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So you own a business in the Fresno area, and you want SEO for your website? In this article, I will make the case why you should take control of your business future and learn SEO and lead generation on your own using this program. 


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As a business owner in Fresno, you are most likely looking for a solution to your SEO problem. If you are like most business owners in the Fresno area, you know you need SEO, but the SEO companies you have considered in the past don’t seem like the answer either.

Why is SEO so important for your business?

Over the years Google also Bing have changed a lot, but two things are always going to be true.

  1. Being on the first page of Google it’s the most important page to be on.
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is still how you get your digital site ranked on the first page.

For growing your business SEO is the best and most stable way to generate traffic and grow your business.

Paid traffic techniques like Ad words and Facebook ads can work short term, but the minute you stop spending money your phone will stop ringing.

As a Fresno business owner, you might feel like you are stuck.

  1. You can’t ignore your SEO needs. Your business would suffer.
  2. Hiring an SEO company doesn’t feel right either.

If you don’t like the idea of hiring an SEO company don’t worry you are not alone. business owners just like you don’t like the idea of hiring an SEO company. That has a lot to do with the way they work.

An SEO companies business method can be broke down into two steps.

  1. The SEO company gives you the “hard sell” to get your business.
  2. Once they sign you up you are just another account to them.

The SEO company hard sell

Before the SEO company has gotten you signed up they will make all kinds of promises, they will also throw technical jargon at you. 

They usually tell you everything that is wrong with your site they tell you that you need them to fix it. Usually, you will notice their pitch is light on details.

It’s a ton of pressure and hype but not detailed planning.

When you look at an SEO companies pitch, it is what it looks like

  • Required a 12-month locked in contract
  • They can’t guarantee results
  • You still have to pay every month

Now if this is not the pitch you are used to hearing this is what it really is when you get rid of all the smooth sales talk. It breaks down to something similar to what you just read.

The main reason they want to sign you to a 12-month contract is simple. Once they get you signed up, they’ll use the same cookie cutter process they have always used. It’s too much work for them to make a personalized plan for each new business. 

Their SEO “process.”

they will tell you that they use a process. While this is true, it is also misleading. What will work to get one website ranked won’t always work for another website,

But breaking down the weaknesses and places of need in every single client’s website is time-consuming! 

It’s much easier to apply your “process” on every site. It usually works at least somewhat! 

The thing to remember is that SEO groups aren’t in SEO business. The truly successful SEO companies work mostly for new clients business. That’s where they focus most of their efforts.

Taking Control of your SEO

As you are reading this article, you are most likely coming to the same conclusion many people before you have come to.

You need control your businesses SEO.

There are several reasons why you think you can’t take over your SEO yourself. But believe me, no reasons like this should stop you from taking control of your business’s future.

Here are some of the excuses people have used when trying to justify not taking action.

  1. I don’t know about SEO
  2. I just don’t have time for studying up on SEO
  3. I am working with a SEO group

While all of these may seem like good reasons not to take our training, let us show you why you can still handle your SEO.

I don’t know about SEO

That’s ok, at some point in your life you didn’t know how to read or write either, but you are reading this article without any problem.

Why because someone taught you the skill set of reading, that’s all SEO is, it’s not magic, it’s just a skill set, and it can be taught.

when people say they don’t know SEO what they are really talking about is the fact that they don’t know about programming and code, and they are afraid to “break something.” Don’t worry you will never need to learn Programming and Coding the way we tech SEO.

I just don’t have the time to study up on SEO

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We hear that often and it is a logical response. As a business owner in the Fresno area, you work a full time plus job. Sixty, seventy even eighty hours a week are not uncommon.

You barely have time with your family never mind adding SEE to the mix.

But think about the freedoms this training will give you.

Freedom from

  • Being forced to pay an SEO company every month
  • Fear that your website might go down in ranking and not knowing how to fix it
  • Being limited to how fast you can grow your business.

lifelong freedom from these issues is worth a short-term time sacrifice to learn things the right way.

There is one other thing you should know.

What your SEO group isn’t telling you

One of the “secrets” of local SEO that companies don’t want their clients to find out is the fact that the process of applying SEO to your website to get it ranked is temporary. Once the set up is done, and the site has climbed up the rankings you don’t have much else to worry about. 

Once you get this website ranked on the first page of search engines you don’t have to do much else.

How do I know? Because I have done it! I have websites that I built years ago that I got ranked at the top of Google that I haven’t looked at in years! These sites are still generating leads every day.

I am Working with a SEO group.

If the SEO company you hire is doing their work right, that’s great. However, there are still big advantages for you to take this training and learn SEO for yourself.

  1. You can greatly increase the speed of a site getting ranked – If you and an SEO team and are working on the site at the same time
  2. You can track your SEO group. We aren’t saying that your SEO group isn’t doing their job the right way. But wouldn’t you feel more comfortable if you’re keeping an eye on things?
  3. Your SEO group and you can speak the same “language” now – when it comes to SEO companies and their clients, things go a lot smoother if the client knows about SEO.

When you look at the benefits you’ll get from learning SEO I think you will agree it’s worth all the effort.

Why stop and Fresno SEO?

Fresno has a population of over five hundred and twenty-five thousand people and is likely where most of your business comes from. 

But like many businesses owner we work with not all of your customers are located in the Fresno area. 

Your business more than likely serves many different communities around Fresno.

Google ranks websites where they are based out of, So having a business located in Fresno means they don’t want your site ranking outside of Fresno. 

That is many of your potential customers that you might have trouble reaching.

But don’t think of this as the problem think of it as an opportunity!

With all the skills, you’ll learn in this training you could go on to build and then rank sites in community you serve!

Think of them as many digital billboards. That means the more you put up, the quicker your company will grow.

Our one method alone you can scale your corporation like never before!

Can you promise me I’ll have success?

No, if anyone tells you that they can guarantee your success either

  1. They own Google
  2. They are fibbing to you!

reality the techniques & strategies we train people in you need for succeed. However you must do the work.

And if you are willing to put in work, you’ll get results


You can get your site ranked but you can blanket your service area with these “digital Billboards” and dominate your market!

Think about this, you have the talent to build as many digital billboards you can grow up a business!

You don’t need to limit your efforts to only a single business!

Why stop with your business? This program was built to show people to grow ongoing income using “rank and then rent”. What’s stopping you to do the same.

create lead generation properties in just about any industry and in just about any city in the United States I know because

I’ve done it!


This is a site I built in late 2014. Once it was ranked up I teamed up with a business to use this site. They started paying me for the site’s leads.

Imagine having a few of these digital properties earning you income!

Learning SEO is a valuable skill it’s the chance to

  • Grow your business to the max
  • Build passive income
  • Ending spending on SEO costs.

Get started today.

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Tucson SEO Expert Digital Marketing Coaching Learn to Rank

When you are growing your company in Tucson, you don’t have the easiest path! With over 535,000 people in Tucson, you are located in a competitive market.


Simply put any type of business you have you face several tough challenges.

  • You will need to deliver a great product to customer
  • You have to comply with all State local and the federal laws
  • You always need to defeat all competition to keep winning new customers

The positive news –it’s easy to get in front of the customers.

The negative news – it’s easy for competitors to get in front of the customers.

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It means in today’s world it’s no longer optional to have an good, functional website that’s the bare minimum you need especially in a city like Tucson.

However having a website is just half of all you’re going to need, if you want to build up your company. When customers are looking for your type of business, then you make sure they will come to your business first.

The key is getting ranked on the first page of the search engines… Bing or Google!

If you’re not in page 1 then your business will suffer.

Recent studies have shown how important it is being on the top of Google.

The most recent study showed that over 71% of people who use the Internet will start searching on websites like Google. That’s over 70 percent of customers!

The study also reveled that more than 50% of them never go past page 1. Because they usually find with your looking for on the first page.

This means if you really want to have the ability to grow your Tucson based business, you really need to be at the high point of local search engines.

The best method to do this is through search engine  official optimization.

If you’ve been doing business in Tucson for any amount of time you’ve most likely have had many different SEO teams try to pitch you on their services.

I’m sure the pitch went like this.

  • You sign the long term deal
  • They won’t make any promises of results, however they demand payments every month!
  • The contract just covers basics,

we’re not trying to sell to you on our service we’re trying to provide you the knowledge you need.

The reason most of the SEO companies try locking you into the long-term deal is two reasons.

  1. Their process – it’s the same for every client, and it takes some time to work
  2. SEO companies aren’t focused on SEO  – successful SEO groups are focused on getting clients that’s where they focus all their energy. If they have you in a long-term contract they don’t have to worry about you they can concentrate on getting new business. 

Feeling trapped

If you feel trapped we get it.

  • You can’t just ignore SEO
  • But you are starting to understand that using a SEO team isn’t the answer.

You want it done right, do it for yourself.

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You might be thinking, but they’re a billion reasons why that won’t work, why you can not take care of your SEO yourself.

many of the reasons you have makes sense to you, however, once you consider the benefits you’ll realize it is worth the effort.

Here are the more common objections.

  1. I’m not “tech-savvy.”
  2. I don’t really have any more time
  3. I hired a SEO service

I’m not tech savvy.

We know, it’s scary to have to learn something new If you can go online, you will be able to learn our SEO process.

How can we say that? Because we’ve trained over 3000 people like you, many of those were not very tech savvy at first either.

I don’t really have anymore time

This is a big one, and I know that can seem true to you especially considering how you own a business in the Tucson area.

  • It is 24 hours a day.
  • It can leave You drained and wiped out.
  • Most likely you already feel like have no time to do more.

But if you do this training think of the freedom.

  • Never again paying SEO fees
  • Never fearing if the website will be ranked
  • Never limited with growing your business

Aren’t all of these advantages are worth it?  

I just hired an SEO team.

If you were happy with your SEO service, you hired that’s great! Hopefully, they will deliver great results.

There’s still advantages to you learning SEO when it comes to working with an SEO team.

  1. You and the SEO company will understand each other  – Your SEO company now knows you know what they’re tell you about.
  2. You can keep watch  on the SEO people’s work – when the SEO team does work getting your site to rank you’ll have the ability to keep an eye on what they are doing
  3. You can greatly speed up your process getting your site to rank – the one better thing than having an on call SEO expert work on your site is having two SEO masters working on the site! Working together you can get your site ranked a lot faster.

Why stop at Tucson itself?

This is the area learning our SEO training will blow away hiring an SEO company.

Tucson has over 500,000 people living in it, and it is more than likely where most of the customers come from.

But that doesn’t mean that is the only area you provide services to. There are probably several cities in the surrounding area that you also provide services to as well.

However the search engines look at it different to them you’re a Tucson based business, they’ll not try to rank you in surrounding areas.

While most business owners would see this as an issue, our students understand it’s a huge opportunity!

Using these skills there’s nothing stopping you from ranking websites in every single city and town you provide services to.  

Just call them digital billboards! They are called that because The more of them you have, all the faster you can up your business level!

No more limiting yourself to one business!

But why stop with your business? After all this program is designed to show people to build passive income with “rank and rent” websites. You could do the exact same.

Build lead generation properties in just about any niche, then partner up with a company, and charge “rent” for years. How do I know?

I’ve used this method.


I built this limo site years ago, other than riding in limos I know nothing about them. But got the site ranked just the same. 

I rented the site to some local limo business. They have paid me 750 dollars every month since! That is four years income and counting!

Can you guarantee my success?

The fast answer is, no, if anyone sells you, they guarantee results getting your site ranked up on local search services either

  1. They are the owner of Google or Bing
  2. They’re lying to your face!

The simple truth is we will teach you all the techniques plus strategies you need to earn results.  Tools that have worked for over 3000 of our other students.

But you’ll need to do the hard work!

When you work it, you’ll be blown away by the results!


Think about it! You will have the skills to get any website ranked, and even more important you will have the ability to create all the lead generation projects you want!

How about dominating your entire service area?  

Think about what this means, you having the ability to build unlimited Digital Billboards you could scale your business

SEO is more than just a very valuable skill it’s the opportunity of a lifetime to

  • Scale your business up
  • Build passive income
  • Stop getting robbed of SEO costs.

take care of these issues and a lot more today.

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Milwaukee SEO Expert Digital Marketing Coaching Learn to Rank

A business located in the Milwaukee area is a potential huge Goldmine. The city of Milwaukee has over 590,000 people who call the city home. This is over 590,000 potential customers.


An Issue comes in from the fact that there’s also many potential business for other businesses!

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Being a Milwaukee based company owner isn’t a simple thing.

  • You always will be sure that your service is the highest quality.
  • You have to make absolute sure that your business complies with all State local and or course federal laws
  • The most important of all you’ll always are required to get new customers to grow your business.

There’s good news but there’s bad news too with getting customers.

good news – in a world of high speed Internet access, Home computers, smartphones it’s never been this easy for customers find you.

bad news – in a world of high speed Internet access, Home computers, smartphones it’s never been this easy for customers finding the competition!

Having a good website isn’t optional for businesses. In fact, it’s not even enough anymore. People considering hiring you demand you have the website.

That’s the bare minimum required be in business. But if you are wanting to grow a business. You not only need a website you must make sure, if people are searching for you, they find your business website first.

It’s critical to get to page 1 of the search engines Google or Bing for example.

How critical?

the most recent data says, 73% or more of your customers start their searches with search engines. That’s 73% of customers! More importantly more than 50% of searches never go further than page one.

If you’re not in page 1, your business will take a hit!

How do reach the top?

Simple. Even though search engines are always changing and advancing. SEO is still your best solution to rank.  

If you’re like many of the business owners we’ve talked to, you’re not thrilled with that answer. After all it’s likely when opening your business SEO teams have pitched you their services.

Maybe even you hired a SEO team before, or your working with one right now, they make big promises and fail to deliver.

Maybe you’re thrilled with the SEO corporation, but you hope to learn more about their process — you’re still looking for the final solution to your website ranking issue. You have to rank on the very top of search engines, and you have to get there now!

Working with a SEO group the largest factors is the way they pitch their services it’s called a

“hard sell.”

Most SEO teams that are working to “earn” your business use a process that breaks down to two sections

Part one is they will try sellingl your company on their SEO services. There make many different promises, they’ll tell you , you need their company and you will have many issues with your existing website.

Over the many years we’ve heard lots of these SEO hard sells. This is how it works.  

  • You sign their long term contract
  • You’ll pay the monthly fee.  
  • They won’t promise your website will rank but they’ll try their best.

If that’s not a pitch you heard in the past that simply because we removed all the sales from the sales process.

The reason they require a contract is because they understand that the process they will use, which is the same process they always use will take time to achieve results. And they don’t want to feel pushed to get fast results.

What you need to realize is

That truly powerful SEO companies work mostly at getting the new client, that’s their focus.

And for bigger SEO corporations you’re hardly an important client you’re simply client number 123!

Now you very likely feel like you’re in the ultimate no win situation.

  • ignoring your SEO will lead your business to suffer losses
  • However, you don’t want to be stuck with the large fees of SEO companies.

What’s the solution? It’s simple Click here to learn more

Take care of the SEO yourself!

 You do want your Milwaukee based business to increase it’s time for you to take over control of the SEO process.

As reading this page, you might likely be thinking about many of the reasons why this won’t work reasons like

  1. I never learned SEO
  2. I have no time
  3. I work with a talented SEO company

These can seem as valid reasons. However, once you see the advantages of learning SEO, you’ll understand it’s worth all the effort.

So let’s look at those excuses.

I never learned about SEO

It’s a reason we hear often, and we get that, SEO can seem scary at first, however just because you’re unsure about SEO now doesn’t mean you can’t learn. It’s a skill, and you will be able to learn it.

How are we so positive that SEO can be learned?

Because we’ve trained more than 3000 people, many who didn’t know about SEO at first either. since 2014 these 3000 people, many that didn’t know the basics of SEO have become very successful at SEO as well. If they learned a valuable skill like SEO you can too.

I have no time.

That’s understandable owning a company in Milwaukee isn’t a 40 hour job it’s 24 hours every single day process. You have 1 million things on your mind, and you just don’t have the time to add this to.

would you sacrifice time temporarily to get freedom?

The freedom from

  • Huge SEO fees
  • Asking why the website isn’t  able to rank
  • Missing the opportunities for growing your business

I work with a talented SEO Company

That’s great if your SEO team is getting results that don’t mean you couldn’t benefit still from our training. You could get benefits, for example.

  • You can drastically speed up the process – working together you and an SEO group can get your website ranked faster.
  • You and the SEO company will now understand each other- you will understand everything the SEO team is doing.
  • You’ll have the ability to keep a watch on the work – We aren’t saying they are slacking. We just know that it’s better to verify.

While each of these reasons make a lot of sense once you have taken a real look at each of the bonuses you would get you’ll see that SEO is it worth the investment

This is how our training is way better than any SEO team that you can hire.

Using our skills that we will teach you, will allow you to scale a business much faster than you ever thought possible.

Milwaukee,  while it’s the most populated city around it is more than likely not only one city in your radius of service.  

If you’re like many business owners we’ve helped work you’re not limited around Milwaukee you probably give services to many different areas as well.

This is a good business move. Problem is Google considers you a Milwaukee-based business. Meaning you’ll have a real hard time making your website rank for other cities in your area.

Most business owners would view this as a problem however our students view this as a tremendous opportunity!

With our skills, we’ll show you there’s not any reason you won’t have websites in every one of these Communities.

Just consider them like “Digital billboards” All the more you’ve have, all the more calls you’ll get!

Your no longer limited to only your business!

Our training program was built for people to build income using the “rank then rent” method. You can do it too.

You can build these digital properties in just about any niche then team up with a local partner. You can charge them a ongoing rental fee. How can I be sure?

I’ve done it before!


That’s a site for limo rental I built around 2014. I worked on it for a month. All Part-time work, once built then I ranked it. I rented out this site to this local Limo person.

They were super excited for new business. I was payed 700 plus dollars every month. I’ve not touched that site since.  I’m still getting paid for that site. That’s four years worth of payments!

Imagine a few sites making you income!

SEO is much more than just a skill it’s an opportunity to

  • Scale up a business
  • Have passive income
  • Prevent you from getting overcharged on SEO prices.

You can cover all these issues by just controlling your business SEO. start today.

Can you guarantee my success?

The fast answer is, no if anyone tries to say, they can promise they can get your site rank on Google or Bing one of two things about them is true.

  1. They are in the owner of either Google or Bing
  2. They’re lying about it!

The simple truth is we will teach you all the techniques and then strategies you need for success. techniques and strategies that have worked for over 3000 of our other students.

But you still have to produce the work!

If you put in the work, you will be amazed by the results!


You can dominate your area and build passive income.

Think about what this means, you having the ability to build unlimited Digital Billboards you could scale your business as fast and as big as you would like!

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Baltimore SEO Expert Digital Marketing Coaching Learn To Rank

As a company owner in Baltimore you know there is a great chance for you to capitalize on the potential to grow your business.

If you are able to reach the ideal potential customer, you could build a future then earn profits.


The problem isn’t only you having to be totally great at what you provide you will need your customers to hear from your company when they go searching for your particular service.

Baltimore has over 600,000 people living that is over 600,000 potential customers for your business. That’s not only potential profits that’s a potential Goldmine!

The problem is your competitors know this as well. They will do everything in their power to make your potential customers their own.

Who gets there first?

The good stuff – with the Internet, Smartphones and or course search engines it’s never been this easy for customers to get hold of your business.

The bad stuff – with the growth of Internet Smartphones and the search engines it’s never easier for your customers to find the competition!

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The reality is getting your searchers business is winner takes all. When they call your company first, they’ll very likely use your company, but if they were to call your competition first, they may never call you.

Ranking  with search engines is your key to the future!

When getting hold of your customers, it’s crucial to reach the very top of Google.

How critical is search engine traffic to a business?

According to a study over 72% of internet searches start on a search engines. Google’s study then noted that more than half of those searches don’t go beyond the first page!

This means if you aren’t on page one, you’re not on Google!

SEO is the golden ticket to ranking with search engines.

Right now if you’re similar to most business owners you most likely have a hate/ annoyed relationship with SEO, it’s a natural most likely from your first day you were in business you’ve been bothered by SEO companies, they hammer you with a two-step process.

  1. Step one the hard sell

SEO companies will try to sell you on their services by telling you everything that is wrong with your website and then telling you they will fix it.

Their sales process has a lot of hype to it but once you break it down it looks something like this.

  • They require you to sign a year contract.
  • They don’t actually promise results, (their not owners of Google) though they never promise results
  • They demand payment every month!

After you sign the contract they will try to upsell you, new websites, new state-of-the-art package in any of the other bells And whistles they can think of.

  • Step two is the cookie cutter process

One of the reasons SEO companies wants you locked into a 12-months contract is the fact that most SEO companies use the same technique on every single site, this techniques usually do work… eventually. That is what keeps them in business.

The important thing to remember is SEO companies are not in the getting websites ranked business they are in the getting new clients business.

That is why it’s too easy for business owners like you to think about SEO in one of two ways.

  1. It is a total rip off that you don’t understand
  2. It’s just the cost of business, we don’t want it, your still stuck having to pay each month.

Your view on SEO is going to change.

Being naturally wary about SEO is logical very often company owners like yourself feel like they’re stuck

Click here to learn more

choosing to ignore SEO the business will be hurt

But they don’t want to pay an SEO company every month.

After reading this post, you’ll think about SEO very differently. You’ll view it for what it really is.

  1. The way to crush the Baltimore Business market
  2. A way to get a major advantage over the competition

So what is this magic solution?

Do your SEO for yourself!

I am sure you could be thinking of clicking away from this website, believe us we understand there’re a lot of real reasons for why you do not think you can do your own SEO.

  1. Not knowing about SEO
  2. I don’t really have time
  3. I’ve already hired an SEO team that works for them

These are all natural responses, but they shouldn’t be deal breakers let us show you how each one of these should not stop you from handling your own SEO.

Not Knowing about SEO

You could learn! SEO isn’t a magic trick or some mystery, it’s simply a skill that just about anyone can develop.

You can pick up SEO even though you’re not very “technical” how can we make this promise? Ultimately because We’ve had over 3000 students take our SEO training and many didn’t know anything.

They’ve gone to grow SEO competent just like you will.

I don’t really have time

That’s understandable after all you’re the owner of a company in Baltimore that’s not just a nine to five job and I’m sure there’re many days when you just don’t feel like you can get everything done.

But take this moment to think what you’ll be gaining from learning a critical skill

You’ll gain freedom from

  • Worrying about your phone not ringing when your site isn’t on page 1 of Google even worse you don’t know how to fix it
  • Worrying about not knowing, will your website go down and rank
  • The high monthly SEO fees, that most SEO companies demand.

With SEO skills you’ll learn during this training you will never face these issues again. Isn’t it worth investing time to understand SEO?

I’ve already hired an SEO team that works for me.

That’s great! They’re producing the results that they promised it doesn’t mean that you have to fire the team there’re many advantages you can gain by learning SEO and working with your SEO company.

  • You could speed up the SEO the only situation better than one SEO person working on a site is having to SEO experts doing the work on your website! Together your SEO team and you can drive the website up the rankings faster.
  • And you can keep an eye on their SEO – We’re not saying that the SEO team isn’t doing their job however with the training, you can be confident that they will do the job right.
  • You now will be able to “speak SEO” – if you don’t know anything about a Seo the dialogue can be confusing, this course will train you I Understand what your SEO company is doing to your website.

You will no longer be limited to just one single service area!

This is a big benefit of taking our SEO course. Google is truly a powerful system when they review your website they say “okay this business is located in Baltimore, so that’s where he ranks.”

However if you I like most companies you provide services for areas outside Baltimore. Very often these smaller communities in the surrounding area will contribute a large percentage of your business.

However, Google doesn’t want you to rank for those areas because they view you as a Baltimore business.

With this training, you could easily build many Digital Billboard properties any surrounding communities that will drive leads to your business.

We call them Digital billboards after all the larger amount of these you have, then the more your company will grow!

The very best part? You will no longer be limited to just your business!

With our training program, you then can help many other businesses to get more leads and during the process you can earn a passive, monthly ongoing income.

Our program was meant for the people building “ranking to renting” websites in many different local niches or industries. Our students would build sites, and then get them ranked and find the local businesses to partner up with and rent them those leads.

Want proof?


This limo website (it’s the first website I ever made) I spent a month working part-time on it. I found this local limo business and sold them these calls for a monthly fee. How happy were they? They’ve been sending me $750 a month every single month for the last four years!

Imagine how you could enjoy having a few sites getting you this passive income!

Learning SEO is a very valuable talent it’s the opportunity for

  • Scale a business.
  • Build income
  • And avoid getting robbed for your SEO.

You can start today.

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Can you guarantee my results?

No, and if any training promises you that they promise to deliver results they are lying to you! The main factor that will affect if you succeed or not is the simple factor of whether or not you are willing to put in the work. But if you are willing to do the work you can expect results like this.

#1 Rankings like these…


Using the methods we will teach you, you will be able to dominate your market and scale your business to its max.  As well as earn a passive income.

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Louisville SEO Expert Digital Marketing Coaching Learn to Rank

If you’re a company owner in Louisville, you know being a company owner is 50% Golden opportunity plus 100% high stress!

If you reach the ideal potential customer and deliver a great service to them, you can not only build a business you can secure your future and make some huge profits.

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However in this modern-day era of Internet marketing, home computers, and smartphones You need to be amazing at what you provide, you have to also be great at getting in front of potential customers.


This means that the days of not having a interactive website are long gone if you want to grow your business you need a great website. More importantly you must get that website in front of your potential customers how important is this?

The city of Louisville has over 600,000 people living that is over 600,000 potential customers for your business! It’s a Goldmine! The problem is it is also a goldmine for your competitors, and they want your customers!

It is a game of winner takes all with the highest possible stakes. 

So how do you make sure that when your customer is looking for your business or service, they find you and not one of your competitors?

The simple answer you’ve got to be ranked at the top of search engines, how about Google How very critical is it to be ranked in the search engines? According to recent data over 72% of all searches start on either Google! That’s 72% of your customer base looking for you on Google!

 The same study also noted that a majority of these people never go beyond the first page, why? Simple they found the thing that they are looking for! That is what Google is all about. 

Your customers never finding you.

The simple reality is your customers have never had an easier time finding what they’re looking for. You want to make sure that when they’re looking for the product or service your business provides they find you not your competition.

So how can you make sure that you are ranked on the top of Google?

By using SEO, search engines keep improving the results and changing the way their system runs but search engine optimization will always be the gold standard when it comes to ranking a website.

Good SEO is the future of your business.

You probably weren’t thrilled hearing that. If you are like many company owners you see SEO as either

  1. A rip off you just don’t understand
  2. Or it’s a necessary expensive evil, just cost of business.

Many Louisville Business owners would share your opinion, but before finishing this article, you will have changed your view on SEO.

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Now you will view it as

  1. The method to take control of your market and grow your business
  2. A large advantage over the competition.

Bad SEO poisoning your view

The reason so many business people view SEO in a poor light is simple since they first opened their doors SEO companies have been trying to sell them services every day.

I’m sure if you have been in business for a while you have had dozens of SEO companies pitch you there “can’t miss SEO service.”

Usually, an SEO pitch is something like this.

  • You must to sign the dreaded 12-month ongoing contract
  • They can’t guarantee results, however you must pay every 30 days!
  • Most of their work is “technical” so you usually won’t notice,

After you sign, that’s when all the upsell process starts.

  1. You’ll need a brand new website
  2. You will need their latest update package
  3. You need this that and the other thing.

Sometimes with SEO, you could feel stuck

  • You can’t ignore your SEO because it’ll cost your business.
  • And you are sick and tired of having to pay for SEO and not getting the results you want.

There’s a simple solution for your SEO worries.

If you’re still reading this article, it means you want a true solution to your SEO problem. We can help

It is time for you to take control of your business’s future by taking control of your website’s SEO.

Even now your thinking about all the objections you have why this won’t work.

While many of these objections seem reasonable, they’re nothing when compared to all the freedom and benefits you’ll achieve once you learn SEO. Benefits like

  1. Never paying SEO fees again!
  2. Dominating not just the Louisville market but surrounding markets as well.
  3. The ability to build a passive income that you’ll own for many years!

However let’s look at the objections that you might have, these are objections that we have heard from other business owners just like you.

Peoples three most often offered objections are…

  1. I don’t really know about SEO!
  2. I never really have time
  3. I have a successful SEO team

But I don’t really know about SEO

The simple answer this statement is you will learn!

SEO isn’t a magic trick, it’s an ordinary skill set, like every other skill set, you could learn.

You can learn SEO, How do we know that? Because our training has been studied and used by more 3000 students many just the same as. Many of those students didn’t know anything about SEO either.

I never really have time

We understand, having a Louisville business isn’t a part-time thing, it is 24 hours daily situation. When you’re not working you’re thinking about working, it requires a huge amount of your time and you don’t want to add anything more to your plate.

Just think about the things you will gain by learning  SEO, you can have the power to push your business to page one of the search engines on your own. That means you would have freedom from.

  • high SEO fees
  • No worry from not knowing whether the website will go down in ranking.
  • why your business phone isn’t always ringing.

I have a successful SEO team.

That’s wonderful If they’re delivering great results for you and your business that is wonderful.

That doesn’t mean you won’t gain from learning about SEO.

A Couple of benefits you’ll experience when dealing with your SEO company.

  • You will be able to speed the process up, – working as a team you and the SEO company can get results.
  • You can check out their work – we’re not saying they’re not doing the work they claim to be doing it’s just a lot better to have individual confirmation
  • You can now officially “speak SEO” it’ll be easy if you’d understand what they’re doing to your site.

With the skill sets, we will teach you. You can expand your service area.

Why have just one website getting you leads if you can build multiple sites?

If you’re like most Louisville companies the service area you serve isn’t now limited to Louisville, you most likely provide services in the surrounding communities.

If you wanted, you can now build a site in each of these communities.  You can get them ranked and sending you leads.

Just call them website digital billboards with them all sending lots of new customers to you. With this one technique alone you can scale up your company faster than ever before!

The very best part? Now you aren’t limited to your company

Using our training program, you will be able to help many other businesses get a lot more leads and then earn yourself a lot of passive income.

How? Our training program was designed for students to build “rank up and rent out” websites in many different industries and different niches. Students would create sites, get them ranking then find local businesses to sell them too. It works!

Want proof?


I built this website. I spent a month on it. I then found a local company I sold them all the leads for an ongoing monthly fee. The company have been paying me 750 dollars a month the last four years!

SEO is a lot more than some valuable skill it’s the chance to

  • Scale your business.
  • Grow your passive income
  • avoid SEO costs.

You can avoid these types of problems plus more just by taking control over your SEO. start today.

All this sounds great but what kind of results will I get?

As in so many things in life, this comes down to you. If you put in the work, you can expect results like this.

Not just #1 Rankings like these…


But you will be able to dominate your market and scale your business to its max and if you want you can build passive income with rental sites as well!

All you have to do is take control.

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Las Vegas SEO Expert Digital Marketing Coaching Learn Marketing

Owning a service company in the Las Vegas area, you are presented with many challenges. After all with a population of 640,000 people, you’re in a very competitive market. 

Las Vegas

However, the upside is if you can reach this market you have over 600,000 potential customers!

The reality is it doesn’t matter the kind of company you run you’re facing a very big challenge.

Your customers are trying to find the service or product you provide, you must beat all your competitors.

Looking for the attention of your customers in our modern-day world of technology there’s a ton good news, but, there is bad news.

good news – it’s easy for you to connect with your customers  

 bad news – It’s easy for your competitors to connect with your customers.

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That’s why in today’s business world it’s not optional for you to have a great website you need one and that’s not all.

having a great website, It’s a good starting place, it’s no longer good enough. Because now you need your website ranked at the top of local search engines for example Google and then Bing.

How critical is it for your website to be ranked on first pages of both Google and then Bing?

According to a comprehensive study, over 70% of people looking for a type of company start their searches using search engines. That’s over 73% of your customer base! That same study also showed that over 50% of any search never goes beyond the first page!

If you aren’t on Google’s page 1 your service company would suffer!

The reality, if you do want your business to grow you need your site to be located on first page.

So the question now becomes how do I make sure that I am on the very first page? Even though Google and/or Bing have advanced greatly and changed over the years the answer is still the same. I’m sure you realize that we are talking about SEO also known as search engine optimization.

SEO truly is main factor when it is about getting a website at the very top of local rankings.

When a Las Vegas-based company has been around for a length of sustained time, I’m sure you heard about SEO, most likely you’ve been bothered by SEO companies trying to pitch you services.

What most business owners think of SEO

If your like a lot of Las Vegas business owners, It’s very likely you think about SEO in a couple different ways, either you view it as a…

  1. A scam, a scam that almost never produces real results
  2. In necessary evil that you have to pay to get.

It’s a very natural reaction more than likely when SEO companies pitched their services to you it sounded like this.

  • You’ll have to agree to a long term contract.
  • The “contract” will only cover the basics, The SEO team will try “upselling” you on many other things
  • They can’t guarantee results of course but they still need to get paid by you every month.

When it comes to simple reality most SEO companies will work to lock up you with a sustained long-term retainer contract after all they understand two things.

  1. Their process – A large percentage of SEO teams use a “cookie cutter” process. That process takes a ton of time with getting ranked, and they want to lock your business into a long term contract, so they’re not forced to produce fast results
  • They’re not an SEO company – truly successful SEO teams aren’t SEO companies at all, they’re focused on finding new clients that’s where a large amount of their energy is focused.

That’s why most SEO teams don’t produce fast results.

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Feeling like you’re caught in the rock and hard place.

If you’re like most business owners who read this, you might feel discouraged right now, you might feel like you just can’t win.

  • When you ignore your SEO your service company will suffer
  • But if you hire an SEO company, you’ll be stuck paying large monthly fees and hoping they can deliver good results.

Neither seems like a great solution. The question now becomes how do I find the right solution, like so many things we care about in life…

When you want important things done correct, you’ve got to take care of them on your own.

You just can’t depend on other people to handle your companies SEO needs, so you have to do the work so you can get all the results that you want.

You must be thinking there’re millions of different reasons you just can’t handle your website’s SEO yourself.

These reasons may seem downright, well reasonable. However let us explain to you why you can take over your own SEO.

Let’s take a look at some of the common objections and why none of them should stop you. I’m taking control of your business’s future.

  1. I don’t know anything about SEO
  2. I already hired an SEO company
  3. I just don’t have time

I don’t know anything about SEO

Don’t worry at one time or another, just about every expert on planet earth didn’t know about the subject matter they became experts in. it took study and your can learn about SEO too. It’s not some mystery or magic trick it’s a skill set, and you can be taught it.

How do we know? Because we’ve successfully taught over 3000 students like you, many of them didn’t understand anything regarding SEO at first and they’ve gone on to become SEO experts.

I hired a talented SEO company.

That’s good, If you hired an SEO company and they are getting you the results you deserve, that’s great! That doesn’t have to mean you shouldn’t learn SEO for yourself. Here are a few of the many benefits you will gain with us.

  1. You and your SEO team now are speaking the same vocabulary – when the SEO team is telling you what they’re working on and what they’re doing on your site getting it ranked you’ll understand what they’re talking about, this makes for a much better relationship.
  • You’ll have the ability to do ongoing spot checks of your SEO work – don’t you think you would feel better if you were able to keep a watchful eye on the process? After all it’s your business!
  • Working together will make things go a lot faster – An SEO team doing work on a website is good two SEO trained experts working a website it better!

I don’t have time to learn SEO.

That’s a common answer and it makes a lot of sense if you own a Las Vegas-based business there’s not a lot of free time involved, so many other things require attention and you’re always worrying about the business.

The last thing you need is more work.

We understand, however have you considered the benefits that you’ll receive when you do your own SEO? Just how much overall freedom you’ll gain?

Like Freedom from

  • paying these overinflated SEO fees ever again.
  • Fear of wondering why your website isn’t ranking the way you think it should rank.
  • Worrying about your business not growing quick enough.

Do you think the possibility of gaining all these freedoms is worth these temporary sacrifices needed to take this training?

We’re this training blows away hiring A SEO Company.

the best thing about our course is the reality that you won’t have limits of just one website.

Las Vegas is a large city, but there are several other smaller cities and towns in Las Vegas area, and if you’re like a lot of successful business owners your company supply those other areas too.

However, Google thinks of you only as a Las Vegas-based business so you might not show up when your potential customers in these other cities and towns search for your type of business.

While other company owners see this is a major issue our successful students see it as a chance to prosper!

Using your skills you learned from us there’s nothing to stop you from building and ranking an individual website in each and every town that you serve.

Think of them as Digital billboards,  that means the more your company has the quicker you will grow up.

Using this technique by itself you can scale up your business faster than you ever thought possible!

You’re not limited to just one business!

This program was built to teach successful people to build income using the “rank up and then rent out” method. you can do that too! .

First you could rank “lead gen” properties in any vertical you like and find a business to team up with. You can charge that business a monthly fee for many years. How can I be so sure?

I’ve done it myself!


This is a site I built in 2014. I was able to get this site built then ranked.

Once it ranked, then I rented it out to a local company They were happy to pay me over 750 per month! That’s over 4 years of income and still counting!

Learning SEO is more than a valuable skill it is the opportunity you can

  • Scale up your business.
  • Have regular passive income
  • Not get robbed on your SEO costs.

You can take care of all of these issues and more by just taking control of your business.

Are you offering to guarantee that I will in fact have the exact same success?

No, but if anyone tries to “guarantee” getting a site ranked on either Google and/or Bing.  Either…

  1. They own Google and also Bing
  2. They’re lying!

we can train you in the techniques you will need for success. you still have to work at it.

If you put in the work, you will be amazed by what happens.

Results just like this…


You will be able to rank a website and you can create as many lead generation websites as you could want!

You could take over the service area.

You can grow your business as fast and as big as you would like!

You can start today.

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Portland SEO Expert Digital Marketing Coaching Learn to Rank

owning a business in Portland area congrats, you’ve made a smart decision. You chose to take over control of the future by opening a business in Portland.


There are many reasons for opening a business in the Portland area.

  • Great city and state infrastructure
  • A lot of people who prefer to buy local.
  • Most important, over six hundred and forty thousand potential customers!

Over the six hundred thousand people is an important factor. very important because it means that if you know what you are doing as far as marketing goes you have over six hundred and forty thousand people as potential customers!

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That is the Good news, the bad news is the fact that your competition can reach those customers as well.

It’s the game of the winner will take all to reach out to those customers. As a business owner, you’ve never been very afraid of challenges!

As a business owner you’ll always have things putting a lot of pressure on your time.

For a business to have success, you need to handle a lot of different factors, factors like…

  • whatever product and of course service you offer must be very high quality, you will lose customers otherwise
  • You need to make sure your business and its employees obey all local laws including state, federal and local! 
  • The very biggest challenge and your biggest concern will always be how do you grow the business? This means you always need to be working on getting new customers

Both Good news and Bad News

There’s both some good news and some bad news for you a business in Portland.

First some Good news – in this world of the internet and smartphones never before in life has it  so been easy for the potential customer looking for you to find you.

Now some Bad News – in the world of the internet and smartphones never in life has it so been easy for the potential customer looking for you to find your competition!

In modern business, you need more than just a website, you also need a great website site But that is only half the battle.

If your potential customer goes looking for your business type they find you!

to make that happen you need to make sure your website ranks on Google page one.

If you’re not on top of page Google your not on Google!

According to the most recent studies over 72% of people looking for something on the internet start the search with search engines!

How will you make sure a site is ranking on the very top of the Google ranking? Search engines like Google have grown and changed this is true but the answer to this question is always the same…

Using SEO is always the answer!

You must be shaking your head, it’s natural. like many business owners, you could have a annoyed/ tolerate relationship with SEO.

It’s is understandable. Depending on the experience you have had with SEO companies or SEO itself you could view it as either one a major headache sucking up time and money with no results.

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Or two it is a necessary evil you have no choice but to pay for every month.

After reading this blog post, we know you will look at SEO in an entirely new way.  You will look at SEO as

  • A way to dominate the market
  • How you will scale your business higher than you ever thought!

If you are like most Portland Business owners, from the minute, you opened your doors you have had dozens of SEO teams selling you on their services.

Maybe you have even hired an SEO company before. If you’re reading this blog post, you are still looking to improve your SEO results. That means you think there’s still a more effective way to get things done and you’re right!

The Problem Portland Business owners deal with

Very often Portland business owners just like you have just felt they were stuck between the proverbial rock and the hard place

  • If you use an SEO team, you are being forced to pay those high SEO costs every month
  • If you don’t do anything to improve your website’s ranking your business will suffer.

It can feel like a never-win situation.

Everything changed in 2014.

In 2014 a group of SEO experts noticed SEO was just done wrong and they knew if they taught SEO right everyone would come out better.

  • Businesses like yours would earn more money
  • SEO experts would be viewed as the valuable experts they are.
  • Businesses wouldn’t have a negative opinion of SEO

These experts wrote a training program that taught people to use SEO right from the start, from step one how to get local businesses ranked at the top of Google.

Since this program was created in 2014 over 3000 students, have taken this course and gone on to dominate local google searches.

Things are about to change again.

Recently the same experts realized something, no matter that no matter how many people they train there can never be enough SEO experts for local business…There are just too many of them!

That’s why we’re excited to be announcing. We’ll be offering this program and training local business owners just like you how to dominate your local market.

It’s now time to control your business and your future with learning SEO

You could be thinking you don’t think you can learn SEO. You could have many reasons why you can’t. But believe us, you can! Let’s take a look at your reasons why you might think you can’t learn SEO.

  1. I don’t know tech!
  2. I really have no time to figure out SEO
  3. I’m working with a good SEO company.

I Don’t Know Tech

We know but don’t worry you can learn! Since first opening this training, we have trained more than three thousand people just like you, and many of them were not “tech savvy” either.

I really have no time to figure out SEO

That’s a natural response. As a Portland company owner you already have a full plate and adding more is not something you want to add in more work.

But when you consider everything you could gain by learning SEO, you’ll agree it’s totally worth it.

You can make things just a lot easier for you all by taking time now learning SEO The good thing is once you learn these SEO skills, you’ll never lose it!

I’m working with a good SEO company

Congrats on hiring an SEO company that does a great job. That means you’ve got a good one! But that doesn’t mean you won’t get great benefits all by learning the skills of SEO for yourself.

  1. You and the SEO company now speak the SEO language. This means that when they tell you what they are doing, you will understand what they are saying!
  2. You will be able to keep up their work, we’re not saying they’re not doing their job but you will be able to confirm it.
  3. You can quickly increase the speed of your results. If you’re working on SEO along with the SEO team, you’ll rank faster.

You’re not just limited to Portland!

This is what makes our course so powerful. 

You have your business in Portland.  That’s smart but if you’re like a lot of business owners, your company doesn’t just service Portland. You also likely provide services in many surrounding areas. But Google considers you strictly a Portland company, and that will limit your reach.

But Our training will change that. Using these methods, we’ll show you, you’ll have the skills needed to quickly build up and rank up websites in surrounding area.

Think of them as “Digital Bill Boards” the more you add, the faster a business can grow!

The techniques you’ll learn here will give you the ability to grow your company faster than you could ever think possible before!

Can you be sure I’ll get the exact same results?

we can’t guarantee you results and no one else can either! But if you use the skills, we’ll teach you, that plus putting in real work you’ll be just amazed at all the results you’ll get.

You could get results just like this


Don’t just rank in one location you’ll have the skills to rank your business in all the markets you serve!

don’t limit yourself just to your businesses!

This course was originally built to teach anyone how to create residual income using the “rank and then rent out” method. You could do the same.

You can build many lead generation digital properties in just about every niche you want and then you could find a local company to team up with.  you can then charge then thoe monthly fees for many years into the future. How can I be sure of that?

I’ve done it!


Here is a rental website I built during 2014. I spent just over a  month and a half or so creating to get this site built and then ranked. Once it was ranked up and generating calls, I rented it out to one of the local Limo businesses. They were very thrilled for some new business. They happily paid me around 750 dollars every month. I’ve not touched that site since and I’m still getting paid for that site. That’s four years passive income!

Imagine having a few of those types of sites earning you a passive income!

You can take care of all of these issues and more by just taking control of your business. You can start today.

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Memphis SEO Expert Digital Marketing Coaching Learn to rank

For a business, the Memphis area is an amazing place to be

It’s a big city it’s Over 652,000 people living in it, that is over 650,000 potential customers for your business. That’s lots of possible profit. Problem is where there is a lot of opportunities there’s a lot of competition.

When you have a business in Memphis, you have many challenges, like…

  • Your product or service being judged harshly
  • You have to keep track of state and local laws
  • But the biggest issue you are facing is you always need to beat out your competition.

In business there’s both good news plus there’s bad news with getting new customers.

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First the good – your customers have never ever had an easier Time connecting to and finding your business.

Now the bad – your potential customers I never had an easier time connecting in finding your competitors business!

When it comes to who will get these customers In business it’s a game, winner take everything, and if you plan in winning, we could help!

everyone is online all the time and you need more than just a website you need all your customers being able to locate you quickly and easily and most importantly first!

To be sure that this happens is a have your website ranked in search engines like Bing and Google. As most people know the key to getting ranked in Google and of course Bing, is search engine optimization or SEO.

A study recently showed 73% of all people start on search engines.  The study also noted that most searchers, never go past page one.  

The simple reality is if you’re not on page 1 you’re not in business.

Maybe you’re realizing how important gaining the advantage over the competition by using SEO.

many business owners have a bad view of the SEO. At Best it’s a necessary cost. if not a total rip off.

It’s natural like many business owners from the very minute you opened your doors you have been having to deal with marketing from many SEO companies, these can be annoying.

In the past, you might have even hired one of these SEO companies. If you’re still reading this page, because you think your missing something.

Over the years we have listened to many SEO companies pitch their services. We know what most SEO teams will pitch you.

It’s a two-step process

  1. A hard push phase
  2. Now your customer number 123

The Hard Push Phase

During the push phase, an SEO team will make all sorts of promises to get you to sign a contract. You’ll notice a couple of common factors

  • Required 12 months in the contract.
  • Monthly payments
  • No promises!

They pretty the pitch up with sales language true, but that’s usually how it goes.

Click here to learn more

Now your customer number 123

If they manage to sign into a contract suddenly, you’ll notice they’re not that interested in your business anymore. The simple reality is SEO companies aren’t doing SEO work mostly they are busy getting customers.

They use a method to get your website ranked that they use for every one of their clients the hope it works but there is little to no personalization.

Right now you must feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  • If you try to ignore SEO the business absolutely will suffer
  • But going with an SEO company you’re handcuffed to the “cookie cutter style.” SEO

What do you do? It’s simple…

Do the SEO work yourself.

Right now you’re most likely thinking that there are dozens of reasons why you can’t handle your own SEO,

But here is the thing.

At some point every person we’ve ever taught SEO had the exact same objections as you. And we have successfully trained over 3000 students, and we can do the same for you.

Here a few of those objections.

  1. I do not know about SEO
  2. No time to study SEO
  3.  I’m already working with an SEO team.

Let’s look at these excuses one at a time.

I do not Know about SEO

That’s okay we’ll teach you, we know that we can, like we we’ve taught over 3000 students we’ve taught them SEO and every one of them at one point or another knew nothing about SEO. We start with the very basics and teach you step-by-step, and before you know it, you’ll be an SEO expert just like us.

Not time to study SEO

It’s understandable to feel that you just don’t have the time, however once you learn SEO it’s easy to stay current especially with over 3000experts to help. When joining the training you get access to our Facebook group where people just like you share secrets and questions every day.

I’m already working with an SEO team.

That’s great, but it doesn’t mean that their isn’t big advantages to learning SEO just because your happy with the SEO company you working with.

  • You will understand your SEO team when they tell you what they are doing
  • You will be able to keep an eye on their work
  • Two SEO Experts are better than one! Together you will get your site ranked faster.

The Skill of SEO is worth learning.

by learning a Seo you’ll have the ability to…

  • Take over your SEO and your business’s future
  • You will be able to scale the business like you never thought possible.
  • You will be able to build the passive income stream that’ll last for many years.

There’re two areas that even if you have an SEO company, you like this training will do a lot more for you.

Point Number one – you don’t have to be limited by one website just located in Memphis. Memphis is more than likely your main business location but you most likely serve many areas around Memphis smaller cities and towns the make up a percentage of your business.

But Google views you as a Memphis business only so a potential customer nearby in another town searches for the type of business you provide Google will not show you first.

This will limit your business reach, but you can prevent it! Using this training, you could build “feeder websites” in every town or city in your desired service area.

Look at these sites as” Digital billboards” as you build them your company will grow faster.

Your potential is limitless!

This could be your service area

Can you guarantee that I can get sites highly ranked?

Nope, No one can. What we can offer you is these techniques work, they’ve worked for more than three thousand students and they will also work with you.

put in real work, you’ll be thrilled with the results.

Results just like…


But you’ll have the talent to build out as many websites as you can handle. You could blanket your area with all these websites and take over your market!

You could scale up your business just as fast or as big as possible.

Why just stop with your company?

This training program was created to show people just like you how to easy building residual  income is by using the effective “rank and then rent” method. Nothing’s preventing you from doing exactly the same.

You can build lead gen web properties in any “phone call” niche then just find a business in the local area to partner up with. You could get a monthly rental fee for many years in the future How can I be sure of that?

I’ve done it!


I spent a month working on this limo site. Once it was ranked, I rented out the website out to some local Limo company. They pay me over 750 dollars each month. I’ve not done anything to this site since building it, and I’m still getting paid for it.

Imagine having just a few sites like this earning you income!

SEO is not just a valuable skill it’s the chance to

  • Push a business up to it’s max
  • Have a dependable passive income
  • Never again get robbed on SEO costs.

Take control of your future. Start today.

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Nashville SEO Expert Digital Marketing Coaching Learning to rank

Owning a company in Nashville Tennessee, you will have over 650,000 potential customers.


The problem is with that many potential business you also have a lots of competition who are trying to earn those potential customers.

opening a business in Nashville Tennessee, you most likely knew you would be facing many challenges.

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Challenges like…

  • You need to make sure the service or product your offer is high quality, so the customers you have are very happy.
  • Your business needs to follow every law, state, local and federal.
  • And you have to constantly be finding and winning new customers.

good news – any of your potential customers could find you with just a click of a button.

bad news – all your potential customers can just as easily find the competition with the click of a button.

Having the killer website is no longer optional it is the bare minimum you need to be in business. However, if you’re going to grow  business a killer website is just the battle.

You need to be sure your businesses website ends up being the one a customer sees first.

That means your website must be at the very top of search engines, all the search engines. Just how crucial to rank the top of the search engines?

A study conducted by the team at Google conducted recently over 70% of people start on a search engine! And of that 73 % more than ½ of them never get beyond page 1!

This means that

If you’re not on the top of the all important Google your not growing your business!

So a question you ask yourself this simple what’s the single best method I can use to reach the first page on Google.

While search engines keep getting better and changing. The truth is the best way to make your website get ranked by using search engine optimization also called SEO.

You most likely were expecting SEO as an answer because you found this article by searching Nashville SEO.

Many company owners have a love/ annoyed relationship when it comes to SEO. It’s natural, most likely since you opened your doors you have been dealing with SEO teams trying to sell you services.

Most Seo companies we’ll promise you everything under the sun, but they are most likely light on important details, they will hit you with a lot of technical jargon while trying to sign you to a long term contract.

You might’ve have even worked with an SEO company before. More than likely they didn’t produce amazing results. And you were left feeling disappointed.

When SEO companies pitching their services, they hit you with what we call the one-two punch.

  1. Phase 1 is the hard sell
  2. Phase 2 is now you have customer number three hundred forty-seven

The hard sell!

When an SEO company Tries to win your business they’ll push you to sign a 12-month contract

This is usually what the sales pitch will look like when you really look at it.

  • a 12-month locked in contract
  • You’ll have to pay them each and every month
  • They’ll never guarantee results, they’ll just do their best.

Not so great is it? When you look at whether SEO company is offering it’s not great, but when you sign up for their services you would go to phase 2

Your just a number now. 

You’ll notice that once you’re a client sign the contract, your no longer special there’re reasons that is.

  • SEO companies are not in the SEO business. They’re in the getting new clients business. It’s how a SEO team grows their business.
  • An SEO team won’t create induvial plans for each client, it’s too much work!
  • They use a process that usually helps a site get ranked, and they use it for every customer’s website.

Right now you could feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place you can’t ignore SEO you will lose customers, but you really don’t want to sign with an SEO company.

So right now you’re looking for a solution to the problem of getting new business for your Nashville based company.

Do you want your website to rank at the top of Google and Bing, we’re going show you how to do it!

If you need SEO done right…

You got to do-it-yourself the reality is no company will ever be as concerned about your company as you would.

If you need your business to reach the top of Bing and Google the quickest way to reach that goal is by handling it yourself.

You could be thinking of the many reasons you don’t want to handle your SEO right now. Here some of the excuses you could be considering.

  1. I don’t know anything about SEO
  2. No time to learn about SEO
  3. I already have an SEO company.

These all may seem like real reasons not to do your own SEO.

But in reality taking over your SEO is one of the smartest choices you could make. Let’s take a look at each one of these objections one by one.

I don’t know about SEO

The simple reality is with SEO your not alone. No one ever knew anything to start. It’s not a magic trick SEO is the skill, and just like any other Skill, it can be learned.

How do we know? Because we’ve taught more than 3000 students how.

In 2014 a group of SEO experts created a program that could train anyone in SEO even the total beginner. After four years and 3000 students, we are confident and telling you anyone can be taught a Seo.

No time to learn about SEO

This is understandable The simple reality is a business is not a small thing especially the city like Nashville with all the competition and the stresses that come with. But learning a Seo we’ll not only teach you a valuable skill will give you freedom.

Freedom from

  • SEO monthly costs
  • Worrying about why your website isn’t ranking
  • Being limited in how fast your business can grow.

Don’t you think having freedom like this is worth sacrificing to understand SEO?

I have an SEO company

Well if your SEO team is doing a good job that’s great, they’re lot of benefits you can still get from this training

  • You and the SEO team speak the exact same “language” you will understand what they’re doing, and they will know you get SEO
  • keeping track of their work – it’s better to independently verify that they are doing the job the right way.
  • You can increase the speed of the process – working together, you and your SEO company can get your website ranked faster.

Now these things are valuable, but now we’re going to show you how this training will blow hiring SEO company away!

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Don’t stop with Nashville!  

The city of Nashville has over 650,000 people living in it and more than likely that is when most of your customers come from. But that doesn’t have to mean that all of your customers will come from Nashville.

If you would like most businesses you service and are usually there’re other smaller cities and towns in that area that’s a good business,  but Google views you as a Nashville business that means you would rather not show your business to searches done in other local cities and towns.

With the skills we’ll teach you there’s no reason you can’t have websites rank in all of these smaller areas, all of them sending calls your business.

Think of them as digital billboards that’s more leads you will get

You could scale up your business to new heights!

Can you promise my results

No, no one could  guarantee results. What I can tell you is that our techniques work, after all they have worked for our many students and they will work for you.

If you put in effort, you’ll be stunned by your results, what kind of results?

Results like…


But you’ll have the ability to write out as many lead generation websites as needed. You can blanket your market with these “digital Billboards”

You could build up your business up as fast as you can handle.

You won’t ever need to limit your efforts to one business!

Our program was created to show people how easy it is to grow residual income using our “rank and then rent” method. Nothing will stop you doing exactly the same.

Imagine building lead gen sites in many niches and then find a local company you can charge them an on going rental fees.

I have done exactly that.  


This is a site I first built in 2014 after completing the site and getting it ranked I rented it out for over seven hundred dollars monthly the business is still paying me today! You can do this too!

SEO is not just a valuable skill it’s the chance to

  • Grow a business
  • Grow passive income
  • Save on SEO costs.

start today.

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Detroit SEO Expert Digital Marketing Coaching Learn to Rank

Who comes to having a business in the Detroit area you don’t have an easy road! The population of more than 670,000 people living in the Detroit area, you’re in one of the largest and most competitive markets in the US.


The simple truth is you face a tough challenge. You need to get the attention of your potential customer.

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There is good news, and there’s bad news in the modern business world.

The good news – with our modern connected world of the Internet and smartphones it’s easy to connect with customers


The bad news – with our modern connected world of the Internet and smart phones it’s easier for competitors to connect with customers!

This means that…

In business today it’s not optional to have a stupendous website especially in Detroit which is one of the largest markets in the United States.

However, having the best website is only half of what you need to do to build your business. When your customer is looking for the service or product, you provide you have to set it up that they come to you first.

How do you do that? The best way to do today is to rank on the top of all the different search engines.

The Simple truth, if your not on page 1 your not in business.

The headline above may seem a bit over-the-top. But the simple truth is when it comes to a search engine like Google most of your customers never go past the first page!

In fact, recent studies have shown that over 50% of all Google users never leave page 1.

This means that if you want to grow a Detroit business, your website needs to get to the top of Google.

Using SEO, also known as search engine optimization the simple truth is SEO is the only way to get rankings.

If you have been in business in the Detroit area for any amount of time, you’ve probably had several SEO companies pitching you there “Super deluxe SEO package.”

Because you have most likely heard several of these pictures before over the years, I’m sure went a lot like this.

  • You must sign up for a long term contract.
  • They can’t guarantee results, but they still demand payment every month!
  • The 12-month contract only covers basic costs, not all the “up-sells” they hit you with.

Now that doesn’t sound like an SEO team trying to sell you that’s because we don’t want to sell you our services we want to give you knowledge.

The simple truth is 90% of all SEO companies are working towards locking you into a long-term monthly contract because of two reasons

  1. The process most SEO companies will use it will take time for you to get ranked.
  2. They’re not actually in the full time SEO business – the reality is the really successful ,big SEO companies aren’t full time SEO companies at all they’re in a finding new clients business.

That’s why no SEO company will ever give you the results you could get for yourself because they’re not 100% focused on your business like you will be.

Stuck in between the Rock and the Hard Place

It seems like

  • You can’t ignore SEO because it’ll cost to business
  • But you’re starting to realize that hiring an SEO company is not the answer either

what the correct answer is?

If you’ve gotten this far the most likely know that the right answer is simple, want things done the right way you will have to take care of them yourself.

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You might be thinking of a million reasons why you can’t take over all your SEO needs yourself.

More than likely many of those reasons seem like there’re good reasons however once you look at the benefits you can get from learning SEO you will realize that these objections I’m not worth stopping you from learning SEO.

Let’s take a look at a few of the objections you might be considerate.

  1. I’m not very “tech-savvy.”
  2. I just don’t have the time
  3. I Artie hired an SEO company

I’m not very tech savvy.

We get it, it’s scary to learn new things sometimes, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying. If it makes you feel any better the process of SEO we teach doesn’t require you to learn coding or programming. If you can get onto the Internet, you will be able to learn and use our SEO process.

I just don’t have the time to learn SEO.

I know this seems true especially owning a company in the Detroit area is not an easy gig it is a 24 hour 7seven days a week job.

This can leave you feeling drained and stressed out without adding extra things.

More than likely you feel like you don’t have any time to do anything else

But think about the freedom you will get by learning SEO for yourself.

Freedom from

  • Being forced to pay huge SEO fees
  • Fear of not knowing if your website will stay ranked
  • Being limited in how quickly you can grow your business.

Don’t you think all the advantages you could gain I worth the short-term sacrifice?

But I hired another SEO company.

Well If you are happy with an SEO company, you’ve hired that’s great! Hopefully, they’re delivering Great results.

However, there is still a lot of advantages to learning SEO Here are a few.

  1. your SEO team and you now speak the exact same language – you won’t believe how much this will improve your workflow with an SEO company you will know what they’re talking about and they can explain things quicker and more effectively.
  2. You can keep a close eye on your SEO teams work – when your SEO company does work to get your site rank you’ll be able to track what they’re doing and make sure they’re doing everything they said they would do
  3. You can speed up the process to get your site ranked – even better now you will have two totally separate SEO experts doing the work!

Who said you needed to stop with Detroit itself?

The best thing about the training is now you won’t need to limit your efforts to just the Detroit area.

Detroit is huge and has a population of over 600,000 people, where a lot of your customers will come from, however that doesn’t mean all your customers will come from Detroit if you’re like a lot of businesses you will provide services to a service area that includes several other areas located in and around the Detroit area.

The problem is Google doesn’t see it that way as far as Google is concerned you’re a Detroit based business so they will not go out of their way to show your business to customers from outside the city of Detroit.

While other businesses will see this is a problem not our students! They understand this is a tremendous opportunity.

With these skills you’ll learn in this SEO course there’s no reason not to build and rank the website in each and every single town you work in.

Using this single technique you could build your business faster than you ever thought possible.

Can you guarantee my success?

The fast answer is, no The simple truth is we will teach you the strategies and techniques you need to gain success that have worked for over 3000 of our other students.

You’ll have to actually do all the work!

When you do put in the work, you’ll be amazed by the results! For example like this.


You can get the website ranked, and you’ll have the skills to create all the lead generation sites that you want!

You could dominate the entire area you serve.

Your business could look like this

Think about being about to build unlimited personal Digital Billboards. Then you could scale up your business just as fast just as big as you can imagine.  

don’t limit your efforts to just your business!

Now why just stop with just your business? This program was created for teaching people to build passive income by using a “rank and then rent” method. You can just do the same.

You can build a lead generation website in just about any niche then go and find local businesses to team up with, you can then charge then a monthly ongoing fee for a long time to come.

I know because I’ve done it!


This limo site was built by me in 2014 and then I ranked the site

I then rented it out to a Limo business. How excited were they for the leads? They paid me over 700 dollars every month and have ever since. That’s automatic income for me!

Imagine having just three or four of these types of sites earning you the passive income you deserve.!

You could eliminate all of these issues by just taking over your business’s SEO. You should start today.

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