Four Percent Group, Four Percent Challenge Review

In today’s post we’ll be digging into Vick Strizheus’ 4% Group Challenge and System.

Vick has given affiliate opportunities for the program so there are plenty of people out there doing it just for the ability to sell it to others.

That’s why it’s so hard to find a review online about the program that’s unbiased. Also, when you look at it further it’s beginning to look like a network marketing business.

At the end of the day, it shouldn’t be looked down upon. Vick choosing to allow affiliate opportunities for his product is not a problem as long as said product is delivering real results.

What we’re really going to be discussing is difficulties that people in the program will face and how you can avoid these common challenges that are plaguing affiliate marketers in today’s world.

At the very end of this I’ll get into why I left affiliate marketing behind and went full force with the local lead gen biz. A business that I run daily and have used to make more money than I ever have before.

Vick Strizheus’ Past Allegations

Vick has a very colorful past. He’s been to prison for insurance scams of $30/k. Recordings of him in the court room can be seen on the internet.

Since then he has owned his past mistakes and said he has learned many lessons from them.

But that’s not the only thing in his past. While pushing his Big Idea Mastermind product, he was found guilty of changing affiliate links to benefit him so he could increase his income.

Our review of Vick’s current model won’t be influenced by his past. This will strictly cover the 4% Group.

4% System – How It Works

There are seven segments of this course after you join, they are:

  • #1 New Member Orientation (details, strategy, plan)
  • #2 Quick Setup and Activating Multiple Streams of Income
  • #3 Funnel Setup
  • #4 Power Base Activation
  • #5 Plant Your Flag
  • #6 The Miracles of Live Events
  • #7 Operation $100K

The question is, what are all of these segments built for?

When Vick says “multiple streams of income,” he means that you have to get more lines in the water as an affiliate. You want be promoting different products and offers.

According to him, this is why most affiliate marketers fail.

If you ask me, the biggest reason for failure is coming up short on consistent production of sales. Vick only pushes the use of paid traffic and nothing about the use of free traffic to get eyes on the product.

You’ll find recommendations from Vick about products that he likes to promote, but be careful here because Vick’s getting more commission for it on the down low.

I believe many people already promote these products that he lists so nothing shocked me about the following list of products:

  • Tecademics – used to cost as much as $12k but isn’t currently available
  • Click Magick – $17/mo
  • GetResponse – $15/mo
  • ClickFunnels – $97/mo (this alone is more expensive than the membership to the 4% Group)
  • LeadPages – $37/mo
  • AWeber – $19/mo
  • NameCheap – $10/yr
  • Udimi – varies depending on your ad

Membership Price for 4 Percent Group

LITE ($7/mo): Limited functions, for people who want to start small and test the waters

PRO ($49/mo): Most popular membership level which include all the things you need to make money with 4 Percent Group

PRO ELITE ($5k/yr): For experienced marketers who are already making money online and want to scale their business (includes private coaching)

Member will also receive a DFY funnel creator where you can enter the affiliate ID that’s given to you to promote the products that Vick recommends (listed before).

Choosing these products and having the funnel pre-built for you is the easy part of this process.

But how will you get people to see it. In other words, how will you direct traffic to the offer/product?

Vick’s Teachings On Traffic Generation

It’s a little bit discouraging that there’s no quality proof out there that the people in his program are seeing solid results from his paid ads strategy.

When I was doing affiliate marketing I tried the same strategy and the results I got weren’t good.

This is a real tricky process for a beginner because you don’t have many profits coming in to be able to afford the ad spend of paid advertising.

Free traffic is absolutely the best answer for being an affiliate but good luck.

Go attempt to rank for “Aweber review” and see how tough it is. Those are some really strong sites on page one of Google.

Several years ago, affiliate marketing was a solid option for people new to online business.

Fast forward to 2019 and it’s a highly competitive space in internet marketing. That’s a big reason that I push local lead gen because it has a much lower level of competition and a beginner can be set up for success.

Okay, so we know the level of difficulty when it comes to doing SEO for these products. So how are his students actually getting traffic and seeing results?

For many, it’s the use of YouTube.

This is a way to generate free traffic just by the use of videos but it really doesn’t take any skill.

Road to Success Using YouTube

According to one in the program, he put up a video every single day for almost a year until he saw a little success with the strategy.

And he did it EVERY DAY!

That’s one hell of a grindy process if you ask me. Competition will only climb as more and more people get into the use of YouTube for this.

Flat out, I don’t like it. And I don’t like the use of a single channel where the idea is to get enough eyes on your product and results from mass volume.

There’s a phrase out there and maybe you’ve heard of it.

Something along the lines of not working hard, but instead focus on working smart.

Now if you have a ton of experience creating YouTube videos, you’re good at it and enjoy it, then yeah maybe this option is a really good one for you.

But if that isn’t you, then this is exactly the reason you need mentors that can teach you skill sets that bring a tremendous amount of value.

What 4 Percent Group Lacks & Why Affiliate Marketing Isn’t Built for Beginners

There’s a motto out there that I believe in a lot. Ready for it?

Momentum creates motivation.

I’d compare building consistent traffic for beginner affiliate marketers to ascending Mt. Everest when you haven’t climbed a mountain in your life.

You need to be very efficient to be able to build the momentum so you can fuel your motivation. If you feel like you fighting an uphill battle your confidence and motivation will tank rather quickly.

If you spend most of your efforts promoting the 4 Percent Group itself, then you’ll be in the group of people that are actually making money.

However, this is becoming a borderline network marketing gig. If you’re spending more time recruiting people to the business opportunity then that is have of the definition of an MLM.

Simply put, it’s not a long-term business model. Google and YouTube simply don’t give enough room on page on of their results.

Plenty of people out there with high-level skills (like me) are already holding down spots on page one of Google for keywords like “4 Percent Group review.”

If you want to promote the 4 Percent Group, there’s nothing wrong with that but you need to have a plan of attack for generating the necessary amount of traffic for yourself.

Remember, there is no training material in this course on skills you need to rank organically.

You need to have a back-up plan if the paid display ads (like Vick teaches) strategy doesn’t work as well as you expected it to.

In Conclusion

There isn’t any high level SEO training in Vick’s course to show you how to leverage free traffic. Instead, he pushes his display ad paid traffic strategy.

On top of that he teaches people how to copy funnels and promote pre selected offers.

I recommended the skill of using of free traffic that you can learn in this lead gen program. Build actual websites and learn how to rank them in Google so you can have assets that pay you monthly.

In local it’s normal to see results much faster and the production of those results create momentum for you. Then you wake up every single day highly motivated to continue building your business.

Becoming an affiliate marketer is not for the beginner. You simply can’t overcome the experienced hot shot marketers out there. They already dominate it.

The only time I would recommend this option is if you already have a huge following. On something like social media platforms where you have an audience that is interested in what you have to say.

If you want to be making more money and you have no audience, then the quickest way to a six figure income is with local lead gen.

The local business changed my life. I was able to quit my 9 to 5 in only a few months.

Now I’m my own boss and I make my own schedule.

I take vacations where I want, when I want.

Just check out this pool site below. I built it around the time that I quit my job and it’s been paying me $650/mo since then on auto-pilot.

The local game gets my vote every time. If you want to get a closer look at it, click here.

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