Amazing Selling Machine – Scam or Actual Home Business?

So you’ve heard about the Amazing Selling Machine program that educates its students on building their own Amazon-based physical products business…

You know, the Amazon FBA course with Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark who were the creators of it.

Now, I was doing rather well for myself when I had heard about this at an online marketing conference.  In fact, my local lead gen business helped me to rake in $50k per month on Auto Pilot just by leveraging FREE Organic Web Traffic to get business owners to pay me like clockwork!  

Still, I found it important to invest in myself and develop new ideas, new connections, and even new revenue streams…

So I met this guy there who actually worked up his own Amazon business with having marketed only kitchen glassware from scratch to six figures. 

After meeting him and hearing him speak highly of this course (of all the ones he had explored, this was his favorite), I figured that this could have something of value to it.

So I gave Amazing Selling Machine a shot and explore building a physical products revenue stream.

Before sharing with you whether this is a wise venture, check out why others are entering the world of entrepreneurship…

Is Selling on Amazon a Good Business Model?

If you’ve heard anything in the news lately, there’s no doubt you’d have heard about the tremendous growth that Amazon has experienced recently…

Amazon is pioneering the extravagance of their e-commerce stores online through…

-Establishing Local Stores (that you can even go and physically pick up your package at)

-Drone Shipping (they fly the package over to your neck of the woods)

-Keeping It Traditional (they’ve now got their own shipping company to get your package mailed)

With all of the amazing things that Amazon has going on for themselves, becoming a business person who is associated with such a rising company means high-credibility and the opportunity to hop on-board with a rising trend… which could mean MASSIVE $$$!

What you get out of the Amazing Selling Machine Course

Of course, any successful entrepreneurial endeavor requires:

  • A Product or Service
  • A way to market to buyers
  • Collecting Money for the product/service
  • Providing the requested service or product to the buyer
  • EXCELLENT customer service in the process.

In the space of marketing physical products, it takes a little more focus and dedication than what the aforementioned might make it out to be…

Great product order fulfillment and continued, Superior customer service skills are paramount!

Check out just a few of the things you’d need in your Amazon FBA style of a business:

  • Evaluating product competition through personally invested research (time and effort)
  • Requesting samples
  • Waiting for samples to arrive
  • Accepting that the product is getting outsourced
  • Testing out the product personally
  • Designing any sort of packaging and logos
  • Figuring out how to submit bulk orders
  • Making liaison with the Amazon FBA center
  • Receiving, and responding, to negative reviews
  • Paying “frequent attention” to Amazon metrics in your own business account
  • Figuring out how to build out a web site
  • Now you’re actually in business – what if you wanted to sell it?  What then?  What now?

Basically, this requires time, patience, tons of effort, and careful selection of products with professional suppliers that you’d need to partner with (and, ultimately, rely on). 

When asked what the most challenging part of this business might be, I said the partnership. 

Basically, your success in the hands of another person – the supplier. 

Seriously, what if they delay shipping, run out of stock and don’t tell you, or some other unforeseen inconvenience? 

Before that even, finding a good product or industry to step into is another issue.

With countless products to choose from, even the arduous task of requesting product samples required

-shipping time
-making time to check out the product
-evaluate it personally; ya know, see if I could get behind it
-consider whether someone was going to ask for a refund if they didn’t like what they received (after buying directly from me)

Beyond all of that, there’s still no verifying if your endeavor is about to become a profitable one until you make it… or don’t make it, as the case just might be.

That’s why, with the local lead generation business model, you don’t have to worry about physical products and the rules of Amazon! You can own your own, simple websites, rank them until they’re stuck at the top of Google…

From there, you get to sit back, relax, and let the website do the heavy lifting for you: siphoning Free Organic acquired buyers from Search Engines and get paid residually to do nothing more than automatically send said customers (repeat buyers and new ones) over to the small business owners to close!

Back to the Amazing Selling Machine discussion…

What else is piled on top of (and adding to) the stress of selling physical products – or anything for that matter – it all is the anomaly of Amazon’s product ranking system; and if you’re selling on Amazon, you’re subject to it just like everyone else in the ball game…

You still need to give enough concerted effort to have your product listing (yes, you have to take the time to get it listed first) to a ripe and ready position so it is seen, and evaluated, by actual buyers.

Naturally, Amazing Selling Machine provides plenty of do’s and don’ts, with tons of wisdom gems to save you from the pitfalls of treacherous AmazonFBA mistakes.

How does my Amazon product listing Actually Climb the Amazon search results?

Back in the day, before Amazon wised up and cracked down on their marketplace, anyone could just climb the listings through fake views and review submissions about your product listing.

NOW… the Amazing Selling Machine students might have a more difficult time achieving those coveted first-week student success stories, since those old-school tips and tricks don’t really apply anymore.

At this point, it’s really all about the volume of visitors and buyers you’re achieving now.

As a result, your first go-around needs to be spot on, from product selection or design to logo, packaging, a honed in listing, and more.

If you’ve ever heard of Google AdsTM (formerly, GoogleAdWordsTM), one recommendation that could be beneficial is to run a Google search advertisement (from the pay-per-click platform), and drive more visitors to your actual listing.

With more and more entrepreneurial players in the game than only a few years ago, the competition is fierce in the Amazon FBA gig. 

Amazon FBA sellers recognize that the sales cycle (just to land a buyer) takes longer than before, as does launching a product that could be very popular and getting those precious, stark-raving reviews from those real buyers. 

The updates on the platform have simply overcomplicated this method of business, thus making little value or interest in these so-called Amazon FBA courses that once helped people to start a business from home. 

However, Amazing Selling Machine is one of the few training courses, if any, to provide annual updates to their program to ensure that their students are getting the most current instructions on how to make the best of their Amazon FBA business venture.

My Opinion of the Amazon FBA Business Venture

Here’s the down and dirty between selling on Amazon and different online businesses in 2019:

The Good

  • Amazon is gaining positive traction and is here to stay
  • With Amazon FBA, you don’t need a stock of inventory at your home. 
  • Heck, you don’t even need a place to do business, except a place to go that has a laptop, internet and some comfortable space with electricity
  • You could have an entrepreneurial exit and sell the business you build from nothing.
  • Other than actual orders and the costs of those orders, there’s not really much else in the way of expenses.

The “Wiggle Room to Improve”

  • There’s not much in the way of guaranteeing success. 
  • Some products won’t be a hit, and you’ve gotta be okay with making the hard decisions to let a project go sometimes.
  • Less control, as you are partnered with business entities that actually have processes and are subjected to natural disasters and unusual circumstances – all of which influence how your customers view“you”.
  • Unlike a dental practice or law office, the negative reviews on you actually make it harder for you to market in the future(successfully).

Even with the counterpart of Amazon – Shopify stores – you still need to rely on paying for advertising, and those pay-per-click ads actually working in your favor, whether on Google Ads or Facebook Ads.  Without them, you can kiss those traffic and sales goodbye.

Back to Amazon, you could pick a slam dunk on your very first pick, that ends up being a hot product, pastes you at the top of Amazon search results, and you get tons of sales – for years to come – without the required paid advertising that you had to start with for that product.

Organic Traffic is Sweet!!!

If it were up to me to do it all over again, I’d stick with Amazon FBA instead of having to rely on Facebook Ads connected to one’s Shopify stores.

Rest assured, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with engaging in both ventures; just find a great product and go-to-town!


I was in a different spot than most when I started with Amazing Selling Machine. 

And when you have a successful local lead generation business that is spitting off nearly 100% of your revenue straight into your pocket — Yeah, SICK profit margins here — I’ll bet you’d be just as comfortable branching out and trying another business model.  

Of course, while any business venture could work out for you if you were to invest some personal work and time (and funding) into it, entrepreneurship requires the skillful art of carefully evaluating miscalculations.

Something like this allows a business owner appropriately adjust their focus toward what they’re missing in their sales, marketing, services, etc., and to figure out how to make all spokes on the business components metaphorical wheel interlink and (ultimately) end up working for you as an asset instead of a liability. 

That’s exactly what I did with my SEO business online, and which is why I had plenty of marketing funds to be able to start driving internet paid traffic (what is called PPC, or Pay-Per-Click) to my Amazon FBA business and the specific, physical products I was working with.

My physical products business was kicking back a profit of $4,500.00+ per year, which wasn’t that bad of a start! 

I’d have to say that it could continue to work out for me, and if selling physical products is an exciting sounding idea then you may benefit from investing in the Amazing Selling Machine.

Honestly, the repetitive activity of the Amazon FBA Business venture was just not my style, so I chose to focus the majority of my efforts back on the business I fell in love with, and that’s the lifestyle that comes with an SEO business.

Seriously, it doesn’t get any easier with the local lead gen model.  Check this out…

You paste a website that you threw together at the top of Google search results, like a set it and forget it kind of thing.  Then, the website can do the heavy lifting for you, thereby spiting out predictable cash for you month after month, year after year, for as long as the business owner is buying the highly targeted, Free Organic Traffic — meaning, buyers — off of you.

…and who doesn’t want more customers, am I right???

For most business owners, especially those wanting more time freedom, setting and forgetting processes may be a little bit of a stretch, but it’s definitely an ideal situation so they can keep the profits of the company high while working less. 

The same is true for any online venture. Just like with Amazon FBA, you still have to keep watch over your business from end to end in the local lead generation market; that’s just good business management though!

Unfortunately, I always hear the common complaint that it just takes way too long to generate net profits from Amazon FBA.  From scrapping projects to starting over with no profit or results to show for it… yeah, it can be taxing!

This just shows that any newcomer can have trouble starting an AmazonFBA business; even the veterans of the program are struggling, so there’s a lesson for all of us.  It’s not easy.

From multiple product failures in the Amazon FBA gig (at no fault to the Amazing Selling Machine program), the local lead generation business is the idea method to killing your job and living the laptop lifestyle of working from home.

This is why I like Lead Generation over Amazon FBA in 2019

Think about it…

  • More opportunities
  • Less Competition
  • More Control
  • Success Rate is THRU THE ROOF!
  • Low Start-Up Costs in each project
  • Begin multiple projects at the same time
  • Rapid Results!!!

I don’t see anything bad, per se, about the Amazon FBA business.  It could work for you or it could be a bust; welcome to the wonderful world of owning a business, ya know? 

Your Amazing Selling Machine, however, very well could be enjoyable for someone who likes to work with physical projects, addressing the needs of people who depend on someone like you to deliver what they ordered on a discount, and are willing to routinely manage global business connections to foster positive relationships should any disaster hit your business model.

I still have to lean toward local lead generation since multiple projects can be kicked off immediately. 

Additionally, sales can be abundant, recurring, and predictable in short-order from starting this business venture. 

You also get to feel rewarded — which not many other business models can lead someone toward.  While some industries are experiencing burn out, you get to make a living while making a difference. 

Basically, you’ll be helping real business owners in the local marketplace to generate more revenue by helping more people; it’s an enormous thrill and can scale infinitely — and quickly, if you so choose!

Lead gen has made the most profits for me thus far, and I am comfortable with how simple this business model really is!

Local lead generation was my first business venture, and the massive profits from this type of operation was how I was able to kill my job –literally QUIT MY FULL-TIME JOB – and land my first six figures of profit online… which allowed me to begin exploring other business ventures on the side.

If you want to focus on one project – one product – at any given time and hope that it is a home run, then Amazing Selling Machine might just be a great fit for ya.  With Jason and Matt as your guiding beacons in the Amazon FBA business, you can’t go wrong.

If you’d like to learn how you can help local business owners by starting a local lead generation business, through pasting billboards at the top of Google, then click here to be introduced to the coaching program that ushered me into the laptop lifestyle just a few short years ago.