Top 3 Bitcoin MLMs for Earning Cryptocurrency in 2019

There are a lot of people out there that see bitcoin as the biggest thing since sliced bread. Ok, maybe not. More like since the internet.

A lot of people that joined in the .COM age before it was a public phenomena saw huge success because they hopped on board early on.

The people that went all in on Google Adwords, social media, blogging, email marketing, etc. launched their businesses to success just by believing in these when no one else did.

People have seen ridiculous success because they had the ability to predict what was going to be popular in the future and took massive action on it. It’s a skill.

For example, could you guess who has spent the most on Google Ads since it began years ago? Amazon… it’s no coincidence that they’re now the richest company in the world.

Bitcoin can be seen in the same light. Many early investors have become monstrous success stories in short order.

The question is, is it too late after bitcoin saw it’s value fall in recent years?

There are many signs that show it isn’t too late.

Picture this, it’s pre 2012 and a host of kids in their 20s are retiring, buying expensive cars and homes. They’re able to launch businesses off the back of their bitcoin investments a short time ago.

In a lot of cases they only invested a few dollars in the grand scheme of things.

Bitcoin is a currency that most people promised would have advantages and practicality over traditional currency.

Bitcoin does without a doubt have a function in the world today.

The explosion in popularity as created industries that are completely built on the back of bitcoin. That’s wild.

For example, bitcoin mining companies. These businesses have an absurd amount of money invested in the equipment that they use to mine. Like many millions of dollars.

When you get into numbers like that, you’re talking big business.

It’s explosion can be seen in almost the same way as that of the medical marijuana world.

A lot of people out there, experts included, have predicted that bitcoin may be the “biggest transfer of wealth” in human history.

This should get all of us excited because it means an opportunity for growth and success.

Think about this. Would you rather have young people with fresh ideas and relevant skills to today’s world, or the wealthy people who have been at the top of the world for decades. People who have made and maintained their wealth operating in the oil, banking and pharmaceutical industries.

I prefer fresh ideas that are relevant to where the world is going.

A lot of people out there have been searching for the best way to get involved with bitcoin. I admit it can be confusing when you’re first looking into it.

There’s a lot of terminology that you don’t hear outside of the bitcoin and cryptocurrency world.

How do you add bitcoin to your investment portfolio and make some money?

Ever since I got my local lead gen biz to the point it’s spitting out multiple six figures virtually on auto-pilot, I have plenty of time to check out new opportunities to diversify my income.

Bitcoin is one that I’ve had my eye on for years.

Multi-level Marketing & Bitcoin Make A Good Couple

Just like anything, the more people use bitcoin, the more it will rise in the ranks of popularity. The more people that use it and the more practical it becomes over time will lead to it’s increased value our world.

But why does network marketing lead to increased value for bitcoin?

First we will clear up what network marketing is. It’s a company that uses it’s distributors and customers to do most if not all of the marketing for the company.

These distributors or promoters do this for a commission that’s paid by the company.

The reason people refer to it is “multi-level” or “network” marketing is because you’re recruiting people to your network (or team) which allows you to earn commissions on multiple levels.

Essentially, you recruit people, they recruit people, then they recruit people. You get it. You’re creating a huge network of distributors that make money for you.

But Isn’t That A Pyramid Scheme?

I was a part of a network marketing company several years back so I have a unique understanding of the misconception of pyramid schemes.

In most cases, there is nothing wrong with an MLM business. The difference between this and a pyramid scheme lies in the product being promoted.

In the eyes of the federal government, a network marketing business has to be promoting a product for money and not recruiting people for money.

If you’re selling memberships for money, that is when it becomes a pyramid scheme.

The concept of network marketing was born in the 1930s by an entrepreneur named Carl Rehnborg. He designed the compensation/marketing plan for a supplement company that he owned.

The idea is that as long as people are paying money for valuable goods they receive, then any money paid out to distributors can’t be held against the company.

Companies can’t just be selling a business opportunity that only rewards the members who joined before a new recruit.

Network marketing companies can have their popularity surge very quickly.

Let’s do a simple breakdown of how these companies work.

  1. The network marketing company has either a physical product or digital product that they’re selling/promoting
  2. A business opportunity is attached to the promotion of the product. A member can be a promoter or seller of the products offered by the company and they’re compensated in return
  3. The affiliates are compensated for the sales that their members make as well. In addition to the sales that the affiliates make themselves

The compensation may only be handed out for the sale of the actual product.

The key is that there is actual value being traded for money.

There are many network marketing companies that have and continue to walk a fine line. Many of them even get shut down by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) while an investigation is done only to be reopened.

Most times it results in a damaged reputation for the company.

It often leads to their distributors leaving for another MLM or business opportunity because these people have their income taken overnight.

If played right, an ethical network marketing company that is built around bitcoin has the opportunity to become very popular.

It can also accelerate the popularity and use of bitcoin.

This presents an opportunity for many people to expand their bitcoin portfolio.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 bitcoin MLMs to join right now in 2019.

Mindset 24 Global

Mindset 24 Global meshes network marketing and affiliate marketing. It was created by Kevin Harrington and it’s a really good chance to join something at the floor level.

The company sells personal development products (digital) and they accept payments and send compensation with bitcoin.

Paul Nash and Brian Mclane are the co-founders and they operate alongside their marketing partner Kevin Harrington. Kevin is well known for his many appearances on the show Shark Tank as well as his previous success as the founder of “As Seen on TV.”

Harrington is only one of the experts that will be contributing to the content offered by the company. He will be joined by Russell Whitney Jr. Russell is a keynote speaker that will be assisting in the creation of the digital content available on the Mindset 24 Global office.

Take note of the advantages that come with selling digital products. They’re made available to the buyer instantly and the ability to sell them to any country in a quick manor, these are a big deal.

A panel of entrepreneurs represented by some of the most successful in the world will be delivering the training. That’s a huge opportunity.

Obviously, the product is built around developing a mindset that’s built for success. The 24 depicts the fact that everyone has 24 hours in their day.

Compensation Plan for Mindset 24 Global

The company compensates it’s distributors very well. Sales come in at a whopping 70% commission to sellers.

There are also bonuses that can be earned through the success of your team.

You can only sell digital products that you buy yourself. The commission you receive is paid to you instantly in bitcoin.

If you’re a person that is passionate about personal development and growing in entrepreneurship then I would recommend looking into this opportunity.

It’s a great chance to join a company that’s at the ground level and backed by people who’ve seen massive success.

USI Tech Review

USI does bitcoin day trading with an AI Forex program that they’ve implemented and automated. They’ve invested millions of dollars into bitcoin mining facilities as well.

USI makes big promises to people that join the company. They guarantee at least 150% ROI on the packages that you buy with them. These packages are good for six months.

So what allows them to make such lofty guarantees?

Well, it comes back to the trading software that’s assisted by AI and their large investments in mining facilities.

140% ROI is what’s reported by the company’s members. This is just an average of the ROI of their bitcoin investments.

The nice thing about the companies compensation plan is that they offer bonuses twelve levels deep into your network. USI pays out 35% of profits through the levels.

I must say that the company has some pretty impressive reviews.

“Hi everyone, so after a crazy 5.5 months with USI Tech, I honestly couldn’t give it a higher recommendation! I’m averaging close to $10,000 USD profit per month with this company and passively earning over 2 Bitcoin per month now with this company. Simply outstanding results.”

It’s reviews like this that led me to invest several thousand dollars with the company when I joined.

The company ran into some issues with the FTC due to some members posting questionable content on craigslist about the opportunity.

This happened back in 2017 and to avoid more legal issues they decided to stop their operations in the US. The company is still open for business in Asia and Europe.

A lot of the members from the US are still waiting to get their money back from their investments. That includes myself.

Like in most cases, when the FTC strikes on an MLM company, it suffers in the credibility department. This is extremely unfortunate because it was a really good bitcoin opportunity and the owners did a superb job of making public appearances and putting themselves out there.

If you’re in Europe or Asia I would still recommend this business opportunity. Unfortunately for us investors in the US, this opportunity has come and gone.

The First Crypto Training To Pays It’s Members in Bitcoin – iCoin Pro

iCoin Pro was founded by Paul De Sousa, a well-known crypto investor, and investing expert Lloyd “Bigg” Dotson.

The beautiful thing about this company is they teach you about cryptocurrencies and exactly how to earn with them. They have a unique teaching method in the fact that they quiz you on every lesson in their program.

When you finish the course, you’ll get your crypto dipoma. Kind of a nice feature in my opinion.

There have been rave reviews about this program from begginers and crypto veterans alike. Most people say they’ve learned valuable lessons no matter what experience level they have.

They give their members the option to be paid out in bitcoin or flat currency. Obviously, you’re probably getting into this for the bitcoin opportunity so it’ll be an easy decision I assume.

Closing Thoughts on Bitcoin MLMs

The thing I love most about these opportunities is the chance to make some commissions from a business model that enhance one’s bitcoin investment portfolio.

However, I think it’s important that you have prior experience with winning in the network marketing space because it isn’t easy.

IMO, years after being in network marketing myself, I believe you need to be able to generate a massive amount of leads for yourself.

It takes one of the following scales to do this at the level you’ll need to succeed:

  • you need to have confidence in your sales ability and always be willing to prospect people. This includes creating conversations with people you don’t really know
  • be okay with pitching to family and friends
  • you’ve already built a brand personally on social media
  • understand how to rank on Google for either the name of the MLM or relevant keywords

A problem that a lot of people have is the fact that the constant pursuit of prospects is not a fun or easy task.

If this is you, then the MLM business model might not be the thing for you.

At some point you will run out of friends and family to talk to (it’s also very awkward prospecting them) and you’ll have to recruit people you don’t know.

The better option IMO is knowing how to generate free traffic to your opportunity. This can be done by ranking websites on Google for example.

Actually that’s the skill I’ve used to fuel my lead generation business that’s been making me reliable income almost on auto-pilot.

The issue that a lot of people run into is that Google has made it a pretty tough task to rank if you’re a complete noob.

Since MLM are built on the idea that the members do all of the marketing, most times they also lack the proper training on how to keep your sales pipeline full.

I get it, they don’t want to scare potential recruits away by telling them just how hard it can be to run a successful network marketing business.

The first thing you’ll be suggested to do is reaching out to your friends and family but ask yourself if that’s really a sustainable business model.

If you ask 20 people that you’re close with and 2 of them decide to do it, you’ll get maybe a couple hundred dollars for it.

But then what?

You’ve gone through all the contacts that you’re close with, we call them warm leads.

At this point you’ll have to start generating your own leads.

That’s the biggest reason why most people don’t have a chance to win with network marketing. They don’t know how to generate leads.

I’ve done tons and tons of research on online business opportunities over the years because I’m obsessed with it. It’s what I do and what I’ve been very successful with.

It is paramount that as an online business owner you understand how to direct people to your opportunity.

There are really two ways to do this in the digital space. Paid traffic or free traffic.

I don’t know about you but the word free really gets me excited.

An example of paid traffic would be Google Ads or FB advertising. These things aren’t cheap especially if you have little to no experience with online advertising.

You can piss away a lot of money in short order if you aren’t careful.

Paid traffic can drive traffic a lot quicker. But IMO free traffic is the way to go. It takes more time but it makes more sense when you think about the long term.

Honestly, you landed on this page because of my ability to do SEO and drive traffic to a website.


And it isn’t as difficult as people think, you just have to be willing to learn the skills.

Now, I wouldn’t recommend try to rank for keywords that are associated with MLM companies or any national presence for that matter.

That’s a different beast.

This is why utilize local lead generation in my own business. Local is so much easier to rank for with less competition and it’s a very lucrative opportunity.

For example, I make $1,500/mo from one of my roofing clients and I haven’t touched the website in almost a year.

I’ve used this model to build my first business that does multiple six figures a year. I work from home, I’m my own boss and I take as many vacations as I want.

I don’t have to worry about companies like MLMs shutting down because of investigations by the FTC. I own my websites, they’re virtual assets much like physical real estate.

I simply find business owners to be my “tenants.”

I get to keep about 100% of my profits and I’m not selling anything for anyone else.

I don’t make uncomfortable sales pitches to my friends and family.

I recommend you checking out the lead gen biz model that’s gotten me to where I am today. It completely changed my life, it’s an ethical business practice and it’s built for long term success.

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