Amazon Freedom Course with Dan Vas – Unbiased Review

Back in 2017, I was able to have some success in the online physical products selling business thanks to Dan Vas, with his Amazon FBA Business course that he has.

Before this, though, there was a different coaching program that helped me learn to build a local lead generation side-hustle and, as of 2015, I literally murdered my job (meaning, I walked away from it). 

The lead gen business is really simple:

  1. Paste a digital billboard at the top of Google
  2. Generate consumer leads – or calls – for the local business
  3. Pass these customers off to the business owner
  4. Collect a check for making the business owner rich
  5. REPEAT! 🙂

Currently at $50,000 per month in net profit, local lead generation is the majority of my income.

Unlike lead gen, Amazon FBA is quite the different beast in the entrepreneurial space, so let’s get into how this is different from local lead generation. 

You’ll also get a good look as to why someone jumping into working from home gigs would fare better to invest in Dan Vas courses these days.

Amazon Freedom: The Amazon FBA Course People Enjoy

There’s very little that is left to be desired in Dan Vas’ Amazon Business Course.  Check this out…

  • Find a product within key metrics
  • Connect with a supplier and order samples (vet them)
  • Acquire a bulk shipment
  • Establish branding (logo design, etc.)
  • List the product online
  • Boost the Amazon Listing using paid traffic(like Facebook Ads) and follow-up with visitors/customers via email
  • Continue multiple paid traffic sources to get more visitors and buyers
  • Get stark-raving reviews to raise your product listing so you can get more buyers with less ad spend

Vas also hooks you up with a private Facebook group to network and get more information once you’re a student of his program.  The step-by-step, actionable training with follow-along videos ensures there are zero games, upsells, or gimmicks – you just get the course and grind entrepreneurial style!

The Challenges of the Amazon FBA Lifestyle

You know what they say in the Amazon FBA business industry? 

4th product launch is a charm!  No joke, that’s what it took for me!  Here’s why:

  • Depending on who you are actually partnered with as your supplier, the shipping times (for your samples, for your bulk order, or anything else) can take ridiculous amounts of time… Months even.
  • With no guarantee of success, your investment of both time and financing lead to an unanticipated dead-end if your first selection isn’t a hit!  You might be able to get away with testing out the marketplace with the whole dropshipping model in a Shopify store you could build (including web hosting, domain names, connecting the two, and then building the store with all that coding you need to figure out – or hire someone else to do it for you), but that’s not the case with the Amazon FBA gig.
  • In addition to getting some attention, visitors, and maybe even buyers (eventually) to your product listing on Amazon, the ads you buy – in Pay-Per-Click fashion – can really begin to dig into your pockets if you’re not in profit mode right away.
  • Those negative reviews, man – ‘nuff said.
  • Competition is fierce: if they undercut your price, or bring in a comparable product that severely undercuts your price, you might as well just tie up the loose ends, toss your project overboard, and start over.

Considering that Amazon is an E-Commerce store, it’s one of the most visited websites next to Google and Facebook and it gets tons of action on there with all the products being sold to buyers by sellers…

Look, everyday folks like you and I would be very appreciative of there being an easy way to start a home-based business, especially in the physical products line of business.

However, at the end of the day, you’re completely vulnerable to everything that Amazon says you’re able to do – including everything they’re not allowing you to do – as to “how” you can sell your physical product and turn a profit.

You’ve got multiple challengers for your targeted buyer’s attention surrounding your product listing.  Assuming you’re actually in a prime placement for a visitor to see you(without paying for the visitor, of course), you still have:

-the “customers who viewed this also viewed” section,
-the Sponsored (or paid for) advertisement of a similar or completely different product which will distract your buyer, and…
-the recommendations that Amazon makes to your visitor that other “Customers who bought this item also bought”!

You’ll be lucky if your listed physical product cuts through all the noise to get its fair shake in the eyes of the one person who matters in this equation: the person with your money in-hand – the Buyer.

We can all agree how wonderful this layout is because it allows visitors to compare products, including price, description, whether or not being a prime member is benefit to the buyer, and when we use it as consumers, it’s probably one of the more helpful features.

What does this have to do with Competition? 

I’m sure glad you asked… let me tell ya…

Think back to the last time you had arrived at a product website page and ended up buying something that was slightly different – maybe even from a different brand altogether – because of price, the volume or nature of reviews, or other reasons (up to and/or including no reason at all)…

Well, that’s what the prospective buyer of your product is doing, too!

As the Amazon FBA Business game of sellers continues to expand, the staggering volume of competition mandates that you get to designing your cool new product, source an epic product from another seller with awesome reviews, or find another way to promote a sustainable business here.

From your business partners in this space to the other sellers – also known as your competition – you’re pretty much limited on not only the kind/type of physical product you get to sell, but also the price at which you end up getting to promote your product(s) at. 

At the end of the day, your profit margins are going to be minimal – if existent – depending on what you’ve ended up selecting as your product to market on Amazon.

There’s a Ton of Amazon FBA Coaching Programs – How Come?!

One of the biggest hiccups in the Amazon FBA Business – or E-commerce in general – is how the ever-increasing competition leads to sending the pricing of products to the ground, inherently also cutting profit margins for anyone wanting to get into this space.

Further, the length of time to actually get a physical product both listed and launched is tremendously taxing. The constant computer-based communication – to include the sitting around and waiting for replies – from suppliers and/or dropshippers can literally take months to finalize your product and marketing strategy.  Certainly, six figures are possible, but unless your first selection is a slam dunk, there’s little to celebrate in terms of profits.

Some experts in the Amazon FBA Business have garnered a team who launches multiple products at one time, knowing that not every physical product is going to land her business into a massive profit margin. 

For those just starting, however, the inventory needs and promoting costs (such as Pay-Per-Click online advertising) can really cut into the pockets of someone who isn’t quite into profit mode yet.

These coaches are sitting comfortably – creating their coaching course for you to learn from – because it’s a lot less overhead to maintain a coaching business than it is a physical products business. 

The coaching space can often have less competition for your product, the margins are nearly 100% in gross and net profits, and the coach only has to hand over a password and username to the information – no shipping required!

As the barrier of entry for entering the Amazon FBA Business through a coaching course is significantly low, the marketplace gets overwhelmingly saturated as wannabe entrepreneurs enter in with the ambition and vision of hitting it big! 

Often times, the counterpart is true and the marketplace is filled with similar people competing for the same positions with similar types of products in the Amazon rankings, and on and on and on…

If it were easy to get started, everyone would do it.  It sounds easy to list a physical product, so naturally, everyone is doing it; so yeah, this is a little overrated of a business for my personal tastes.

What’s Better – Amazon FBA or Local Lead Generation?

From this notorious coaching program in local lead generation, I was able to quit my job in 2015 and endeavor into the mythical world of working from a laptop. 

And it’s real!  I learned how to paste websites to the top of local search rankings, drive buyers to local small businesses, and garner a sliver to deliver those new clients over to them. 

I was able to rank a web property into a space like you see above (you may have seen something like it before), and it continues to pay me $750 every month, and I’ve only dealt with it once. 

PASSIVE INCOME is why I like this business model, even though the barrier to entry is high. 

The reality of the matter is that most marketers in the local space, especially so-called “SEO Experts” truly have no idea what they’re doing…

That means the barrier to entry in the local lead generation space is high, as you need some baller skills to yield results that can pay you like this.

Jeff Olson, former Chief Marketing Officer of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. once said, “You can determine the size of your paycheck by the size of the problems that you’re able to solve.” 

If you can build a business around your high-income skill, you could have a very lucrative future in-store for you. However, you need to have a lucrative, high-income skill to start with…or go out and learn it.

Another high income skilled expert that I’m going to reference has been a successful businessman and high ticket training coach for a number of years now.  In fact, he was one of my inspirations for wanting to turn from a full-time career to making profits on the internet. 

An accomplished entrepreneur who speaks from the heart, take a few moments out of your day to listen to this industry renown mogul as he details, defines, and identifies with the treasure of developing a high-income skill…

Watch this quick video:

Yo, the major difference from Amazon FBA and local lead gen is that when you decide to own these web properties that you intend to leverage for marketing and revenue purposes — and with how easy it is to throw together one of these wealth generating websites —

You can succeed completely independent of some Amazon rules telling you what you can and can’t do to turn a profit. You can shift gears into Local Lead Generation, become your very own boss, and negotiate your monthly retainer with the small business owners you are literally feeding customers to on Auto Pilot!

I find too many variables involved with the Amazon FBA model; you’re selecting a product, waiting for months for negotiation/samples/figuring things out, ensuring you’re not violating rules and agreements, and hoping that you’ve landed on something that enough people will seek out and buy, that doesn’t have crippling competition or crippling profit margins.

Unlike the notion of a high-income skill, there’s really no way for me to develop a personal skill to become better than my competition; it’s all about whether I have enough money to buy more traffic to my listing long enough to become the top performer with a physical product listing –

Until my luck with that listing has run out and it’s time to move on to a new product…

Which means I have to start all over with the product selection and the whole 4-5 month process of getting a new product listing in place with a partner product provider.

Do you honestly expect to waltz into a well-established website likeAmazon and hope to have a secret edge that veterans in the process of doing exactly what you’re hoping to hit it big with probably hasn’t already found? 

It’s not my cup of tea. 

If I can’t dominate it, I don’t want to be in business for it. 

If you want a stable financial future as an entrepreneur, then strengthening a personal skill your competitors simply haven’t discovered or developed themselves can secure your financial comfort for years to come. 

You can do more with your skills that others only wish they could, and that strategic advantage is what you can bring to the marketplace which will make you a rare and valuable commodity.


At only $497, Dan Vas has everything you need to launch your very own Amazon FBA business; and his program is just one of many coaching courses out there.

Just as was discussed earlier in this article, more coaches marketing to more new entrepreneurs means more competition in the marketplace, especially in the Amazon FBA Business model.  The competition rises, the profit margins drop, and the volume of work required to turn a profit continues to skyrocket. 

Someone who makes YouTube videos and markets their coaching program can be successful simply because not many people do this kind of activity every single day.  They neither have the time or inclination to do this, or they don’t know how to create the video content and market to a desired audience strategically. 

Dan Vas must then be successful because he’s willing to tackle the challenges that others simply don’t want to, don’t know how to and don’t want to know how to, or aren’t willing to.

In essence, being willing to do – and actually doing – what most aren’t willing to do, THAT is what can turn someone into a massive success story.

Local Lead Generation is no different; you’ve gotta have patience to learn the skill of exactly how to paste a money-generating billboard to the top of Google search results, and then actually implement this skillset!  It’s hard to believe that a cookie-cutter course can be the secret to success if countless other people are also trying to put up the exact same Facebook Ad to produce the same desired result at or around the exact same time.

Coaching may not be for everyone though, and that’s okay.

Whatever you decide to have as your high-income skill, be willing to develop your skill and separate yourself from the pack; then you won’t have any competition when you’re actually dominating!

Why I Like Local Lead Generation Business Better in 2019

Local Lead Generation is awesome like this because there are more tactics to diversify not only your portfolio of the desired accomplishments, but how you get those results is also as exciting as it is an unrestricted territory = NO AMAZON TELLING YOU WHAT YOU CAN AND CANNOT DO TO GET BUYERS!

  • No parent company
  • No rules and regulations agreements
  • No risk of losing your investment if you step outside of said rules (since there are none in local lead generation 🙂 )
  • No arduous product listings
  • No bulk orders
  • No struggling to collect reviews
  • No adverse reactions by unhappy customers leaving negative reviews that can hurt your future profit margins

When you have the skills to generate leads with free, organic traffic(meaning NO Pay-Per-Click required), your dreams of a passive income just took a sharp turn from the imagination toward becoming a possibility!

I’m in full control of my virtual real estate that I can improve upon to deliver unparalleled value to the marketplace with – and no one else is really competing with me on what I can truly deliver.

At $50,000.00 per month in passive income – mostly all profit – from just consistently generating leads online, I have been able to exponentially increase my income over the past 3 years.

It’s wonderful having a meeting with a business owner and reminding them that “I’m the only one in your marketplace that can actually deliver this result for you, and this result can go to you or your competition – what’ll it be?”

Meanwhile, the Most Common Amazon FBA Complaints I’ve heard are:

  • High Fees by Amazon
  • Dealing with foreign suppliers, and poor quality products
  • The constant hassle & ongoing work required when dealing with physical products (inventory, supplier, tying up cash flow, low profit margins)
  • -dealing with negative reviews and how that affects your success drastically
  • Many issues are outside your control (dealing with customs, incompetent suppliers)
  • Amazon can ban accounts, causing your business to be taken from you without your control
  • It is getting saturated fast, unlike local lead generation (since we can go into so many different cities & niches)
  • Other sellers can come in and duplicate your success (and there’s nothing you can do about it)
  • It can take up to 5 months before your product listing can go live (finding supplier, sourcing product, etc)

Why I Adore the Lead Generation Business in 2019:

  • more scalable than Amazon FBA because you’re not dealing with physical products so there’s hardly any ongoing work required to maintain our lead gen income
  • with a surreal amount of industries to choose from and cities to help, the competition is virtually nonexistent
  • With free, organic traffic coming to the websites we rank, passive income is almost certain
  • Local, Small business owners need help to be the top competitor and dominate their marketplace, and they simply could benefit from online marketing help
  • With no costs for good sold attached to the lead gen industry (like physical products), we have the BIGGEST PROFIT MARGINS to boot.

Instead of keeping this to myself though, there are far too many opportunities for me to get to than what I can actually handle in the marketplace. 

So, instead of being stingy and trying to take all of the business for myself, I’m sharing what I’ve been able to amass a huge, life-changing income and time freedom lifestyle shift with –and that’s how this blog came to be. 

In fact, I’m showing others the exact, step-by-step local lead generation methods that I’ve used to be where I am today. See it for yourself by CLICKING HERE.