Membership Method by Chris Luck – Unbiased Review

Think back to a time where you can remember owning a subscription to a product or service…

It tends to ding your credit card like it’s going out of style!

Like clockwork, the automation built into their subscription service and payment processor ensures that you get what you’ve asked for month after month…

And they keep getting paid that membership level you’re currently subscribed to.

Some of the more common types are newspapers and magazine subscriptions.

With the influence of the digital era and the dawn of the world wide web, it’s no surprise that brands and for-profit companies have capitalized on the progressing technology of smartphones and wi-fi internet for the convenience of consumers to make purchases online.

As a result, websites that make available to buyers and readerships a recurring membership have emerged.

This isn’t a new or recent concept, however. 

Member websites have been around for quite some time, but no one has seemed to develop a scalable, duplicable methodology to establish and expand the base of members that are premium investors in whatever is being given for the membership offer. 

…until now! 

Serial entrepreneur Chris Luck as methodically developed a system to found and build a membership website, and his Membership Method coaching program students have seen terrific returns with outstanding results. 

Before I explored this coaching course, however, I was already found my first few wins in the local lead generation business.  In fact, raking in a passive income of $50,000.00 per month from ranking websites and sending sales leads to local small business owners has given me both a lucrative, reliable monthly income and time freedom to be able to afford to give this membership website program the ole’ college try! 

Mr. Luck’s Membership Method has recommendations for your next membership website that can make your project more easily:

  • Executed
  • Automated
  • Monetized

Getting to Know Chris Luck

An experienced digital marketing expert by trade, Mr. Chris Luck has been orchestrating expansion plans for for-profit companies and businesses of all kinds as they attempt to harness the power of the internet. 

Focused on the online presence of those that hire him for a lucrative chunk of change, Chris has made it his personal mission to take the complexities out of online marketing with easy to read and easy to follow blueprints for –

  • Lead generation
  • Email campaigns
  • Podcast followings
  • Customized packages of integrated marketing channels for personalized strategy

…there’s really no one-size-fits-all when it comes to digital marketing, and Mr. Luck has been providing customized solutions for many years now. 

With Membership Method, Chris now introduces a new weapon in his arsenal of digital marketing exposes:

A solution for promoting membership marketing options.

Brief Overview of Membership Method

With any luck, there has to be a pattern or methodology toward making online marketing work.

Even if that methodology includes none other than multiple experiments and costly testing of actually marketing efforts in order to find a winning formula that demonstrates its proof-positive through a plentiful return on investment (ROI). 

With a little time and patience in evaluating exactly what Chris is looking to deliver to the marketplace, I ended up discovering that there truly is a method to Chris’ madness – or is enthusiasm a more appropriate term?  Haha… Seriously though, Chris – you are “the man!” 

After trying and failing with numerous membership sites of his own (and with patient, understanding clients bent on having success through their own endeavors), his confidence and persistent patience delivered a comprehensive mix of components that allows membership sites to deliver for anyone serious about not only understanding the methodology – but in taking massive action as well. 

What inspires me most about the Membership Method coaching program is Luck’s opportunity to deliver to his students the revenue stream that they’ve all been searching for from day one of expressing interest in starting a business online and/or from the comfort of their own home:

  • Escape the punch clock of the traditional 9 to 5
  • Keep the handsome salary without having a new job – or a second job – in the calendar of to-do’s.

The Membership Method course seems comprehensive, if I do say so myself.  Check out what’s inside:

  • Your next membership website’s big-picture, yet concise and easy to understand blueprint.  The intent is to help you land your first 100 members between launch day and your first 30 days in full-blown business.  However, this is only recommended for those that actually follow the Membership Method system without deviating!
  • Pages within the membership website come pre-built.  When I launched mine, it was like taking candy from a baby.  Okay, I’m not going to be that belligerent of a person, but the ease with which the templates operate have saved me minutes and hours of work I’ve never even thought about with the pre-filled pages in the Membership Method program.  In fact, each template included in the program were recommended by the author himself, who leveraged each sample toward becoming a legend in the membership site industry.
  • You get wisdom on automation options.  It’s no more complicated than flipping a switch once your membership site design is complete.  He’ll introduce you to automating literally everything so your earnings are simply turn-key (legitimately; for once in the home based business industry) and your regular member payments simply roll in. 

Chris could have left the program there and said this is good enough – this will save people time and headaches in getting their dream website launched…

But he made sure you had more to get your success curve sharpened and your profits coming earlier!

He also provides his members with a forum where he personally gets to consult with his members of the coaching program.  Once in there, you’ll have exclusive access to –

  • Direct feedback on your progress
  • Answers to common questions – or feel free to post a unique one if it’s not already addressed
  • Direct, constructive critique of your labors from Chris and his team of mentors

Without a question, this is the epitome of online training courses that members can access for a low start-up investment. 

 In no time flat, my subscription system was at the top of the marketplace in terms of fastest-growing membership website…

People could join with ease and I could capture the necessary information to constantly expand (and manage) my now rapidly growing email list virtually on autopilot.

It didn’t take long for things to dawn on me – THIS IS MORE THAN A COACHING COURSE FOR PROFITS!

This was a complete system that someone can implement right away to build a membership base to anything! 

Things don’t end with the last video either…

Once the final lesson is complete, you still have the privilege of:

  • Growing your membership-based business online
  • Increasing monthly revenue
  • Collecting feedback from the mentors of the community (including Chris Luck, himself)
  • Opportunities to constantly take his recommendations and place them to see how the feedback changes things for the better of your campaign and overall revenue efforts

This Sounds Complicated; Can Anyone Do This?

In terms of simple, I’d go so far as to suggest this to anyone looking for the hands-down easiest way to generate a passive income online. 

There are zero hard sales practices and essentially you can refuse to make cold calls to try and turn a profit.

Your first step is to build the membership site.

Your second step is to observe as your memberships trickle in.

Your third step is to smile and enjoy the profits from not having to work so hard

Since the digital landscape changes, it’s a comfort to know that Chris didn’t just throw together an education course and bail on ya. 

With regular updates to the training, the lessons are never outdated and you can be confident that your knowledge – and the updates granted – are all current with what’s currently in the marketplace.

Picture this:

…a coaching program that routinely, and regularly, updates but is constantly available so you can review it no matter what and whenever you choose to make time in your schedule for it.

Perhaps this should be more than a coaching program, but if this were a book then it should be on the shelf next to every digital marketing book across the globe. 

Lastly, it’s a download that you need to obtain, secure, and run on your computer in order to get starting with building options for what will soon be your very first membership site!

Local Lead Generation Tops All Online Business Options in 2019

To build an audience online, especially to target ideal prospective buyers for a membership site, you’d better have some outstanding guidance to help you along the way. 

It’s a challenging digital marketing world out there; no reason you should have to go it alone if someone has already paved the way for you to be in profit mode faster than you’ve ever thought possible before!

Even though I’ve experimented with the membership site and have had my share of profits in the method of digital entrepreneurship where recurring fees are paid by engaged members…

My go-to option for generating profits for myself online is with Local Lead Generation

If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a really simple business model. 

We all know that sales leads are the bloodline to keep any business alive; sales are what makes the world go around since money doesn’t exchange hands unless a sale is made. 

It’s been said in my life countless times that if you’re not in the business negotiating and making offers to close deals (hence, making a sale), then you’re in support of someone who is selling. 

I didn’t realize just how true such a claim really was until I opened up my own business online. 

However, there’s really not much to sell here, since all businesses seem to want more business and are happy to pay a premium for consistent referrals. 

In our coaching program, we teach you how to send leads to local small business owners and grab a sliver to deliver the buyers to that business. 

How, you might ask? 

Great question!!!  The answer is in three simple steps:

  1. Throw together a quick, down and dirty lead gen site
  2. Tape it to the top of Google search results
  3. Kick back and let the checks roll in

There’s really not much more to the process than this, as you get to make a living while making a difference in the lives of business owners wherever you decide to launch your agency at. 

And this is a very mobile-friendly business model, so wherever you set-up shop to start, you can still just grab your laptop and internet connection, and you can choose to work where you feel most comfortable at in the entire world. 

You’re getting compensated to leverage what I like to call a high-income skill, which is rare in your marketplace to local small businesses to meet someone that really knows how to bring them more customers with a few key tips we can introduce you to in our coaching program about my #1 top business pick for 2019. 

Passive income is real!  I’m living proof of it since I was able to take the current $50,000.00 per month income and walk away from my full-time job only a few short years ago. 

No more 9 to 5, I’m too busy enjoying my time freedom thanks to this side hustle payin’ me so well for work I did one-time several years ago – the checks keep comin’, so I keep smilin’ at ‘em and cashin’ ‘em. 

In addition to the above, here’s a handful of other major benefits to why Local Lead Generation is the ideal business model that you can start this week if you so choose…

  • Easy competition – work for small businesses in any city and with any industry
  • Small Business Owners Need Your Help – the majority of them aren’t sure what they’re doing with bringing in more business through the internet; you can be the person with the skill to be the bill that pays all of that business owner’s other bills
  • The opportunity to take in more money than doctors and lawyers without a full-time job (in fact, I know some folks in the local lead gen space that are bringing in over 6 figures a month – and yes, it’s possible because it’s true)
  • Sick and tired of your current job?  Build up this side hustle without adding a second job to your day and you can fire your boss a lot faster than you thought you could
  • Make money like Uber and Airbnb and Lyft have done (grab that small percentage for delivering buyers to service providers)

Check out one of my local lead generation sites that I haven’t touched since 2014 and is still hookin’ me up to this day in makin’ it rain dollah billz (Yes, I got carried away and I’m happy about it):

In addition to demonstrating that this can work for you, we’re also showing others how they can do it.  Remember that everyone in this online entrepreneurial world had to start somewhere, and at the lowest starting point, in this business model. 

Here’s more information about our coaching program which revolves around the local lead generation and tends to leverage what free organic search engine traffic is available so you don’t have to pay a dime to get those referrals coming to you – which you can, then, turn into cold hard cash!!!

When you’re ready to expand, you just make a few more lead gen sites each month, rank the heck outta them, and enjoy the profits that come –

Heck, you could even earn 6 or 7 figures in annual online income.  Ready for something like that?

It’s not a tough choice, so make the choice today to adjust your financial security and endeavor to learn a high-income skill that can revolutionize your life like it has mine only a few years ago!