eCom Elites & Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett – Unbiased Review

We can all agree that the internet brings great opportunities – especially when it comes to finding ways to make money online.

I wasn’t even thinking of eCommerce or affiliate marketing when I stumbled across this well-seasoned entrepreneur, Mr. Franklin Hatchett.

While exploring options online for methodologies and successful experiments on how Instagram posts might be taken to a viral level, videos of Mr. Hatchett came up…

It was a pretty cool collection of videos too, as this guy is leveraging his YouTube channel to communicate his unique approach to affiliate marketing and eCommerce. 

So far, I’ve only found about 2 of Franklin Hatchett’s training programs, but I knew I wanted to see what this guy had up his sleeve so I bought into both of the coaching programs.

As we can all agree – especially when it comes to building any worthwhile business, especially on the internet – nothing lasting and meaningful spits out profitable returns overnight. 

If that’s the case, then were my investments in his two programs actually worth it?

I have a unique lens to look at this through, to be forthright here. 

I have dabbled in eCommerce and affiliate marketing a little bit here and there – and I’ve even been able to turn a profit online. 

The reasons for my choosing to experiment with something like this was because I had a good chunk of disposable income that I had generated from local lead generation – which is a form of local marketing that allows me to siphon free organic traffic from search results and profit massively from that action. 

The majority of my income is still from the local marketing aspect of internet businesses, though I have invested tons into exploring the affiliate spectrum of e-commerce and can speak on this topic as well.

Bottom line: there are some business ventures and opportunities in the online start-up methodologies which are simply a better investment than others. 

I can give you my perspectives as an experienced, proficient, and even successful entrepreneur – raking in a monthly comfortable revenue of $50,000 and leaving my 9 to 5, moving into better living conditions than a low-rent apartment complex that never had heat in the heart of Detroit – yeah, below zero with no heat, and the apartment so tiny I couldn’t move around enough to stay warm longer than 5 minutes.

To having a wealth of income to where I can affordably experiment with other business opportunities online, out of my own pocket, and let you know what I find through this blog – pretty neat, huh?

To kick off the blog post, let’s further explore what benefits and needs for improvement exist with the affiliate business model and the e-commerce range of marketing products online.

The Bads and Goods to E-Commerce and eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett

What’s Awesome For You

  • eCom Elites are a straightforward compilation of training modules with practical direction and clear communication on the education side of the house.  What he has shared has mostly worked and he doesn’t take any time fluffing a newbies feathers – he goes straight for the strategies that you can implement.
  • Having a single year’s profits of nearly half a million (we’re talking almost $500,000.00 in a calendar year), Mr. Hatchett is a practitioner of his own preached tactics in business. 
  • Real experience in eCommerce and Affiliate commission production
  • This guy does more than show you the standard Facebook Ads strategies to turn profits… you’ll also get…
  • Google Search Results for marketing strategies
  • Leveraging options with Instagram to turn a profit
  • Styles and considerations of implementing Email for follow-ups and cold marketing to lists of potential buyers
  • The Facebook Ads strategy section, alone, has more than 30 training videos to educate even the newest of newbies in the internet marketing world
  • You can expand your eCommerce business with Franklin’s Scale-Out Tips and Strategies
  • You’ll acquire numerous high-income skills, including Search Engine Optimization (often simplified to the acronym SEO)
  • Franklin Hatchett’s eCom Elites is a rather comprehensive program, more so than most on the market in this day and age

What Could Use Some Improvement to be Valuable for You

  • When it comes to eCommerce, desire for success can be a huge driving force for anyone wanting to make a business model work.  However, your major success in this particular industry rests on selecting an ideal product properly – and Franklin excellently portrays this vital component by using 2 examples; I will say that I wish more examples were made available to better illustrate this point and drive home what it really takes to make this profitable.
  • Within the industry of E-commerce, tons of follow-on decisions are also required – something that those professional experts in this field often don’t share with you.  If you were to make an incorrect selection on which niche to delve into, along with product selection within that chosen niche/industry – which seems to be one of the more difficult things to get correct – then you could see minimal to no returns from the get.
  • You could start this process through organizing an entire online store, landing pages, and launching multiple Facebook Ads for a common cost of $5.00 per ad per day (and since you have multiple ones you’re testing in the marketplace, you can already see this beginning to add up right away).  This is a testing phase and is originally intended to be low-cost and low-key as you’re just seeing whether the marketplace has an actual demand for what you’re attempting to deliver.  However, this can also help you to get a feel for whether this will be something worthwhile to get involved with (or not) based on the results of this “small-scale test.”  (And if you’re anything like me, that was still a lot of money to me when I first started out online.)
  • There are tons of missteps that can be taken by yourself if you’re not careful – including what to do when you face various challenges along the process of marketing physical products online.  What to do when attempting to fulfill product orders daily?  Is there a reliable way to automate this so you aren’t tied to a computer all day long?  What can you do when your customers demand a return and/or a refund for the product that have (or have not) received in the mail?  What if the customer places the order but your overseas supplier and/or manufacturer is/are simply out of stock of the item that you now have an order – and money in-hand?  If the product needs to come from an overseas location, now what do you do regarding import taxes, tariffs, shipping options (land, air, sea, railcars), and your packages being assessed by customs?  Do you need to possess inventory and ship out of your own home or business location?  Does all of this have to be shipped to a pickup warehouse like what Amazon has in their marketplace network?
  • Tiny profit margins: in the physical selling of products through online modes and means, the ability to turn a huge profit per product item sold simply does not exist – especially when compared to other business models (taking into consideration the local lead generation business model, where you can sell buying customer requests to local service providers for a premium).
  • The majority of this industry leans toward acquiring attention and selling products through Facebook Ads.  This isn’t exactly the most reliable markets to attempt to tap into – and it’s for several good reasons that this concern actually exists.  When people tend to their social media applications (usually on their mobile devices), the last thing on their mind is buying products – it’s the digital equivalent to walking into a nightclub and offering to sell windows to homeowners; it’s a struggle for me to wrap my head around why people still insist on doing this.  Based on that example, you can see the nature of interruption marketing that this causes, which can also get quite costly since it’s Facebook’s collected audience (not yours) and Facebook decides who gets to see your ad – which means you could be paying for people to see your ad that may not even be real, qualified prospective clients for you.  Since more and more people are getting involved in eCommerce, the prices for ads can skyrocket for what you’re intending to do – unlike organic Google searches that feast off free traffic to bring a business the targeted buyers they’ve been hoping for all along.
  • Unless you have the interest and time to constantly check the performance of your Facebook Ads, I know that I have no desire or capacity to keep my Facebook Ads account open and ensure that I’m constantly adjusting, managing, assessing, and tweaking what is still costing me per objective occurrence no matter what I do to my account (aside from actually turning the ad off). 

Having said all of that…

What I took from Franklin’s coaching programs

You have one major, seriously important, absolutely vital (am I making my point clear) key step in starting your eCom business right – picking the industry you’re going to tap into marketing the products of – and doing this part extremely well. 

You could select something like Women’s Lingerie if you really wanted to.

Would that be the best option for you?  Probably not, because…

  • You’re too broad in your niche/industry selection
  • The market is driven heavily by brand recognition of the products bought and sold

It’s highly unlikely that women are going to step into the unknown and randomly purchase something that they’ve never heard of before in underwear choices. 

Franklin Hatchett doesn’t stop there; he adds a follow-on point to your eCommerce choice-making skills:

Try thinking more about what your audience will like and enjoy making a buying decision on, instead of what you personally would enjoy having.

There has to be less emotion and more objectivity when attempting to succeed in eCommerce; why keep trying to market something on the world wide web and hope it sells if you’re the only one who will like the product? 

There’s no doubt that someone else out there will like what you like (to some degree), but if it’s not ideal for the entire marketplace then your sales and profits can ultimately pay the price for your costly mistake of thinking about yourself instead of what your buyers will be looking for. 

When it comes to local lead generation — for the sake of contrast — what you’re doing is generating your own product in the form of buyer leads from free organic search engine web traffic, and these people are hungry to buy what you’re offering.

All you do with your product in lead gen for small businesses is pass the business over to the business owner and they can pay you for the lifetime of the funnel you’ve setup to pass leads over to that company.

It may not be eCommerce with physical products, but it’s what helped me to walk away from my 9 to 5 only a short few years ago with this side hustle that still has never turned into a full-time commitment — but it pays me like one.

If the audience you’re targeting seems to enjoy a specific kind of animal – in this case study, an owl – then one of the better ways to reach those owl lovers is by targeting those that like Facebook pages regarding owls. 

It may not be a perfect system, but it’s an excellent first-start.  It can be assumed that people going out of their way to like pages about owls could be rather passionate about their feathered, fluffy friends in the animal kingdom. 

Do you think you could make good money off of pitching some sort of owl pendant or owl necklace to an audience that appreciates owls more than the average person in America – or the world? 

When you select products that have a narrowed, rather specific audience, you could do very well – if even for the short-term pitch of this product – when you have an ideal audience in-mind that you can reach through your Facebook Ads strategies. 

Bottom line: be specific in both product selection and the audience that you are aiming to connect with.

The Ups and Downs to Affiliate Marketing and Mr. Hatchett’s Savage Affiliates Program

What’s Going Good in Savage Affiliates

  • From Start to Finish, the Savage Affiliates Course by Franklin Hatchett guides the greenest of beginners into greeting profits from the internet as an affiliate marketer
  • Why have guess work when you are involved in a coaching program?  Mr. Hatchet provides duplicable landing pages that you can turn into your own and market with right away
  • If you’re tight on funds or have a lot of business capital to invest, both types of starting entrepreneurs are catered to with the Savage Affiliates course; you’ll learn how to get started with both paid traffic strategies and free buyer traffic options
  • The process and information are simplified, and Franklin’s instructions are easy to follow

What Could Go Better in Savage Affiliates

  • It’s not that bad of a gig to have an expert suggesting to you which industries, and products within those niches, have a high potential to turn a significant profit for you.  However, you need to keep in mind that there are other students who have access to this same training – in fact, a multitude of them.  That means that you could see some more competition and spikes in pricing and/or ad spend costs for what you’re trying to do – since, I hate to break it to ya – you’re probably not the only one trying to do what you’re doing. 
  • It’s pretty awesome to have some Facebook Ads training so you can get somewhat oriented with what you’re trying to do.  However, for affiliate marketing, you could be doing better in terms of where you get your thorough information from; I just wish there were more information provided on this in Savage Affiliates.
  • Especially if you’re looking to pull your sources of products to market from Clickbank, the reality is that not many products from this affiliate platform can bring an audience to a buying decision as readily as any (or nearly all) of us might prefer.  (Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just relaying what experience as proven.)
  • While there are some key demonstrations proven to help expand your web presence in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) space of getting attention for your products and/or offers, the instructions in this course seem rather limited to exclusively link outreach requests and guest posting.  Even if you may not know what those are while reading this, just accept that there are better and more efficient ways to build a backlink network to raise your web presence online – things like a Professional Backlinking Network (PBN) which Savage Affiliates simply doesn’t address.  Why they don’t is beyond me, considering how there could be a smart tactic if implemented both effectively and wisely. 
  • If you’re looking at some search terms in Google (or another search engine) that just have such heavy competition that heavy hitters and long-term position holders have been known to be in, you may find it more and more of a challenge to beat out the competition and turn a profit through search engine rankings.  Everyone and their grandmothers these days seem to be aware of how well the first position on Google can perform for people marketing an idea, information, product, or service.  If you have a hard time, expensive experience or other struggles with competing for – or beating out – the top dogs, your experience in online marketing could get frustrating and some have even burnt out from the poor experience alone. 

It can be a good game – the affiliate marketing space – because anyone can join in.

Then why is it so competitive?  Easy; because anyone can join in. 

Of course, it’s awesome to promote things that you yourself don’t own.  That also gives you the added benefit of turning a profit when you don’t have to do any sort of fulfillment with customer orders, products, returns, etc.  As you can see, the barrier for entry is extremely low-cost, low-cut, and low-key. 

On the flipside…

Since it sounds ridiculously easy to get involved in, how come more people don’t indulge in this method of online revenue generation and just turn a profit all day with this method of doing business?

The answer is simple…

It’s not as easy as is perceived. 

When you’re marketing things as an affiliate, Facebook advertising can be challenging; your rate of converting potential buyers into actual consumers must be extremely high – to where you’re a top-level affiliate by perception – to where you can generate revenue quickly and pocket tons of cash.

To break this down further…

  • Facebook Ad images are key – there’s another good choice that needs to be made in this process after you’ve gotten started in this industry
  • Ad Copy should be tight – it’s the words on your ad that coaxes the people you’re interrupting in their day on social media that could inspire the people to take action on your ad and even make a buying decision someday soon. 
  • Landing Pages – If you’ve got your target customers going from your Facebook Ad to a well-designed, optimized for purchasing intent website, that could be a great start.
  • Your Offer Should Be Simple and Refined – If you’ve got something the ideal customer wants, needs, and is easy to understand why they can’t be without it, then there’s a good chance you could generate profits online with this business model
  • Who You Target – this is your audience that you’re sending your ad to online

Each of the aforementioned points (see above) should be well-thought out, catered to a specific type of person (or people, I should say), and proofread to such a high level that you could predictably turn a profit with the Facebook ads you’ve launched to bring people to your affiliate product purchasing page. 

If only it worked that well, though…

When the offer doesn’t convert well through Facebook promotions, sometimes that’s just the nature of the beast – and it doesn’t always have a good explanation and there’s really no way to look into it more than just to accept that it is what it is. 

That may not be what is taught in college marketing programs, but this is the real world and not academic theories on how to generate profits on a medium that is so brand new that colleges are just now beginning to take note of what’s taking off and only lightly touching on it in the classrooms (which is why digital marketing coaches are needed in this day and age). 

As an example of things that wouldn’t convert well (meaning won’t turn website visitors into buyers), weight loss offers I have tried in the past – as have some of my peers in this space also attempted to pedal – simply didn’t turn a single profit, but ones that I haven’t tried seem to hit the jackpot with people who I’ve known to have simply tried one more product than I have. 

It’s truly an anomaly that I have yet to understand. 

Therefore, even if there are recommendations made in coaching courses like the ones above, wouldn’t it make sense that those people who have major success stories actually end up keeping themselves out of the limelight and their secret wins of majorly profitable products marketed online to themselves as well?

You can explore this further by reaching out to the affiliate manager of a program, product, or offer, and inquire if whether Facebook promotions are helping that product to generate buyers. 

When I hired a professional affiliate marketer (who was really darn good at what he did – I paid him $10,000.00 for one sit-down session to teach me what he knows), it became very clear that this is not a game for the light-hearted – or the light-wallet type. 

There are incredibly expensive strategies at play here.

Now, if you know how to place an affiliate product’s offer at the top of search engine traffic and win buyers through free organic leads that are searching for something close to what you’re offering, then you could say that search engine optimization (SEO) is a winning strategy. 

However, this can be a rather lengthy route and involve so many expensive resources to beat out the top position competition that you’d spend more than what profits you could actually land from prospective buyers coming through the internet to see your product that you didn’t actually pay for.

The difficulty and learning curve factors in search engine competition are beyond steep, and you’d have to consistently contribute to your offer’s web page if you wanted to get that web property to be found at the top of search results for what you wanted to acquire buyers for. 

Need more proof?

I’ve been in performing search engine optimization on affiliate offers for nearly three (3) years now, and I’m really good at what I do –

I have built the necessary education and resources to know how to get something to the top of Google in the quickest and most affordable ways – and I’m still not turning a massive profit. 

That’s because my forte has always been Local Lead Generation – and I have incorporated Search Engine Optimization into ranking websites in the local markets because the competition is beyond laughably low, with profits higher than any physical product I could market online.

I have multiple lead generation websites online all across North America – and current profits rake in at a net monthly tune that’s soon to exceed $50,000.00 in income. 

How do you think I’ve been able to afford to pay someone $10,000.00 to teach me what they know about affiliate marketing so I can tell you more information about whether it’s a worthwhile business venture in a blog like this?

Although it could go without saying, I did acquire a mentor to guide me through local lead generation methods and his approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) stems from his making a handsome 7 figures every single month…

Whereas I’m only making an annual, multi-6 figure profit online as of the typing of this blog post. 

This mentor of mine informs students to begin at a low-level target; something simple and achievable like $10k every month through local marketing and SEO strategies. 

It’s important to work with actual clients in the online space prior to shifting toward any other kinds of programs like affiliate marketing and affiliate SEO. 

Why would some guru say that? 

Well, he started in this online marketing space just like I did – and just like you could too if you found value in it and wanted to join our coaching program where you can see the exact same road map I took to acquire such a massive monthly income in only a few short years. 

If you’re gonna go after the affiliate marketing game, especially in leveraging search engine traffic, it’s best that you recognize from us that you’ll require a large investment in upfront capital and tons of patience to build your online presence for 1 affiliate product over a lengthy period of time; that’s how competitive the affiliate game is in search results. 

I wish I were joking and could tell you that I’m turning a handsome profit and then try and sell you on the idea that you could do the same – but that’s not what this blog is about. 

I’ve tried some things and now I’m sharing some unbiased, truthful information about what I’ve experienced – with the hope that you can take this information and make an educated decision for yourself. 

I was once where you were – deciding whether a business venture online was for me; I only wish I had something like this to guide me instead of getting pitched left and right with videos of people claiming “this program is a scam” just to get you to watch their video –

Where they’re using a bait a switch method to really tell you that it’s not a scam and you should join the program. 

That’s really kind of scuzzy, if you ask me.

Mr. Franklin Hatchett’s coaching programs are clear and free of nonsense, especially with his competent abilities to educate even the newest of newbies on how to build linking networks to whatever you’re trying to get seen online. 

I simply disagree with the affiliate marketing game being the one-stop shop for all things quick-profit-turning online. 

If you really carry zero prior experience in digital marketing, low on start-up capital, or just wanting to dip your toes in the water of internet marketing, this could cost you dearly if you’re not careful. 

If SEO (search engine optimization) isn’t in your wheelhouse prior to getting some exposure to this coaching program, I’d honestly start somewhere else and come back to this when you have a wealthy stack of spare change to test with this online business model. 


If you’re serious about starting your business in the eCommerce space, then look no further.  I can attest to Franklin being the one coach to product some of the best instruction in eCom of anything else on the market today!

From practical know-how to insightful tricks and tips that can save you time figuring things out and rescue you from costly mistakes long before you could ever encounter the opportunity to make them, just follow this coach’s roadmap and you can be on your way in no time.

One of the major reasons for starting this blog is because I possess a deep interest in exploring what other, wildly successful digital entrepreneurs have labored so diligently in and turned into their own profit-generating empire (respectively). 

After reviewing a number of these programs, I will say that each of these people you’ll find in my program overview blog posts have a trending theme that they’ve all invested in at one point in time: 

Each successful person on this website invested in mentoring prior to taking their business to a completely new height of success!

I’m actually the same way – it wasn’t until I got connected with a digital marketing coach (which I hired by buying into this local lead generation coaching program) that I began to really see my life change and finally achieve the coveted level of 6 figures creeping into my accounting records in a year’s time. 

I could build results like this in local search results that dominate the marketplace…

When you’re building this kind of web presence and taking over the first page of search results for a local marketplace, the phone starts ringing off the hook and the business owner you’ve partnered with can be busy as a bee for many, many clients to come through and ask for help.

High-Income Skills Required For Success in Business

One of the motivational speakers and serial entrepreneurs that I look up, Mr. Dan Lok, has been known to mention that high-income skills are the top investment that any person needs to make prior to investing me in the launch of a business. 

Why would someone refer to getting a high-income skill first? 

Why can’t I just jump in feet-first and figure the rest of the things I need in order to be successful while I’m on my way down into the water of entrepreneurship?

If you have the skills to pay the bills, then a high-income skill can render you financially stable – provided you take that wisdom and put it into action so it can work for you and bring wealth your way. 

Then, you can take those profits and wealth-building strategies and invest THAT into a business model. 

If you’ve already taken your high-income skill and turned that into a business, then you can remain calm and confident in your know-how to build a business and scale your business model to an expansive empire that generates ridiculous volumes of wealth. 

While a business that isn’t expanding is contracting, one that you can grow from one simple, yet high-income skill (or skillset, as the case might be) can keep your business model from dying or going bankrupt. 

Several high-income skills are made available to those students investing in Fraklin Hatchett’s eCom course and Affiliate training programs. 

You’ll get to learn how to produce sales leads and prospective buyers (if they haven’t bought right off the bat) through…

  • Search Engine Rankings
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram options
  • Email Marketing strategies
  • …and many more!

This list of high-income skills can then turn around to be implemented in one of several options for business models that you can accelerate to turn a handsome profit in a brief amount of time:

  • eCommerce and owning a digital store online, filled with products visitors can order (much like the Amazon marketplace but you’ll own it instead of a third-party)
  • Affiliate marketing and affiliated websites for the products that you don’t own but can generate a profit from promoting
  • Implement these high-income skills to help local small businesses turn a profit in their respective industry and specialty skills

One of the most awesome things to making your high-income skills available for small business in your local area (and meriting a pretty penny in compensation for what you bring to the table) is because you can generate profits –

That is to say: in local lead generation, you can produce an income that is much, much higher than physical products being sold online – in a fraction of the start-up investment and a faster amount of time than any other business model I’ve seen. 

Or, you could try your hand at the e-Commerce online store and patiently wait for your marketing dollars to turn a profit that only yields a small percentage. 

If you stick with local marketing, though, one of the great things you’ll learn is that there are tons of local businesses out there begging to invest their marketing dollars with the right person that can yield a profitable return on their investment.

Those same business owners simply don’t know who to trust in the marketplace… and that’s where you come in because it could be you! 

When local lead generation and search engine optimization (SEO) are the most sought after internet marketing skills in your neighborhood – you can begin producing results like what I did for this limo rental company in Lansing, Michigan.

I know they are going to be grateful and pay me for a long, long time since I can turn a profit through free organic web traffic of ideal buyers searching for what is offered –

You, too, can learn to bring tremendous value to those that you provide services like this for.

Money follows value; and the more value you can give to your ideal customers, the more they’re going to want to keep paying you month after month, for years to come.

Local Lead Generation is the Best Business Model in 2019

A few more thoughts on Local Lead Generation, because after several reviews of other entrepreneurial opportunities and seeing what is possible on the internet – and feel free to check out my other blog posts if you’re not convinced yet –

This was the one business model that was able to help me no longer have to keep going to a dead-end, $35,000 per year job that I had to walk in the dangerous parts of the downtown Detroit streets just to get to –

And in the below 0-degree weather of a North American state, it was a miserable commute to endure twice a day. 

I was able to fire my boss, buy a better apartment with a roof that didn’t leak on my face and bed when I was trying to sleep while not always having heat (thanks to the ol slumlord) to keep me from the elements of the winter…

I was able to begin traveling to visit family and friends across state lines and own transportation that didn’t conk out on me a mile after I left my house. 

Here are tons of other benefits from lead generation for small businesses that myself and over 3,000 other students (worldwide) have been able to enjoy – and you could be the next one to enjoy them as well…

  • Passive Income without having to pay for costly web traffic through Facebook Ads or elsewhere
  • Help local small businesses who don’t have time to figure out the internet but want the results that come from being the top results in search (which is a ringing phone and more customers)
  • Easiest Business Model: send referrals and turn profits
  • Rake in more money in a year on a part-time side hustle than most full-time doctors and lawyers
  • Be free of the risk of losing your job because your boss was in a bad mood and felt you took too long of a lunch hour
  • Secure your future financially by figuring out how to turn profits for yourself on the internet with your new high-income skills
  • …and much, much more!

Money follows those with high-income skills that are put to use to solve problems for others in the marketplace. 

You really can determine the size of your paycheck by the size of the problems that you’re able to solve.  And if you’re ready to solve big problems, you can get big paychecks like what this company has been sending me for years…

When you’re generating referrals from free organic search traffic from the world wide web, you, too, can help companies to keep from closing and revolutionize a business’ bottom line for the better.

Learn more about what it takes to generate these kinds of massive results for success, and start a business that only requires a part-time, spare-time investment of your energy and resources through the high-income skill of local lead generation by clicking here to learn about our coaching program.

Looking forward to hearing from ya in the next few minutes!