Amazon Sharks Coaching Course by Andrew Minalto – Unbiased Review

Amazon Sharks is a coaching program that Andrew Minalto caters to his United Kingdom coaching students regarding the Amazon FBA business model. 

If you’re looking to get away from your 9 to 5 without sacrificing any income – or maybe, instead, adding to your income – you could start your very own online business by investing in Amazon Sharks.

Thanks for checking out my article where I’ll cover a few things here, like…

  • What is Amazon Sharks  
  • Is it a worthwhile program
  • I’ll even address some of the more common questions that I hear rather often between Amazon FBA Business and the Dropshipping Business model
  • Pros and Cons to selling physical products online utilizing the Amazon FBA Business Model

I’ll even go so far as to mention to you what I like – and dislike – about the Amazon FBA Business (how’s that for brutal honesty)

And why I still lean toward an internationally friendly, online business model called Local Lead Generation.  This internet leveraging business model helps me to the tune of $50,000.00 every single month on AutoPilot – It’s nice because I don’t need a second job to make additional income. 

Here’s a question to marinate on for a while – if the Amazon FBA Business model is such a stellar entrepreneurial endeavor, then someone please explain to me why all these people who claim they know how to be successful in the selling of physical products thru Amazon are now organizing their own coaching courses…

There’s literally tons of them, now, floating around the marketplace and every single one of them claiming that they have the secret sauce to make it work for you in a relatively brief amount of time. 

This leads me to think that they’re trying to softball the idea that you could be profitable after purchasing their coaching program – when, in reality, success in any kind of business takes work and dedication). 

It just doesn’t make sense that every single coach out there can be right and be putting out a course that all have the best interests of their prospective students at heart – where they student can come in, knowing absolutely nothing about the industry, and turn a profit within days or weeks of getting started.

Naturally, there is competition in the Amazon FBA Business model since you’re competing on a global scale with people who are trying to target the same buyers with very similar products.  However, now all of these people are coming out of the woodwork and thinking they can train the same target audience on what it takes to make bank on Amazon.

Is it really in each of those coaches interests to make more competition for themselves?

It is my hope that this blog article can shine some more light on the matter and introduce you to the world of physical products selling in a digital, internet-based era, as a business model. 

Likewise, you’ll discover how the coaching program that taught me how to rake in so much dough in a relatively short few years time, especially one that markets a digital product (such as a coaching program, local lead generation, etc.) can be much more lucrative and attractive in the long run. 

Your Brief Outline of Amazon Sharks Coaching Course

  1. Module: Getting Started Right
  2. Module: Researching the Marketplace
  3. Module: Sourcing Your Physical Product
  4. Module: Your Company Branding
  5. Module: Fabricating Listings (from scratch)
  6. Module: FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon – What it means and how it works)
  7. Module: How to Rank your Listing for Maximum Exposure and Profits
  8. Module: Handling Products that are Sponsored
  9. Module: Marketing and Advertising in a Digital World with Physical Products
  10. Module: Concluding the Course
  11. First Bonus Module: Expanding Your Product Listing and Business Model Internationally
  12. Second Bonus Module: Paradise with Manufacturing

Mr. Minalto leaves nothing to chance in his coaching program.  His students stay with him because he addresses everything in his course point by point.

This is key because I have been exposed to countless other Amazon FBA business model coaching programs – you can read more about them in some of the other articles on this website at your convenience.

I know what it takes to communicate success effectively in a coaching program and, having successfully raked in some cold hard cash of my own thru the Amazon FBA Business, I know that this is a business endeavor that does work – if, and only if, you put a solid investment of time, resources, and work ethic into it.

I can testify that Andrew steps up his game in this coaching program, holding back nothing for his students.  It’s ideal when you can find a coach or mentor that shares with you absolutely everything that you need to be successful in a business venture – and Mr. Minalto does exactly that. 

To illustrate, here are some of the finer points I appreciate about Amazon Sharks training:

  • You get all of the essentials; every basic concept that you need to know to successfully understand and navigate the business model, the platform, the listings, etc.  It’s a very new person friendly coaching program. 
  • You get to follow along as you learn how to research a product, virtually step by step.
  • You can get started on your very own business brand, including logo, packaging, and even understanding what a trademark is and how to get one.
  • A less common strategy shared in other courses is a benefit for you: how to incorporate Facebook Ads (which is a paid traffic source) to facilitate your Amazon product listing’s rankings in the Amazon marketplace.

He takes the mystery out of the business model and reassures his students that it’s less about finding that perfect, ideal product that others haven’t found yet.  With the world being filled with massive amounts of people also trying to enter the Amazon FBA Business game, you’ll have your share of competition – TRUST ME!

However, there’s more to this business and being successful at selling physical products thru Amazon than simply product selection; it is what you do after you have found a product you can believe in, feel good about bringing to the marketplace, and have confidence in selling that matters more! 

You have the opportunity to build a brand through bringing your product listings to the top of the marketplace and get some free buyer traffic coming to check out what you’re trying to profit off of by helping the ideal customers to acquire what they see fit to purchase according to their needs.

To do this, you need to do what is called optimizing your listing – and you need to be capable of doing this in a strategic way; and you’ll be in a great spot when you pick up this coaching program because that’s right where you’ll be. 

You’ll be a student that has access to clear guidance and step by step instruction to make the most out of your listing.

One of the common worries with this industry is that you don’t have that much control over what happens with your product listing in the Amazon marketplace.  With Amazon Sharks coaching, you’ll have more control over both your listing and your success than most professionals you’re competing against might believe they have.

Comparing Dropshipping to the Amazon FBA Business Model

For those of you asking which business model will be more profitable, or is simply better…

My answer is the Amazon FBA Business model for the eCommerce industry.

When you’re dealing with physical products, things can get crazy, so let’s dig into some rationale here.

One of the things people love about dropshipping is that you don’t have to order samples or handle any of the products personally.  That means no inventory stashed at your home and no worries about people finding your return address and showing up at your doorstep when you do something in your business that they simply don’t approve of.  Yeah, it’s a crazy world out there!

The major attraction that is advertised toward dropshipping is that the product is completely hands-off when it comes to someone like you that is simply handling the marketing – kind of like a middle person of sorts. 

The drawback to this business model, however, is that your costs associated with operating this kind of business can reach all the way to the sky (some people think I’m kidding when I talk like that, but it’s quite the understatement of how much dropshipping actually costs a solopreneur). 

That said, in dropshipping, it’s difficult to believe that your profit margins can be any more than slim – and also because you’re relying on the marketplace of Facebook Ads. 

I’m sorry to run on a tangent here, but often times, this means you’re buying so much traffic that isn’t exactly as ideal of a target audience as a solopreneur might like, so they spend more money in generating buyer traffic than they would want to spend in advertising costs).  See with Facebook, you’re going after potential buyers when they aren’t even thinking about buying something. 

It’s a harder way to generate traffic of people willing to buy because you are simply trying to convince people to take an action that they weren’t intending to take to begin with, especially in a social atmosphere where buying something may be the furthest thing from their mind. 

Mind you, the prospect of generating a passive income can exist in the Amazon FBA Business model – short-lived as it might be – since, once you begin getting a product listing positioned in an ideal circumstance, you can begin making more and more sales with web traffic that came to your Amazon marketplace listing with your having to pay for it.

Pretty cool, huh?

Dropshipping De-Mystified

Let’s talk more about the dropshipping model of marketing physical products online here.

In this, you’re always going to need to be purchasing web traffic by pushing your product listing into the marketplace with a Facebook Ad… or several, just to be blatantly honest about the truths in testing and finding solid advertising that just plain works to your advantage. 

Speaking of advantages, there is an advantage to paying for your own web traffic thru Facebook: You can turn it on and off as you please – with just the click of a button, and you can put more money into the Facebook ad, target a new set of people that you think may be more ideal buyers, or simply expand your options on the back end to have the ad work better for you.

I personally have utilized Facebook Ads to chase those buyers down; the tons of money I’ve spent doing that.  My checkbook probably isn’t going to be proud of my testing the marketplace like that, but I did it and I learned a lot from it so it was a learning moment as an entrepreneur and now I can write to you about this experience in a blog!  A blessing in disguise, you could say.

I’ve also used Facebook Ads in different contexts, like with affiliate products that I was marketing their unique offers over, and with a Shopify store in the eCommerce space of physical products selling. 

Here’s my lessons learned for your benefit…

  • The costs, and quality of performance, in Facebook Ads fluctuate significantly from day-to-day
  • The Facebook Account requires constant supervision to make sure that money isn’t being lost or frivolously spent when and where it shouldn’t be
  • If the type of product you’re pushing out there has a small audience, you can exhaust your marketing reach rather quickly until you’re out of an audience to try and ask to buy what you’re selling
  • I’ll just say it, Facebook Ad web traffic will never deliver the type of qualified buyers that Organic Free Search results can deliver.  When someone types a search term into Google and look for the results that populate their computer monitor, there’s a very good chance they’re looking to make a purchase about something that has a price attached to it in the search results.   This is a huge departure from Facebook Ads where you’re meeting people where they’re socializing and not thinking of buying something, so you have to capture their attention and convince them to purchase something from you before you lose their attention… and all this when they weren’t intending to buy something before your Facebook Ad came along to them

Some say it’s easy to boost sales from running a Facebook Ad; I’m not gonna lie, I’ve personally experienced that happening for me, too.  Here, I’ll make up an example to illustrate this…

I already make $50,000.00 every month right now from my local lead generation business but let’s say I was still working my Amazon FBA Business and wanted to augment my buyer traffic with a Facebook Ad.

And, from running that advertising, I made $50,000.00 in profit from my physical products selling strategies; that’s pretty good isn’t it?!  Of course it is!!!  Those are outstanding numbers!

Now, let’s pause for a moment and remember that we’re spending money buying this web traffic to get sales coming in.

If we were to spend $47,000.00 (I’m using nice round numbers for conversation sake – roll with me here) in a Facebook Ad and generated that same $50,000.00 in gross profits, then did I really come out way better than I did?

That $50,000.00 doesn’t seem all that impressive to me anymore if I’ve only generated $3,000.00 in actually buyer profits; and, none of those dollars were guaranteed so it was all risk by spending that kind of advertising money.

Since the performance of Facebook Ads can be ridiculously inconsistent, it’s not predictable (if it ever once was, honestly), so I’d rather not build an empire entirely on Facebook Ad spend to get my audience to buy a product or service. 

That’s one of the reasons I was drawn more to the Amazon FBA Business model in the eCommerce trend. 

Not only was Amazon a reputable company and I wanted to try my hand at getting a chunk of the revenue running through the Amazon Marketplace, I knew that if I could get a product listing to the very top of the marketplace, buyers would flock to my product and buy like crazy without my needing to spend thousand on advertising (like on Facebook Ads, for example). 

With Amazon FBA, my dreams of building a side hustle in a way that it generated some passive income in a long-term manner became more clear and possible – and since that’s the lifestyle I wanted from such a young age, I saw greater value in getting into the Amazon FBA Business instead of dropshipping.

What’s Good and Bad about the Amazon FBA Business

I’ll openly state that if I were going into the physical products space again that Amazon FBA is my top pick in eCommerce, we’ve gotta be straight with ourselves as future peers in the online entrepreneurial space. 

There are simply pros and cons to this business – and perhaps discussing these could further identify why those that have experienced the Amazon FBA Business model switch to coaching students on it:

The Good

  • Amazon is basically a household name now, so it’s receiving a glorious amount of web traffic and buyers visiting it regularly.  With a reputable company that you’re now partnering with in the Amazon FBA Business program, there’s bound to be something good in the name.
  • With the wealth of products in the marketplace, there’s something for everyone and virtually an infinite amount of products to select and list in the marketplace to try your hand with.
  • Since organic search results at the top mean tons of buyers see you first, you could have passive income if you don’t mind the competition – and those sales are coming from traffic you didn’t have to pay for now that you’re already killin’ the game as the dominating force for the product.
  • You’re in a position where you could have an exit strategy come your way; you can develop a reputable brand from scratch that can grow in such popularity that bigger names will see what you’re doing and offer to pay you a lot of money to acquire what you’ve started from nothing.
  • With Amazon FBA Business, you get to do more of what you love in the marketing and advertising, as the business model here takes care of shipping, returns, and even packaging of the products for and on behalf of your company that you’ve started under agreement with the Amazon FBA.
  • As 10% of sales are technically all that happens online, we’ve got to remember the age that we live in and that more and more buyers will most likely shift to spending their money online – and you could be in a position to profit off of their buying habits depending on what product you end up selecting and working to get it to the top of the Amazon marketplace listings.

Things that could use a little improving on

  • The amount of work required prior to putting up a listing, and then the more work required prior to you actually have your product listing positioned to start turning a profit, are stupendous!  Find a supplier, negotiate things, get a product sample, talk some more with the same people, order in volumes as you see fit (which could be hard to calculate if you don’t have any customers yet), designing logos, shipping plans, labeling packages, postage, etc.
  • The chaos that can ensue rather quickly when dealing with people you are partnered with that supply your business with physical product goods in an overseas capacity: shipping times can simply be longer than reasonable, more of an opportunity for manufacture defects or damage while shipping the products, tariffs and/or trade difficulties across borders, and more.
  • As more coaches enter the marketplace to teach students how to run their own Amazon FBA Business, there are going to be more students that come out to try their hand at this gig – and that means more competition, more struggles in finding ideal products or good industries in which to sell things, and more stiff competition for the coveted first page and first position rankings where you can amass the most profits with the least amount of ad spend for sales.
  • Reviews – oh how product reviews are so ridiculously important in the Amazon marketplace.  In addition the struggle that it already is to have any customers say anything positive about any company, high quality, positive reviews, in abundance, are one of the major factors that make or break your ability to be seen as the first search result in the Amazon marketplace.  They aren’t exactly the easiest thing to acquire and there are some things you simply can’t control or do anything about – like negative reviews, for example, or dealing with difficult consumers who are displeased with something that isn’t your fault – but it doesn’t matter to them and they’ll still give your product listing a poor rating if even the slight things go awry in their buying experience with you in the picture.
  • As the competition increases, and the market fluctuates in such a way as to influence pricing of products, you could find yourself in a situation where the low prices, the stiff competition of other marketers (that are also participating in the Amazon FBA Business), the market and economy, Amazon FBA Fees to be associated with the program, and even costs of goods sold (yeah, you’re dealing with physical products, so there are plenty of fees to address with your so-called profits), you’ll be lucky as a beginner if you even break even from the get. 

As you can see, there are pros and cons to the Amazon FBA business, but it’s the physical products industry where you sell things online.  It may not be for everyone, but knowing what you’re in for can help you to make a more informed decision.

How I Love the Local Lead Generation Business Most

As stated before, I’ve made some income from the Amazon FBA Business style of marketing online.  In order to afford getting started in this space, however, I was already doing well in a different kind of side hustle and using the internet to turn that concept into real profits that I could spend in cold hard cash.

Local Lead Generation is a more predictable, and more consistently profitable business model. 

It has given me a way to predict my income from minimal efforts invested to gain a return that I’ve never heard of in any other kind of business!

As the go-to expert in my neck of the woods, my high-income skill of producing buyers for a local small business makes me the most in-demand service provider around.  That’s not arrogance, that’s the truth!

Business owners aren’t always clear about what exactly it takes to generate more business for their company through online channels, so I can bring my skills into their company and deliver a significant impact in their bottom line for the better!

Here’s the simple formula for making more money for yourself: Find a skill that you need to learn and can use to provide ridiculous amounts of value in your marketplace – then go and give back to your community! 

Sounds simple?  Of course it does… and it’s true!  It’s how I got my start online and ended up leaving a 9 to 5 that underpaid me like it was going out of style only a few short years ago.

The demand is huge in the marketplace, and if you can generate leads using FREE ORGANIC Traffic for a local small business, then your name may be at the top of their business cards heap… and that means…

Yup!  You guessed it!  You’re the head honcho in demand.

People who’ve read my blog before usually reply when I say something like this to the tune of, “why?”

Here’s why…

Being capable of generating referrals through free traffic suggests that you are bringing in a higher quality of buyers.  That’s because the buyer was identified and captured by seeking out what it was you had to offer them and found you thru search engine efforts…

Attraction marketing is awesome, right!?

This is in significant contrast to other methods we talked about earlier – like interrupting the people where they’re socializing online… like a Facebook Ad targeted to someone who isn’t even actively looking for what you’ve got at the moment (even if they still need it). 

Further, with free traffic generating leads, this means you can…

  • Design lead generation properties quickly
  • Rank them until they’re set at the top and generating the most leads in the marketplace
  • Forget about them

Why forget about them?  I forget about mine all the time and they’re spread out all across America – and yet, they still send me profitable cash flow month after month, year after year, and I hardly do anything to actively maintain what I’ve got as digital assets that pay me predictably, consistently, and well!

This… THIS, is what I call passive income!


When someone needs the Amazon FBA Business model broken down to simple terms, Mr. Andrew Minalto is your go-to coach.

You really can’t go wrong with this guy’s training if you’re looking to kick off a business venture involving selling physical products.

By asking a coach for your help – and paying them for their time and wisdom – you can rescue your hard earned coin from the potential disasters of time and costly mistakes you might have otherwise repeated; that is to say, your coach most likely has already experienced those, can advise you to watch out for those mistakes and avoid them, and even offer solutions to the challenges that could be inevitable with the marketplace and business model. 

I’m convinced that there are still opportunities in the Amazon FBA Business model, despite the fact that it is now way more competitive than ever before!

Sure I’ve had my success with Amazon selling of physical products, but even those wins couldn’t convince me otherwise that…

Local Lead Generation is the perfect business model for anyone seeking an online method to build a true, sustainable, and real business online that can deliver the coveted 6 figure salary in any reasonable amount of time. 

Why I Love Generating Local Leads Online for Profits in 2019

This business model is also friendly to citizens of the United Kingdom.  We already have people that have gone through our coaching program to learn how they can do themselves and have already started in those marketplaces – and are doing splendid, if I do say so myself. 

When you go thru our lead generation coaching program, you’ll have the following accessible to you:

  • gain the upper hand in your marketplace
  • know how to enter absolutely any city and win out against more than 98% of the marketers in the world
  • even generate your own leads using digital assets that you’ve built using our methodology and you own them outright
  • then you can sell these generated leads at a premium to local small businesses

Would you like to know the steps?  I’ll even tell them you to here… got a pen and paper handy?

  1. Throw together a quick website
  2. Rank it and literally super glue it to the top of search results
  3. Profit
  4. Repeat!

Simple?  Yeah, I thought so, too. 

In fact, I thought so to the point that I chose to get started in this business model. 

In a brief amount of time, I made more part-time with this business model than I did at my full-time job, so I fired my boss. 

You read that right, I walked out on my 9 to 5, and I’ve never looked back since I’m now making $50,000.00 per month, every month, and will continue to do so month after month, year after year, because of the principles that you’re about to learn when you get into our coaching program and take the challenge on for yourself to kill your job just like I did.

I’m not going to convince you of checking this out here, but here are some more reasons why it makes sense to kick off your online business venture with the Local Lead Generation business model:

  • Biggest Profit Margins – no costs of goods sold required, no paying for ad spend
  • PASSIVE INCOME from Free Organic Traffic once the lead gen site is ranked just like we teach
  • Easy Business Model with little to no maintenance – just send leads over and get a check in return
  • Make a living while making a difference, as you deliver a product and service businesses need and will actually use
  • Work anywhere you want and make your own hours for work

In these and many more ways, making money thru local lead generation is simply easier. 

  • Less moving parts
  • Less product research
  • Less supplier negotiations
  • Less dealing with customer reviews or customer service
  • Less rules to live by as you try to turn a profit online
  • No more needing to create logos, order products, orchestrate packaging and shipping labels

The whole business is virtual, it’s under my control, and the overhead is so low that you can balk and laugh at the nearly 100% profits I’m raking in.  Stop reading already, check it out here!