C.A.M.P., Billy Gene Course Review

Billy Gene’s course, The School of Genius, is referred to by many as the best social media training out there.

He aims to turn the average person into a customer acquisition guru.

Billy does a great job going into extreme detail in the course and therefore you’ll know everything you need to know when it comes to social media marketing.

Who’s Billy Gene?

Billy is a lot like many people. Started out as another guy living with his mom.

In four short years, he’s built an extremely successful digital agency.

Nowadays he spends his time mentoring new digital marketers and effectively teaching them how to dominate the social media space.

New customers and a higher ROI are just two of the results you’ll see from implementing his teachings.

It’s clear that he lives his passion.

And that’s teaching thousands of entrepreneurs how to raise their game.

He teaches the use of YouTube, FB, Reddit, etc. as viable channels to collect cash and ask questions later.

Today, he’s established a great team that sometimes assists in teaching students in his program.

He launched Click Into Customers 2.0 and it landed him in Forbes.

Summary – School of Geneius

Let’s dive into different features in School of Geneius:

  • three live training courses every week – you’ll be able to ask questions and get personal guidance
  • invitations to meetups for crucial networking
  • possibility to become a partner – Billy could send customers your way
  • course is divided into three different sections:
    • Clicks Into Customers 2.0 – developing ad campaigns for different social media platforms
    • YouTube Advertising for Geneiuses – best selling techniques for YouTube
    • Sell Like A Geneius – tactics and game plans designed to make selling easier
  • three live training’s done weekly:
    • Office Hours – live Q&A for the students
    • Skill Training – 70 live courses and 18 skills available, new ones weekly
    • Geneius Training – Billy takes the time to review real life ad campaigns from you and other students
  • Geneius resources made available to you, these include:
    • live chat
    • private FB group
    • proven campaign downloads

I must admit, Billy’s program is one of the most in-depth and value packed training’s that I’ve reviewed to this point. The cost is easily justified here and IMO very worth the price.

We’ve gone through many of the key aspects of his course and yet there are so many other things that are great about this program.

He’s been teaching students for a little while now which is a great thing because there are plenty of case studies for you to look at before you even jump in on the program.

The library is a great feature because it allows you to go back and replay live training’s whenever you need to reference them.

The meetups and weekly lessons make it so that this course goes on and on, continuing to add value consistently.

Things change so often in the digital marketing space so it’s great to have someone like Billy to keep you up to date on all of the changes being made in the social media space.

You should probably go check out Billy’s site if you’d like to learn more about what he offers.

How I Built My Six Figure Income Online

Let me start off by saying that I love what Billy offers in his School of Geneius course. I think there is a ton of value packed into it.

But if you’re searching for a business model that allows you to make six or even seven figures online, then I prefer the skill of local lead generation.

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Check out the pool site below. I built it around the same time I quit my 9 to 5 job after only a few months of starting my lead gen biz.

This site has been generating $650/mo of passive income for me for over 2 years now.

My decision to learn this high income skill has completely changed my life.

I quit my 9 to 5. Became my own boss. I make my own hours.

Take vacation when I want, where I want.

New car, new house.

And I continue to scale my business at an aggressive rate.

If any of these things sound good to you then you should check out what the lead gen biz has to offer. Click here for a glimpse of what the business is all about.

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