ECom Success Academy with Adrian Morrison — Is It For You?

You wanna start a business online, you say?

Not sure where to start, you say?

Sounds like massive exposure to selling products digitally is the gold mine?

That may be true – it being a gold mine, that is – but first, we have to find and strike the gold mine.  

So, is the eCommerce – the literal selling of products through online stores – the 100% best way “hit it big???”

eCom Success Academy was given its very first general release in May of 2016, and at the time, Adrian Morrison was peeling back the curtain on –

+a business model valued at over $1,000,000.00


+several walk-through, step-by-step marketing campaigns (complete, end-to-end) each valued at over $100,000.00 worth of PURE PROFIT!!!

After scaling up – using only eCommerce strategies and some handy-dandy Facebook Advertising, we provide a more in-depth peek at what is really here!

For me, I have tried Facebook Ads advertising and eCommerce.  Even with a little success, Local Lead Generation has produced a recurring, predictable income of over $50,000 every single month; those profits are what I used to try this program with.  To check out our coaching program to learn how you can do the same, CLICK HERE for more details.

Who is this guy, Adrian Morrison?

A man of many talents, Mr. Morrison has dedicated his life to teaching thousands of incoming, digital entrepreneurs how to leverage the internet to begin a profitable, online business, while discovering real success and educating toward financial freedom.

Having generated millions for his affiliate partners and his very own eCommerce store, he carries the reputation of being among the elite Facebook Advertising experts globally.

Having consulted for top influencers in the social media spectrum…

– AND –

Having critiqued and guided Fortune-ranked companies (with multi-millions in revenue annually) in the social media advertising space…

Adrian Morrison simplifies Facebook Advertising for the sake of turning a profit quickly and effectively.

Introducing Adrian Morrison’s eCom Success Academy

Imagine if you had a mentor that took you by-the-hand and ushered you to the promised land where you never had to worry about financial woes again…

Now imagine that same mentor having had massive success and street cred…

Countless people have struck it rich with eCom Success Academy and it is worth taking a moment to read through this article and discover just what is available in this program…

From eCommerce and Search Engine Optimization discussions to local marketing and leveraging the platform of Facebook Ads, this course is somewhat wide in the educational side of internet marketing.  

What is the absolute best route to go for striking a gold mine and achieving the kind of massive success that many dream about and few reach?

Read on… 🙂

What I like about the eCom Success Academy Coaching

It’s no secret: everyone wants to hit it big time, and they want guidance toward the promised land.

The outstanding work of Adrian Morrison here is that he has pieced together a video training solution that you can access at any time of day.

So if you’re working late at night or simply want to fit in some training on your lunch break, you can login at your convenience, on your personal devices, and start to grind at your leisure.

Perfect for those single mothers that would rather get something in quick before bed, or those tireless husbands and fathers that just want to add some bottom line to their income for

  • Family vacations
  • Chrismas gifts
  • Anniversary commemorations
  • Birthday surprises

For many in America, these kinds of hopeful luxuries simply are not in the budget.  

And so we go out, do some free Google Searches and seek for that one golden ticket to financial freedom.  

Could it be eCom Success Academy?  

The 7-Part course that introduces Shopify store setup and a linking to Facebook Advertising for dropshipping products?

You see, dropshipping is nothing more than marketing someone else’s products, and then being the middle man when a consumer makes a purchase through your store.

As luck would have it, there is a little bit of work involved, like:

  • Setting up partnerships
  • Designing a website
  • Increasing web traffic – meaning REAL BUYERS – to your products
  • Incentivizing the purchase
  • And more…

It’s not much work, though.  Adrian Morrison guides you on things to look for in retail sellers and who to trust.

He also guides you in the aspects of linearizing your model and accomplishing business in bulk – that way, you don’t have to follow-up on every… single… order… that… takes… place…

Then, of course, there are other automations to keeping in touch with your audiences, like:

  • Tracking of people with key ingredients in the Facebook Ads Platform
  • Linking an ad campaign to a website’s page (easily)
  • Email follow-ups that fire off instantly when an event occurs (like a purchase, or someone contacting the seller – or maybe yourself)
  • Reminders about shipments or that there are still items in the cart of a previous visitor to your store

Indeed, you can grow your business model to add thousands of products!

Then, all you need to do is put those products in front of buyers and watch the magic of the efforts you’ve put in upfront FLOURISH!

The Facebook Ads training involved in eCom Success Academy is golden!

From writing Facebook Ads to actually committing some advanced targeting into your campaign and really dialing in who is being reached with your marketing tactics…

Reaching the ideal customer is only a matter of time and a little effort in testing what works best in order to land that next big score of product purchases… which means…


More profits in your pockets for helping others get what they want!

After all, help enough people to get what they want and you can have everything that you want.  

Welcome to the exciting world of business online!

Can Literally Anyone Do eCom Success Academy?

The word “thorough” doesn’t even begin to describe the nature of this complete training.  This is some high-class stuff and worth exploring!

While, naturally, we can’t say it’s for everyone, I would venture to suggest that anything is worth a try… and here’s why…

This course can be taken advantage of by people with nada – zero – zilch – zip experience in the online space – with either Facebook Ads skills and/or setting up to sell something online.

In fact, if you’re sold on selling something online and have never done something like this before, the recorded training will literally say to do step 1, then do step 2, and so on!

With 100% of all of the sources of traffic being Facebook Advertising in this training, one needs to develop a couple of skills to achieve success:

First, understand that physical products matter!  You need someone to fulfill orders, so partnerships are important.

Second, you would need to be willing to invest some money in your personal education – yes, in addition to the course – testing marketing strategies.  

As you may earn a lot, a little, or no money at all – YEAH, STANDARD DISCLAIMER… this program has it too…

Developing good habits in marketing are essential for any business, and the internet marketing platform of eCommerce is truly no different!  Good habits in my business began with local lead generation, which could be a more viable busines option if you’re low on start-up captial…

However… this isn’t for everyone… If you’re ready for massive profits off FREE Organic Web Traffic from Google search results, check out this local lead generation coaching program that I learned from to amass a $50k/month income on AutoPilot.

Why Someone Might Not Want eCom Success Academy

In a nutshell, this training course is just that… a training course.

Recorded videos that can be accessed at any time.  

But here’s where the questions start to come in…

  1. Is there regular training/coaching sessions?

At the top of the training area, there’s a place where you can request support…

But how far does that support really go?

Is there a Facebook group one can regularly visit for counseling, advisement, and support from peers who are navigating the same course content?

Are there coaching calls by the expert so you can get questions answered from the founding father of this training program?

       2. Can you spend the time necessary to get far as fast as you want?

These videos can be quite lengthy…

In fact, I remember one video being as long as 45 minutes.

Now, that’s not a lot of time.  Some college classes have been known to last as long as 3 to 4 hours.

However, if you are a busy, working, single mother of several children, maybe even holding down 2 or more jobs just to feed kids and keep a roof over your head…

Do you STILL have 45 minutes available to sit and watch one video?

       3. Can  a video a day keep success at bay?

Now, this could mean that your bay is right where you want your ship to be.

Instead of rising with the tide, maybe you’re working on your ship to improve it.

In this case, your ship is the end product that you have never had before.

You’re starting as a newbie and want this flourishing, profitable business.

While, yes, there are growing pains, do you really want to take so long with this course that you can only engage in 1 to 2 videos in a day…

1 to 2 videos a day…


Until you’re done with the training and know what you need to know in order to start acquiring profits?

While this video training can definitely roll as an over-the-shoulder, do as I do model…

The time investment with long videos may actually turn off some people who had originally invested in the course.

       4. Brief refund/guarantee period.

If you’re taking so long to get through the program, then can you really “try it” if your schedule doesn’t permit?

Can you still be considered if this “doesn’t work” for a refund because you simply aren’t a traditional person who had evenings available to invest long hours into training?

While the training may be the best in the world, is it really the best FOR YOU?

       5. Can you afford the upsells or additional little gadgets and tools to make things EASIER?

When I started, I like the idea that I could pinch pennies and reinvest profits from my early successes with this program into growing an empire.

Unfortunately, I had invested every penny I had into eCom Success Academy.

I didn’t have the extra liquid cash to purchase operating costs – like a Shopify store, etc.

So the learning curve for me was that – when starting any business, even an online business –

I need to have funds set aside to market and build assets that I own.

So there are things like… SHOPIFY DISCOUNTS…

And while it seems like every effort is being made to make you a success…

And there’s a very good chance that this could work out…

Many might not see the need to have some extra cash available in order to make the necessary investments to…

  • Open a Shopify store
  • Test Facebook Advertising Ads (to find a winning one… or 3)
  • Afford payment processing fees
  • And much, much more…

Take it from a successful entrepreneur…

You’ll want the extra investment available upfront to keep funding your business while you learn the ropes and progress toward making a profit!

If you still want to give this a try but would like to generate revenue in a more affordable way, check out this local lead gen coaching program that helped me to walk away from a full-time job only a few short years ago.

The Bad Aspects of Starting eCom Success Academy

Now, this isn’t a ragging session on Adrian Morrison.  

With eCommerce in general, there are inherent risks.

The intrinsic nature of this activity is that you could make a lot, a little, or no money at all.  

And even though the idea of leverage includes taking profits from the efforts of other people… if they’re someone that you can’t contact directly for open dialogue, then why would you partner with them at all?

Just as with any business venture, there are good and bad aspects…

As an experienced marketer, let’s take you on a journey to the 9 reasons that something like eCom Success Academy may not be a good idea:

  1. Order fulfillment is out of your hands.

Quite honestly, once you find a partner, it is up to them to turn things around as fast as possible.  

Once you have submitted the customer orders from your website over to your overseas shipping company, if they don’t deliver then you could be on the hook for refunding the customer’s money.

       2. The customer changed their mind and doesn’t want to go through with their purchase.

Say a parent called up and told you that their child had made a purchase online with their credit card… Do you know how to handle this?  

As a newbie, can you AFFORD to handle a problem like this?

In the spirit of full disclosure, did you FORESEE a problem like this?  

I didn’t see a warning about this in the eCom Success Academy so I am glad you are reading this and can become fully aware of what you’re getting into.

       3. Websites cost money.

Duh and/or hello, as Sterling Archer might way, right!?  

As you’re setting up a business, there’ll be investment costs and this is no different.  

While the digital marketing space allows for a lot less in startup costs, did you know about things like domain vs. hosting, how they’re different, and that it requires two different accounts with two different companies in order to tie those together and have a web property online that people can visit?

I’m just trying to help here…

       4. Sellers come and go.

Sellers are people just like you and me.  When you partner with someone, and then attempt to contact them, will they be very responsive to your needs?

What if a customer cancels their order with you and/or demands a refund?  

What if the shipment comes to them broken?  

Do you know exactly what to do in these instances?

As an entrepreneur, I personally am all about finding a way to fix problems and make good things happen in business.

But there’s a line to be drawn between good business versus being on the hook for an offense that you personally didn’t commit.

       5. Shipping can take longer than anticipated.

When was the last time you made a purchase online?

Was that purchase a retail product?

Did that retail product come from an overseas location?

Assuming it didn’t, here’s the reality of purchasing something from overseas…

It could arrive at the buyers door anywhere from 3-weeks to 3-months.

You heard that right!

In the world we live in – where immediate, instant gratification is a real thing – we all want the product we sought RIGHT NOW!

So one of the best ways to over deliver for a new customer…


Is to increase the efficiency of shipping.

With your overseas partners shipping goods at a reduced price, here’s the trade-off…


That’s just a fact!

I am not sure how long I would be in business if I were required to wait these long shipping times and have to deal with angry emails of customers demanding to know where their product is because “they’re just checking on it.”

       6. Is the item out of stock — and you weren’t told?

Is your partner no longer carrying the item you are advertising?

Are specific types of your product out of stock with no intention of fulfilling future orders of this nature?

Is the manufacturer not making the toy / jewelry / business resource anymore?

In addition to constant follow-up with those you are dropshipping for (there’s that word again)…

Ask yourself:

Are you really getting into an online business to create a second job?

       7. Competition is escalating.

With technology making life easier for your family, friends, and neighbors, and those of others, to make purchases online, we have entered the digital age where everyone seems to be tied to a computer – which is now a necessity.

As such, more people are jumping on-board with purchasing products online.

That can be a great opportunity for someone just like you, right!?


As competition increases, and people hop into this eCom Success Academy recording training videos, more people are going to attempt to pedal similar products that you are attempting to sell.

The new question becomes… are they going to buy from you, or from someone else?

More importantly, are they going to buy due to price, shipping times, or both?

       8. Amazon: the 800-pound Gorilla of eCommerce.

At the end of the day, this is a reality that we all need to face!

The eCommerce giant that everyone (and their grandmother) has heard about, is Amazon!

Amazon is HUGE!  Amazon is Everywhere!  

Your store is just getting started and no one has ever heard of it!

With the rumors of getting scammed and identity theft occurring from online purchases, wouldn’t people simply go and make a purchase with a more reputable company than your founding store?

Sure, there are some loyal people who purchase from mom-and-pop stores, but those are people in the local community – with tangible, brick-and-mortar businesses.  

And, those people may have an online presence but there’s a good chance that they aren’t doing every bit of their customer sales online.

As an exclusively digital business, eCommerce lives and dies on whether you get seen and people are incentivized to buy.

If you’re ready to stand up to Amazon, then by all means… good luck!

       9. Burn Out!

We’ve all heard the stories of people in high stress jobs…

  • Firefighters
  • Nurses
  • Laywers
  • Doctors
  • Physical Therapists
  • eCommerce Online Sellers!?!?

Yes, you’ve read that right!  

The issues that arise in a business are real need to be dealt with.

As any good business owner will say, solving problems are what separate surviving entrepreneurs from the great!

How often are you going to keep putting out the same fires though?

The repetitive tasks of keeping the business maintained, ongoing, day after day, month after month, year after year…

And with no certainty of whether you’ll be getting another customer with all of your marketing efforts!?  

How to Succeed in eCommerce

See, this wasn’t all bad!  I’m a nice guy!

Seriously though… there has to be a certain approach to this business model.

  • Get creative!
  • Be proactive!
  • Seek to help others!
  • Stay in constant communication with your partners – from manufacturers to dropshipping partners, and more!
  • Above all, this can be hard to scale when there are multiple projects getting balanced; they’re all requiring a time investment and one can’t help but wonder if they’ll have enough assets “in-play” to make it worth their while.

Why I Stopped Pursuing eCommerce

Let’s be real here…

It’s great to be able to put a product in front of a massive audience with the ease of a Facebook Ad…

Garner some attention and excitement around a product that may be of interest to a certain demographic…

Hope they buy the product…

And keep at it until it begins to fizzle and profits begin to drift in margins…

Then we can change up the products listings and move a new item into play to keep the profits high…


I personally would rather see the higher profit margins and have to deal with less volume.

Think about it…

Wouldn’t you want a handful of people paying you for…

  • A service they will continuously want
  • Not fizzle away and stop paying you because they purchased a product once
  • Bringing them what they want over and over
  • Stay with you longer than any eCommerce store could ever hope to keep the attention of your clients

Local Lead Generation is Where I’m At for THE Profitable Business Option in 2019

Think about this business model for a moment…

You are the go-to person for bringing a company more business.

You set up some assets online that bring service requests to a plumber, electrician, heating and cooling company, or others…

The business owner cuts you in on the profits of every deal you bring them…

And you never have to touch the assets again.


I built a website nearly three years ago that I haven’t touched… and it’s still bringing in profits.

No more…

  • Late nights of getting order requests submitted.
  • Customers giving me financial woes and burdens.
  • Angry emails of people who’ve “changed their mind.”
  • High costs just to maintain business properties.
  • Contacting partners just to make sure your product line is current.

And best of all…


When a local business owner wants more customers, you can deliver!


Who do you know in your local area that you could reach out and offer to help?

Who have you or your family and friends worked with recently?

  • Doctors
  • Chiropractors
  • Personal Injury Attorneys
  • Dentists

Think about this short list – just for starters…

The profit margins on the specialized work they service their clients in…

And if you brought them 30 new customers a month…

Do you think they would pay you upwards of $3000 per month to stay with them for the lifetime of their business?


Just for being the middleman and getting a sliver to deliver, you want what’s ideal here…

Time and financial freedom for a business model that requires little time investment and high returns!

There’s a time investment upfront of getting your digital assets generating referrals.  

After that, just a quick check-in on the website to make sure it’s doing what it should be doing…


So basically…

Local Marketing is My Business Choice for Entrepreneurship

We also have a coaching program where you can learn to capitalize on the FREE Organic Traffic of Google search results.  Learn more about it by clicking here.