Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer Course – Can It Deliver on Wealth and Massive Profits?

Interested in generating money online?

That is exactly where I was, too, when I came across Dan Lok and his program called the High Ticket Closer (HTC). 

For a sales training course, this is definitely one of the best out there!

For me, sales really isn’t my thing and I was looking for an easier way to land a sale; what’s awesome about local lead generation is that generating leads from FREE Traffic and handing them off to the business owner is more lucrative than I had ever imagined.

Feel free to read more about Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer coaching program and educate yourself on the details that I have provided, including some personal insight about whether it’s a sound program.

Who is this guy Dan Lok?

This gentleman owns countless businesses, practices one of his passions – martial arts – and has a desire to help others land where he has: deep into the joys of massive success!

A down-to-earth gentleman with family (just like you and I), he gets to enjoy the fruits of his labors, and hopes to show you how to do it too.

After all, High Ticket Closer is intended for just one type of person: YOU! 

What is in High Ticket Closer?

I’m sure glad you asked…

Let me share some key takeaways from this guy, Dan Lok…

  • Know your value
  • Speak with confidence
  • Be personable and relatable by not using sales gimmicks or tricks
  • Allow others to sort themselves out instead of attempting to “chase” buyers, per se.

In essence, he teaches people how NOT to be the embodiment of a salesy-type that people will ask to leave instantly.

Being different is exactly what he teaches. 

And one of the many ways he chooses to teach being different is to remind people how those that they’re introducing to a product would rather buy than be sold.

You’ve probably heard something like that from other sales people – and its true!

Working with High Ticket Closer modules will give you the advantage that most desire.

In fact, what I have been able to do was:

  • Control my tone

This can trouble a lot of newcomers to the industry of sales. 

In other disciplines like psychology, communication studies, even social work — critique from many fronts has led modern, popular perception to believe that how you say something is much more important (thus, influential) in how you say what you’re attempting to communicate to the listening party. 

One real life example is attorneys.  They sell ideas and understanding to audiences in nearly all litigation platforms.  When they argue a point, they are artists with their language so they craft their phrasing in a way to where they achieve the goal of being understand as they intended.

Try doing that some time — it’s a different feeling altogether.

Dan Lok advises most of his students with this key tip:

Speaking in a calm tone, expressing concern and interest without overindulging in enthusiasm; this is exactly what it means to give more value to having something to [personally] say versus having to say something.

  • Stay in control with questions

It’s been said that he who answers the questions isn’t in control.  This phrase has actually been stated for a number of years, and by countless people whom are regarded as professionals, even experts, in the sales training and marketing industry. 

Here’s one of the tricks of the trade that some newbies probably haven’t heard before…

What you can do is actually control a conversation — especially one where you’re trying to inspire an audience to buy (whether it’s one person or an entire audience that fills up a large room) — by responding to questions with questions of your own.

Sounds extravagant, right?  I thought so too… at first…

What this strategy ensures is that answers are given only when it is both appropriate -and necessary – for your benefit. 

Indeed, it truly is a different feeling when you’re in control of the conversation so you can guide the potential buyer toward envisioning how much better their life will be with your product or service.

  • Sell more through speaking less

From discovery questions to guiding and inspiring, your voice should be heard least in conversation.

  • Learn that timing is everything

Getting to use those key questioning skills in the most appropriate of times will escalate your effectiveness and could increase your desired result.

  • Identify the prospective buyer’s level of interest

While some may view this as determining whether or not to invest or waste your time on the phone with someone that could or could render you a profitable result, perhaps there are ways to guide very little interest into a buying mood…

Why I like High Ticket Closer

Dan lays things out simply and directly. 

With Dan Lok’s approach, everything can be understood, and I now know how to implement the techniques going forward.

Naturally, we all like to know a lot of things, but what I was looking for was a training that will guide me to the promised land…

Even if High Ticket Closer introduced sales theory – which it kind of does – I want to use these tips to begin landing clients in my own way.

Instead of simply going through videos, taking notes, and feeling edified, now I can say that I am a High Ticket Closer because I was able to use the strategies in my own life.

What is High Ticket Closer Missing?

Of course, video training and helpful instruction are ideal when someone invests in a coaching program.

We all want to get better, and the intent of this program is simply that – let’s get better!

Unfortunately, this sales training isn’t a one-size fits all.

Yes, High Ticket Closer can be delivered to anyone who has a product or service that they wish to take to the masses…


If you’re just getting started online, however, then is it really worth the cost of the course if you don’t have a product or service to market?

Further, do you have anyone you can talk to in order to deliver a product or service in exchange for money?

Would you know who to call?

Would you know your very first starting point in this process in order to have something to exchange to an intended audience that solves a problem and can be lucrative for you at the same time?

As for those of you (yeah you, the one reading this) who already have a product or service to sell…

Are you the owner of the company or do you work for someone and serve both the clients and a manager (meaning, you answer to a boss instead of yourself)?

If you work for someone else, are you limited on how you can change up your sales script? 

Do you have specific things that you can and cannot do…

You must take care in how you walk, talk, and otherwise act at all times since you are carrying the brand of someone else’s company that you work for…

AND… Your language can be severely restricted (in some cases, both on and off the clock); there may be some (even well) established policies of phrases you simply can, must, or should say (or, as it were, cannot say).

The company reputation becomes something you are now expected to embrace and focus on not offending. 

This translates into worrying more about your self-presentation than whether or not this product is a good fit for the individual in front of you. 

Now, this is just my two sense here…

If you had a local lead generation business where you owned all the assets, and the company was yourself, and only you, that means you can be your own boss, collect 100% of the profits (which is nearly 100% of the revenue you generate in this business model) with Free Traffic to deliver to a business owner for a piece of the action.

Getting a Reliable Business Model

Now this isn’t to say that becoming a High Ticket Closer (HTC) isn’t worthy of its place in business…

Especially when it comes to working from home and seeking that time and financial freedom…

And yes, people like Dan Lok have achieved just that…

The High Ticket Closer is a training –

Any purchases through High Ticket Closer are not granting you a commission.

So if we don’t have a product to put this training to, then we need to find a product or service we can share with people whom it will absolutely benefit!

We could continue searching the world wide web for business opportunities and work from home options…

We could indulge in the High Ticket Closer and hope something comes along during – or after – the training…

Or… you can get into business for yourself (but not by yourself) and start a business model that is sure to whoop the profit margins tail off any product or service in existence today…

Local Lead Generation is The Top Business Model Around

Now, I am a little biased since I have been doing this business model for a while.

However, everyone in this industry has started at some point…

That means, I was once just like you – searching for a plausible option in which to generate business profits from home without having to get a second job.

Think about it…

You get to be:

  • Putting up web properties online
  • Placing them at the top of search engines
  • Generating referrals for local service providers
  • Sending the referrals over to a business owner
  • And profiting MASSIVELY!!!

…all from the comfort of your own home (provided you have access to the internet at home).

If you don’t have internet at home – coffee shops work wonders for this type of business! 

Why I Like Local Lead Generation Best in 2019

If you think about it, isn’t everyone looking to have more money AND more time to spend?

With local lead generation, you get to do this business virtually anywhere!

With a simple laptop and a cell phone, the digital era has been able to let people like me:

  • Visit Las Vegas for a convention – and WRITE IT OFF at Tax Time
  • Mastermind with people across the country that I flew in to visit for lunch
  • Go on vacation with the family and CHECK IN to simply see that everything is good

While no business model could guarantee the imaginable4-Hour Work Week (thanks, Roger!), this is definitely the closest thing yet!

From visiting Florida to see friends, to Ohio and Europe to see family…

Local Lead Generation yields significant profit margins for relatively little work.


You’re giving more than just a product someone purchases one time…

You can deliver a meaningful service that businesses have been trying to figure out how to master ever since the dawn of the internet…

How to produce leads and more product/service requests with the internet.

Here, with just some simple training, you get to be the go-to expert for your local community – and further!

  • Generate business contacts in Europe and send them to a local service provider while you’re on vacation in Australia.
  • Sip tea in London while a business owner in America is sending you an email LITERALLY BEGGING to get in touch with you and pay you to stay with them long-term.
  • Step into the large cities of America and consult for all kinds of businesses on how to make their online presence more visible to the right audiences… and, ultimately, MORE PROFITABLE!

Imagine combining the High Ticket Closer skills to the profitability and time freedom luxuries of Local Lead Generation…

The Perfect Combination of Knowledge And Skills…

Of course, Local Lead Gen also provides for the opportunity for retainers and passive income.

You heard that right! 

Land a client one time, and have that same business owner continue to pay you on AutoPilot…

2 months later…

3 months later…

6 months later…

12 months later…

2 years later…

5 years later…

10 years later…

15 years later…

…all thanks to the web properties you put online one-time that is bringing the business owner so much business that they’ll want to stay with you and have you keep feeding their company for years!!!

With Local Lead Generation, you are truly making a living while making a difference…

And waking up every day to think about who you can help improve the lives of, by helping them to improve the lives of the people that you bring into their place of business…

There’s no feeling quite like it!

IF you’re ready for getting a piece of the action with the new wave that’s coming on, you can check out our coaching program here.