My Top 5 Shopify eCom Drop Shipping Courses in 19′

I’ve decided to formulate a top five training’s list for Shopify courses. I’ve been fortunate enough to have the chance to dig into these courses and review them.

First of all, the fact that Grant “Uncle G” Cardone and Tai Lopez have personally endorsed a few of these just goes to show you the quality of some of them.

The courses listed aim to show you how to create a physical eCommerce store using Shopify. You must utilize some form of paid ads to get traffic to said store.

Mainly FB ads or Google Product Listing Ads I would say.

Mastering paid advertising is vital to your success with drop shipping. Period. And it actually takes longer to master paid advertising than you might expect.

The nice thing about paid advertising is it allows you to send some traffic to your store right away (if you know what you’re doing). But it absolutely eats away at your profit margins if you consistently have to pay just to get people to your store.

Especially when you know that many of those paid visitors will never buy anything.

Also, you have to consider that when selling physical products your profit margins will start around 50% because of the cost of the products.

Your margins have the potential to go down quickly.

This is the stressful part about paid advertising. With already relatively low profit margins, when you add paid ad prices to that you can actually lose money if you don’t know how to do it properly.

So when you look at the times we live in in 2019, paid advertising is best for digital products. Simply because digital products and services are damn near 100% profit margins.

This means more room for error.

Looking at this years later, I definitely prefer my lead gen biz over Shopify drop shipping. I’d work with a handful of small business owners who are thankful for what I offer than thousands of customers complaining about the products I’m selling.

Plus, my lead gen business allowed me to quit my job after only 3 months (but more on that later).

Honestly, I’ve made some solid income from drop shipping. I guess it’s fair to say that personal preference is absolutely a factor.

Some people love being in the eCommerce world and that’s okay too. If that’s something you’re looking to get into then any of the following courses are highly recommended. Let’s take a look.

#5 Justin Cener’s ClickFunnels Training Program

Justin has a really nice way of teaching students how to figure out if a product has the potential to be a hit. He teaches you to create a funnel for a particular product and simply see how much interest you’ll get using FB ads.

This is a really nice way of checking the interest level of consumers before taking the time to build out an entire Shopify store.

That is a big problem with the eCom model IMO. A lot of times you’ll have to do a lot of work building things out with no guarantees that it will even be a success. I don’t want to be doing any work unless I know that there’s a high chance of me seeing a positive ROI.

You don’t want to be spending hours building out a whole Shopify store only to find out that it either doesn’t work well being advertised on FB or there’s simply no consumer interest.

That’s the beauty of utilizing ClickFunnels. It allows you to create a landing page and no it’s not as scary as it sounds. It’s very simple to use, all you have to do is drag and drop images and text.

A small amount of work and you can test things out with minimal paid advertising before you spend the time to develop it any further.

#4 Franklin Hatchett’s eCom Elites

Franklin taught me something very useful and he was the first one that I saw use the tactic. Selling hyper-niche products on Youtube.

Hatchett teaches you to sell to consumers who are extremely passionate about what you’re selling. He really wants you to niche down.

You don’t want to be trying to sell products in too broad of a niche because a lot times you end up competing to sell to people who have a high level of brand loyalty.

That means that those people don’t give a hoot about your knock off from China that you want to sell them.

For example, in the past Franklin sold owl pendants to people who had interest in owls on FB. Sounds ridiculous right?

Not when you think about the level of competition he saw in the space. How many people out there are really trying to advertise animal pendants? Not many.

Couple that with the fact that people who take the time to like owl pages are passionate about owls and Franklin had a winner.

When I learned this tactic from Franklin it really opened my eyes and changed the way I looked at niches. Thanks to him I made some good money with this approach.

The only drawback of using this strategy is that you’ll eventually saturate your audience. Meaning there is little long term value here.

#3 Jared Goetz’s eCom Hacks

Jared Goetz does a really good job of taking you through the whole process in detail. He really covers everything.

Finding a supplier, setting up the Shopify store, using FB ads, finding products, etc.

He really differs from Franklin because he encourages broad targeting. He cuts down on paid advertising costs by utilizing page likes instead of conversion objectives which I think is interesting.

So it’s great that it lowers your cost per click (CPC) but how does that help you to actually sell your product? Well Jared also teaches his students to utilize retargeting campaigns which allows you to display a different ad to the people who have liked your page.

He is a young guy and that leads many people to believe maybe he doesn’t know what he’s talking about or that he has little experience.

It’s simply not true. He’s figured out the eCommerce world. He’s not a young social media phenom that simply exudes confidence and shows off a lifestyle in hopes of making sales on a coaching program.

He has his own experience of ups and downs in the drop shipping world before everybody and their mother decided to jump on the opportunity. Believe it or not the shark himself, Mark Cuban, actually reached out to Jared to invest in his company.

The deal fell through but how’s that for legitimacy?

He’s actually made the 2nd fastest growing store only behind Kylie Jenner. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

#2 Ezra Firestone’s Smart Google Traffic

Ezra’s training has a unique approach in that he shows his students how to implement Google’s eCom paid advertising. That’s a big reason that it made this list.

Oh and he’s got a pretty sweet name. So there’s that too.

The nice thing about Google’s eCom ads is it gives advertisers the ability to target specific keywords that your target consumers are already searching regularly.

This allows you to present your product to people who are already highly interested in what you have to offer. This differs from FB advertising because when you do it on FB you’re interrupting people’s news feeds.

Many FB users skip past ads immediately because they don’t like to be bothered when they’re using it. With Google you don’t have this.

More courses out there should absolutely push students to employ this strategy. It’s no secret that you want targets of paid ads to be as warm as possible to what you have to offer.

#1 Adrian Morrison’s eCom Success Academy

Adam’s course has everything you need to put yourself on the fast track to success in the eCom world. He will show you how do everything from building your first site, plugins that you will need to utilize, best ways to track sales and conversions with paid traffic.

He actually includes a FB advertising course that will hold your hand through the process of setting up a successful FB ad campaign.

It’s all about the ROI right? It’s important to understand that. The fact that he includes FB ads training with the course will help you to optimize ads and keep your ROI in line.

Maintaining FB ads is a little time consuming though. He suggests his students spend a couple of hours per day to keep track of their FB campaigns.

Things like creating fresh ads, cost of clicks and conversion rates are all things he will teach you how to do and monitor to keep your money right.

The reason behind daily maintenance with FB advertising is because they can change rapidly and often. That’s why it’s so important to spend the necessary time every single day.

Something like the local lead gen business doesn’t require this much maintenance because it’s backbone is free traffic. That’s why I’m constantly promoting the model and why I do it today.

One of the first things I look for when checking out a new course in any online business is how frequently it’s updated. Things change so rapidly and consistently in the digital space that it’s important for courses to remain current.

Adrian has changed this course since I went through it myself. So his course passes this test.

He trains his students to find products that are already having a level of success with paid advertising (specifically FB). Students will either duplicate them or work to come up with something else and model it off of products already seeing success.

This is another course that has been promoted by Tai Lopez among others. So it has his endorsement.

It is very detail oriented which is always a good thing. You will learn everything you need to learn to run a successful online business in this industry. I absolutely recommend it.

I Still Choose Local Lead Generation in 19′

I think the really cool thing about the courses I listed above is the fact that they all offer and teach different strategies and ways to run an eCom store.

I learned something new from each and every one of them which is a good sign that none of them simply took other courses and regurgitated information.

This is extremely important because it shows that they’re legitimate coaches and have experience with the model.

Once you go through multiple courses about operating in the digital space like I have, your BS meter becomes very sensitive to crappy courses.

I’ve seen the good and the bad and it’s always refreshing when you find coaches that offer value packed courses.

Honestly, the eCommerce Shopify drop shipping business will give you every opportunity to be successful. You can absolutely make a lot of money here.

At the end of the day though it comes to personal preference and which business model fits your personality and how you want to live your life.

If you really like the idea of owning your own store and selling physical products, then a drop shipping business could be exactly what you need.

If you’re a beginner I would recommend you try drop shipping before you try Amazon FBA. It’s also a really nice business model but it requires more money up front and takes more time.

Let me give you a list of things that pushed me away from drop shipping and back to putting all my time and energy into building my lead generation business:

  • a lot of the most successful drop shipping products that get promoted on FB are trendy things which means the long term success goes down
  • constant maintenance of FB ads takes a lot of time and I prefer to build my business using free traffic, it increases profit margins
  • it can be difficult to ship products in from China
  • 10-20% profit margins, no thanks
  • it’s not easy to scale contrary to popular belief; the more you scale the more complaints, returns, etc. you have to deal with

I’ve been in business for long enough to know that I don’t want to be trading my time for money. That’s a big reason I quit my day job after only 3 months in my lead gen biz.

I don’t like the idea of having to sell more product just to make up for the small profit margins. In my local lead gen business, my profits are damn near 100% because I’m selling digital services and not physical products.

Virtual assistants are a possible answer, yes. But when issues come up within your business are you really going to trust someone else with your money?

Probably not.

I just felt like I could scale way faster and make money more passively with my lead gen businesses where I generate leads for small businesses using free traffic.

I think a lot of successful eCommerce business owners transition to selling courses for this exact reason. They realize that they could cut out a lot of the BS if they just sell their digital service/product.

This is a pool site that I built shortly before I left my full time job and took back my freedom. It’s been paying me $650/mo almost on auto-pilot since then.

I put all my time into these projects on the front end. Once I do the work, I rank the site, find a business owner to pay me month after month and it runs itself for the most part after that.

The important thing to remember is that I don’t spend time maintaining existing income, I spend time creating new income. That’s why I fell in love with the local lead gen biz.

I have 5 vacations planned this year. Didn’t have to ask for permission. I make my own hours. I can’t wait to sit on a balcony overlooking a beach with the opportunity in hand to increase my income.

I love helping small business owners. I’ve created so many relationships that have evolved over time.

If you’re looking to get into online business and being your own boss then I would definitely recommend checking out this lead gen model.

I’ve tried eCommerce and lead gen and I will choose lead gen 10/10 times.

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