Product List Genie by Giancarlo Barraza – Unbiased Review

The process of generating income online is something that has always captured my attention.

If you’re reading this blog post, then I’m under the impression that you’ve also thought about building a side hustle of your own with marketing something online.

In the world of selling physical products through digital means (meaning an online store, for example), one such technique is called drop shipping.

A popular and widely used strategy on the internet these days, dropshipping has been known to be an excellent method for generating some cash with…

  • very little setup
  • minimal overhead costs
  • an actual return on your investment with customers really buying from your product listing online

If it’s so great, then how come others aren’t actually indulging in the process today? 

There are many competitors in the drop shipping industry, believe it or not. 

The competition level is actually more fierce than most might anticipate when they’re brand new to the online marketing world and seek to be an entrepreneur from a laptop. 

I know that I was looking for a way to make a side income back in 2014 (not that long ago) and came across local lead generation for small business – and it absolutely changed my life for the better! 

  • Minimal competition
  • Enormous profit margins (near 100% – really!)
  • Extremely mobile – I could do this anywhere

Within a year’s time, I was producing a bigger quarterly income with my side hustle than I was on my full-time, corporate job of $35,000 in downtown Detroit. 

Fast forward to only a handful of years after quitting my job (2019), I’m raking in $50,000 per month with passive income giving me the opportunity to investigate products like Product List Genie and deliver my honest review on it for your edification. 

While you may or may not readily see dropshipping marketers their products online – especially unless you know what you’re looking for to point them out –

I can assure that there are more than a fair share of some that think they know what they’re doing and trying their hardest to be the top competitor in their respective marketplace for a product that they either believe in or think can bring loads of profitable income their way. 

That being said, there are some intrinsic challenges with the model of dropshipping:

  • Can you find a product that the market actually wants and will buy from you?
  • How can you plan to get the word out that you have a product that you think people need?
  • Will your marketing efforts place your listing in front of your ideal customer who is primed and ready to buy – with money in hand, just waiting for your offer to meet them face-to-face?

With the platform of Product List Genie – you can do that with exactness. 

What is Product List Genie Anyway?

Designed specifically for the benefit of those in the E-Commerce and physical products selling space, Product List Genie is a software of sorts. 

What it does is allow you to have your digital-based, online E-Commerce store virtually auto-populated with products that you can find from around the world wide web.

It opens to help you begin to identify what are those ideal products that you may have a chance to market for a profit – especially with the evaluation that the software makes for assessing the interest and market demand trends for each item.

Concerned that this product list produced by the software may not be a good fit for what you need? 

Not to worry!

There are regular updates to the product list provided in Product List Genie! 

As a matter of fact, the content within it – meaning the list of products – is updated every 24 hours (at a minimum). 

In addition, it doesn’t necessarily auto-update your store but it can give you the opportunity to select which products you are more interested in than the others.

While the recommendations are made, you still have full control over your online presence and can choose whichever products you’d like to place in your online store for dropshipping purposes. 

I was worried about that too, once. 

I haven’t seen the software hijack a store so I think your concern can be put to rest. 

The Product List Genie is simply present to help you along in your journey with E-commerce and is simply designed for assistance with product selection so you can increase your chances of selling what you list to those that are actually interested in purchasing them. 

The most serious of today’s dropshipping marketers could be accused of being out of their mind for not acquiring access to the Product List Genie.

It’s even perfect for those who’ve expressed an interest in starting their own physical products marketing store online but aren’t certain of just where to start; the software is as beginner friendly as anything could be in 2019. 

Giancarlo Barraza – The Man Behind Product List Genie

Sometimes this can be the fun part of the blog.

The majority of products, coaching programs, mentor opportunities, online business or work from home opportunities that I have had the distinct privilege of blogging about seem to have some rather interesting people – with an incredible entrepreneurial history – behind the establishment of whatever product or service is being discussed. 

Today, we get to learn a little more about the gentleman who is better known around the water coolers at offices and karaoke microphone of the popular crowds at parties as “Coach Giani.” 

Product List Genie’s successful Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder, Giancarlo Barraza has also been featured for another coaching and mentoring program – where he also has leadership positions, including President of the mastermind and Founder – it’s called the Millionaire Mastermind.

Hailing from the city and streets of the Disney capital of the world, Orlando, Florida, Coach Giani – as Wikipedia identifies – has been genuinely committed to the success of internet entrepreneurs around the globe for the better part of 10 years, delivering resources, tools, and mentorship for those serious enough to take advantage of his resources and turn a profit from home. 

Interested in the ever-captivating secret behind the continuously expansive net worth of coach, mentor, software developer, consultant and serial entrepreneur, Mr. Barraza? 

After all, he’s been generous enough to fabricate solutions to common problems that digital entrepreneurs face as they seek to achieve the coveted dream of making money from home (and in a perfect world, without having to do a whole lot of work to earn that money, too). 

His claim to success – in his own credits – are specifically to his winter mindset and desire for massive success:

  • The mindset to always win, and never give up
  • The desire for more success, and refusing to give in – from establishing the entrepreneurial goal all the way to landing a victorious defeat over the personal demons and self-talk that doubted him

If anyone were to be an example for me, it might be Coach Giani as he’s always gone after what he wanted and never gave in to problems when they arose and stood between him and his aspirations.

A Quick Overview of the Product List Genie

Intended to be an automated software system in and of itself, the Product List Genie was founded for the purpose of helping an aspiring entrepreneur in the physical products marketing space to connect with their Shopify store, identify popular products (which the software highly recommends), and then populate them into the online store –

The intent seems to be in the expedited positioning of the solo entrepreneur to focus less on product selection or technological hindrances in posting to their Shopify platform, and increase their focus on where it matters most – generating web traffic to their Shopify store’s products so buyers can convert (meaning, buy the products) into documented, successful sales. 

It’s as if you have a team of in-house specialists to help you find the trending products that have demonstrated their ability to be bought and sold online. 

The managing team of the software maintains regular and close watch of the products in the market and the important aspects of data that matter to an entrepreneur in dropshipping. 

It’s only when the changes are necessary that new products are added to the list with appropriate and corresponding information so that the marketer can make the best, most educated decisions about what to select…

That’s a lot like what this blog is about – keeping you informed. 

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I wasn’t keeping you informed of the opportunity you had to learn more about various coaching programs and products.

Further, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t demonstrate to you that it was because of local lead generation for small businesses with free organic traffic from search results that have put into position to continue writing blog posts like this for you – not thru dropshipping, e-Commerce, affiliate marketing, or any other kind of program. 

That includes the Product List Genie, which has a reputation of populating a list of products every single day that have been known to bring the quickest rates of sales delivery if placed in your Shopify store with the best kind of buyer traffic for those specific products – sourced directly from American suppliers. 

The pricing might be a concern – or at least it has been when this product first came out. 

The trend with Shopify stores has been to use an overseas supplier for the products marketing online so that profit margins can be slightly or greatly higher. 

The quality of products hasn’t seemed to suffer and the numbers from the Product List Genie seem to suggest that sales potential continue to be high so fact that suppliers are from America appear to not be any sort of hindrance on sales performance. 

What can Product List Genie Do for Me?

On one hand, as a consumer of a product, this seems to be a very sensible question to ask. 

On the other hand, as an entrepreneur, looking at things in terms of expenses may not be as effective as recognizing what you’re spending money on (especially when it’s for your business) as an investment. 

I hope that the following information can help you to better recognize the benefits and features that are afforded to those that leverage the Product List Genie software in their Shopify store and dropshipping business:

  • Perfect Automation

Realize the power that comes from not having to set-up your own Shopify store. 

Instead, appreciate that the software can deliver you the products that are ready, and primed, for buyers to acquire. 

Delivery is also managed by the software – I’d say that’s a huge burden off of our shoulders as Shopify store owners. 

  • Top of the Line Products

Looking for information on what trends are coming about?

Concerned over what it’s going to take to get these products sold? 

From the trendiest of trends in product selection to counsel and recommendations on how to go about getting traffic (which will hopefully convert into customers) to see your products and/or visit your Shopify store online. 

Let’s see other products give both data and tips for selling online.

  • Support from an Entire Group

A mastermind program in nature, Product List Genie is more than just software for you to use and throw away. 

With intrinsic value, you’ll have access to fellow marketers in the space of dropshipping and the actual leadership team of Product List Genie that you can talk to, connect with, ask questions, and receive guidance when you feel you need it. 

Be fearless when it comes to maximizing your value out of

  • the training you’re receiving
  • the product you’re using
  • implementing your needed systems or recommended tips for sales funnels

After all, what is a team, a mastermind, a coaching program, a product, or a service for if there’s no assistance in implementing those very things to acquire profits from the internet – the whole reason you’ve entered into this program in the first place (or at least, that’s what the company hopes you did it for)? 

  • Advertising Strategies and Advice Simplified and Streamlined

Need to find the fastest way to get buyers to see your store?

Facebook Ads are nothing to be concerned about. 

Intended to be simple, your paid traffic recommendations can be powerful if implemented smartly and reviewed both closely and regularly. 

Want attention to your store immediately? 

Pay attention to what is in store with this product and program, and you can learn more about the solutions to challenges you might face, as well as insights from top executing and successful entrepreneurs who’ve already become success stories thanks to the resources provided in the Product List Genie program. 

  • Current Product Recommendations

If you’re concerned about being recommended products that are so out of date that your grandparents would have bought them, then you can put your emotions and entrepreneurial heart at-ease. 

Product List Genie can track marketing trends from as early as today and yesterday to be sure that you’re getting fed the most accurate information available anywhere that addresses the most optimal information in dropshipping wisdom.

As stated, their daily updates provide accurate information so you know what products are current and of interest to your store audiences today – not last week or yesterday’s top picks.

Stay up-to-date with the most accurate information around, straight from the experts at Product List Genie. 

Why Product List Genie?

If you’re going to market physical products online, one of the best pieces of advice Coach Giani always gave was to know what people are interested in today, not yesterday. 

He was able to build a routine out of his regular habits of finding the best-performing goods that he could advertise online, and Giancarlo went to work by selling those products in an affiliate marketing fashion. 

Fast forward the timeline of the story to today, Mr. Barraza identifies with a variety of software and programs that are directed toward the success of the online entrepreneur. 

Product List Genie is one of those resources that aggregates his knowledge over the years and combines his trending experience and success with the marketing of products online so you can be successful today. 

Before you miss your chance, Product List Genie has been designed for those in the dropshipping industry to acquire a one-stop shop of a solution for all of their most challenging of dropshipping chores. 

It’s important to remember that sales are the lifeblood of a business; the best way to keep on getting more sales is to do more activity that enables more attention to be brought to the physical products that you’re listing online. 

The Product List Genie software could be for you if you’re open to…

  • Less product research
  • More automation
  • Data on dropshipping’s latest trends and what’s hot for your Shopify store today

Bottom line: if you are looking to make your dropshipping business a success online, meaning you want the best chances available to achieve profits with your physical products selling business venture, then Product List Genie is your go-to resource for everything you could need in an asset while you’re on the grind. 

Why Local Lead Generation is the Right Business Online in 2019

It’s no surprise that many people talk about dropshipping like it’s the best thing since someone figured out how to slice the loaf of bread and package it for others to enjoy in a mass reproducible product form. 

The benefits seem to precede the industry and social circles assume that this is the best way to turn profits online – especially with all the resources available to gather data and automate your work. 

Even dropshipping – despite its great qualities discussed above and in other communities – still has drawbacks and unfortunate lulls in its performance. 

What if, however, your supplier (of the good your marketing) runs out of supply in their stock room? 

You still have orders with timetables that need to be met and you’ve been an exclusive marketer on behalf of one supplier for quite some time. 

You’ve already collected payments from the consumers, sent the sales list to your supplier and they’ve just notified you that they cannot fulfill the product requests. 

Do you refund the money to the customers?

Do you try and find an alternative supplier that can deliver in the same time frame?

What do you do? 

I’ll confess, that’s not a pretty picture and I’m not excited to be discussing this topic. 

However, it’s an important detail to assess – especially if you’re considering entering the dropshipping business for yourself from home. 

While it’s a simple business model and doesn’t take long to put its structure in place, you could easily be ready to drive web traffic to your products in no time flat.  (That’s an exaggeration; it takes some time and learning, but with the automation discussed above, it can take even less time these days.)

Now, what about a price hike that your supplier never told you about, and now you still can’t fulfill the shipment manifest because your supplier is refusing to deliver on the promises you’ve made to your buyers. 

If you don’t control the assets, then any problem can blow your windmill off course and have you heading down a trajectory that is different from the reason you signed up in business – which, as I suspect, was to start an entrepreneurial endeavor that can have you turning profits

  • quickly
  • steadily
  • without adding a second job to your day

If you’re working from the internet and not in control of things physically, then it would be nice to have maximum control of your resources digitally. 

If you were in control of what you were trying to move on the internet, then you’d be able to…

  • choose who you would spend your time with (like prospective clientele who pose a serious interest in what you have to offer, meaning you don’t have to waste your time with tire kickers)
  • identify your price, negotiate your price with a potential buyer, and even drive discounts or promotions if you really wanted to because you are in control and get to make all the decisions about what you own

When you’re using free traffic for local lead generation, you’re in the driver seat! 

I was able to control the digital properties of what I was working within Lansing, Michigan about 5 years ago, right when I was getting started with this business model. 

I was able to superglue these pieces of virtual real estate to the top of Google and have them generate leads that a local small business was able to buy from me for a monthly rent rate of $750. 

Take a look at just where I thought would be the best place to put them online – the top of Google search results, where they acquire free traffic and turn them into cold hard cash for me (see below). 

As a result, this business model has paid me so well that I no longer have a 9 to 5, I get to write a blog like this (which I love doing and wake up every morning to do at least one blog each day), and I get to wear what I want – which means no more dress code for a corporate job in the blizzard-like winters covering the urban streets of the downtown Detroit, Michigan (where I worked). 

I get to control my time and do what I want, where I want, when I want, and still have passive income from lead gen sites like you saw in the map listing and search results above using free traffic to bring me cash on demand.

After a few years and 45+ lead gen sites spitting off a grand total of no less than $50,000 in monthly, passive income cash flow, I also get to enjoy the luxuries that come from the local lead generation business, including (though certainly not limited to):

  • Leveraging an extremely simple business model that requires I only generate leads with free traffic and send them to a business so they can pay me monthly
  • This is the same business model Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb have used for years
  • Enormous Profit Margins and Passive Income let me make money when I’m not working – and this money continues to come in around the clock, 24/7/365
  • I get to make a living helping business owners to expand their bottom line and do so while making a difference in their community as they simply help more customers that I’m bringing them
  • This business model gives to business owners what they’re already looking for and have a marketing budget pre-determined monthly and annually in their business budget: customer acquisition strategies
  • I could work in my underwear if I really wanted because my laptop and an internet connection are all that stands between me and the ability to run my business

Now that I’m making well over multiple 6 figures in a given year, I’ll say that a handful of years was all I needed to be financially stable and free to live life on my terms. 

If that’s why you’re looking at the dropshipping industry initially, which is my guess in how you ended up finding this blog post, then I can honestly say you remind of my 2014 self who hunted for something better on the internet than what I was experiencing in life at the time as well. 

By the way – that limo lead gen site that you saw in the map listing picture up above, here’s what it looks like; this is what has been paying me ever (since I started this business in 2014) a passive income of $750 every single month. 

I’ve never gone back to touch it up or help it and it pays me like clockwork. 

Take a look below for yourself:

Is this as exciting as it sounds?

I’m pretty chill of a guy, but even I get excited when I’m writing to you about this. 

So yeah, I’d say it is.

In fact, we’re happy to show you how to make your first $10k per month from your laptop at home just as I did in my first year to quit my job. 

We don’t guarantee results, but I’m living proof that it’s a real business opportunity with real results; if I’m not enough proof, then our coaching program of over 3,000 motivated, home-based entrepreneurs could be. 

You’ll learn in our local lead generation coaching program how to leverage free traffic around the clock to build your first 6 figure income, internet-based revenue stream in 2019. 

I look forward to speaking with you more about what you’re looking to achieve in 2019 with a side hustle like this.