doing over $50k/mo with my local lead gen biz.

The goal of this post will be sharing my own path to creating financial freedom and accomplishing things I didn’t know were possible.

Exactly how mindset played into my accomplishments so far.

We’ll also look into Jesse’s products and how you can utilize them to make a difference in online business and live your best life.

Jesse Elder’s Products

Prime Light Meditation ($697) – Mindset

The Upgraded Life 4.0 ($397) – Mindset

The 12 Rituals ($1,197) – Mindset

Journaling Secrets ($697) – Mindset

Wealth Frequency Upgrade ($997) – Mindset

Pocket Video Mastery ($197) – Skill

The Upgraded Entrepreneur ($1,997) – Strategy & Skills

360 Mentor Academy ($2,497) – Creating a $30k/mo coaching program

Ethical Cult Building ($2,497) – Course to help online coaching biz

Total Cost of Products ($8,676)

Majority of these products are geared to change the mindset so the emphasis on the mind is very obvious.

There are just a few courses that offer you real skills to use: Ethical Cult Building, The Upgraded Entrepreneur and the 360 Mentor Academy.

Like I said before, mindset is very important but it’s only half the battle. At some point you need to have high-income skills to bring value to the marketplace.

Only then will you get paid.

My Personal Experience Using Mindset Products

I’m not a believer that you simply change your mindset and begin attracting riches and wealth into your life.

Keep in mind that my opinions are based on my personal experiences.

Back in late 2012 I first began my adventure with personal development and mindset principles. I was completely crazy about it and I was consuming as much material as I possibly could.

I was obsessed. I thought I found the secret that my parents and family never discovered.

I was pretending like I had what I wanted when my bank account stayed the same as it always was. I was absolutely talking the talk and never quite walked the walk.

My confidence in the matter slowly started to decline when I realized that my constant practice of it wasn’t resulting in a different life.

Years later I realized that I spent way too much time on my mindset and not enough time on developing the skills necessary to produce the income that I desired.

I Needed The Skills To See The Results

Once I realized I’d been failing to see any real results using frequency and mind over matter teachings, I left college in 2014 and got a full-time 9 to 5.

I worked the same job for almost 4 years and I realized that I was never going to live the life I wanted to live. I wanted financial freedom.

I always wanted to own my own business and be free so I started doing a ton of research online about internet based business models.

Eventually I came across a local lead gen coaching program and it made too much sense to me.

So I hopped in.

It did take some faith for me to make the investment in the program but for the first time I was learning a valuable skill.

I learned how to do lead generation for small businesses on the local level. I was fueling the life blood of any business.

New customers and clients.

It took me a little time to realize that the skill is what I was missing all along. I developed a mindset years prior so when I jumped into the program full force it didn’t take me too long to see results.

I found a great mentor that showed me how to be successful in the business, scale the business and ultimately a very powerful skill.

After only a few months I had a monthly income greater than my 9 to 5 and I quit and pursued the business full-time.

There was a situation at work that I wasn’t too happy about and for the first time I had the ability to walk into my boss’ office and say enough is enough.

I put in my 2 week notice and I’ll never forget the weight that was lifted off my shoulders that day.

That day has changed my life forever.

Fast forward to today, I have a multiple six figure income and I’m an online entrepreneur.

The vacations I take are incredible and I can do it whenever I want.

My mind is on a completely different level now. And I’m not talking about mindset work.

There’s a mental change you have when you realize that you possess powerful skills and you can bring serious value to the world.

It has to do with something called financial confidence.

I know I have the skills and ability to go out and change my income tomorrow.

Entrepreneurship is very similar to that top-level athlete that has skills that very few have, it then carries over into other areas of their life.

Always remember that your level of income is in direct correlation with the value that you present to the market.

That value is absolutely determined by the skills you possess.

Why High-Income Skills Are So Important If You Want To Be Rich

Way too many people worry more about themselves than anything else.

“This business sounds good but I don’t have the passion for it.”

“I need to find what I love in life before I can start a business.”

Yeah I get it because in the past I thought the exact same way.

Then my mentor came along and broke that thought process. It holds so many people back from reaching their full potential.

Once you start focusing on things that you can to do help others it will change that very quickly.

Figure out which skills you can acquire to bring value to others.

Model after success, follow it and duplicate it.

If your main goal is financial success then you need to model what you do after people who have achieved it already.

You can just take Jesse as an example. He’s not hanging out and meditating all day, he’s using his skills to teach people about various mindset principles.

Think about all of the skills he possesses:

  • Facebook ads
  • Copy writing
  • Public speaking
  • Influencing people with a video to get them to buy his products
  • Designing courses based off his previous experience
  • Website builds
  • Branding
  • Digital marketing – webinars, funnels and email marketing

Marketing is the most important skill that any digital entrepreneur can possess and if you look at successful people in the industry, they all have top notch skills in that area.

In Conclusion

The Mentor Academy will provide you with the necessary skills and blueprint of how Jesse was able to establish his $30,000/mo coaching program.

However, not every person out there is capable of becoming a coach.

Mindset principles are definitely important and Jesse’s programs will absolutely help you if you view money in a negative light.

Everyone has money issues to some degree. No matter where you’re at financially. Everyone has barriers to knock down.

But by now you should know my feelings on mindset as the lone necessity to reach your full potential. It’s foolish to think that changing your mindset will lead to financial success without the necessary skills required.

I was in that same place until I began pursuing the skill sets that could lead to the money I desired. I had to obtain the high-income skills, I cannot stress the importance enough.

If I had the ability to rewind to late 2012, I would’ve spent much more time on finding a mentor that could teach me the skills I needed. I know that if I had I’d be even further ahead than where I’m at today.

Jesse’s course on building a coaching program is very valuable but not everybody has skills that are valuable enough to sell.

IMO you have to be someone that has multiple years of experience mastering the field you’re in before you can coach other people to do the same thing.

People shouldn’t be trying to coach others if they themselves are struggling to make money online.

That’s the same reason that I always recommend jump into the local lead gen program so they can acquire one of those high-income skill sets.

Just like me, you can use the skills to build a multiple six figure income and create financial freedom.

Yup, you can definitely quit that J.O.B.

I’ve chosen to use the extra time to scale my business even further but you could do whatever you want with the extra time.

Travel if that’s something you’ve always dreamed of.

Don’t focus your energy on finding a passion that can make money for you, reverse engineer that thought.

Learn that skill, build that income stream and use your money to further pursue your passion.

That’s what I do and it’s opened the door on so many experiences.

This lead gen coaching program completely changed my life. I’ve learned skills that have given me complete financial confidence and the ability to scale a real business.

Valentus Review, Legit Business or Pyramid Scheme?

In this post we will cover a ton of facts revolving around Valentus. The goal is to answer the key question.

Is Valentus a pyramid scam or is it actually a legit network marketing business that you can run from home?

Background of the Company

Valentus is another network marketing company that’s been built around the health and wellness industry which is very common if you aren’t familiar with the MLM world.

It was launched by Dave Jordan in 2014. He’s got a ton of experience in the space and has spearheaded the huge growth of the company while “debt free.”

Many will ask why the company’s named Valentus. Well, in Latin it means “prevail.”

It’s easy to presume that this is meant for product consumers to “prevail” from challenges they see and eventually achieve all of their health and diet goals.

Products From Valentus

SlimROAST – these are Italian, Brazilian, Cocoa and Optimum. The flagship products of Valentus are caffeine based and designed to reduce cravings, increase energy and better mood and focus level

Prevail ENERGY – gives the consumer an energy spike to get through slumps in the early PM. All natural ingredients like Maca Root powder, Gotu Kola powder among others

Immune BOOST – you guessed it, this one improves your immune system using a combo of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants including Aloe Vera and grape skin extra

Prevail TRIM – designed to naturally increase the metabolism and detoxify the body. Ingredients included are pineapple powder, orange powder and rice bran powder among others

SlimROAST Cocoa – this one’s for people who don’t like coffee. It’s designed to increase the metabolism and help weight management with less than 10mg of caffeine as well as lactose and gluten-free

Breakthrough AM/PM – probiotic filled drink designed to reduce lactose intolerance, stimulate gut flora and treat digestive issues

Prevail SlimROAST – appetite suppressant, uses multiple detoxing ingredients to help consumer shed weight

Prevail MAX – increases focus and energy levels; natural combo of electrolytes and oxygen that “recharges your cells, re-inflates them, and spaces them apart evenly so they freely roam throughout the body”

Prevail K9 – this one is very interesting, it’s the same as Prevail MAX but it was designed for dogs

Becoming a Distributor, Consultant & Associate for Valentus

In order to join the business model as a distributor, you have to buy one of the five product packages available. Any product package in addition to a $20 distributor fee are:

Basic Pack ($59.95)

Starter Pack ($129.95)

Advanced Pack ($199.95)

Lifestyle Pack ($499.95)

Business Builder Pack ($499.95)

Compensation Plan – Valentus

Valentus says they have one of the best payout systems among all network marketing companies. They pay out 25% of the company’s profits on a weekly basis to the distributors.

A start up bonus can end up being as high as $100 as well as their legacy bonuses maxing out at $100 in the higher rankings.

Their team commission may end up as high as $100k weekly and matching bonuses of 20% beginning at rank 7.

The company offers vehicles payment bonuses between $400-$3000/mo and it’s based on your performance as a distributor.

One percent of Valentus’ global volume is split throughout the enrollment pool.

There are a total of 7 rankings of commission:

Silver. Gold. Platinum. Ruby. Emerald. Diamond. Double Diamond. Triple Diamond. Blue Diamond. Royal Diamond. Black Diamond. Crown Diamond. Crown Ambassador.

Your income will naturally increase as your ranking increases.

Is Valentus A Pyramid Scheme?

The common issue with network marketing companies that promote health and wellness products is their inability to live up to their over exaggerated claims of their products and not the quality of the products themselves.

If you see Valentus product results/claims out there you may see something like this, “our ‘x’ product is the sole reason why ‘x person’ has lost ‘x pounds.”

There isn’t a coffee in the world that will by itself cause someone to lose weight. That’s a scientific fact.

Almost any nutrition or fitness professional out there will tell you that it takes a combination of a good diet or nutrition plan, coupled with a workout plan.

Everyone out there is always looking for the next best shortcut and they don’t want to hear the level of work that it actually takes to see weight loss results that they desire.

Everything you put in your body comes with a consequence. Whether that’s good or bad.

If you want to eat brownies, that’s okay, but you’re eating that understanding how it will affect your body.

Understand that there’s much more to weight loss than simply consuming a few high-end caffeinated products.

If you use Valentus products in addition to a healthy diet and consistent fitness routine then there’s no doubt in my mind that you would see results.

You need to be realistic about the results you’ll see and take into consideration your commitment level.

Valentus doesn’t do a good job of pushing the reality, instead they push the fantasy side. It doesn’t do anything to help support product claims.

But none of this makes them a scam. It’s just a hit on their marketing plan IMO. And it’s very careless. I don’t like the idea of over exaggerating product results to draw more people into the business.

Especially because I think it’s a solid business opportunity and very good products otherwise.

Lawsuits With Valentus

There was one lawsuit back in 2016 involving Valentus and a company called Advanced Laboratories International LLC. They filed a lawsuit against Valentus for $3.18 million for an issue with a coffee shipment.

Upon doing extended research, it wasn’t involving the FDA or product safety laws. Simply an issue with a supplier contract.

However, we did discover something rather interesting. Valentus’ wholesale cost for a box of SlimROAST coffee is about $6/box.

They retail to distributors and consumers for about $60/box. You and your distributors/customers are paying ten times what Valentus is paying.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to wave the red flag. Consider that the iPhone has a major mark up as well.

It takes Apple close to $50 per unit and they sell it to the consumer for roughly $1000.

Every business out there marks up their products because without doing so they wouldn’t be in business.

They take into consideration things like salaries, profit margins, marketing cost, overhead and distribution costs.

I think it’s an interesting piece of information though and I thought I’d share it. It was actually included with the lawsuit statement.

Another important thing to note is the company’s “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau. While the BBB doesn’t always have the ability to display a company’s true integrity, this fact may raise some questions for people.

Another odd thing is the various addresses that the company has listed for it’s headquarters. There are separate addresses listed on their website, return address as well as on the BBB site.

Valentus, Legit Network Marketing Opportunity?

I’ve been a part of network marketing companies and I know what people think when they get involved in this business.

They automatically think they have to get salesy with their closest friends and family. That doesn’t have to be the case though and IMO you should avoid it.

Having been through it, I know there are much more effective avenues to bringing people onto your team as a distributor.

Think about things like home events, passing out business cards, flyers and maybe the most effective in this situation would be attending coffee shops where people are already interested in coffee.

The legitimacy of this company shouldn’t be in question. It’s legit.

Yes it is a company that’s on the newer side but if you’re an avid coffee drinker then you could easily use this opportunity to fund your love for coffee.

What Made Me Leave Network Marketing for the Local Lead Generation Business, The Best Business Model in 2019

The thing about network marketing is the constant need to hit the next level to increase your income.

But it’s never easy to predict when you’ll rise to that next rank. It could be 6 months or it could be 5 years.

Nowadays I would never put in all of that effort and work just to maintain my current financial earnings.

Almost every day is a struggle to find new people to bring onto your team or new customers to sell the product too. It’s a daily battle.

There came a point when I was just tired of it honestly. I knew there had to be a way for me to make money that was better suited for the life I wanted.

About that same time I came across my mentor, Dan, and I knew that those thoughts were correct.

He walked me through another online business model and I could see the rewards of it very early on.

I got into the program and soaked up as much of his knowledge as I could on the local lead generation business. The competition is so low because there are so many small businesses around the world and so many industries to get into.

The best part is that I build assets and people come to me instead of me trying to recruit for my team when I was in network marketing.

I don’t have to pay for advertisements, that’s the beauty of this business. I do it all with free traffic.

Take a look at this pool site below. I built it back around the time I left my 9 to 5 and it’s been making me $650/mo for over two years now on auto-pilot.

Passive income for more than two years now. I call it virtual real estate.

The best part is that you can learn how to do this exact same thing. I’ve been involved with many online business models but this one is my bread and butter.

I’m just an average guy. I had a 9 to 5. I tried the network marketing thing. But this thing has changed my life and it can change yours too.

Click here if you’d like to learn even more about the local lead gen biz.