Zero Up eCommerce Dropshipping Training Course by Fred Lam – Unbiased Review

Relocating from Hong Kong at a young age to the Vancouver area, this entrepreneur-at-heart was primed and ready to run as soon as he was out of training wheels and ready to be the innovative businessperson we have come to know today. 

He carries a strong work history – packed to the max with successes and massive wins under his belt – in turning profits online through the selling physical products (with the help of the internet). 

Notorious in his use of paid ad strategies on the internet, he built a fortune on the dropshipping e-Commerce business model – where your customers receive their ordered products directly from the manufacturers from overseas facilities. 

The cool thing about this business model is that there’s no longer a need to maintain large inventory, balance the inventory in the privacy of wherever you’re working from (your home, a rented office space, etc.), and other large types of commonly accepted, yet often expected investments just to get started in this type of industry. 

To a huge misfortune with this business model, however, the digital stores that carry e-commerce physical products don’t have a stellar track record of remaining profitable on a long-term basis.  This is mostly because the products marketed on these sites are usually listed because of the marketplace’s perceived spike in interest with the product. 

Like all things that follow fashion, fads, and other notions of trend in demand versus supply, the demand eventually phases out and the purchasing of the goods tend to either slow down or stop completely. 

Having dabbled in the eCommerce space myself, I learned an absolute ton about the use of Facebook Ads in the world of internet marketing. 

There are still plenty of dollars to be made and taken by entrepreneurs in the dropshipping industry during our time and era, but it’s important to keep in mind that the volume of competition is ever-increasing, thereby saturating the marketplace with people who want to get the same customers and pedal nearly identical products to those ideal audiences to turn a profit just like you do.

In the end, costs in advertising were skyrocketing and the supply versus demand phenomenon (that anyone can learn through a basic economics course) is continuing to drive prices on goods lower and lower –

This, of course, is all thanks to the sheer volume of wannabe entrepreneurs seeing big dollar signs advertised and wanting a piece of the action.  And so, they decide to go after the eCommerce coaching courses in the marketplace, learnin how to work with Facebook Ads and select products to push into the market, and passionately hope to cash in on the notionally, famously talked about profit margins merited by dropshipping. 

I’ll be straight with you – I’d rather build a business model on the internet that capitalizes on free traffic (no facebook ads required), as I think this is the perfect place for any person desiring to explore entrepreneurship in the digital era to get started. 

Local Lead Generation for small businesses has tons of money that has yet to be made, virtually no competition exists, and we have the tips and tricks in our coaching program to make things happen with you if you’re ready to get started right away. 

While the masses – unlike you and I – are so captivated by the idea of selling physical products on Facebook Ads, the droves of people seeking to pedal after the same buyers seem to help us understand why paid advertising methods online are screeching to all-time highs… and continue to soar upwards and onwards. 

This also means a great opportunity for someone to get started in sliding behind what very few people have heard about that is ridiculously lucrative and can be done completely in one’s spare time:

Local Lead Generation.

In addition to that business model, we’ll explore Fred Lam’s Zero Up eCommerce and Dropshipping coaching program here. 

We’ll most likely address pros and cons of the eCommerce business model along with its qualities (by comparison) and it’s fit as a business model for you.

Getting to Know Fred Lam

What inspired Fred Lam to explore the world of e-Commerce?

As we’ve already discussed, Mr. Lam moved to Vancouver from Hong Kong; and even at such a ripe, young in his life, he was under a single mother roof while his father remained back in Hong Kong to keep up with the career he had established that had paid him enough to only get by. 

With 2 additional siblings and a mother viewing that quantity as more mouths to feed on such little income, Fred decided it was time for a change and something had to be done about the financial situation he had found himself in…

So, he turned to the internet to explore the world wide web for people in similar problems and/or solutions to what he’s currently experiencing – like a severe shortage of money to take care of everyday needs in the household. 

This had all occurred in the time frame to the tune of the Early 2000s.  Remember, this is the time when Google AdWords (now Google Ads) was a pay per click (PPC), paid ads for generating traffic platform on the 800 lb. gorilla of a beast for all things search engine related. 

Being that the PPC display marketing was brand new and hardly being used by competitors in the marketplace, the costs for most any clicks were virtually pennies on the dollar. 

To give you a comparison and shift in timeline here to illustrate the amounts of success this gentleman had achieved in a rapid time frame…

Fred had spent “millions” of United States Dollars in Google AdWords Ad Spend to generate traffic – again, when the traffic was only pennies on the dollar for most any keyword search terms that had buyer-intent behind them – by the time the Facebook Ads platform rolled out. 

It wasn’t until later in the same decade (approximately 2008) that Fred Lam was introduced to the dropshipping, ecommerce industry of selling physical products online. 

Little did he know that this would have come very naturally to him, but Mr. Lam had already amassed nearly a decade of experience in spending money online and already acquiring a return on investment (ROI). 

Fred Lam’s Zero Up Approach to Online Profits

  1. Acquire your own eCommerce website and set it up (Shopify storefront)
  2. Arrange to have products that can be listed, bought and sold (what’s nice in dropshipping is you don’t have to touch the product; You are the seller that sells on behalf of the manufacturer, manufacturer ships the goods directly to the buyer, and you turned a profit without having to stock any inventory yourself)
  3. Get Attention from Ideal Target Audience – this can be acquired through buying the attention from paid ad strategies on search engines (Google AdWords, PPC, Bing Ads), Paying per objective event that occurs (Facebook Ads – where you could buy web traffic or get in front of people that should know your product or service exists), and search traffic which gives free organic traffic in the form of buyers searching for keywords relevant to what you’re marketing (thru YouTube Video Search Results, or even Search Engine rankings by being found as the first option in the marketplace for that search term)
  4. Turn those Ideal Audiences into Paying Customers – This is what separates Fred Lam from most of the eCommerce experts; this guy is smart and plays the long-term game.  He wants the people who buy from him to be his customers again, down the road, and remarket to these people over and over and over.  If you build the relationship, then you can stay connected with these people longer and ask them to buy again from you
  5. Fred’s Ninja Trick: Immediately following the purchase, a customer will receive a coupon directly from Mr. Lam with an expiration date attached to the coupon so they feel incentivized to make additional purchases with the seller (in this case, with Fred) in a timely manner

What You Get as a New Student of Zero Up Coaching Program

So you are still considering getting involved in what action was taking off with the selling of physical products on the internet – and even more keen on the idea that you don’t even have to touch the merchandise that you’re choosing to market to people online?

Okay then…

Let’s make sure you’ve got the full scoop of what you’re looking at having access to when you get started with Fred Lam because…

Well, c’mon!

Who else are you gonna trust to guide you to the promised land than someone who started from virtually nothing and is now independent and without a boss…

The Complete Zero Up System

  • Learn how to design and publish a 100% compliant online store
  • Automate your order tracking and status of order fulfillment
  • Easily establish your sales funnel (no coding necessary)
  • Instantly Ready to Advertise and Turn a Profit!

Here’s what you get when you invest in Zero Up and become a student of Fred Lam’s coaching program on how to be successful at eCommerce and the Dropshipping business model:

Instant Access to Zero Up Lab

Tap into the powerful and most comprehensive automation tool for e-Commerce on the market.  With zero previous experience, you can be up and running an e-Commerce store with Zero Up.  A few clicks of a button and your business venture is officially launched!

Bonus 1: The Masters Program of Zero Up

Let Fred Lam guide you through his five (5)-step proven system of 8 comprehensive training modules orchestrated to help you foolproof your operation and get profitable with your business launch – even with absolutely no experience or knowledge before you start.  Fred literally hands you his EXACT blueprint that built and scaled up his business brand to making him a multi-millionaire!

Bonus 2: Find Which Products Sell the Fastest (Fred’s Top 100 Picks)

Learn how you can just focus on your advertising efforts for your products from your store.  With a little research – and handholding by yours truly – Fred introduces you to how you can spot the hottest selling products in your market; just a touch of Facebook Targeting recommendations are tagged into this section as well to help you along.

Bonus 3: Fred’s “Traffic Genius” Strategy to Bring In Buyers Instantly

(Value $6,591.00 USD).

Introduction to acquiring targeted traffic through Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) without breaking the bank.  For pennies on the dollar, you, too, can become a targeted web traffic generating expert and the optimization strategies Fred personally leverages to scale your business just like he did!

Bonus 4: Zero Up Bootcamp: Starting from Zero

Gain access to Live question and answer (Q&A) sessions as Fred personally makes himself available weekly for you to learn through asking your questions about the process when you get started.  He enjoys consulting you personally and reviewing your business process at all stages to ensure you’re progressing as is often necessary when people first start out and are brand new to the industry.  Not Only That – You’ll also get permission to join the private Facebook Group where fellow students, success stories you’ve heard about, and newbies alike are progressing together and masterminding how to solve problems so everyone can find the joys in succeeding with this business model.

Bonus 5: Personal Coaching thru the Zero Up Concierge Service Program

Follow the 5-step system, get your business working for you, and earn your success like so many students of the Zero Up Coaching program before you.  Get guaranteed professional reviews of your business by your very own Fred Lam and his team of professionals if you don’t turn a profitable sale within the first 60 days of getting started with this coaching program.  From analysis to recommendations, they’ll give you a step-by-step solution to move your business forward and tell you what they would do to get you to your very first online sale of a physical product with dropshipping privileges and a partner overseas that takes care of everything for your customer to be a satisfied buyer.

To quote what Fred Lam and the Zero Up company openly states about their eCommerce training program:

My Opinion on the Zero Up eCom and Dropshipping Training Course

A brilliant, young man with humble beginnings, Mr. Fred Lam has earned his place in the eCommerce and dropshipping industry. 

I’ve also dabbled in the eCommerce business model as a self-made entrepreneur as well.  Prior to doing so, however…

I was actually realizing success in my local lead gen business venture — which was awesome because all I did was get paid to send leads to small businesses.

I bring this up because the reality of my situation was that I tried my hand at the Zero Up eCommerce Dropshipping Training Course by Fred Lam after I was already raking in a handsome $50,000.00 per month in PASSIVE INCOME…

That meant that if I were working or not, I would still have that money coming into my mailbox on a regular basis, even if I were sick, had to stay home for a day, or even if I wanted to extend my vacation… the money would keep flowing…

“THAT’s” real passive income, my friend!

So, I was in a different place than most since I was able to launch this project with cash flow that was still going to come whether I was successful at Zero Up’s training program advice and making the dropshipping ecommerce business work for me — or even if it failed to work for me.

And even when I tried my hand at this, I’d still made some profits — in general.

One of the things I can deeply appreciate in Fred Lam’s training course and business model is the stellar automation practices that he’s been able to figure out and implement with his program. 

The software is a fantastic piece of equipment that simplifies countless aspects of the process that used to take forever to keep up with.

It’s unfortunate that public notion and indecency is quick to excuse someone so you – despite his business acumen positioning this gentleman literally light years ahead of his time. 

He’s been profitable with his online paid ads campaigns for near 2 decades now (almost 20 years at the time of this blog article getting written and posted here). 

For someone to be in the same industry that long, watched the changes, and still coaching success story after success story with his coaching, it’s safe to say that Fred is a genuine professional and gifted at his art because he’s earned his way to his stripes.

While other social media platforms are gaining momentum in being used as the go-to marketing platform(s) for digital ads (on behalf of for-profit companies), Mr. Lam appreciates that Facebook Ads provides him with the largest volume of people for his advertising dollars and regards it as the biggest platform – so, for now, that’s all he focuses on for his personal business advertising methods.

It’s hard to believe that someone could go wrong with buying into Fred’s training, coaching, and mentoring program “Zero Up”. 

His teaching skills are second to none, and everything he instructs on is all exclusively catered to the e-Commerce industry. 

And, while countless coaches out there may not have the stripes to back up their skills that they are attempting to teach their students in their respective coaching courses on dropshipping, Mr. Lam – in addition to coaching and mentoring everyday people just like us on eCommerce strategies to become profitable business people on the internet – still yields millions in eCommerce sales with his own stores online. 

Isn’t it nice that you can invest in a coach that can walk you through exactly what it takes to be a profitable marketer in the physical products selling industry with the internet? 

He literally does it himself, so – of course – he’s going to hook up his students and let them in on the action that he’s capitalizing on as well. 

The Goods and Not-So-Goods of The Dropshipping and eCommerce Business Model

What’s Good with eCommerce and Dropshipping

  • Get set up in no time flat and ready to market for sales and profits with your very own Shopify ecommerce physical products store, live and ready for action
  • You’ve got more than plenty of examples on the world wide web to attempt to craft your very own image based on other people’s appearance of their store, email campaign strategies, and even swipe their product ideas
  • Why carry inventory?  No need to get samples of products, own what you’re selling, or even stock the products you’re trying to promote – the dropshipping model is phenomenal!
  • With the help of a third-party called Alibaba, you’ve never had it easier to explore, communicate with, evaluate and select an overseas manufacturer (with outstanding pricing on products) that you can partner directly with
  • If you have an Ethernet or internet connection that is reliable, along with a laptop, you can run this business with nothing more than those two pieces of equipment – of course, a little ingenuity and confidence never hurt anyone in this industry either
  • With perhaps the cost of a large cup of coffee from an expensive corner store on your commute to work equivalent in Facebook Ads spend, you, too, can test your hand in the dropshipping markets with select products (without breaking the bank)
  • With countless products to choose from, you have great opportunity to select products and test them all in the marketplace for profitability and gauge the opportunity for success within your respective industry (or, as some others like to refer to, your niche)

What’s Not So Good with eCommerce and Dropshipping

  • With nearly 10-20% profit margin already, you can factor in even less for your actual gross profits (Yeah, we’re not even at the net profits that you get to pay taxes out of just yet)
  • From chargebacks and consumer complaints to product returns and refund demands, the wider net you cast, the more chaotic the industry can come to be with your daily grind
  • If you have an issue with your foreign manufacturer who doesn’t communicate effectively via telephone or digital phone call on the computer, things can get hairy with your business model rather quickly
  • As products don’t even pass thru your hands – and yet, your name, business, and reputation are on the line here – you find yourself experiencing an extremely low level of control in this business model with the products you’re attempting to sell online (usually to strangers)
  • Since products are shipped directly from the manufacturer, packaging and branding expectations by your recipient could be slightly disconcerting when the product arrives at the buyer’s doorstep.
  • As you’re not purchasing inventory in bulk quantities, nor are you handling the goods for storage purposes, you can reduce the cost per goods sold, but that also reduces your profit margins that much more
  • The overwhelming volume of competition is only going to increase, thereby market saturation of sellers escalates, prices continue to get driven down on the products you want to push into the world, and your profit margins follow suit – reducing even further what you can take home to your piggy bank


Like I’ve said earlier, I’ve turned a profit a little in the dropshipping industry…

But I did so comfortably when raking in a hefty chunk of change in another online business venture.

Yes, the local lead generation side hustle gave me a lucrative, steady, Passive Income of profits to invest in another project, so I really was just giving the Zone Up coaching program by Fred Lam the ole’ college try.

I also had the luxury of time on my side so I could roll up my sleeves and dig into the training to make sure I had my ducks in a row, my eyes were dotted and t’s crossed, to see if this was really going to work… and I wanted it to work fast, so I got right to training around the clock.

However, I’ve personally learned first-hand what the dropshipping gig can spit back at you and why it’s important to have a solid level of resiliency when the going gets tough.

For me, I had to handle rejection like you wouldn’t believe…

Programs like this advertise sunshine and rainbows (to some extent) and resources and help when you get stuck or have a bad day…

I had to address one failing product after another, in an ongoing fashion, as this dropshipping approach to eCommerce never actually turned a profit margin that I could be happy with – in the volumes that I could benefit from – in order to see this business model as a side hustle that’s worth my time.

It can be difficult to refer to this as a side hustle as well, since I was still balancing the customer order fulfillment duties (meaning, I still had to send in the orders) and constantly make sure my Facebook Ads were performing the way that I was okay with – and didn’t go over budget on either processes –

There really was no time freedom available when I was careful, and I meticulously gazed over every inch of that Facebook Ads graph, ensuring all the information on my spreadsheets were solid before sending them out the manufacturer to “do their thing.”

Mr. Fred Lam can be counted in history as one of the greatest coaches since he lives the business, walks what he talks, and knows the struggles first-hand of getting started. 

In my opinion, you can’t find anyone better for the eCommerce Dropshipping business because he’ll most likely have a rock solid solution for anything difficulty you can face in this industry.

Unfortunately, for those of us checking out this review (and thank you for reading, by the way) that are still actively engaged in a 9 to 5 commitment of hourly or salary wages, it could be a challenge to step up your game amidst your other life commitments and try your hand at a side hustle.

That said, for all the business careerists that are seriously considering marketing physical products online thru their own digital version of a retail store, marking up prices of products you never actually handle but turn a profit on when prospective buyers actually convert to a sale – my recommendation is…

Invest in a mentor like Fred Lam and get the guidance necessary to spend your time and other resources of investing into an online business venture model that you’ll probably be working in your spare time on the home front) in only the most profitable ways… you’re on a fiscal and time budget; if you’re gonna start, you’ve gotta get started right and stay consistent in what little precious time you have available.

Local Lead Generation is My Top Business Choice in 2019

What’s the best fit for me though?  It’s definitely not the dropshipping or e-Commerce business model…

I have personally seen much, MUCH, higher returns on my investments (ROI) when building out local lead generation properties which produce buyer leads with none other than free, organic, targeted web traffic. 

If you’ve ever heard of the concept of owning a high-income skill, then you’re in great luck here. 

For those of you that haven’t, a high-income skill is a fancy term for a simple concept; you can determine the size of your paycheck by the size of the problem(s) that you’re able to solve. 

A high-income skill is something that is unique to you, that you’re one of the few in the marketplace that can provide this service, and that same skill needs to be in high demand. 

Local lead generation “is” a high-income skill – in fact, it’s probably the most important internet-based skill that exists, in my honest opinion. 

With it, you can repeatedly establish passive income streams of cash flow that are virtually immune to shifts in the marketplace, meaning inflation, deflation, costs of goods sold, tariffs, and other factors that usually affect mom and pop shops with their physical products they’re attempting to pedal – won’t affect your ability to help others and get paid for it.

In addition to passive income streams, you can also be compensated based on the value that you bring to the marketplace. 

If you’re able to bring more buyers to a local business, and they cut you in on the deals that you referred over to the company, then (in essence) you’re getting a sliver to deliver the profits to a company. 

Now imagine doing that multiple times – with multiple companies – in multiple cities…

With low start-up capital…

And nearly 100% profits (thanks to not having physical products to work with)…

I mean, you’re not paying for ad spend with Facebook or Google Ads, so there are fewer and fewer costs of doing business with local lead generation

It’s a really simple business model.  In fact, here’s all I do to expand my bottom line as I go forward in my online business…

  1. Quickly piece together a simple website
  2. Paste it to the top of search results (you know, where all the buyers see it first)
  3. Watch the checks come in day after day, month after month, and year after year

If you wanna talk about passive income, imagine getting a renter’s fee for all the leads you’re sending business owners every single month – especially if you’ve only fixed up the website one time….

Think about it – you do something one time, but as long as it’s good to go, you’re still getting paid.

There are websites that I haven’t even touched since I started in this industry a short few years ago, and they are still giving me monthly checks for the local small businesses that are collecting all the business I’m sending their way. 

This also means time freedom –

I’m not overindulging in worry, Facebook Ads costs, daily orders that I can’t miss sending in to the overseas manufacturer to get started on…

Instead, I can let my virtual real estate do the heavy lifting for me as they’re rented out to companies that service the buyers which come thru my lead gen sites. 

That means I can spend more time writing a blog like this for you to get the full scoop on coaching programs like Zero Up and decide if it’s something that’s actually a really good fit for you – or not…

If I want to extend my vacation time, I don’t have to call ahead and ask for permission. 

In fact, I walked out of my 9 to 5 that was compensating me a measly $35,000.00 in annual, gross income, after this side hustle of Local Lead Generation was producing the equivalent salary for me AND let me have my time back. 

So lately, I’ve not had to answer to a boss – and it’s a pretty sweet gig! 

Local Lead generation isn’t for everyone – and I get that. 

In addition to the above, check out the additional benefits of running your own business online with what I’ve done to rake in nearly $50,000.00 every single month now on AutoPilot…

  • Business owners are good at what they do; whatever craft it was that they decided to go into business and help more people with.  A good majority of business owners probably aren’t strong at using the internet to generate referrals for their company – so there is a HUGE DEMAND and HUGE OPPORTUNITY for you to get involved here
  • Make your own work hours without someone looking over your shoulder for annual and quarterly evaluations
  • Heck, keep those jammies on when you wake up in the morning and rock your business out however you see fit
  • Hardly any competition – you get to build lead gen sites in any industry and any city you’d like
  • Keep It Simple – Send Leads and Get Paid… easy peezy, right?

I’m talking about real skills that pay real bills, and you can use these profits to write your own check so long as the internet is around. 

And, last I checked…

  • Local small businesses and service providers have been around for quite some time…
  • The internet is only expanding,
  • Neither are going anywhere anytime soon, except to help those that take advantage of the opportunity before them right here, right now…

This coaching program can help you learn the business of local lead generation for small businesses from the same guy that taught me only a handful of years ago.  It helped me go from zero to hero – okay that wasn’t a clever phrase, but it’s true!  I’m now a multiple 6 figure entrepreneur with an online business that I can work virtually anywhere in the world! 

…Looking forward to chattin’ it up with ya!