Amazon Fast Track by Ben Cummings – Unbiased Review

Known to be a straight up expert and leader in the eCommerce arena, it’s an understatement to claim that Mr. Ben Cummings is proficient in the space of Amazon.  If you’re looking to sell physical products through the world wide web, you can get every bit of information from A to Z to seriously launch your first product listing and be in a position to begin profiting through his Amazon Fast Track course. 

I’m talking about this course because I’ve actually experimented with the Amazon FBA Business model – and I’ve even raked in an okay return on investment (ROI).  Knowing that it works, I feel very comfortable sharing with you my personal experiences on how this has worked out.

Prior to starting with the physical products space and Amazon Fast Track by Ben Cummings, I began a side hustle called Local Lead Generation which allowed me to quit my 9 to 5, literally rake in $50,000 per month – on AutoPilot – from Free Google Search traffic, and not spending a dime on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Google Ads or Facebook Ads to try and turn a profit. 

Thanks to the lucrative income from that side hustle, I’ve been able to affordably – and comfortably – invest in the physical products space and attempting to compete in getting sales with Amazon… so I think I have an idea of what the space was like, especially since I had make some money from Amazon too. 

In fact, while I was doing this, I’ve met a vast number of other side hustle seeking entrepreneurs that became wildly successful through the Amazon physical products line of business by ending up selecting products that turned out to be a HUGE hit to market and sell on the product listings in Amazon.  Knowing what I know now, they’ve earned every penny for their hard work, too.

Although I’ve enjoyed investing my time, resources, and energy in understanding this space, I am going to offer you a quick overview about Amazon Fast Track by Ben Cummings and the nature of Amazon in general, in hopes that I’ll be able to share some insight and help you to choose whether this is an opportunity for you (or not).

Required Behaviors to Become a Success in Amazon by Ben Cummings

One of Mr. Cummings’ key points to both his and his students’ success stories he credits back to knowing – and implementing – certain kind of entrepreneurial behaviors… After all, this is a business venture!

These behaviors can include such things as…

  • Not just learning, but stepping up to activity on a massive scale immediately
  • Participating in his recommended challenge he calls the 90-day Fast Track
  • Giving monetary, hourly dollar values to certain business behaviors, he encourages others to dedicate their time to $1,000 to $10,0000 activity (in other words, what are they doing during this time they are claiming to be working on their business)
  • Acquire a Mentor or business coach

This last point – coaches and mentors – is a pivotal ingredient toward success because one of the more ideal concepts in business is to follow success; there’s a notion that success leaves clues and what better way to fast track your success than to follow proven steps to arrive at the goals and aspirations that inspired you to explore further into the world of entrepreneurship in the first place. 

Another reason to acquire a coach and mentor is to aggregate your resources into a direct path toward success, thereby saving you from losing out on your valuable assets in light of dire, costly mistakes as you try to “figure things out” in this new, online business venture of yours.

Take Ben, for example, who has outlined a creative way to identify physical products that you can leverage to rake in a bare minimum of $10,000.00 every single month if you set it up according to his training principles… and this is prior to selecting your Amazon listing product personally.

In other words, you need to identify what those $10,000.00 per hour best business practices are.  They can include mundane, yet vital behaviors, such as:

  • Improving personal keyword research skills
  • Identifying ideal products
  • Measuring the amount of time the aforementioned activities can take you

In addition to the precious time that you have to invest in this business venture (so you can better plan your days), if identifying the most profitable products leads you toward his claim of a minimum of $10,000 in base, monthly income, then we can identify that one (1) hour of diligent research on physical products could notionally bring you an additional $10,000 this year alone!

This is also valid when you’re not paying for ads and buying web traffic visitors to see what you’ve posted online for them to buy, but also when you’re kickin’ an affordable, sweet business online leveraging nothing other than Free, Organic web traffic. 

It’s so exciting that I can even recollect the moment I realized I had amassed my first $100,000.00+ in local lead generation.  It’s all about 1 thing…

  • Finding the local business market that you can get a web property, like virtual real estate, pasted to the top of Google like a digital billboard and spittin’ cash back at you with all the buyers coming your way!

Let’s get real here for a moment (not like we haven’t been already)…

Why would I be talking about an Amazon FBA Business and/or selling physical products online if I have done so well for myself in the local lead gen business model of owning an online marketing income?

It’s a really easy answer…

I like to “not” keep all of my eggs in one basket, but instead –

Diversify by income portfolio.

Yeah, I’m talking like that even having only started an online business and left my 9 to 5 full-time job as an employee a short few years ago…

…and you could be, too, if you were interested in exploring our coaching program that taught how to do exactly what I did, step by step, to generate your own wealth by simply sending buyers to local small businesses.

When it comes down to it, I believe in the principle of investing in my own education.

More specifically, gaining and perfecting the high-income skill that you can leverage…

In other words, find a skill that pays the bills.

Seriously, that’s not just a clever phrase; put your skill to work for you.

Since I’ve generated over $50,000.00 per month, every month, on AutoPilot now, local marketing and lead generation is my primary business venture still…

However, I’ve hired a full-time team of experts in their respective fields who build my business daily while I’m spending my days understanding the coaches that pitch online business ventures to people like you and I. We really want to know what’s out there and debunk any myths about whether something would be a good fit for either of us.

After all… Amazon, the digital retailer of physical products, is the third most visited domain and website on the world wide web in this day and age, second only to Google (which is a search engine) and Facebook (which is a social media platform). 

To partner with something like that could scream credibility; the third most popular business entity in the world, and you’re working with them online to generate a side income for yourself.  That’s kinda awesome, don’t you think…

Since my online business of lead gen lets me capitalize with HUGE profit margins on the Free Traffic from Facebook and Google, my next step was to explore whether I could get in on the Number 3 option of the largest powers in business: finding a way to get a piece of the action from Amazon! 

Summarizing the Amazon Fast Track Coaching Course

Mr. Cummings knocked out an epic job on delivering on his coaching program.  In addition to his thoroughness on the business option, here are some of my entrepreneurial takeaways from Ben’s lessons on Amazon:

  • It’s key to find a product that can deliver upwards of $10,000.00 in minimum, monthly income
  • Ben demystifies and identifies exactly what Amazon requires in order to have your product listing get found at the very first spot of search results (you know… where all the free buyers come to your website and make a purchase, and you didn’t have to do anything like start a Google Ad and Pay Per Click (PPC) to get your product listing some buyers taking action)
  • Quick Hint: Amazon’s #1 decision-making item on whether you’re the most relevant result for your ideal customers to see you on the digital, physical products’ purchasing website is your product conversion rate – that’s right, whether your product sells.  Let’s see other courses identify that for ya…
  • In addition to all the other aspects of getting your product listing just right for marketing (like an intelligent product angle, your title and its clear and concise description, how to market the product listing effectively, and any other non-gimmick efforts that can lead you to earn the highest conversion rates of your competition… and that means long-term, highest rankings and maximum conversions for maximum profits), he also advises sound methods for gathering positive product reviews in large quantities
  • Further, Ben’s teachings liberally apply to more than simply selling effectively on Amazon physical products listings – you can sell virtually anything with the strategies touched on in Mr. Cummings’ course

One of the larger attractions to Amazon Fast Track is the actual 90-Day Fast Track plan that he introduces for newbies in the physical products space to follow along with.  He opens the doors on his story and educates his exclusive student body on…

  • What were the key ingredients behind HIS success in selling on Amazon
  • Listen in as students also ask him questions for clarification and specific solutions to hurdles they run into as they’re starting up their own Amazon business
  • Step by step guide to ensure you are highly effective in your streamline path to becoming a success story from his training

This guy’s training is so effective that he’s literally been able to introduce new ideas to the veterans of selling physical products on Amazon – that’s how seasoned Ben Cummings Amazon Fast Track really is.

And I can see why that is – I, being a successful, online entrepreneur myself and having had my own level of success in selling products on Amazon, can testify that Ben is an outstanding trainer when it comes to the Amazon FBA business model.

As a student, you’ll get everything you need to not only launch your first product in an effort to achieve massive success, but he does more than just set you up with video recorded training and wish you the best of luck – which I’ve actually seen some do. 

Here’s what you get as a student in the Amazon Fast Track coaching course:

  • New webinars regularly, which are live and available for you to interact with
  • Inspiration so you can get motivated and charge forward (even when your chips are down)
  • Recorded – and new – Question and Answer interviews with his coaching program students
  • Ben Cummings adds to his training in an on-going basis – Amazon changes so it only makes sense that a coach that is worth their weight would adjust with the times as he intends to give you, the new student of Amazon Fast Track, the best of chances in succeeding with Amazon

Local Lead Generation Versus Physical Products Marketing on Amazon

I’ll be straight with you, it’s a lengthy process toward making money on Amazon…

To go from starting to research the product you want to advertise on the physical products listings and compete in the Amazon digital marketplace, to turning a profit of any kind – it’s gonna be a hot minute (or several)…

The volume of steps you need to tackle carefully to ensure your product listing is just right – especially the product you’ve selected needs to be ripe for the marketplace to demand high enough that you can see sales come in for ya…

Then there’s the managing aspects of your listing (and the relationship you have with the seller you’ve partnered with) from all directions, like:

  • Ensuring the inventory of your product is still in stock and available
  • Handling reviews and responding to them as soon as you see them (or deleting them, if it’s even possible to get rid of such fraudulent activity, which sometimes happens in the marketplace)
  • Recognizing that the profit margins may not be so hot, and how to deal with that whole separate issue after products are actually bought and sold
  • Addressing the financial side of this business, such as the famous phrase: Cost of Goods Sold
  • Recognizing the 15% that Amazon FBA Business charges you in fees
  • Organizing your own form of packaging and branding for your unique Amazon styled business
  • Postage and shipping fees

In Local Lead Generation (sometimes referred to as Local Marketing), you can negotiate large profit margins right from the get and they can return to you HUGE paydays right away.

In fact, my inventory of lead generation web properties give me a regular return darn near 100% of profits once they’re actually sitting pretty at the top of Google search results.

Then there’s the control factor with your web properties…

When it comes to Amazon physical products and the digital marketplace, you’re actually competing with a larger base of competition – such as, for example, the entire globe filled with people trying to do exactly what you’re doing, and a good portion of them just might be trying to compete for the top spot with the same time of product you’re attempting to sell.

However, you’re in greater control of what you own – and when you piece together these simple websites and place them into Google search results, the local marketing space has a lot less competition as you’re only competing with people that service the citizens of the local city…

And that means your competition is just the local business companies and service providers, ya know, people that prefer to keep their business close to base.

In that instance, it’s easier to see your web property climb to the top of Google in a reasonable time frame, as opposed to the headaches you’ve heard other people experience from not understanding why their physical products listings on Amazon aren’t first already when they’ve worked so hard – for so long – to earn what little profit they’ve turned so far.

Besides, things are more clear-cut in the local search results of Google.  With Amazon – not so much…

Even though Amazon has been adjusting things to try and deliver a much better, more fair marketplace, people can still circumvent the algorithm and cheat the system to see their products climb to the top faster than you.

What’s awesome about local marketing is that you can balance 10 or more different clients with an additional 10 or more projects in the works, with relative ease.  In the Amazon marketplace, it’s ill-advised to spend your time investing in anything more than 1-2 physical products… at least to start with.

When it comes to local marketing, you can set your website to the top of Google search one time, and then essentially forget about the work you’ve done for a long time. 

Why is that?

Simple… it’s a challenge to knock someone off the top competitor’s spot for search results when they’re the authority in the marketplace; and with our coaching program, we teach you how to make a simple website go from nothing to the authority and dominating the marketplace right away! 

To prove this, I can testify that I currently possess websites that are…

  • Over 5 years in age
  • Worked on the websites 1 time to make them stick to the top of Google search
  • I don’t touch them, and haven’t touched them in years
  • I get PASSIVE INCOME from them to this very day!!!

When it comes to the Amazon FBA business, there’s no question that you’re going to need to diligently, and frequently, labor – like a full-time job almost – to keep your involvement in your product listing current and your search results as close to the top as possible…

Remember, you’re competing with the world of Amazon FBA Business entrepreneurs who are trying to do what you are trying to do, too.

Of course, when you play the game and actually land that coveted first position with a hot commodity that yields over $10,000.00 in the monthly income that Amazon Fast Track by Ben Cummings claims, then it may seem to be worth the squeeze.


There’s no doubt Ben Cummings has earned his stripes to be regarded as a credible, superb coach in the Amazon FBA Business model.

With the copious amounts of self proclaimed mentors in the coaching business these days – all of them trying to claim that their course is superior and you need to buy theirs if you want to see a huge return on investment (ROI), it’s important to envision what makes each of them stand out on their own and what credible, unique contribution can each of them bring to the marketplace (if any)…

Ben knows his craft, his high-income skill, and has been teaching this skill regarding Amazon FBA for a long time. 

His students have been able to reproduce his kind of success in the Amazon FBA business repeatedly – of course, there is some luck involved as no one can 100% predict what the market trend and demand is going to be for any kind of physical product.

In fact, Ben, himself, also labors in the Amazon FBA business model personally, and he produces an income to this day on Amazon – perhaps that’s why he’s so qualified to be doing what he’s doing and teaching people, just like you and I, how to make this work for us.

His coaching style has zero gimmicks, which means facts and clarity for us on how to achieve our desired results – which, of course, is turning a profit – in the quickest methods currently available with how Amazon has changed things in their marketplace.

As with anything, the ideal fit involves long-term success… and the same desire exists for those entering the Amazon physical products selling space.

From fabricating outstanding product listings and ensuring your advertising of that listing is on point, to competing for quality – and quantity – of reviews and building a strong first (1) position ranking, it is the hope of this style of online entrepreneuring that you can have a comfortable income for years and years.

I personally question whether that’s even possible considering the volume of work you have to put in with only 1 to 2 products at a time (at maximum) in order to see a profit, but Ben Cummings works hard to demystify the process and give you precise insights and guidance to “Fast Track” your success on Amazon.

If selling physical products has been an interest of yours for some time now, then investing in the Amazon Fast Track coaching course with Ben Cummings just might be an okay fit for ya.

I personally know that the Amazon FBA business model has been an adventure of a side project to learn some things about how people move tangible products and use the internet to get the word out about what they’re marketing.

How Local Lead Generation Trumps The Online Business Options in 2019

If, however, you’re still hyped about turning to the internet to generate your first profits earned as a solopreneur in online marketing, then here’s my view on the matter…

Local lead generation is your best option here, what with all the…

  • HUGE PROFIT MARGINS that aren’t subjected to the marketplace or seller costs; you own the digital real estate and you can rent out the buyers coming thru your website to local business owners
  • Profit off Free Organic Traffic – no need to buy ads or surrender your profits to silly marketplace fees like Cost of Goods Sold
  • Work anywhere in the world – just grab your laptop, make sure you have internet access wherever you’re going, and enjoy your vacation spot, or a staycation and work from home
  • LOW TO NO COMPETITION – you’re really competing against nearly 10 to 20 business owners (sometimes more) for your place on the world wide web, and you can do this in an industry and with any city (that uses Google search results, of course)
  • LONG TERM PROFITS – let’s be real again, the internet and local small business service providers probably aren’t going anywhere for a really long time (if ever)

As a newbie, if I had to do it all over again, I would place all of my start up capital in local lead generation. 

Of course I’m biased, it’s treated me well.  Where else could I have generated over $50,000.00 per month in a part-time income that allowed me to walk away from a full-time job of a laughable $35,000.00 in an annual salary only a few short years ago…

I’m no longer living on ramen noodles and hoping for that 25 cent raise at the end of the year.

I get to live and travel where I want, when I want, and choose who I partner within the local marketing arena and which business owners I make rich from the local lead generation efforts I provide for them with my virtual real estate that keeps spitting cash flow my direction like clockwork. 

It’s just a simple business model that’s easy to follow and super friendly to newbies in online entrepreneurship:

  1. Build a website
  2. Stick it to the top of Google
  3. Profit
  4. REPEAT!!!

If you’re ready to get started generating a full-time income on an extremely part-time basis, with some sick profit margins and no marketplace company (*cough Amazon cough*) telling you what you can or cannot do to turn a profit…

Then here’s your chance to learn exactly how I did and you can too with our coaching program in local lead generation.  It’s our proven system that works time and again, and I get to be living proof of it. 

I’m excited to see you be our next success story – all on a part-time basis and from the comfort of your own home (if you so choose).