Gabriel Beltran, eCom Millionaire Course Review

The meat and potatoes of Gabriel’s eCom course is the act of selling physical products digitally and growing your business by using FB ads.

He had a long road to establishing a successful seven figure eCommerce business. Just before beginning his online journey he was a salesman for a used car dealer and hated what he did.

Let’s look at what the eCommerce biz entails.

By many it’s referred to as drop shipping which basically means you don’t handle physical inventory.

Instead, you acquire all your product via manufacturers that ship directly to those that buy your product. Most times these manufacturers are located overseas.

It’s nice because you can find success with almost any product type you want to sell. Sports equipment, fitness equipment, key chains.

You get the picture.

But how do you find the customers to buy from you?

With this course, it’s the use of FB ads.

It’s important to put some thought into the branding of your product these days. The eCommerce world has become very competitive and often times branding is what will set your product apart.

A light bulb with speakers. That was Gabriel’s first product that he sold. Sounds ridiculous? Well he generated over $400,000 worth of revenue with that product.

He first tested it to see if he liked it before selling it. If you don’t enjoy it then why would anyone else?

One of the tips he offers is selling product in bundles. Increasing your value by offering 3 or 4 as opposed to 1.

You can still sell 1 but depending on the product you’re selling you can switch it up.

With his product he noticed that many people preferred buying three which allowed him to max out his sales.

People are always considering how they can get more for their money and that’s exactly what the bundle is designed to trigger.

He saw great success but eventually ran into a big issue with his supplier. His supplier wasn’t able to get him the product so not only could he not fulfill new orders but he was all dealing with charge backs.

He had to pay $27k out of his own bank account to fulfill the charge backs.

It’s important to understand doing due diligence on your suppliers so you can avoid this costly mistake before it happens unlike Gabriel.

The difficulty with selling physical products through manufacturers is finding one that can handle the volume that you’ll be able to push out if your product is successful.

You don’t have that issue when you’re selling information online, just physical products.

eCom Millionaire Overview

Secret #1 Building Your Store

Secret #2 Finding Hot Products

Secret #3 Growing From $1k to $10k to $40k and beyond

Very very concise with this course.

Honestly, I’ve gone through and seen many eCommerce course that are packed with more training.

But that’s not always better.

If you’ve ever gone through any kind of extended training then you’ll know that when you get overloaded with information sometimes it causes your brain to become paralyzed and over analytical.

Learning from someone like Gabriel or any mentor/coach is always a great idea because they can save you a lot of time and money.

You’ll be able to learn from someone who has made a lot of mistakes and figured out what works.

This is even more true when it comes to FB ads because they can be very tricky for someone new to them. Particularly the targeting system can be tough for a beginner.

IMO there’s never a time where learning on your own is a good idea in any business. You don’t want to pay for all the mistakes that you can make. Especially when you can learn from someone like Gabriel.

Challenges of eCommerce

It can appear to be really easy to be successful in eCommerce nowadays with all of the big eComm people strutting their big numbers all across your screen.

I’ve even seen one story where someone went from new product launch to $100k/day in a week. Wild.

Even take Gabriel for instance, apparently he went from 0 to $8 million in just over 13 months.

I don’t know if it sounds too good to be true to you but let’s take a look at some of the challenges that you don’t see from these people.

#1 You won’t see good results from every product you launch

#2 The thing about FB ads is they have a small shelf-life. Meaning that one day you will have to create new ads or offers because you will go through your entire target audience and the product/offer will be stale. Also, FB ads take a lot of time and money to monitor and maintain.

#3 There can be a lot of challenges with physical products. Manufacturer, damages, returns, etc.

#4 FB ads are getting very competitive for eCommerce which can results in a rise in ad cost

#5 Lower profit margins because the sale of the good eats away at them as well as the constant need for paid advertising, in this case FB. IMO that’s a strong reason why a lot of people in eCommerce become coaches for higher margins

Since profit margins can be so low it causes a lot of people to go the affiliate route or like Gabriel, to create a digital information product where your profit margins are damn near 100%.

You also have to consider the time that it takes to run a successful eCommerce biz. You’ll have to set up and maintain FB ad campaigns daily as well as handling the customer order fulfillment which is ongoing.

But if you’re one of those people still in a 9 to 5 job then any online business opportunity can be an extremely enticing option.

Why not work hard for your own dream instead of someone else’s right?

Last Thoughts on eCom Millionaire

There’s no doubt about it, Gabriel knows what he’s doing and how to teach people how to find the same success as him. He’s got plenty of successful students to prove that.

If you’ve always had the dream of selling physical products, even if that dream was a brick and mortar, then by all means invest in this course and live it.

This business in no different than any other online opportunity in the sense that if you bust your ass and have the desire to succeed then you will do so.

It’s really important that you love the opportunity because you need to able to find joy in the entire process. Even when you’ll fail because you will. If you enjoy it then you’ll be able to pick yourself up and get to work again.

You can’t expect to find your success over night. You need to have some fortitude so you can establish long-term success.

If you have an instant gratification mindset then your first step is to get that shit outta your head because it won’t happen.

There are many sacrifices that you will have to make. It goes hand in hand with having an attitude that you’ll do whatever it takes to reach your goals.

That includes internal difficulties as well. Not only external issues.

Internal challenges could include limiting beliefs, self-doubt or procrastination.

Remember that becoming an accomplished entrepreneur is as much about acquiring high-income skill sets as it is overcoming a limiting mindset. You need to work on destroying those self-limiting tendencies that have been holding you back to this point.

It’s important to work on these things over time as they can’t be negated over night. You need to take the necessary action to correct them as they arise. Self-awareness is critical in online business.

But don’t worry because it can absolutely be done.

Look no further than yours truly.

It’s absolutely vital to success that you surround yourself with as many successful people as you can. Both entrepreneurs and mentors.

Some of you may be wondering what my recommendation is for an online business opportunity in 2019.


You can absolutely be successful with eCommerce but for me it takes too much time doing repetitive steps when that time could be spent scaling the business.

I’d rather make way more money per sale and have to do less of them. That can be easily accomplished when your profit margins are damn near 100%.

That’s why I’ve gravitated toward local lead generation because I get to use free traffic which allows me to build long-term success.

Basically I rank websites which generate free traffic and sell any leads to local business owners.

The local aspect is very important because the competition level is lower than people think.

I keep making more money and I don’t have to spend anymore time to make it once the website is built and ranked. It maintains itself for the most part.

That my friends is exactly how you can use your skills and knowledge to create freedom for yourself.

Both time and financial freedom.

At this point in my business I’ve built many streams of income that run on their own at this point. I just collect the check every single month.

Gabriel hit the ground running, seeing huge success with his light bulb speaker product before getting shut down due to an incompetent supplier.

He lost his sales over night.

In local lead generation that simply cannot happen. I own my sites and once they’re ranked they don’t go anywhere. I make money every month.

What if someone doesn’t want my leads anymore?

Simple, I find another business owner to send them to.

I don’t have to worry about monitoring paid ad campaigns or dealing with product damages.

This business is so much more stable for that reason.

Just click here if you’d like to learn more about building your six figure empire just like me.

I love what Gabriel offers and I enjoyed learning his techniques but local lead gen is what I love.

And it’s my recommendation for the best business model in 2019.

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