Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) – Unbiased Review

In 2015, the launch of Global Affiliate Zone occurred under the hands of two gentlemen who were coaches in another network marketing style of an affiliate program, what was known as the AWOL Academy; this was a business opportunity designed to have student members delivering sales to Mathieu Jang and Julian Sherman by simply promoting the AWOL Academy program. 

This key resource – GAZ – has become a resource for students to learn how affiliate marketing (along with automation) can yield serious profits…

Actual money in your pockets…

…so revenue can roll in by doing only a tenth of the work (once everything is in place). 

Although, some questions have been raised recently about Global Affiliate Zone…

Things like:

  • How legitimate is GAZ?
  • Is this a Pyramid Scheme? (After all, the only way to really tell something is like that is if the affiliated salespeople get paid exclusively through recruiting others instead of being able to profit directly from selling a product/service.)
  • Do Julian Sherman and Mathieu Lang really generate their own income via affiliate marketing, or is 100% of both of these guys’ income directly from selling their course about profiting from it?

Until saturation of this type of business model hit the internet –we’re talking massive flooding of people who are trying to rake in a hefty income from doing the exact same things –

Affiliate Marketing once had its place in the entrepreneurial space… Really! 

I figured this was worth looking into. However, a brief GoogleTM search query of Mathieu and Sherman’s names yielded not a single website – not one – that they directly, personally owned; talk about a red flag in my book. 

Having built a $50,000.00 per month business through local lead generation, I hold my head high-in-pride that I was able to walk away from a full-time career and produce a generous online income prior to ever recommending the coaching programs of others in an affiliated manner. 

In fact, the majority of my income stems from the monthly revenue of the lead gen business model – which I still casually operate to this day.

The Price of the Marketing System of Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ)

Upsell after upsell, it’s a struggle to find clarity for a newbie to simply enter the program and start a side-hustle to add to their current income. 

Check out the business statement of their company:

In reality, here are your tiered pitches you’ll receive when you“sign-up” to learn how to make a profit online with GAZ…

  • Join for as little as $99 – Here’s what you’ll receive:

…they say you’ll merit the privilege of having hired “a coach,” but for this price tag, all you’re getting hooked up with is the private Facebook group of Global Affiliate Zone.

  • Upsell 1: $495 – Here’s what you’ll receive:

…the 6-figure, online/digital marketing strategy that you’ve heard so much about, and it’ll be delivered in a step-by-step fashion for half of a grand beyond the price to “join.”

  • Upsell 2: $2,475 – Here’s what you’ll receive:

…it’s pitched as a done-for-you (D4U) service, where they advocate being willing to do the work for you so you don’t have to grind as much. 

Back in February of 2016, someone was willing to vocalize their displeasure with the scheme of upselling immediately after someone clicks on submit for their payment information to “join” GAZ.  I’m under the impression that she was more interested in having one higher ticket price and getting everything altogether in a well-informed purchase.

I know that when I make a large purchase or choose to invest in something of this magnitude, I expect nothing less than top-notch information and quality service; keeping things all in one place doesn’t hurt either.

Just remember… if you advertise everything for a certain price, it may be a good idea to stick behind what was said – like join for only $99…

There’s a method behind this marketing strategy and incentivizing a new student as they run through the funnel of joining an online program.  Different audiences reviewing this program and joining just may be at different price points due to their personal circumstances or individual, financial well-being…

However, it could take a little more than $99 for someone who is serious in establishing a well-to-do, online business venture –

It’s probably a better idea to acquire a job before buying into an online opportunity because starting an entrepreneurial endeavor online for less than the average high-speed internet cable bill can be a steal but all businesses require an investment and start-up capital… and only carrying $99 before going broke could suggest that starting a business online isn’t a good fit for you.

Everyone starts somewhere in the entrepreneurial spectrum; for some that aren’t in a lucrative position to launch a new business – regardless of whether it’s online or not – requires a level of hustle, like an employer mindset. 

It’s been said that in order to lead, you must learn how to follow.  If you’re not in a financial state to be capable of making the necessary investments to acquire the recommended resources to make a business model work for you, then working as an employee (even on a temporary basis) might be a good solution to cover your bills and feed your business while you get started.

Can this work for you?

So you know what this program is: it’s affiliate marketing.

You know that there are multiple price points at which you can enter –and additional privileges you can purchase from Sherman and Jang to get started or sharpen your curve toward success.

But does this really work?

Here’s something to demystify for you – yes you, reading this review –that might not always be clear when someone is selling an idea, service, or product…

In this case, when they suggest that they can do the work for and/or on your behalf… you know, for the higher ticket price upsell?

What these gentlemen are really claiming is that they can…

  • Select the industry you might find to be a good fit to get started in
  • Provide access to templated websites you can leverage
  • Claim that they’ve positioned you to start doing what you bought this course to learn to do… and that was Affiliate Marketing in the industry they’ve recommended

Unfortunately, this upsell doesn’t necessarily put you a prime position for success because you, the student, made all of this upfront investment and still haven’t learned the actual skill(s) necessary for conquering and landing profits in the world of affiliate marketing.

If your income is determined by your skills, and your profitability existing on the size of the problems that you’re able to solve for the marketplace, then it’s true that your skillset determines your value and worth as a business owner. 

If you want that value to reflect your ability to deliver in your unique way, with a unique image, then maybe low quality, resold, duplicate content websites from a third party isn’t the most ideal method toward separating yourself from your peers who are also in this coaching program and getting the same resources that you are paying top dollar for (just like them). 

This limitation – owning a website that your fellow students are also acquiring – refers to a lack of originality, and as a new fish in this big pond, I can suggest that you’ll probably struggle due to the competition against those who’ve invested hours/days and other resources in learning their craft to be top dogs in the online affiliate arena. 

To become the top player in your market, in my opinion, you’ll need to establish, and build upon, a high-income skill that you can build a sustainable business model around.

When I got started in the online business space, I stumbled upon a local lead generation mentorship program that helped me to walk away from my 9 to 5 with a new, high-value skillset, and I was able to establish a multi-6 figure income from the simplest internet business model through providing tremendous value to local business owners and service providers. 

If another business opportunity begins preaching the notion that you can become wealthy without work…

I invite you to give a brief pause to your day and question it! 

Ask yourself if these creators, these coaches in Global Affiliate Zone, truly worked their tail off to not only fabricate this program from scratch but also labored diligently in marketing to get the attention of consumers just like you and I so they could massively expand their clientele?

There’s no doubt about it; yes, they did that and more! 

From content creation and education materials to assessing the ideal customer to market to…

From crafting an appealing offer to getting that message in front of the right type of buyer…

People in the coaching programs space labor to establish a level of value they can deliver, so they definitely work for their keep…

And if that’s what they’re doing with their coaching program, do you believe that you could match or exceed their level of success with little to no effort upon investment?

So as an entrepreneur, I get what they’re attempting to accomplish herewith GAZ; the jist is to automate, prioritize and systematically develop their affiliate marketing strategy.  Likewise, this product can operate as a stand-alone, sellable course so their students can be attracted from a broad scope of the marketplace. 

They’re attempting to claim delivery on the hot buttons of why most people are already seeking out business opportunities online…

  • A deep desire for instant gratification and immediate success in business
  • Appealing to our senses that their program is the ideal place to make you successful

The reality is this…

I find that promises of extraordinary results for little work from people who’ve invested extraordinary volumes of preparation and resources to make their own project a success may just be a tad misguided…

Okay… seriously misguiding an audience…

As a successful entrepreneur, I can personally – and honestly – speak from the heart in sharing that when you head down the road of online business ventures, it’s quickly discovered that generating wealth online is more about you – the individual person – than it is any other factor (program, coach, resources, etc.).

How Local Lead Generation Is The Strongest Business Model for 2019

I have tried just about all there is to attempt in the internet marketing space to turn a buck or two with my expensive laptop and some overpriced internet costs in the comfort of my own home. 

  • Affiliate Marketing to get a new customer with some online marketing strategies that I’d just as soon forget about exploring to begin with
  • eCommerce dropshipping – where I don’t actually have to request samples, place bulk orders, wait for the shipment to arrive at my home, customize and inventory shipping boxes with packaging equipment / labels / postage, and ensure the costs of goods sold are addressed while hopefully ensuring that the end user likes their product so much that they won’t ask me – the middle person – for a refund
  • Amazon FBA – a strategy involving everything from inventorying products in my home to sending them to the end user in my customized packaging, and requiring Google AdsTM to draw attention to my product listings – in hopes that more desirable buyers will see exactly what I’m listing and not only place a stark-raving review on it, they’ll also place an order for one or several items of what I’m listing on Amazon
  • Shopify – a similar physical products business,also on the dropshipping model, but the overseas shipping times can be brutal for the end buyers, and the time differences in communicating with sellers overseas can end up more taxing on a person than the profits might be worth

Bluntly put, being able to develop a business skill set that you can leverage to generate a high income through the internet is the ideal circumstance for becoming successful in an online side-hustle in 2019!


If you can harness the power of Google search results, being found at the top position for a well-searched keyword, you can garner FREE TRAFFIC to take care of you for years to come.

Being able to put something at the top of Google to generate leads fora local business owner is a skillset that can pay you for life, and in countless ways. 

For one, and truth be told, the internet isn’t going anywhere and neither are local small businesses; both will probably be around in our entire lifetimes here… we might as well get in on what’s present and develop a high income skillset that can create not only individual wealth but generational wealth (if that’s something you’re looking for).

To get that high-income skill, though, if you don’t already have it, then mentoring is definitely something worth looking into and investing in. 

While affiliate marketing might still have a place somewhere in thisinternet money-making world, the struggle with Global Affiliate Zone is that they have one focus – preach that they can take away upwards of 90% of your labors for a high ticket price of only $2,475.00. 

Oh and, after they’ve handed you a few words and cookie-cutter examples of how to go forward, you’re still back at square one with wondering how you’re going to take these resources and bits of information (that you’ve literally just paid an arm and a leg for) and transition them into a meaningful profit with the internet at your fingertips and zero orientation after shelling out a couple grand. 

As most other students will be in your same or similar position, once they’ve bought the same program and resources as you, you’re now in competition with your peers to make some magic happen with duplicated assets. 

At this point, it’s safe to say that a future of frustration and struggle is in store for you; and it could be true, since your level of success in online entrepreneurship correlates with your high-income skillset. 

How Local Lead Generation is the Ideal business Model in 2019

With the business model of local lead generation, it’s a no brainer. I get to live the lifestyle of my dreams, and more, thanks to making the once fictional laptop lifestyle a reality after only a few short years of exposure to it.

From not having to call in sick to never having to go out into inclement weather (unless I really want to play in the snow), this new level of time and financial freedom is one of the reasons that I started this blog; in addition to writing about other coaching programs in the online marketing space, I want to spread the word that you, too, can experience the joy that comes from living financially secure.

In building this business for only a few years now, my whole-hearted labors have reached upwards of $50,000.00 per month in revenue; the costs of doing business for me right now (which, there always will be) is a menial 1/5thof that.  In comparison, it’s only$10,000.00 to help me run my business model…

And those costs of doing business are funded with what is coming in every month on a predictable basis. 

There’s also no cap on when I get to generate more income or expand my bottom line; I just go to the computer, whip up another lead generation website, past it to the top of Google and enjoy the fruits of my labors. 

I set up some simple websites, index them into Google’s search results, paste them at the top and collect paychecks. There are a couple more steps in there, but not much.  But referring more business over to a local business owner for a fraction of what they profit from could make for a very lucrative model – especially if the price per customer/service is ridiculously high in value and demand. 

This business model is exactly why a rhinoplasty (plastic) surgeon generates significantly more revenue than a doctor of medicine in a general outpatient clinic. 

With local lead generation, you don’t focus on a wealth of affiliate products to push to the marketplace; instead, you focus on one skillset…generating leads for businesses to service.

It makes sense too: a specialist has a rarer skill, and therefore can command a higher income. 

Think of all the reasons that we began looking into generating an income online…

Then, look at the benefits of Local Lead Generation in 2019 and think about how they align so well:

  • Make your own hours in your days/weeks/months/years, including deciding what day to sleep in and when to take a vacation
  • Largest Profit Margins – we’re talking extremely high, higher than any affiliate offer you could deliver sales for in mass quantities
  • You get to make a living while making a difference; and making a positive difference in the lives of business owners, customers, and the loved ones of all those who are benefitting as a direct result of lead gen
  • Most business owners need a specialist in generating leads for their business; they’re specialists in owning a business and delivering on what they do best… they need you to help them
  • LOW, LOW COMPETITION – with countless businesses and cities to select from

I really enjoy that our coaching program contains everything you could need for one ticket price to get you from absolute beginner to proficient expert, and conditions you to learn the high-income skill that can position you to make a significant impact in your marketplace.

Aside from getting to make a real difference for local business owners anywhere there’s internet (which, might as well be, oh I don’t know… EVERYWHERE NOW), you’ll have a play-by-play on how to hit a home run with sizing up a lead generation business after you’ve hit a certain income level. 

And the benefits of learning to fish, reading and writing, and developing a high-income skill are that they’re yours to keep – forever!  No one can take away your knowledge and/or skills, no matter how valuable they may be. 

Want the financial confidence that comes with being able to send leads to local business owners with a local lead gen business in 2019? 

Want to start an online business and develop a skill that you can immediately take to the marketplace and make a difference with? 

With the #1 online business model, you’re in the right place at the right time.  Click here to learn more.