Build Your Life Resume, Jesse Itzler Course Review

Jesse Itzler developed Build Your Life Resume to help people stuck in the 9 to 5 grind to find more meaning with their lives.

Basically, the program builds a “life resume” which is kind of like a normal resume except it’s filled out with meaning accomplishments that are actually important to the one accomplishing them.

These accomplishments are suppose to be things that will help said person find success in their personal lives, business and other professional settings.

Jesse wants every person out there to break free from the chains of society. The majority of people are guilty of falling into society’s trap.

Wake up. Go to work. Get home at night. Eat. Go to bed. Rinse and repeat.

For 50 damn years.

This is society’s norm and Jesse doesn’t want that to happen to everyone. He wants to make sure you live a fulfilling life, doing something that truly makes you happy.

And once you find that thing that truly makes you happy then you can start to monetize it.

When you stop focusing so heavily on your professional life and instead focus on your purpose, only then will you be truly happy.

Jesse has a pretty exciting story himself about the resume he’s working on building in his own life.

Who’s Jesse Itzler?

Believe it or not, Jesse was an ex rapper and he’s now a very successful entrepreneur.

In the past he was a speaker on Ted Talk, he’s spoken internationally as well, he’s an adventurer and a very respected business person.

His wife, Sara Blakely, is actually the founder of her own company Spanx. They have four kids together.

Jesse has also become a vegan.

On top of those accomplishments he’s also a best selling author. He wrote “Living with a Seal” which is a book about how he had a former navy seal stay in his home to personally train him.

It’s a true story by the way.

Everything that he does is done for increasing his bank account, building his resume or adding some skills that will help him grow as a father, husband or business person.

And on top of all that he has founded a handful of multi-million dollar companies.

He was the co-founder of Marquis Jets before him and his business partner eventually sold it to Berkshire Hathaway. It’s now know as Berkshire Hathaway/NetJets.

He also co-founded Zico Coconut. A water product that he and his partner eventually sold to Coca-Cola.

Ya think this guy knows how to build a profitable business yet?

I mean come on.

Build Your Life Resume Course Summy

Build Your Life Resume is an eight week long course that Jesse designed to help others hit goals and live their life to the fullest. These goals include personal, relationship and business.

So what should you expect to get out of this thing?

  • applicable advice and problem-solving from Jesse
  • all tools needed to break free of the chains/mindsets that have kept you from hitting goals
  • work closely with Jesse and people he learned from
  • eight weeks full of insights, tips and formulas/plans

In the first week of the program, Jesse helps students build their life resume. Basically you’ll be creating an outline of what you can expect over the next eight weeks and helps you to get the most out of his training.

Week 2 is all about developing the “won’t stop mentality.” Jesse credits this mentality for all of his achievements to this point in his life.

For the next few weeks Jesse focuses on helping students to grow their influence and business. On top of that you continue to build the winning mindset as well as tuning your mind and body to stay energized.

In week 6,7 and 8 the students begin to use practical solutions to start breaking the norm in their lives. The idea is for them to get a good look at how far they’ve come since day 1 and understand what the next steps are to continue to get the most out of what they’ve learned.

Jesse is very hands on with the coaching program. He makes himself available to students whether it be in the exclusive FB group, IG or YouTube.

The students can stay in touch and motivate each other through mailing address.

I think Jesse offers something really cool here and I just really like the guy. Seems like a really cool dude.

But now it’s up to you, are you ready to build the life resume that will leave you feeling fulfilled?

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