Top Picks for Facebook Ads Marketing Coaching Programs from 2019

As an experienced digital marketer, it seems only fair to give an evaluation of the business model that rivals my own. 

From local lead generation which uses free traffic to the Facebook Ads strategy of buying web traffic in order to get your offer seen and considered for purchasing, there is one thing that every expert in any industry appreciates when it comes to marketing online…

There are different ways of making sales online, and it helps to get an unbiased overview of both of them so you can decide which one will be a strong fit for your business, and/or your industry.

If you haven’t started a business venture yet, and you’re looking to get started, then you’ve come to the right place because that’s all I blog about on here — different options for you to explore in launching your own side hustle online — and which coaching program might be a good fit for ya, too.

I get it; the hottest thing these days are to spend a little of cash in order to turn results on and get sales cranking faster and faster these days. 

How much and how fast seem to be the two major questions that small business owners ask marketers –

…and usually they’ll go for faster because, in their mind, it probably means they’ll make money faster and will be able to profit off the revenue so they’re never really out of pocket on their digital marketing budget with an expert marketer.

Thanks to this blog, I can openly claim to be an internet marketing program connoisseur of sorts. 

I am happy to review what I have found to be the top 5 options based on the marketplace ravings and my personal experience with the programs over the course of 2019. 

If you’re looking for detailed information about which program would be best for you, then you’ve come to the right place because we’re looking at the top 5! 

What are we looking at, though?

Great question – and here’s the answer to that question…

A number of these courses are going to introduce you to affiliate offer promotions (think eCommerce or the third-party marketing of physical products that are bought and sold online, then shipped to the customer) through Facebook Ads for either yourself or someone else that is looking to turn a profit online and wouldn’t mind paying you a premium to help them out as their go-to expert online.

Other coaching or mentoring programs may end up guiding you toward generating profits by helping you learn to run a digital marketing agency and leverage the internet on behalf of other businesses – hence, providing a well-desired service in the marketplace. 

Side Note:  Although social media strategies – and especially Facebook Ads, may or may not be the ideal method of generating attention online for some business models, there are some business owners out there that it won’t profit who still want to hire someone to help them. 

Perhaps this should be reserved for people with a high ethical level of personal responsibility to evaluate a business and give an honest review of whether or not this would be a good fit – and be willing to walk away if it’s not going to benefit them in the long run.

I’m just speaking truthfully here – and I hope, for your future client’s sake, that you’re the type like me to walk away from a deal if the business isn’t going to see a positive return on their bottom line. 

Side note rant over; I’ve actually generated profits online through both of the ways mentioned above.

As a result, I am happy to deliver to you the primed and ready to help you get your first profits online methods of starting an online business in 2019 that revolve around the Facebook Ads platform.

In the end, my honest opinion here, the most change-resistant, long-term success option in the world wide web is to harness the power of free search engine traffic in what I like to call the local lead generation business model. 

Take a look for yourself, read through this article, then let’s have a chat to see what’s the best fit for you.

In 5th place, Facebook Ads That Convert by Ms. Cat Howell

Ms. Howell knows what she’s talking about, seriously! 

From corroborating her founding work experience in major name brands like Coca-Cola and Fuji Film (yes, an analog photography film company in a digital era)…

This young but clever entrepreneur has figured out exactly what it takes to adjust any Facebook Ad, and what not to do to avoid costly mistakes while helping to turn a profit and facilitate the expansion of a company’s bottom line! 

After all, more sales is the name of the game… isn’t it?

Unfortunately, a vast number of coaches seem to want to overfill their coaching and mentoring content with theoretical information that is claimed to “help the student get educated about the platform.” 

In an interesting twist within the coaching and mentoring culture, those same “experts” really shy away from tactical options and how to really turn up the heat for a newbie that’s just getting started and wants to start making their first few bucks with the internet. 

With Cat, she attacks the learning curve from the beginning and eliminates the non-sense, “newbie doesn’t need to know” fluff in her nature of instruction. 

From start to finish, you’ll explore the ins and outs of Facebook Ads and how to launch them for nearly anyone you can come in touch with that has a product or service that another person around the globe could afford to invest in. 

Also, if you had your own version of products or services that you were interested in gaining a following and customer base for – say you had some physical products that you wanted to sell online, or maybe a store of your own that was published through Shopify online – you could even engage in dropshipping if you wanted. 

Want some done-for-you, ready to go, follow along Facebook Funnels that you could launch immediately and start testing the marketplace to see if it’s ripe and ready for generating profits with paid traffic? 

Here’s a quick glance at what new students are getting when they sign up for Cat Howell’s Facebook Ads That Convert coaching program…

  • eCommerce, dropshipping, selling of physical products online – you’ll get access to 3 of them just for signing up
  • High Ticket Product or Service?  Run a Webinar in the way that Cat introduces for maximum returns
  • Need to increase a Facebook Group following? There’s a funnel for that here, too
  • Dental industry and dental practice funnels to help bring more customers on the books
  • Know of a personal trainer?  Hook them up with customers with this unique twist on a Facebook Ad Strategy sure to see results

All this and more, with unparalleled training online, is what Cat Howell brings to the table for people just like you and me.

In 4th place, Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs by Mr. Dan Henry

Mentored by the founder and creator of a now-famous platform called Clickfunnels, Mr. Russell Brunson guided a gentleman by the name of Dan Henry to further explore the powerful options available to someone who really took the time to understand what was possible with Facebook Ads. 

He may look young (and actually is for the business community), but he is rather proficient in his business acumen and knowledge of what it takes to turn an internet marketing experiment into a profitable digital campaign strategy. 

Like most entrepreneurs – okay, let’s be honest, everyone struggles at first – Dan played the field and took his time in finding his way toward launching informational webinars and educating others on what it took to promote and generate profits thru webinars (just as Dan Henry was able to do numerous times over). 

It’s no surprise, as that’s one of the main things Mr. Brunson teaches – webinar training in order to turn profits with the internet. 

NOW… Dan is engaged, full-time, in teaching others how to establish and build their very own internet marketing company through the implementation of Facebook Ads for…

  • Local Clients
  • A coaching business
  • Funnels and video evidence to build credibility and authority in the marketplace
  • And ton more!

While some companies, brands, or coaches would rather say here’s just one Facebook Ad and take your audience you from one click to viewing your product in the hopes that they’ll purchase, Mr. Henry, takes things further with funnels that educate, edify, and inspire buyers to really take your desired action for them – which, let’s face it, is really to make a decision to buy a product or service from you.

In 3rd place Rise Academy by Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer

Things change rapidly in the world wide web, and the digital marketing training and coaching programs are really no different; they aren’t completely immune from changes, but their principles can endure the test of time. 

In the case of the Rise Academy, although they aren’t around for you to have the option of investing in anymore, I will say that they had some great content. 

I won’t even hesitate to say that I took away from awesome learning points from them!

These guys had their epic launch by guiding students in promoting one specific product – and they all promoted the same product from the very start; it was called Wesley Virgin’s “the Fat Diminsher.

An information product by trade, and catering specifically to the weight loss industry, Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones were notorious for getting results by connecting a Facebook Ad directly to the affiliate offer so when a visitor clicked on the Facebook Ad, they were taken either to a video information page or an opportunity to simply click and buy the product. 

If they were so good and things were working out so well, then what was really the problem that caused them to be out of business in coaching and mentoring a following?

Facebook is the elite power of Facebook Ads – duh, and/or hello, right?  I’m not saying that to state the obvious, but it’s important to realize that when someone engages in the use of Facebook Ads, they are subject to the rules of the Facebook Advertising platform – and Facebook has wised up over the years. 

Someone in the company caught on the idea that members of this coaching program were sharing the exact same successful templates with all of their students for this product. 

What do I mean by that?

I mean the exact same:

  • Ad Copy
  • Ad Images
  • Landing Pages
  • Video Content
  • Landing Page Instructions
  • The Same Privacy Policy

…everything that should be unique to every person on the advertising platform, Facebook had caught on to the company. 

And while every student that came in was able to see success right away, and even be introduced to some specific concepts that come from why this funnel worked so well to produce results for this successfully marketed product, Facebook wasn’t having it. 

Just like a referee, attempting to keep the game fair, Facebook shut down and banned any account that was caught implementing the exact same things like the mass amount of other students from the Rise Academy. 

Think about it –

Say that you got involved in this coaching program, not that there was anything I see personally wrong with the company or their business model; in fact, I would have loved to have seen my first few dollars online with the exact same things that my mentors used so I could believe that internet marketing really was possible for a side hustle with a real income. 

But then…

You wake up 1 day…

You get a notification from Facebook…


With that, there’s no doubt in my mind that they decided to close down their coaching program and walk away from the internet marketing mentoring space.

If students weren’t pleased anymore, and they probably weren’t having success with copy and paste methods (like the coaching was built on), then it was just time to fold the cards. 

It’s actually pretty difficult to get a local lead generation site banned from search results — which means in a method where you’re not paying for your web traffic and potential buyers…

There are higher chances of your hard work sticking around longer to obtain that passive income we all dreamed about when getting started online.

While they’re still in existence to this day, their only focus now seems to be revolving around classes where students can mastermind, figure out challenges in the advertising space, and move forward in their side hustle. 

So what was my strong takeaway from this organization?

It was that the most important factor to a Facebook Ad is having a strong…

  • Ad Image

In fact, a Vector Image can help in terms of clickthru rates (CTR) getting boosted, which can help a lot of factors in getting the Facebook Ad seen by a larger and larger audience. 

In a social environment where the intended audience really isn’t going there for the purpose of seeking to buy something, it takes a deliberate, well-calibrated, and strong effort to interrupt someone’s attention span long enough to have them read what story you’re telling them and inspire them to take action – like click thru the ad and land on another page where they’re educated and told to buy. 

In yielding a positive return on investment, take a closer look at this sample ad and the vector art involved – it basically communicates a story arc through the use of multiple images that are strategically placed on the ad. 

However, the images are rather ambiguous, which therefore causes you to pause, think, and get curious long enough to take the desired action on the button that suggests that you should click here to “learn more.” 

It’s a clever strategy in buyer psychology where you can open a look in a buyer’s mind and that pattern interrupt – that dissonance – is something that the buyer is hoping to resolve, so they’ll seek to resolve it by taking what available action exists on the ad, and that is to “learn more.” 

Pretty neat, I think…

In 2nd place, One on One Mentorship by Carlos Cruz

Pictured on the left here is a gentleman by the name of John Crestani – it’s not exactly the focus of this section of the blog post here, but he is very popular for his own coaching program in the field of affiliate marketing, and it’s called the Super Affiliate System. 

Mr. Carlos Cruz can be found on the right-hand side of this image (see above) and is part of that Super Affiliate Program.

In particular, he is the Facebook Ads guru for the mentorship duo and is thorough in his educating of his students. 

Why am I bringing up these 2 guys if I’m not even going to promote their coaching program? 

About a year ago, sometime in 2017, I asked Mr. Cruz to pull me aside for a left-seat/right-seat, sit-down meeting and go over what he knew about Facebook Ads. 

I was interested in specifically learning everything he understand about generating profits through Facebook Ads when it came to being an affiliate marketer. 

A key ingredient to this story is to understand where I was my internet marketing career at this point in time…

I really didn’t achieve the level of success I was hoping to accomplish while I was a student of the Rise Academy (see above), and I still wanted to find success with the affiliate offer so I knew that some tweaks and adjustments were necessary in order to land some profits with an information product that simply wasn’t mine. 

So, I invested in one-on-one mentorship instead of a large-scale coaching program. 

It set me back $10,000.00 but this guy didn’t mind being handed five figures for an hour or 2 of his time. 

Check out the winning ad that came about from this one-on-one meeting:

It was a satisfying mentorship, Carlos Cruz, provided.  He introduced me to new ideas I had never thought about regarding how to:

  • Find a strong offer
  • Select the type of Ad to run
  • Find out what a cloaker was
  • Build a team to handle all of the landing pages for customers to see

Then, he and I would go into business together and try out some of these strategies. 

I’d shell out from my personal wallet any ad spends required on Facebook Ads, and when combined with his mentorship and guidance in the methodology of the marketing process, we would ultimately split profits generated in half and half. 

We ended up generating original Facebook Ad designs similar to the one right above here and pitched a cost-per-action (CPA) skincare offer.  That means…

  • Potential buyers fill out a form
  • Buy the product
  • Purchase shipping and handling
  • Receive anti-aging, anti-wrinkle skin cream

What did Carlos provide for me?

  • What offer to provide
  • What landing page to connect to
  • When and why we use a cloaker
  • Ad options and objectives to implement

One new thing I learned that was a HUGE takeaway for me:

  • Banned Facebook Ad Accounts are a part of the affiliate marketing game with Facebook Ads

I had a great month once, and it generated a $4k net profit from marketing one simple product.  It was actually quite awesome; I couldn’t have been more excited!

Although, thinking back on it, I wouldn’t want to repeat the actions necessary to make that same $4,000 in Facebook Ads promotions profits from the affiliate offer. 

  • I had to design, run, and pay for, various designed ads to see if I could land a winning version of it
  • I had to keep creating these new ads over and over in different Facebook Ad accounts (ya know, since they kept getting permanently banned)
  • While getting new things organized and set up to run more campaigns and tests, I had some accounts and ads that were running well, and would continue to do so, until they – inevitably – ended up reaching the hammer of getting banned by Facebook Advertising as well

It was a headache keeping up with all of the things that were expected of me. 

In total, the daily time investment was about 3 hours, but it felt like all day since I had to constantly keep an eye on my ads, my accounts (and whether they got banned yet – which meant my ads weren’t showing anymore), the costs of the ads, and so much more. 

All that, for just $4k in profit per month, and if I wanted to repeat that level of success then I’d have to work just as hard the next month. 

I didn’t want that kind of time investment, stress, and concern over what was going to happen next.  I didn’t like that I was positioning myself to fall victim to Facebook’s Advertising rules and have to tip-toe around what would still end up getting me banned in the long run – it was just a frustrating game. 

I wasn’t entering the online business market to play games – I wanted to make some money! 

Ultimately, this wasn’t for me. 

Besides, I always had a massive amount of success available to me in the form of my local lead generation for small business online venture performing extremely well for me! 

What insider secret I learned about Carlos Cruz was that he actually hired a team of nearly 5 professionals in the Facebook Advertising platform that were laboring diligently for him on 5 to 10 accounts under Business Manager (each)! 

That’s a lot of accounts to orchestrate at one time – and no doubt that team was earning every penny they were compensated to deal with all those headaches and abrupt changes in their marketing that, again, they had absolutely no control over! 

So what’s my value lesson from hiring Carlos? 

Facebook Ads – in any form – requires constant manpower, time, attention, and funds to yield a consistent income of the highest potential, especially at an ongoing basis. 

Shouldn’t that be obvious though? 

Well, to some people maybe, but I didn’t go to school for marketing and this wasn’t what I signed up for.  I didn’t want to be a slave to an advertising platform that stiffed me whenever I colored outside of a line they didn’t approve of – even once, or even slightly. 

Most people who explore Facebook Ads would think that you’d only have about 1 or 2 ads, or ad sets, or campaigns, rolling at one time. 

Unfortunately, that’s not enough and that’ just not how to perform effectively with Facebook Ads platform options. 

In order to get an awesome feel for the marketplace, you’re going to need to run a massive test and really get a feel for what the marketplace responds to the best. 

But how massive is this test going to be? 

At a bare minimum, I’d recommend launching about 20 different, completely unique, ad sets (and then more would have some intermixed information, audience targets, ad copy, etc., thus doubling, tripling, or quadrupling the amount of effort required to see an ad perform well). 

The end result? 

Some might perform okay and some might tank completely – and you paid for all of that advertising out of pocket just to find out if one would work and one wouldn’t – multiplied, of course, by however many ads and/or ad sets you truly had running on your campaign(s). 

Picture this:

A good majority of those ad sets might be near duplicates of what you had already designed – and I’m referring to exact duplicates. 

Didn’t we just discuss that earlier in this blog – duplicates can get you banned?  Whelp, welcome to affiliate marketing, right?

Despite the near duplication of the ad sets and ads – as in borderline exact replicas – there’s some anomaly within Facebook’s Advertising platform that ends up giving the better prospective buyers to one type of ad set with the same ad than to another… whereas one ad may perform best and the rest get nothing for your bottom line…

It just ends up costing you more money from the “test” you had to run from the beginning!

Think you can pinpoint exactly what the problem might have been on your own?  Guess again, motivator!

There may be times that your performance of advertising choices on Facebook Ads will really have nothing to do with your options of images, ad copy written directly on the ad, or anything else you might have assumed. 

To counter this, you’ll simply have to engage upfront by firing off tons of ads, variations in ad copy, target audience, and more, in what the industry refers to as split-testing… and this will need to be done in an ongoing manner. 

Don’t shoot the messenger, as I’m just giving it to you straight. 

This is what I’ve experienced and have literally done several times long before ever thinking about writing this blog post. 

I think I’m qualified to let you know what you’re getting into if you’re seriously considering a coaching program that guides you into the magnificent world of Facebook Ads.

Nothing wrong with the people who grow so fascinated with Facebook Ads that they end up “geeking out” over it so much that they know the ins and outs of the platform and what best to change in a heartbeat if you ever encounter a problem with your campaign. 

It just wasn’t a good fit for me. 

See – that’s the insider’s scoop from someone who has authentically tried Facebook Ads, and I hate to tell ya but it’s not always going to be a set-and-forget strategy for any type of business model. 

For this, and several, countless, important reasons on top of this, that I am entirely focused on building an internet-based, side hustle style of an online business with free traffic from search engines instead in 2019

Top Pick: Local Marketing Vault by Jason McKim and James Bonadies


The best of the best that I have ever found in the internet marketing spectrum of online coaching and mentoring programs. 

These upstanding businessmen, James and Jason, have created the Local Marketing Vault (LMV) from scratch, based on their own business experiences, and ended up having a very successful, and rather lucrative, partnership. 

where they go out of their way to educate new students on what it takes to turn a profit online thru helping local businesses generate more referrals with Facebook Advertising. 

In essence, the business model is to refer consumers over to small businesses by targeting a region that the business owner services and launching Facebook Ads into that marketplace. 

What was really cool about these two guys is that I had met them long before they became a dynamic duo and launched the Local Marketing Vault. 

When I got my start in another coaching program that guided me on capitalizing on Free Organic Traffic to produce results with local lead generation for small businesses, James Bonadies was another fellow student in the same coaching program. 

I had no idea who he was, though, until we met up at an event that people from across the country (and some from across the entire globe) traveled and flew several hundred miles and paid large airfare to participate in. 

By the way, we’ll address the pros and cons here in a little bit when it comes to the comparison of Free Organic Traffic versus Facebook Ads methods of generating business for small businesses.

One of the awesome things about the Local Marketing Vault is that these gentlemen have explored several different industries within the small business spectrum – I’m talking a whole laundry list of niches that you could select from…

The last time I took a look, I believe these Mr. McKim and Mr. Bonadies had tested and successfully ran what they have now posted in the training – which are nearly 50 templates that you can simply review, assess, set up and run within your own marketing agency to try and turn some results into profitable income for someone that you’re hoping will be a client of yours for years to come.

And, if you knew someone in any (or all) of those that are looking for more business, they make available to you some copy and paste industry funnels that you can literally take, adjust, and post online so you can turn a profit for your local client and have a profitable business for years to come with as little guesswork than any other coaching program might leave you with.

Add to that, they have upped their volume of support so you have multiple ways to get assistance should you ever find yourself in a position that you would need to have a question answered in a timely manner…

  • Log into the training section of the website and click on the support bubble to ask a question
  • Post in the private Facebook Group – and even tag someone who you know is more proficient in one aspect of the business so they can get the notification and attempt to address your question – if one of the several thousand proficient and successful students hasn’t gotten to your question first and satisfied what you were you hoping to find out
  • Purchase some tech support for a very low, low cost – they aren’t here to turn a profit on supporting their students, they simply have paved the way for you to get help at any point in the week, or to schedule some time to get help on something that would require a little more one-on-one time, to include getting funnels or other technological inhibitions squared away so you can get back to grinding your tail off in seeking more profitable partnerships with local business owners

Since their platform operates on the simple to use the technology of a web hosting platform called Clickfunnels…

As long as you have an account there, then you can copy those done for you advertising funnels with less than 10 clicks. Then, you’ll be ready to start adjusting and fixing up for your prospective client’s industry and launching your campaign with a nearly complete funnel! 

Less guesswork and closer to the opportunity to land some massive success; outstanding opportunities for an online business venture, wouldn’t you say?

I have personally met – and shook hands with – a number of their successful students and can attest that they really know what they’re doing in the Local Marketing Vault. 

Still, the platform advises mostly paid traffic strategies where you still need to buy traffic from Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) or Facebook Advertising platforms – both of which can tell you they aren’t going to run your ad campaigns anymore and all you can do is accept it and move on. 

For these and many other reasons, I still appreciate building a business on the internet with free organic traffic since there are fewer requirements to maintain the traffic coming through (meaning buyers requesting services) and I can confidently leave the lead gen website at the top of search results and believe that it will continue to feed me some profits month after month, for years to come. 

Why Free Traffic is a Better Option than Facebook Ads

I can appreciate your noticing that I’ve been eluding to this topic for some time now throughout this blog post…

So, let’s get into it and explain further on the values of each strategy.

It’s no secret that you can turn on a Facebook ad and – assuming all goes well – you can have buyers flocking to you in moments.

Assuming everything is in place and will work effectively from day 1, there’s no reason that you can’t have customers buying from you tomorrow. 

Yeah, we get it.  Every coach and mentor that has been pitching Facebook Ads has been drilling this notion into us through webinars, video ads, suggesting they have the “secret” to what it really takes to make things work with paid advertising, blah, blah, blah…

What else have we been told can be done with Facebook Ads?  I mean, let’s try and get some details out here into the open for discussion…

  • Acquire traffic instantly
  • Drill down into one industry
  • Target ideal audiences for your message
  • Can scale out to reach more of an audience or a maximum reach faster through increasing the daily ad spend and/or the cost per click (or desired result or action) that you’re willing to pay for

Here’s something that self-proclaimed experts really don’t have a trend in advertising – and that’s the downside to engaging in Facebook Ads to generate referrals for a business venture online.

So let’s address them here.  Let’s look at the drawbacks to engaging in Facebook Ad spend…

  • Ad performance will fluctuate unpredictably
  • Daily monitoring of your Facebook Ads are required
  • The time investment required could be used elsewhere to increase your income
  • Your target audience may not appreciate being interrupted with socializing; it’s social media, and they’re not looking to buy.  As a result…
  • Your ideal audience may be interested in buying, but not at the time that they see your message on Facebook Ads, so the quality of buyers that could be seeing your ad is actually lower, and that means they’re not really buyers then, are they?
  • If you’re going to pay for the attention online, then that cost in advertising means you’re going to have lower profit margins at the end of the day when a sale is finally made (if ever)
  • Since social media is rather popular, everyone seems to be trying their hands on social media platforms and paid advertising strategies in general.  That means…
  • More competition for you, and…
  • The cost of advertising is inherently going to rise as people begin competing for attention with the same audience, in similar products, in nearby or overlapping regions, and the list goes on…
  • Since you’re borrowing traffic from the bigger entity, popularly known as Facebook, you really aren’t able to run your program on auto-pilot then; all you’re doing is asking someone to show your ad to the audience they’ve already pre-determined might be a potentially good candidate for your web traffic – and that doesn’t always mean only prospective customers could see your ad, but it definitely means you could pay for those non-ideal consumers getting shown your ad
  • As your audience – meaning, whoever gets to see your ad, whether they could be a candidate for purchasing or not (thanks, Facebook) – downvotes your Facebook ad, your ad accounts could inevitably get banned, suspended, or otherwise shut down from advertising practices because you wanted to try and add another metric to your ad set or some other change to increase your reach and scale out for a higher chance to turn a profit
  • At the end of the day, you’re interrupting your target audiences on Facebook; it’s popularly referred to as interruption marketing. 

What’s funny to me is that some people refer to this as disruption marketing and I don’t like either of those titles…

I wouldn’t want to have the reputation of being a nuisance in the lives of people whoever might be an otherwise qualified candidate to buy my product or service! 

I disagree with this type of advertising. 

It’s probably not the best move to be interrupting someone’s time with – well, I’m not going to pretend to know what people do with their time on social media, and sometimes I don’t need to know –

I do know that I wouldn’t want to be the nuisance that flashes some attention-grabbing advertisement when someone is heavily engaged in an activity that is so important to them that they may be disgruntled or displeased…

Even to the point that they would then commence discussion in the marketplace, talking negatively about my company long (or the company I‘m advertising on behalf of) before they have any idea what my company is about and how I might be able to help them with their needs or wants…

Now I’m not suggesting that interruption marketing is a bad thing – it happens all around us…

  • Television (TV) Advertisements / Commercials
  • Billboards along sidewalks and highways
  • Magazine Ad space
  • Newspaper Advertorials
  • Internet Ads posted on websites with frequently high numbers of web traffic

However, I think we can all appreciate there being an appropriate time and place for all methods of advertising, and Facebook Advertising probably has its own level of appropriateness for implementation. 

If you were to –

  • Possess an outstanding offer
  • Have a product that people couldn’t live without
  • Offer an amazing service

…which carries enough of a ridiculously high-profit margin that you could afford the advertising cost after a single sale is made… the maybe – just maybe – this could be an option for you to test.

Ya see, coaches in the Facebook Ads training, coaching, and mentoring space really just want to pitch you on buying a digital product that provides the seller with almost 100% commissions…

With very little overhead, it’s so convenient that their profit margins make their training program the hottest commodity they’ve ever marketed.

If you’re using Facebook Ads to generate leads for local small businesses, there’s really nothing wrong with your endeavor to do such a thing. 

By the way, we need to acknowledge that the cost of doing business includes the ad spend – something that you could be pocketing in profits if you were otherwise engaged in bringing that same local business tons of buyers with free traffic strategies — something our coaching program covers thoroughly.

Unfortunately, the local marketing folks who implement Facebook Ads trend on seeing only 20 to 30 percent in profit margins, versus the near 100% net profits of lead gen with search engine traffic.

As if all of that wasn’t sufficient math for you to see the downside of using Facebook Ads, think about this…

In one day’s advertising budget, if you were to subject the ad cost for each day, you’ll have significantly less money in profits than with 1 client.  It’s straight up math that leads toward it being very costly for you to generate leads with Facebook when there’s a more affordable, and more profitable alternative.

Facebook ads require more work than what I have found requires my attention in the epic world of lead generation with free traffic, meaning …

  • I rank a lead gen site to the top of search results
  • I forget about it because the work is done
  • I profit massively every single month, for every year that it’s still sending buyers my way

The leads generated for local clients are of significantly higher quality — meaning from local lead generation through Free Organic Search Traffic because I’m not really borrowing traffic from a compiled platform, per se. 

It is still search engine traffic from Google search – let’s be truthful about it and see it for what it is.  However, people are actively seeking out what I have to offer…

  • They type into the search bar what they want to find
  • Google retrieves the most relevant results (and I’ve made mine the most relevant so I’m found at the top)
  • The prospective customer clicks on my lead gen site
  • Profits come my way

If you’re attempting to launch Facebook Ads for small business as a service (such as for a digital marketing agency strategy), my recommendation is to stick with it only for the short-term.

Maybe you’re only going to bring them immediate results to impress them and prove that you’ve got the skills to help them pay all of their other bills.

However, even if you’re keeping them pleased in the short-term with the immediate results, it’s probably a smart move to go ahead and build them a lead generation website that builds its results from free organic traffic on search. 

Why even consider the burden of handling Facebook Ads and figuring out what “might” work for them when I can simply rank and bank on websites that work for me around the clock (and I don’t even have to keep any on them for years). 

What’s my favorite phrase for the profits produced from these lead gen sites?

…Leveraged income! 

This Party Buys and Limo Rental lead gen website has been …

  • Found in Lansing, Michigan for several years
  • Hasn’t been touched since 2014
  • Spent a grand total of less than 6 hours to both build and rank it
  • AND… it provides me with at least $750 every single month
  • I’m not doing any maintenance work on it whatsoever

If I’m bringing in $750 for a whole 12 months, that’s a convenient $9,000.00 I’m bringing in every year from this website – and over the last several years, that’s about $36,000.00 in total for the lifetime of that website going to work for me around the clock…

Remember, I’ve only worked with it for 6 hours – then I stopped tinkering with it. 

It was completed in 2014, and if you break it down by the hours’ worth of how much I should have gotten paid for this, then you can divide $36,000.00 (USD) by the 6 hours and easily see that my effort was worth $6,000.00 per hour. 

When was the last time you’ve made $6,000.00 per hour or heard of another job or profession that yielded the same amount…

I really can’t think of another line of work where you can spend just over a handful of hours on one side hustle of a project and get a return this handsome in terms of REAL, Passive Income through local lead generation.


Facebook Ads can turn out to be extremely costly for anyone in a competitive market and/or industry (or niche, if you will). 

The costs associated with buying Facebook Ads can often times be completely out of control!

I remember working tirelessly, and seeing others do the same, all to manage and balance several ad accounts for their clientele, but they really didn’t turn a high profit while being a slave to their laptop or desktop. 

I felt bad because this can really be a lucrative and awesome industry to start an entrepreneurial endeavor within; but burn out can also be a really taxing concern and that’s not fair to experience either.

I get it – Facebook Ads can be the drug of the business world…

Like cocaine, you take one hit and you land a huge score of clients –

Now, you feel empowered and like this is the best thing since sliced bread. 

Unfortunately, the costs will rise, the ad can exhaust, and you could find the results from your ad diminishing like the last moments of a candle’s wick at the end of the waxy shell – flickering and flickering until there’s not much left. 

I think I should count my lucky stars that nearly 100% of my entrepreneurship projects are exclusively operated on the internet and capitalize on free organic traffic in local lead generation

This business model generates passive income, whether I’m working or not, and allows me to enjoy:

  • Peace of mind
  • Confidence
  • And financial security…

…that since the internet will be around (and I honestly don’t think it’s going to go anywhere, anytime soon), and small businesses are going to be serving their local communities (and I’m confident that they’ll also be around for a long, long time)…

I’m rather confident that my business will be profitable for a very long time. 

When it comes to garnering free traffic, it’s hard to destroy that kind of pleasantry – especially since Google is happy to provide people searching for things with the most relevant results…

And thanks to this awesome coaching program I’ve embarked upon only a few short years ago, I now know how to make my lead gen properties the most relevant in the marketplace – so I’ll always show up first!

Look, you’re using a private company’s partitioned groupings of audiences with Facebook Ads, so there’s no doubt that the ads you run can be subjected to unique variables (some of which you may never learn or know about) that can influence your efforts for your business (or worse, your client’s business, of the one who is paying your agency bill) to no longer generate profits.

Don’t take it from me…

Take the lesson from the numerous Facebook Ads gurus that are really good people I’ve come to know, who’ve simply gone from hero to zero practically overnight because their offers and their time-demanding ads simply chilled to an ice cold stop of producing results from Facebook Ads.

It’s rough seeing people have to bail on their business venture when they’ve put so much into it. I may be a rival in the capitalistic sense of the economy, but we’re all human beings and it’s not cool to witness someone having to start all over when they’ve put so much into their business.

That’s part of the reason I advocate for local lead generation. It’s not just because it’s done so well for me, but because I have genuine peace of mind when it comes to my financial well-being and I know that it won’t take much to rebuild if things ever went south with my lead gen sites.

In a twist of what really shouldn’t surprise me, however, Facebook was still happy to keep spending their money at an expensive rate per click until the person’s campaign was finally shut off by the person managing it (reluctantly, to say the least). 

Local Lead Generation: The Best Online Business in 2019

I get that this is a lengthy blog post, but if you’ve read this far, then it proves that you’re serious about starting an entrepreneurial endeavor online and you might be a good fit for our local lead generation coaching program

Yes, good things come to those who see things through to the end. 

What you’ll get in our coaching program are the exact same tips, strategies, and techniques that have allowed me to walk away from my 9 to 5 only a few short years ago.

See, in the bitter cold downtown urban streets of Detroit, the winters really weren’t that pleasant and I couldn’t afford to own a car on a $35,000.00 annual salary, so I needed to walk everywhere if I wanted to have some extra cash on hand to go out on the weekends or simply not eat ramen noodles that week. 

Yeah, I was there once, too, and not that long ago either. 

Anyone who is successful in this space has started at one point in their career; you don’t get successful with something unless you start working at it. 

The same is true in starting an online business and hope that it’s not going to turn into a second job. 

While I was working a full-time job...

I would wade through the deep-footed snow with an orange ambiance that radiated into the cold Detroit sky – and travel on home to a crusty, run-down apartment to start working on my local lead generation business in what little time I had in the evenings.

In less than a year’s time, I was able to reach $10,000.00 in monthly revenue. 

Now I’m not saying that everyone will be able to match my efforts –

I was the odd-ball in this industry.

I really had nothing else going on except for the deep, lonely wishing that I had more money.

Knowing that if it was to be, then it would be up to me; I would grind my face off in every single evening after work just so that I would never be in a position to complain about money ever again. 

This was my ticket to freedom and I was going to make every opportunity out of it that I could!

Fast-forward several years now, I’m out of Detroit (though sometimes I go back to visit), and no longer tied to a 9 to 5.

I got to fire my boss instead of having a boss fire me – and it was the greatest feeling in the world! 

Being able to tell my boss I’m not coming into work today and their reaction of bafflement considering they had no idea what kind of side income I had built up without making a second job to fill most of my remaining hours in the day. 

I’ve now had the great fortune to see a lot of other students in this same coaching program achieve great things for themselves, and a lot of them did it while working crazy hours of full-time jobs from all walks of life. 

This is a business investment, and I’m not going to be around the bush about that.  If you’re not ready to spend some of your hard earned cash to change your life, then this isn’t for you. 

If, however, you’re ready to make a change, try something new, learn a high-income skill, and never look back, then maybe you’re the kind of person we’re looking to link arms with and make our next success story with the easiest business model I have ever seen in my life –

This is coming from a guy who reviews other online business models of coaching and mentoring programs.

This blog is a compilation of reports about…

those very entities, the people behind them, and why they may or may not be a good fit for someone just starting out or looking to expand their portfolio of income generating side hustles. 

  • those very entities,
  • the people behind them, and…
  • why they may or may not be a good fit for someone just starting out or looking to expand their portfolio of income generating side hustles. 

Still skeptical?  Just think of what this has done for me in my life…

  • This was the fastest way I had found to quit my job only a few short years ago
  • I’m making an income that now rivals – oh heck, it surpasses – doctors and lawyers
  • I have no one telling me when to be at work, when it’s acceptable to take lunch, and whether or not I can have more vacation time or sick days
  • I can literally work anywhere in the world – as long as I have internet and my trusty laptop
  • Sometimes I work from home and just keep it a chill day
  • The biggest profit margins come from lead gen because I don’t have to buy ads traffic
  • The competition is laughable – tons of cities and industries to select from
  • PASSIVE INCOME – the only real method of passive income that I could afford when starting out and actually turn what little I had into a massive business that allows me to kick back and write a blog like this for you to check out in your spare time

At the end of the day, if you’re seeking to experiment with Facebook Ads then at least do yourself a solid and have an additional $10,000.00 per month coming into your pockets from free organic traffic. 

By doing this, you’ll have some reliable income and stability in your days so you can spare some cash to try your hand at Facebook Ads – and if it doesn’t work out, you’ll still be okay and have food on the table.

Click here to scope out our coaching program that can give you step by step instructions on what it takes to revolutionize your life forever!