Course from Scratch by Danielle Leslie – Unbiased Review

danielle leslie

Do you ever remember loathing the order that it’s bedtime when you were growing up? 

I remember way back to the time I was growing up…

Thinking that the night was going to belong to me when I was older! 

I was beyond sick of the mom and dad figures trying to tell me what I was supposed to do…

Who told them that they had to tell me when the right time to go to bed really was, anyway?

I’d be in charge someday!

And when that day comes, no one would tell me what to do!

It’ll be my rules from that point forward!

I’ll have made it in this world, and I’ll be all set!

I can play anytime of the day that I want to.

I’m not gonna lie to ya…

I’m older now and I always look forward to retiring early to bed. 

Do you get enough sleep at night? I know that I sure don’t see the back of my eyelids often enough.

I mean…

I wake up nearly every morning now, stretch out and think of how good it felt…

And how I simply can’t wait to do something like that again! 

Sounds ridiculous, no doubt, but it’s a true story. 

I don’t mind putting some of my beans out there.

Let’s just say that these personal experiences are going to make for a great story someday.

Try comparing all of this to the idea of what it might be like to be your own boss. 

The majority of this blog is centered around an ideal audience of people who are looking to start their own business from home. 

This is especially for those people who are sick and tired of some raggedy old person that still runs their business operations like it’s 1927 and everyone wishes they would just chill. 

If you’re looking to be a soloist and go at it in the entrepreneur world, then you’ve come to the right place to have this discussion. 

Developing into someone that can manage yourself, while operating in the marketplace to a degree where you can begin raking in profits by the bushel and make THAT your full-time gig…

But a lot of us want to get started without having a second job to add to what we’ve already got going on. 

That is to say, we don’t want a second full-time job. 

After all, we don’t want to double up on what we don’t want when we’re reaching for something that we’re wishing to come true.

When I launched my local lead generation business with the help of a mentor who started our coaching program, I never thought that I’d be raking in $50,000 on a recurring, passive, monthly basis. 

With the help of that coaching program, I was able to build an online presence for my business that could bring me results after only 6 hours of work — and the lead gen sites look a little something like this (see below):


At the time, all I knew was that I wasn’t happy with where I was and that I wanted more than I was getting dished out with the corporate 9 to 5 and a crummy $35k salary (before taxes, mind you). 

If I wanted to be my own boss, I had to wise up and learn to take more control of the things that I wanted freedom within. 

If I wanted to have a full day to myself, then I needed to put myself to bed at a reasonable time so I had the energy – and the capacity – to hustle at a side gig that would ultimately lead to my becoming a full-time entrepreneur and making a full-time income on a part-time basis. 

Take a brief self-assessment with some honest, personal insight right now:  Do you have what it takes to make smart, personal decisions, and business decisions, in 2019? 

If you’ve never heard of the founder of Course from Scratch, Danielle Leslie, then you’re in for a treat.

I learned about her not too long ago and noticed that she had some tricks up her sleeve when it came to empowering someone to make their choices work for them (not against them), with the ultimate goal of shifting their lifestyle into establishing a business model they can embrace and look forward to daily. 

Learning More About Danielle Leslie

This amazing woman, Danielle, has some outstanding qualities and accomplishments:

  • Founder
  • Reputation with Being Successful at Startups
  • Marketing Expert
  • Business Instructor
  • Social Media Activist
  • Industry Influencer

I wish that were all the titles that she could carry – she’s really done something with her career in entrepreneurship. 

At her core, Ms. Leslie has been a well-understood advisor and entrepreneur; her initial start was on a course platform that retails classes people can post online for others to learn from at affordable rates.  You might have heard of it: Udemy. 

In her wheelhouse is the goal of helping the average person – just like you or myself – to shift what we look forward to doing regularly from just a hobby into a business that delivers profitable returns to us when we engage with it. 

A pioneer of sorts, Danielle’s innovative prowess has proven to deliver outstanding ideas and techniques that work. 

Further, she has a passion in reminding others to believe in themselves and that nothing is impossible. 

Such positivity is difficult to find these days; she’s truly a one of a kind in her own right within the capitalistic style of our American business industry. 

The accelerator program that she’s composed for every person to establish their business and entrepreneurial path (especially for those people that are brand new to the business endeavor) brings with it her unparalleled motivation and talent for instructing in plain terms. 

Like her, she really wishes that others can open their hearts up to the possibility of making the best vision for the ideal life a genuine reality. 

More about Course from Scratch

course from scratch

Kicking an 8-week set of learning modules, the course that she makes available for a premium is quite accelerated! 

It’s no joke – she holds nothing back and expects anyone stepping up to the challenge to grind with her as she moves quicker than lightning. 

For some, 8 weeks might be too long; other students, maybe not long enough. 

There’s nothing wrong with catering to what you have going on and fitting this course into your lifestyle – instead of allowing it to take over. 

While the idea is that you could be full-time in your passion and receive massive compensation for doing that – exclusively – for a career, everyone starts somewhere and has their own demons to work through before they achieve that ideal situation. 

However, these 8 weeks seem to really move a person from…

  • Only considering doing the unthinkable…
  • To move such a thought into the palatable with considerable planning…
  • Then launching the effort by acting on the plan and making the once unthinkable now possible! 

A remarkable program in hindsight, it took me longer than most because I simply wasn’t prepared to make the commitment to my investment. 

I was ready a little while later, but it took me a little bit of time to prepare myself for the training that was coming and the adventure I was about to embark upon with Danielle Leslie’s Course from Scratch.

Remember, this course is mobile, available, and here for you! 

I would advise taking it seriously the first time around and garnering all you can from her wisdom and experience. 

If you delay, at any point, all you’re really doing is procrastinating the ideal – which could someday be an inevitably good outcome if you take this coaching seriously and work at what you want. 

Since it’s easily accessible, that also means that the course is easy to invest in and simply not take it seriously. 

The low-cost means a low barrier of entry so more and more people can access the program. 

That, unfortunately, also means that there’s little in the public perception of value in the 8-week boot camp. 

If it’s easy to do – then it can also be said that it’s simple to not do it, or start but not finish. 

Ask yourself the following questions to ensure that you’re prepared to successfully navigate her course:

-Do you have an online resource, like a website that hosts a blog which is overwhelmingly full of content?

-Do you have any sort of online asset that pushes money your way?  If not, how come?

-Producing regular videos for a following on YouTube but just aren’t seeing that much of a return in profits?

-Would you like to be taken seriously and influence the masses, but just believe that it won’t happen for you?

-Do you have bragging rights with all of your education and life experience in a respectable discipline, yet aren’t clear on how to develop that into a profitable revenue stream? 

If any of the above points should describe you, then you’re going to be in good hands with Danielle Leslie’s coaching program.

Maybe you could consider tapping into her “Course from Scratch” training.

Danielle is a pro when it comes to…

  • listing what you’re knowledgeable and skilled at, which often means you have a passion for your niche
  • outlining commonalities and patterns
  • facilitating your mind to see what’s possible with such things that are now brought to the forefront of your mind

After that, it’s just a matter of time before those course helps you to –

  • Prepare your course, product, or service for attention and distribution
  • Marketing your newly found idea through appropriate advertising methods
  • Launch your startup for your ideal audience
  • Expand your revenue streams with paying customers and potentially recurring clientele

In total honesty, I was rather skeptical about this when I explored this. 

I mean, I was already successful in an online business, that does local lead generation, which rakes in financial wealth passively — meaning the money comes in whether I’m working in the business or not that day.

What was this self-proclaimed, successful businessperson going to teach me about generating a lifestyle based on my passion that can return a handsome profit? 

I can attest to the reality that not everyone that gets started with this course will be an absolute success story which Danielle Leslie can use as an advertising testimonial for her program. 

I’m not saying that it’s not for everyone, but statistics have shown that – in most things – there are almost always attrition rates to a program if enough people go through it. 

However, I became a success and wasn’t really expecting this to work for me. 

How I Love Local Lead Generation in 2019 for My Ideal Business Model

So it’s no secret that I have a business…

And it pays me well…

And I’m happy to be living the lifestyle that I never thought would have been possible for me only a handful of years ago. 

Course from Scratch by Danielle is pretty good, I like how it shows you how to really hit the ground running and improve quickly; however, I still prefer my lead generation business…

And here’s why…

The amount of value I wish to give to others when I work a business model needs to be insurmountable. 

I mean… BIG!!!

Also, I would prefer to have a target audience that I am confident always has money set aside to pay me – as if I could be one of their recurring fees in their monthly expense reports. 

When I found a business model that could achieve that, my income shot up to exactly half of 6 figures in cold, hard cash every 30 days! 

What kind of business can give you such passive income? 

It’s called Local Lead Generation for Small Businesses using Free Organic Traffic.

Why do I love putting lead gen properties at the top of Google search results to work it’s magic through free traffic? Just see where they are… (image below):


When it comes to free traffic, nothing can beat it and nothing can stop it. 

While I’ve explored other business models in my days that could turn a couple bucks profit from the high investments, I wanted as little expenses as possible in operation costs dipping into my profits. 

I’m not greedy; I’m savvy with my business decisions and know what I want! 

When I learned about this gig, my whole life changed. 

Here’s all I do now when I want to make more money…

  1. Mock up a quick lead gen site
  2. Smear glue on the back and slap that bad boy to the top of Google search
  3. Rake in the cash like it’s my job…

In reality, that’s what I do for income now.  In the picture below, you can see what I’ve been able to do to generate more leads for limo and party bus rental services.

It’s was my side hustle when I was working a crummy corporate job in downtown Detroit, Michigan. 

Let me tell you, those wintery cold commutes on-foot were miserable… especially on the windy days. 

Instead of dealing with that, I now get to…

  • Work from home… or, ya know, wherever I feel like that day
  • I don’t have to concern myself with a dress code anymore, or a boss telling me that I don’t look professional with my hair cut a certain way
  • I now have the opportunity to – and do – make more in a year than most attorneys and medical physicians
  • I get to do exactly what Uber is doing for business, and their competitor (Lyft): generate referrals, send them to businesses, and get paid loads of money to keep doing it
  • I’ve definitely got financial security working for me – I don’t think the internet or the small, local businesses I’m serving are going to dry up and disappear anytime soon
  • I can sleep in and never have to worry about quarterly reviews telling me how many times I was late to work – I walked away from my 9 to 5 only a year after starting this business model

Too good to be true? 

Yeah, I’ve heard that before. 

Here’s proof of what I’m doing…

This lead gen site was worked on for a grand total of less than 6 hours. 

The result? 

It now pays me, to this day, for the entire last four years, a monthly income of $750 – and the business owner never misses the payment. 

Check it out here…


Why doesn’t he miss a payment? 

With local lead generation, I’m delivering buyers from the marketplace to his company. 

They want to keep making money and being the top dog in the marketplace, so they keep hooking me up to keep them busy. 

It’s really the most ideal, passive arrangement for a win-win in a part-time business through the internet! 

It’s a stable, reliable, and profitable business that I can expand anytime I want. 

We’re currently taking students for our coaching program to teach others how to do it too. 

We’re not concerned about newbies coming in and being our competition because there are too many small businesses in the world – yes, the world – to help in various cities and working in multiple industries that we could be helping. 

Learn to leverage free traffic, generate leads, and make profits with a real business model you can work while still working at your full-time job.  When you’ve got enough coming in, then you can think about whether your time is better spent at the job or not, but we’ll let you make that call. 

Eventually, you’ll be positioned to rake in a multiple 6 figures like I’m currently doing in a given calendar year.  I started just like you only a few short years ago, so what are you waiting for? 

An invitation?  Here it is… click here so we can talk