Brian Dean’s SEO That Works 3.0 – Unbiased Review

One of the biggest keys I have found to running a multi-6 figure local lead generation SEO agency for 5 years now is to simply…

Always keep learning!

Said another way…

Constantly improve your high-income skill(s)!

Having done this awhile personally, I stumbled upon Brian Dean’s SEO That Works 3.0 coaching program and decided to look into the material that he delivers.

Let’s briefly discuss the head-to-toe of Brian Dean’s operation in SEO That Works…

The current version…

The pros and cons…

Whether this is the best SEO educational endeavor you could pursue with your hard-earned time and money…

And how leveraging a different approach, what I call local lead generation, could make you the online entrepreneur you had envisioned becoming with your work-from-home (or anywhere you can take your laptop with internet access) and pajama income lifestyle.  Check out the coaching program by clicking here now!

Brief Overview of Brian Dean’s SEO That Works 3.0

One of the key ingredients to SEO That Works – according to Mr. Dean – is in the idea of encouraging others to share your content…

Brian is teaching a concept that ultimately boils down to one simple aspect of SEO: content marketing.

While the whole world (and their grandmother) are attempting to enter the space of SEO and inspire others to hire them to “get you to the top of Google”…

One primary thing that everyone in the SEO industry can agree on is that backlinks are the name of the game. And one of the ways to achieve those coveted backlinks is to promote your individual web page – what Brian Dean calls your Power Page – to influencers and bloggers that also write about topics in your space….

By having these people, who post to their blogs constantly, read over your material, find it valuable and relevant to what they are doing in their industry, they might find enough value copying your content and syndicating it through their medium (or “website”, in this instance) through the act of what is called a guest post. 

That means the information you had taken the time to research and writeup is getting promoted by someone else on your behalf, and they’re even using their platform to do just that – and they’re happy to do it because it serves their readership well to consume your content.

Another option these people also have is, instead of copying or duplicating your content and re-posting it on their blog, they can simply create a link to your content.  That means their readers can come across a bit of information and see a referring link to take that readership over to your posted content… on your website. 

Why would someone create a link to your content, though?

Look at it like this: the bloggers and influencers are seeking out information to provide for their followers. As such, they are interested in connecting with very authoritative information (what Brian Dean calls “content”) because that connection increases the credibility of the blogger. 

This connection – to your authoritative content, as Brian teaches –helps the blogger or influencer (or both) to appear more credible/smarter if your page and their web presence look good. 

To think of it another way: third-party credibility is challenging to beat.  If someone else is substantially supporting their stance, claim, position, or even general information that edifies what they’re trying to do in serving their audience, it’s bound to be a win in their book and they’d be happy to connect with you. 

Now that we have a mutual understanding of what the options are for connecting with another Blogger or Influencer, let’s make something real clear about what Brian Dean does NOT do…

SEO That Works is not educating on guest posting; it’s not even taught in the course. 

What he introduces is all about the power pages that you write, build to direct specifications, and a key ingredient sprinkled in; Brian Dean’s SEO That Works calls them “share triggers.” 

In the simplest sense, what share triggers are the pieces of content people consume that also move them to want to share it with others.

From identifying the most beneficial content frameworks and various share triggers, these articles can be found on other places in the world wide web…

More than usual, no doubt…

More on that later.  Ready for a sneak peek at what’s involved with SEO That Works?

Base Module: Current Trends and Effective Strategies in Today’s SEO Market

It’s been said: Knowledge is Power!  It’s no different in the SEO space…

Dean knows that; so in order to know where it is you’re probably going in learning and implementing SEO, it’s important to understand where SEO was 5+years or so ago, and what SEO practices are outdated and not worth exploring anymore.

Think of it as having one of two ingredients required to make your favorite dish; and then believing that the one is good enough on its known.

Likewise, you could write an awesome bit of content that measures up to every specification you could find on what experts say is most appropriate for your web page to read like!

However, Brian knows that the top factor in ranking any web property on the internet – currently – is the idea of getting backlinks from credible sources! 

At this stage of the game, you pretty much HAVE TO establish a strategy for link building that is systematic in nature. 

Link Creators: The 1st Module

In order to establish some sort of network of backlinks to your content, first you have to have a website or other kind of web property that has your content in it. 

Once there, this section of the training educates you on doing some effective, time invested research to discover…

  • Discover who the head honchos are – the influencers of the bloggers – in your industry
  • Who is writing blogs about topics relative to your niche/industry
  • Evaluating just what kind of topics they enjoy linking out to
  • Assessing whether someone would even be interested in the content you’re considering creating

One of the major pitfalls most newbies make is to take some initiative and invest the copious amounts of time it takes to draft up an enormous piece of content, long before they consider researching to discover whether any of the influencers would even be interested in linking to your subject. 

Dean leverages a common SEO online platform as a tool for his research, it’s called 

What this tool does for Brian is it allows him to rapidly discover similar – or competitor – articles happen to be collecting their backlink portfolio from…

Think of it as a ninja-style way to spy on the competition and consider going after those same places to acquire a referring backlink. 

Yeah, it’s a great way to establish what Brian Dean calls your “Linkreator,” but it’s also a sweet trick I use in my local lead generation business – where I rank websites like they’re digital billboards and get a chunk of change for doing just that… over and over…

The Infamous Power Page: Module 2

In this section, trainees receive precious, key guidance on how to write that soon-to-be viral content piece that can get filled with lots and lots of share triggers.

In fact, here’s a few of those share triggers that are really more common than some might think:

  • According to a study discussed by BuzzSumo, the consensus is that longer quality pieces of content seem to bring a sense of“awe” to the reader – much like they’re standing personally in view of the enormous Grand Canyon.  In this study of nearly 100 million online-published articles, those over 3,000 words in length received more shares and social syndication. If you’re looking for the edge and to do something that not many others do – keep your quality high as you draw out the length and value of your article for the reader to appreciate and indulge in.

  • If it’s useful, it’ll get used up by everybody!– if it’s a practical piece or otherwise insanely useful content, then other readers may seek to hop on that and tell others about it.  A case in point might be an article that outlines a recipe for some sort of edible delight… and that possibly extremely simple recipe getting shared time and time again.

  • Something people can remember easily.  – One key to this could be in the title of your article.  You can leverage it as your thesis for your article and tie most everything back to this idea.  This is actually one of the trademark solutions since it elicits imagery and strong otherwise strong visuals which captivate a reader.  When Brian Dean first began mentioning this skyscraper mentality of writing articles for internet publishing purposes, especially in the SEO space, this imagery (that you’re thinking about, of a skyscraper) can further illustrate the point of writing more content – while keeping it authoritative, unique, valuable and memorable – and beating out the person in the first position, on the first page of Google search results, can really place you at an advantage!

  • Invoke Positive Emotions with your Article!  — for years, studies have demonstrated how,despite the wealth of bad news we have in society these days (and we all know how quickly bad news has a tendency to travel), the articles that end up getting more attention, more appreciation, and ultimately more shares, are not the sad and depressing stories, but the ones whom yield positive emotional responses about things like inspiration, motivation, success, or surprises. 

  • A famous network marketer once said that facts tell and stories sell.  Keeping all of the above ingredients in mind, packaging your article into a story arc could bring a winning formula to your approach toward the content writing learned in SEO That Works.  Keep it memorable and bring more emotion into your writing so others can connect with your words.

When I’m building out my money generating websites, these hot points are definitely worth retaining and implementing at all times. 

…and that’s just a taste of what’s to come with Brian Dean’s coaching program about SEO.

Link Building with Content Promotion: Module 3

While you could write the most stellar article, the reality is that you want your network, your Linkreators, to acknowledge your content to where they find it worth their promoting your power page for you (whether you want them to or not).  You do want them to, but having them appreciate your content definitely helps to grease the wheels here.

While Dean has composed a list of pitches you can send via email to the above influencers and bloggers, he definitely recommends sending out these emails much in the way that you write…

Quality over quantity is the name of the game here and it will take you far in SEO. 

Just like any other business transaction, it takes some relationship building and bringing some goodwill to the person you’re attempting to reach out to.  Once you get noticed by sharing their content while reaching out on-the-side, they just may hear you out when you ask for a direct connection.

UX Signals in Module 4: Content Optimization

While I’ve never had any issue in pasting my websites to the top ofGoogle without Brian’s strategies taught in this section, there’s no doubt that even the slightest edge can help you squeeze into the top slots to get attention by the marketplace. 

However, it gets rather technical and possibly complex here, but he does a great job of explaining some things to facilitate your implementing what he introduces in SEO That Works 3.0.

Summarizing Brian Dean’s Course

I had some fun exploring SEO That Works 3.0.  While Brian’s approach with content marketing can be powerful and yield large volumes of backlinks that can serve you well…

I’m still iffy on these techniques of his because they do take longer than other, less complex SEO techniques. 

That said, his approach is entirely above ground, legit, white hat style, and some of the safest methods to implement on your website to keep it climbing toward the top over time. 

In fact, you can take some time to check out 

It’s a website that Brian Dean personally utilizes to share results he has been able to achieve, along with statistics that came directly from his strategies taught in the coaching program.


  • I like to indulge in things that are simple to understand, easy to digest information and Brian is an excellent instructor with his communication skills on-point!
  • You can get the best of both worlds; be great at writing copy (also referred to as web content) and learning to build a network of backlinks.
  • At this point, his approach to SEO – through content marketing – has stood the test of time and, for the foreseeable future, it may continue that way.
  • Whatever approaches you’re currently leveraging in the world of SEO, this training can end up complementing what you’ve got in your current operation(s).


  • If you were hoping to explore other approaches to high-quality SEO, there’s only 1 type here in this course.  There’s virtually nothing in here regarding a variety of other approaches toward turning a profit with websites online; for example, how to generate an income online with this skillset, or even approaching and acquiring a client.
  • The notion of a personal backlinking network (aPBN) isn’t mentioned in the program, though it is an excellent alternative to pushing websites to the top of search engine results with minimal effort. 
  • Unless your industry has endless swarms of bloggers and influencers stepping up to write about topics when it’s so convenient now to capture images and videos with mobile devices, this approach to viral content and backlinking could get difficult to expand, both quickly or long term.

How Local Lead Generation Has Served Me Well in 2019

Content marketing can be an excellent approach to one’s labors online, but a few key individual talents are needed in order to make ends meet on this coaching program…

  • Time to learn
  • THEN, time to actually invest in research
  • A talent for typing fast and writing thoughts in an organized, emotion-provoking, memorable fashion

Brian assures us that anyone can figure out how to write those power pages if they leverage his share triggers in their conceptual frame work designed skyscraper content.

Granted, some SEO experts, while they know it’s important, aren’t even interested in writing the content that SEO That Works brings into discussion with his students.

In fact, some of Brian’s examples in the sales materials, his personal website, and more, actually appear to be chapters published online – perhaps even enough content to write a book! 

Some readers out there may end up struggling with this course due to the fact that they need to write; it’s not everyone’s gift, but everyone can get better and the training course attempts to help with just that. 

Let’s take a look at one of Mr. Dean’s actual web pages – and check out the number of websites (domains) that he’s got linking back to this one webpage…

With nearly 1,000 different links pointing back to his website here, it undoubtedly is a strategy that others can benefit from. 

However, it relies heavily on one’s ability to write well. 

While some have considered outsourcing the writing portion of this gig, this could be more of a person-dependent style of SEO because Brian is just awesome at writing content.

Until it’s sorted out and profits begin turning, you’re probably best to wrangle the content copywriting on your own accord. 

Also, if you’re running this approach for 1 to 2 projects that you’re balancing then this could be a good fit in the long-term.  However…

Say you’ve got about 50 to 100 clients that you’re trying to rank a website to the top of search results for and they want it done in record time(each of them)…

If one approach in SEO can’t seem to work on that level of scaling, then maybe it’s just not for me.

Instead, figuring out a way to build your own network of backlinks through building a proper grouping of blogs with domains from auction connected to them can help you to progress faster and help more clients in the process…

This is a swift, and relatively inexpensive strategy taught in our coaching program.

To gain both time and financial freedom, SEO should be about one thing: doing enough to deliver results!

My 2 Virtual Assistants go to bat on working for my company – and all they do for their work day is build high-quality backlinks.  This is what helps my local lead generation business to flourish.  This means that new websites can rank higher, in record times, and generate new streams of income for me.

So Brian Dean is getting seen on the search results for some heavy-hitter key terms now, like “Back Linking” and other SEO-specific phrases/terms.  At this point, a power page would be needed to attract tons upon tons of consumers.

His techniques work and are handy; I’m using some of them to keep this blog going (and it helps that I also enjoy writing about entrepreneurs in the digital marketing space…)

But I’m here to Make Money!  If you’re reading this… you probably wanna make some money too! 

Why Local Lead Generation Delivers Higher Returns in 2019

Of course, it’s not always about the money! 

It helps, but here are some other reasons why lead gen can deliver more…

  • Long-term business; face facts, small businesses and the internet aren’t going anywhere
  • Passive Income with FREE TRAFFIC once Web Sites are Pasted to the Top of Google Search
  • Scalable to the point where you can do less work in the same amount of time and still grow your business – and your Passive Income
  • Easy Competition – tons of industries and cities to select clients from
  • Biggest Profit Margins!  No paying for Ads or physical products (which means no cost of goods sold to deal with)

If you’re a complete beginner, I think it’s better for someone to learn how to generate leads through ranking for local search terms to help small businesses get more customers.

Why go after ridiculously competitive search terms that require tons of in-depth content articles – especially if someone isn’t even interested in writing!?!?

Ranking websites can be easier than you think, and you don’t need to have stellar novel-writing skills to collect some buku bucks with this style of SEO!

Remember, you don’t need to write skyscraper-type web pages…

You can definitely outsource a good portion of this business (or maybe even all of it, someday)…

And it’s so lucrative that I was able to walk away from a job only a few short years ago and have now amassed a book of business generating revenue upwards of $50,000 a month…

And YES, it’s growing!!!

We’ll even show you exactly how to do it, too: Click here to learn more.

We’ll teach you how to leverage the skills and knowledge of SEO to your benefit, and use those tidbits of wisdom you acquire through this coaching program to establish a long-term, ethical side-hustle you can be proud of making a living while making a difference with.