The Amazon FBA Ninja Course by Kevin David – Unbiased Review

This guy must be pretty good at what he does – I was minding my own business and checking out Amazon FBA Business model videos when Kevin David popped up.  I thought… this guy must really know what he’s doing if he has so many videos published. 

Truth be told, while he addresses both Shopify and Amazon FBA business models through his wealth of training material (that you can easily look up), it seems that Mr. David regularly uploads content regarding Amazon FBA and Shopify physical products sales methods.

The first purchase I made was in this guy’s Amazon FBA Ninja course.  This is in addition to the local lead generation business I had started only a few years ago.  After great success in that, the next business trend I explored was through Kevin David, and it’s thanks to his content that I also became successful in this other online business model: Amazon FBA. 

Sure, I’m a unique breed in that running multiple businesses and challenging myself to learn new things totally beats working on the same single activity over and over.   Maybe you’re not the same way, and that’s okay.  The awesome thing about business is that there’s a little something for everyone out there.

Besides, once you’ve achieved a certain caliber of success in the entrepreneurial world, you can then begin outsourcing to a hired time any of the work you don’t feel like doing, don’t enjoy doing, or simply don’t know nor have an interest in figuring out how to do. 

This method of leveraging other people’s time definitely frees you up to rock out at other ventures in the field of business… and that’s what I’ve done with my local lead gen business, so I was able to explore another income stream with Amazon FBA. 

Simply put, this blog – yes, the one you’re reading here – is something I launched because of my passion for communicating about internet marketing,business models online, and entrepreneurship like the #1online business recommendation that I am was able to profit in and walk away from my full-time job just a few short years ago.

So I pick up Kevin David’s course about the Amazon FBA business model, specifically titled Amazon FBA Ninja, only after picking up a good couple handfuls of Amazon FBA coaching programs as well.  When you make an investment in a business venture, it’s a sound idea to be well-informed of what you’re getting involved in.

Besides, self-education, developing your high-income skills, and knowing the terrain you’re ushering your deep pockets into is exactly what separates the good business folks from the great entrepreneurs – even if you’re not there yet, self-education is one of the great investments you’ll ever make!

Certainly, if so many people had an Amazon FBA course out, someone must be doing things at least a little differently from the others. 

It was up to me to ensure I had all the best key takeaways, strategies, tips and tricks on the FBA by not leaving a single stone unturned.  What better way to know what’s right than to have more than 1 mentor… instead, having several mentors who are all experts at Amazon FBA!

Are they blowing smoke at ya?  Is Amazon FBA Business really the route to go? Here’s your insider scoop… Read on for my experienced take on this…

What Separates the Amazon FBA Ninja Course from Others Like Kevin David

Some of the best things I’ve discovered about Kevin David’s Amazon FBA Ninja Course right out of the gate are:

  • Access to the private Facebook Group – where all the successful students mastermind with Mr. David
  • Stay inspired through the success stories of others going through the program just like you
  • Clarify how to be successful with any hiccups or snags you individually face along the way
  • Plenty of opportunities to become successful for the tenacious and committed students

So the Facebook group is nothing more than that – a Facebook Group for the program… or is it?

Where else do we learn about other experts actually stepping into their own Facebook group aside from attempting to pitch or upsell more products and services to their following?  While it could be a good business lesson to never be afraid to ask for more sales from your customers, there’s more than that going on in this Facebook Group.

Kevin thinks enough of his program to back it up by being present almost daily in the Facebook group.  In fact, once you’re a student, go ahead and tag him in a post that you make with a question you have about anything in the program.  You might be surprised who answers you…

With the end result always being the student who is now a success story for the program, the camaraderie among the membership continues to inspire and uplift others just like you to stay focused, even when the entrepreneurial cycle knocks you off your path for a brief second.  They’re around to remind you that there’s no problem you can’t conquer as long as you stick with it.

It’s no secret that the Amazon FBA Business Model has been around for a long time; and in that long time, people have come and gone from the concept in producing actual revenue that they’ve been able to spend on daily living expenses, vacations, and more.  Stick with it, and anything is possible.

The old saying, birds of a feather, makes a lot of sense and that’s why these coaching programs exist.  If you truly are the combined average of the top 5 people you hang out with the most, then associating with the like-minded people of whom you aspire to have a similar lifestyle with can skyrocket your chances of success.

Hire a mentor and you can see the opportunity sharpen your road toward success. 

Since I’ve reviewed several Amazon FBA coaching programs already, the essentials are similar –

Ya know… here’s your ABCs to how to get a product listed and sold, and this is how you make money.

Here are two fundamentals I am more attentive to when I seek a quality Amazon FBA Business coach:

  • Have they got strong insight on products, or any product research that I can capitalize on?
  • Any advice on skyrocketing my product listings to the top rankings in Amazon?

It’s a safe bet that these hard-chargers have perused educational courses similar to their own, and there’s definitely an overlap in similarity because the basics will always be the basics anywhere you go.

Where I thought Kevin David knocked it out of the park was through his delivery of new Product Research ideas and escalating the product listing through the repurposing of digital assets like Google Ads and Facebook strategies.

His tips and tricks on increasing reviews on Amazon and, ultimately, sales derive from David’s ability to communicate strong landing pages, and email marketing approaches – including collecting those coveted emails of people who might just be the next buyer for ya.

These fresh approaches are definitely what separate Kevin David from the rest of the coaches in the Amazon FBA Business model space.

One of the most refreshing points to understand is that paidadvertising (meaning Pay-Per-Click or “PPC” and/or Facebook Ads) doesn’t haveto be your go to strategies forever; just enough to beat out the competitors issufficient to become profitable.

The Common, and Very Real, Struggles in Amazon FBA Business

Since there’s really no good way to rapidly, massively, or individual expand your presence online, nor the volume of listings which can be placed to“test the marketplace rankings” – at least not without the preparatory labors involved in supplier networking, sample ordering, bulk/mass orders, branding, labeling, etc., a lot of people complain about how easy it is to end up stuck in the process toward success.

If your inventory isn’t in stock, or you can’t collect genuine reviews and conversions to boost your listing, there’s really no alternative to establishing a great online presence with new product listings.

Another pitfall can be in the product research – spinning one’s tires tirelessly (pun intended) in attempting to identify that one perfect best-selling product to post up, list and bank on. 

The truth of the matter is… you could end up waiting for several months before discovering whether your selected product will be the one item that takes you to the promised land – or has you back at square one with your entrepreneurial endeavor.

If you operate like a retail shoe store, for example, and list more products more often, you’ll have a greater amount of opportunities to land a winning product and succeed in the Amazon FBA Business.

Once you’ve mastered the art of landing the coveted page 1 results onAmazon products searching, especially with that one special product that garners stellar, genuine, positive buyer reviews, then you’ve finally arrived at a winning formula that can ensure your business model has longevity and produces excellent, profitable numbers for you.

Think about it… the thousands, if not millions, of people that purchase from Amazon on the daily, monthly, and/or yearly, and you’re landing in the ideal spots – at the top of search results, Consistently – that’s a good thing!  Go ahead and celebrate because you can look forward to some great income!

How Local Lead Generation Wins Over the Amazon FBA Business Model

I still believe that ranking a website into local search results yields a greater level of control and more simplicity to the business model than struggling to hop over red tape and rank a product listing in Amazon. That’s local lead generation for ya… a way to capitalize on FREE, Organic Search Traffic.

Whether leveraging the Google Ads strategy, paying per visitor with every click, ranking a product to the top of Amazon search results is reliant(almost exclusively) on the volume, and quality, of POSITIVE, Genuine reviews that you can acquire for your that specific listing.  That means I can’t control the speed at which the listing climbs to the top of Amazon.

Instead, I can implement my well-honed Search Engine Optimization (SEO)skills to climb any web property to the top of any city in the United States from virtually anywhere I might happen to be with my laptop and some convenient internet access. 

I can add more content and backlinks to a web page and see it shoot to the top of Google search results in a relatively brief time…

Amazon product listings don’t let me deliver backlinks to a product in hopes that it can soar to the top in similar fashion, which means I have to play their game of quality reviews instead of grunt out some simple work to turn a profit.

If you’re looking for a much simpler option to acquire success in operating a business online, then instead of exploring Amazon FBA Business strategies, look more into local lead generation.

Why Local Lead Generation Has Served Me Well in 2019

Simply put, lead generation allows me to get paid for sending sales leads to local businesses with simple websites that target Free Traffic by the swarms of buyers interested in the service or product.

Lead generation with Google Search Results is more scalable than AmazonFBA because you’re simply not dealing with physical products here – it’s all digital real estate that takes up space that competitors wish they knew how to grab to get their phone ringing with referrals.

As a result, there’s not really any ongoing work in order to maintain our lead gen web properties, which makes our income both stable and predictable… as well as Lucrative!!!

Here are some top reasons I believe lead generation is the perfect business model for 2019:

  • Make your own hours
  • Make money just like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, and just get paid by getting a sliver to deliver those referrals over to business owners
  • Simple business model – send leads, get paid, repeat
  • You’re helping business owners who are excellent at the service they provide but not so certain on how to generate the business in this digital era we live in
  • EASY COMPETITION – there are tons of industries and cities to select from and work with

This was the fastest way I had found to quit my job and enter into the laptop luxury lifestyle only a few short years ago…

And it was worked for literally thousands of people so far, so I know it can work for you, too.

The business model is simple, really…

I know that more content that is both written and published on a website like this – and more lead gen sites getting set up to send off more cash flow to me – is exactly what will ensure that my sales develop, and my business grows, and consistent progress is ensured without the hesitation of other business models, like notionally getting stuck somewhere along the line.

This is a lot like what Kevin David has been planning, and accomplishing, this whole time with his coaching program(s). While I write content for websites, he fabricates YouTube videos and more video content as time progresses. 

As a result, his bottom line is expanding massively – albeit, a little at a time, but he’s expanding nonetheless. 

If you can learn how to generate free, organic traffic with websites, that is among the top important skills you can leverage to be successful in the space of operating a business – from home – online. 

Case in point, I have been successful with not only the local lead generation business model, but also with a blog like this: I’m using this article (and many others like it) to promote the lead generation business model coaching program. 

Simply put, it works!  It has worked, and continues to work; the only question left is whether you’re going to check it out and learn more about how exactly this works – and what’s in it for you.


My top recommendation for starting an online business is, hands-down, the local lead generation business model!

Since I’ve made money with both local lead generation and the AmazonFBA style of operating a business with physical products, my runner up option is Amazon FBA Business.

As countless other Amazon FBA courses have begun turning up around the marketplace, there’s no doubt it’ll take more time, effort, resources, and patience to get your product listing to the top of Amazon… especially now that more people are going to be in competition with you for those coveted #1rankings (or even 1st page rankings)…

Instead, Local Lead Generation seems to have more longevity and sustainability in 2019 business opportunities. 

The reality is that opportunities in the Amazon FBA just aren’t what they once were a year go

  • Reviews saturate the listings on page 1 already
  • The competition is already abundant (and growing)
  • The ability for a newbie to compete can get rather costly in start-up capital

As a newbie in Amazon product listings, attempting to catch up at this point would be daunting. 

The more time I spend exploring the Amazon FBA Business model, the more I just happen to lean on the local lead generation type of online business operations.

Perhaps that’s why people who’ve had success in Amazon product listings are now developing educational courses of their own on how to duplicate their success – because the product listing competition is so fierce now, even for the veterans of the physical products and e-commerce space.

This forces entry-level beginners to opt for lower priced, lower searched, lower desired products that yield minute margins of profits and not even large pay days at that. 

As the course for Amazon FBA continue to roll out, there’s less competition to market a product like this because there aren’t that many people willing to piecemeal a pre-recorded training module of several hours to detail every nuance of how to be successful in digital marketing – in particular, e-commerce, physical product listings…

As more people join the movement of Amazon FBA, the price of products sold can drop dramatically or gradually, but either way, it means great things for consumers and little to be desired by the entrepreneur’s spirited hopes of hitting it big.

While Amazon FBA Ninja is teaching a concept that could still have fantastic opportunities going forward, I can see the Amazon physical products game getting increasingly difficult and significantly less rewarding as time progresses.

Further, those selling coaching courses on the e-commerce strategy can increase their typical profit margins from physical products (10%-20% profit)to virtually all profit (nearly 100%) on their coaching program for teaching others to sell on Amazon.

BOTTOM LINE: I’ve built a huge monthly income from a very simple business model in only a few short years. 

I always envisioned getting to enjoy the lifestyle of generating$50,000.00 every month, predictably, passively, but I never thought I would have been able to do it while also having the time freedom to live it up and enjoy all the fruits that came from very little labor. 

The opportunities to get involved in the local lead generation space are WIDE OPEN! 

Think about the ideal business model, with time and financial freedom that everyone brags about.  With local lead generation, you get that and more…

  • Passive Income through Free Traffic that business owners will pay you handsomely to keep helping them with
  • Very Little Competition – tons of industries to help in countless cities
  • Long-Term Security – This business model, the internet, and small businesses are going to be a part of our society for years to come
  • Make your own hours – no one telling you when to punch in anymore
  • Work anywhere in the world – even in your pajamas in a hotel room on vacation with what little time might be required to“check on everything” before heading to the beach
  • Biggest Profit Margins since you don’t have to pay anyone for a physical product or cost of goods sold, and there’s no ad spend required for gathering this Free Traffic that business owners will pay you for

In fact, you can learn from the same coaching program that I learned todo lead generation with, and learn everything that I now know about getting paid to rank websites on Google and get paid to generate and pass off leads toa business owner. 

Click Here to learn more!