Six Figure FB Ads Agency – Billy Willson – Review

5-8 years ago was thought of as a fun platform that allowed you to connect with friends and family allowing you to follow each other through life.

It has transformed it’s platform and risen in popularity as a massive presence in the business world.

Plenty of companies today that are earning a bunch of money from advertisers who don’t really know all that much about FB advertising.

Honestly, they aren’t all that difficult.

What does that mean for you? It means you could make some serious dough running FB ads for companies that don’t want to do the work themselves.

Billy Willson’s course is designed to show you how to cash in on opportunities just like these.

Who Is This Guy Billy Willson?

Billy eventually got to the point of discovering his passion for Facebook advertising. Why? First of all it’s important to point out that he has plenty of experience over the years as an internet marketing entrepreneur.

He focused on FB ads because it’s a really simple and powerful social media platform. The ability to target an audience is unreal. It allows you to cast a narrower net than many other online advertising methods.

Another advantage of FB ads is the fact that they connect with people on a personal level. They pop up in people’s news feeds and they flat out react to these ads differently than others.

Billy discusses these secrets among others in the 6 Figure Facebook Ads course.

Summary of the 6 Figure FB Ads Course

After I took this course I came to realize just how simple it was to make money in the digital space. Running a FB ads agency can be made very simple if you find a coach like Billy.

I wasn’t quite ready to launch an ads agency because I had other things going on in my online business career but I knew I was more than capable of doing so.

Billy will literally hold your hand through the whole process and he goes over up to date practices that are used by some of the best ad agencies today.

And in a very detailed manor.

The most important thing that he does for students is showing how to bring in clients. That’s the biggest hurdle in business and it’s important that he helps beginners.

He covers all the basics, including…

Charging clients for FB ads.

Being a FB ad consultant.

Which FB ad types will bring you the best results.

Doing social media reports and showing massive results to clients continuously.

Understanding the basics is very important but you need to be confident in your skills as a FB expert in order to ask for big money with confidence. Companies are more than willing to pay as long as they view you as an expert.

Billy walks you through the entire FB ads dashboard. From setting up a business manager to effective copywriting on your ads that are displayed to the target audience.

He will then show you how to optimize the ads so they convert at a high clip.

The cool thing about this course and advertising on FB is the ability to accomplish different goals. Lead generation, brand awareness or sending traffic to a website are all things that can be accomplished efficiently.

Once you know what you’re doing it doesn’t take all that long to set up a campaign. When I’ve done it in the past it’s taken me less than an hour to launch an entire campaign (this is with previous experience of course).

If you have the numbers to deliver to your clients, it leads to value. When they see value in what you can do, they won’t want to leave.

Best Way to Earn Six Figures Online in 19′

Facebook is a great platform to utilize traffic and know your product, much like other social media platforms. But what if you could assist those same clients in advertising as well as sending them leads. That’s magic.

Honestly, I know paid traffic has it’s place in business but I’m just not a huge fan. It decreases profit margins and the obvious issue is that it costs money.

What about free traffic?

Sign me up!

I utilize free traffic in my local lead gen biz that’s now bringing in multiple six figures for me. It allows me to maximize profit margins and it takes less work because I’m not setting up or maintaining advertisements.

I love the local lead gen biz because it’s allowed me to create residual income. Below is an example of a pool site that generates me $650/mo on auto pilot since I quit my 9 to 5.

This business model has changed my life. I quit my job after 3 months. I’m my own boss. I take vacations when I want, where I want.

My profit margins are almost 100% so the money I earn goes almost entirely in my pocket.

And it’s very easy to scale.

If you’d like to learn more about what I do, we actually teach people regularly everything they need to know about local lead generation. Feel free to click here to check it out.

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