Agency Growth Secrets IA Software by Joshua Harris – Unbiased Review

Over 5 years ago (now), a software was founded which aggregated data for the automotive field to drive targeting with Facebook Advertising methods of digital marketing…

It collects consumer data for the purpose of catering one’s Facebook Ads into a position of optimal performance – so someone can generate the highest amount of results for the lowest cost in ad spend.

Now expanding into various industries and doing the same thing for those that leverage the software, if you were to capitalize on this then that means you’ll have the capacity to place your Facebook ad (and other social media platforms that you choose to market with) before your ideal consumer to give yourself the best chances of acquiring a new (or dare I say, a repeat) customer. 

It’s this ability, according to Mr. Joshua Harris – founder of the IA Software inside of Agency Growth Secrets – that drives the cost you incur for the acquisition of each customer by as much as a quarter to three-quarters of what you might normally have to pay. 

If you’ve been in business longer than a hot minute, then there’s no surprise that there is a cost to acquiring your clients – and that’s just factored into the cost of doing business. 

I understand this and a few other principles I’m going to share with you throughout this blog post that I’ve found in the Agency Growth Secrets course because prior to exploring this coaching program, I was already successful online with my local lead generation business.

If you’re not familiar with it, that’s okay — I didn’t really hear about it either until I read a blog post like this and seriously considered investing in the business model.

I’m glad that I did because all I do now is generate referrals from free traffic on search results, and I get paid ridiculously well without having to spend any Facebook Ads money to get some customers.

It still cost me a few bucks and some time to get the lead gen website up and pasted right where I want it to get all the customers in a marketplace for free, but that’s the upfront cost of getting to not have to pay for customers day after day, for months and years.

Look, whether you’re spending time, money, or other resources in order to have a new person paying you to provide a service or deliver a quality product, everything in business has a cost associated with it. 

What’s interesting about this approach to marketing on the Facebook Advertising platform is that even with the data being given to you – which should, ultimately and hopefully, make life easier for you in some respects of your business operations – you still need to incorporate best practices with advertising. 

In the digital marketing realm, if you’re not clear how to set up, orchestrate, and leverage Facebook Ads (to include targeting, varying ad sets, 3×3 split-testing, etc.), then one might question what the value of this software would really be worth to you – especially if you owned a business and hoped to generate new referrals with this asset.

I’m happy to report that Mr. Harris’ coaching program encompasses this type of training well – the use of Facebook Ads, that is. 

Further, Joshua guides you on how to utilize the information given through this IA Software so you can have the genuine Agency Growth Secrets at your fingertips and going to work for you.

Think the data that this software gives you isn’t of great value? 

Guess again!

Data is beyond key in this marketing game; the more you know about your ideal customer and the marketplace in general, the more you can cater your marketing to meet the needs of that specific person – to include writing ad copy (meaning, the words on the marketing advertisement) – that can interrupt the pattern of the person’s daily regimen long enough to question what they’re reviewing (which, if you’re playing your cards right, is your ad). 

It’s a battle of wits, aggregating information about what you need in order to design the most ideal battle strategy and win the capitalistic war against your competitors by gathering the most market share in your neck of the industry. 

While I’ve personally gathered data and sorted it by what I seemed to have needed the most, I can appreciate the investment available in a software that can help me tackle some of the more unusual bits of information which require a little more know-how and time to collect – especially when handling some of the more unusually guarded industries someone is trying to market to; like automotive, for example. 

With time being such a precious commodity, however, perhaps paying for the data to be collected by a third-party could free up your time to grind a little more on the money-making activities directly. 

Now, yes, background homework is important; spies, generals, and marketing departments all appreciate intelligence gathering and know that what wins in the field of operations are the people who have the most applicable knowledge about where the chess pieces on the board really are – and their capabilities. 

Such information isn’t limited to the complex-natured corners of the market.  Take a quick glance at what other industries students of Mr. Harris’ Agency Growth Secrets coaching course has been able to contribute to…

  • Fitness Centers and marketing agencies that support gyms
  • Dental practices
  • Doctor of Chiropractic offices
  • Offices specializing in a new type of treatment, known as coolsculpting
  • …and many more business-types!

While some might hesitate to invest in something that they’ve never tried on their own before, sometimes testimonials can really speak volumes for the validity of what value is available for a small investment – even if it’s a recurring membership fee in order to have access to such a resource!

What Joshua’s AI Software and machining resource is designed to leverage allows your proficiency in Facebook targeting to become much more focused. 

Specific audiences in regions, interests, work profiles, etc. can facilitate your efforts so you have the unusual edge over your competition in pushing Facebook Ads to the right buyers that you wish to get in front of from the very beginning.

Why is this so precious, though?

If you were digging into generating leads through free search traffic like in local lead generation for small businesses, you’d be gathering targeted traffic that could be hungry buyers.

They are real people, just like you and I, that are seeking the product or service that you are offering (or that your client is, if you’re an agency or affiliate marketer).

The point is that you could get your traffic of buyers through a few different ways here:

  1. High-intent buyer keywords that generate targeted traffic of ideal buyers through free organic traffic from search results
  2. Buy your traffic through a medium like Facebook Advertising

When you’re pushing out a Facebook Ad, you’re really borrowing from Facebook the aggregated information that the company has compiled into groups. 

It’s still people and the information that they’ve chosen to share with Facebook. 

However, you’re really subjecting yourself to the choices that Facebook Advertising has made, in their opinion, to appropriately identify their social media users via an organized, and assorted fashion. 

What does that mean for your targeting and your Facebook Ad, in general?

Honestly?  You might not like what I have to say next…

It means that you are asking Facebook to place your ad in front of people that it thinks your ad is appropriate for – and that might not always be the case. 

However, you’re paying for the Facebook Ads platform sorting so you can get in front of people that Facebook believes are a good fit – even if they aren’t the best candidates for you to ask to buy your product or service ultimately. 

With this AI Software, you get to cut through all the noise and ask Facebook to target very specific people so that you waste as little money as possible and hope for a higher return on investment (ROI) through this data aggregation. 

That’s what your competitive edge is, and that’s how the information gets utilized in your marketing strategy on the paid traffic platform of Facebook. 

Although the collection of this information is funneled through partnerships with larger industry companies, the information provided in the software can also be applicable to local markets and smaller industries – maybe even e-Commerce, if you really wanted to use it for that.

The value of Facebook Ads versus Local Lead Generation

It’s no surprise that you’re paying for any action to be taken on the Facebook Ads platform.  If you haven’t tried it yet, then you’ll notice really quickly how the place works when they expect you to put your credit card in or else it does nothing.

There is a serious contrast between this marketing concept and free organic traffic generated from the world wide web’s search engine results. 

With Facebook, you can reach a large audience immediately with just a few bucks in ad spend on a daily basis; and if you want to advertise to more people in a shorter amount of time, then all you have to do is increase your budget either by the cost per action (whether it’s per click, per impression, per conversion – meaning when someone is tracked to hav taken an action like land on a web page or buy a product, etc.), or just pushing more people to see a specific page. 

The point here is that the more attention one gathers in the marketplace, the higher chance s/he may have at winning in their respective industry.  

Of course, that traffic has to be composed of a ton of ideal buyers, or otherwise, the marketing strategy boils down to nothing more than wasted money. 

You have a higher risk of attracting those kinds of people with Facebook Ads than you do with targeted search term traffic on Google search.

Why would that be, though?

For one, Google search results are catered toward bringing the most relevant search results to the person performing the search query. 

If I asked for pizza places near me, I probably wouldn’t get a list of hardware shops because that’s not what I’m asking Google to help me find. 

Likewise, if I were asking Google to help me find the best prom dresses, then it would most likely populate samples of prom dresses, websites that talk about the best ones, and maybe even some local shops near the person performing the search. 

If you can position a web property that you own – talking about your product or service – at the top of those search results for a relevant search term, then you could be in luck because that could be very targeted traffic coming to see what you have to offer. 

As an example of local lead generation being an advantage in the marketplace, I was able to get this limo rental company a ton of referrals by putting up a lead gen site that ranked at the top of the map listing (what I like to call the “map pack”) and the organic search results underneath that map listing. 

Check it out…

As you can see, when you put something in the top search results, magical things can happen.

And the best part of it all…

The results were FREE!!! I didn’t have to pay per impression, per action the customer took, or even to have a swarm of traffic over to my offer. 

Sure, there were some resources spent on getting this setup, but no longer than 6 hours worth of labor to paste these to the top of Google search results. 

In the end, the money coming from that is ridiculous and pays me month after month.  Better yet, I don’t even have to touch the web property – and I haven’t for over 4 years to-date, and I still generate profits off of it. 

That, my friends, is real passive income.

Advancing your Competitive Edge in the Marketplace

As stated above, you can gather gobs and swarms of important information from various industries to help you identify who the prospective buyers are and what makes sense to target with your marketing approach in Facebook Ads. 

This can include…

  • Age
  • Personal interests
  • Demographics
  • Character features and hobbies

You really can be assisted by the AI software to find your most ideal customer for the Facebook Advertising platform to cater to your every need.

The Benefit: lower rates that your competition will have to pay since they don’t have the knowledge you do. 

Any business owner is happy to spare a few bucks on a software like this if it translates into a higher return on investment (ROI). 

It could be argued that free organic web traffic through search results can rival this, but if your exclusive marketing effort is Facebook Ads, then this could be a good stepping stone for your marketing budget.

Here’s a reality check for ya…

Look, I don’t mind being the bad guy and delivering bad news if it means helping you to make educated decisions on what you choose to invest your hard-earned money in as you start your entrepreneurial endeavors – and for those of you reading this that are already successful and have some spare change to try something new, you might wanna review this article and others on this blog before jumping into something without your business venture “floaties” on.

Everyone and their grandmother seem to be jumping into the adventure of launching their own digital marketing agency with Facebook Ads. 

That means that the industry of Facebook Advertising usage can really crank up the competition for you, and that also means higher costs for your Facebook Ads promotions –

There’s going to come certain points in time where all these so-called “gurus” of coaching Facebook ads for high-ticket paying students (who want to start their own digital marketing agency) are going to reach such a huge student population that the marketplace will bring a saturation of people trying to do the exact same things that you will attempt as a student of the Agency Growth Secrets program. 

Your knowledge and data points won’t mean much after that, because anything you try can still cost an arm and a leg in advertising costs. 

When people bid on the same nature of ads, it’s just a matter of time before Facebook charges more on their advertising platform to test who really wants it more – and who is willing to pay more to get the web traffic. 

Who ends up profiting most?  Facebook!

Who loses the most money? Everyone trying to advertise on Facebook!

See, with local lead generation and marketing with free traffic on search, I really don’t have to spend money daily in order to acquire more web traffic and serious, targeted buyers. Investing in the work one time can bring a lifetime of results.

For those that stick with Facebook Ads, this means that digital marketing agencies that specialize in local lead generation with paid traffic options will have to lower their prices.

Why, though?

Since tons of people are coming out of the woodwork to try and acquire the same local service provider as a client, they could end up bidding on Facebook for the same traffic — and since it’s an auction style of an advertising platform, there’s going to be a winner even though everyone doesn’t know who that is but are still paying for traffic.. 

Thanks to Joshua Harris’ AI Software – made available in the Agency Growth Secrets course – your ads can grow more efficient and effective, reducing costs catering your ad sets to compile the most specific type of audience from information collected across big data companies for industries that you seek to promote for and/or within. 

Regardless of how the market might change or how saturated the Facebook Ads platform might come to be if you want to save your marketing dollars and also drive down your personal costs for advertising to the lowest amount possible…

You can’t go wrong with Joshua Harris Agency Growth Secrets AI Software. 


This blog is intended to deliver quality information for anyone looking to start a business online, and especially to be a brief source of wisdom for anyone looking to test the waters with a specific coaching course that advocates they can help you start your own side-hustle of a profitable income online by starting your own business using the internet. 

I can testify that the laptop luxury lifestyle is quite epic – and I enjoy it very much. 

I didn’t always live this way though, and I only got here from picking the right course that as such a perfect fit for me that I was able to generate wealth quickly – with super-high profit margins and an opportunity to work in my spare-time with little start-up capital. 

How little? 

I won’t be obnoxious and throw out numbers because every person is different and that means their journey in entrepreneurship will be different in terms of…

  • how hard they work
  • how much they have to get started
  • how tenacious they are to get in, get started, and get their hands dirty to fail forward toward their goals and dreams. 

I will say that, for me, local lead generation for small businesses was how I was able to tell my boss to take a hike within a year of starting my side-hustle in local lead generation and be free of my 9 to 5. 

I was able to generate a side-income of $10,000.00 per month that allowed me to have some flexibility and options on how I wanted to spend my time – and that side-income really put some perspective on the $35k per year that unforgiving full-time job was giving me. 

I will attest to my digging into Mr. Harris’ software and exploring how it can actually provide an advantage over the competition. 

Not only is it legit, but for digital marketing agency owners that leverage Facebook Ads as their sole income source, this would be a very intelligent move to invest in. 

There is a similar software on the market for another pay-per-click (PPC) platform called Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) which has allowed me to significantly reduce my cost per buyer by as much as 33% (on average). 

That’s not to guarantee that you could see the same kind of results or advantages, but I will confess that Joshua is on to something with what he is making available for the masses here. 

What’s really cool about Mr. Harris’ team of experts is that they have offered tons of cash to acquire this information from large companies that mine big data – and they’ve packaged it into something that you can make good on for a small investment and jack up the power on your Facebook Advertising performance metrics. 

For me, I personally began reallocating my attention from the Facebook Ads platform in the Autumn season of 2017. 

Why would I say that after all the good things I’ve said about Joshua’s software and the power of Facebook Ads?

There’s no shame in claiming that it’s not for me.

I was looking for something a little more passive than what a Facebook Ads strategy can provide for me.

Add to that the fact that results and costs on Facebook vary way too much for me; the metrics bounce a lot and are simply far too inconsistent for me to handle. 

It’s not to say that it’s a bad way to go for people who fall in love with this kind of platform, but with what I’m looking for in a business model and lifestyle with my business –

This just doesn’t fit my wants, needs, comfort-level, or accommodate how I wish to spend my time…

I’d rather not be a slave to a computer that I nervously check every 5 seconds to see if my cost per action in Facebook Ads started going up so I can adjust immediately and save the amount that I’m spending on any given ad. 

Eventually, my excitement fell to the wayside and I was what I would call “burnt out.” 

The clients were too demanding and wanting to micromanage every detail that I was handling as their “hired expert” on a monthly basis – and that was just one company I was handling. 

Then tack onto that 2 handfuls worth of clients that want to step up and nitpick everything you’re doing to advertise as their agent online. 

I won’t deny that it’s manageable and can present a handsome return for you financially, and 10 clients may be too much to handle — regardless of whether you’re full-time and available to handle that in this type of a business model. 

If you want to expand beyond something like this, however, then it’s probably not going to end in a pretty picture for you. 

You can find yourself…

  • Overwhelmed
  • Undercompensated
  • Discovering more work constantly coming your way
  • And, now, you’ve become a slave to a new job

If you’re trying to work this as a side-hustle, you can probably count on this now being a distracting second job that you think about throughout the day while you’re at your place of employment for 8 to 12 hours. 

Think you can spare some time to take for vacationing? 

…you might be able to wing that, but you’ll have that little voice in the back of your head constantly nagging at you to worry about all the accounts you’re trying to balance.

I wouldn’t want to be scuba diving in Cozumel, Mexico, with friends, family and a date, just to be several feet under the surface and question whether my Facebook Advertising strategies are working, keeping advertising expenses low, and delivering high returns for my clientele as a colorful school of fish swim past us.

Let’s say you wanted to expand and take on double the maximum that I had just recommended –

Can you see yourself bringing on 20 clients and providing each of them the highest quality of service that you can provide? 

I’ve officially transitioned to only accepting a small handful of Facebook and Google Ads clientele at any given time – I don’t want a second job anymore. 

Currently, the vast majority of my client base is stemming from the local lead generation for small businesses model – which is nothing more than generating referrals from free traffic in search results. 

How Local Lead Generation Gives Me More than Most Business Models in 2019

There’s a serious reason that I’m drifting away from Facebook Ads…

And it’s not because I’m not good at it; quite contrary to popular belief, I’ve used Facebook Ads in a variety of capacities.

I’ve tried Facebook Ads with…

  • eCommerce and physical products selling
  • Amazon FBA Business
  • Dropshipping
  • Shopify stores
  • Affiliate promotions
  • Lead Generation
  • And more!

In fact, I met up with a guy who was really experienced in using Facebook Ads to cater to you audiences that are open to purchasing weight loss products and skincare essentials online. 

Once we met up, I offered to pay him about $10,000.00 just to show me what he knows and why what he does works so well. 

Even after that one sit-down, my profitability with Facebook Ads turned sky-high and it was amazing what the possibilities were with Facebook Ads.  You can…

  • Instantly purchase attention
  • Get more Facebook Page Likes
  • Boost a post that you want to hopefully go viral someday
  • Increase website traffic
  • Selling a product
  • Increase your social media following

Literally, the possibilities are virtually endless with what you can do with a social media ad. 

I’ve turned some profits from this too; my physical products endeavors granted me a near $4,000 in net profits… but, that’s after all of the labors and costs of goods sold, managing partnerships, and labels, postage, logos, packaging, and the list goes on.

Imagine not having to do all of that with physical products…

Imagine all your assets being digital and a lot less of a headache…

Best of all, you don’t have to pay some advertising costs like with Facebook Ads – it’s all done through free organic traffic. 

That’s the power of local lead generation! 

  • Life is easier,
  • Digital assets are simpler to manage and build,
  • You can expand your network in a rapid and affordable manner, and
  • Ultimately, you could rock out your business venture with nearly 100% profit margins! 

That’s just a few of the additional benefits that come from learning what I know and putting it into action to turn an idea of working online into a profitable side-hustle. Check out what I did to earn another $750 in income online with the limo rental lead gen site…

There’s nothing quite like having built up a side income that pays me whether I decide to work or not. I’m not bragging, I’m being honest — it’s something I never dreamed of until I met my mentor through this coaching program.

He also showed me some of the other profitable experiences and joys that come from local lead generation through free search strategies, beyond any other business model I’ve reviewed on this blog thus far…

  • Quit your job quickly: No joke, I used to work for $35k in a year, before taxes; now I rake in $50k every month whether I work or not!
  • Passive Income: post these lead gen sites up one time with a few hours of work and profit for the lifetime of their returns
  • Long-Term Success: Instead of a Facebook Ad dying off or having to be maintained, I’ve had web properties pay me for nearly 5 years now and they’ve never been touched or maintained since I put them up so many years ago
  • Very little competition: you can pick where you want to work, just name a city and an industry; if Google search results exist for it, then it’s up to you when you’d like to start raking in the leads to make small business owners rich – who will happily pay you to keep their phones ringing
  • Enjoy making money like Lyft and Airbnb: just send your sales leads to business owners and let them pay you handsomely year after year
  • Let your mood determine where you open your laptop and work your business, and when you feel like working your business – no more having to explain to the boss why you were late when you had to be at work before the sun even came up
  • Ready to quit your dead-end job like I was only a few short years ago?  With the financial freedom, security, and confidence that you can acquire from this high-income skill, you can choose to build up a side-income that can allow you to decide whether that 9 to 5 is really the best use of your limited time in life

Look, someone reading this might actually enjoy what they do for a full-time job. 

I’ve met doctors, chiropractors, lawyers, not-for-profit good-hearted service workers, and others who wake up every day and are excited to go to work and make a difference for the consumers that ask for their expertise. 

However, some of those service providers are also not getting compensated in the way that they feel they should be! 

There are some people like that who decide to still comb through the search results of the internet (which is exactly how I’m making my profits online – Hint, Hint) exploring credible resources for facts, figures, and success stories on how they, too, can leverage the internet to build a side-hustle of their own and turn a profit without having a second job. 

Once you do that, you can stop making impulsive decisions on what will turn a profit for you on the internet. 

Instead, you can calmly evaluate what the best use of your time is – and if your heart is still into what you’re doing full-time then that’s fine! 

However, NO ONE should have to know what it’s like to go through an entire lifetime with the stress of living paycheck to paycheck and never knowing the joys of traveling North America (or internationally) for vacations, friends, and family gatherings. 

It’s not fair to live in a low-rent apartment complex with the bitter cold of Detroit winds penetrating the walls because the landlord was too cheap to turn the heat on. 

There I sit in my hoodie and sweatpants, layered under blankets that still weren’t enough to keep me warm as my teeth chatter and I complain and curse the world about why I have it so bad. 

It wasn’t until I came across a coaching program through a blog post like the one you’re reading here that introduced me to the possibilities of having a tree service pay me $2,000 every single month for a project I only spent a few hours getting together and pasting to the top of Google search results.

Now, that same tree service web property pays me month after month to continue serving up buyers for that very service. 

Whether they need stump grinding, an entire tree removed or just some specialized services to trim the branches of large trees that people like you and I might find dangerous to try and reach on our own…

My life is forever changed because of what was made available by the mentor I had hired not more than a handful of years ago. 

He taught how I could establish some digital properties to perform for me like virtual real estate – I can rent the results that they bring out to local small businesses and have some income coming in for a very long time! 

Now, I understand this business model so well that I’m able to…

  • Quickly throw a lead gen site together and put it on Google search
  • Put in some brief amount of time and work to superglue it to the top
  • Essentially, this is a set-and-forget method of online entrepreneurship
  • I get paid a ton of cash for the little work I’ve put it – I’m not kidding!!!

If you’re ready to experience this kind of change for yourself, learn more about our local lead generation coaching program and how you can get these kinds of results that can last longer than the changing market conditions that adversely affect Facebook Ads.  Instead, you can let your lead gen websites pay you a high passive income for life. 

At least, it’s my go-to choice for generating a multiple 6 figures in annual income from free traffic.  

I’m excited to hear from you in the next couple of minutes!